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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to the show. a ton going on as always but we couldn't resist noting that actor jesse small it finally went on trial this week for faking a hate crime in chicago way back in 2019. want to put a little bow on that new story. he faces six felony charges for which he did. he could spend three years in prison if convicted on all of them. his lawyer argued hilariously that he is the real victim in
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the story. no sober person on the planet believes that. he definitely faked a hate crime. the question is, how did anyone anywhere ever fall for this story, even for a moment? looking back, particularly in retrospect, he was maybe the most obviously hoax ever approach agent. and like to savor them tonight, here is what he claimed. claims that he left his apartment in chicago alone one freezing january 9th at 2:00 a.m. to pick up a subway sandwich, something that no one who is homeless has ever done. as he walked down the street, two whiteman approached him and began screaming in his face for being black and. of course you're not allowed to be either one of those things and chicago. they called on the n-word and eight punch his face and poured a chemical onto his body and the list to state they wrapped a noose around his neck because
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chicago. they didn't bother to rob him. their motives were purely political. this is not good country, they screamed, by the city devoted more than 83% for hillary clinton. so that is the story that jesse smollett told night. the police it's fair to say were highly skeptical. the leaders of the democratic party, however, were not skeptical at all. in fact, the story he told was the story they were already telling. that same year, several democratic senators including notably kamala harris in california sent a letter to the justice department. the letter claimed that attacks from white supremacist trump voters were among this country's greatest threats. attacks by black supremacist by contrast were not even a real fact. she lectured the doj sing black supremacist a fabricated term
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based on a faulty assessment about foul based on a small number of -- in other words, only trump voters commit hate crimes. in the media has been telling us that ever sense. this recent headline from cnn. take from courts service the highest level in 12 years. fbi says. where is all this hate coming from? according to cnn it is anti-immigrant rhetoric. npr covered it at your expense, national public radio, and in their coverage they came out to blame people who voted for donald trump. all these white supremacist at npr explained are mad about covid so they are beating up patience in the street of san francisco's and new york. just as kamala harris told us, white supremacy is the problem. so what are these numbers come from? the numbers upon which all of these stories are hung and all these political points are made. here is how the department of justice and joe biden concluded that we have "more hate crimes
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that we had in 12 years." first they change the definition of hate crime. now a hate crime -- is that even a real category of crime? how was it a different from a crime? and it now includes something called discrimination based on gender identity. no one can agree with that is but it is a crime. then the fbi noticed that nearly 90% of law enforcement agencies across the country have been reporting no hate crimes in their jurisdictions because actually there's not a lot of hate in the country because it's a pretty nice country. most people are not racist at all. most people are kind. they are american. but that is not in collusion consult the scene and/or npr. so the biden justice department badgered an additional 600 law enforcement agencies into reporting hate crimes under this new expanded definition of the term hate crime. so if you are following this, hate crimes, whatever those are, didn't actually rise in
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frequency. the number of agencies that were commanded to report hate crimes went up quite dramatically. and then the fbi encouraged law enforcement agencies to report any possible hate crimes, even if the crime derived from an obviously false report. and that his wife more than 80% of the hate crime suspects investigated by the feds which accounts -- whenever prosecuted. why is that? because they were fake. but they still show up in the system and they still allow npr to tell you that people who disagrees with anthony fauci are beating up asians on the streets in new york. right. so it's a fiction. it's yet another lie engineered by the biden administration and carried forth by the media. they did it for political reasons. doing it for years. they have done it for so long they believed it was true. that is why they took jussie smollett seriously when no normal person would. the story was absurd from the
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first day, but they believed it. here was their response. >> actor and musician jussie smollett from a hit show was attacked and beaten early this morning in chicago. police say it could be a hate crime. >> there are many indication of a hate crime. looking for two suspects wearing make america great again hats. >> this is a hate crime. >> jussie smollett had a noose on his neck this week. >> the media cast so much doubt on his story which i find personally offensive. that a gay black man is targeted and he becomes the victim of people's disbelief. >> he said his attackers hurdle racial and homophobic slurs at him.
