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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 9, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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she worked hard. she raised her kids, she went to school, she went to night school. she got degrees. she earned everything she has. that is the american way, that's the american spirit. >> sean: yet dr. oz went to medical school, four years, 4,000 heart surgeries. he deserves to be called doctor. please set your dvr and never miss an episode. that's all the time we have left. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, hello. how are you? >> laura: hannity, i was up late at night when that news broke about laura: i was up late at night when the news broke about the tree. i was going to ask you if you were filming this, can you run down and roast some marshmallows, the whole thing was so real. >> the new york times actually said, you cannot make this up, fox news christmas tree catches
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fire. it didn't catch fire. it was arson. it was put on fire. what is wrong with those people. >> alec baldwin's gun just went off by itself. laura: i loved your show tonight. laura: very exciting after 4 and a half years. can i have a new graphics package and you get one. laura: we need curtains to open and close, the curtain, this is the ingraham angle on a busy wednesday. mark meadows, nancy pelosi and the january 6th committee, joins us with breaking details at
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nostalgic reboot not just a hot trend in entertainment, raymond arroyo explains how hillary is getting into the act in seen and unseen but arsonists complain about fire damage. that's the focus of tonight's angle. you've probably seen the article and heard the commentary on topics the angle sounded the alarm on over 18 months ago. kids test scores down, depression up, weight gain up, annual checkups delay which means serious health problems among the young are going and detected and biden's surgeon
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general release the 53 page advisory on the many ways young people have been adversely affected by the pandemic rarely met earliest but suggests 6600 deaths by suicide among the 18 to 24 age group in 2020. early 2021 emergency department visits for suspected suicide attempts were 51% higher for adolescent girls compared to early 2019. being a biden administration report it goes totally of the rails and one point adventures beyond the pandemic and tries to connect mental problems to, quote, deaths of black americans at the hands of police officers including murder of george ford, covid reliance violence against asian americans, gun violence, increasingly polarized political dialogue, growing concerns about climate change and emotionally charged misinformation. this is all ludicrous on its face and totally revealing. let's get one thing straight, the pandemic in general as much to blame for teen suicide and depression as the car is to
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blame for the waukesha parade massacre, the real culprit is the response to the virus. democrat governors, mayors, county officials locked down the schools, stopped sports, closed the churches which pushed unsupervised kids to screen, porn, pot and mindless video games. imagine the summer and spring of 2020 the angle warned that the consequences of closing down entire state economy, shuttering schools, banning normal human interactions would be nightmarish especially for young people, would be catastrophic. there are devastating consequences of keeping children away from school. economic decline, depression, isolation, suicide, addiction, abuse, let alone the economic calamity for households that can't afford to have a parent
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out of work. from a medical and common sense and put the decisions would kids back in school should be a slamdunk. but now coming up on the 2-year marker for the beginning of covid the same people who let the fire of hysteria on covid and locked us down wants you to believe they truly care about the well-being of your kids. nice try. democrats and medical officials are directly to blame here and they will never, we will never let the voters forget this. it was there policies that took kids away from their friends, isolated them in their rooms and banned them from socializing and even playing sports outside. in the end test scores plummeted, learning suffered and kids, no surprise, got depressed and despondent. how many thousands of young lives were lost because of these patently insane policies? millions of kids got to
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experience graduation or prom or playing their first varsity season and of course none of this was dictated by the science. what the medical cartel did was, is and will always be political. we knew back in march of 2020 from initial studies done in china and italy the covid had little to no impact on children. only severely immunocompromised people who were young were at a slightly higher risk yet the public health experts, fauci and mike refused to push the good news instead choosing to scaremongering about schools becoming doubly super spreader's. >> reporter: mutants be on the size of its close the schools because they are getting
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infected and their infectious is the bottom line. when community transmission, it is risky to open schools. >> i'm worried the decisions are being made that are not putting students at the center, student health and safety the center is going to be why schools may be disrupted. >> all of this was a blatant political chaos to the teachers unions. the unions want to be respected and protected but they didn't want their members to be deemed essential operators, people who had to show up every day. covid on mask the political, medical and educational frauds among us and now what is worse, they are still refusing to move on from any of this, and continuous perpetual alarmism, the mass, the vaccine mandates, never going to end unless we end them. the new york times is reporting some public schools are once again taking kids out of the classroom if you can believe it this time by shortening the school week, taking fridays off, claiming it is the only thing they can do to keep teachers working and then there's this
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from unicef release just hours ago. the covid 19 pandemic has been in the biggest threat to progress for children in our 75 year history. covid 19 is rolling back virtually every measure of progress for children including a staggering 100 million more children plunged into poverty. even if your kid wasn't plunged into poverty, the long-term effects of the lockdown going to be staggering. we are seeing the depression, drug use, alcohol abuse, this is just the beginning and it is all because of the politicians who abuse their emergency authority in the last 20 months and embolden incompetent not bags who hate parental involvement in education and pretty much everything else about america and as for the surgeon general's report it closes with this line on tackling the mental health crisis.
