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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 17, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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problems with men. there are so many desires to change words that have anything to do with men, men are great commitment are wonderful and we need to quit hating. they have done a lot of great things for western civilization. >> exactly right. thank you to everyone here. now here is america reports. >> emily, thank you. alive like now at the white house where president biden is set to announce the united states will be sharing an additional 20 million vaccine doses with foreign countries over the next six weeks. this is made groen's and concerns on americans and their 20s and reports over the cdc mass guidelines. >> coming up, dr. nicole saphie will wait in. and former acting intelligence chief will be here at the top o the hour.
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>> we begin with the excavating crisis in the middle is the. is laid is really warplanes targeting hamas targets and flattening elting. welcome to today's edition of "america reports". >> i am sandra smith your end your, excursions rocking gaza city as they launched airstrike on several targets. >> the described as the heavy essence the fighting began two weeks ago. >> a comes after the deadliest day of the conflict. palestinian officials say at least 40 to people were killed yesterday the former acting director of national intelligence joins us all of this just ahead. >> we begin first with on the ground in southern israel. what are you seeing and hearing there? >> sandra, john, we are well into wheat to, the battle
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between israel and the hamas militant group. what we're seeing on the ground as there is no seat sign yet of a cease-fire. look at what we saw earlier today. >> we are hearing sirens now near the city of ashdod in the central part of israel. your looking behind us, as our cameraman can just show what we're looking at. the battery it has been going u in the skies. a second one is going up in the skies. make that third, make that a fourth. looking to target hamas rockets coming from gaza several miles away. >> we watched as four rockets from gaza we're intercepted by those iron dome missiles, at least one got through hitting a building in the city nearby injuring three people. those rockets were in response to as you noted heavy israeli
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airstrikes throughout the day. militants and their underground networks all told during this o strikes, ten israelis have been killed, 200 have been killed in gaza and that includes women an children. as the pressure builds for some kind of a cease-fire, we talked to a top officer from the israeli defense force today, an we asked him one could we see a sign that something like that i approaching. he said when the rocket stop flying or at least they throw debt slow down. from our experience on the ground, we've seen a few more barrages since what you just saw , there is no sign of that. >> more on this now with former acting director of intelligence. rick, good to have you on the program for the first time. it's been a long time coming. >> thanks for having made. >> iran continues to support
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hamas firing these missiles int israel, should the united state at this point be engaged in any kind of dialogue about getting back into the nuclear agreement? could keep first of all, the iranian regime has demonstrated time and time again they can be trusted, so you're going to hav to be very careful about dealin with the iranians. what the biden ministration has said is they are doing quiet diplomacy. this is got me very concerned because the crisis that's going on, we don't need quiet diplomacy we need loud diplomacy . the trump administration certainly was able to do both. i know firsthand that we did quiet diplomacy with venezuela. but when it came to crises, we were able to do loud diplomacy. i look at the biden ministratio right now and you see the borde crisis, there is no quiet or loud diplomacy. you look at what's going on in israel and let's step back here. the trump administration had nominated, put through a hearin
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and confirmed our u.s. ambassador to israel all by may 15th. we now in the biden administration haven't seen a single nominee for u.s. ambassador outside of the un jo which is a cabinet level job. but for bilateral relations, we haven't seen any nominees, and this is concerning and troublin when you look at what's going o right now in the middle east. we don't have a u.s. ambassador to israel right now. we have a and that person doesn't know joe biden. there is no credibility in the region when it comes to trying to have what they are calling quiet diplomacy. at think this is actually a hug problem and the biden team has got to get on top of this, they need to get our ambassadors out there and they certainly need t have one in israel or send somebody immediately to do loud diplomacy. to get the white house using quiet deposed diplomacy, but a
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very loud opinions. aoc in the last couple of days tweeting of israel apartheid states aren't democracies and then bernie sanders tweeting th devastation is gaza is unconscionable we must urge immediate cease-fire. we must also take a look hard look at the nearly $4 billion a year in military aid to israel. it is illegal for usaid to support human rights violations. what do you make of what's goin on on the left? >> this is ridiculous, there ar no human rights violations goin on from israel, that they are very careful to do things such as call out a clearance for a building that is being targeted because hamas is doing its work inside the building. the israelis are incredibly careful rate certainly there ar
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going to make the mistakes and when there are mistakes, we can all work to fix those and figur out how to be transparent, but let's make very clear right now that the palestinian authority has a very hard time dealing with economic development and trying to find ways to help its own people. how in the world are they spending money on thousands and thousands of rockets that they are launching? why isn't washington, d.c., why isn't the media there asking these questions of where are yo getting the money, how are you paying for these rockets becaus there's only one answer. it is possibly some of the mone that the biden ministration sen the palestinian authority for humanitarian purposes. we have no idea whether or not this money is being spent on humanitarian purposes because the palestinian authority is a sample of a government. their last election for their leader was in 2005.
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he's in his 15th year of his five-year term. this is a joke. >> let me get your thoughts, rick on something that happened a little more than a week ago the hack of the computer system on the colonial pipeline. why do you think russian hacker thought that they had the license if you will to go after a plum target like the colonial pipeline? some republicans have suggested that the biden administration has been projecting weakness which is why these hackers thought let's go after a big target like this. >> i definitely agree that the idea ministration is incredibly weak and people are taking advantage of the weakness, but i'm not prepared to immediately say that this is russians or russian government approved, we know it's eastern europe somewhere, possibly some russians involvement. but, we also have to put some onus on the individual private companies who have a
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responsibility to make sure tha they have cyber capabilities to stop hackers. these are incredibly important pipelines. they give energy to americans that rely on all sorts of uses of this energy on a daily basis it can disrupt not only individual families, but certainly our commerce, so i think that these companies are going to have to do more individually. the government can't always be responsible. they can certainly benchmark, help, figure out who's doing this, but the individual companies have a responsibility to have greater capabilities. >> it's good to see you for the first time on our program, we promise we will get you into th studio as soon as we can for a one-on-one. >> top scientists are now blasting the world health organization and china calling for an investigation into the
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origin of covid 19 saint lab leak could not be ruled out for the national get security correspondent is reporting on that live from the pentagon for us at this hour. high, jennifer. >> this could be a key turning point in the investigation into the origin of the virus. 18 top scientists are calling for an investigation into the pandemic or engines that does not discount the possibility of a lab leak from the wuhan institute of virology. the article suggests the investigation into the lab is not closed, despite a who repor that rules out a lab leak as series of accidental release from the lab and spill over bot remain viable according to the science letter. was notable about the new lette is that it signed by dr. ralph perry at. atop coronavirus expert whose research was used by the labs,
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also known as the bat woman because she has been collecting samples of bat droppings and mapping coronavirus' for years fred secretary of state says he supports the ongoing investigation into the covid origin, but some of the experts i have spoken to say more needs to be looked at in terms of china's classified bio weapons programs and perhaps the involvement of the lab. >> jennifer griffin, live from the pentagon for as. she said at the top of that hit there, it could be a turning point as far as the investigation and looking into the origins of this virus. >> i remember a year ago i aske question a president trump i said do you have any intelligence that this virus originated in the lab and he said i can't talk about that right now. everybody thought, he's just blowing smoke, but it looks lik somebody might have been right after all. >> jury selection for the trial of the illegal immigrant accuse of murdering iowa college
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student molly tibbets is underway great the mexican national allegedly stabbed tibbets nearly three years ago, but her body was found more tha a month later in a cornfield. rivera has been charged with first-degree murder and could face life in prison without parole if convicted. >> people are going to want to know and answers are going to b demanded of all of that. by the way, chad wolf will be joining us on the program a bit later on. john, a lot of news to get to. another big weekend and another busy week ahead of us. >> one of the things chad will be talking about is this idea that there are thousands maybe tens of thousands of miners tha have been released by hhs somewhere into the country that the biden ministration is not accounting for. we will get his thoughts on that . >> that is coming up the former brooklyn center minnesota polic officer accused of shooting donte wright is scheduled to
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appear in court remotely this afternoon for a pretrial hearing . was killed on april 11th after traffic stop at the former police chief has said he thinks potter meant to use her taser instead of her gun, the shootin prompted days of protests read. >> dramatic scene at the border. brand-new videos showing coyote apparently running migrants across the rio grande river. and sometimes right in front of border patrol. why does one border chief they he won't have his officers grab those coyotes? >> plus, there is a lot of confusion out there over the cdc's new mask guidance, so how could the president and the cdc clear up all of this mess? dr. nicole saphier will join us next.
