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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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as we told you we have our american manufacturing teamworking overtime for fauci ornaments at tucker have a great evening. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." evidence was overwhelming. actor jussie smollett found guilty on 5 of 6 charges. 2 years after staging a fake hate crime against himself. tonight he is guilty of lying to a police officer about a hate crime. he is guilty of lying to the same police officers about getting assaulted and making same fake claims to a second officer and repeating these lies to police several hours later. smollett is a convicted felon.
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i wonder if they will bringun up the issue of lying under oath? the former "empire" actor called 9-11 and told police he was attacked on his way back from grabbing a subway sands witch. -- sandwich. he alleged that 2 white males who were trump supporters beat him up and placed a noose around his neck. when police arrived a white rope was around his neck but jussie smollett's story fell apart. abc news invited him on for a sympathetic interview with host robin roberts. >> i am an advocate.
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>> in the attackers are never found how will you be able to heal? >> [silence]. -- i don't know. lates just hope that they are. do you know what i am say something let's not go there yet. [crying]. i was talking to a friend. i just wanted to find them. she said, they are not going to find them. that made me so angry. >> sean: such a disservice when you lie like this. jussie smollett tweeted that liars don't realize they are obvious people. we found your attackers. jussie smollett paid 2 immigrant brothers to help stage this
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attack. both individuals testified against smollett after police determined that the brothers purchased the rope used in this fake attack along with a red hat and gloves and a check from jussie smollett made out to one of the brothers was recovered. they had surveillance footage showing them practicing the attack the day before jussie smollett called 9-11. we have phone records show the trio plotting the fake hate crime. what jussie smollett did was vile and the rush to judgment from the media mob and hollywood celebrity mob and the democratic party mob was worse. jussie smollett claimed while out for a subway sandwich at 2 a.m. 2 white trump supporters wearing maga hats recognized a d-list actor and attacked him yelling this is maga country. that's a strange story.
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but almost everyone on the left bought it hook, line and sinker. joe biden tweeting. what happened today to juts must never be tolerated in in country -- we must stand up and demand we no longer give hate safe harbor. homophobia and racism have no place on our treats. and kamala harris tweeted jussie smollett is one of the kindest human being i know. i am praying for his quick recovery. this was an attempted modern-day lynching. and booker always called it that. reverend sharpton said this is outrageous. andrew cuomo new york state calls the attack on jussie smollett a hate crime.
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tlaib said when one of the most famous black men in america is not safe the message is dangerous. the right wing is killing our people and from the human rights campaign. our thoughts are with jussie smollett. it's a tragic row mind they're racism and homophobic are rampant in the u.s. bernie sanders jumped in -- and maxine waters announced she was dedicated to finding the culprits. cher joined in. she went on a rant and blamed trump. katie perry said she was standing with jussie smollett. joy reid called it a chilling attack. on tv the hot takes were just as bad. >> you think about what just
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happened to jussie smollett in chicago. unfortunately we have racism germinating from the white house. >> jussie smollett is love. that's who he s. that's all he knows. in in situation hate won't win. -- in this. >> the media is saying this is a debate. what happened to jussie smollett is a hate crime. this is not [bleep] a debate. >> the u.s. congressman from illinois calls for an immediate and sweeping civil rights investigation into the racist and homophobic attack on jussie smollett. >> i don't like that this is a possible hate crime. >> the media has really cast so much doubt on his story which i find so personally offensive. >> and booker said the attack on jussie smollett was a modern-day lynching. >> this is america in 2019.
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>> tucker: why would the media and democrats rush quickly to judgment? jussie smollett's story fit their anti-trump narrative. they didn't visiting. they didn't interview witnesses. they didn't wait terror police to reveal any evidence. they didn't care if it was true or not. that's why the same cast of characters smeared and slandered kyle rittenhouse. kyle rittenhouse was labeled a white supremacist by joe biden. and kamala harris called him an extremist. they were wrong then and now. don't ever expect an apology. 3.5 years donald trump colluded with russia. the only one that colluded with russia was hillary clinton. they used that to spy on
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a presidential candidate. the left don't give a damn about truth or justice. they don't care if they ruin somebody's life. they will lie and smear anyone for political gain. kyle rittenhouse recently. remember the cambridge police acting stupidly. a high school student nicholas sandman. they were wrong in missouri. people told me eyewitnesses will confirm that michael brown was reaching into the car and trying to grab his gun and charging at the officers. the same thing in maryland with gray and the duke lacrosse case. we got that right because i took the time to meet the families and kids employee knew they were building evidence that would clear them. it did.
