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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 16, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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anything wrong feels like things are creeping closer and closer to him. ashley: i hope governor desantis has a great defamation lawyer. there might be a claim there, trying to tie him to the gates controversy. that is all-time we have tonight. got felt next. jillian: a fox news alert, eight people dead and many more hurt after a gunman opened fire in a fedex facility near indianapolis international airport. police say the suspect is dead. anita vogel live in los angeles with what we know as it still develops. >> reporter: earlier in the evening this was referred to as a mass casualty event and now we know why. police confirmed eight people have been killed and four others were hospitalized and the shooter has died.
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the shots rang out 11:00 pm local time in indianapolis, at the fedex facility. several witnesses claimed they saw a man with an automatic rifle opened fire. here's audio from the police dispatcher describing what happened. >> 10 shots from the front of the office. >> a female in the control room. we can hear the shots. >> security and the front. >> reporter: eight people have died, four hospitalized including one person with critical injuries, two others were treated at the scene and released was when police arrived at the scene they say they came into contact with an active shooter who turned the gun on himself. they said there was no further threat to the community. fedex put out a statement last night saying, quote, safety is
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our top priority and our thoughts are with all those who are affected, we are looking to gather more information and cooperating with investigating authorities. due to heavy police activity in the area i 70 was closed in both directions between 5465 and the ronald reagan parkway but that has since reopened. the fbi released a statement saying it is ready to assist investigators. the injured have been transported to multiple hospitals in the area and there's a reunification center at local hotel. fedex employees are not allowed to have their phones with them at work which made the reunification process very difficult. the company says it will reevaluate that policy. at this point there are no details about who the shooter was and what his relationship was to that fedex facility or any of the employees here, we hope to learn more later today. eight people lost their lives in a mass shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis. the gunman has also died.
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ashley: interesting facts. another fox news alert chicago on edge as police released dramatic but a cam video showing the moment an officer shot and killed a 13-year-old boy. jillian: arrest continues around daunte wright. >> reporter: chicago's mayor calling the video painful as it shows the last few minutes of adam's life. >> stop! stop! >> reporter: the video shows an officer yelling for him to stop. latina peers to pause and turn
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towards the officer with his hands up before he is shot. the officer later found a gun on the ground, unclear if toledo is holding the gun leading up to the shooting. protesters take to the streets of chicago overnight to express their anger over the shooting as a family attorney ways in. >> adam during his last second of life did not have a gun in his hand. adam complied, turned around, his hands were empty when he was shot in the chest. >> reporter: in minnesota hundreds of protesters gathered in brooklyn center for fifth straight night to protest the death of daunte wright, no arrests have been reported from overnight so far but city leaders are keeping a close eye on the days ahead. >> we are paying attention. we may see larger crowds. >> kim potter, the ex-officer charged in daunte wright after this charged with manslaughter and is currently out on bond.
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she is expected back next month as daunte wright's mother calls for more to be done about her son's death. >> there is never going to be justice for us. i want accountability. 100% accountability. >> right's funeral will be next thursday in minneapolis, reverend out sharpton will give the eulogy. ashley: a california mother charged with killing her 3 young children. she told a local tv station she killed her children to protect them from her father involved in human trafficking, the children were found saturday morning. she was arrested that afternoon. the children's father is battling for custody. la county prosecutors are expected to file murder charges against her. vice president harris so the border crisis is far from over, saying in part, quote, this is
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not going to be fixed overnight. as white house press secretary jen psaki slammed the gop proposing too much of the vice president's absence at the border. >> the past few days they have been quite critical of the vice president. >> they need more to do i think. >> president biden tapped the p harris is the point person for handling the border crisis, she is scheduled to visit mexico and guatemala but not the border states. turning to the takeover, nancy pelosi shutdown efforts to expand the high court as republicans push to keep the count at nine justices. griff jenkins joins us with more as the president remained silent on the court packing debate. >> since 1869 the supreme court justices have presided over the highest court in the land but democrats have decided it is time to change that and add four more.