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>> will and how will president biden finally clear up all the confusion with the cdc mask guidelines. we will bring you his remark live from the white house when he began shortly. matt gates pleading guilty to six federal charges as part of plea deal, and as trafficking case joel greenberg now agreein to cooperate with prosecutors. federal prosecutors meant looking into whether greenberg or gates paid underage women for .
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the congressman has denied thos allegations. he was not mentioned in the ple agreement or during the court hearing. >> any moment president biden expected to give an update on his ministrations response and the push to vaccinate more americans as intervention. it comes amid growing confusion over a new mask guidelines released last thursday from the cdc. dr. nicole saphier will be with us and moments. first, peter is live from the white house and i still don't know when to wear a mask and when not too. >> white house officials are no telling people in who might be confused, like us, about when t wear it and when not to, not just to listen to the scientist scientists, but to also be polite. >> people may choose to continu to wear masks, if they aren't through their vaccines, not to exposed vaccine, they have not gotten the vaccine yet. their immunocompromised,
10:20 am
somebody in their family is. we need to treat people with kindness and this has been such a politically charged issue, that's not our objective. our objective is to share and the president will talk about i in his remarks to an make sure people have understanding and clarity of what the cdc guidanc is conveying to people. >> at the white house is going to announcer sending 80 million covid 19 doses abroad, it's not clear if that's going to become a bigger story than this abrupt rollback of mask mandates. >> the cdc made the right play call, but they fumbled the ball at the 1 yard line. the communication was just quit frankly abysmal. >> all the way up to the top, the washington post is reportin now that president biden didn't find out about last thursdays mask guidance changing from the cdc until 9:00 o'clock the day of. >> on my goodness. that is late notification.
10:21 am
peter ducey across the street from the white house. looking forward to the president 's remarks coming up pretty clarification is certainly needed. let's bring in dr. nicole saphier. i'm with john, it's tough to know where you are allowed to drop your mask. a lot of the stores that we all walk into over the weekend, the people at the door, the cashiers , mask it still needs to be up, it seems like the stores don't want to take on risk of having there customers having i down. but also kids forts, the parent on the sidelines, notes went ou that you still need to wear you masks, so what changed? ticket not much has changed, date cdc was right, they needed to update their guidance becaus they were behind when it came t the science of showing how safe it is following vaccination not only the severity of covid 19 but your not really able to transmit the virus after vaccination. we do have president biting doing zoom calls with
10:22 am
international leaders wearing a mask despite being fully vaccinated. as free-for-all, take off your mask anytime you want so it doe leave a lot of people confused and it left a lot of private business owners scrambling in not sure what to do. a think the message the president needs to put forth right now is he needs to remind the americans that we are at a place in our country that the emergency is over, that doesn't mean the coronavirus is gone, it's still very much present al across the country with about 30,000 new cases on average still daily, however that urgency, the panic, the emergency that we've been dealing with for the last 15 months is really coming to an end as we get into levels of acceptable new cases, hospitalizations, and test. >> all good points. the two-minute warning from the white house we should hear from president biden shortly. we will dip into that the secon he begins speaking. dr. saphier, there still seems
10:23 am
to be vaccination reluctance fo there seems to be in excuse man of them give or reason i should say, they say that they are confused between the fda approval which the vaccine has not received for any of them, and the emergency use authorization some say i'm goin to wait until the fda has the full approval on the vaccination , what's the difference? >> when it comes to full fda approval, that means they have at least six months worth of data. they have long-term data and more data the more people getting vaccinated. i think to really convince the population, those 18-25 -year-olds are the ones that ar transmitting the virus right now . the problem with the viral transmission is that means that the verlyn's can be produced so we have to get that full fda approval to convince them to ge vaccines. >> looking forward to more clarity from the white house. >> it's a small price to live i this country. i want to tell everyone with children, why as they are
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and we are getting you a text cut this year now when you needed and not have to wait. if you get your tax cut refund deposited into your bank accoun automatically, this tax cut wil be put into your account automatically. if not, it will be mailed to you . in addition to helping american hard-pressed experts have told this is will cut child poverty in america in half this tax cut sends a clear and powerful message to american working families with children, help is here. now let me talk to another milestone in the long battle with covid. today, for the first time since the pandemic began, pandemic cases are down in all 50 states. the first time. that's right, thanks a lot to the hard work of so many people covid cases are down in all 50
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states. i can't promise that will continue. we know there will be but if th unvaccinated get vaccinated, they will protect themselves an other unvaccinated people aroun them. if they do not, states with low vaccination rates may cede thos rates go up. may see the progress reversed. ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price. the vaccinate will begin protected against severe illnesses, but others may not b if your not vaccinated. giving that the vaccination is convenient and free, it will be a tragedy and a needless one to see covid cases among those who do not get vaccinated go up. we still have tens of millions left to vaccinate. we are making significant progress.