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our obligation to act is not just medical. it is wrong. this is a moment to demand change. talking your mama, but i couldn't agree more on the general sentiment and many voters are beginning to see the last two years for what they were, tragic but clarifying. unless things change parents who want their kids to get a real education have to homeschool go private. voters who want to preserve freedom while we safeguard the health and well-being of our kids will need to consider crossing party lines maybe for the first time. we should never let the arsonists who burned down the old more mom and hurt our children so badly ever get back close to power again. that is the angle. as i just mentioned, some schools are still keeping kids out of the classroom. just last month detroit public schools lift kids out in the
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cold literally when they abruptly announced schools would be closed every friday of the month of december and on friday before thanksgiving they informed parents school would be canceled the entire next week with no online option at all. this is insane. my next guest has been living through this nightmare, caitlin reynolds is the mother of a fourth-grader in that school system. caitlin, as a single mother myself i am thinking of how you are getting by here, you need to make a living while your kids get educated. how has this affected you? >> i appreciate you having me on tonight to hear a parent's side of the story. i wanted to be a voice for the voiceless. it has been a there has been ups and downs. my son started off pretty well last year and as it dragged
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down, a shutdown that was supposed to be a brief time extended a month and a half. every week, we are going another week, going another week and then another shutdown would happen and it was supposed to be a weekend turned out to be a month and a half so by the end of the year he was frustrated, he was completely exhausted, requesting mental health days and i exhausted all of my benefits at work. i know my position, i'm very blessed and not all the people can say they were able to have such an abundance of benefits to take advantage of but at this point you really reach the point of sheer exhaustion. laura: how are you doing it now, fast-forward. we are getting close to the two year mark on the start of covid and we know the data on the kids. very few kids, every life is precious but in infinitesimally
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small number of kids compared to other illnesses, if -- influenza and they give you no notice and say - all next week is canceled and now the teachers union is pushing to extend these closures and online learning beyond december i understand. >> i don't know a lot about beyond december. last year they would not give us any warning but the definition of insanity is to try the same things twice and accept the same results. this year i am not taking any chances, not taking any risks and sank maybe they really are going to go back after december because last year i said the lockdowns dragged on and on week after week i actually changed my son's school district after the friday lockdown news came,
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concerned about how reliable - to request time off at the drop of a dime. >> other parents you are talking to, i know what it is like to have snow day in dc, what that does to parents but having every friday now off for the moms and dads that you know is into going to drive people out of public schools for good? >> one would think so. when i started to voice my opinion indifferent parent groups, i would see varying feedback, some parents as exasperated as i wasn't others that were in support of it but not everybody's situation is the same. not everybody is fortunate enough to have a job where you can work from home. other people have to be physically at their job hands-on every single day. some jobs might not be safe enough for the child to tag along with you.
