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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 4, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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ever seen in this country and it will turn a lot of conservists into extremists. they want extremism? they're creating extremism. that's clear. miranda divine, thank you for coming on. thank you. we'll be back tomorrow night and every weeknight 8:00 p.m. in the meantime, hannity takes over. >> hannity: a lot to cover. a lot of ground we're going to make up tonight. now coming up, we'll bring you the very latest from the crisis at our southern border. sarah carter has jarring exclusive hannity brand-new footage of illegal immigrants pouring right into the country. our cameras were there. we'll share it with you. plus, we have a full investigation tonight into the complete and total collapse, if you even want to use the word "journalism" it's not at nbc fake news with an in-depth look at some of the network's most dishonest anchors. later, scary new details emerging about the democrats' election takeover known as hr1,
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a disaster and the $2 trillion pelosi/schumer payout. since the election, many of you have asked me, well, what do we do now? here's what everybody needs to do. right now is the time you need to engage. you need to call your senator. you need to stop hr1. you need to stop the spending atrocity, because these two bills alone will have longstanding, horrible, horrific, nightmarish ramifications for this country for decades to come. also, you need to make sure your state legislators, that they -- and governors -- are resolving any election integrity issues that are in your state. we'll have a lot more straight ahead. now first, we begin tonight with a hannity investigation into the left's dangerous and favorite political tactic, that of dishonesty. it's no secret that the media mob, big tech, the entire democratic party, are all
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purveyors of liars, cover-ups and massive conspiracy theories but in recent years t had become that and much worse. now, just take a look, for example, joe biden. democrats would have you believe that joe biden is as sharp as a tack and he hasn't lost a step. the media mob never dares to question the fact that he looks weak and frail and he's struggling cognitively. they write fluff pieces praising his early-to-bed style up in the residence at 7:00 p.m. his ability to tend to the fireplace in the oval office, that he goes to church and, of course, anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, we all see he's weak and frail and he's struggling. and while he's never been the smartest person in the room, it wasn't that long ago that joe could actually string sentences together and speak with clarity and passion. for comparison, let us do what the mob and the media big tech and democrats will never do,
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let's take a quick recent history and look at joe biden in 2012 and joe biden in 2016 and joe biden today. you decide. >> he sent me two letters saying, by the way, can you send me some stimulus money for companies here in the state of wisconsin? we sent millions of dollars. play the radio. make sure the television -- excuse me, make sure you have the record player on at night. the phone -- make sure the kids hear words. now they got a new plan. trust me, it's not going to cost you any more. folks, follow your instincts on this one. we hold these truths to be self-evident, all men and women created by -- go, you know, -- you know the thing. they put one foot in front of the other. they keep going. that is the unbreakable spirit of the people of america. that's who we are. and representatives, um, shirley
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jackson lee, al green, silvia garcia, lizzie pin nelly, excuse me pinel, what am i doing here? i'm going to lose track here. >> what am i doing here? i'm losing track again? this is not a medical diagnosis. i'm not a doctor. i won't play one on tv. but it's pretty clear, transparent, it's obvious that's not the same guy. his fast ball is gone if he ever had one. his curveball is gone. even if he had a slow pitch and a knuckle ball, that's gone, too. joe biden is struggling. the media mob bashes me when i make an honest observation. everyone on earth could see what is happening including our enemies. we now have foreign news agencies doing what your media will not do, they are raising questions about joe biden's cognitive issues. now, of course, biden's staffers are clearly aware of his let's
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call them limitations. they almost never let him take questions from the press. he rarely appears in public. he's not held a single press conference since becoming president. he's not even scheduled a joint address to congress, the state of the union and just take a look at how biden's staffers this week, they actually had to pull the plug. joe said, ok, i'll answer some questions. wow. bars and tone. take a look. >> so i want to thank you, all. i really mean it from the bot -- i want to thank you. thank you. thank you. i will be happy to take questions if that's what i'm supposed to do, nance, whatever you want me to do. >> hannity: who shut the feed off? why did they shut the feed off? what are they hiding? why are they telling him what to do? who is in charge here? is it kamala harris?