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>> the united states supreme court is broken. >> it will enable us to do justice and rectify the great injustice that was done in packing the courts which some people say we are packing the court, we are unpacking it. >> reporter: minutes before the house judiciary chairman available legislation speaker pelosi shot it down. >> we commit to bring that built before? >> no plans to bring it to the floor. >> reporter: she has voice support for setting the expansion, the white house position appears noncommittal on the issue. he strongly opposed as a senator calling it a bonehead idea. the controversy on the campaign trail last year. >> the president creating the bipartisan commission on the supreme court and wait for that to play out and read that report. >> reporter: and 6-month policy could have a change of heart and bring the bill to the floor.
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republicans are vehemently opposing it, opposing legislation to stop the effort in its tracks, house minority leader kevin mccarthy accusing democrats of attempts to protect power. >> they plan to dismantle the government institution in pursuit of their socialist agenda, to have control peripheral political reasons. >> reporter: the chairman of the conservative freedom caucus andy biggs opposed the constitutional amendment to maintain the size of the court at 9. with democrats in control it has little chance of seeing daylight on the floor. ashley: fox news contributor karl rove says establishment democrats know the potential consequences. >> there's a reason why president biden has been reluctant to move forward with it and the reason nancy pelosi stomped on it today. we will see if that can last.
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it is called 1938. in 1937-1938 franklin roosevelt attempt to pack the court, republicans used it as an issue in the election and democrats lost 72 house seats and eight senate seats. pelosi and biden understand this is playing with dynamite. they might have to play with dynamite but they understand this is not an issue they are going to escape with a lot of independents and republicans who voted for joe biden in 2020. jillian: 3 republicans pushing the amendment to keep the supreme court at 9 justices will join us live in the next hour. the search and rescue mission on the louisiana coast, coast guard searching for 12 missing crewmembers onboard and overturned boat. two days since strong winds and massive waves flipped the boat
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used to transport workers, six people have been rescued. one body is recovered. jillian: jim jordan and doctor anthony fauci get into a heated exchange overstates ending covid 19 restrictions. take a listen. >> when do we get to the point, what standard, what objective outcomes do we have to reach before americans get their liberty and freedom back? >> you are indicating liberty and freedom, i look at it as a public health measure to prevent people from dying. >> the ohio congressman asked him for an answer going over his a lot of time, congresswoman maxine waters stepped in. >> you need to respect the chair and shut your mouth. >> the hearing calms down when congressman jim clyburn told jordan they would handle it but time had expired. a third booster shot for those
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about the pfizer vaccine will be needed over the next year. pfizer's ceo calling it important to fighting international covid strange is a new study from oxford university reveals getting sick with covid puts you 8 to 10 times higher risk of blood clots in the brain than getting the vaccine. still ahead parents are frustrated as a homeless camp sits on school grounds and the school board won't movie. our next guest says it comes down to bad policy. sometimes it is not your day. the homerun that landed one fan in a cheesy situation. ♪♪
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jillian: look at your screen. parents are furious about this was a homeless and can't meant
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still them to elementary school's property, they would move the main entrance to to parents concerns but they have no intention to remove the encampment from the property. ashley: he is concerned about his kids safety. thank you for being with us this morning. obviously i can understand why you are upset. tell us what is going on. >> the school board leveraging well-being and safety and force the mayor to do outreach differently. can you hear us? >> yes. ashley: what have kids said?
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>> some people are not willing to send children back, since school district lost control school grounds they have no ability to take care of the air filtration and do what they need to do toward coronavirus safety and there are other parents who send children to school given what is going on. jillian: something interesting to note, october 1st to last year in april 15th this year first responders have been sent to the area 23 times some type of fire. these kids were out of school and this is where they go back. >> fires out of control, and a
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lot of control, an explosion like that. quite frequently in the last week. >> i want your reaction to this. and adults behave compassionately and responsibly in the face of the tragically mounting homelessness crisis. is it up to the school board to decide that is the best thing for your kids or is it up to you as a parent to decide that is the best thing. >> they are not helping these people at all. all they are doing is claiming the moral high ground and ignoring the problem. they are not doing a great job with that. i would like to teach my children myself my values.