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laura: beyond that i've seen my own kids, don't care what anyone says, learning online is a joke. hard enough to do online. i've seen it up close and personal all those months, they try their best, teachers tried -- it is a joke. the kids off doing other things, playing games on the phone. >> 100%. last year when my son was home, exhausting a lot of paid benefits, i could leave the room for 10 minutes and my son and his friends were on sports night but by the end of the year what was really, by the end of the year what was really disheartening is i started to see the teachers, my son's teachers were so empathetic and made me feel like they were struggling as well but by the end of the year what i saw was that the teachers were spending
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more time trying to get the kids to regroup, come back, pay attention, stop playing, teaching going on. than what should have been done. moving forward into this year, my son was a straight a math student, he tested two grade levels behind in his favorite subject. laura: that is the headline, two grade levels behind, one year of virtual learning and we didn't get into vaccine mandates but that's a whole other kettle of fish. thank you for sharing your story tonight. speaking of protecting kids california wants to do the opposite the democrats plan on turning the golden state to abortion sanctuary should the
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supreme court overturned roe versus wade. trace gallagher has the details from our west coast newsroom. >> 15% of all abortions in the western in california, if the supreme court overturns robie wade, pushing to become the capital, the way it works is if roe is overturned, 25 states would ban abortions of california is proposing to become abortion sanctuary state and according to the california future of abortion counsel which is supported by governor newsom and the state legislature not only would the state welcome those choosing abortion, could also pay for travel, lodging, even the actual procedure itself. of the recommendations include reducing costs for obtaining abortion, titan legal support for providers, patients, people and organizations to help someone get an abortion, back educational programs in schools and community organizations to talk about abortion and
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restrictions and ease access to abortion later. the question is how much later. in california you can get an abortion until the fetus reaches liability to live outside the womb and later if the doctor believes the patient's health or life is at risk of adding to that controversy the report recommends using public dollars better known as taxpayer money so even if you're pro-life your california tax dollars could be used to fund an abortion for someone who doesn't live in california. nobody knows how many would cross state lines but a texas law that outlawed abortion after 6 weeks took effect california clinics town and increasing patients from texas and some abortion providers believe if roe is overturned california could see 3000% increase in abortion and those who oppose abortion are preparing for a surge of patients which likely means a surge of antiabortion lawsuits although it appears
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california is ready and willing to use taxpayer money to fight those lawsuits. laura: one week ago we asked why federal workers still aren't in the office. it seems minority leader kevin mccarthy was listening. he has an announcement next. former white house chief of staff mark meadows just announced he is suing policy, all the details coming up. >> sean: the media mob for pennsylvania senate candidate dr. oz tonight with some new sites, apparently refusing now to call him doctor, despite 4,000 heart surgeries and him being a doctor but remember how differently the mob covered it when talking about first lady joe biden. she has a doctor in education, dr. joe biden. watch. he clearly does not consider joe
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biden great by fault. >> it's not about sex. let's be clear about it. she worked hard. she raised her kids. she went to school, she went to night school. she got degrees. she earned everything she has. >> that's the american way. that's the american spirit. >> dr. oz went to medical school four years, 4,000 heart surgeries, yes, he deserves to be called doctor. please set your dvr,
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it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan
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and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. also meant security, hhs, transportation department have had a lot of vacant offices and twisted liberal minded in person work is expected for people like store clerks, berries tos, janitors, airport personnel but the average federal worker apparently believes staying home is their right. republicans in congress must demand real answers about what exactly the bloated federal workforce has been up to. and now just days later house
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minority leader kevin mccarthy is demanding answers from the biden administration as to how many federal employees are showing up for work versus those who are still teleworking, watching netflix or whatever they do. kevin mccarthy joins us now. i think what this has revealed to a lot of us is how much fat is in the federal workforce, how many people are truly essential and how many people can be gradually sent off into the sunset. administration is asking that. how many people are telecommuting or working because it's not working for the american public. let me give you one example. and the va there is more than 256,000 veteran benefit claims. think about that. the irs in recent report shows
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they only answer the phone 14% of the time but you've got the white house bragging about the federal workforce, at 92% had one dosage of the vaccine so they've been vaccinated why can't they get picked work. we just show the democrats are not working on their policies not. it is not what the workforce of the federal government is happening in the democratic caucus. there are members of the democratic caucus from the moment they put in proxy voting in may of 2020 that have only been back one time. they've never been back. >> isn't this going to be challenged in vote, the proxy voting scam pelosi has been - in court. >> i went to court and hopefully we might here this week or next week what the supreme court will do with it but i've been challenging at all the way. never in history of congress no matter the civil war or whatever
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battles before us congress always met. we should lead by example but these people have always been paid. they are getting paid and they never show up to work so the voice the public is lent them. >> it is -- people watching across the country can't believe it because it is literally robbing the american people of their hard-earned tax dollars to pay people to sit home and watch qvc or whatever they are doing and not actually work because they're supposed to be working for the american people. they are not. many of your members of congress in that mix as well. speaking of the democrats pelosi was lecturing all of you today. watch. >> it is their responsibility to deal with their people was how do we deal with addressing the fear they have instilled with verizonohphobia and the rest is something hopefully we can do in a bipartisan way.
