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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 10, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> this is a fox news alert, i'm ashley strohmier live in new york. deadly storm sweeping across the nation. confirmed tornado in monette arkansas striking a nursing home. at least two are dead and five are heard. rescue teams saying more than 20 people were trapped in that nursing home that collapsed. the nursing home was housing about 90 people. the surveyor storm system knocking out power to 60,000 customers in arkansas and misso. injuries being reported in southern illinois after a roof collapse at an amazon warehouse. the emergency management agency
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issued a statement on facebook calling it a "mass casualty incident." it is believed two50 people working the night shift are trapped in the building. several buildings in mayfield and reports of do no damage in tennessee and missouri. more than 23 million people are under the severe threat of weather. stay with fox news channel on this developing story. we'll take you back to regular programming already in progress. >> tucker: according to consumer pricing index, inflation almost up 7% over the past 12 months. very high. the problem is the reality is much worse than that. that's because the consumer index is useless as a guide to life in america. it doesn't actually measure the cost of living. in that way, the cpi is calculated by assigning relative weight to different categories of good. a very complex series of formulas. some of them were formulated in
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good faith. others were designed to deceive you. but in effect, the bottom line is the cpi does a very bad job of measuring how much actual costs to live in this country. for example, gas prices. the cti gas prices constitute less than 4% of the total value of the products included. that's realistic if you happen to live in manhattan, where nobody drives a car. but if you have a car and you drive more than a few miles to work every day, that's ridiculous. for you, gas prices are a far larger part of your budget and yet all of this is ignored by the cpi. you do not need to be in an economist to understand this. these are not accurate numbers. but they were put together by people we consider very smart. you have to ask yourself why are these numbers inaccurate? think about it. the consumer price index measures the downside of federal economic policy. so let's say you printed too many u.s. dollars. you want to defund useless
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programs and pay off your dollars per if you did that, you would devalue your own currency, because inflation over time, impoverish your own population. those would be the effects. you'd want to hide those effects. you want to tell everybody that thanks to you, the economy is great, and they've consumer price index allows politicians to do that. the cpi allows reckless economically illiterate leaders to hide the mess they have made. it's a conflict of interest if there ever was one. it's like putting bernie made off in charge of the audit committee. what do you think is going to happen if you do that? fake numbers allow fake economists to tell a fake story about what's actually happening to the country. they have definitely been doing that. >> our economists have conveyed that they feel like the impact of our proposals will be transitory. >> all of the economists that the president has been relying on suggest there is a transitory nature to the inflation problem.
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>> economistses call all these things transitory effects. >> it's transitory. it's not going to be here long. >> we've had several months of high inflation. most economists doing me believe will be transitory. >> we don't expect the upper pressure will be producing substantially higher prices or the effects will be consistent but we expect will be transitory or temporary. >> the usual cavalcade of liars and dumb people. maxine waters on economic policy? stay in your lane for the last guy is very smart. he's jerome powell, the chairman of the federal reserve. powell has updated his assessment, transitory, after weeks of being laughed at. no longer uses the word to describe inflation. says, i think it's a good time to retire that word, powell said. too late! no one believes you. in fact, there is only one
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accurate way to measure inflation and somehow he has not figured it out. what does it cost you to live in this country compared to what it cost you a year ago. it is not complicated. do the math and you'll see that the actual numbers, the rise in inflation is not even close to the 7% that washington is claiming. in the last year, the price of a used car has gone up by more than 30%. beef prices have risen by 50%. conventional lumber 30%, wheat 37%. sugar 37%. core and 9%. palm oil 49%. do you drink coffee question what the price of coffee has risen 108% in the last year. do you like breakfast cereal? codes are up 114% oats are up 114%. that's the numbers you see in the grocery store.
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an informal term that economists use for the stealth shrinking of consumer products. companies sell you less for the same price. have you bought a snickers bar recently? if it seems a lot smaller than it used to, that's because it is. those are the products you buy expect most people in this country still live indoors and the cost of living indoors has driven dramatically. rents in southern california have tripled in a single year, as this recent box package reports. >> inflation and migration. people from l.a. and orange county moving to the inland empire in search of affordable housing are two reasons for the booming real estate market, and the high rents in the inland empire. some landlords have more than triple rent prices in the last year. >> an apartment that is in not a great area, redland, and used to go for 800 a month. we just noted that it was up for $2600 per month.
