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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 14, 2021 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> straight to fox news alert, minnesota seen a third night of violence after the shooting of daunte wright. more than 60 people have been arrested. you are watching "fox and friends first" this wednesday morning. carley: the demonstrators setting fire to a dumpster
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outside an apartment building. fire set in a police bureau in poland as police declare a riot. in columbus, ohio officers used pepper spray to clear protesters who tried to break into the station. an unlawful assembly was declared in sacramento. large protest in philadelphia and dallas staying mostly peaceful. ashley: the former officer involved in the shooting could face charges today. >> reporter: good morning. we should find out today at some point if prosecutors are going to charge officer kim potter after she and police chief gannon resigned yesterday two days after the fatal traffic stop shooting. and resignation letter the 26 year veteran wrote this, quote, i have loved every minute of being a police officer serving this community to the best of my abilities but i believe it is in
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the best interests of the community, the apartment and my fellow officers if i resign immediately. potter joined the pd in 1995, served as its president in 2019, was part of the department negotiation team and restrain a rookie the day of the shooting which chief gannon called an accident after potter reached for her gun rather than her taser as we saw on that body cam footage. daunte wright's family is demanding she be held to the highest standard. >> my son was lying there unresponsive. >> they stole my son's death. >> i love him now. >> my nephew's blood is on your hands. >> this is they are mike elliott promises accountability and rights police should not be
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armed when making traffic stops. >> i don't believe officers need to have weapons every time they make a traffic stop. there are many other jurisdictions where that is not necessarily the case. it is not needed. >> reporter: he had an outstanding warrant for attempted robbery. it was confirmed at the press conference, he requested pro-law-enforcement thin blue line flag be removed from police headquarters because he says the community saw it as inflammatory. in dc president biden called for call while dodging questions from the congressional black caucus over what he intends to do on police reform. he says he will do, quote, a lot but will announce it later.
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a former nypd officer, dan bondgino said evening police will hurt our economies, they need new training and equipment instead. >> we are spending so much time dealing with lunatic not that leftists every single opportunity to attributed racial motive to police shooting, serious issues like modern police technology, improving use of force training, improving technology or nonlethal, all of that i can guarantee you these people on capitol hill have never heard of this because they are too busy saying how do i attribute a racial narrative to this and cause more racial strife so hopefully i can get reelected. forget about training and new equipment, they are talking about defunding the police.
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>> they voted to refund the police department after murders spiked by 200%. still had this be police chief will join us live to talk about that decision. today the cdc will hold an emergency meeting to review the fda pausing use of the johnson & johnson vaccine after six women developed a rare disorder involving blood clots within two weeks of receiving the shot. despite the path president biden is assuring americans there plenty of pfizer and moderna doses. >> there is enough vaccine that is 100% unquestionable for every single solitary american. >> pfizer is ramping up production it will deliver 10% more doses by the end of may. marty mc harry said the fda should path using the johnson & johnson vaccine but only for those at highest risk.
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>> medication we free scribe has some complications in the ballpark of risk. we've got to balance risk. every day we do this with every medication, every operation we recommend we are bound to risk so why not give people the information? why not tell americans there is one death of 70 million people who got the j and j vaccine and let them make a decision? if i were advising the fda i would encourage them to do a pause but in the specific group where those complications were seen in women of childbearing age that is where complications happen and death occurred and they can do the pause and take a closer look. let them make a decision. what happened to letting people make decisions about their own bodies? >> there are reports of vaccine appointments being canceled across the country. fox news exclusively obtaining a
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letter from mark byrneohfish to declare state of emergency in the border crisis. he wrote in part, quote, reversing the devastating trends at the border will require enforcing rule of law and holding the federal government accountable. the border state is looking to deploy the national guard to deal with the migrant surge. texas and missouri lunch lawsuits against the biden administration demanding it bring back donald trump's remain in mexico policy, this creates a surge in human trafficking and violence in an unprecedented cost to taxpayers. this is the white house is expanding entry for those being kept in mexico. congress pays tribute to fallen capital police officer billy evans, lying in honor in the capitol rotunda after being hit by a car on capitol grounds. heartbreaking video, the young
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daughter kisses her mother before wiping tears from her eyes. dc police, the fallen officer, evans was 18 year veteran of the force. president biden will visit arlington national cemetery to pay respects to the men and women who lost their lives in afghanistan and iraq. before his visit the president will announce plans to withdraw all us troops from afghanistan by september 11th. the decision defies a may 1st deadline reached in an agreement, and the taliban, the marine corps will test physical training uniform. this is what it looks like. it is a better fit, form and function, measuring physical training exercises, the first update to the uniform in 20 years.