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richard jewel was on the radio. fits the profile of the lone bomber because he lives with his mother. that doesn't make him a domestic terrorists. lie and repeat. rush to judgment and repeat. no due process. no presumption of innocence. repeat. jussie smollett carried out this disgusting hoax knowing the left would have his back. he knew what would happen. he would become a celebrity with fame and fortune and praise and maybe a speaking spot at dnc. it fell apart. when the fax came in. the real tragedy in all of this investigators had to spend months and months untangling jussie smollett's web of lies instead of solving rape and murder crimes.
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i have been doing this scroll since 2009. names of thousands of men, women and children murdered and shot in chicago. names you will never hear about. we will never know how many of these people would still be alive today if police were not forced to waste precious time and resources on lies like jussie smollett's lies. tonight like every night our thoughts and prayers stand with these families. the families of real victims. names you will never hear about. the media ignores because they can't politicize it. here with more is alan dershowitz and gregg jarrett. the evidence was overwhelming. >> every civil libertarian should applaud this.
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false accusations can destroy our system of justice. we can't assume any particular race or gender tells the truth or any particular religion. we have to focus on the evidence. the evidence in this case has been overwhelming from the beginning. this was a false accusation. now we have to start going after women who are trying to make ony off falsacizations. -- i was falsely accused by virginia. nobody looked into that case. she is a woman, she must be telling the truth. the media won't look into false charges by women, african-americans or guys. it's critical we have a single standard of justice.ays.
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it's critical we have a single standard of justice. anybody making a false charge should be sentenced to a long prison term. >> tucker: gregg jarrett the reason we tonight hear about the every day victims is because it doesn't advance the agenda. the only lives that matter are lives that can be used as a political weapon. otherwise he would stop the violence in new york and chicago. we don't do, we? >> no, we don't. this is a classic case of rush to judgment by kamala harris who called it a modern-day lynching and joe biden who tweeted out we are with you. it says something about the leadership in the white house that they don't have the common
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decency to apologize for this racist hoax. this it should have been obvious at the out set -- there was no doubt about jussie smollett's guilt. his testimony only made it more obvious. the problem with lies is it is difficult to keep track of your story. he took the witness stand and was confronted with conflicting statements. his explanations defied common sense. maybe he thought he was so skilled he could fool the jury or maybe they are like me. ignore all of the evidence and acquit me. they didn't buy the con. they followed the law and did
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their duty and found him guilty. >> sean: professor. kyle rittenhouse, richard jewel and the list. sandman. ferguson, missouri, and trayvon martin and gray in baltimore and duke lacrosse. then the 3.5 year russia lie against donald trump. it never ends. they are seldom held accountable. >> and cnn has been wrong on every issue. in this case don lemon was complicit. he told smollett not to give the telephone. why don't you give the telephone if you are innocent? why is don lemon giving legal advice? they fired cuomo but still
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applaud don lemon. this is not just smollett. we have to start investigating and prosecuting these false charges. racial, sexual, and political the system can't endure the tolerance of false charges. you can't have affirmative action. if you are black or a woman it's understandable. if you are gay -- no. a single standard. >> [overlapping talking]. you get charged and convicted. it's in the 10 commandments. you shall not bear false witness. >> sean: that means this jury believes he lied to them on the stand. will he get charged for that? >> right. he could get charged for perjury. more immediately, the judge will take notice of this.
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this is why it was foolhardy for him to take the witness stand. if the judge determines he lied to the court and the judge and to those jurors, he could use that as a basis to elevate punishment under the guidelines. in other words, instead of concurrent sentences of 3 years or 15 months, he might decide to run them consecutively. it was risky to take the witness stand. the defense knew they were losing badly. >> i don't think it was an act of desperation. he realized in america jurors are likely to believe a false story told by certain people. he took the risk he would get a hung jury.
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>> sean: thank you. earlier today. the special prosecutor in the smollett case had this reaction. take a look. >> this jury worked so hard. for mr. smollett to get up in front of them and lie for hours and hours and hours, that really compounded his misconduct. defendants have a right to argue their case hasn't been proven by a beyond a reasonable doubt. defendants only have the right to liunder oath. -- lie under oath. mr. smollett would not have lost this case unless the jury found he lied to them. >> sean: joe chonca and leo terrell. what about lying to the jury? >> i said it yesterday. this guy is facing perjury. lied on the witness stand.
