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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 12, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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business works hard but you don't get a split everything up this is socialism gone bad. >> you cannot always do evenly. i hate to end the conversation there but we have to the "fox report with jon scott" starts now. jon: utter devastation in kentucky after friday night's tornado outbreak leveled homes industry businesses throughout kentucky and several neighboring states. residents cost the region are beginning the long road to recovery. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox river. >> kentucky governor called the outbreak the most devastating tornado in his state's history and federal officials surveyed the damage in several areas of the state including the
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collapsed candle factory in mayfield where they remain unsure how many people are missing or dead. in neighboring illinois six people are dead after 20 to destroyed in amazon facility, officials to operations have shifted to a recovery mission. meantime the governor of arkansas said two people died in the state one in a nursing home in one side in a dollar general store. in tennessee for deaths are reported to be a fox team coverage from across the region beginning with c. live in mayfield kentucky. >> under tremendously hard conditions officials say they're trying to do the basics to find and identify the death and reunite families with one another and feed and shelter everybody. officials say the storm that hit here the tornado was in ef three wind speeds of 165 miles per hour could have been higher.
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the death toll not exactly clear roughly 80 dead in kentucky but that number is likely to rise considerably and abrupt onset page after page of names on list of people who are still missing to the tornado the debris made it hard to find people and phone service is down so it's hard to contact people as well. the destruction of houses, cars, businesses is so overwhelming some people are not sure it will ever come back. >> i pray to god we get this town back i know it'll take time it's a small town but i'm telling myself there is no town anymore i don't know what they're going to do this is devastating i hate this for the whole town. >> no houses anymore that is a short-term priority they have to get housing there putting people in shelters and schools and state parks and hotels until they can start to build.
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back to you. jon: steve harrigan live in mayfield kentucky. thank you. jon: hopes had faded a find it anywhere survivors in the rubble of the collapse amazon warehouse in illinois, the rescue efforts are recovery mission, 45 workers made it out safely after the tornado ripped the roof off in edwardsville causing the walls to crumble. six people are confirmed dead, congresswoman mary miller who represents will join us with her reaction in just a moment but we begin with charles watson live in atlanta. >> the focus is searching recovery one of the reasons being the weight of the debris with the work is in the warehouse the national weather service and ef three tornado hit the facility late friday ripping the roof often sending 40-foot concrete walls to the ground at least six amazon employees were
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killed and another injured as a path of destruction card through the building the edwardsville police department says it's identified all the victims whose ages range from 26 years old to as old as 62 among the dead army veteran and his family telling our affiliate the 40 sexual father was waiting for the storm to pass before coming home, he never made it. >> i had to tell my 4-year-old daughter that her dad was not coming home. >> 45 workers made it out safely but it remains unclear how many can be inside of what's left of destruction witnesses say employees inside were caught off guard running for their lives, and amazon spokesperson saying the team members heard the tornado sirens and immediately took action. >> they did with her trying to
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do they started to get everybody moving into the shelter in place in about 8:27 p.m. as with the tornado hit the building. >> the spokesperson earlier today said the company is not only prepared to help team members but the community and edwardsville includes a $1 million donation to the community foundation. >> charles watson, live in atlanta, thank you. >> were joined by congresswoman mary miller who represents illinois district for the amazon facility collapse it's absolutely astounding 11-concrete wall they peeled away and fell in on themselves. >> this is a very difficult situation and devastation is hard to describe. the people that have lost family members and even homes in this
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time of year's very hard, we were so grateful to our first responders. they're working a hard situation, it would just be really hard. the community has come together were seeing the best of america i talked to the senator he had to ask the community to bring their donations to the local food pantry because i have so much help. it shows us the importance of community and pulling together in times like this. jon: is so difficult for the families of those workers inside. nobody knows how many got out, how many are injured and how many are chopped inside the building, they say it's a
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recovery effort now that means they've given up any hope of finding more survivors. >> i know it is very tragic i do want to tell everybody that my colleagues and i have written a letter from a illinois delegation to request an emergency declaration from president biden and we are in touch with fema and red cross and i think everybody's doing what they can in a think will continue to pray for our friends and neighbors and look for ways to help. there is a call for people to give blood and on how they can help their communities. >> what about the town of edwardsville itself we've been focused on the amazon warehouse but what about the town itself, how is he doing. >> i toured around my district
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so both in the communities and there's been a lot of devastating destruction i have to point out there is something that we can be grateful for the path of the tornado could've ripped through a local trailer park, the people would've been vulnerable in light of the devastation that is something to be thankful for. i've been out of the community it is shocking what wind can do. we have one home that is completely trashed and at the very top of the heat with the children's bed with the mattress intact and in strange how they
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rip. eric: so much damage and heartbreak in an instant during the holiday season. congresswoman mary miller represents the edwardsville area, thank you. jon: we want to head to arkansas aishah hudson since is the tornado operate has killed two people in his state, fox whether hunter davis is live in leachable arkansas. >> were about 8 miles from arkansas where we spend our day yesterday at the nursing home where one of the two deaths have happened. the other two at the dollar general. we'll take it this way so we can show you the damage. it was very believable when we pulled up on the scene to see all the devastation.