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the space hasn't changed. two bedroom apartment with barely any livable space. >> $2600 per month for a depressing little unit in a deeply crummy part of the state. that cost 800 bucks years ago. as what's going on in the country until jerome powell and joe biden was telling us inflation was transitory. everybody else knows exactly what's going on because it's impossible to ignore. >> americans are seeing the side effects of inflation in their budgets. general mills even announcing they are raising the prices of some of their serials by up to 20%. >> the grand total of our thanksgiving dinner was $51.29. >> more than 20% over last year's list. >> the dollar tree is hiking is prices from $1 to $1.25 for most items.
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>> you'll pay more for it. >> this is on the storage shelf for about $0.60 of pound when this would normally be somewhere around low $0.20 around. >> pizzerias across the five boroughs are rising the price of a slice. dollar slices are up to $1.50. >> the average homeowner is going to pay $100 or more for the heating season than they did a year ago. >> oh. so tell us again, joe biden, how inflation is at 7%. read some more government numbers to us but one group that would never even consider believing in numbers like these, like this, or investors but they aren't looking at the consumer price index bear they do this for a living. they know exactly what dangers inflation looks like. that's why they are buying the hard assets. you see it everywhere for the
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median sales price in austin, texas, increased 33.5% in a single year. the median price of a condo around miami has gone up nearly 21%. a real estate in daytona was already wildly over seeded. now it's a bonfire. why is it happening? simple. investors are afraid. considered equities prices. the s&p 500 is up 28% in the last year. if you are looking for the real inflation rate, that's a lot closer than the cpi is going to get you. but if you want to know what people who think about money for a living really think about the economy and the value of the u.s. dollar? look at the value of cryptocurrency. cryptocurrency is by definition a refuge for inflation. people buy bitcoins when they decide the u.s. dollar is unsafe. bitcoin is up 154% up in the last year. a theory and other cryptocurrencies up 622%. so you should consider that a
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referendum on the strength of our economic system as judged by the people who know the system best because that's exactly what it is. so these are major changes to the u.s. economy and they are very ominous. for financial journalists, there is no bigger story right now than this, we just said. and yet amazingly that shameless hacks are studiously ignoring it. here is cnbc's internal financial genius telling us that under joe biden, we are now entering a new economic golden age. watch. >> to me we have the strongest economy that i've ever seen. this unemployment number is the best in years. we've all spotted the endless hope, the tremendous demand for goods and services, a marvel to behold. people are confident about their jobs. they are spending more than i've ever seen, but they are doing it with tax and credit. they are doing so in roaring '20s style.
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>> imagine believing that. that's jim cramer of cnbc. we saw that ted, how should we feel about the assessment of our economy? it may be a little bit early to apply for a foreign passport, but it's not a good sign. told to buy bear stearns before he disappeared completely. >> had been worried about getting my money out -- no, no, no! bear stearns is fine! did not take your money out. bear stearns is not in trouble! of anything it'll be more likely taken over. don't move your money! that's just being silly! don't be silly -- >> tucker: bear stearns is not in trouble! bear stearns is fine. do not take your money out. that's what he said right before the crash. in a normal country with a function and meritocracy, anyone who says something like that would no longer be touting
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stocks on television. he would be cleaning your pool, assuming he could muster the skills to do that. and yet there he is, same man so televised, a living testament to our leaders' suicidal tendency reward favor. consider andrew ross sorkin. sorkin's view is that we ought to be grateful for inflation. and thankful to joe biden. "inflation has long been seen as the economic villain. that view is changing pay for those who worry about growing inequality, inflation might be a salve up to a point." thank you, andrew ross. we are becoming venezuela, but that's a good thing, because your neighbor is going to be every bit as poor as you are. that's the current state of the cutting edge of financial journalism in this country. peter schiff is one of the few honest men left in that business happy to give his assessment tonight. thanks so much for coming on.