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carley: activists renew calls to defund police the oakland city council voted unanimously to restore $10 million in funding for their police department and fire department as the city sees an alarming uptick in violent crime over the past year. oakland police chief armstrong joins us now.
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last year, $30 million was cut from the oakland police budget and $10 million of that was just restored. why is that? >> we have seen tremendous increases environment in the city of oakland, 41 homicides a tremendous increase compared to where we were last year, 13 at the same time. the level of activity, violence related to that have contributed to the need for police resources. carley: looking at the crime numbers, homicides up 215%, shootings 101%, carjackings 160% increase, robberies up 50%. do you think the budget cuts are directly responsible for this increase in crime? >> it definitely had an impact. we have reduced resources. it reduces your ability to
2:14 am
respond to violent crime and we have seen these bikes occur and the resources to address these crimes, definitely had an impact. >> from the folks that you interact with on a day-to-day basis do they want to see fewer police on their streets? we are hearing that out of washington. congresswoman rashida tlaib no more policing, incarceration and militarization. you can't be reformed but i wonder about the people in your community. would they agree with that? >> know. they are often asking for more police services, more presence in their community to see officers walking, so that message is not been heard as clearly as when i'm going into the community, for police services throughout the city and the numbers clearly suggest the problem with violence.
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carley: president biden wants to take a police reform and in march police reform bill passed in the house and it would ban chokehold, no knock warrants and qualified immunity. what do you think that would do to policing? >> some of those policies we've already implemented particularly around the banning of chokehold the qualified immunity is a discussion and we all need to impact recruiting for officers who do their jobs every day so something that needs further discussion. carley: what is the more row among your officers right now? >> it is always difficult when you see crime spike like this. officers have been working around the clock to address violence and a message from some community members the don't appreciate the work they are doing so that is challenging but the vast majority appreciate our officers and the work they do
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going out every day, making a sacrifice for the communities so trying to pass the message from the community directed to the offices. carley: you are doing god's work, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. ashley: congressman ralph norman just got back from taking a firsthand look at the crisis on the border. he shares his experience live next. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum.
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wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. carley: amazon, google and starbucks among hundreds of us companies united to oppose voting limits. they signed a statement saying they would oppose any discriminatory legislation that makes it harder to vote.
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the biggest show of solidarity among the business community as companies navigate partisan turmoil over new election laws. it does not address specific election legislation like georgia's new voting laws but major league baseball is experiencing blowback over its decision to pull the all-star game out of georgia over voting laws. usually senators ted cruz, michael and josh how he introducing legislation to strip the mlb of its antitrust protection. >> if they are going to play partisan enforcer, they shouldn't expect to see special goodies from washington. carley: the mlb antitrust exception has been in place for a century, allows the league to operate as a monopoly. it is unclear how much traction the proposal could get in the democrat-controlled senate. >> border official sounding the alarm amid the escalating surge
2:21 am
of migrants entering the country, just this week a bipartisan group of lawmakers made a trip to see the crisis border agents and what they are seeing firsthand, here to tell us what he saw is congressman ralph norman. at the top, what you think about the situation at the border from a personal standpoint. >> we spent the day monday from 7:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night on border patrol. the only way to describe what i saw, combined with lack of knowledge, you have a disaster and that is what we saw. we met with border patrol agents, ranchers whose ranches have been in the family for generations destroyed. we are basically taking anybody
2:22 am
anywhere from 39 different countries to america and border patrol agents expressed concern about the medical crisis we face and the national security crisis and they are doing their best, children coming in and what is interesting, the holding facilities, was intact capacity. they moved into hotels in port bliss to house the children to appear as if they weren't overcrowded so it is a national crisis and no other way to describe it. you cannot see pictures or have people talk about it, you have to be there to see it. it is very simple. stacks of steel paid for to complete the wall, contractors being paid.
2:23 am
incompetence is what we've seen. the only one winning is the drug cartels. that is what we are facing in this country. carley: the first sentence that you said, until you see it you also say until the administration takes a trip to the border to see this firsthand this problem is not going to be fixed. kamala harris has gone 21 days without a conference on the border crisis. your reaction? >> he has laughed about it. you can't fix the problem unless you see and identify it. the end game the democrats have is get them into the country into the government payroll and they will have potential voters, the only rational decision you
2:24 am
can come to, even mexico will not take haiti and turkey, won't take the citizens from there but america will allow anybody to come in and it makes no sense and we are the point of no return. once they come to the country and you can't track them, last month according to border patrol we had over 160,000 that are in the country, don't know where they are or whether they are associated with gangs, how are you going to get them back across the border? you are not. they are in america on our payroll. it is a crisis, no other way to describe it. carley: just from the number of apprehensions at the border in march there was 170 - i want your reaction.
