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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 9, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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turning the border into a welcome mat for illegal immigration. >> dolly parton, a internet melt down. ♪♪ ♪♪ working 9 to 5 ♪♪ jillian: i don't know anybody who doesn't love dolly parton. lawrence: when you come for dolly -- jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. lawrence: president biden unveils new executive action to curb gun violence.
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jillian: republicans threatened legal action. >> reporter: the president called gun violence and epidemic and a public health crisis and said the second amendment doesn't grant an absolute right to own a gun. >> no amendment to the constitution is absolutely, the ideas bizarre to suggest some of the things we are recommending are contrary to the constitution. jillian: biden introduced a series of 6 gun-control executive actions that include tightening restrictions on guns that can be put together at home with untraceable parts and no serial numbers. another calls for categorizing his pistols with modifications as rifles and calling for red flag laws allowing family members or law enforcement to seek a court order to bar certain people from purchasing guns and investments in community violence intervention
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programs and lowering gun violence without putting people in jail. the doj will issue an annual report on firearms trafficking and finally the president nominated david shipman to serve as director of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. shipman was a former agent with the atf and his previously called for a ban on assault weapons along with other gun restrictions. the president received backlash when talked about the gun show loophole which he said allows people to buy guns without a background check but critics insist that is just not true. many republicans including texas governor greg abbott say they will fight back and even sue over these executive orders. ever tweeted, quote, we will not allow this in texas. time to get legislation making texas a second amendment sanctuary state. in addition to executive orders
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the president urged lawmakers to push for more gun-control legislation. the national rifle association called biden's rose garden event the circus and vowed to oppose his move. lawrence: this will end up at the supreme court. jillian: the president nominated david shipman to lead the atf. joey jones puts the pic into perspective. >> when you start tapping people who are activists could they ever be a fair moderator of things. this is something people will fight about but what people don't know about is the fight between the atf and gun manufacturers, gun dealers and gun rights activists that are just lobbying to get clarification was one of the executive orders president biden put out today about the pistol
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breaks is something just in november under the trump administration, in that period of time cost good hard-working people fear of their jobs in the companies millions of dollars. >> shipman is an advisor of the gun-control group giffords and previously registered lobbyist for every town. lawrence: the border crisis, shocking new numbers show 569,000 border encounters this year alone. jillian: unaccompanied minors costing taxpayers $69 a week. that the breakdown those numbers. >> reporter: the numbers are irrefutable and illustrate the size and scope of the crisis at the border, 172,000 migrants, up 71% from february bring the total from fiscal year 2021 to
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570,001 number stands out, 18,890 unaccompanied children, the highest ever recorded since the situation at the southern border, state democrats are decrying. >> this is an unsustainable situation no doubt about it. it is unsustainable for the migrants and unsustainable for the agencies. >> reporter: nearly 104,000 migrants mostly single adults were expelled under title 42 accounting for 60% of the encounters but it is not just about the healing, they are seizing massive amounts of narcotics like fentanyl stuffed in burritos. 5500 pounds of the daily drug seized in fiscal year 2021 is increased 22% last year, this is dhs secretary alejandra moore york us -- mayorkas visited, criticism from senator ted cruz,
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he tweeted closed press once again, joe biden is trying to hide his egregious failures from the american people, hashtag hiding biden. at the center of the crisis more than 20,000 children in dhs custody and care, the washington post noting taxpayers spending $60 million a week to shelter them in 10 emergency facility set up since january, in san antonio under investigation for sexual abuse allegations, texas governor greg abbott calling for its closure and others like tim reynolds of i were a few refusing to accept them. listen here. >> we don't have the facilities. we are not set up to do that. this is not our problem, this is the president's problem, he opened the borders, he needs to be responsible for this and needs to stop it. >> reporter: mayorkas's visit was his third to the border. president biden or vice president harris to do so. jillian: thanks.
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lawrence: illinois congressman adam consider wants matt gates to resign, the first republican call in for him to step down amid a sex trafficking investigation. and associate of gates is near a plea deal with prosecutors in that probe. joel greenberg is expected to plead guilty and possibly serve as a witness against gates. prosecutors are examining underage girls offering them for 6. matt gaetz denied any wrongdoing and says he will not resign. jillian: the cdc declares racism a serious public health threat. the agency launched the racism and health initiative. doctor rochelle wolinsky said, quote, the pandemic eliminated what existed for generations and revealed what is unknown but unattractive epidemic impacting public health.
