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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 6, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> harris: fox news alert. the stunning rise in crime overwhelming democrat red studies over america. from a threat under subway to deadly hold invasions in los angeles. it's all sparking a national conversation and series conference about america's crime crisis and where the outrage will lead. you're watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. i'm joined by emily compagno, kayleigh mcenany.
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dagen mcdowell, and former utah congressman and fox news contributor, jason chaffetz. in new york city, police are searching for a man accused of threatening to kill a woman on a subway with wooden daggers. that happened days after a phd student was stabbed to death near columbia university in manhattan. the suspect was previously arrested 16 times dating back to 2012 and was out on parole for a 2015 gang assaults. meanwhile, not even the wealthiest neighborhoods in los angeles are safe. a philanthropist and wife of music legend was shot and killed in a horrific robbery in her beverly hills home. the crime was so shocking that even oprah spoke out. she hopped up on twitter with this. "the fact that this is happened, her being shot and killed in her own home after giving, sharing, and caring for 81 years has
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shaken the laws of the universe. the world is upside down." criminals are breaking into stores as well. there's plenty of video of it. a wave of dangerous mash and grabs costing businesses tens of billions of dollars. however, congressman alexandra because, aoc, doubts whether special crabs are happening. telling washington times that one of these retail threats are not panning out. she believes it's walgreens and the data does not back it up. the data, video, experiences, all of it. what is she saying that the rest of us are imagining? >> jason: she lives in a different universe. this is sad. it does not have to be this way. these types of things, when a community could policing and the many prosecutors who enforce a lot. but they're not doing that.
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one of the best indicators and the metric you can look at if america feel safe or not safe, gun sales. look up on sales and ammunition sales. if you go to a cabela's or a place that sells, you can't get them. democrats are making conscious choices to defund or decrease the amount of money that goes into policing. the business community and the voters had to stand up for themselves. i don't understand why these businesses are not in their yelling and screaming at the mayor and the city council demanding they be protected. the most poor and most vulnerable among us, they are the ones that suffer the most consequences paired that's what so sad about this. >> harris: dagen, i'm going to guess at the business owners don't feel hurt because they been screaming for two years. when you get to the point where they pick the riders over the small business as in the essays of messina portland and seattle,
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you get the word. they don't care about them. but this is gonna hurt everybody. >> dagen: it hurts everybody. it creates wastelands in impoverished neighborhoods that cannot afford to lose a walgreens or cvs or store that provides groceries. all of these major chains can fight this. they have people on staff. large staff trying to trap what is $45 billion worth of annual losses these days in theft. by the way, i checked with andy mccarthy on this, joe biden's justice department. merrick garland's justice department and the fbi couldn't do a heck of a lot more to fight this crime. you don't even -- emily can jump in on this, but you don't even need to use the racketeering statute. you could investigate it based
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purely on interstate commerce if the stolen property is being moved or if interstate conspiracies are organizing them. remember that the judgment of justice went and after investigating the theft of joe biden's daughters diary alleging it might've been stolen out of a hotel. or merrick garland said that the justice department needs to escape parents and help on school boards that might be facing upwards. they could get involved in prosecuting these crimes. and alexandria ocasio-cortez has always talked about the screech and climate deniers. when she's a screeching crime to denier and that's worse. >> harris: unless these people have committed that, they have