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>> my pleasure. >> tucker: this is a massive change, not looking at the cpi but the actual cost of living in the country. it's very obvious the inflation rate is not 70%, is higher than that. because 70% more than it did last year pairwise is not on the front page of every publication? >> because the government, wall street, the federal reserve has a vested interest in the public not understanding how bad inflation is. one of the ways the fed has been able to justify creating more inflation is because they claim that we didn't have enough of it. the only reason we didn't have enough of it because they were lying on their own highly rig cpi. the cpi wasn't always this dishonest. when they compare our inflation rates to the inflation of the 1970s, we are not using the same cpi that we use then. the annualized rate of inflation so far according to the cpi for
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a 2021 is 7.3% if you annualize the first 11 months. that's the worst rate since 1982. but if we are using the same cpi as we used in 1982, the rate would be closer to 15%, which means that it's the worst year of inflation in u.s. history because the highest one year was 1980 when it was 13.5% and this year it is more than that. >> tucker: i guess i don't understand why no one is being punished for this crime. i see people destroyed, literally destroyed, voting for the wrong person or hitting on the wrong person at a party, supporting their brother over text message -- or whatever! the people who destroy the u.s. dollar seemed to be getting away with it. how is that? >> they just renominated powell to a second term. it's a complete disaster. they might've replaced them with somebody even worse. but this is the only way that government can finance all the spending.
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you have the democrats now promising all sorts of stuff for nothing, going to get free preschool, everyone is going to get paid family and medical leave and no one is going to have to pay for it. nobody's taxes are going up. we are paying for it through inflation because the money to pay for all this government is being printed into existence and its spent into circulation. as it spent into circulation, it's driving up prices. when jim cramer was talking about all the money we were spending, the problem is we are not earning it, we are printing it, and prices are going up. our productivity is collapsing. we just got the worst productivity numbers and 62 years in this country. our trade deficits are exploding. the economy is imploding. it is a mess. we can't see it because we are blinded by all the inflation. >> really quick, how long -- investors have lost faith in the u.s. dollar per that's why they are running to crypto. how much the rest of the world loses enough faith that the
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dollar is no longer the currency? >> people still have confidence in the dollar and the federal reserve. i do not know why. they got so many things wrong. people running crypto are unfortunate running in the wrong direction. eventually the world is going to leave the u.s. dollar, money is going to flow into other currencies, is going to flow into real money, gold and silver, stocks, real estate, mostly outside the united states. we are going to be the epicenter of a coming currency crisis and sovereign debt crisis, that's going to make the financial crisis of 2008 look like a sunday school picnic. >> this is bigger than coronavirus or pronouns! this is big. i do not know why it's being ignored -- you are not ignoring it. thank you very much. another story that seemed pretty big to us five years ago was the fact that there actually are unexplained flying objects circling the earth. they are totally real.
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now we know that we've established ufos are real, not sure what they are, they exist, the biden the administration is trying to shut down what the government knows about this beer that's bizarre but we'll find out a lot more in just a bit. also if you wanted by "don't fauci my christmas" ornament, find out we have more. the americans making them at wendell forge, pennsylvania, were working all night. they were driving them to our website. check out tuckercarlson tucker carlson tucker
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want to save on your home internet? xfinity is proud to support the emergency broadband benefit program. for a limited time, you may be eligible to qualify for a credit of up to $50 a month toward your internet service through this program.
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that's right! you could qualify for a credit of up to $50 a month toward your internet service and equipment. for even more value, switch to xfinity mobile, and you could pay as little as $15 a month for wireless. click, call, or visit a store to learn more. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: are 435 members of congress >> tucker: are 435 members of congress get paid in the range of $50 a year. three times the median income of the average american household. they tell their constituents, sent me to washington so we can vote on bills and represent you. a few of them mean it. they spend much of the year sleeping on futons in the congressional offices for their work really hard, whatever you think of them. but some of them don't work at all. literally. at all. going to tell you about two lawmakers gaming the system in the most over-the-top way. democratic congressman