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in fact, when tomorrow's vaccination numbers come out, they will show that 60 percent, 60 percent of americans have received at least one shot. every day, the light at the end of the tunnel is growing brighter. this vaccination effort has bee a historic logistical achievement for our nation and want to think the scientists an researcher. the national guard, the u.s. military, fema come out the nation's governors, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, i want to think the american people who have stepped up and done their patriotic duty and gotten vaccinated. in less than four months, we have gone from less than 6 percent to 60 percent of adults in america with at least one shot. we are seeing the results in we see that results in people's lives and in their livelihoods. s are down from covid by 81
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percent hit also at their lowest level since april of 2020 . as a result of our prompt actio to roll out the vaccine and boost the economy, we have gone from stagnation to an economy growing faster than it has in nearly 40 years. we've gone from anemic job creation to a record of creatio for a new administration none has ever created this many jobs in this timeframe. the progress is undeniable. but we are not done yet. some of the hardest work is ahead. we are still losing too many americans and we still have too many unvaccinated people in america. last week, the cdc announced that if you are fully vaccinated , you no longer have to wear a mask. they reported the science now shows that your vaccination protects you as well as being masked or better than being masked, so you can protect yourself from serious illness from covid by getting vaccinated
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. or wearing a mask until your fully vaccinated. either way, your protected. as i said last week, some peopl may want to continue to wear masks, even if they are fully vaccinated. that is a decision they can make . some businesses may want to continue to require wearing masks. let's all be kind and respectfu of one another as we come out o this pandemic and respect those who want to continue to wear a mask even if they've been vaccinated. above all, let's work together to meet the target i've set of 70 percent of adults, all adult with at least one shot by july 4 . seven states have already done this. getting vaccinated has never been easier. we are at 80,000 locations wher you get a shot. 90 percent of you live within 5 miles of one of those locations. you can now find a vaccine site near you by texting your zip code to 438829.
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438829. your zip code and that number. you get all the places near you. most requires don't require an appointment, just walk in and get their shot. it's free, and everyone 12 and above is eligible. if you need help getting your two or from your vaccination site, lift and uber are offerin free rides to take you to the vaccination site and bring you home between may 24th and july 4th. anyone who wants to get vaccinated. i have called on employers to d their part as well offering their employees paid time off t get vaccinated. we have set up a program nationally to reimburse those businesses for the cost of getting employers a time off. now it's time to get your shots.
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we have the vaccine. we have secured enough supply t vaccinate all adults and children above the age of 12. i repeat, now is the time to ge your vaccine shot. over the past 118 days, our vaccination program has led the world, today, we are taking an additional step to help the world. we know america will never be fully safe until the pandemic i globally under control. no ocean is wide enough, new wall high enough to keep us safe . the disease and death in other countries can destabilize those countries impose a risk to us a well. new variants could arise overseas and put this at greate risk. we need to help fight the disease around the world to kee us safe here at home and to do the right thing of helping othe people. it's the right thing to do, the
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smart thing to do, the strong thing to do. in march, we shared over 4 million doses of our vaccine with canada and mexico. at the end of april, we announced we would provide another 60 million doses of the vaccine overseas. remember, this is a vaccine tha is not authorized for use in th united states yet, so we're going to be sending it to folks once the fda has reviewed this and said it safe. this is all the astrazeneca vaccine producing the isas will be sent out of the country. also, of the other as they become available with the rest of the world as well. these are vaccinations and vaccines that are authorized to be put in the arms of americans and by the end of june, when we
10:34 am
will have taken delivery of enough such vaccines to protect everyone in the united states, the united states will share at least 20 million of those doses that extra supply with other countries. that means over the next six weeks, the united states of america will send 80 million doses overseas. that represents 13 percent of the vaccine produced by the united states by the end of june . this will be more vaccines than any country has actually shared today too. five times more than any other country. more than russia, china, which had donated 50 million doses. there is a lot of talk about russia and china insulins influence in the world of vaccines, we want to lead the world with our values come out with this demonstration of our innovation and ingenuity and th fundamental decency and america people. just as in world war ii, americ
10:35 am
was the arsenal of democracy in the battle against covid 19 pandemic, we are going to be th arsenal of vaccines for the res of the world. we share these vaccines and it will service of ending the pandemic everywhere and we will not use our vaccines to secure favors from other countries. we will work with the international organization set up and other partners to ensure that the vaccines are delivered in a way equitable that follows the science and the public health data today's announcemen to share 80 million doses is ou next step as we ramp up the efforts to respond to covid 19 around the world. in the weeks ahead, working wit the world democracies, we will coordinate a multilateral effor to end this pandemic. i expect to announce progress i this area at the g7 summit in the united kingdom in june whic i plan to attend. this unique moment in history
10:36 am
requires america leadership, i want to be clear, beating this pandemic globally is beyond the reach of any one nation even th united states. the united states will continue to donate our excess supply is that supply is delivered to us, but that won't be nearly enough what we need to do is lead an entirely new efforts, and effor that involves working with the pharmaceutical companies and others and partner nations to vastly increase the supply, the kind of capacity that can beat this pandemic worldwide in a wa that creates jobs here at home and saves lives abroad. this will take longer than our immediate work to donate from the existing supplies, we are going to be asking other nation to help shoulder the economic cost of this effort, but the consequences will be more lasting and dramatic. doing this will help us beat th
10:37 am
pandemic, and lead us with the manufacturing capacity to prepare for the next crisis in the next vaccine needed. i am putting who is leading our covid team and the covid effort to beat the virus here in the united states in charge of this effort. jeff will be working with our national security council and e dedicated team that has stood u all across our government. it will include gail smith at the state department and in diplomacy and experts in the agency of international development and the department of health and human services as well. we will bring the same old government response to the global effort that made us so successful here at home. again, we have enough, we, the united states has secured enoug supply for all eligible americans, all americans 12 years old and older, and we still have work to do.
10:38 am
hard work. but because we've done so much here, because of the power of american companies research and manufacturing, weekend two more to help the rest of the world. this is a rapidly changing world . it is a mistake to bet against democracies just as democracies lead the world in the darkness of world war ii, democracy will lead the world out of this pandemic and america will lead those democracies as they worke to bring greater health and hop to the world in the months to come. folks, think back, four months ago, four months ago was the an audacious goal we had to put 1 million shots in the arms of my first haven't for days as president. we did over 220 million shots i that timeframe. back then, most adults weren't eligible to get the shots. now everyone 12 years or older
10:39 am
is eligible, and tomorrow, by tomorrow, 60 percent of all american adults will have received at least one shot. look what we've done, america. look what you've done, america. there is not a single thing beyond our capacity to do in this country if we decide to do it and do it together. we can do whatever we set our minds to do if we do it together . that exactly what we're going t do. solve the problem here in the united states which we are well on her way to doing, and help solve the problem for the world by organizing the rest. i want to thank you all, god bless you and may god protect our troops. [inaudible] >> mister president, will you announce the cease-fire given the. >> i will be speaking with the prime minister and an hour and
10:40 am
will talk to after that. >> do you still believe that th actions are proportionate with? >> alright, he took a question there. let's bring back the dr. nicole saphier. we took this and together. a child tax credit will go out to those families that need it, covid cases he went on to say are down and all 50 states, death are down the lowest since april of 2020. 70 percent of americans have received one shot very john and wanted to get your reaction to this as well as we were looking at this together also one of th big announcements biden just made there was 80 million doses as we now have an excess supply of the vaccine, 80 million dose will now be exported from this country, but as far as clarification, i think it's a good question to ask, did we ge it from the abide in the ministration? >> in terms of mask wearing and when it's appropriate and when it's not? i didn't see anything, dr.
