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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 20, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

11:00 pm before we go remember you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nation week days from 12 to 3 p.m. eastern, don't forget to follow unfiltered on forecast and instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us on unfiltered have a wonderful night. we'll see y time. i'm oprah and i love you. jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm centimetres. the jury reached a verdict. >> the first count of the information we the yuri find the -- the juryfind the defendant e rittenhouse not guilty. the third count of the information, unnorthern male, we
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find the defendant kyle rittenhouse not guilty. as to the fifth count of the information, gaige grosskreutz, we the yuri find the defendant not guilty. jesse: not guilty on all charges. justice was served. our system works. the jury was under intense pressure by protesters and the media to deliver a guilty verdict. the jurors were talked by the press. but they were able to see past the reckless. the jury bucked the mob. they listened to the testimony.
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watched the videos from that night and heard from the defendant themselves. here is what the defense had to say after the verdict. i wish nobody died. i wish i never met kyle rittenhouse. i don't mean because he's a bad clients. but then this would not have happened. >> justice is done when the truth is reached. i don't know it's set up like that. this case became about winning. jesse: . remember this is the same media that wants you to believe they were mostly peaceful protests as the fire was blazing behind them. did they stop? no. the press polluted the jury pool, slandered the defendant and attacked the judge. this verdict represented a massive loss for the corporate media.
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the racial vigilante story line. all of those folded. did they learn their lesson? after the verdict politicians fanned the race fan. cori bush tweeting this. the judge, the jury, the defendant, it's white supremacy in action. the system isn't built to hold white supremacists accountable. it's why blacks and browns are put in cages while whites roam free. even the disgraced athlete colin kaepernick tweeted we just witnessed a system built on white supremacy validating the attack of a white supremacist.
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it shows the need to abolish our system. white supremacy cannot be reformed. remember when president biden called rittenhouse a white supremacist? does he stand by that statement? >> do you stand by your past comment when you tweeted about white supremacy? >> i stand by what the jury concluded. the jury system works and we have to abide by it. jesse: later president biden's puppet masters cleaned up the statement saying he was angry about the verdict. the media lost. corrupt prosecutors lost. defund the police lost. and self-defense won.
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this was a victory for individual rights in the united states, america. joining me is ben shapiro and dana loesch. ladies first, dana. >> justice was finally seen in this case. i don't think this should have gotten all the way to a trial. this is a clear case of self-defense. it was open and closed case. clearly the jury agreed. i know there was a lot of discussion about whether there would be jury impartiality considering the intimidation that was going on. they weren't sequestered and they were being followed. in addition to that, a part of the due process is jury duty. none of us like to do it. it's more a burden than anything. but this case proves what a
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service it is to due process. maybe people will be inspired to take jury duty a little bit more seriously now. but this was justice. i'm floored by the people who say this is white supremacy when the people they keep talking about and giving remorse over like joseph rosenbaum, a violent convicted pedophile screaming the n-word while burning down black businesses. jesse: joe biden returned from his colonoscopy. and then his handlers cleaned it up and said he was angry. >> the fact that the media story
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from beginning to earned. none of this happened without the lying, despicable vile media. they spurred riots in kenosha and pretended that was protesters peacefully protesting in the streets. you would think kyle rittenhouse was out there as a mass short. they are attempting to rewrite the facts now after the verdict. maybe we got the facts wrong. the facts have to be manipulated in realtime to post facto fifth the narrative they created. they were perfectly willing to send an innocent 17-year-old young man to prison for life to fit their narrative. they do it every single time whether it's michael brown, jacob blake or kyle rittenhouse.
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even when the facts are the other way, they are liars and we should hold them accountable for it. jesse: to ben's point, it's heads i win, tails you lose. it's white supremacy when a jury of his peers finds him not guilty. it's always white supremacy. i think folks are starting to realize that is the name of the game, racial division, no matter what happens. >> the marxist mob wanted to ignore facts here. they are just mad because they couldn't put kyle rittenhouse in jail. kyle rittenhouse did not take a gun across state lines. all these people who couldn't care less about the border are substitute lynn -- are suddenly
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concerned about state lines. his firearm was already over the border in kenosha. and unlike rittenhouse. he was legally carrying. this is the racialization of justice. hit had nothing to do with racial politics. even in jacob blake's case. where is the concern for jacob blake's victim. this is a woman who was sexually assaulted. jacob blake got himself in that position, nobody else. jesse: the press softening this country up to surrender to the mob. you are not allowed to defend yourself and protect you're community.