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who is really in charge in this instance? is it the vice president? is it clean -- ron klain. chief of staff ron klain is apparently pulling all of these strings. as far as i know, nobody voted for ron klein for anything. is it congressional democrats? because dozens have already tried to take away biden's nuclear codes. is anybody in the media mob outside of me and just a couple of others -- there's not many of us -- are they actually going to do their job and raise what are serious questions? now, if you're afraid to do it, we can go back and show you all of the democrats, all the members of the media mob and what they did to ronald reagan and said about ronald reagan the age question as they referred to it. they did the same thing to john mccain but i don't expect them to do it here. do you? just look at the coverage surrounding new york governor andrew cuomo.
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we have been reporting on this deadly nursing home fiasco for almost a year. his executive order. the media mob, they helped sweep it under the rug and now that he's facing a federal criminal investigation into his handling and cover-up of covid-19 in these nursing home deaths, you know, there's tepid coverage. there's also light-famed moral outrage surrounding his sexual misconduct allegations, very different of that of kavanaugh. none of this will stop andrew cuomo from lying through his teeth. take a look. >> i want you to know this from me directly, i never touched anyone inappropriately. i never touched anyone inappropriately. i never knew at the time i was making anyone feel
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uncomfortable. >> hannity: he never touched anyone inappropriately. ok. what about that? ok. i guess that's how you define "is." what does that? who grabs a stranger by the neck in the face and pulls them in and tries to kiss them? you can look at the expression and decide for yourself. clearly inappropriate to me. almost as bad as joe biden sniffing people's hair and getting in people's faces and kissing everybody and grabbing everybody the way he did. and by the way, listen to how another accuser is describing cuomo in the sexual harassment in the workplace. take a look. >> do you believe he was propositioning you? >> yes. >> for what? >> sex. >> so he goes, you were raped? you were raped. you were raped and abused and assaulted. he asked if i had trouble enjoying being with someone because of my trauma. >> this seems highly
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inappropriate. >> yeah. the governor asked me if i was sensitive to intimacy. he asked me if age difference mattered. he also explained that he was fine with anyone over 22. >> hannity: one must ask at this time considering what happened in kavanaugh's case, where is the i believe her caucus after that interview? now, in this program, we are consistent. we're not going to change. we believe in due process. we believe in the presumption of innocence. we believe allegations should be taken seriously and an investigation needs to be done but you don't rush to judgment. lo and behold, almost everybody in the media mob, the democratic party, oh, now all of a sudden now they agree with me, because in 2018, they were all feigning moral outrage and lying in order to block kavanaugh's nomination and right out they say i
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believe, i believe, i believe. they tried to ruin kavanaugh's entire life in front of his wife and daughters. they did it for political gain. they minimized the seriousness of important issues like this by playing politics with it and, of course, because cuomo is a democrat, he's not getting the same treatment at all by them. by the way, another big example of all of this, the political lie on the left involves the clear and growing crisis at our southern border. well now, we have the dhs secretary and joe biden saying there's no crisis at all. that reminds me of over the summer when they acted like the far left riot that has we were witnessing with our own eyes were actually peaceful protests. remember the scene fake news cnn? that scene right there? not a fire but mostly peaceful protests after the police shooting. standing in front of a building burning to the ground in kenosha decked out in riot gear, a banner reading "fiery but mostly
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peaceful protests after police shooting." saw the same thing over there at conspiracy tv msdnc in minneapolis where the anchor claimed the situation wasn't generally unruly while standing outside of another raging fire. and the seattle mayor, jenny derkin calling the violent occupation of city blocks in a police precinct, oh, a summer of love, autonomous, chazz, chop, spaghetti potluck dinner zone. this is until multiple african-american teens were shot and killed. police begging to offer medical attention. they had to bogue a bull horn -- they had to beg on a bull horn. joe biden made no mention, none whatsoever, of the nationwide riots -- and they were riots -- during the dnc. just pretended they weren't happening. this brings us back full circle to what is a real crisis on the southern border. biden is dhs secretary, democrats, the mob and the media, they are pretending it is
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not happening, it's no big deal but according to leaked federal documents obtained by axios, u.s. border patrol is handing over 320 kids, children each day to the department of health and human services up from around 40 in january. get this, the same documents revealed the same shelter system at the border is already operating at almost full capacity. you know, already full. as a record 117,000 unaccompanied minors are expected out across the border this year alone. make no mistake, the biden administration is completely, totally, utterly unprepared and it's a crisis. we've all seen the images of child migrant detention centers right there. i don't see much social distancing or mask wearing either by the biden administration. we saw the cargo shipping containers, you know, with the tiny windows and bars on it, and then we saw -- by the way, they're not letting media in at all. they're telling us there are