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frederica wilson and her colleague al lawson, both of these members have used something called proxy letters to avoid having to show up. this has never happened in history of congress. but pelosi and house democrats instituted a rule last year that allowed members of congress to vote by proxy because of the pandemic! using the excuse of covid for everything to him the helper pass bills with a razor-thin majority. congressman wilson who is totally forgettable except that she wears absurd cowboy hats, claims and a proxy letters that she has not been able to come into work this year because of the "ongoing public health emergency." but that ongoing public health emergency was not enough to stop frederica wilson to go to events in the district of miami mask lists and bragging about it on social media. doesn't seem that ashamed or afraid. weirdly, they have no shame -- none of these people. we reached out to congresspeople wilson and lawson to ask what's the excuse for not going to
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work? of course, we never got a response. he never showed up. we did receive reception and we asked the her response? "i haven't seen her here. ." right before thanksgiving, the pentagon quietly announced a program called the airborne object identification and management synchronization group -- they are big into long titles over there. experts say is part of the defense department's efforts to monopolize research into your pose shut down research that'll force the pentagon to make the findings on ufos public. the question here is why is the government, after promising not to do this repeatedly, still hiding information on something that's very much in the public interest, which is what are these things? we know they are real, don't
10:25 pm
know what they are. probably have a right to know it, it's our government after all. but they are still hiding it. used to study ufos for the pentagon paid thanks so much for coming on. let's just go right into motive. we know these are real, the pentagon takes them seriously. why in the world with a still be hiding this information from us? >> it is kind of peculiar, isn't it, the day before thanksgiving, the pentagon decides to announce the creation of this office when they've had four years to do it beforehand. i do think it is a good idea to have a centralized office. not so sure that it's good to put it where they want to put it. at the end of the day, the organization they want to put it is under the under the secretary of defense of intelligence, which is an oversight capability, not an operational capability. plus there is still some of the old elements in the organization that really didn't do us much favors when i was running the
10:26 pm
program four years ago. >> that's obvious. if it weren't for you effectively blowing the whistle we wouldn't have this conversation in the first place. speculate, and your informed way, about their motive hit what did they know that they don't want us to know, and what do you think? >> if i could be complete we forthcoming, i think they don't know a lot, that in itself is probably what they don't want to necessarily have a conversation about. even recently when you listen to the pentagon spokesperson -- no offense, but there is no indication that they are going to be open and forthcoming with the american people. when you look at the legislation presented in this nda, national defense authorization act, this is just work. this tells the u.s. government, both the national director of intelligence and the secretary of defense, you will report to congress both in the classified and unclassified versions. by the way, you are going to create a field team, capability to go out not just sit back and relax and wait for information
10:27 pm
to come to you, but you now have to be proactive. you have to go out and that should collect the information as it's happening and you have to report it to us and last but not least, if there is information you cannot report because it's too classified, you have to report that back to congress too. this is a fantastic -- it's very comprehensive. really proud of congress for it. >> tucker: let me ask you a bottom-line conversation, who believes that these objects from russia and china, believes they are foreign terrestrial aircraft? >> a couple of individuals, i will not call them out, for whatever reason still remain extremely apprehensive about this topic. but at the end of the day, i say, find him let the data speak for itself. now that we've got a mechanism to collect and analyze this information, let the data speak for itself and they'll come to the natural conclusion of what
10:28 pm
this is. >> tucker: clearly not from russia or china. appreciate you coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: joe biden has opened up the nation's border to the world. it's deeply unpopular, millions of people here illegally just this year. many times the populations of boston or seattle. very few people are doing anything about this. in florida, the governor ron desantis is trying to protect his estate from this. in very specific ways. he joins us next to tell us how. our new documentary is called the "trial of kyle." thursday come you can get free access to
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>> tucker: the biden administration has open america's borders in the world. no one is doing anything about it.
10:34 pm
there are a few state governors who are doing something to protect their citizens from the affect of massive illegal immigration and no one is doing more than the governor of florida ron desantis. new proposals to stop the flow of criminal migrants into his state. here's some of them. >> we have a responsibility to stand up against an administration that has just decided that they don't want to have a secure border. you don't get to make that decision by the laws of our country require us to enforce the law, that's what needs to be done. >> tucker: you don't have to make that decision for your executive but you have to abide by them. ron desantis is abiding by the regular law. i know you are a detail man. if you could explain to the audience exactly what you are doing to protect your citizens?