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before anything else including the ideology of a very far left school board. >> keep us updated on the situation, thanks for being with us. jillian: still ahead eight people killed in indiana. a live report on what we are learning coming up. ashley: republican women in congress. >> reflect america and to be with them fighting against socialism, fighting for the taxpayers, fighting for sanity. ashley: four freshman congresswomen as they hit 100 days in office. the unique experiences that led them to washington. ♪♪ american woman ♪♪
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>> a record number of women hold a seat in the house of representatives, they marked their first hundred days in congress. >> >> you are never part of the effort of a class of women who have been elected. >> the youngest republican women in congress today. to share this opportunity, it is the honor of a lifetime.
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and and reflect america and fighting against socialism, >> >> going to get back to work. >> a pow actually in nazi germany. it is a good reminder of what we are doing here. and get a lower interest rate. >> and people lost everything. anybody can do this. >> dropped out of high school when i was 17.
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learned about second chances. as much as i have succeeded in life, would be alive at the age of 43. and when i was a state lawmaker i was very vocal. of the female legislature. and debates, and would beg to bring them to dc to continue that tradition. >> - >> a memorial to those, and a special place in your heart. >> i appreciate what they do.
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give you any more incentive to come here. >> it is important new york city has one republican voice, that was a contrast on the refugee. stop any attempt to bring socialism to our country. >> my family is the most important thing. my youngest daughter across the table. here i am. >> can i ask? >> the biggest thing at this table is the bible. my daughter riley gave me a bible to be sworn in on which is special to me. >> i want to hope they are. >> proud to be one of the women of the 100 seventeenth council.
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people to elect me because i'm competent. at the end of the day if you look at this, we are very inspiring, unique class. >> seeing their offices are going into that, you forget when you watch on tv they are battling every single day fighting for the american people but just like as they are human. they have their families and their interests, what is important to them. ashley: she said i want you to elect me because i'm competent, not because i am a woman. and women these days, the pandemic and things like that. jillian: we spoke to the congresswoman about major policy issues facing the country today, part 2, of my interview is coming up next.
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ashley: eight people killed. a live report on what we know next. democrats look at four justices to the high court. a republican and democrat talk about that next.
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>> we are back with a fox news alert breaking overnight eight people shot and killed and many others hurt after a gunman opened fire in the fedex facility in the indianapolis airport. anita vogel joins us live. >> this is referred to as a mass casualty event, police confirming eight people killed and four others hospitalized is
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the shooter has also died. shots rang out in indianapolis at the fedex facility with several witnesses claiming they saw a man with an automatic rifle, here's the audio from the police dispatcher describing what happened. >> from inside. >> you can hear the shot. >> lying near security and the front entrance of the building. >> just frightening. when police arrived, they came into contact with an active shooter who then turned the gun on himself. they are aware of the shooting and are cooperating with the ongoing investigation. there is a reunification center
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at a local hotel, fedex employees are not allowed to have phones with them at work, apparently made the reunification process more difficult. there are no details who the shooter was and what the relationship was with the fedex facility for any employees there. >> anita vogel live for us. army special forces and security studies jim hansen. using the background here in a security study, and the shooter's relationship to this facility but someone who have that background, can you tell us how difficult it will be to gain access inside a facility like this? >> obviously some sort of external physical security, if this person was an employee they would get in. kind of the hallmarks of a
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workplace incident or domestic incident where the person worked there and may be able to gain access, or someone they had a relationship issue with, having a weapon will get you past more security in the united states, we do not have that level of threat, to overcome if we did that. jillian: there are no cell phones allowed inside the building, with your background with secure ready. some type of way to get in contact with people outside the building. right? >> it is odd to think everyone is so used to having their phone with them every second of the day being connected to everyone on earth in every possible way
1:34 am
