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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 4, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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right down. >> or i let them go. they can take over have the house i'll get a hotel room. >> i am never sleeping at night if that whats. >> tragic so much fun with you that does it for us we'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 it fox reports start right now. >> fired anchor chris cuomo effective immediately according to a statement in september within the last hour. good evening i'm jon scott, and this is the "fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: earlier this week cnn suspended cuomo after new dells merge about how he had helped his brother former new york city governor andrew cuomo defend himself against chargeses from women who said he had sexually harassed them fox news contradict tore joe concha is standing by and lauren greene with the latest.
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lauren. >> well we know an drew cuomo troubles into the family tree as his younger bro christian cuomo of cnn trial time anchor terminated today. chris cuomo was taken off the air earlier this week after it was revealed he had been communicating and strategizing with his brother andrew over the attorney general's investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by at least 11 women in the governor's office. a statement tweeted out by cnn communications less than an hour ago, said chris cuomo was defended earlier this week pengsding further evaluation of new information that came to light about his involvement with his brother's defense. we retained a respected law firm to conduct the review and have terminated him effective immediately. while in the process it have that review, additional information has come to light, that despite termination we will investigate as appropriate back in august chris cuomo denies any wrong doing. >> i never misled anyone about
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the information i was delivering or not delivering on this program. i never attacked nor encouraged anyone to attack any woman who came forward. i never made calls to the press about my brother's situation. i never influenced or attempted to control cnn coverage of my family. reporter: now moments ago chris cuomo tweeted out this is not how i want my team to end but i've already told you why and how i helped my brother. so let me now say as disapongting as this is i could not be more proud of the team at cuomo prime time. and the work we did as cnn's number one show in most competitive time slot. jim i should say it was reviewed that department of justice launched a civil rightings inquiry into andrew cuomo allege sexual harassment, of course, as we all know the scandal forced governor to resign last august. jon. jon: lauren greene what a chain of events, lauren, thank you.
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let's bring in the hill, media, and politics columnist joe concha also a fox news contributor first questions, joe are you surprised? >> not terribly surprised. i was on with bill and dana on america newsroom earlier in the week and i had said that his days were numbered based on conversations that i had with some fairly prom innocent on air people at that particular network. and sure enough, here we are. three things got the best of chris cuomo jon in a complete lack of a moral compass apparently is a thing in that family. quite frankly this action fallen months ago when it was very apparent what was happening here. this was an anchor who served as a quarterback of research by digging up dirt on credible accusers of sexual harassment against his then brother governor. he also lied on air you just played clip about extended role he was playing in that regard this is someone also faked his own quarantine in 2020 even at a police report filed against him so anyone really surprised he
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lied again here. female staffers and host said that network must have been who horrified it was handled to this point to a business perspective quo cuomo audience a distant third at 9 p.m. in cable news race, and andrew cuomo legal issues also only getting worse as per recent reporting this week, the cuomo name is officially toxic and think about where the cuomo brothers were in the spring of 2020 on top of the world with keeping up with the cuomos those long extensionive interviews that went viral. and these guys were as adored as anthony fauci or anybody else during beginning days of covid now look where they are now a governor resigned and anchor fired. it is hard to see chris cuomo where or how he'll work in this business again then again same with brian williams to come back. we shall sees jon. jon: fascinating the way this
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has transpired when television announced that he was being suggestion pended indefinitely it so happened that see jeffrey himself us suspended earlier for misbehaviors that occurred during a zoom call. he was suspended indefinitely but he got back on a lot of people were saying well if -- if they'll let toobin back on they'll let andrew cuomo back on. >> chris cuomo that was what i was thinking and back and forth with this trust my i did many times as far as whether he comes back or not i always look at the toobin precedent that network said as you said doing what he was doing so inappropriately in front of female coworkers during a zoom call. and then he still got a second chance or i brought up brian williams before he got a second chance and chris cuomo was, obviously, close with top brass at cnn so thought process was okay here come holidays. let them get a paid vacation for
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couple of weeks maybe he'll come back in january. cnn media critic hinted that may happen just this week. it has not happened, obviously, he is terminated now and for cnn television only move they could make if they wanted to show that they still have some integrity left that a redline crossed if they care anything about all of the females that work at that network that if you bring someone back like this, who again -- look to dogs and smear credible accusers back on air at 9:00 what message would that have sengtd to everybody in that building and in this business for that matter? jon. jon: yeah. interesting not far from where i live the new york -- new york has built an expensive new bridge across the hudson. it replaced the tappan zee bridge that's what a lot of people still call it. but it was officially renamed the mario cuomo bridge -- supposedly in honor of those two brothers, father former governor. and there's a move afoot there's