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butterflies on the walls and everything. and then the tarps and the tents and foil blankets for kids. now, if donald trump were president, this hysteria would be rampant. the mob, the media, democrats would likely accuse the president of putting kids back in cages. those are the ones biden and obama built but then blamed on trump. once again, we're now seeing this is more famed, phony, moral outrage by all parties here and many on the left are trying to cover up this crisis. after all, their policies are causing this terrible situation at the border. biden vowed to give amnesty to millions, vowed to expand asylum visas, halted all border wall construction losing american jobs. he now reintroduced the policy, the idiocy known as catch and release. in other words, after an adult illegal immigrant is intercepted at the border and border patrol does their job, they just process them and then release them into american cities, many without even getting screened
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for covid which is now a bigger problem than we knew. more than 100 of those migrants have tested positive for covid-19, but that's far from the only serious problem that this border surge is now causing. as we speak, we have mexican cartels, they're getting rich, and they are now trafficking so many illegal immigrants across the border that they're using a wristband system to keep track of their customers. this is a recipe from mitigated disaster. it poses incredible risk to people on both sides of the border. sara carter is going to join us live from texas with a report. that's upcoming. first, here with reaction is the host of "justice" judge janine pirro along with geraldo rivera. geraldo, i love you. you're a dear friend of mine. >> i love you too, sean. >> hannity: but over a long period of time, you have been way more sympathetic to this
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cause than i have been and as much as we need borders, we need laws obeyed, we need to keep our sovereignty, we need background checks, we need health checks and we need to know people could take care of themselves before they come into this country. >> i agree with all of those things, sean, but you have to recognize that be accurate. in 2019 when donald trump was president, there were far more illegal crossings then in 2019 than there are today. that is a reality. anyone could check it. the problem right now on the texas border particularly is these children. the coyotes have figured out that the kids f you send the kids, the kids have a darn good chance of making it to the other side as they're doing. they're flooding the area with children w child migrants -- children, with child migrants with the hope that the kid will be absorbed by relatives in the united states and maybe even be
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reunited with parents, that the kid could draw into the united states. it is a problem that is awful. >> hannity: legal -- >> but the problem is this, sean -- >> hannity: do it legally. >> here is the problem. cruelty works on the border. kind and compassion and always rewarded -- is always rewarded with the situation becoming worse. how you fix that is a problem i don't know. one possible solution, at least partial -- >> hannity: cargo shipping containers and tinfoil blankets? >> the mexican president said how about we expand the legal temporary work visa, the brasero program. you like lettuce, i like lettuce, broccoli. if we're eating california lettuce, it was harvested. they're not going to go to the fields, sean. they're not going to go to the fields. you have to be realistic. you have to be realistic.
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>> sean: i'm being realistic. >> they're not going to go back to the lettuce fields or the onion fields. >> sean: i did all of those jobs. janine? >> all right, look, guys, we've got a humanitarian problem at the border. we've got a health crisis at the border. we've got a drug crisis at the border and we have got a national security crisis at the border. i don't want to hear that we need workers, geraldo. we got 10 million, 17 million, however many million americans are out of work. biden invited those people in during the campaign. they're wearing t-shirts that actually say "biden, please let us in" and they're demanding to be let in pursuant to the campaign promise of joe biden. so let's not kid each other. i just got off the phone with chair finelas who runs 83 miles of the mexico/u.s. border. by joe biden stopping the construction of the wall, by
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taking back border patrol, what is happening is the coyotes and the human traffickers are coming through. joe biden reversed the humanitarian decisions donald trump made. make no mistake, every one of these kids, 117,000 projected for this year is part of a chine migration to bring in a whole new family. people can't afford to live. they're losing their businesses, hopes, dreams and ambitions. we've got people being held at the border right now who have covid -- wait a minute, i listened to you. you listen to me! they've got covid. they've got all kinds of diseases. they are being released into the united states! now, you're not going to tell me that a governor is going to shut me down and not allow me to do my job and let in illegals because we've got a heart? mexico ought to have a heart! mexico stopped then and now joe biden has convinced to open the door not to stop them! >> in march of 2020, hundreds of
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thousands of these undocumented workers were deemed essential. ice and the homeland security was told to lay off. why? because they were picking our lettuce and our onions and our broccoli and feeding america. they were deemed essential workers a year ago. a year ago during the height of the pandemic, they were deemed essential workers. are they less essential now than they were then? >> no! -- yes. we've got a pandemic. we have 17 million americans out of work. we do not need -- >> 17 million americans out of work are not going to go back to picking lettuce or go back to the meat packing plant or the poultry processing plant! >> i don't -- look, geraldo, we could barely afford our -- [indiscernible] now. >> the children are the problem. the children are the humanitarian problem. i don't know how to solve it. >> hannity: i know how to solve it! wait, i got the answer!