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things that they're already committed. what you're saying, is it an overall crime wave. if they just wouldn't bail reform, they could go after the people that are already there. >> it's a crime that falls under bail reform. the bail reform law in new york is so strict that judges don't have a choice. misdemeanor and you're right back out on the street. >> harris: and if they do what they can, perhaps that won't fetter out across the nation. but right now it's catching on. >> emily: and dagen makes a great point. she's drawing a distinction between the federal lions and state. that's why the bill reform has a criminal justice system locked in a stalemate. we see people who are convicted of misdemeanors and felonies on the streets. let's take the person who, "career criminal" who was on bail and then on parole for a
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slew of over 16 arrests and convictions including a brutal 2018 attack and which he and three accomplices slash, punch, and kicked a victim and an assault that was caught on camera. we know he's a member of a gang. it was a blood's offshoot gang. that's a sentence enhancement of ten years for that in addition to the penalty for the underlying crime. what happens in the state of new york was short nothing. you're on the street and are able to murder, wound, and attacked three different people. >> harris: i know that new york city, and we don't want to make this junior eccentric because this is playing out across country. they just hired republicans to be there mayor. republicans are changing to make sure he got through because he was a least offensive in terms of police and defunding of any
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of the people on the left. negative eric adams. i wonder when it's windy take to change it. >> emily: midterm elections. there will be one figuratively speaking. they are running on the platform of defund the police and eliminate bail and put people on the streets they have 16 arrests. ignore the victims that we don't care about. victims like off stern nishida who in one of these threat thefts. that's platform. for aoc to deny that this is happening, in l.a. they arrested dominic arrested people for 11 special crabs. those imaginary selection crabs? walgreens put out a statement and said that it's one of the
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top challenges. good for walgreens for speaking out against the foolishness we are hearing. >> harris: let's talk about workplace issues. how many people want to go to work if they are going to have to face something like that? in addition to all of the other things their jobs now entail lick fewer coworkers the job with them because our workforce has fewer people in those jobs. there's so many issues that later this on. speech of the employees at him nordstrom, they were pepper sprayed punched and kicked during the 40 person smah and grab that occurred week befe last. we have employees getting killed will trying to intervene. it's not just about retail theft and it's not just a crime of poverty as the left likes to characterize it. these are resulting in murders and they are making our cities so unlovable and so unattainable. nothing about the should be
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>> emily: a newly fire to chris cuomo back at cnn denying he ever lied to the networks she's about that support for his brother. he claims he is people can back them up in this. this is troubling new allegations emerge against a former anchor.
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cnn stayed silent for a long time even as the cuomo brothers produced wet now seem like cringeworthy moments as the scandal over nursing home that's was brewing. we also learned that in the early days the pandemic, the governor prioritized his family for covid testing. that included chris who we watch fake's reemergence from the basement after he already broke quarantine welcome and positive. then came the sexual misconduct allegations against governor cuomo and later against chris. with his boss at abc detailing a claim. another woman is making similar allegations. all of this on the heels of that report from newark were attorney general which highlighted the length that chris went to in order to help his brother. that reportedly included digging up dirt on andrew's alleged victims. that revelation let it cnn to suspend cuomo last week but then come over the weekend, cnn made
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the decision to fire him. a spokesman for the former anchor said, "mr. cuomo has a highest level of affirmation under spec for mr. zucker. they were known to be extremely close and in regular contact including about deep stomach the support of colo support for his brother. there was no support atomic secrets. other individuals aside from cuomo can attest." you have been following the rise and fall from the grace of the cuomo brothers and the myriad of a few i've touched on over the last two years. >> dagen: chris cuomo is go-go gone now when his presence and his misconduct finally became a problem for himself. jeff zucker is not standing up for right over ron. he's standing up for himself.