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his attorneys should be held for ethical violations. she knew when she put him on the witness stand. this is an attempt by an ego maniac to divide it country by race. the jury rejected. who else is guilty? kamala harris and joe biden and black lives matter and robin roberts and good morning america. they played the race card to divide this country. the jury system worked. the american legal system works to perfection! what you saw here was this jury which included a black person saying we reject your lies. i am sick and tired of this race card analogy that the police department is racist. maybe 1 department in a democratic city that is all white. doesn't exist.
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you have police officers that are black, white, brown and yellow. the race card didn't play with police department. >> sean: joe on the office. the media mob rushing to judgment. and also the democrats that rush to judgment and are not held accountable. >> and no apology is coming. robin roberts is the highest paid person in broadcast news. he was pr chief of the smollett campaign. she said so beautiful, jussie smollett and robert is allergic to the term alleged. you were attacked. not alleged attackers. it was bought hook, line and sinker from the start without a hint of curiousit or scrutiny.
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-- give local chicago media credit. they didn't buy into this. they followed the facts. they did not insert their opinions. they deserve credit for following the story and holding judgment until a verdict came in. let's talk about the resources used to investigate this case. 2021 is shaping up to one of the worst years for deadly violence in chicago history. that's a bad history. more than 1,000 homicide were recorded in cook county in 2020. we still have a month to go. a question for alan dershowitz, the 11 o'clock anchor in don lemon. tipped off smollett that the police department did not believe the story so smollett
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with held his cellphone from cnn. cnn has yet to comment. journalism there is activism. >> sean: if 2007 i declared journalism in america dead, gone and buried. i was more right than i knew. thank you both. trait ahead. earlier this week black lives matter said this about smollett and a congressman will react to the verdict and another disastrous day for the failing biden white house. his cognitive decline is more obvious by the hour. straight ahead.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: we reported this week. black lives matter has been standing in solidarity with the convicted liar jussie smollett claiming the police can't be retrusted. will blm be honest. staging hate crime hoaxes urn minus the victims of real problems. -- why is blm so silent on the violence day in and out.
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plaguing the city of chicago. we scroll as we did earlier the names of murder victims on this program. names you have never heard of before rather than focus on real attacks to save real lives, the far left would waste time fuelling hate and rage with a hoax. here is clay travis and byron donald is with us from florida. i started scrolling this back in the obama years. names of innocent people that we will never hear about. we know how to stop shootings and keep cities save. rudy giuliani did it in new york. why aren't groups like blm concerned about these lives? these names that nobody ever hearsay about? >> well, sean, the unfortunate
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reality is blm doesn't worry about those names because they don't move forward the political agenda of black lives matter and the money raising agenda of black lives matter. you are talking somebody who grew up in the inner city of brooklyn, new york when rudy giuliani became mayor. i saw firsthand he kept communities safe. we need to support police and law enforcement and support a judicial system that gets to the crux of the matter about whether you are guilty or innocent regardless of the color of your skin or how much money you make. justice must be blind. if you do wrong like jussie smollett you need to be held accountable. >> sean: "wall street journal" poll yesterday showed republicans and democrats dead even with hispanic-americans in terms of their vote.
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i believe the republican party rather than following mitch mcconnell's broken promises off the cliff and acting weak. instead of backing him they ought to lead the fight to keep every american safe and security with law and order in every city democrat red state or blue state doesn't matter. a lot of inner city schools are hurting our kids and depriving them of education which is the lad er to success in this country. >> amen -- wish we spent time teaching people to do 3 things. graduate from high school. don't got have a kid until you are 25 and get married. if you do those 3 things, you won't be boor in america. -- poor.
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let me point this out. it's a big deal. our justice system gets absolutely attacked on a daily basis. we are not perfect in america. but we have the greatest justice system that ever existed in the history of the world. it's imperfect -- >> sean: i have to take a issue. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: i would argue we did that now. now if you are a democrat like hillary clinton you are off scot-free. if you are a member of the deep state and lie to a fisa court, if i did it, we would be held accountable. >> maybe i should specify this. that's a good point. our jurors are on the best in the world. 12 people of intelligence is better than any one person's intelligence. that's what we believe.