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whoa. whoa. whoa. hold on, judge! i have the answer! here is the answer. you uphold the laws of this country, you finish building the border wall and you have a system for legal immigration. there's your answer, geraldo. but they're not enforcing it. they're not enforcing it. they're now facilitating more illegal immigration and that's why you see the dramatic increase -- that's why -- that's why the problem is worse. all right, last words. >> human trafficking -- >> hannity: judge. >> you have human trafficking. you have coyotes and drug cartels. who are we kidding here? all right. ok. wait a minute, cesar chavez, what do we want to do? we need them to pick the lettuce! what are you talking about, geraldo? >> janine. >> hannity: geraldo, 30 seconds. last statement. >> they were essential workers.
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they were feeding america. when we were afraid to go to the corner store, how do you think the lettuce and the broccoli and onions were getting there? because these people were risking their lives to pick the fruits and vegetables that were feeding americans during the height of the pandemic. >> they were risking their lives? you think that's why they're here, to risk their lives for us? >> they did risk their lives for us! that's why they were deemed essential. >> for us? i disagree. that's -- no, they were deemed essential if they were deemed -- ok. if they were deemed essential, geraldo, it's because of some lobbyist or somebody was a farmer who needed workers. right now, -- >> hannity: we have to end it here. thank you, both. judge, thank you. geraldo, thank you. judge pirro's show, don't miss it, "justice" saturday night 9:00 p.m. she's got a great line-up this weekend as always. up next, our own sara cartler join us live from the -- carter
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will join us live from the border with exclusive video. sara up close watching a group of suspected illegal immigrants crossing into the country with children. we have that story straight ahead.
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>> hannity: now despite mounting evidence of a real migrant surge and a real crisis at the border, strange resources, all the chaos we're witnessing, the biden administration still steadfastly refusing to acknowledge what is, in fact, reality a full-blown crisis. as new documents obtained by axios show how the biden administration's resources at the border are already stretched to capacity, that the hhs shelter system is on track to hit 100% capacity this month
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alone. and this is just the beginning. now, we have our own investigative reporter sara carter who is live again on the ground in texas watching the apprehension of illegal immigrants earlier today. sara? >> reporter: yes, sean. i'm in the rio grande valley sector in mccallan, texas, several miles from the mexico border. we ran into immigrants earlier today. actually, the majority of them were young children here in this sector. they are flooding into the country. sean, i can tell you this. there's roughly between 700 to 1,000 undocumented migrants, some of them unaccompanied minors pouring into texas daily. the border patrol agents in this sector are overwhelmed with the amount of people that are coming in. remember, there's a crisis as well on the southern border with the drug cartels battling it out as well as human traffickers.