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footage of the mario cuomo bridge and tappan zee beside it before it was torn down. the cuomo bridge there's a move afoot to strip that name from the bridge. we'll see if that happens. joe concha. joe, thanks. well the appearance of a 15-year-old accused of killing four students and wounding several others at a michigan high school this week both pleading not guilty to four charges of involuntary manslaughter. james and jennifer crumbly captured and arraigned this morning. they're now each being held on half a million dollars bail. also tonight several people pleaded guilty in what california's attorney general calls one of the biggest retail theft busts in the state's history and -- alarming warning u.s. officials sayussia might be planning to invade ukraine early next year. the assessment comes days before president biden is scheduled to meet virtually with russian president vladimir putin. we have fox team coverage
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tonight on all of these stories, beginning with steve harrigan with the latest on charges against those michigan parents, he's live outside oxford, high school where tuesday's mass shooting took place. steve. >> jon, all three members of the crumbly family are together again. they're inside this same jail, they're untiebl interact, though, that's because men, women and juveniles are separate from each other. two parents face charges of involuntary manslaughter, 15-year-old son face charges of first-degree murder. the bond was set at $a 500,000 for each of the parents that's exactly what the prosecutor asked for as they are proven flight risk. the prosecutor also made the point that there's not a single person in this community who would vouch for either of the parents. here's the prosecutor. >> two individuals were found locked somewhere in a room hiding. these are not people that we can be assured will return to court
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on their own. >> the prosecutor laid out the parents involvement first the father bought the semi-automatic hand gun as a gift. a christmas present for his 15-year-old son. then the mother trained with the son targets practice posting that online but the key move was keeping silent in emergency meeting in school behind me after alarm teacher found a drawing made by sophomore a drawing that showed someone being murdered by a gun with the phrase the thoughts woact stop help me it was at that meeting parents kept silent the fact they had gifted their son a gun and kept silent and son should be return to class that's exactly what happened he returned to class and two hours later, he shot 11 people. the sheriff is now talking about what went on in those first moments. that the first officers on the scene had the run by wounded and dead children for the sound of the gunfire. here's the sheriff.
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>> they did it -- it was not just to go in. but to ignore everything else and go to the sound of the gunfire or chaos because that is the act of threat. because if they stop anywhere, to calm a teacher or student or to render aid, more people could be killed. >> the first of the visitations in the funerals of the slain students began today. jon. jon: steve harrigan live in a city that's reeling tonight steve thanks. los angeles county officials struggling to gain any ground fighting the smash-and-grab mobs attacking stores or thieves following people home to rob them there. county's own zero bail policy is making it easier for criminals to reoffend and hard or for law enforcement to keep people safe.
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christina coleman live in los angeles with the latest. christina. reporter: hi, jon you know also in northern california, police are trying to track down a mob of thieves who burglarized a pot store and stole a bunch of products. take a look at this surveillance video this is the second time the oakland bloods and cannabis dispensary has been targeted by a group of thieves since last year. and in the l.a. area, the 14 suspects arrested in connection with to 11 smash-and-grab robbery it is that happened around thanksgiving are already back out on the streets. they didn't spend a single day in jail because of l.a. county zero bail policy. courts have this rule in place to reduce jail populations during covid. but l.a.'s police chief and mayor are critical of this policy. >> we have opened up a lot of city because we're in a better place with covid. we should be able to also open up our jails and we should be able to have judges that put people behind those bars as well. reporter: l.a. police are also
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investigating more than 160 so-called follow home robberies take a look at these suspects following this woman and her baby. as she returned home, they stole her diaper bag and cell phone sungsd night. and take a lon to a few victims who were followed home and robbed in northern hollywood early yesterday morning. >> they tell me if you're not going to shut up i'll get a bullet in your face. >> don't look at me i'm going to kill you and with a gun on my face, and then i try to take my watch, my rolex to take this out to put it on the side and see it and he purge me again and say i'm going kill you. >> frightening account there. there is some good news, though, after a nearly two-year investigation, prosecutors announce yesterday that these five defendants who are accused of taking part in a multimillion dollar retail theft ring in bay area all pled guilty to multiple
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felony charges authorities release this photo of some of the 8 million worth of stolen merchandise in this case. california's attorney general called this one of the largest retail busts in the state's history. >> there will be arrests, prosecutions and convictions and that's what this case is about. it is all of those things. it is not telling you it is showing you. reporter: lead defendant in this case set to be sentenced to six years in prison. jon. jon: christina coleman live in los angeles. thanks christina. white house officials have raised concerns about russia potentially invading ukraine early as next month russian president putin and biden expected to talk next week as tensions continue to rise secretary of defense lloyd austin spoke fox's bret baier today at the reagan defense forum. >> how concerned are you that russia this sometime not bluffing? that, in fact, they will invade
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ukraine? >> we'll remain focused on this, bret they've invaded before and so -- as we look at the numbers of forces that are in the border region, as we look at some of the things that are occurring in the information space as we look at what's going on in the cyberdomain, it really raises our concern. >> madeleine rivera has been building up for weeks, mads linn. senior u.s. defense official says they're taking it seriously with nearly 100,000 russian troops stationed along ukraine eastern boarld and u.s. intelligence report shows those plans for a potential invasion early as next year could involve as many as 175,000 troops.