10:41 am
saphier? >> it's almost like he read my opinion piece that came out yesterday because he did give a lot of good news he essentially told us we have gotten into a very strong place here in the country in terms of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths, an a lot of that has to do with vaccination efforts very did he give clarification on the mass mandate, i would say not. what he called for was respect and kindness for those who choose to wear masks. i think that's important becaus people are saying right now the polite thing to do is wear a mask or the patriotic thing to do is to wear a mask and that's not true, but ultimately, anybody who wants to wear a mas and still wear a mask. if you get vaccinated, you know that you're protected yourself and your also protecting those around you. anyone can and should consider wearing a mask if that's what they are comfortable with. now that we have gotten into th strong place in our country and the emergency is coming to an end, the right thing to do is t start lifting them mask
10:42 am
restrictions and i'm glad to hear that president biden didn' roll it back because he has bee under some pressure for the las week. >> dr., as you know, it's up to the states with individual mass guidance. today at new york just followed the cdc guidance. governor cuomo change them mask wearing rules in the state. but other states still say that they are reviewing the cdc guidance. dr. saphier, it goes to the local level as well, whether yo feel comfortable it's another i the stores are going to allow you to do it. walmart and some others are saying it's okay to commend if you're vaccinated without a mask , but will we see private companies say yes to dropping them mask if you're vaccinated? >> it's really tricky because this is something i think the cdc and president biden need to come out and talk about because what are they going to do? are they going to weight lift for people's vaccination cards, how are they going to break
10:43 am
through that level of discrimination and what about the fact of the robust natural immunity for the people that have recovered from covid 19. that natural immunity is just a protective against severe covid 19 is the vaccines are so why are we ignoring that? i think when it's coming down t the state and local levels they need to look at their transmission levels, their hospitalization levels it's not just a matter of how many peopl are vaccinated. gig also confusing with kids an what they should be able to do. should they be able to do sport outside? >> esa should pretty get no guidance from the president there as well. >> thank you. >> thousands of unaccompanied minors are being released to sponsors in the united states. but the biden administration is mum mom on tracking my grandkid saying thousands of migrant children have been released by the biden administration to caretakers in the u.s. is part of the government's program for
10:44 am
unaccompanied minors but there is little to no visibility visibility about what happened to them. the former acting homeland security committee had, good to see you today. what a difference administratio makes great i remember back in 2018, the trump administration was hammered by democrats because there were 1500 migrant children that were unaccounted for, but now vice president of the united states, then senator kamala harris saying this is extremely troubling, these missing kids could be in the hands of human traffickers or worse, one missing child is too many, now there may be many mor thousands of children out there that the biden ministration wil not account for yet crickets from democrats. >> john, you're absolutely right . i think the hypocrisy that we are seeing is quite loud. obviously you said it right which is during the trump administration, there was such an outcry for the fact that children were perhaps separated from their family members at
10:45 am
certain times during that immigration process. what we know during that time i at the height of it was about 2600 folks. what we know today is that unaccompanied alien children or minors are in the thousands, over 5,000 in hhs custody and border patrol custody and the like. what we know is that biden ministration has eased the restrictions ortiz the requirements of those sponsors picking up those children, so a lot of concerning things going on here and there certainly should be accountability for when the federal government places these minors in the hand of sponsors, there needs to be follow-up. we need to understand who they are, where they're going, and what type of conditions and facilities they will stay in because some of these again requirements have been eased over the last several months which is very concerning. >> so let's take kamala harris concerns in 2018 and compare them to where we are in the present purred they were cleare under the cdp and hhs facilitie
10:46 am
very quickly because of the horrible optics that were associated. can we be assured that and clearing them out so quickly, some of these children didn't g people that might mean them harm ? >> i don't think so, not at thi time. because there was such a push during the biden ministration over the last three or four months to move children out of these hhs facilities in such a quick manner, because of the public affairs issues and the outcry, they have shortened tha vetting process. during the trump of administration. we knew who they were. the last thing we want to do as the federal government is to turn these children over and pu them into difficult situations and sponsors.
10:47 am
i think the quickness that the current administration is showing to try to get these children out of facilities and into the homes is a little too fast, we need to make sure we'r taking our time and we need to make sure who were replacing them with. >> i wanted to ask about the pictures we saw last week in th del rio seco of the border wher migrants were just wading acros the the rio grande, many times being led over by people who look like coyotes. sometimes, but you are successo insists that the border is closed. is he just simply in denial? >> it's quite a remarkable statement and the secretary kee saying that the border is close and the border is secure when you have 178,000 illegal apprehensions in the month of april alone, the border is anything, but closed or secure.
10:48 am
the law enforcement officers know that, they are losing confidence in leadership not only of the department but of the white house because there are policies not put in place, policies that work that stopped stop the traffic that you showe that stop that traffic today, but that is not the policy currently being pursued, it's a very difficult on the border fo law enforcement officers and fo those communities. absolutely, i believe he's in denial and there is a significant crisis going on today. >> former acting secretary of dhs, good to be with you today. >> rising prices, long lines fo gasoline and massive government spending, is joe biden jimmy carter to .0? we will debate that you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend.
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>> the biden administration getting ready to send out those monthly checks to tens of millions of american families i the form of child tax credit payments up to $300 a month or each child under six years old of $250 a month for each child 6 -18 years old starting in july. as you just heard from the president himself steve, how di this help people get back into
10:53 am
the workforce or does it incentivize more people just to rely on the government? >> it certainly pro children, but i think that we have so man of these programs now that as you just said are paying people not to work and that's become a huge problem with respect to th business getting the workers that business need. this also ties into the inflation issue you were mentioning earlier. we have got big increases in ga prices great i was almost late to this interview because i hav no gas in my car right now and can't get gas anywhere within 2. >> robert, you explain whether or not you see inflation, but how does this, handing out thes checks to millions of american families, you're talking about 39 million households, that's 8 the u.s. will be covered by these monthly payments that's according to the treasury department, how does that help get people back to work? >> actually this is the one
10:54 am
program everybody should be supportive, the child tax credi helps people go back into employment in the post- covert environment. we still have 10 million people unemployed. a lot of the people can go back to the because of childcare and those considered issues nobody' going to tell me if somebody isn't taking a good paying job this is allowing them to get back to work it's just the opposite of what's being said b people being able to have childcare with their school int activity, this will allow them to get back to work. so we are both for children but the thoughts or offices spread. >> a lot of these being with th extended unemployment benefits have done to businesses to be able to get people through the door. >> it is reliance on the federa government and its creating an environment where it makes it better in some cases for people to stay home.