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bad optics, the white house deletes a fundraising link from taxpayer-funded government websites that appear on the fact cheekily americans jobs plan connected to the campaign website asking for donations, it is no longer available on the site. the incident appears to not violate any campaign-finance law. lawrence: the hard-working fabric of america and his new album, country singer and songwriter celebrating today's release of longshot only to the underdog. ♪♪ ♪♪ growing up and finding out ♪♪ take me back ♪♪ take me back ♪♪ back when we were with kids
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♪♪ jillian: joining "fox and friends" live in the 8 am hour. 8 minutes after the are we told you about two men on the terror watch list arrested at the border, our next guest lost his brother on 9/11, the open border policies are to blame. >> the kind of control you are attempting is not possible. the history of evolution has taught us that life will not be contained. lawrence: could dinosaurs roamed the earth. a real-life jurassic park. that story coming up next. ♪♪ what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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could your story also be... about ibs-c? talk to your doctor and say yes to linzess. ♪♪ agents told me they cost people on the terrorist watchlist was when i brought that up at the press conference my democratic
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colleagues called me a liar until we brought forth the answers. lawrence: white house is it is uncommon that kevin mccarthy called the two terror suspects arrested at the border major national security threat and more than 170,000 people being encountered in a single month, how can the threat before the biden administration releases them? here to weigh in is donald areas. thanks for joining the program. before we get started i want to play this thought from jen psaki in the white house tuesday and get your reaction on the other side. >> encounters of known and suspected terrorists are very uncommon. they do underscore the important of the critical work done on a daily basis at the border. this is rare, this is a reflection of them doing their jobs.
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lawrence: what is your reaction? >> it was rare and uncommon before 9/11 until we got a wake-up call. i don't think we are due for another wake-up call, we don't need another wake-up call unless we forget 3000 of our countrymen were killed that day, 3000 kids were made orphans or lost a parent that day. people died in the pentagon, one business alone lost 500 people, it was uncommon before 9/11 to catch those people, they did from time to time. the 9/11 commission came forth in july of 2004 with 41 recommendations and at the top of that list was identification of these people and tracking known terrorists. catching people here and there we are not tracking them very well.
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you mentioned years of 172,000 regarding march or february, 100,000. the number that is concerning to people is what they call the got aways. customs and border protection estimate thousand got aways every single day. 1000 or so between february and march, 60,000 in this country, we don't know who they are or where they are. it may be uncommon but only because we are not doing what the 9/11 commission told us to do. lawrence: let's talk about the national security threat to this country and what is going wrong. it seems like when i talk about the border, i have been there 5 times in the last administration alone and they say resources are divergent to babysit or trying to get these kids the care they need so we cannot protect the border.
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>> we are diverging border agents from patrolling the border just to take care of all of these migrants coming into the country. the border is not getting safer. it is getting more porous. going into a room, it is unconscionable. we are coming up on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 and everybody will give the platitudes about never forgetting but not only did they forget but they don't give a damn. if they really cared about the security of america they would keep the border tight. all those recommendations from the 9/11 commission wouldn't throw open the borders. it is an incoherent policy that is a recipe for disaster. the bad guys know this, they are exploiting this.
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lawrence: talk is cheap, remember that moment and do something about it, thanks for all your insight and wisdom and thank you for your service. jillian: 16 after the hour. senator joe manchin - is the hope of an easy path infrastructure, the secretary of state says he's making sure the minority has a voice. how to get your is coming up. ♪♪ ♪♪ tequila
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jillian: welcome back. west virginia democrat joe manchin said he doesn't support
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the push to pass a multibillion-dollar spending bill without republican support. joining me to discuss his secretary of state matt warner. thank you for being here. >> good to be with you. jillian: you are friendly with one another. you said you talked to the senator yesterday about these issues. let's go ahead and pull up a quote from his op-ed in the washington post and this reads the filibuster is a critical tool to protecting that input and their democratic form of government, the time has come to end these political games - renew your of bipartisanship where we find common ground on major policy debates facing our nation. two questions. do you think he's feeling pressure from the far left and is there a middle ground to be had? >> i'm sure he is feeling pressure from the left, to make people understand where he
2:22 am
stands, i talked with him in person in his office and 3 times on the phone and each of these situations he described to me the importance of keeping the filibuster because of the history of the filibuster and what it does for the minority party, give them a voice, allows him to air their concerns and that is needed as we talk about federalization of elections and moves into infrastructure and other debates as well. it is going to apply in others. you standing firm, robert byrd, the strict constitutionalist, always have the constitution in his pocket, the bird deals with protection of the filibuster and that is where joe manchin wants to be. he doesn't want to bust the filibuster because the damage it would do in the long run to the u.s. senate. jillian: what does he do in the end?