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jesse: asleep at the wheel. that's the subject of tonight's
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watters words. the president turned 79 today. he's getting up there. the american people aren't dumb. we are catching on. we don't think he -- he's fit to be president. >> a couple of my friends are going to be coming out here, i'm told. cabinet members. but here we go. where is everybody. my mask. crossed a bridge in a snow storm. think about it. what happens if the bridge collapsed and delays fire on the other side. jesse: he usually turns his back on reporters who ask anything at all. >> thank you very much.
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thank you all have much. thank you very much. >> on afghanistan -- >> i'm not going to answer afghanistan. jesse: general zachary says hols hold on, it's not biden's fault. >> it's just not accurate to suggest he's not accessible or doesn't answer questions. jesse: i don't blame biden for not answering questions. the country is a disaster. i would be afraid to stand up on that podium, too. this year's thanksgiving will be the most expensive on record.
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the christmas present you want probably stuck on a ship somewhere. streets are more dangerous. criminals running lose. open borders. biden is allowing drug mules to bring fentanyl into the country which kills hundreds of thousands of americans. never mind covid cases are spiking. the democrat party is panicking. they are in crisis mode. probably because they have no idea what they are going to do in 2024. kamala is completely incapable. now the media is wondering what is she doing as the vp. >> we are getting things done and we are doing it together. >> you don't feel misused or under sniewsd. >> no.
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i'm excited about the work we accomplished. and i'm clear eyed that there is a lot more to done we are going to get it done. jesse: the american people are wondering what the hell is going on with kamala. her approval rating is at 28%. -- the worst vp approval all time. even her communications director can't and her. she announced she is leaving in december to pursue other opportunities. but don't blame kamala. the white house thinks she is being attacked because she is a woman of color. >> i think there is no question that the attacks on her, certainly being the first, she is many times over is part of that. she is the first african-american woman, woman of
11:18 pm
color, indian american woman. it's so many firsts to have on your shoulders. jesse: it's so bad even the white news announcer skipped her name at the sphruk -- at the stl signing. >> in a moment. . jesse: kamala's team complained about her role and claim racism. what happens in 2024? the struggling democrats could give joe another shot. they could run kamala, even though she is more unpopular
11:19 pm
than joe. or they run a third option. have other democrats running for the nomination. but that would set off a civil war within the party. for what? their best option. bernie? mayor pete? their bench is about this big. the country is in crisis and joe biden is asleep at the wheel. get ready to fight back when it's your turn to vote and send a wake-up call the democrats can't ignore. joining me to react, former senior advisor to president trump. stephen miller. not a good week for the biden team. >> it's been a disastrous week, month and first year so far of the biden presidency.
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you know you are in trouble when you are talking about pete buttigieg as your potential savior. the guy who didn't show up for work during a crisis. jesse: as you said, he took a little vacation, paternity. in the middle of a crisis. he's also 5'4". i don't think democrats are going to go for pete as president. they cut his knees out the last two times bernie ran because he's a straight-up socialist. that's probably why this kamala take-down job is coming from the media and the biden team. is that your assessment? >> clearly the biden white house
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is racist the way they have sold kamala out and they have basically cut her legs out from underneath her. jen psaki said it herself. it's racial hatred of people breaking glass ceilings. i don't know what's going on in the white house. but obviously there is some deep-seated racism there. whether you are talking about kamala or mayor pete, all of them signed up for an agenda the american people are rejecting. everything president trump did that proved smashingly successful, they are doing the exact opposite. so we have a border crisis, energy crisis, inflation crisis, jobs and employment crisis, a welfare crisis and on and on it
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goes. as long as they continue to push these policies like the build back better act, their polling numbers are going to go down and down and down. they will have to come up with a new follow when your numbers are less than zero. jesse: i think they call it the misery index like with jimmy carter. charlie kirk used the term kamikaze. they are going all in on this left-wing garbage. they don't care that the people don't want it. they don't care that it's unpopular. they will shove welfare and amnesty down everyone's throats. they will say we have this plane
11:23 pm
and we are going to fly it into the ship to blow things up while we can. >> that's an apt analogy. friday house passed legislation that has the largest amnesty in history, the largest spending s- spending binge in history. it taxes home heating so you can't afford to heat your home if you are a senior in the winter. it's fairly described as the worst bill introduced as long as legislation has been introduced as a concept. they note hourglass is running out. all eyes are on the senate. if we don't kill this, the
11:24 pm
damage will be catastrophic and i are reversible. -- irreversible. stephen miller, thanks for coming on "watters' world." corruption in the highest places of government. one of the worst departments of justice we have ever seen. riri in the shooting of
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three men. jesse: joe biden's utterly corrupt department of justice getting out of the control. remember when attorney general merrick garland said it was not. >> i can't imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. jesse: he lied. the fbi has been using its counter-terrorism division to open fbi files on moms and dads the same way they track drug
11:30 pm
traffickers and extremists. the feds the raided rudy giuliani's apartment. answer james o'keefe's apartment over biden's daughter's missing diary. the fbi dropped the ball on the dirty brian laundrie * the and let him escape when he came home without gabby. joining me next, chris christie, governor, before we get to all this. what's your reaction to the kyle rittenhouse verdict? >> justice was done, jesse.