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i think the hardest part today, sean, was running into the young churn. there were children as young as four years old in this group. many of them were traveling by themselves without any adults. some of them met up with adults on the journey to the united states. all of the children that i ran into were from honduras. they had been traveling for approximately three months. many of them spent time on top of the trains. they talked about labestia, a train that runs through mexico that the kids jump on top of and try to make their way to the u.s./mexico border. they told me horror stories of children that had fallen off the train, children that disappeared while they were on the road with them, that this is a real humanitarian crisis, but i thought what was more interesting is that the children actually knew president biden. i asked them, do you know who the president of the united states is? they said, yes, of course, it's president biden. and they misinterpreted his thoughts on deportations for 100
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days as being an invitation to arrive to the united states. they said that the human traffickers, the cartels, the people that were moving them into the united states basically said it was about 100 days to get here to freedom so that once they got here, they would have amnesty. these kids were willingly turning themselves into border patrol. i can't tell you how heartbreaking it is, though, when you know none of the children -- at least the ones that i spoke to -- had seen doctors. many of them said that their parents were still back in honduras and they were trying to find family here in the united states and their parents sent them ahead of them. some of these children, we don't even know if they were actually traveling with their actual parents. we actually believe they may be traveling with strangers and their parents were paid to bring them on this journey. i spoke with chris cabrera, a national border patrol council vice president for the union. here's what he had to say. >> as a bp agent, what goes
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through your might not when you see this? when you see this influx of young people and know they've traveled probably one of the most dangerous routes to get to the united states? >> it's heartbreaking to see that. you think about these kids and what they go through on the journey. how many of these kids don't make it? how many don't make the full journey, because there's nobody there watching out for them, what's in their best interest. >> reporter: what kind of surge are you expecting this year? >> we're expecting thousands a day. right now we're between 700 and 1,000 daily and we're seeing that number increase for the most part daily. i mean, it ebbs and flows. it's steadily increasing. the unique part is years ago this was something we dealt with just in the rio grande, not just in the united states. now we're seeing it from the rio grande valley sector all the way to san diego. it's happening all over the border. they're coming in in large groups in loredo, big bend, el paso and arizona. huge groups are coming in. when they get here, no matter what our politicians say, as
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long as one person gets through, they call back home and say this is what we did. we got through and more are going to follow. what i would tell president biden or anybody else up in d.c. that has any type of authority is this needs to stop being a partisan issue. i'm not saying it's a partisan issue on him. i'm just saying in general with the republicans and the democrats, if you want to solve this problem, you have to leave your partisan hat at the door. they have a fence around the capitol now. if it's good for these folks, it should be good for the rest of america. it should be for our country. >> reporter: there's concern here about where they're going it house these children. more and more undocumented children are coming across the border. we're also seeing a lot of family units. there's a big concern here as well with the spread of covid and the fact that the majority of people coming through are not being tested. >> hannity: remember, the dhs
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secretary, sara, said we want to you come, but just don't come right now. so just to be clear, these families with children -- it's tragic. this is a perilous journey, one where people are dying making this journey, they feel there's an open invitation by the president of the united states to come, a, and, b, they still won't let you get inside the cargo ship containers with a little window with bars on it. you have no access to that. you have tried, correct? >> reporter: absolutely we've tried, correct and we have not heard a response back from the dhs. i can tell you this, a dhs secretary, mayorkas, a lot of people are very concerned about the message that he's putting across, about the message there isn't a crisis. i can tell you that the border patrol agents here in the rio grande valley sector are doing a tremendous job. they're doing everything they can to stop the flow and by the way, they're doing everything they can to comfort these children and at the same time fend off the drug cartels.
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there's no doubt that these are real heroes on the u.s./mexico border here. >> hannity: ok, sara, thank you. um, meanwhile, the white house doubling down after biden called governor who has ended their mask mandates as -- governors who ended their mask mandates as pushing their 93 aroundderthat'll thinking for letting their states reopen and letting people make decisions for them -- around neanderthal thinking for letting their states reopen and letting people make decisions for themselves. if you're a neanderthal, not sure what they're calling me at the white house. i know you a tough guy. let me start with this report that we just had because these policies are greatly impacting your home state, and we have over 100 people now testing positive with covid. biden's attacking you because you want to open your state. his mask mandate, he wants, he wants draconian shutdowns.
6:34 pm
meanwhile, he's letting people in that haven't socially distanced, haven't been tested and are not wearing masks. >> right two things: first, the president obviously doesn't know what he's talking about as is concerned with what is going on in texas, because if you look at the recoveries we've had, if you look at the reduced hospitalizations, if you look at the vaccinations we've administered, you'll see hospitalizations are going down. we're getting -- in the last week, more than 1.2 million people were vaccinated. almost a quarter of a million people were vaccinated in one single day. about half of our senior population has received a vaccine shot so as far as addressing covid by the state of texas is concerned, we're doing a good job, however, the president is making it far more difficult -- and he's endangering not just texans, he's endangering people across the entire country because of what has happened. people come across the border. the border patrol will process their paperwork. they get on a bus. they scatter across the entire country.
6:35 pm
as you now know, many of them have tested positive for covid. so what president biden is doing is allowing people to come in here who are testing positive for covid and they're going across the entire country. who knows how many people they're infecting? this is a very dangerous situation. we're calling on the president to end this scheme right now. >> hannity: yeah, well, and by the way, governors like yourself -- every state had its difficulties. every state hit the bumps in the road, but you, like governor desantis, like governor nome and many other governors protected the elderly population in the great state of texas but on the other hand, people are dying. they're suffering, their businesses are shutting down. jobs are lost. wages are gone. they want to get back to living life. everybody understands, governor, in the state of texas about masks and social distancing, so you're saying to use your good common sense and the knowledge we've accumulated, correct?