10:55 am
indiana just today became the 1 states to put an end to those federal extended unemployment benefits because they're having such a hard time filling job positions that are readily open and available to get that's absolutely true. casey mulligan who was we did a study a few months ago saying that in many states people can get almost $100,000 a year and annual benefits when unemployment insurance for credit, the food stamps and all these things. i don't have a problem with any kind of program that incentivizes people to get back to work. when you say people can get bac to work without all these programs, then how do we create the lowest unemployment rate? >> robert, ten seconds can you do it? >> even when president trump wa in office and you guys kept bragging the participation rate was low. we still had 7-8 million people. >> this is a debate that will continue. it was a sales mismatch.
10:56 am
>> we will continue this debate we appreciate you both joining us. we will have you back soon. >> a fox news alerts, president biden feeling pressure from the left as violence in the middle east. why are progressives slamming israel when their dealing with the rocket attacks from the group the u.s. government has dubbed a terrorist organization. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now.
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11:00 am
>> welcome to a brand-new hour as we're murky reports on the growing crisis here at home and abroad. the pushback the president is getting from both sides of the aisle as we begin a brand-new week. >> i'm john roberts in washington, dc. republicans calling president biden the new jimmy carter as problems file up like they did back in the 1970s. the comparison coming as more than a dozen states face gas shortages and as the price of many basic goods is going up
11:01 am
significantly. all of this is as though violence escalates in the middl east. explosions rocking gaza city. the comes wisely from the old party. he will be speaking to benjamin at yahoo this afternoon. >> this is a pivotal time for u.s. relations with israel, and joins us in just moments. we begin with the long lines at thousands of gas stations still
11:02 am
in this country? he is live in atlanta for as. >> the biden administration official said the palms of b over by sunday that there would be gas with the price pipeline at full capacity that the shortages would be gone. they are fighting long lines an price gouging here in florida. they have no gasoline. >> i have been writing all over the place trying to find gas. >> i was just hoping because we live two blocks that way if there would be some gas that worry. >> the prices continue to rise as well for the average across the country according to aaa is just over $3 a gallon, that's u 17 cents in the past month, and places hard-hit, parts of
11:03 am
tennessee and parts of north carolina the price of a gallon of gas has risen 20 cents in th last week alone. a gate that makes a difference for a lot of americans pocketbooks. eve harrigan live in. >> no question about that. now to progressive, pushing bac over the violence in the mideast . >> good afternoon, tension amon democrats over supporting israe or the palestinians. increasingly progressives and numbers of the squad are backin the palestinians they want to hold the u.s. accountable. >> our government sends $3.8 billion in military aid to israel that is used to demolish palestinian homes. they are among the in congress, some democrats believe the u.s. must help israel battle hamas. >> throughout history, the
11:04 am
jewish have never been safe. now is the time to stand with israel. to get the white house is tryin not to take sides inside the party. ticket we support their ability to have different points of view , but we are approaching it through the prism of how we fel which is the most effective outcome. >> the biden ministration just okayed $735 million in and guided missiles for israel. congress could oppose that sale and that would be a test for democrats fred. >> let's bring in the member of the house armed services community and a former green beret. thank you and great to have you here. are calling this a bit of it on moment for u.s. israeli relations. so what are you seeing in what is that white house need to do considering this phone call is taking place this hour? >> let me just say, shame on th progressives, shame on
11:05 am
representative alexandria ocasi cortez for comparing israel our greatest ally in the middle eas to end apartheid led government. by the way, israel has arabs in its parliament as israeli citizens. and was formed in the wake of the world's greatest genocide the holocaust and has every right to defend themselves. it is easy. israel is our ally, and hamas i a terrorist organization, acknowledges at terrorist organizations around the world that oppresses its people and i deliberately attacking civilian while deliberately hiding behin their own civilians schools, playgrounds and apparently buildings with the press inside. we need to be clear in the valu and the criticality of the u.s. israeli relationship right i ca tell you i will also absolutely be authorizing that.
11:06 am
>> as you mentioned, biden is getting heat from his own party for that. just held a briefing at the white house and she was asked about the white house response and said this. >> our calculation is that having these conversations behind the scenes, weighing in with our important strategic partnership we have with israel also with other countries in th region is the most constructive approach we can take. our approach is through quiet intensive diplomacy, and that i where we feel we can be most effective. >> rick was here last hour and responded to that. i know you're jumping in, but listen to what he said and i will get your reaction. to get the crisis that's going on, we don't need quiet diplomacy, we need love diplomacy. we don't have a u.s. ambassador to israel right now. we have a and that person doesn't know joe biden.
11:07 am
there is no credibility in the region when it comes to trying to help what they are calling quiet diplomacy. >> a strong reaction there, go ahead. >> i think rick is right and i would like to see stronger and more vocal support from the administration for israel, but i'm grateful in fairness that they are not calling on israel to stop. here they are affirming israel's rights to defend itself . they been good on the issue in the un so far. but this is about iran, and the ministration is about to throw cash at the palestinians, they are about to unlock sanctions i iran, and when they do, billion will float into tehran, and the right over to has blah, hamas i the west bank, the militias in iraq, down to yemen, to destabilize the entire region once again. so really what we need to be focused on is iran, in keeping
11:08 am
that maximum pressure campaign in place fred could get you bee clear that we can't wait for a. going back to your original criticism of those on the far left that are criticizing president biden for his actions does there need to be some accountability for their words? >> on the face of them, they ar anti-semitic, especially that comparison to a apartheid, that is just disgusting, and i would like to see some accountability but frankly i don't expect it i congress run by schumer and pelosi. >> what needs to happen on that phone call. we know it's happening any moment now within this hour president biden said he would b speaking with benjamin at yahoo. what can the white house say in this to calm tensions. >> i think both sides right now hamas we think they've only fired 3,000 that the israelis are seriously militarily degrading hamas, there ability
11:09 am
to fire these rockets. they had been amazing operation where they tricked hamas to separate themselves from their own people and go into tunnels by a ruse frankly with the mainstream media who bought it hook, line, and sinker. so the israelis right now are winning militarily. that is the signal we need to send to calm this down. as long as hamas is launching rockets. >> i want to finish ups by asking you about the attack on the pipeline and therefore the result has been a spike in gas prices so we're talking jimmy carter to point op we are seein the price of so many things going up including gas prices a
11:10 am
all along nations of the east coast. what happens next with all of this and how do we prevent something like this from happening again for it. >> the world right now smells weakness in the white house. what is the downside for the russians or through their proxies, these criminal groups that continue to do this? whether you launch a cyber attack or a bombing attack on our critical infrastructure, we need to view it as an attack. the russians we know could stop these groups if they chose, we need to establish deterrence, flick the lights in the kremlin make them understand we can do the same and we have the will and the capability to do so otherwise they're just going to keep doing it and doing it and doing it causing this type type of disruption to american society. we need to send that strong signal. >> always appreciate your input and perspective, thank you for joining us. >> john, a lot to deal with, th white house has a lot on its plate and the news could be changing this hour. we will see what kind of readou we get from that phone call wit
11:11 am
netanyahu. >> let's hope it's more than just a read outlets hope the president comes out and explains . >> here is your midday wake-up call. faculty at penn state voting to show freshmen and sophomores th door. coming up, we will tell you about the vote on terminology that critics are calling anothe example of woke culture going too far. >> the mixed messaging on masks and the confusion over the cdc guidelines. by the administration is taking heat from both sides on this issue. >> one week you have president biden doing zoom calls with international leaders wearing a mask despite being fully vaccinated to now it's a free-for-all, take off your mas anytime you want. obviously it left a lot of people confused. into cash while rates are near all time lows.