2:23 am
>> the middle grounds arena. there is a middle ground, and when it comes to the election it is a bad idea. then when you get into the components of the bill, impossible mandates, prohibitions don't make any sense whatsoever but he recognizes that it has been former secretary of state who worked with all 55 county clerks, against s-1 so if he doesn't vote against this bill in west virginia and what he hasn't been in. jillian: your attorney general in west virginia threatening to sue over president biden's gun-control measures. >> no amendment to the
2:24 am
constitution, the ideas bizarre to suggest the things recommending are contrary to the constitution. jillian: here's what the attorney general has to say, quote, i will not allow the far left to ignore citizens gun rights and president biden follows to run his proposal. we will be in court very quickly. what is happening here and what do you think of what the president is doing? >> he is stomping on people's constitutional rights and that is why i'm a proud of our attorney general standing up to that. the president is in this direction, proudly, they own guns, shoot and hunt and the attorney general standing up for the people of west virginia. >> appreciate your time. >> the masters go on in georgia
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after the game of pool from the state. one world series winner, live report next. ♪♪
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jillian: we are hours from round 2 of the masters tournament. lawrence: they are teeing off with critics over the new voting law. >> reporter: the masters is teeing off in georgia after organizers refused to move the tournament following outrage over the state's new voting law. harvey davis is defending the decision saying you can't have masters without a gusto. the pga saying keeping the tournament in georgia has
2:29 am
charitable and economic sentences for communities after the mlb announced it is moving the all-star game from atlanta to denver in protest of georgia's new voting law which critics say limits voting for minorities. the law limits absent and mail-in voting, imposes additional voter id requirements and restrictions on non-poll workers, but to time world series pitcher david wells disagrees saying politics is getting in the way. >> to see this happening to the game of baseball we are going to lose a lot of fans because of this. it is crazy. jillian: local officials say the decision could result in $100 million in lost revenue. >> an opportunity for them to get desperately needed revenue into their businesses after the horrific 2020 pandemic and a lot of people were crushed because of this move.
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>> reporter: the masters has been held at a gusto national golf club since 1934 and the tournament is set to run through sunday. jillian: more americans are getting vaccinated, medical expert say covid 19 survivors may have more side effects, and emergency medical doctor and fox news medical contributor doctor janette nesheiwat, how are you doing? >> doing great. vanita gupta tell us about these side effects people are experiencing. >> the most common side effect, 40% to 50% of people will experience them, pain at the site of injection coming in the left arm for a day or 2. sometimes some people develop a fever or a headache.
2:31 am
a little bit of fatigue, a little bit of bodyaches. the good news is it is short-lived, only lasts a day or two and take a little acetaminophen, tylenol or motrin could help your symptoms and got to remember the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the short-lived side effects that are easily treatable and can protect you, keep you off the ventilator and keep you from dying. lawrence: we are going to put up these vaccination numbers and i want your comment, a little over 33% of the population is fully vaccinated. i want your comment about this debate about herd immunity. what can you tell us about this? >> historically we need up to 70% to 90% of the population to either have had a vaccine or
2:32 am
natural infection, that gives us herd immunity. that means so many people in the population have those antibodies to protect them against the virus, the virus can't replicate or spread and we can go about our normal usual business. this is a disease that is so insidious, it has been so unpredictable and the best thing we can do is continue to vaccinate as quickly as possible and vaccinate as many americans as possible including younger americans. it is critical to open vaccine eligibility to everyone and hopefully by summertime it will be extended to teenagers and younger population. we are vaccinating 3 million a day. i want to see that number doubled. if we could continue to accelerate vaccination we will be on the right track getting closer to ending this pandemic. >> public health experts urge americans not to skip the second
2:33 am
vaccine dose. what happens if they do? >> how long will it last? will you get that 95% protection? if you want to get that 95% protection, long-lasting full strength protection and immunity you want to get that second dose despite any potential side effects because it can protect you from death, hospitalization, complications and recent studies came out that showed if you pick up covid even if you are not hospitalized or suffer severe complications one out of 3 will develop either a psychiatric disorder or a brain neurological disorder within 6 months, 30%, that is a high number so you want to keep that in mind. lawrence: separating fact from fiction.