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>> tucker: jussie smollett in addition to being an actor is a musician. this is america in 2019. we just heard from cnn. that's true but not on the way they meant it. by 2019 in america, it was getting difficult for the average black person to get beaten up on the streets for the wrong skin color. as jussie smollett found out. if you want racists to hang a noose around your neck you have to buy body builders to do it and the growing rate was $3500. that's not cheap but it's a rare commodity. and yet, somehow abc news was not aware of any of this. it's always 1958 in mississippi.
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so too the geniuses of abc news, this sounded plausible. jussie smollett took full advantage of it. watch this. >> i see the attacker masked. he said, this is maga country, [bleep] and punches me right in the face. >> there is no doubt in your mind what motivated this attack? >> i can only go off of their words. who says [bleep], this is maga country? ties a news around your neck and pours bleach on you. >> tucker: downtown chicago. such a seething hot pedof support for donald trump that the progressive black actors can't walk down the street without risking being lynched. it's maga country in chicago. who would not laugh? robin roberts of abc did not
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laugh and she left jussie smollett keep rolling. >> why do you think you were targeted? >> i can just assume. i came out really, really hard against 45. >> tucker: the highest paid woman in television. as jussie smollett explained i came really, really hard against 45, meaning donald trump. if you lived in america in 2019 that makes sense. in 2019 very few actors criticized the trump regime. so instead they went along with it. the oscars were like a maga rally. to speak out against donald trump from hollywood was to risk your very life. white supremacists thugs would attack you with nooses on the way back from subway. that's when we remembered jussie
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smollett for his courage. he was willing to take the risk. he publicly admitted that he voted for the democratic party. his friends pleaded with him to stay quiet and safe. that's the kind of man jussie smollett is. he would not. sum called him a hero for that. kamala harris described him as a hero. and nancy pelosi this was a homophobic attack and eric from california told us there were countless jussie smolletts in this filthy racist nation. hate crimes are happening for frequently. egged on by hate rhetoric. notice the redundancy. cory booker demanded anti-lynching legislation as if we didn't already have that. with the landscape with the most powerful people in the country cheering him, is it really
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surprising that jussie smollett pushed this as far as he could? no. it's not very surprising. what is surprising is that nothing smollett said, no matter how ridiculous or embarrassing or obvious non-factual, none of it aroused even the slightest hint of skepticism from robin roberts from abc. jussie smollett could have claimed trump killed my family and trump and vladimir putin burned a cross in my yard and robin roberts would have had the same reaction. awe-struck love. watch this. >> 2 weeks since that night left jussie smollett bruised but not broken. >> i still want to believe there is justice. if i stop believing that, [inaudible].
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>> tucker: he is bruised and not broken. is there anyone who writes grip at abc that doesn't speak in cliches? not yet. eventually thank god the police took over. robin roberts gave up control of the story. the cops interviewed the people whom jussie smollett had hired to beat him up. two black guys. smollett paid for the noose and the bleach. you have to ask once the evidence arrived, how does supporters react like kamala harris? here she is. >> would you like to make an amendment to your original sentiment? >> what tweet? >> about saying it's a modern-day lynching? jussie smollett. >> hmmm.
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i will say this about that case. i think the facts are still unfolding. i am very concerned about the initial allegation that he made about what might have happened. >> tucker: would you like to adjust your hysteria to the facts? acknowledge reality? no. i don't think so. still about white racism and maga country in downtown chicago. obviously, it is a very inconvenient story for the people who bought it hook, line, and sinker and not only a lot of the people are really dumb. that's their main secret. after this happened. they made the story go away. kamala harris's allies worked to make the story go away. michelle obama aide worked out to a person to have charges
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against jussie smollett dismissed. so finally this week, the trial is on the way. and we have some pretty information about the scam. for example, the same day he cried with robin roberts he texted one of the people who claims beat him up because he is back and gay. here's what he said: "brother, i love you. i stand with you. i know 100% you and your brother did nothing wrong. these are the people that paid to put a noose around your neck. these are the people he paid to put a news around his tape. on the videotape he conducted a dry run the day before it happened. we're not hearing about this in the media. why is that? because it undermines the core claim they are making which is people who vote for candidates they don't like are dangerous. people of a certain color are dangerous.