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he's trying to protect his own hide. chris cuomo left abc about eight years ago. now his conduct at abc was of problem? that's nonsense. fsoc are, remember it came out in may that chris cuomo took part in strategy sessions with his brother's aides and advisors. he states family first and job second. if your job second, your job gone. at that point, jeff zucker stood up for him in a town hall and fact. it was a same jeff zucker who let that ghoulish cuomo breaux shoko want when when there were elderly people in body bags because of the governor's . sending positive patience back in a nursing homes. i am wondering what david says a
9:18 am
lab might say about this. he is that had to be a part of that. he was at cnn's headquarters a prescheduled meeting the day that chris cuomo was suspended. what does john malone who was on the board of discovery and will be on the board of warner discovery. what does he think about this? quite frankly, the ratings are horrible. what do they have to stay about jeff zucker's management of the whole shebang? >> kayleigh: exactly. and they released a statement saying now that we know it's come to light, these additional revelations. now we have to part with chris cuomo. to dagen about stress point, he said exactly how he broke network policy and the like. now we have chris cuomo thing that he knew everything the whole time and his or i can prove it. we have zucker saying i didn't know anything until right now. known or should have known as
9:19 am
the standard and it seems like the more we learn in general, the more we note that zucker probably didn't know a whole lot more than he is fessing up to. >> kayleigh: probably dead. trouble in paradise for cuomo and zucker. to put this relationship into perspective, zucker comes on board and one of the first moves he made was to bring little cuomo over from abc. in 2018, he promotes them to prime time where he got the best ratings on the network which is paltry and very sad. finally, he called him, "the perfect cable news anchor." that's how he described cuomo. how perfect is he now? they found additional information. they did not fire him over a whole host of other maladies or shortcomings, if you will. what is that additional information that finally was a straw that broke the camel's back? >> harris: we don't know the identity of the woman who has come forth most recently. we started learning about her
9:20 am
just over the weekend, basically. news that she made allegations. cuomo's team said no we deny that. his legal team. until we know who she was, we don't of the freshness of the allegation. maybe the statute of limitations has not run out. who knows what it is. but bottom line, is it not always money? i refuse to think that this did not come down to the fact that jeff zucker's out of ideas. and he's going to keep the giant q-tip brothers on the air because he is out of ideas. that's not journalism. i don't what it was, but it was embarrassing for all of them. now, he loses that cash cow because he has to. when it's going to cost you more to keep something than it is to let it go, do the math. then you have to say you never know. i do know about that. it's like the doritos commercial. i didn't know.
9:21 am
really? you didn't know? >> emily: harris mentioned money, and i think has to do with power and hubris. for example, chris cuomo talking about when these allegations. do i look like the kind of guy that has to do that? to me, that screamed that because he enjoyed some type of power or money or wealth or some attractiveness, he thinks it would therefore be unattainable and impossible for him to harass a woman. for him to act in a way that exerts power over another. to make, from his decisions, he can't get caught and he will be held accountable. all of that flows from privilege and power that he enjoyed up until saturday night. >> jason: the common denominator here is jeff zucker. i can't get past to bennett and
9:22 am
then cuomo and how to been wasn't fired as well. if you want to change and get the reputation of cnn, it's not going to happen as long jeff zucker is there. >> emily: there's a lot of homes that underwent housecleaning in the wake of the me too movement and it seems like there is is not quite done. coming up, not your normal exit interview when you get words like bullying and soul destroying when describing a boss. the new questions that vice president harris is facing but her management style as her office could see more high-profile departures. ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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9:27 am
alleging she is, "the common denominator behind a recent exodus of high liver staffers." burnout, money, and concern drive turnovers. political, they want her to take the reins is to staff shake-up looms. and this in "the washington post." "staff members leaving opens questions about her management." one of the former staffers with this blistering observation in the post. "with, look, you have to put up a constant amount of soul destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. you are constantly propping up a bully and it's not clear why." jason, those are brutal words. the started surfacing in july, the allegations of mismanagement. days after these allegations start to service, here's what the vice president done delight
9:28 am
does. she has the staff over for vice president burgers. "the food was good and the people were amazing." they tried to do cleanup on aisle five, but now's december and i don't think it worked. >> jason: the vice president office is pretty small as you can see by that. let alone running a nation which she thinks she can do. soul crushing and bully. for a former staff member not even one year on the job and to call her bully. this is not just one rogue person. we have had a lot of people who been leaving. this is not a good luck. how hard is it to fall around joe biden? it's not like anybody has ever accused joe biden of having a vigorous schedule. too big of a portfolio item? how does she keep up? my goodness. spoon saves on your mind.