11:12 am
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>> it seems some are having a time dishing them mask decide the cdc giving the green light for people fully vaccinated. caldwell and leslie marshall will debate that issue in moments, but we begin with retailers, big and small taking very different approaches to masks after the fed's new guidance. we have all the details live in the great city of chicago. hello, grady. >> hey, sandra, we are at jean and george eddy which i'm sure you've been for two before. small businesses like this one are having to decide what to do about them mask guidelines and the national chains are split o what to do. look at what some of the big retailers are doing great if you're vaccinated you still hav to wear a mask at apple stores, croakers, walgreens to name a few, at other places like targe and trader joe's, you don't hav to wear a mask, so this is causing a lot of confusion for customers all over the place
11:18 am
michelle, the owner here, so we've got the governor in illinois not resending that mas mandate, what our customers doing and how are you handling it? >> we're just looking for guidance, we'd like to know wha it is we're supposed to be doin customers are a little all over the place because it's confusin so i think guidance would be helpful because we would know how to proceed forward brett. >> we've seen other states make the change today like your gun wednesday they will lift their mask mandate for people vaccinated. is that something you would be open to? >> it we would love to see chicago, illinois follow suit behind new york and just come out and say vaccinated people n longer have to wear masks. >> all they want are some rules to follow, this restaurant has been following the rules since the beginning even when they didn't necessarily agree with them so now that things are opening up and getting a little bit more normal, they want the rules to guide that process as well. >> it's tricky. chicago nose steak and steak houses, that chicago's oldest rate i used to live right up th
11:19 am
street from there. grady, thank you. >> president biden trying to defend his administration's tak on masks as critics call on bot sides critics on both sides called the guidance confusing. >> as i said last week, some people may want to continue to wear masks, even if they're fully vaccinated. that is a decision they can make . some businesses may want to continue to require brain masks let's all be kind and respectfu to one another as we come out o this pandemic. to get let's bring in our panel here with us now, it looks like this came as a surprise to the white house, peter ducey was telling us the cdc informed the in the morning just as the announcement was coming up abou one or two in the afternoon tha many governors we're taken completely by surprise, people were not left note not knowing how to the president has urged kindness here, but was it a fumble last thursday?
11:20 am
>> i honestly think it was a fumble by the cdc and not the biden administration. i think it, just the report we just heard, we are still kind o scratching our heads. i just go back and forth my father-in-law passed away, my kids were supposed to go to school today, but now we're tol know they can't beget the after quarantine even though we are out of state and not out of the country and even though their being vaccinated today. the bottom line is some businesses will say mask up if you were fully vaccinated, but somehow to somebody prove there fully vaccinated? we know their forged proof of vaccine documents out there and of course we know there are people that wouldn't wear masks all along and people that refused to be vaccinated so i say the confusion does go all around and i think it starts quite frankly with this latest called call by the cdc. >> and heard stories of people over the weekend walked into places without mask on and we'r told they had to put one on. just weeks ago the cdc was
11:21 am
recommending vaccine people where masks and then they did this 180. if such a head scratching turn of events had current occurred under former president donald trump, the ministration charlie would've been blamed for the lack of coordination the result of widespread confusion, the biden team has excelled on many aspects of the covid 19 response , but this was a major blunder that threatens to set back much of the product progress made. president biden needs to fix it urgently. by urging kindness, did he fix it? >> no, i wanted to say, you my prayers, my family it your family is in my prayers with th passing of your father-in-law, but certainly, i think there ha been chaos in terms of the messaging from the biden ministration. i don't happen to disconnect th cdc from the biden ministration they are the biden administration. candidate biden cleanly spoke against the cdc when trump wasn't there and he said the policies were being in play whe it came to the issues of the
11:22 am
coronavirus. this has become a slippery slop for joe biden who was supposed together a cohesive message and certainly members, governors an mayors across the country gave them simple instructions for al to follow. that's not what we're seeing right now, governors from all across the country said they ha no idea that this was going to come out. you see places in illinois wher we just had that live shot wher the governor said he's not goin to resend his mask procedure, therefore, is joe biden doing anything he really could be doing to calm the waves of the coronavirus and let people know it's safe to get vaccinated and therefore it safe to take off your mask. he isn't which is where it becomes a problem for a number of americans for it. >> you have to wonder what happened to the idea of following the side and sprayed the zigzag nature of the cdc guidance on all of this, has it eroded their quality there whil
11:23 am
there are still plenty of the world's best scientists who wor there, they have certainly not exactly been like on the leadin edge of guidance here and they have made a number of mistakes and miscues in the past year. to get there are a few things with that, john, and it's a great question and what a lot o people are thinking about. in the last of ministration and in this administration there ar both those on both sides of the aisle that feel the cdc has become far too politicized, having said that, with a brand-new virus and brand-new five variants and mutations of the virus and a brand-new vaccine distributed by three different companies, this is a very fluid situation scientifically, so when they come up with science and research, not just day by day, but minute by minute, they are putting that out not just to th government, but to the general
11:24 am
public in their giving it getting it out as fast as they can get it so quite frankly it may seem like zero their lying to us are hiding something, no, every single day that goes by w know abort about the virus, we know more about wearing or not wearing masks, vaccine, the level of effectiveness, mutations and so forth and that's what we're seeing that comes across as confusion and then add to that a lot of distrust where i think many years ago, if a government official said something, if a cdc member a doctor, or a scientist said something, peopl listened and a lot more people question authority nowadays eve if they don't have that bumper sticker on their car. >> democrats can take some responsibility for that because they politicize the virus from the very beginning and we also have it derelict in their duties . >> joe biden has successfully handled covid 19 and we're stil in the midst of this pandemic, so everyone needs to do their jobs, government officials and joe biden especially.