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the violence in america is committed by their political enemies, when that's a lie. we know it's a lie because there are real numbers out. there you are welcome to look them up. they do not tell you that trump voters are the ones behind the crime wave currently in progress. once you learn one thing is a lie, ask yourself what else are they lying about? in that is not a process they welcome. jessie kelly, thanks for coming on. the host of the jesse kelly show. everyone knows what we are learning in in trial. there is something about seeing this get memory hold like the attack in waukesha that drives me crazy as someone who cares about facts. do you think they can make this go away? >> no. you brought up waukesha. that's the largest domestic terrorists attack in how many years and already out of the papers? you ask 10 people with they know who is darrell brooks is? they would have no idea.
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they would say who, does he play for the tampa bay buccaneers? they will make this go away. i enjoyed walking through memory lane with you. listening to him crying. the best part was not robin robert's closed eyes, it's the whispering. tucker the whispering. she is very concerned. now look, the media in this country hates the country. you have to make the country hittable to get everybody else to aid the country and that is why they dive in the second they get a chance to make america look racist. the second the media sees something they can paint as a hate crime they will swan dive in like whoopi goldberg in a pool of cream. >> tucker: to make people hate the country you have to make the country hateable. i have lived here for 50 years. it's the opposite of what they describe. i never see anybody attack anybody because of their race.
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people seem to get along really well with people who are different from them. it seems like the kindest country in the world. do you think people buy this stuff? it's a racist country? >> sadly they do. if all they consume is that. what we are going through right now, tucker, you have to seek out the truth. doesn't just hit you. if you consume traditional new sources and watch nbc, abc and cbs you live in a world of make believe and you don't know it. a huge percentage of americans who are good people and sit down and turn on cbs and think they are getting the news. they are getting lies. you can't get the truth from politicians. she ran with that lie because the politicians are all scum bags now. >> tucker: and refused to acknowledge it was a lie even after it was proved to be a lie. she is really committed to deception which is scary. great to see you tonight. thank you.
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>> be good, brother. >> tucker: we were learning more about the late jeffrey epstein who killed himself and the ties to the clinton white house. trace gallagher has the story tonight. >> this information came from the clinton presidential library through the freedom of information act. and the daily mail report shows jeffrey epstein visited the white house 17 times. the first in february of '93. a month after bill clinton was inaugurated. the logs show that epstein would visit the west wing a good indication he was there to see the president. in fact, during several visits, clinton and epstein were photographed together and ghislaine maxwell appears in at least one white house photo. now, that's important because maxwell is on trial for recruiting under-aged girls for epstein.
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and that alleged recruitment would have coincided with epstein's numerous trips to the white house. he visited 4 times in 1993 and 12 times in '94. after bill clinton left the white house. the flight logs show that he flew on epstein's private jet known as the lolita express at least 26 times. clinton always denied any wrongdoing. >> tucker: just like his tucker. company. thanks, trace. >> you better come appreciate it. >> tucker: joe biden's approval numbers are low and getting lower. one poll has him at 38% this morning. has joe biden gets less popular, he becomes more determined to punish the country that is rejecting him. that's why he announced new measures to crack down on americans because of the omicron variant. that's next. victor davis hanson will join us to respond. ♪ ♪
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click, call or visit a store today. >> tucker: you come in illegally with no skills, no money and no papers and go on federal aid for everything, you are not required to participate in the covid laws. don't need to be vaxxed. you get a pass.
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whatever you want. more than one million people have done that in the last year. if you are an american citizen, joe biden is mad at you because you don't like him. he is polling at 38%. he announced new covid requirements for everybody coming back into the country including american citizens. we have to do this biden said because of omicron. >> i am announcing today, all in bounds international travelers must test within one day of departure regardless of their vaccination status. or nationality. this testing timetable provides protection as scientists will continue to discover the omicron variant. >> tucker: how about no, because you have no idea what you are talking about a more people died covid under than you. you told us to get the vaccine and we still have to jump through hoops. now about no?