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the report comes as russian president vladimir putin blames equipment getting close tore russian border and adamant guarantee won't be into alliance and demanding white house that has brushed off and biden administration is threatening serious consequences including economic sanctions if russia takings further action. president doubling down vowing the u.s. would make it very difficult for putin opinion to carry out his about offenses. >> we're aware of russian actions for a long time. and my expectation is we're going to have a long discussion, we'll see. secretary of defense lloyd austin addressing heightened tenses on saturday telling fox news bret baier at reagan national defense forum. >> i think there's a lot of space here for -- for diplomacy and leadership to work and again, we're going res main engaged with our allyings and our region, our partners in our region, and we're going to continue to do everything we can
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to help provide ukraine capability to protect the sovereign territory. kremlin spokesperson says president and putin expected to hold a video call on tuesday to talk about ukraine among other issues. jon. jon: mailed linn rivera, madeleine, thanks. the white house has if confirmed that virtual meeting between president's biden and putin listen take place on tuesday. meantime president biden travel to kansas city missouri on wepgd to promote bipartisan infrastructure law. this amid grows fearing as to how the omicron variant could affect the nation's economic recovery and concerns about last month's jobs report which fell far short of expectations. alexandria is live at the white house. alex. reporter: yeah, jon president has a busy week ahead all the wie continuing to nurse a disappointing jobs report and a cold. it was very, very apparent in his voice as he was really trying to express something positive found within that report. take a listen.
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>> incredible news that unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2%. at this point in the year, we're looking at the sharpest one year decline in unemployment ever. simply put, america, america is back to work. and our jobs recovery is going very strong. job creation is lacking, last month just 210,000 jobs were added that is lowest number in a year and far below what was expected jobless claims did fall 2 hngt 4.and wages picked up but that's price of household goods kojts continues to rise and prir to omicron variant discovered and that rattled wall street and potential for short-term economic recovery. >> so the government is the problem. not the -- i think people fear what the government is going to do in response to this new variant more than they do the variant itself. reporter: this week president
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outlined his strategy to combat variant largely consist of promoting vaccine and booster shots on his own health president biden picked up that cold in a sore throat from his grandson the white house position kevin o'connell confirming that he's consistently tested negative for covid-19, and the president did spend day at camp david he's expected to return back to washington tomorrow afternoon. jon. jon: alexandria live at the white house thank you. essentially by order of the supreme court, biden administration is expected to restart the trump era remain in mexico policy next week. but some border official it is fear it will do little to slow the stream of migrants pouring into this country. we're live at the southern border, next. no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. and you add the love.