9:29 am
>> kayleigh: , has a pattern of this going back to san francisco. critics scatter .2 and inconsistent and degrading principal who burns through principles stomach staff members. they say doing so under harris can it be particularly difficult as she struggles to make progress on her vice presidential portfolio and measure up to the potential it has her as the future of the democratic party. >> emily: there's a difference between demanding excellence and a high-pressure environment and in the first quote you led with the full screen, if you have a crisis of your own self confidence per cheese operating from a place of deep insecurity and not leadership. that's why it's so caustic. if you are operating under a
9:30 am
real leader and she was demanding excellence in your work to the bone but you know you are inspired on a daily basis. but if fitzsimmons was lashing out because inside she is imposter syndrome, because the only reason people have ascribed his stomach such big potentials to her is because she fits two boxes and because she has high-profile backers and pol families from his inferences obey area in silicon valley who wanted to have their support be. she's never demonstrated leadership and that is what those complaints are about. in addition to civil wars within an inviting, she is never subscribed to a clear message and she is wishy-washy. she doesn't know who she is and she has always failed at anything she said she was going to accomplish. they think she is a train wreck.
9:31 am
the surrounding persona around her so much larger than life and it is so much larger than her who, again, she's insecure. >> kayleigh: a good point about her not being a leader. they say she does not read the briefing materials and then she blames the staff when things go poorly. this is based on 18 sources to "the washington post." spirit remember how she handles things like this. she goes out and gets a new team. remember that? she brings in the new team and the new team comes up with this idea. hire some kids through casting but do not use america's casting company. which was space promo. read to some kids. she has real responsibilities. i'm not saying that the outreach isn't important, but you have to have a vice president who can multitask and do it all. the imposter syndrome i would like to speak to for just a bit. from the perspective of the president, he put her in a
9:32 am
position and if he felt like she was not enough, he certainly has not helped. he has not said i know is going to hire a woman of color, but we got this dynamic person who can handle these response abilities. let me show you why i really picked kamala harris. have you heard those words? you need a little showing up and it helps her team. motivational speaking 101. you go out and you help your team. she's on his team. maybe he doesn't want that. maybe he's tired of her on his team. we don't know. >> kayleigh: maybe he wants mayor pete. but look at the stag. i laughed out loud when i saw this. this is david jen. "i love my job. just let some of you should know."
9:33 am
many people said a blink twice you need help. >> dagen: based on a few leave where there's smoke there's fire and based on this report of comley harris, she must be truly awful to work for. you can't even put it out. is not part of the vetting process to figure out what kind of boss she is? she called joe biden a racist on the debate stage for a bussing issue in the 1970s. she didn't even make it to the first voting contest in the run for the democratic nomination. she can't laugh with authenticity. they did not check her back on? in managing people? not off the record, they're just worried about getting another job. >> harris: i don't think that they didn't do their due
9:34 am
diligence. i don't think they carried. he said he wanted a black woman. where is stacey plaskett? if you or any of those women of color, you're asking why her? >> kayleigh: the lesson and this is be kind to the people around you, especially the people put it all online to work for you. more "outnumbered" in just a minute.
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where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. >> kayleigh: get that speared president biden's team is now complaining that the media is being too hard on him. white house chief of staff on twitter sharing in washington post op ed that ridiculously claims that his boss gets worse coverage in president trump. the column sites data analysis used in 200,000 articles.