2:34 am
jillian: we may be in for another active hurricane season. experts at the colorado state university predicting 17 named tropical storms this year. last year there were 30. the insurance information institute puts it up year at 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes. the season begins june 1st and no one is ready for that season to begin. >> here are the numbers you were talking about, typical season you would see 12 named storms, we were way above it at 30 last year and we could see more again this year. this is what it looks like the last year's tropical and hurricane season a record-breaking 11 named storms make landfall in the continental united states, 6 of them as hurricanes. a very active year. we have a typical tropical activity, sometimes they fall
2:35 am
out at this time, the season begins in july and then you ramp up from august and september. moving on from hurricane season i want to show temperatures outside as we speak, a chance for severe weather again today, these are popping up a lot lady across southern mississippi, severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes before the day is over. jillian: your clock could be on the run, the rock will pay for your guacamole if you buy his new tequila. >> not only are you having an amazing turn on a cocktail but just as important if not more important you are supporting local businesses and restaurants to get them back on their feet. >> the promotional run from may 1st to may 5th. the rock, $10 when you upload a receipt at a participating restaurant. lawrence: i may or may not have
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>> florida's governor can't catch a break, covid censored a youtube video with ron desantis because they question the lockdown and other mandates. >> they don't need it for their own protection or protecting other people. >> children develop by watching
2:40 am
other people. it is an appropriate and doesn't help the disease spread. jillian: one of those experts spoke to fox news, carley shimkus is here with the latest. carley: youtube removed the panel of doctors questioning the effectiveness of lockdowns and masks. the roundtable was hosted by florida governor ron desantis, youtube said they took down the video because the discussion contradicted the consensus of the medical community but a doctor who took part in the panel discussion is speaking out about the dangers of censoring medical discussion. >> how can you have an open discussion about policy that affect every single person's like when you can't make a point based on scientific evidence. they want to make you think the
2:41 am
only way forward is these lockdowns, let's have that debate. jillian: this is not the first time youtube previously took down video of a doctor testifying before a senate panel. many saying if the senate is allowed to hear that testimony the american people should. lawrence: elon musk and dinosaurs. carley: this movie could be, reality. watch this. >> meat eating? carley: jurassic park, get scared, cofounder of elon musk's company tweeted on saturday he has the technology to create a real life jurassic park, we could possibly build jurassic park if we wanted to.
2:42 am
it wouldn't be genetically authentic dinosaurs but 15 years of breeding and engineering to get super exotic novel species, not a good idea, something inside is like that is the problem. we all know how that movie at ends. i didn't know about this company nor a link, they do something cool, they create brain computer interfaces and help people with all of his disease, dementia, paralysis and spinal cord injuries. he is doing that. >> look what happened with murder hornets making their way around the world. dolly parton breaking the internet. >> it is amazing and they just collaborated with dolly parton creating strawberry crystal, you know where this story is going after they announced the ice cream flavor their website
2:43 am
froze, did you just break our website? our site had 50 times more users than it sees on average. we plan and tested for this level of traffic but expected our site to be built to handle it but they couldn't. so many people wanted to get their hands on that ice cream so now they say they will give 48 hour notice on social media and email the rerelease of the flavor when it comes out and the best part is all the proceeds go to dolly's imagination library. >> everything she touches turns to gold. and hold on tight because the professional writers league is back in south dakota. ashley is live in sioux falls with the preview. what are you sitting on? >> reporter: i'm hitting on a horse named pancake, coming up here, stick around.
2:44 am
he is not on the horse. can we see? >> you cannot show legs until 2022. no one has seen a full torso as the pandemic started. there was a time i had to do that. over the next 3 hours we will get back on the horse and talk about what is happening in the world, we will talk about why is it so funny, hunter biden's book talking about crack use, international deals and not admitting it is his laptop with pornographic pictures on it which is embarrassing you would think to the first family. he did not stop him from going on jimmy kimmel and yukking it up and being upset with lindsey graham for being critical of his
2:45 am
behavior and that behavior as relates to china and ukraine. we will discuss that. david wells speaking about baseball, the 20 year picture says i'm disgusted by the commissioner, says he is gutless for the move he made going out of atlanta with the all-star game and more could be to come. we have geraldo rivera, we can meet his demands. he will be on but will cain shaves his head along with his cohorts talking about what is happening this weekend. we have general jack keane on vladimir putin as response to being called a cold-blooded killer by the president of the united states. country singer tim montana has a new album dropping today, sounds a lot like this. he will be joining us this morning to kick off our performance into the weekend. we will discuss all that. there he is singing. doesn't know the song right now. ♪♪
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lawrence: unleash the beast today. professional bull riding is set to reopen bringing the venue up. jillian: in sioux falls, south dakota, good morning, ashley. >> reporter: the first professional sports coming back to allow capacity indoors. that option is still on the table. i want to get to this. what is the title. >> the second line of defense.