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of how about no?? the same briefing joe biden joked he is not running the country. his jokes at this stage might be another way of saying he is telling the truth. he said fauci is in charge. >> i see more of dr. fauci than my wife. who is president? fauci. all kidding aside i mean it. >> tucker: biden is 79 and dr. fauci turns 81 this month. running the country. victor davis hanson we have him joining us tonight to assess. two years in they are cracking down again on the covid stuff.ea why? why do you think that is? >> well, it was too serious of a crisis to go to waste for the left. joe biden said he was the president dr. fauci, he is more like a monarch. he has legislative, judicial and executive power all in one.
10:27 pm
and you know, he is mad now and dr. fauci is mad too and so is biden. they feel they were not treated right but they didn't treat the americanfa people right. dr. fauci could not talk about the damage the lockdowns were inflicting. he could not say natural immunity from prior infections might be as effective as the vaccines. florida and texas and new york and california, let's look at them. empirically. he could not do that. he had to demonize one at the expense of the other. when he got to the vaccinations, he jumped the chart. he remember they weaponized that issue with kamala harris and joe biden on the left saying they want nothing to do with it if donald t trump's fingerprints we on and then came parentage of it.
10:28 pm
when they came into office. joe biden said no one was vaccinated until i came, even though 17 million were. we have a ridiculous situation. we have 4.5 million federal workers and soldiers that will have mandated vaccinations but we will have 2 million people come across the border and we don't ask anything of foreign citizens but ask everything of citizens. it's absurd. in addition to that, there was a demonization of the white working class. didn't get vaccinated. they were trump clingers. when you looked at the percentages of groups by ethnic affiliation. it was not the white voter that was not getting vaccinated. it was latinos and blacks. at least until recently, have not been vaccinated proportionately to the numbers of the general population.
10:29 pm
so almost all of the information was weaponized. and i guess, i don't listen to jane fonda much but she said something at the beginning of all of. this she said covid is god's gift to the left. what she meant was that everything from making election day irrelevant with mail-in ballots was possible through the hysteria that happened with this very serious plague. and that's what happened. >> tucker: they weaponized it immediately. it crushed people's belief in science. i think long term, the consequences of this we can't even imagine. i appreciate your assessment tonight. victor davis hanson, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: so, many millions of americans have had covid and recovered. they probably have more durable protection against covid than people who have been vaccinated.
10:30 pm
they shouldn't be forced to get a vaccine they don't need. the republican party exists to protect these people. it hasn't been.op as profoundly as it hasn't been, 80 house republicans voted to give the federal government power to track your vaccine status. let's hope every one of them loses. plus, black lives matter is pushing for a black christmas which means you are not allowed to support white businesses. that's ahead. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ head. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: all of these people are fired across the country including navy sales and nurses. in many cases they had covid and recovered. they are protected against it. probably more durably than with a vaccine but forced to get an injection they won't want or be fired. where is the republican party? 80 republicans voted with
10:36 pm
democrats to pass a bill to fund a government vaccine database.ta do you think we need that? if the law passes it would expand the w cdc's power. do you think we need that? they are an intel agency. the database would be used to remind patients when they are do for vaccines. joe is running to represent the third congressional district in washington state. we are happy to have joe kent join us. thanks for coming on. why do you think at a moment when americans are losing their jobs over these mandates, the republicans are creating a federal vax database? >> well, it's disgraceful. the republican party right now
10:37 pm
is r supposed to be defending us from the tyranny of this assault on our liberties. they are going along with the interest of big government, big pharma and big donors. the woman i am running against is receiving funds from people 2 refer to the unvaccinated as a threat to public health. we needs republicans to have constituents light them up and call them. and make their voices heard. >> tucker: as a scientific matter, factual matter, the unvaccinated are a threat to public health is a lie. i am waiting for a republican office holder to defend science and make that point. how long will we wait? >> the voices are outnumbered. when you have 80 members of congress that won't stand tall for their constituents.