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3:23 pm
early as next week, that was not a voluntary choice by the white house. it was court ordered. and as the sun sets behind me here across the rio grand valley on yet another day, it has been another busy one for u.s. border patrol agents and other law enforcement agents working on the ground and the officials here on the ground tell us they're not so sure that that reenstatement of the policy will deter migrants from continuing to come to the southern border and cross it illegally. look at this video shot overnight by our photojournalist brian all monday showing agents apprehending group it was a big one about 250 people near the river in la jolla texas really 24 hour rays day seven days week numbers show no sign of it slowing any time soon down here. texas state senator don buckingham and she's also a republican candidate for texas land commissioner says that she does recognize humanitarian side
3:24 pm
of this all but you cannot forget the criminal aspect as well she says. listen. >> yes, of course, there are delft people who need asylum and fleeing something terrible but we have to see a lot of crime, a lot of human trafficking, record amounts of drugs recovered. reporter: those on the frontlines tell fox news they're also seeing jump in number of so-called people evading capture or at least trying our cram caught multiple foot pursuits last night also throughout the week since we've been here. when the mpp continues, this coming week only 7 designated ports of industry are going to be used to make those returns to mexico. that include it is san diego, nogales, down in arizona, el paso brownsville, texas and migrants now will also be given a choice of a covid vaccine
3:25 pm
before they are released from u.s. kansas did custody and sent back. >> from the border casey stegall thanks. jon: joining us arizona republican congressman andy biggs your state son the border, and is receiving some of these illegal immigrants most of them are coming in through texas. but what is your take on the resumption of the remain in mexico policy that the courts ordered the biden administration to take up? j well jon, it is really this administration is slow walked this they think. that's what is happened here. they don't want to implement it and forced to by the court. they've already said they're going keep appealing this. they needed mexico's cooperation. they dragged their feet in trying to get that cooperation it is still reluctant on part of mexico to reinstate that policy so ting it is going to be too little too late because the intention is to keep the border
3:26 pm
open and the fact that they've chosen nogales is really interesting because right now most of the runners are coming over near nogales to get aways -- but it is human that's yuma seeing some and choosing some sectors strategically to facilitate illegal immigration still. >> interesting, you know, the white house is talking about restricting visitor it is from other countries who want to come over by plane whatever unless they can prove they've been vaccinated against covid but our peter doocy asked dr. anthony fauci or actually asked well dr. anthony fauci was asked whether -- the people coming across the border have to prove vaccination against covid. this is his answer to that overall question. listen. >> i don't have an easy answer for that. i mean, obviously, title 42 is
3:27 pm
still operable at the border trying to keep people who should not come in, into the country. there's testing that is done. i'm certain it is not as extensive as we would like to see. but i have to admit and i don't have an easy answer that's a very difficult problem. >> talking about the problem of migrants coming across with potentially covid. >> yeah. jon think about this. you've got people from 160 nations that have come across this calendar year. nearly two million people and he doesn't think they should be tested or vaccinated their not getting tested by the way. they have to have symptoms actual symptoms before they get testinged. and they're -- releasing literally tens of thousands of these folks into the united states of america. and yet the same time biden administration will offer a covid vaccine to people going back due to the remain in mexico policy. it is such -- a deliberate inking the city both in the border application
3:28 pm
and within the vax mandates for everybody from federal workers to health care workers, et cetera in the united states. it is just a double standard and we see this over and over again and it is driving me crazy and i know it drives my constituents crazy too. >> congressman i know you're a member of the house free caucus and we hoped to talk to you tonight about your hopes to expand what down to the state level perhaps we can bring you on another time to talk about that because it is an interesting effort unfortunately we've had some breaking news and we're going to have to say good-bye. arizona congressman, republican andy biggs, thank you. >> thank you. jon: cases of the omicron variant are in nearly 40 countries in about a dozen u.s. states no deaths so far but the world health organization said it could take weeks to determine how infectious the disease is. we'll talk about it with janet,
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casings of the new omicron covid variant popping up across united states now folks are wondering how to protect themselves as we head into winter. jonathon surrey has latest from atlanta home of the centers for disease control. jonathan. >> good evening, jon now 13 states are reporting cases of the omicron variant massachusetts the latest report confirmed case this involving a woman in her 20s. she was fully vaccinated and developed mild symptoms. this appears to be the case for most omicron patients. both here in the u.s. and in south africa where physicians first detected new variant. the south african study awaiting peer review suggest that if you've already gotten sick from a previous coronavirus variant it probably will not offer you much protection against omicron. the authors write urging
3:34 pm