11:25 am
>> we have to leave it there. great to see you, good discussion this afternoon. we appreciate it, enjoy the res of your day. >> still a lot of confusion out there particularly when you go into a store. you should probably always have a mask in your pocket just in case. >> pretty much and that will probably be the case for quite some time. some clarity would be good, we were just having the conversation on-site here, so many of us thought we would hav a weekend where things felt a little bit different while we all want to do the right thing it still uncomfortable in certain instances where people want you to wear the mask. i think we'll figure it out as it goes, right? to get learning curve. critics accusing pride organizers of hypocrisy when it comes to inclusion. that is after they banned polic from events for the next few years? >> wow. farewell freshmen, and so long sophomores. it's the latest woke rage on
11:26 am
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>> teachers in the big ten powerhouse getting called out for going woke. faculty at penn state voted to drop what they said our sexist terms like freshman and sophomore, he, she, him, and hers. we are just moments away on all that. police in york slamming from pride organizers to ban officer from events until 2025. organizers claim claimed they want safer spaces. david lee miller with more live in new york city. this is not long after we saw that heroic policewoman running that four -year-old who had bee shot to an ambulance. >> that's right, john. in the last two years some to hundred or so nypd officers hav marched in the annual pride
11:32 am
parade here in new york city. now the organizers of the parad said the nypd is no longer welcome not just at the parade but at any of the pride related events because they say there has been violence directed at marginalized groups as well as minorities. as as the case with all public events come at the nypd is goin to provide some security, but i is being asked to keep a low profile. the officers known as is excusing organizers of making a shameful decision to placate some of the activist in our community. the deputy police commissioner tweeted out, nyc pride decision to exclude members of the nypd from pride events is disappointing. inclusion and dialogue are the oxygen of reform. everything york stands for as they relentlessly challenge and make us a better department. as the latest controversy corrupts, they are dealing with
11:33 am
new violence in new york city. over the weekend there were multiple attacks in the subway, but there is some good news to report, the police have arreste three people in connection with the three and a 30 minute spree that took place last friday the do say however a fourth person is still being sought. >> when it comes to crime in ne york city, everything old is ne again. sandra parrott. >> faculty at penn state voting to replace a handful of words critics claim are sexist and freshman and sophomore will the be first-year and second-year and so for underclassmen and upperclassmen change to lower division and upper division. even the term super seniors is being scrapped for a more pc term. what exactly are they changing, eric? >> i was a super senior, it too me four and a half years. can't call me that.
11:34 am
more words being banned on-campus, this time at penn state as you said for the university's faculty senate has decided the traditional terms for students are outdated and they reflect a western meal father-son naming conventions from a typically male centered world, so that means outgo out goes nouns for generations, is way to be more non- binary and real remove the class distinction. upperclassmen and underclassmen become lower division and upper division. freshman and sophomore changes to first-year and second-year super seniors, those people who spend more than four years, going forward they will be know as advanced standing students for the university says the mov is only by the faculty senate i does not reflect what the pin straight administration will do but penn state does say understand and respect differen viewpoints. penn state did cause a
11:35 am
controversy two years ago by dumping the terms for homecomin king and queen instead, now two students are are chosen for the annual guide state forward toward. the guide state forward award recipients get assessed with those words on their sash, they show the students were against firing the king and queen. to get you are always super and our eyes, let's bring in captiv cats, we ask penn state for a statement on this because obviously this is getting a lot of attention with the terminology. they say basically we're doing it because everybody's doing it the faculty decision pertains t changes to course and program descriptions, these changes occurred at many universities across the nation. we respect that there are different viewpoints on these matters. what you think of it? >> i think obviously the meanin of language changes over time just naturally, i do not think anybody here here's college
11:36 am
freshman and thinks a group of all men. nobody thanks that at all so i don't see the point in it i als think that it's a little bit weird and annoying to me not because sexism is totally gone in our society because it isn't. i've got to say the fact that when i was in my third year of college i was called a college junior doesn't even add in that list of things that we experience so it seems as if their saying look how inclusive we're being about redoing to solve these problems, but they're not solving anything. >> it's amazing terms like freshman and upperclassmen to your point, the university says carries as strong male centric binary character to them and ca be interpreted as as both sexis and classist. you see a lot of universities following suit with this? >> it's an easy way to appear woke and feel like you're reall doing something meanwhile the students aren't going to be in person yet they're really working to get penn state in person in the fall and i think their time would probably be better spent making sure that
11:37 am
transition goes smoothly then trying to change these language i don't hear ever junior, senior , freshman, sophomore i don't hear those words and thin this must be a guy or i feel excluded because i'm a woman an there's man at the end of the world. i don't feel that way and i think a lot of people have had more significant real problems and things they are concerned about in their lives than something as small as this, if not, you're pretty lucky. if this is the biggest issue facing your life, you are blessed. >> the gender pronouns they are also taking issue with the recommendation is to replace us non- gender term such as studen and faculty member, staff member , and so forth. john? way and. to get i was taught that using plural pronoun as a singular wa the wrong thing to do, but apparently people are doing it all over the place i was just o the student affairs at penn state university's website saying instead of he or she can
11:38 am
use c or z instead of him or he you can himself or herself you can use these are words i've never hear a parrott. >> no word on when they changes will take place, but it will be a lot to take care upkeep track of for the students and faculty parrott. >> details on the bill gates drama. >> a, texas ranger rancher, comes face-to-face with the border crisis as so many hands, why he says he's never seen things as bad as they are in this moment.