6:36 pm
>> correct. sean, texans as well as americans, they've been going through this challenge for an entire year now. they have heard the messaging from doctors, talked to them and they know exactly what to do to be safe until they get a vaccine, wear a mask, maintain your distance and wash your hands. every person can rattle that off immediately, but importantly as you pointed out, while some states have dozens of different categories of people that they provide vaccines to, our goal was singular and that is to reduce deaths and hospitalizations. all the math shows that almost all of the people who are hospitalized or lose their life to covid are 65 or older. that's why we've really accelerated the process of vaccinating those who are 65 and over. every person who is 65 and older in texas who wants a vaccine will get a vaccine by the end of this month. >> hannity: all right, great job, governor abbott. our best to our friends in the great state of texas. you're making the right
6:37 pm
decision. just everybody be smart. we know the rules. take care and protect the elderly population. thank you, sir. all right, when we come back, msdnc, oh, they have lying brian, conspiracy theorists like rachel maddow and then we have joy reid making other new outrageous and divisive comments. wait until we tell you what she said this time. more straight ahead.
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>> hannity: now the mob and the media is finding more ways to destroy any credibility they might have remaining. tonight, look at for example msdnc host joy reid tweeting the following, "people on the right would rather trade the tax cuts for the ability to openly say the n-word like in the good, old
6:42 pm
days." um, no, that's not true! that's actually nothing but an outright lie! and that's spewing misinformation. any way, that's false. i'm a conservative, joy. i believer human being was eat -- i believe every human being was created all by the same god, each with special gifts and talents from god. every conservative i know feels the exact same way. there's not one conservative i know that wants anything to do with people that are racist jackasses like you are describing with your broad, sweeping generalization but i guess that tweet is exactly the type of frankly shameless fact-free, fake news you get on a primetime show on nbc because unfortunately these days, nbcsn sdnc, the conspiracy channel, well, being a serious news organization, that's long gone. the days of brokaw, russert or sincere efforts to get to the truth, that's gone as well.
6:43 pm
you know f the dog bites, bee stings, feeling sad, just plain smear slander and besmirch. here's a short trip down memory lane. >> this to me looked like a rally from the early 30's. you know, joe, i was watching the first hour, and as jay johnson was talking about comparing it to hitler. >> the president is raising an illegal white nationalist terrorist army that he wants to go out there and intimidate people. >> the world is laughing at the president of the united states and donald trump's america has become the butt of the big joke. >> does this president really physically not like dogs? >> donald trump really has revealed something which is not just the racism -- that's the stuff he's been doing. that is white nationalism, is it not? he's saying this is a white country. if you're not white, you're not really an american. >> lies told by the media mob
6:44 pm
that conspiracy theories never end. what was said there false -- what was said there was false. joining with us reaction is fox news contributors leo 2.0 terrell and katie pavlich. leo,er a conservative now. i'm a conservative. katie's conservative. i think i can speak for all of us. we deplore racists and racism. this is a big lie. democrats use it every two years and every four years to spread false information in the hopes of voting block -- that voting blocks will go out and vote for democrats. true or false? >> absolutely true. you summarized it with your opening monologue. let me be as clear as possible. i want to make sure joy reid hears this. joy reid doesn't get a pass based on her skin color to make these racist, outrageous statements against white republicans and black republicans. i know you, katie, i was at
6:45 pm
cpac. do you know what donald trump did this year or last year? he increased the number of minorities who voted republican. i voted republican for the first time. this is a party of inclusion. i was at c-pac. what i'm telling you is that joy reid is desperate because the democratic party is losing their stranglehold on minorities based on the turnout in november 2020 when donald j. trump received more minority votes than any other republican candidate ever. to your final point, joy reid needs to revisit her tweet on the homophobic comments she made a couple of years ago. >> hannity: your take, katie? >> uh-huh. uh-huh. i loved everything that leo said, but you have to remember this is about the left having standards for everybody else. they claim they're their own standards of tolerance and unity and loving everybody and being naut hateful and yet this is the kind of language they spew against their fellow americans.