2:25 am
there was the guatemalan president said that president biden gave confusing messages on immigration. it seems everybody might be confused about the message. is there a solution? you said you have been there, the ranchers for border patrol. what is the solution? >> finished the wall, that would start to correct the problem. let border patrol do their job. that is not what they are trained to do and it is in the hands of the cartels. why is doctor fauci not down there? how do we control the different strains of the coronavirus? we are not. there is no social distancing for children or adults and to put them in hotel rooms, how do you supervise hotel rooms, don't have enough manpower to do that.
2:26 am
i don't think he understands or even if he did he would not let border patrol agents do their job, to give donald trump any type of credit for building this wall which needs to be completed. talk about businesses in many cases, the steel is on the grounds. carley: those children - thank you for your take on this this morning. carley: the time is 26 after the hour. 25 years later the prime suspect in the disappearance of kristen smart is arrested. forensic pathologist weighs in on the case coming up next.
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and his father, ruben florez as an accessory to the murder. we've not recovered kristen. we will continue to focus on finding her remains regardless of any court action until we return kristen to them. this is not over. carley: a major break in a 25-year-old mistry is two suspects are charged in the 1996 disappearance and murder of college student kristen smart. forensic pathologist and fox news contributor is here to react, this is 25 years in the making. tell us what we know about this case. >> they have some evidence, clothing, jewelry, by perpetrators of this kind of crime or a witness might have come forth but was not found earlier. any of the remains it found can
2:31 am
easily identify the victim by being bone, hair, will remain in very good condition for 25 years. also, in identifying the person, the cause of death is important to identify because it has to prove come makes it easier to bring it on whether it was stabbing, skull fracture, strangulation. jillian: yesterday, paul florez and his father ruben florez were arrested. paul has always been considered a lead suspect because he was the last person to see kristen smart in 1996. feel like a break in the case happened last year when
2:32 am
investigators searched paul florez's home and found items of interest on the property. 25 years later they found something that interested them and you say over the course of find you can't still connect to the person who previously belonged to? >> surely. if there was a piece of jewelry that is present that would be strong evidence that it was connected and shouldn't be present but the remain, the most important for the family, would like to get the remains to give a proper burial but the police investigation, the dna identification, sometimes after 25 years fingerprints are still good. that is important for the criminal investigation. jillian: the family of kristen smart released a statement yesterday, over 20 years we've
2:33 am
waited for this day. it is impossible to put into words what this day means for our family. we pray about bringing our daughter home, we put our faith in the justice system and move forward comfort in the knowledge that kristen has been held in the hearts of so many and she has not been forgotten. a major break in this case, thank you for joining us to talk about it this morning. >> thank you. ashley: no deal, no in person learning, threatening to hold of a return to the classroom for high schoolers, threatening to walk out today if their demands are not met. they are supposed to beginning ready for high school students to come back but teachers want an agreement with the district on issues like accommodations and a student vaccine program, negotiations are underway in the
2:34 am
state of nevada targeting june 1st for a full reopening the governor announcing he plans to turn over mitigation efforts to counties in may allowing local leaders to make them on covid 19 restrictions which after tuesday 40% of the state's eligible population has become the vaccination process with 25% fully vaccinated. >> 33 after the hour, time to check in with janice dean with a look at the forecast. >> janice: we have colder air across the northern tier of the country, warmer air along the south. a lot of whether in between. let's look at potential for heavy rainfall along the gulf coast, flash flooding possible, all this oyster surging northward in parts of louisiana, texas and mississippi, alabama, even the florida panhandle so this will be a big concern throughout the day today, what to do if there's a flash flood watch or warning in your area, that will continue to be ongoing today through friday as we have all this moisture working its
2:35 am
way northward and told for snow across the rockies and parts of the midwest and the great lakes, measurable snow for the mountains where we could get a foot or more and speaking of that we could see the potential for heavy snow over the northeast as we get into friday and saturday. it's going to happen. let's look at the forecast today, warm temperatures across the gulf coast, colder than average, 50 to 25 degrees colder than average for the northern tier of the country and look what happens on friday and saturday, new york city along the coast, not going to get measurable snow but interior sections certainly will get heavy wet snow, in some cases over a foot so that is quite considerable. on the flipside of this, warm breezy conditions across the southwest and that is bringing fire concerns so a whole lot of weather across the country and we will keep you up-to-date. can you believe that we will see
2:36 am
snow. >> 84 in miami, 84 down there and snow up north. >> janice: they are having a good day. not going to be any more snow, too nice for snow in new york. thank you. it is 5:35 on the east coast. they served as the backbone of america during the height of the pandemic, now there's a shortage of truck drivers that could spell major trouble for deliveries across the country.