11:39 am
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11:41 am
it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will shake up sacramento, cut taxes. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at >> of ranch owner in texas that he found a man on his property badly hurt and in desperate nee of help. why he says he's never seen thi situatiosin tuatation at the bo as it is right now. but first, there is word bill gates pursued several women in his office long after he marrie his now estranged wife, melinda. we have more on this from los angeles. >> the gates rather bill gates sought dates with two women while married, one via e-mail
11:44 am
and the wall street journal say he had a romantic relationship with the third, that affair allegedly occurring in 20 hundred, but it wasn't revealed until 19 years later when the female engineer wrote a letter demanding changes to her job, shared details of that relationship, and demanded that melinda gates, the wife of two decades be given the letter to need. the board hired a law law firm to investigate. they decided it was appropriate and wanted gates to resign immediately, but he didn't. a spokesman said there was an affair almost 20 years ago whic ended amicably, the decision to transition off the board was of no way related to this matter. this comes as the new york time says gates sought a date with another microsoft employee in 2006 after watching the presentation, gates allegedly said in the e-mail if this make you uncomfortable, pretend it never happened. later he sought a relationship with another employee, she declined according to the paper
11:45 am
and gates filed for divorce earlier this month. >> thank you. >> ranch owner in texas as he came face-to-face with presiden biden's border crisis when he found a migrant who had busted through a handful of his fences. he says the man had been robbed blind and both of his legs were broken off he fell off a fence. he got the man help and now he' trying to bring attention to th problems like this that landowners are facing. he says they feel left out. john saunders joins us now. good of you to be with us, firs of all, tell us about this fellow that you found and the condition that he was in. >> thank you for having me on again. it's getting worse down here. the last couple weeks ago we were down there with our kids and this guy came walking up fo the dogs start barking and star looking around the corner and saw a guy walking up towards ou kids and i went running up ther and dropped him, i could
11:46 am
immediately tell he wasn't goin to be a threat he was limping real bad. he was in bad shape. he had cut some mesquite branches of her and made to groups of some kind of cut plastic and was head walked i don't know how many miles like tiny tim through the south texa brush, he was hurting come of the first thing he asked for wa advil. even though he hadn't had water in three days. i don't know if he fell off a fence or if he was part of a ca wreck that happened if you ranc is down a couple days before, but either way he didn't have anything he showed me his wallet , he was from he was from north of mexico city and anyway so i offered to get him help, i called the border patrol and said he be at the in less than an hour. he begged me not to, so i thought about it and sighed wit compassion and gave him a bunch of water, gave him a loaf of.
11:47 am
, and enough advil to kill keit richards hangover and we sent him on his way. about an hour later we were driving around and saw him sitting in the shade and by tha point i'd had about enough of i and so we put him in the vehicl and took him to their front gate , put him on the highway where he could get some help, but it's a problem that's getting worse. on that property we've never ha anybody walk up to the house so it's getting worse every day. i appreciate you giving me the chance to talk about it. >> good on you for helping that fella. let's look little bit at what's going on down there and the laredo sector of the cdp, customs and border protection unaccompanied children this yea up 27 percent, look at this family units of 165 percent single adults of 154 percent yo also gave us some photos of fences of yours that have been
11:48 am
knocked down. how much is that costing you every year to keep these things repaired, i also understand tha texas dps reached out to you to ask you how much you're spendin and to send them along the bill parrott. >> sure, after you had me on last time about a week after th first time ever they called our ranch foreman and asked for som receipts, so i feel like they are starting to listen and at least try to figure out what it's costing us land owners dow here it is substantial it's happening to every land owner i know down here. it's not just us. we don't see any of the kids yo were talking about, we're seein more of the single adults so th bailouts where they busted through the fence, we've had to have few since the last time i was on. we put numbers together recentl in 2020 we spent just north of $20,000 fixing fences from bailouts and we've already
11:49 am
surpassed but this year in four months. so the problem is about three times as bad. >> so clearly, texas dps to department of public service is listening to you. is anybody from the federal government listening to what yo folks are going through? >> i assume that's going to be up to the state government i assume governor abbott will be calling to help them with that bill, i don't know if they're planning to start, i know la salle county which we are in the county judge there is tryin to put together a program to have some fence teams together to go 60s fences as it happens , clearly people are listening and starting to move in a direction to help us out a little bit. >> i have i meant immigration i general is anybody from the federal government listening to you? >> that i don't know about. all i can tell you is what we
11:50 am
see. it does appear to be a river an not a border. good to talk to you again. glad you're getting a little bi of relief at least from the state of texas. we will check in with you again. >> you can imagine he is spending tens of thousands of dollars a year to keep his fences intact there, he's got ranch that just keeps getting knocked down parrott. >> and the perspective you don' get anywhere else just a remarkable first hand story of that migrant walking onto his property, his kids are playing, and to your point as well, good on him for helping him out and seeing him on his way. we have more stories like that coming throughout the week, meanwhile, the county that is
11:51 am
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>> sandra: one american county set to shell out millions to help the homeless. but officials are using covid money. republicans say it's another blue-state bailout. first, the former minnesota police officer that shot and killed a man in a traffic stop is in court at this hour. that hearing wrapped just moments ago. kim potter says she thought she was grabbing her taser when she shot duante wright. matt finn has more from minneapolis. hello, matt. >> sandra, kim potter appeared via zoom and saturday in the distance in when appeared to be a private office. there was no plea entered today. our understanding kim potter has not entered any plea today. the just said she found probable
11:57 am
cause to move forward with the second degree man slaughter charge and a december 6 trial date was floated. potter is free on a $100,000 bond. she's charged for killing duante wright in a traffic stop. in the video, potter said she was going to use her taser but she grabbed her gun. this happened during the george floyd trial. the city council says they have an unarmed department that will respond to traffic stops and low level violations. here's wright's mother responding. >> i truly believe that if this was implemented prior to april 11, our son would still be with us here today. >> during the george floyd-derek chauvin trial, this city was on
11:58 am
lock down. today, no fencing and boarding has been removed. a peaceful day in minneapolis, sandra. >> sandra: thanks, matt. john? >> john: officials in king county washington are set to drop $100 million in covid relief money for housing the homeless. dan springer has more. hi, dan. >> hey, john. through the $1.9 trillion american rescue plan, the taxpayers all over the country are paying for the prop here in seattle for homelessness. a problem that was here long before the pandemic. king county's $100 million plan calls for spending $40 million to create 400 temporary jobs for the homeless and 62.5 million to house 500 chronically homeless people. $5 million will go to create a safe parking lot for derelict rvs. this money is on top of millions
11:59 am
spent each year on the homeless in seattle. >> the money that has been spent on existing people exiting homelessness has been well-spent. people have exited homelessness. the problem is for more people have fallen in to homelessness along the way. >> critics say cities are taking the wrong approach and just spenting more money on buying hotels for transitional housing won't solve the problem. >> what seattle is doing is all compassion and no enforcement. we know from the past ten years this is a recipe for disaster. >> homeless advocates say you can spend your way out of this problem by flooding the market with affordable housing. john? >> john: we'll see if it works. dan springner seattle. thanks. that's going to wrap it up for us. how many times did you put your mask on over the weekend? >> sandra: a great question. i don't think it was less than the previous weekend. not a lot changed here in new york. governor cuomo just changed
12:00 pm
things today to be honest with you. how about you? >> john: for me once. my daughter and i went to 7-11 to get a slurpee and we had to put it on and then take it off. >> sandra: slurpees are awesome. thanks, great to be with you. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> john: i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: thanks, guys. so here's the story breaking right now. more mask guidance updates. the white house struggles to stay on a united message. president biden saying fully vaccinated americans can't ditch the mask. which seems like what he was saying a couple days ago. >> some businesses may want to continue to require wearing masks. let's all be kind and respectful as we come out of the pandemic and respect those that want to continue to wear a mask even if they have been vaccinated. >> martha: the cd


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