10:38 pm
their constituents, as you said to come are losing their job and having to make hard decisions. do they take the jab or face the choice, can they feed their children? it has been approved for a 515-year-olds. if we don't start pushing back they will keep taking more and more of our liberties. the republican party is derelict in their duties right now. >> tucker: i've got to ask and i know they are being pushed by donors in some cases big pharma. you are on the road running for a seat in the house actually talking to voters, and this is a concern?is is it not? >> this is huge. with the mandates and he got ahead of the federal government and put the statewide mandate in ahead of biden. we have actually had quite a few people, nurses and first responders and police officers and people in the private sector lose their jobs. our kids are forced back into having masks. high school kids are threatened
10:39 pm
with havingd to get covid tests. so right now, this is everyone's lives. and jamie continues to go along with this and a database to track us and now the cdc and intelligence agencies are going after people who do not comply and push back against the narrative. that is in the forefront of everyone's mind. this is why i'm running for congress because we have to have republicans who will actually go fight for the people of this country. >> tucker: if you won't defend your voters, you will lose. joe kent, thank you very much. black lives matter picked a great name. got to say that because black lives matter and all lives but it hides what is a radical agenda. they have a radical agenda. but they actually have a radical agenda. they are pushing black christmas which means a boycott on all white owned businesses until
10:40 pm
christmas is over.h sean duffy is a former member of congress in wisconsin. he has a new christmas book. which he will definitely want to include in his boycott and its called "an all-american christmas" and we are happy to promote regardless of skin color on this show. what is this book? >> well, this is a celebration of christmas unlike black lives matter. i we went to fox news friends your and my colleagues. he wanted to celebrate the history and traditions that so many of our friends have when theyat were little and how they celebrate christmas today. we have great heart warming stories. we have recipes from my family and pictures of jesse watters and his war on christmas. so if you love christmas and you are sick on the war on christmas, this is a great way to celebrate. this is a great gift for a fox news fan.
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>> tucker: was there any story and you don't need to be specific, but be honest were someone who worked at fox said this is how i celebrated christmas growing up and you thought that was weird? >> no, christmas is about faith and family. that's the central theme of everything. i learned things i didn't know about people like emily compagno her mom had breast cancer when she was little. t they didn't put up christmas decorations and a neighbor brought over a fake christmas tree and her mom survived. c they put that fake christmas tree up every year to celebrate theas mom's i never knew that about emily. there are stories like this all over the book that people shared with us. it was heart warming. i see you for an hour a night, tucker. and see others for three hours a day but you don't see the side we expose in the book.
10:42 pm
which makes it so cool, unlike black lives matter trying to take down christmas, we are celebrating it at fox. >> tucker: amen. people love christmas. that's the heart of american culture. let's hope it always is. sean duffy, congrats on the book. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: new leaked documents show how california teachers subverted parents and the law to teach kids about gender identity. some teachers stalked kids by monitoring their search histories on google. hard to believe but it happened. also it's the last night to get 90 days free access to origin documentaries including an episode on kyle rittenhouse. 90 days of fox nation tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: california teachers association is one of the most powerful unions in the country. it's purely with the democratic party.