11:31 pm
it reinforced my faith and confidence in the american jury system. when prosecutors overreach, juries correct. you can see by his reaction, politicians shouldn't get into legal cases because they don't know anything about them. but the things said about kyle and by politicians across the country tushed out to be dead wrong. a group of people, citizens who sat there and listened to admissible evidence on both sides. it should reinforce all of four faith in the jury system. jesse: rogue prosecutors. we have seen that clearly at the department of justice.
11:32 pm
rogue fbi agents. the fbi, the department of justice has not a great reputation sometimes when it comes to under handed tactics. how do you see this department of justice under joe biden. it seems to be crossing a lot of very serious lines. >> as the u.s. attorney when the patriot act was passed. as a u.s. attorney who used the patriot act against real terrorists. we assured people we would never use it in a way that was inappropriate. joe biden's justice department seems to have broken that pledge. it's outrageous. i helped to get the patriot act reauthorized as a u.s. attorney. it was used to stop a showedder fired missile case from shooting
11:33 pm
airplanes down that newark airport. that's what it was suppose to be used for. not parents raising concerns to school boards about what their children are being taught. it's outrageous. it's the national teachers union, the national school boards association has influence in the white showps because jill biden is one of their members. the biden administration should show some integrity. jesse: now the predawn raids, going after both trump lawyers in raids, and now a journalists going after a missing tome. >> predawn raids which was u.s. attorney were used to make sure
11:34 pm
that people who were dangerous and we knew were armed would not use those weapons against anyone in their home, themselves or anyone in law enforcement. it doesn't sounds like any of those cases fit into that category. this is the difference of having an attorney general with integrity like the one i worked under, john ashcroft. and having an attorney general who is allowing the inmates to runt asylum. jesse: tell me about the book. republican rescue. tell me everything we need to know before we hit purchase on amazon. >> here is what you need to know. the last time we lost the house, the senate and the white house within two years, the only other time it happened was 1930-1932 to herbert hoover. and we ended up not getting in
11:35 pm
the white house for the next 36 years. we can't look backwards anymore. we can't be talking about the election of 2020. we have to look forward and lay out an agenda that looks at the terrible policies you were talking about. whether it's runaway inflation, invading our privacy. invading what our children are learning. i talk about what the republican contrast should be, and how if we do it we'll win back both chambers of congress in 2022 and the white house in 2024. jesse: a very important read, everybody check that out. chris christie, thanks for
11:36 pm
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jesse: the democratic party spiraling out of control. even bill maher, the former darling of the far left is sounding the alarm. i think they will get thumped in the mid-term elections. joe, i'm glad he's there but he has not stuck the landing on issues he was dealing with. the reason they are oh toxic is they have become the party no common sense. we should be color blind. why should we see it all the
11:41 pm
time? >> it's kind of like beang alcoholic. first step solving the problem is admitting you have a problem. that looked like an intervention he was staging with chris cuomo. how do you think chris was processing that? >> i don't think it was going very well. you don't have to be sherlock holmes to understand what's going on. joe biden is a self-inflicted disaster. the democrats are. he stands at 36%. it's insane. and it's all self-inflicted. americans are hurting. the country is being divided like never before. everything joe biden promised he would do in the campaign, his inauguration speech, he's the
11:42 pm
opposite of what he promised to be. a lot of the americans are being red pilled. and bill maher is the tip of the iceberg. jesse: van jones and carville came out as well. and they know what they are talking about. they are obviously in touch somewhat with the american people. they are trying to warn the leadership on twitter and georgetown and manhattan. knock off the gender pronouns and the crt. can we stick to wages, healthcare and jobs for once? maybe that could kind of dig us out of the whole we are in. and i still don't even see the rest of the democratic party recognizing that they keep digging themselves deep and deep and deeper. >> the fish rots from the head