9:39 am
it also sites that speared it talks about different headlines from political playbook. these are the horrible headline for biden. here there. dems start to face the hard questions, it does the white house owe larry summers an apology? no bump for biden. white house braces were bad score. biden dead there is, biting combs nerves about 2020. >> harris: these are the facts. the pulling disasters that biden and kamala harris are overseeing right now. they are leading through them. the fact that other medias are calling out what's obvious in the room may be because there's quality with the president. we are asking why are you coughing all over us without a mask? you preach to us about what we
9:40 am
ought to do and don't blame it on the baby. he's there at the lectern and he takes a couple of questions and walks away. often times he doesn't do that. maybe the media are filling the gaps of time with the facts. i bet that does feel hurtful for the biden team. but it is what it is. if you want to change and want to flip the switch, you have to make him very, very available and he has to come prepared to take the tough questions. my door is open. let's do this. >> kayleigh: i would love to see that interview. that would be a good interview. dagen, this is the same media that shrouded out the entire hunter biden story and had a drop off the face of the map. the same media that said trump ignored russian bounties on afghanistan. that was false. he gassed protesters to get the st. john's church at lafayette square. that was false. those are worse than what we just read. >> dagen: joe biden has more than three years left in the white house and he is going to look back on these days and
9:41 am
think how he had it so easy. talking about the press is reporting on reflation running at a 30-year high. the truth is that it hurts all of america. get back to us when the press starts digging into your son's business dealings over the years. or get back to us when the media cooks up a hoax like the russia collusion hoax literally every mainstream newspaper and other networks were all in on. ron klain, somebody needs to take his phone away. he retweets some of the most loathsome people on twitter and that is a tall order. >> kayleigh: it is a tall order. and dana milbank, i don't know what he was doing when he wrote this article, but he so divorced from reality that he says he is an explanation for the press was easier on trump. he said, "perhaps journalist pressure by trump's complaints
9:42 am
about the press boiled punches." they were not pulling punches for donald trump. >> jason: i never saw them go easy on donald trump. but he did the best counter. he went out in front of the cameras and he took question after question after question and didn't live. here's his point, i think you're right. because there's this void, they're talking about the implementation of the policy. a tad negative effect on american's pocketbooks. they don't like what they seen afghanistan and the don't like what they're saying in the economy. immigration. they never do a story or ask about caution about immigration. but america sees it and they understand how better border is. >> kayleigh: well americans are suffering in the biden economy, here's what president was doing. >> it is very nice to see the
9:43 am
presidential box once again being occupied. [applause] >> kayleigh: a swank event at the kennedy center for joe. >> emily: i don't care about the presidential box being occupied at the kennedy center. i care about my fellow americans whether they can afford heat. i care about my service members for the country and the 13 who laid down their lives for the absolute. charlie foxtrot. i, the americans up behind. i care about my president doing his job in the oval office and not wandering around in nantucket being directed where to go. he can go to the presidential box and give a standing ovation, but all reserve my standing motion for a president that
9:44 am
works. >> harris: and all those people doing the polite collapse, none of them. inflation is not a hardship for them. it's an inconvenience. it's not a hardship. take a seat. >> emily: a san francisco restaurant is getting slammed for denying service to three police officers because the restaurant is a "safe space." that and more after this. i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before.
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>> harris: russian military increases its presence or wrong the border. congressman jim banks weighs in on the foreign policy challenge an end what he will do next. plus, aoc casting doubt whether the smash and grab robberies are actually happening most the coast. trey gowdy will react to that. we dig into whether staffers are running from the 40 exit from vice president kamala harris' office. why some are choosing to leave as the crises continue to mount. join john roberts and me when america reports kicks off at the top of the hour. >> harris: a san francisco restaurant is facing major
9:49 am
backlash after denying service to three on-duty police officers. the restaurant asked the officers to leave after employee saw their firearm. the restaurant said, "the restaurant is a safe space. the presence of officers, weapons and a restaurant made us feel comfortable." the owners offered an apology but stopped short of welcoming on-duty and armed officers. they said "we made a mistake and we apologize for the unfortunate incident when we asked members of the san francisco to leafs department to labor restaurant. we are grateful to all members of the forts who work hard to keep us safe during these challenging times per their stressful times." glad to see that lawyers are alive and well. sounds like that was lawyer eyes. jason? >> jason: have a do not
9:50 am
respond list. go ahead and register with the police department and if not when one gets dialed, they don't respond. as long as you put up a sign in the store that's as we do not respond to 911. call your social worker or you call your local drug dealer if you run into a problem and if somebody has a heart attack or you're getting robbed. don't call the police. >> dagen: i assume that if this restaurant is being robbed at gunpoint by a gang of thieves, they would be happy for these police officers to come in with their weapons and stop the crime that was happening. they just would not be allowed to eat breakfast there? this is not an apology. again, i lived in san francisco for about a year. that is why i left. it is governed and ruled by people who have no connection to the real world.