10:35 pm
>> sure, tucker. many of these contractors that are facilitating by biden's legal policies, bringing people into florida oftentimes flying it at 2:00 in the morning with no notice to the state, anyone who's doing that forfeits the ability to have contracts with state and local government in the state of florida, and they are responsible for restitution for the state of florida for every single person that they bring. when they dump somebody, a lot of costs end up being borne by the state in the future where the education health care, the criminal justice system. unfortunately we had somebody brought from the biden that murdered somebody in jacksonville just a few weeks ago. and so we are very concerned about doing that. we want to say this is not the right decision to be making to be facilitating which is basically in the legal human smuggling operation. we are also saying to some of the institutions in florida,
10:36 pm
like nonprofits, we aren't going to be giving licenses to folks who are actively helping biden do this. we want people, we've got a lot of people in our state that need help and we can't just have people from foreign countries displacing the needs of our own people. >> tucker: exactly. it is a massive federally sponsored human smuggling operation and its federally leg. do you anticipate some kind of legal conflict with them? >> we are already in legal conflict with them. we have a lawsuit against them. i will say they have already switched from what they had been doing as a result of our lawsuit where they had been giving people a notice to report. you come in legally, give you a sheet of paper, obviously that is toothless. they now shifted to what is a
10:37 pm
notice to appear when somebody doesn't appear, they are deportable without any additional process. not only biden would deport them, but when we have a change of administration you'd be able to take these folks back. locked in litigation here. have no doubt they would try to do something to trip us up. here's the deal, tucker. the federal government got a lot of authority on immigration. but if they are not doing their job, if they are forfeiting their responsibility, i just do not think state should be in a position where we are helpless and we can't do anything. we anticipate conflict. but you can't run away from that and say you weren't going to do nothing. the easiest thing for me to do is to just put out tweets, put out press releases, complain about it. but i think people want to say, let's do something about it. i think we are going to have some success. i think there will obviously be some things we are going to have to come in and whatnot, but that's fine. i'd rather be fighting to get
10:38 pm
things done then to just forfeit before we even play the game. >> tucker: that's exactly right and some people are starting to know who your government is, some people will pay attention to what you are doing. thank you very much. >> sean: thank you. >> tucker: jussie smollett was just found guilty of 5-6 counts for faking his own hate crime and dividing the country even further. in the middle of this worthy also dario what did they think of theverdi? their lawyer joins a straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: on february 14th
10:44 pm
2019, valentine's day, jussie smollett sat down with an interview with the most credulous person and the most paid personal television, robin roberts, to describe... bigoli was crossing the internet, i heard "empire." and i didn't answer them. and i heard "[bleep] empire was quick. i turned around and i said "[bleep]." i saw the attacker. mast. and he said, this is maga country, [bleep]. >> tucker: there's a rope around my neck in downtown chicago on the way back from the subway! because i don't like donald trump... happens a lot. as he was giving that interview and robin roberts was like, yes, jussie smollett delma, yes, the people who beat him up were in
10:45 pm
custody, they were called the osundairo brothers, from nigeria. now promising the conviction will be overturned but we thought it'd be interesting to hear from the attorney of the osundairo brothers, we are very glad to have her join us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. what do your clients think of all of this? >> my goodness, tucker. let me say first and foremost that when you first had me on, it was pretty early on after this when this hoax came on, i came back on your show first because you promised me that you would follow the story correctly and portray it correctly and true to your word, you did. you've gotten it right since day one on this. i'm happy to be back. here talking to you about what happened and you and i both knew what really happened and the osundairo brothers are very thrilled and grateful that the
10:46 pm
jury did not buy the fake act. >> tucker: it must've been bewildering for them because they were there and you exactly what happened to hear jussie smollett describe this fantasy with a straight face. what kind of person could do that? >> you are right to take the stand if you are the defendant. it carries obvious risks with it. but it's not your right to lied to the jury. you don't have the right to make up your own set of facts. one of the osb, the office of special prosecutors, my favorite part of this trial was watching the sam mendenhall, what an amazing attorney from that team pretty kept saying in his closing remarks, "you are entitled to your own opinion. you are not entitled to your own facts." that's what jussie smollett kept trying to do, change the facts. as much as he tried to sell that story, it didn't make any sense.