questions remain regarding whether omicron is also able to evade vaccine induced immunity. researchers say it will take several weeks to determine how effective existing covid shots are against omicron. however, federal health officials strongly recommend full vaccination plus a booster shot as the best way to lower the risk. meanwhile treatment options are increase, fda has expanded emergency use authorizations for two moan colonial antibody to include infant to severe cases of covid-19 previously patient he is to be at least 12 years old to receive these laboratory made antibodies on monday new rules go into effect requiring international air travelers arriving in u.s. to obtain a negative covid test within one day of departure regardless of their citizenship or vaccination status. in response, the u.s. travel
3:35 pm
association issued this statement, quote, we hope this measure to narrow predeparture window will be temporary until more is learned about the omicron variant. and jon, this travel industry group is also urging all travelers to get vaccinated and if eligible boost it as soon as possible. back to you. jon: jonathon surrey live in atlanta. thanks jonathon. >> surely. jon: bring in fox news contradict tore family and emergency use medicine physician. preem just shaking their heads doctor. we thought we had vaccines we thought we were kind of over the hump on this covid thing an now comes omicron and all of this concern about about whether or not the vaccines actually work against it. what should we know? >> so-so far jon what i'm seeing with my patients is very mild symptoms. we don't have any definitive data yet we're waiting for that. but right now there have been
3:36 pm
zero deaths from omicron variant korld world health organization symptoms are mild but we still need to determine is there more contagious and transmissible preliminary data shows yes two times more than delta variant and waiting to find out how effect live vaccine be and previous infection you can possibly be easier reinfected and also our antibodies are they still effective so far what i'm seeing with my patients is yes. vaccine still to be holding up very well. monoclonal antibodies effective but we're on right path to defeating omicron defeating the delta variant and either other future variants most likely going to see. right now best thing that you can do to protect yourself is get your covid vaccine and booster if you're eligible also get your flu shot. jon: i want to put up a map of the states where omicron has
3:37 pm
been seen already. about 11 states altogether and -- you know, we just heard that massachusetts is the latest of them to report a case. you said people should get vaccinated here are the numbers about 59 almost 60% of the u.s. population has been fully vaccinated. and if you include the number that are over the age of 18 that number rise it is to 71.4%. you would still urge people to go out and get their shots to try to fight omicron even if it hasn't even if vaccines have not necessarily been proven effective against it? >> omicron aside we still have da that that shows after five, six months antibody levels d.c. decrease so before omicron came along we were advising for example those over 65 and underlying medical conditions to get your booster because we have clear data that does show us --
3:38 pm
skyrocketing protection because we get that extra antibody in your system our immune system will recognize hey, we've got more protection, better to protect you against further variants that we're going see. so despite omicron it was still already recommended to get your booster. but having this booster could potentially still be more effective against omicron. >> so i don't know this is kind of a judgment call, maybe you don't want to get into the editorial judgment heres here bt government is restricting travel requiring new vaccination records for people coming into the country you yourself are saying that omicron cases that you're seeing are fairly mild. is all of that an overreaction, do you think? >> well, i think it is reasonable to have testing for international travel terse coming into the united states. because that is how the virus and variants came here in the first place from the u.k., from india, from south africa. it is from international travelers. so far that's the information
3:39 pm
that we have. so it is reasonable. we've been doing it for the past year and a half to have travelers get tested prior to arrival in the united states. the only difference is they're doing it 24 hours in advance instead of 72 hours in advance so i think that's just a safe precautionary measure that can help protect americans. jon: well, i know you've been treating this terrible virus since it first got to this country and you've been good in sharing your information. and your knowledge with us, we appreciate it very much. dr. janet, thank you. >> thank you jon. jon: massive storm bringing rein, heavy winds and possible blizzard to hawaii. yeah hawaii. fox weather meteorologist adam klotz has details on that. adam. reporter: that's right snow in hawaii as you mention it is not just snow. it is a massive system that is really effecting the entire island chain, the entire area, everything here in green that's all of the islands that are flood watch as we're expecting significant rainfall tonight running you all the way into sunday. these are some of the projected
3:40 pm
rainfall totals you start to see deep red colors that's a foot of total rain even some areas outside of that. you're still talking about five or six inches of rain and then yet at the highest elevation of the big system remember it is a mountain chain with blizzard warning so we're going to see some snow, winds gusting at top of the peaks at 100 miles an hour. it will be white-out conditions foot of total snowfall in some of those areas. despite it snowing in hawaii look back at the continue kent kent -- there's one more snow system that we're track this is a future cast that takes snow across upper midwest running into great lakes. this is going to be a fairly snowy one for your sunday, monday forecast jon there's spots here getting up over a foot of snow also. so winter weather is here in hawaii -- and in some portions in the states. jon: what a december. fox weather meteorologist adam
3:41 pm
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>> now some headlines from around globe in austria latest round of iran nuclear talks resumes in vienna next week and consulting with their government and lincoln says hardline demands show it is not serious about returning to the nuclear deal. in indonesia russia and association of southeast asian nations completed first joint naval exercises amid rising tensions in the south china sea.