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i don't feel like talking about what the republicans aren't doing or are doing about the disgrace, and except double behavior of their members. >> islamohphobia is the biggest threat from pelosi's point of view. >> did any reporter ask about her remember last week who said i work with the ku klux klan? did anyone ask her about congresswoman omar when she claimed in the last congress my only support for israel was about the benjamin. when she said america is no different than the taliban and would not apologize for that and nancy pelosi said she wouldn't make her or what about when she mentioned congresswoman omar, on 9/11 some people did something. but you know what happened to a republican when they made a comment they didn't truly believe, they apologized to the
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american public and apologized to the member personally but this is what the democrats try to continue to do. they need to hold their members accountable but why would eric swallwell who could not get a security clearance in the private sector, why would they give him the national secrets of it and be on intel committee's. that is amazing to me. to let it happen. >> don't think they should be controlling what republicans sits on what committees and none of you should be apologizing. at this point they are the ones sitting in the hot seat now and it should stay that way, thank you and white house chief of staff mark meadows fighting back against policy and the january 6th committee, he filed a civil suit against all mine committee members asking the court to block unduly burdensome subpoenas from the committee. without legal authority and in violation of the constitution. mark meadows, author of the
12:29 am
chief's chief jointly now. right before we came to air congressman bennie thompson, liz cheney, called your lawsuit flawed adding they will continue supporting contempt charges against you, your response tonight. >> obviously congress is going to do what they intended to do. you told me in contempt, this lawsuit goes to the heart of the matter, the fact is we have been trying for weeks and weeks to make accommodations, to share nonprivileged information while protecting the executive privilege donald trump has claimed and what we found is each and every time there was an overreach on the part of the committee and in the last 72 hours, we received a subpoena that want to our telecommunications carrier, was so broad you would have to do some type of legislative
12:30 am
contortions to find a legislative reason for that subpoena. they did this without notifying us. we came to the conclusion that they are still going to try to question those personal private conversations i had with the president of the united states and other senior officials in the west wing and quite frankly their scope - i'm between a rock and a hard place. >> for people who don't understand, mark is talking about the executive privilege doctrine which is a little murky. it hasn't been fully litigated at the level it needs to be litigated to determine the outcome here but what i found more disturbing is the trolling through private communications which is what they want to do but they said in response to your point you were already willing to give those over, we
12:31 am
just want to ask questions about those text messages so why did you want to play ball with them at all? why do you play ball with them at all? >> i can tell you because certain nonprivileged communication, what they will find is no one in the white house had any advanced knowledge of anything that was going to happen that day in terms of breach of security on january 6th. we said this publicly, i shared this with you before, donald trump not only authorized but encouraged the authorization of 10,000 national guard's leading up to that, that is not something you do if you are anticipating some kind of nefarious motives. i will say this. is the interesting thing. in the spirit of trying to cooperate with this committee
12:32 am
they made it clear they are not going to do that and are doing a fishing expedition that is probably believe they should more subpoenas in the last two months than they have in the last decade. republican speakers and democrat speakers alike over the history of the country have been very judicious in the subpoenas and now what we are doing - >> they are out for blood. don't mean to be frustrated because i've known you for a long time but you saw what these people did to john trump for four years and this is -- of course they are operating in bad faith, they tried to take out trump on a lie, repeated lies about russia collusion and so they are trying -- they don't care about organized what, they are trolling for any little tidbit they can run over to the new york times into the headline that makes you look bad, that's what they want.