9:51 am
>> harris: it sounded lawyer eyes to meet. >> kayleigh: you don't kick them out of restaurants. i got messy on yelp because people were leaving one star reviews and yelp suspended the ability to comment which is insane. they said it was because it had been heightened public attention. that's not a reason. let people comment and give one starts. you probably deserve zero stars. >> harris: to back that up a bit. when you're talking about making the apology, why did they even bother to do it? >> kayleigh: they're probably trying to have it both ways. the year obviously left us and they don't want someone in a restaurant with a gun. >> harris: some yet yelp spilled their cereal on the floor.
9:52 am
>> emily: i noticed on the instagram where the apology was placed, no one could comment whatsoever. it did not seem lawyerized, it just seems like the typical pattern of a leftist progressive who uses the buzz phrases. we will do better, we learned. my family immigrated to san francisco from sicily. one enforcement is not part of the community. they say there welcoming on the off time and armed in plain clothes and not and not with weapons. they are part of the community and they should be welcome everywhere. i am ashamed to have been from there because of the way that they treat the members of their community which include law enforcement and what is especially -- it's so tragic. the way that they're going about this. this year alone, more officers have been shot and killed than any other year and our history.
9:53 am
there still one month left. 58 ambush style attacks. people have been killed because they wear the uniform. laying down their lives to protect our communities in the community of which there are part of. all they can see is -- they are a small neighborhood on the microcosm of protesting. they do not see reality. days are living humans who sacrificed their lives to protect us. 314 officers shot and line of duty this year. 58 killed. 95 ambush style attacks. 126% increase from last her. i hope that restaurant closes down. i hope they stated the police of chief thank you. looking at them in the eyes forgiven him safe. they have privilege right now to operate the restaurant crime free. >> harris: that better means that if crime happens, the
9:54 am
employees and the owners, if they actually exist, those people need to be ready to do the right thing because we are having a rash of crime right now and in our blue lead cities, it's reality. retail is reality. we need to be prepared. we need to welcome men those people who can create a safe space. >> dagen: i don't know who in san francisco has an appetite at this point. the steady is an open sewer. if you want to lose weight, moved to san francisco because you won't want to eat. >> harris: i grew up in the bay area and i went to high school in san jose and spent all of my high school years in the bay area. i look at it now and i'm just thinking who are these people? my dad is in uniform and i guess he wouldn't have been welcome. speech i was born in the naval hospital that doesn't exist. it was torn down.
9:55 am
uniforms are not welcome. >> harris: more "outnumbered" in a moment. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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>> just in time for christmas. we have exciting news tomorrow kayleigh mcenany's book "for such a time as this" is officially released. >> kayleigh: i talked about my time in the white house with
10:00 am
president trump but even about that my journey through life finding my husband, daughter, baby boy and having breast cancer brca2 mutation and how jesus christ was by my side through the highs and the lows. >> i can personally attest it is an incredible book. i love how you weave in kayleigh mcenany your experience and your family. absolutely amazing and out tomorrow and now, here is "america reports." >> sandra: congrats, a fox team alert to kick off "america reports." a brand-new week u.s. officials with a russian invasion of ukraine could be months away. ahead of discussion tomorrow between president biden and russian plaque president vladimir putin. watching all of it, hello sandra smith in new york, john, hi. >> john: very busy news wise, john roberts from washington fox news has obtain satellite image of russian combat troops and equipment staging near the ukraine border.


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