10:47 pm
the osundairo brothers testified for two days. they didn't have any way of knowing the testimony of the other, they went in to significant details about what went on and all of this was corroborated by the police. >> tucker: yeah! i wonder though, there is so much lying in our society, beginning to think that maybe if you believe it, you have the jury, do not know who's on it, just normal americans, and i did wonder, will they believe this stuff? were you worried at all about the outcome? >> no, i wasn't worried about the outcome. sorry to say that so bluntly. there are juries that are unbridgeable at times. but this is one of these cases, tucker, i know you covered this on your show, there was a mountain of evidence to show that every detail that the
10:48 pm
osundairo brothers were doing, was cooperated for they say they did a dry run on that saturday before the event, they were able to track down jesse's car. what possible viable -- nothing he said was cohesive or made sense. >> right. but for those of us who so desperately want to believe in the justice system above all of this country, this was a thrilling result. it was reality-based. doubted down i thank you for jumping on the night. great to see you again. >> thank you, felice navidad. >> tucker: amen. you probably think of russia gate that is something that happened in this country. the hysteria was international. the leader of the brexit movement nigel farah's was smeared as a puppet of vladimir putin. we sat down with nigel farah's
10:49 pm
to talk about what that was like. here's what he said. >> people who believe they are morally superior to the other side of the argument. this is what they genuinely believe. they actually believe that they are better than people. they cannot find a rational explanation for why the brexit vote happened, why the man from "the apprentice," they cannot find a rational explanation. therefore they look for irrational ones. the russia hoax was perfect for them. it was absently perfect for them. that played out on both sides of the pond. we had hillary saying it nigel l farage was allied with the kremlin. it's either the russians that did it, it's either that
10:50 pm
cambridge analytica aqaba we memorized the country, they've been chasing. >> normal people, they always ask, maybe i played a role in this. if your kids hate you, you ask was i a good father? a normal person would always ask that. >> they can concentrate that. >> tucker: spent a long time in brussels fighting to get the u.k. out of the vice grip, he was barred from pubs and restaurants in that city. local berets to refuse to sell him coffee. it's not this country that does stuff like this, told us a fascinating and pretty moving story about nearly dying in a plane crash in which the pilot was killed. brexit probably would've
10:51 pm
happened had he died. you can watch the whole thing on fox nation. you can get it at we told you a horrifying story today, a school in california that injected them with drugs in exchange for pizza and promised not to tell their parents. one mother was so outraged, joins us necks and tell us what happened.
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>> tucker: we told you a story the other day so shocking we had to check to make sure it was real. a school in california and gave kids a covid injection without telling their parents or getting permission from the parents. bribes children with pizza and told him not to tell their parents. injected behind her back, she was upset understandably.
10:57 pm
thanks so much for coming on. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: how can these school inject the drug into your child, any drug, without telling you? >> that's what i'm trying to figure out. very sad to know that i wake up and take mice on the school thinking he's going to be in a safe spot and knowing that, you know, yes. >> tucker: he's not! what did you say to the school, if you tell us? >> i haven't said anything to the school yet. but when my son came home and explained to me and said, mom, i got pizza. i'm like, that's really nice. he's like, yeah, i got a covid shot too. i'm like, what do you mean? they offered me pizza and i said what happened, you can do anything without my consent.
10:58 pm
he said the lady that was giving him the shot was the ones who told him to put his name on the paper and to sign my name. actually, it really hurts because they do not know my child's condition. they do not know what he's going through. that's one worry i have now. always worried he's going to be okay. i actually want to say it, you know, whoever is giving these vaccines to make sure they have permission from the parents before they do anything. instead of helping them, you might harm them. very disappointing to know that that's what really happened to my son. honestly, i believe his words and i believe, you know, looking into his eyes, he tell me the truth of what really happened. >> he came home with a vaccine card so that tells the whole story right there. i assume you are going to find the meanest lawyer you can and
10:59 pm
see these people personally. have you considered it? >> i'm asking god for justice, yes. >> tucker: i hope you get it. are there other parents who objected having their children injected with drugs or small children without their knowledge? do you think? >> i feel there are more children out they are not out. but hopefully they will speak out and get the help that they need to. >> tucker: how does your son feel in the 30 seconds that we have? >> he's actually hanging in here. he's hanging there. he's complaining sometimes, body aches. a little bit of chest pain. sometimes low breathing. always complaining about being tired after this vaccine. and he hasn't been normal again. >> tucker: our hearts go out to you. thank you so much for coming out tonight and i hope you get justice. i really do.
11:00 pm
out of time tonight, unfortunately. available now on fox nation, back on monday, the sworn enemy of lying, composited, groupthink. have a wonderful weekend with the ones you love. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm ashley strohmier live in new york. deadly storm systems are battering much of the midwest in this hour leaving behind a trail of destruction. at least one person's dad after a tornado ripped through arkansas hitting a nursing home in the area. five injuries have been reported. the nursing home has about 90 beds, resident'ses are being urged to shelter in place. a warehouse amazon for film and center collapsed 20 miles east of st. louis. not clear how many people are hurt, but auor


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