but certainly an emergency like this. i'm sure they have landline phones and radio communications intercom style throughout the building to conduct operations and that is a way to get a call out to 9/11 and get a response on the way. that they didn't have a phone to connect to anyone else. >> the reason they don't have cell phones in these facilities is you have a lot of people's personal information and things like that going through these facilities every day. that being said you see a policy like this changing? >> was there a danger to the employees, to immediately contact emergency services or let other people know if there was something going on. if it is determined that was an
1:35 am
actual incident that caused more death, to rethink that policy. i would imagine there's access to some sort of communication, and letting the police and others know there was a situation that needed response. >> how long this seems like this usually last, if it were related to workplace incident? >> they generally are over very quickly. it is rare there is a situation where someone goes in with multiple magazines, traversing an entire building, shoot whoever affected them in a way that caused them to do this, not to take the response off of
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them, it is the people they were targeting to bear the brunt of that craziness. >> we do not know this was an incident where the shooter was, don't of the relationship between the shooter and facility, that is information we are waiting to find out this morning but what we are looking at four people dead, four hospitalized, the suspect took his own life when police arrived on the scene. they came into contact with an active shooter who turned the gun on himself. we will wait for any updates on that. thank you for your insight, we appreciate it. switching gears congressional democrats kicking up their push to pass the us supreme court, the progressives looking to increase the number of judges from 9 to 13 quickly met with opposition for republicans and even leaders of their own party.
1:37 am
and democratic analyst, thank you for being with us this morning. i will start with you. i want to know your thoughts on this. >> there is nothing in the constitution, adding justices to the supreme court. it is not changed since 1869, the number on the supreme court, we need to be honest and stop playing politics. america's trust in the judicial system has eroded since 2016 when congress, the republicans and mitch mcconnell refused to confirm eric garland under the premise that president obama was going -- his term was going to expire and we were almost a year out but yet justice barrett was confirmed only months before the presidential election.
1:38 am
i certainly think president biden is fulfilling his campaign promises, a panel considering this and see if this is an option. >> you think this is a dangerous precedent. >> i certainly do. it is called politics. we can't have it, at that moment but it is a conversation nonstarter, and and we are so sorry that we don't have it their way. it is a reality. it is not going to happen. we've got folks like joe
1:39 am
manchin, coming into a midterm election, all these factors coming into play not to mention biden on record multiple times saying he is not for. >> nancy pelosi saying she's not bringing this to the floor. take a listen. >> do you support the bill to expand the supreme court and when you commit to bringing that bill to the floor? >> i support the president's commission to study a proposal. no plans to bring it to the floor. jillian: president biden and nancy pelosi, a big push for progressives, that she's not down with it. >> we know there are concerns whether or not nancy pelosi is progressive enough for the new democratic party. there are traditionalists, individuals, to push back on
1:40 am
this, politics is ever evolving, nancy pelosi's position, and to determine, the republicans missing the fact, in 2016, republicans refused to consider merrick garland, now when we have a democratic president saying no, court packing is not an option. jillian: joe manchin opposes court packing, those are important keys in the senate. >> i want to be clear. what happens was not court packing, that is not what you call packing the court. it is seizing the opportunity when it is available.
1:41 am
we have seats available and what any president would do. joe manchin, they don't have the votes to do so and don't have the votes. we are coming into the midterm election. either way it is not going to happen. they talk about things of change from the economy standpoint. and the far left trying to influence joe biden and multiple times talking about something that is not going to happen. adding 2 or 3 or 4, in regards of the economy or the senses not going to happen. it is a waste of time. there will be a strong rebuke not just for republicans but many individuals, the american people who say you can't do that.
1:42 am
jillian: interesting to see, thanks for being with us this morning. the judge overseeing the trial a former officer derek chauvin denies a last-minute request to present new evidence. he will call a mistrial if the prosecution hinted that. they are entering data on a blood test done by george floyd but forced to rest its case. closing arguments scheduled for monday. the driver jumps of florida broad bridge as it rises we watch as he speeds through the traffic are before going airborne. police say they identified the driver who'll face charges. 42 after the hour, russia says it will respond in kind of us sanctions, us intel back panels on the russian bounty story. donald trump says it was a hoax.