2:50 am
>> they did this for a long time. >> and more to one site to help the production into the events. >> bullfighter's protect the cowboy from the bull. >> this is second nature or first nature? he is a young guy, you guys are out there. >> my job is to go wherever we have the bulls and check that
2:51 am
facility out, and the contractors to see what was can fit to gather for many feedlot for all the pools and take care when i get the draw and all the pins back here and figure out where the bulls have got to go. >> reporter: we talk about what he does. >> cowboy goes down in position and clearing out safely. >> thank you for joining us. thanks for being a good sport today, back to you in the studio. >> he knows a thing or 2 about this. lawrence: i just love horses. jillian: you say they are well
2:52 am
behaved. 105 sitting up here. thanks, ashley. still to come, a track coach fired for making his team wear masks outside joins us live. ♪♪ it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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jillian: a new hampshire high
2:56 am
school track coach out of a job after refusing to force his athletes to run masks while running outside. this former pembrook academy track coach says he is not backing down and he joins me now. sir, thank you for joining me i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on, jillian. jillian: of course. the guidelines were set by the new hampshire interathletic association this somewhat they say it is recommended that athletes wear a face covering in competition and august events due to safety concerns for potential injury athletes may remove their face covering while actively competing in and can you see some of the other event are listed there. why did you take issue with this? >> because track and field, especially the running events 400-meter up for two mile are some of the most taxing athletic events you can do. you are at the edge of your physical capabilities to begin with and to throw a mask on kids and ask them to continue to do that is absurd when you are
2:57 am
outside in the wind, in the sun, essentially already socially scansed anyway. there is no benefit to anyone to do that. i wasn't going to stand up in front of the kids and tell them to do it. i wasn't going to tell them that it made any sense or reasons and i think there are health issues behind it too whether you have asthma, heart conditions and then just even the constant sucking the mask into your mouth which is what happens when you are breathing hard. what does it do to you? what type of other is it pulling into your mouth and lungs over and over again. so, again, there is no rationale for it appeared i wasn't going to force my kid to do it. jillian: what do the kids have to say? >> the kids think the masks are ridiculous when you are running. they are disappointed. i won't be coaching them. they support my position. and they are hoping that the
2:58 am
mask mandate is pulled before the meets start which i'm still hopeful of. critical jill here is a portion of your email to the school's athletic director there is no science behind these restrictions no this is not about protecting the athletes or families it's all about covering bureaucratic explicative i had planned on simply quitting but i have decided not to do it. fire me if you must. the response from the athletic director says quote thank you for your email i will not be commenting on this personal decision. have a good day. have you heard anything else from the school? >> no. the school is silent. i have heard from parents. parents so far are very supportive. some have tried contacting the school. some have voiced the same restrictions and basically been told that's the way it is. jillian: i do know sometimes track and field events sometimes can be indoors would you take this same if this is indoors or is this because it's outdoors and we have been told when you are outdoors that's the safest place to be be. >> i would take the same issue
2:59 am
indoors during the race. i think forcing kids to wear masks during these races is potentially damaging and it is unnecessary. indoors, i understand social distance, wear the mask, especially when the kids are gathered together waiting around between events. that's why they canceled our indoor meets. there was no way to put so many kids in such a small space and have it work. jillian: brad keyes, thank you for joining us with your side of the story. keep us updated. have a good day. >> thank you very much. you too. jillian: lawrence? >> lawrence: a louisiana boy is steal the show at the local baseball game. take a look. caught imitating the umpire and with uncanny resemblance. he wears his own umpire outfit complete with his own helmet as he take makes the calls. copies the umpire every mo. attend games on the weekend he
3:00 am
can practice his own moves. jillian: he is so cute. i love that. >> lawrence: so cool. download the fox news app. open your camera and scan the qr code on your screen. jillian: that's right. thanks for joining us this week. >> lawrence: fun week. jillian: you will be at 7:00 p.m. next week. >> lawrence: yeah. >> what the left won't tell you about the true state of our southern border. >> more than 172,000 migrants encounters to 71% increase? the new surge we are dealing with now [inaudible] >> the new president unveils his gun control policy. >> gun violence in this country is an epidemic. it's long past time that we act. >> you are only putting more burden on law abiding gun owners. if if we ask if that was your last you don't know. >> i really don't know. the fact of the matter is it's a red herring. >> the pull all star game out of atlanta. >> it happening to our game of baseball.


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