10:48 pm
recently the union it held a conference they discussed how to indoctrinate school children without their parent's loss. it's best to hold meetings for gender identity clubs during lunch time so parents never know. >> yes, at lunch time. [muffled audio]. the kids don't need to stay late. and it eliminates a little bit of that't interaction that may e their parents are unaware if they are and are in participating. for kids who would like to attend. if you can get it to happen at lunch that's a good structure to allowt kids to attend. >> tucker: documents show that the teachers admitted they read student's google search histories looking for signs of interest in gender issues. so they can take advantage of
10:49 pm
them. we wouldn't know any of this was happening if it weren't for abigail broke this story. she joins us tonight. abigail, thank you so much for breaking this story. it looks like on the face of it that these teachers are intentionally trying to hide what is going on from the parents of the kids. >> that's right. the deception is the point. it's explicit and in both the reporting i did on that conference in october and then witht more recent videos. california teachers association, specificallyly guiding teachers statewide in deception of parents about the clubs, about the membership. even at the elementary school level, 8 and 9 years old telling them to rename the clubs so the parents won't know what is going on in the clubs and won't be able to exercise. >> tucker: since when are teachers allowed to get involved in the sex lives of minor
10:50 pm
children without the knowledge of the parents? like a crime to me. >> well, in one of the videos i watched put out by the california teacher association, teachers instructed educators that children as young as 7 need support in their sexual identity and they believe that's their job to provide this. if there was a matter of parents coming in and saying their child had a gender identity and wanted the school to support that's one thing. but they are deciding how to recruit students to clubs and coach them in this gender identity and deceiving parents. telling teachers how to keep the existence of the club and the membership t from the parents. >> tucker: i assume everyone
10:51 pm
will leave public school, home school or whatever because this is too much but in the meantimeo is there anything that can be done to stop this? >> i think that parents need to get explicit with kids about things like gender and tell them what is being taught in schools is nonsense. iin the parents are able to do it, they should pull their kids out of these schools. this kind of nonsense spreads. these are not members of the lgbtq. i want to be really clear about that. these are activist teachers looking to peel the children away from their values of their home. >> tucker: they are talking to 7 years old about their sex lives. where are the dads? by the way? so many questions, so little time, but we are grateful to you for breaking this. abigail, thank you. appreciate it. so, actor alec baldwin is saying he didn't pull the trigger in
10:52 pm
the fatal shooting on the movie set. that left one person to head so the gun goes off, but he didn't pull the trigger. so what exactly did happen? he explained on camera. we will show you next.
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>> tucker: alec baldwin shot someone to death on a movie set in october. he is still talking about it, but the family is still mourning. he is talking about it in public. kind of of a thoughtless little pig, we would say. the person who was killed was hutchins. the movie way called "rust." so within the last hour, baldwin explained what happened that day. w we want to show you the tape. he is holding the revolver, but he said he never pulled the trigger. he explained what happened. >> i said in this scene i will cock the gun. do you want to see that?xp she said yes.
10:58 pm
so way to take the gun and i cocked the gun. i am not going to pull the trigger. i am not going to pull the trigger. till it down. can you i see that? then i let go of the hammer the gun and the gun goes off. i lethe go of the hammer of the gun. >> at the moment? >> yes. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> i didn't pull the trigger. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> no, i would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger. that's the training i had. tig you don't point a gun at someone and pulled the trigger. >> tucker: if we were alec baldwin we would use this story to make a point about gun control. we are not rude little pigs. we will not do any of that. we will just tell you the facts and tell you more when we learn more. a bizarre situation on delta airlines. trace gallagher has the latest. >> passenger jet have a back up system in with the aircraft
10:59 pm
communication system allowing them to success crews on the ground about emergency and cattails. hairless cattails like this. at the time, a crew member texted this. and i'm quoting here, a passenger in 13 a is breast feeding a cat and won't put the cat back in the carrier. when the flight attendant requested. then she said this woman had one of b those hairless cats in a blanket so it looked like a baby. her shirt was up and she was trying to get the cat to latch. and she wouldn't put the cat back in the carrier. the cat was screaming for its life as would i. no word what happened to the cat when the plane landed. this happened on november 13th in seat 13 a on flight 1360. that's not the cat but it's close. >> tucker: [laughing].
11:00 pm
trace gallagher. there are moments you think maybe the chinese will win. ewe won't think that. thank you. last night, get 90 days of fox news nation for free.ay hope you will. have a great evening. here's sean hannity with more on the breast feeding cat. >> sean: and on alec baldwin crying a lot tonight. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking breaking news including alec baldwin's interview. he shot two people on a movie set killing one and claims he never pulled the trigger and he cried an awful lot. take a look. >> she was someone who was loved by everyone who worked with and admired. [sobbing].


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