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carley: welcome back. republicans and democratic house leaders will a out their vision for infrastructure. ashley: we learn how much this will cost taxpayers. >> reporter: this is why the infrastructure battle is heating
2:40 am
up, lawmakers will a out their version of infrastructure and how they plan to pay for it. democrats have everything including the kitchen sink in this bill, healthcare, community college, green energy, experts are saying the democratic researchable proposal would cost taxpayers 800,$000 to fund each job they are proposing and mitch mcconnell reacting. >> 865,$000, roughly the cost of every new job the white house claims their so-called american jobs plan will create. >> reporter: the president proposed raising the corporate tax rate to 28% in part to pay for it. bernie sanders wants us to go to 35% and change. you want to create jobs but might be killing them.
2:41 am
jillian: general motors under investigation. the highway staff to -- complaints this airbags may inflate during a crash. 750,000 chevrolet, cadillac and gmc in 2020, 2021, most are full-size pickup trucks, 15 complaints have been filed which include 6 actual crashes with 8 injuries, these are newer vehicles. a truck driver shortage could threaten nationwide, industry experts a 1.9 million drivers are going to be higher leading to higher delivery fees, and it was 6 months to get those commercial licenses.
2:42 am
a bit of a shortage before the pandemic began but the pandemic has made it worse. carley: truck drivers kept us going during the pandemic. thank you. president biden considering setting up a meeting with russian president vladimir putin, the two last meeting, biden was vice president. the potential face-to-face talks. >> a summit with president vladimir putin suggesting that meeting take place outside of the united states and russia. biden proposing the meeting take place in the coming months to discuss, quote, full range of issues facing the us and moscow. biden made clear the us will, quote, act firmly in defense of
2:43 am
cyber and express unwavering commitment to sovereignty. calling on russia to de-escalate tensions. the administration's goal is a stable relationship with russia. >> we expect this to remain a challenge and continued difficult conversation. we are prepared to confront those but the goal is to have a russian relationship with russia that is protectable and stable. >> reporter: this coming s than a month after he would pay a price for alleged russian interference in the 2020 election. and invited biden public discussion. an invitation the president declined. it is not clear when the summit will take place.
2:44 am
the time is 43 after the hour. president biden facing bipartisan backlash, after announcing troops will leave afghanistan on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11. pete hegseth was deployed to the war-torn country live from breakfast with friends next. eno! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis... stelara® can provide relief and is the only approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection... flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. lasting remission can start with stelara®. if you've been financially impacted by covid-19, janssen may be able to help. incomparable design makes it beautiful.
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>> minnesota city seen the third item violence have calls for justice in the city police involved shooting a the right turning to complete gas. prosecutors announced charges against kim potter as she is the city police chief submit their resignations. ashley: pete hegseth joins us in
2:48 am
georgia. i want your take on everything going on in minnesota. >> reporter: i was born and raised here. it is a wonderful community but is supercharged with the george floyd trial going on. this couldn't have happened at a more difficult time as the prosecution rested. the defense is bringing their case and it is hard because it doesn't fit into a convenient box. everybody wants to treaty situations as if they are one and the same and each is very different both for the tragedy of what happened and the officer walking up to that door knowing there's an aggravated assault force trying to arrest them and resisting of arrest. that creates impossible calculation of what you do next and what i hate to see is the immediate fallout. the police officer admitted to making the mistake, the police chief said i do believe in due process and people running to
2:49 am
the podium fanning the flames, the governor made irresponsible comments making the situation worse. the particular's of each case matter and some congress men and women said the police department is racist, of course makes the situation worse. i wish the temperature could come down and conversations could be had into process is observed and it was a very unfortunate situation anyway you look at it. >> who would have thought i believe in due process would be a fireable offense. president biden announced all troops will leave afghanistan by september 11th. i feel a lot of our enemies want to see us out of this region. how do you see it you >> took a long time to come to this conclusion but we will never reach the conditions on the ground in afghanistan which i served there in 2011-12, my
2:50 am
job was to understand that's how my ban, al qaeda networks that existed and how viable they were and 10 years ago you saw the writing on the wall. the afghan security forces nowhere near capable of providing the kind of security after decades, trillions of american support. this is the right move. donald trump set it in motion saying we are bringing troops home. can't rebuild the society to some utopian democracy, not going to happen. a fledgling afghan security force, the taliban is the top dog, that is unfortunate, and ultimately a good move.