12:33 am
i used to be in the litigation business. i know what they are doing. >> without a doubt and you are exactly right and that's one of the reasons we are having to fight back at this particular time. is not a legislative motive and i can tell you regardless of the consequences we need to fight back. >> i want to see nancy's text messages and chuck schumer's, wouldn't you love to see those. i will show you mine when you show me yours. congratulations on the book by the way. it is just out, go out and get it. a list stars and even some failed politicians have reboot fever. wait until you see the results. politics is causing some young people to end relationships. arroyo will explain seen and unseen next.
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>> laura: time for a "seen and unseen" segment where we explored the big cultural stories of the day laura: we explore the big cultural stories of the day with author of the spider who saved christmas raymond arroyo, nostalgic reboots and apparently
12:39 am
moving to political sphere. >> there are some shows that refuse to be canceled, hillary clinton is launching a new master class on the power of resilience and she is >>ifying like his 2015 allegedly talking to her mother. this is the reboot you have been waiting for. >> this was supposed to be the victory speech i would have delivered on election night in new york, november 8th, 2016. look at me, listen to me, as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up and become the president of the united states. i am is sure of this as anything i have ever known. together we will make america
12:40 am
even greater than it has ever been. >> he should get a nanny for that. she should do a master class in letting go. she cannot get past election loss. i've never seen anything like it. >> she's quite emotional in this. it was a very odd, it was odd. the strangest thing. >> since she lost in 2016 she has written a nonfiction book, she's written a fiction book about this, she has done a tour with the bill, they couldn't fill the arena and i am waiting for the animated tv special before it is over. from reboots that won't end to reboots, abc is restaging the facts of life and different strokes with an all-star cast as it went pretty much as expected. ♪♪ different strokes around the world ♪♪ >> sit down with me come here.
12:41 am
>> you know what bladder did to me, i had to pay her back. >> you didn't pay blair back. that young man out there is the one who is paying. >> my old acting teacher used to say there are two things you can't play, sexy or young and this cast proved are right on both counts is wise 53-year-old jennifer aniston playing a teenaged blair, a role originated by lisa welchel who 30 years later looks exactly the same, she even showed up in costume at the end, why not let her re-create her original performance particularly if she is there. >> is there some dramatic affect they are seeking by putting middle-aged people in the roles or is it telling us we are living in an infantile adult society, just like hillary can't
12:42 am
get past the fact that no one wanted her to be president and these people can't get past the fact that some of their better dramatic days are in the past. >> it is big stars on a nostalgic trip but the material, this is not exactly klugmanan tony randall relaunching the art couple on stage which i started in london and new york, that was different, this is weak material and a list stars don't make it better, the commercials were the best part the best thing i can say about it is there were no politics from producers jimmy kimmel and norman lear and that might be an accomplishment. >> also all too rare, disturbing poll showing young democrats despise, don't just disagree with republicans, they despise the other party, nearly a quarter of democrats polled would not befriend someone who voted for the opposing presidential candidate, 71% wouldn't date someone who voted
12:43 am
differently. i kind of agree with that. what gives? >> let's not tell our friends mary madeleine and james carville. one couple. >> people have to overcome the ideology. ideology and humanity are two things but it is important for people in different sides of the aisle to speak to each other and engage each other so they can find common cause which is something you advocated for years. i am disturbed by this. that is why this jussie smollett stories so important, he created a false hoax to divide people racially and politically and the young are watching and listening, he should go to jail for many years for that, of noxious what that man tried to pull off. >> we know you and rebecca are on opposite sides of the political spectrum in your house, you mix it up politically.