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jillian: set up parent in new york city taking legal action to get their kids back in the classroom full time. they say students suffering under the current hybrid system and making to be back in school. new york city mom leading the charge joins us now. thank you for being here. i know it has been a whirlwind, there has been back and forth and you among many others are completely frustrated. kids are set to return to school
1:47 am
on april 20 sixth. however, i know an update from parents receiving emails telling them that the purpose of education is putting a 3 foot rule on hold so do you know does this put the april 26th they do in jeopardy now? >> april 26th is the day when 51,000 students who had previously been fully remote, newly opted in students are set to return. that is still holding. however, elementary schools sent out emails to parents telling us they adopted the 3 foot rule in the classroom and all kids in most schools, not all schools, would be going full-time at the same time as the new kids would return on april 20 sixth.
1:48 am
last night we got a flurry of text email calls from parents were panicking because their schools sent some emails saying the 3 foot was on hold, no one is coming back full time we will keep you updated but there has been a holdup with the union. that is the rumor. i haven't gotten confirmation. >> put your head down and cry when you get these emails and you see this. you feel for your kids who have been struggling. is that what made you become such a force to put your foot down and say i need to fight legally? >> yes because we are not seeing any advocacy for the children on the part of the doe and city. they are failing our children, we are hoping they are seeing the urgency the children need to be back in school, crazy
1:49 am
schedule up and down, the will that was around up until a few weeks ago that would shut down schools for 10 days with no scientific basis, schools would get shutdown for 5 times, 50 days in september. we don't know what to expect and we can't rely on the mayor to look to science for guidance on how to bring kids back to school time. ashley: you have two kids that are young, 7, and 10. what are the differences you've seen in the last year? >> not having the consistency of the schedule has been so disruptive it is hard to get them to go to sleep at night or to wake up in the morning. my 7-year-old cries it is so sad she doesn't understand why they are all these days she can't see her teacher, her class or her
1:50 am
friends, socialization has been impeded in a big way. the cold war is -- there aren't that many kids in the class to begin with and many of the kids they know on alternate days, it is a strange environment. i call it the new normal, they don't accept it. we want them back full time every day. pre-k-12, we are not talking mental or elementary school, middle or high school, middle or high school are not coming back full time and there's no current plans to adopt three feet for them so we are completely missing those kids and they are vulnerable too. jillian: keep us updated how everything is. ashley: people killed in a fedex
1:51 am
facility in india. we are monitoring the balance on this breaking story, stick with us.
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with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. for your mother admits to killing her 3 young children. speaking from a county jail she told a local tv station she killed her children to protect them from her father. she alleges she was involved in human trafficking, the children were found saturday morning, she was arrested later that afternoon. they were battling for custody. county prosecutors will file murder charges against her. ashley: a telegram threatening consequences if the military withdrawal from afghanistan is
1:55 am
not completed by may 1st, the date agreed upon under the trump administration. a telegram spokesperson says those responsible for delaying the removal of us and nato troops from the country will be, quote, held liable. president biden's timeline means 1000 troops will remain in afghanistan for at least four months. jillian: a third booster shot from pfizer vaccine will be needed over the next year. it is important to finding international covid strains as the new study reveals getting sick with covid puts you at 8 to 10 times higher risk of developing blood clots in the brain than getting the vaccine. ashley: not your average catch. of dodgers fan, a home run ball from justin turner at the expense of is not chose. responding to the fan sacrifice on twitter he posted a picture of the fan holding the home run ball with nachos all over his jacket. turner captioning the photo, quote, he caught the home run ball.
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jillian: a big hour straight ahead. monster developed after eight people were killed in a shooting at a fedex facility in indiana. a live report coming up. ashley: a constitutional amendment to prevent a supreme court expansion in the next hour.
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>> friday april 16th, two major fox news alert, eight


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