6:46 pm
the left is the side of the political isle that's tried to repeatedly erase supreme court justice clarence thomas from history. they tried to downplay the significance of senator tim scott of south carolina and the work he tried to do with criminal justice reform. then when it comes to getting radicals into the government into president biden's cabinet, they use race and gender as a weapon and say that if you oppose anyone who happens to be a female, a female of color or any individual nominee who is someone who is a minority, you are, of course, racist or misogynistic around judging them based on their experience or what they would bring to the cabinet, whether they can work with senators on capitol hill. that's what we've also seen from joy reid. leo's right. i mean, let's not forget that joy reid opened up an f.b.i. investigation a couple years ago because she claimed her blog was hacked after it was discovered she had posted a number of things that were horrificically homophobic and yet the left just let it go, forgave her and moved
6:47 pm
on. yet, when it comes to anyone else, they want them canceled, they want them on the street and never to be able to speak ever again. >> hannity: by the way in that record, i said at that moment don't cancel her show. give her another chance. >> right, because you're consistent. >> hannity: also on msdnc, all that matters is black and brown people get their behinds into the factory, make my steaks, make my stuff, get there, do my nails, work, get back, work now and do things that a comfortable affluent person needs. >> geraldo laid it out perfectly today. get my lettuce, pick my vegetables. that was insulting to hear that today. >> joy reid is a black elitist. she doesn't represent black folks. she doesn't represent me. she doesn't represent the working class of people who love this country. she's on another planet right now. >> hannity: coming up, ebay refusing to let people resell the canceled dr. seuss books but
6:48 pm
we've done a little research. you won't believe the books the website is allowing people to buy. more straight ahead. ♪ got my hair ♪ ♪ got my head ♪ ♪ got my brains ♪ ♪ got my ears ♪ ♪ got my heart ♪ ♪ got my soul ♪ ♪ got my mouth ♪ ♪ i got life ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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>> sean: all right. cancel culture segment. e-bay is removing listings for what is now a best seller, dr. suess books. they're no longer being published but still allowing books on e-bay. the works of louis farrakhan to be bought and sold. so according to e-bay, dr. suess, the cat's quizzer has to be bad. hit list gets to stay. the book on how to build a bomb
6:53 pm
can stay. the rantings and ravings of a racist and anti-semite, that stays also. here with reaction, author of the best seller "fire brand", florida congressman, matt gaetz with his fellow fire brand weekend co host, pete hegseth. i don't know what it was like in cpac but i'm sure no good happened. the anarchist cookbook stays anddr. suess kicked out. >> e-bay send them how to survive the murder of your spouse. it's on e-bay. dr. suess, a bridge too far. michelle obama read it to children, i don't want to live in a world too woke formichelle
6:54 pm
obama. the whole point of mr. potato hood is to move the parts around. he was the first transgender doll. he got cancelled. society is reaching the point of herd immunity with cancel culture. it's a cult and a cult with no brakes. >> sean: only matt gaetz would come up with that analysis. that's uniquely you. pete, your take. >> he's not wrong. sean, you missed a few. on e-bay, you can get a back by abdullah hazam, an islamic that motivated osama bin laden. throw in pent house hustler and playboy and you're good to go. these are ultimately totally weak corporations that are entirely beholden to the mob because they don't know how to stand up against it. i love what matt said. it's not culture. it's a cult and they want to
6:55 pm
erase the culture to that made america special from the nuclear family to free speech. my wife asked, if you can't publish dr. suess and you can't sell it, at what point are you not allowed to own it? that's the scary logical ascent of the second meant. that bill of rights is there for a reason. dr. suess? ? and mr. potato head. you can't make it up. pete hegseth, i don't know. i can see a show here. pete and matt gaetz. something there. thanks, guys. we'll tell you who and why straight ahead. ♪ for every idea out there, that gets the love it should ♪
6:56 pm
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i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> sean: our villain of the day is beto bozo robert francis o'rourke. he became unhinged when he talked about the end of the mask
7:00 pm
mandate. >> they want to sacrifice the live of our fellow texans. it's hard to escape the conclusion that it's a cult. >> sean: always end, never the media mob. good news. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is taking over. >> laura: hi, hannity. i was looking if i had a funny mug or something funny to say. >> sean: you don't have anything? >> laura: i got -- >> sean: supposed to come prepared for your show. you get paid a lot of money to do a show. you have to be prepared for the hand-off. >> laura: all day long, i've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the insurrection. okay? i've been waiting. i have a big update. >> sean: wait a minute. it's march 4. i got it. i heard all about it. >> laura: waiting. >> sean: i just need a few extra seconds. i'm getting bidenish. >> laura: all right, hannity.