12:44 am
come on, thank you. elon musk is not just one of the most successful businessmen in the world but has become an astute political observer on most things. and moments we will play the recent comments he made that are getting some attention.
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laura: one of the chief reasons elon musk is get the following among conservatives has been his ability to challenge the liberal orthodoxy dominates his field. his refusal to shy away from controversy was on full display yesterday a wall street journal summit. first he took on the build back better fiasco. >> i would say honestly don't pass it, that's my recommendation. the government is a corporation in the limit, why would you give a corporation with no competition, the can't even really go bankrupt more money? >> then he correctly diagnosed the current societal bill. >> one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low birthrate and rapidly declining birth rate.
12:50 am
and yet so many people think that are too many people in the world of the population is growing out of control. people don't have more children civilization is in trouble. mark my words. >> you don't have to be a massey's like he is but he knows that. many conservatives no doubt love to hear, it is important to remember where the tesla ceo falls short. for instance before he was against government largest he took billions from taxpayers to prop up his business and find most troubling in the long-term musk is shown alarming difference to the ccp. >> china spent a lot of resources on the latest digital technologies including the automobile industry, making china a global leader in generalization. tesla's investment is in china. >> look like a hostage tape to me. like he believed what he was
12:51 am
saying. i get it. musk wants the chinese to buy a lot of teslas and whatever else he investment given what they are doing on a daily basis, human rights atrocities, the threat to america's future and independence, liberty, maybe it is time the embraces the person we heard in the first we do soundbites, freedom and independence, success can grow from consistency and principle as well. joining me is someone with a keen sense of who elon musk is, kurt mills, contributor at the american conservative. it is fair to say musk is a fascinating person. obviously brilliant. what is your sense on this dichotomy about american freedom and independence, free market
12:52 am
and kind of being soft on china? >> he's the tip of the iceberg, the sickness throughout the us business community whether apple, google, sequoia capital in november of last year or this year was exposed is investing heavily in the chinese semiconductor industry, where to begin. if musk wants to show himself as a real patriot he will consider drying back his investment in china but i hardly view him as the worst actor although it is disappointing to hear. >> he has so much going for him in so many ways he doesn't need them now. when you don't need them that the ultimate power. why not to make a real difference which he also went after economic central planning, watch. >> it does not make sense to take the job of capital allocation away from people have
12:53 am
demonstrated great scott capital allocation and give it to one who has demonstrated very poor skill which is the government. >> he was referencing the build back better thing but he could be referencing china and state run capitalism but again he has benefited as many corporate ceos have on government deals and largess but i guess he's attacking socialist tendencies as well. >> what i will say musk, does complement china it is worth caveating the of course china has done things that have been very hope president last 40 years, raise the standard of living for their own people but often done it on the backs of the us industrial base. it would be very helpful for leaders like musk and other people in business who are far far more in bed with these guys to caveat that and to start reinvesting at home.
12:54 am
>> 5 million manufacturing jobs lost since the beginning of china's opening up, so that's insane as well. when we think about this again we think about him and role in american society. where does this leave the democrats and musk really quickly. >> to be clear a lot of people look up to elon musk and especially with the democratic white house and trump off twitter, look at musk as a younger trump people are looking up to him and what he says matters and on something like the china challenge which is in my view unprecedented, he could show - >> you just set perfectly. great to see you tonight, thanks so much a biden by the numbers -- can't wait, up next.
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go i'm going to lose track here. ♪ ♪ speak of the average price you >> the average price are paying in kansas city is below $2 a gallon come down to $2.90 a gallon, 20% down from a month ago. we are going to keep at it to assure the american people are paying their fair share for gas. laura: gutfeld next. todd: breaking news overnight, career criminal accused of burning down the all-american christmas tree outside the door on fox square back on the street without bail. can't make this stuff up in 2021, you're watching "fox and friends first". carley: he's walking free just hours ago after being charged with multiple misdemeanors including arson and reckless endangerment. he was told to return to court on january 4th. todd: i'm


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