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with kyle rittenhouse and with ahmaud arbery and now with jussie smollett three different massive and hugely covered stories. the jurors in all three cases, they got it right. sean, this is important. you know that kamala harris and joe biden are still allowed right now to have lies up about jussie smollett. kamala harris called it a modern-day lynching. joe biden said it was homophobic and racism. nothing done on twitter to point out those lies and that misinformation. it is another failing of big tech. i bet the congressman would agree. they are trying to divide us. we have a lot more in common than we do that divides us. >> sean: every american wants a safe neighborhood. safety and security. good schools.
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they want a good job with good benefits. they want to be able to live free. unfortunately that doesn't always happen. congressman the last word? >> sean, i agree with everything you said. that's what people want. that's what every mother in america wants for their child. to move forward we have to get away from politically and media motivated cases and get back to justice under the law which is blind and doesn't respect any individual but make sure that justice is done. that's what we need as one america. >> sean: you can't have one justice system for hillary clinton and the democrats and one for conservatives. thank you. more signs tonight of internal tensions inside the biden white house. this was bizarre today. biden appeared to not even
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acknowledge his vice-president kamala harris at the capitol during today's ceremony reremembering a great senator bob dole -- biden switches seats had his wife dr. jill biden. they cancelled dr. s on because he is running for senate -- made the president move further away from the vice-president. with the pair barely making eye contact. is this a sign of the reports of turmoil out there? nobody wanted to associated with kamala harris and her 28% approval rating. was there an innocent explanation? we reached out to the white house and we haven't heard back. biden appeared to lose his train of thought and read the
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instructions end of message. they were directions on the teleprompter. take a look. >> i quote bob dole. i cannot pretend that i have not been a loyal champion of my party. i have always served my country best and i did it first and fore most as an american. at the end of the day, we always found ways to come together. we can find that unity again. the message said end the message. >> sean: end -- [laughing]. it said end of message. meaning stop, joe. he read it. biden's day-to-day blunders are signaling weaknesses to the rest of the world. especially now as tensions are
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mounting in ukraine and china and iran. there are major things we can do to get them to back off. stop importing products from china and giving our allies in western europe enough energy. those are things joe won't do because he is weak and pathetic. a new report says the biden administration is planning to press the ukraine to cede part of the country. that's a big signal. joe won't do a inning financially. i am not saying boots on the ground. currently controlled by russia backed separatists who took control of crimea in 2014. we have the biden family syndicate that made a fortune
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from deals with russia, china and ukraine. is it possible to zero importance hunter biden, did it have any influence on the decisions of joe biden in today's white house. we know the libyans compiled compromising information on hunter. they knew he was a drug addict that liked, who. -- hookers. who is the biden doctrine. here with reaction is joe and a congress ronnie jackson from texas. -- donald trump got 30 out of 30 on his cognitive test. when i looked it up online i don't think they could get 20.
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hex could get 22. trump nailed it with a 30. there is no way biden would get a good score on that test. >> no way. he is an embarrassment to our country. kamala harris is an embarrassment too. he has enough ability to be embarrassed by her. she has something going on. you talked about the way he read the instructions at the end. >> sean: hang on. he might not have remembered who she was. just guessing. >> it's possible. he walked right past her and did not recognize here. it's embarrassing. he is inspiring confidence in our adversaries. he is scaring our allies. they don't trust us.
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the debacle set in afghanistan set the stage for what is to come in ukraine. they will let him continue to fumble along until he gets us in a war. it's really bad. >> sean: if i said what the u.s. should do, pete, i think it's simple. economically produce energy for western and european allies so they no longer need vladimir putin. joe biden is helping putin and russia get rich again. on the klein front. -- china front. it's simple too. their economy is predicated on exporting things abroad. stop importing anything from china until they stopped their open hostility with taiwan and i
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would go forward with the olympics because i don't to punish athletes. >> you have to stare them down. if joe biden knows what he is doing is surrendering to vladimir putin. signaling we will do nothing or not support taiwan significantly. you give boat loads of weapons on ukraine and taiwan and stand behind them in every way. what you got is the most incompetent president and vice-president. they were box checked picks. you have two asleep at the wheel leaders and foreign capitals are licking their chops. now is the moment. putin moves because biden is
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week. ping will move bauserman biden is weak and the same with iran. -- it's one of the most dangerous moments i have been a part of this in country. >> sean: the cognitive decline to me joe biden seems like he is deteriorating daily. it's getting worse. ronnie jackson, if you had to make maneuvers to encourage russia not to invade ukraine you could do that with energy alone. with china you hurt them the most by stopping to import anything from china. we should be manufacturing after covid-19 everything here anyway because we know what they did to the world. >> the key is we need our allies to do this. they don't trust us.