3:46 pm
in thailand custom officials ceasing 88 million dollars worth of crystal meth hidden in packages headed for taiwan. allows country opening its first railway to china 642 mile railline cost 5.9 billion dollars. both nations say it will boost economic growth. in indonesia a volcanic blast earlier today killed one person injured at least 35. people were trapped in buildings as smoke and ash covered several villages. and in brazil mayor of rio de janeiro cancel new year celebration this amid concerns over the omicron variant which recently was detected in that country. and that is a look at some stories from around the globe. up next, ♪ ♪
3:47 pm
we have a warrant for your arrest. fox news a behind scenes look at a day in lives of u.s. marshals in one of their most active regions.
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displon i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report" if you're just joining us here's a look at top stories man accuse of killing ten people last march in a boulder colorado supermarket now ruled incomp tonight to stand trial and defendant will be transferred to a state mental hospital to receive treatment. prosecutors hope he will be well enough to stand trial. new details about alleged attempts by a former aid to new york governor andrew cuomo to cover up sexual misconduct accusations against her boss part of the state attorney general report claims melissa used a top mta official to spy on one of cuomo's accusers which could be illegal. and the "watergate" defense team not call technician quits nearly 50 years after the scandal. one of former president richard nixon defense attorneys filing d oj complaint claiming cheated suppressing evidence and lying to a grand jury. for more on these and other
3:53 pm
stories scan qr code on screen or go to fox u.s. marshal handle everything from hunting fugitives to cold cases to active murder investigations. fox news went along on a predawn ride along in ohio. one of the most active regions for the marshals to see what it's all about. laura ingle has that story. >> one of the most active regions for the u.s. marshals is right here in northern ohio from hunting down violent fugitive to pursuing cold cases serging for missing children u.s. marshal do it all as we found out firsthand. >> this is a u.s. marshal. we have a warrant for your arrest. our predawn ride along with a northern ohio violent fugitive task force started with a tbleempgty parking lot to go over the fugitive it is they were after. >> he pulled a gun shot out the bouncer completely missed
3:54 pm
bouncer but hit his cousin. first arrest warrant served a day a success. and so was the next one. the u.s. marshal service was first federal law enforcement agency in the united states and while all 94 federal districts have different challenges, they all have the same objective. >> served extremely violent warrant across the country not just here but every one of our teams across country. it is very, very dangerous situation every single day. here in northern ohio task forces made over 2700 arrests in the past 12 months. supervisory deputy ann murphy says they put in situations with unpredictable consequences. we have people who don't want to go back to jail and they make it clear they're not going back to jail and those can be some of the dangerous cases that we work. no day is ever this same, but the one thing that is a constant is the goal of the northern ohio violent fugitive task force.
3:55 pm
sometimes we find another day sometimes a month sometimes year. sometimes 50 years later. we find them but we are going to hunt them down. u.s. marshal deputies remind the public that many of the cases are often just a tip away from being solved fugitives change their identity and their look but behavioral pattern and daily rue teenages can be the clue that flips cold case to an active one and ends in arrests. in cleveland, ohio, laura ingle, fox news. >> go marshal -- the last remaining world war ii band of brothers officer has died. 99-year-old edward james of norfolk, virginia part of the regime known as easy company. its members inspire hbo mini series banding of brothers one based on chains enlisted in army by forging his mother's signature in order to join. he made his first combat jump in
3:56 pm
to norm dison d-day and fought in thing battle of the bulge and made it to hitler hit list for fewers use only. according to his obituary james first used that to toast his brother's bar mitzvah dead at the age of 99. >> superpowers. i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th. >> are you ready to start a great career? ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song!
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>> the sheriff officers in boca raton weren't going to let a bike chief ruin christmas. presenting him with a new bike and a helmet bike lock too. that's fox reports saturday december 4th of 2021 i'm jon scott, thanks for watching. gutfeld is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy wednesday everyone. or as the cuomos collette, hump day. how is cnn covering the chris cuomo scandal now? he was once their big star but now how do they feel? >> honestl


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