11:43 pm
first. joe biden is not even admitting he's done anything wrong. look at the border. look patma majorkas saying we are doing a great job saying we are doing a bert job than mean old trump. this is insanity on steroids. you look at merrick garland siccing the fbi on moms and dad. terrible judgment and apcom -- a compulsive liar. all. jon: has is the weapon of dividing americans so they don't know what an unmitigated
11:44 pm
disaster he is. jesse: let's move to an issue of creating turmoil in the media. there is a guy who says he has been sexually assaulted by don lemon. this is cnn's guy. they promote the hell out of this guy. apparently lemon according to this guy went up to him at a bar and tuck his hands down his pants. let's listen to what he said. >> do you like me and that's why you [bleep] me. i said no, i just wanted to say what's up. he had his hand in his pants rubbing himself up aggressively. he shoved his two fingers under my mustache and said [bleep]. i said what the hell, man, and i just ran out the back door.
11:45 pm
>> that not anywhere. you cannot find this story anywhere. obviously we know why. they are doing everything they can to do damage control with lemon who needs all the help he can get. >> that's such a grotesque story. if that was you or any other conservative pundit who did something like that in a bar to a stranger, that would have been everywhere. brian stealther been salivating over that for weeks. one side tells lies, one side tries to stick to the facts. it's pure dishonest propaganda. >> that's why the ratings are
11:46 pm
crashing so bad. miranda divide divine. mir -- miranda devine. jesse: biden pardons turkeys, and pictures of me as a little boy.
11:47 pm
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jesse: cancel culture is coming for the movie and musical
11:51 pm
"grease. " over sexism fears. [♪♪♪] >> the hocher of them all. >> danny. >> what's the matter with you. i thought it meant something to you. [♪♪♪] jesse: joining me to react, "fox and friends weekend" host rachel campos-duffy and sean duffy, also coauthors of the christmas book "all-american christmas."
11:52 pm
when i was growing up i watched "grease" all the time. >> i was actually in the play when i was in high school. i think feminists are mad about the last scene where sandy goes to the fair and says -- she is wearing leather pants with her high heels. she puts out the cigarette and says tell me about it, stud. she changes from being sandy into this thing. in that song she tells danny, you better shape up because i need a man. she is asking for him to change, too. jesse: we won't ask sean about "grease," he has nothing to offer. but i want to ask about the
11:53 pm
turkeys biden pardoned. do you think these are good names for a turkey, peanut butter and jelly? >> of course, that's all people can afford. >> i pardon you this thanksgiving. >> it might be mac and cheese and hamburger helper. i think we should get a third turkey in here and we can have a let, and a go, and a brandon. >> we could do baloney and cheese or venezuela and cuba. jesse: tell us about the christmas book. i never heard about this book before. this is the first time i'm hearing about it. apparently i have a chapter in
11:54 pm
here and there are photos of me the at christmas laying down under the tree. tell me about the book and why everybody needs to get. >> we melded our family traditions together, hispanic catholic and irish catholic. everyone sees you all the time on tv. i thought wouldn't it be nice to have little jesse tell the story of little jesse's christmases? you can see jesse's great pictures. the warrior for the war on christmas. >> it's the easiest way to shop for christmas. no supply chain issues. it's made in america. jesse: the duffys, happy holidays guys. i can't believe i just said that. that. up next, a very int
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that. up next, a very int i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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jesse: time for "last call." this train was almost derailed by a feline. that's not a real train. it's a toy train. it's structure week, right? that's what we heard. in honor of joe biden's structure deal. whiskers coming out of the tunnel. that's out for tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember, i'm watters, and this is my world.
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