2:51 am
>> that date, september 11th is so sacred, wide shoes that date? >> that is unnecessary, keep the anniversary sacred the way it would be. >> in georgia this morning. >> is that a diner? it is unbelievable. in cobb county where the all-star game is supposed to take place, the owner of this taj mahal and others here today to talk about the fallout. >> they pay their electricity bill, looking forward to it. time is 5:51. ron desantis pulled from youtube.
2:52 am
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hey, i got you. guy fieri? ♪ >> dr. gupta mentioned about, you know, not putting masks on kids. it's not effective. not necessary. >> children should not wear a face mask, they tonight need it for their own protection or protecting other people either. >> it doesn't help on the disease spread. i don't think it's the right thing to do.
2:56 am
carley: youtube censors ron desantis discussion over kids and masks. desantis fighting back inviting the panelists back this week to continue the discussion. first, dr. martin and dr. jay, thanks for joining us right now. so, obviously, you guys know what you are talking about here. you think that google and youtube have behaved irresponsibly. >> yeah. i think, i mean, if you look at what the evidence says, it's very clear, kid are not very efficient spreaders of this disease, they just aren't. there is evidence from iceland, sweden, the united states, europe, all over the world that kids aren't very particularly efficient at this. kids are not good at wearing masks in any case even if you ask them to because they're kids. requiring them to do so, you think it is not really necessary just on that. it's also harmful to kid. if you look at the evidence, it
2:57 am
harms their development, their ability to learn to speak, especially for young children, it can have some significant draw backs, so if you consider both the cost and the benefits, there is just no case to be made for the mask. we shouldn't do it. carley: dr. martin, you are both renowned and highly respected doctors, i'm wondering why your opinions wouldn't matter on this subject. what was your reaction when you found out that youtube took down the footage of you giving your medical opinion? >> well, the front of this lockdowns and vaccine passports and so on there, that goes against basic principles of public health. and it goes against the pandemic preparedness plan that existed before covid-19. so they don't really have any public health arguments to use against us, so that means that they are, instead silencing
2:58 am
slander. it's very unfortunate. while we keep speaking tout means that many younger scientists who agree with us they don't have -- they don't care to speak out because of it. so it silences many scientists because of this. jackie: doctor, youtube says it violated the site's medical misinformation policy. what was the misinformation in which you guys said? >> well, i mean, it's -- we said that children shouldn't wear masks. actually the world health organization agrees with us for ages 2 to 5 they recommend against mask-wearing the cdc recommending against mask wearing for 2 and under. look at the world health organization mask-wearing for children ages 6 to 11 they consider the cost and benefit. i place a lot of weight on children flourishing ages 6 to 11 the harms are, i believe, outweigh whatever small basically zero benefit as far as disease spread. so, you know, i don't really --
2:59 am
this is normal in science policy that you would have a discussion about the cost and benefits and then openly decide whether it makes sense or not to have some policy awant toed. the world health organization and the cdc disagree about children 2 to 5. it's not right to censor on the basis of agreement or disagreement with some authoritative body. what's right is debate about policy let people know what the cost and benefit are instead of silencing people discussing it. carley: you and your colleague are associated with some of the most respected colleges in the world harvard and stanford. i wonder if you are experiencing any backlash. i know on social media but what about college campuses? you have about 10 second if you could respond quickly. >> i don't have any complaints about the university.
3:00 am
carley: good to hear. we are looking forward to hearing more from you as you go down to florida to continue your conversation with governor desantis. thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. jackie: thank you. >> thank you. carley: and "fox & friends" starts right now. >> weigh are seeing devastation of a city already hurt. >> we are spending so much time dealing with loon in the bag leftist that technology is gospel. pausing use of thejohnson and j. >> something out of an abundance of caution? it was an overreaction. if we start shutting down medications because one in 7 million people died. we're not going to have any medicine left. >> it's a travesty what's happening in our country.


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