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i think the hunter biden stuff has a lot to do with this it. biden's action don't make sense. they are not in this country's best interest. why? i think hunter biden has something to do with this. even if we wanted to do something we need our allies and they do not trust us anymore after the debacle in afghanistan. they don't want to cross the line. they know what will happen. they know that joe biden and this administration will abandon them. i don't know what options we have right now with the leadership we currently have. >> sean: last word, pete? >> you can't underscore the impact of the debacle in afghanistan. no one covered more intensely than you have. our allies look at that and say that is joe biden. that's america under his leadership. we don't believe a word he says.
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he has zoom calls reading off a script as they laugh at us. that's the reality. the white house knows it. they kept him in the basement during the campaign because they knew it. they put us in this position. >> sean: your commentary is so good. i am raising the cognitive test score to a 25 for you. i went down to a 19. i am losing ground. good to see you. coming up former chief of staff mark meadows filed a lawsuit against the liz cheney january 6th purge the republican party trump commission with a pre-determined outcome following suspects. he -- subpoenas. he will join us live ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a federal appeals court ruled against former president trump's effort to protect documents from the house committee's january 6th probe with executive privilege. this committee has a pre-determined outcome. they kicked jordan and banks off the committee and replaced them with liz cheney and adam kissinger. i have yet to see any
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information about the whistleblowers that would testify. the national guard was told to stand down. this seems to be about cheap political points trying to be scored and purging the republican party from all things trump. former chief of staff mark meadows filed a lawsuit against it pelosi and the committee in response to their plan to hold him in criminal contempt over documents he says are protected by executive privilege. here with reaction, mr. meadows. you write in the book that the president and this was frequent. there was a lot of false postests. president trump had a positive covid test. immediately you retested him and that came back negative?
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>> well, not only immediately did we test him and it came back negative -- but we had follow-up tests before and after the debate. there has been a lot written about that. all of those tests were negative. the story is more about false positives than anything else. you appreciate you clarifying that. >> sean: chris christie said you knew. you knew about the multiple negative tests that followed a false positive. the january 6th committee. they responded to your lawsuit. they will refer this to the doj. the question is, on the legal front, i think this is a dangerous precedent for this reason. every president diameter democrat or republican needs to get honest advice. if people believe that information will be made public nobody can be honest with the
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president moving forward -- that's dangerous to national security in my opinion. >> there are a few advisors to the president of the united states that you want to have that candid advice. if a current president with waive executive privilege of a previous president it has a chilling effect on what communications may transpire between the president and top senior advisors. i am between a rock and a hard place. i have trump of the united states whom i gladly served claiming executive privilege. we congress saying they won't honor that executive privilege. that's why we filed the lawsuit. hopefully this is what courthouse are all about. that's why they should weigh in. i read the articles and i read the releases about congress holding me in contempt of congress. i can assure you there is
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nothing criminal about my actions. it's all about wanting clarity under the law and preserving that executive privilege that donald trump has rightfully claimed. >> sean: as the chief of staff what you say to the president has to be secret. you have to have privacy and this ability to be honest with the president. what are your thoughts on liz cheney? she partnered with people who called her father a war criminal and a crook. now aligned herself with people that support the weakest foreign policy positions i have ever seen. this seems she is not looking at the summer riots of 2020 that killed people. billion dollars of property damage and injured thousands of cops. her motive is to purge the party of trump. that's what i believe. >> i don't know what her motive
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is. i can tell what i am hearing from people across the country is that the members of this select committee have already voted to impeach donald trump. they see that as a guilty verdict but continue to serve here. that's what part of the lawsuit is about. the scope and people of the committee. >> [overlapping talking]. >> sean: you told me donald trump requested the guard be called up two days before. we only have 15 seconds? >> yes, asked 10,000 troops to be available 2 days before. that's correct. >> sean: the book is phenomenal. it tells the story of a successful president. on and book stores everywhere. more "hannity" after this.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. as always you make this show possible. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode but in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled, there she is, laura ingraham takes you to bed tonight. i don't know. >> laura: that's great, oh, my god. i'm going to let that slide. >> sean: wheeze to say on radio, "hannity" takes you home. >> laura: it's always about you, isn't it? the narrative always goes back to you and your construction work. i want to convict you tonight on elder abuse on joe biden. playing joe biden sound bites, reading the cues come with the


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