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they were getting power restored so the closing up shop and navigating toward the damage. here at the dollar general inside, one of the employees died during the storm there was flowers hanging there they have been blown off or falling down the putting into perspective life lost, time moving quickly, you can see a pretty good junk of damage, inside the dollar general now completely exposed the building basically caved in on itself. as we get to the backside this is what we want to point out.
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if you look at the tile this is where the building, you can see the tile in the wall, this is the foundation stepping up the building pushed this direction, showing us how strong the storm was. this had to be ripped out of the foundation for the building to be pushed this way you can see the marks where this was dragged across the tile as the storm moves through we've been exploring this out today and every single time i take a lap we discover something new but this moment has been the jaw-dropping moment for us throughout the day. you get to see all of the metal thrown together pushed into the center of the building and to imagine how strong the storm was when it came through in this area. this is an eye-opening picture.
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if we move this way we think this is a stocking area because you see the backstock, you could see the other side of where the building was the mirror image of what we showed you on the other side, how far the structure was pushed off of the foundation. this is been completely cleared by portions of the building as we move this direction 30 yards over the barbecue restaurant that was also right in the line of the storm. just outside of the restaurant, it's fallen over the inside of this truck this is a tree that was rooted and is been ripped from the root you can see right here it's gone to the undercarriage of this truck you can see the top coming out to
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the undercarriage and eye-opening moment for how strong the windsor tornadoes were were waiting for the national weather service to confirm what did this damage but when he sees things like this is hard to believe it's anything less and what residents are saying definitely are tornado that came through the area. jon: had to be unbelievably frightening, hunter davis live in leachable arkansas. thank you for the tour. for people in tennessee are dead one person is missing after a dozen tornadoes touched down. locals jump into action trying to repair the damage the storms did to hundreds of homes multimedia journalist is live outside of nashville and kingston springs tennessee with more details. >> what you see behind me is the steeple of the baptist church, it's tossed in the parking lot as if it was made of paper
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members telling me this is an important refuge in the moments after the tornado hit and congregation members saying this is a sunday like no other. this seems immediately around the church is worse take a look at the video 60 - 80 homes in this neighborhood alone this is one of several that has been badly damaged by the series of storms. lots of tarps on roofs if there's roofs left at all. he huddled inside his home with his family as the tornado lifted his home completely off the foundation in move you forward 40 feet. something he says i'll never forget. the national weather service confirming six tornadoes have touched down in middleton, that is not counting the deadly tornadoes led to the death toll in west tennessee. as you travel between memphis and nashville all along interstate 40 you can see the landscape is daunting with places where the tornado hopped
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the landscape zigzagging at times. power is a big concern for a lot of communities in tennessee. i want to show you what's leading to the power outages issues. this is a video from paris and tennessee of the kentucky border, a major tva transmission tower. these lines are what they did for electric cooperatives so they can send them to homes and businesses. when towers like this it's a major undertaking to get them restored. there several counties who do not have direct damage from the tornado outbreak. there are effective because so many areas are without power with the major lines being down just like this one. all of this happening as another cold nice hudson. jon: fox whether multimedia journalist, thank you. complete storm coverage you want to download hour by hour update
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jon: in mayfield kentucky residents are beginning to pick up the pieces after friday nights tornado outbreak tour through the community. stephen morgan has a closer look at the devastation. >> the cleanup is only beginning in the city of mayfield kentucky after couple of days ago a very strong tornado move through as far as the eye can see damage even destruction as people are just beginning the cleanup. each and every home people living in those homes some choosing to write out the storm in the home but moving to a safe
3:21 pm
shelter. the power is incredible the winds making sheet-metal bend around the post and the sheer force of the storm happening in the month of december we knew the temperatures would be dropping that's the other element as power remains on the city of mayfield were dealing with temperatures in the morning and the overnight hours dropping below the freezing mark making it tougher people to stay here at the moment to get any work done is when the sun is up it could take weeks or months or years before it's back to normal. the powerful storm in the large check of the state in kentucky more than 100 miles it continues to be surveyed by the national weather service. there's a lot of time left to rebuild what people once had in mayfield kentucky. reporting for fox whether i am
3:22 pm
stephen morgan. >> a very large tornado watch tornado on the ground. >> differently video from storm chaser jordan hall as tornado swept through northeast arkansas ripping the roof off a nursing home outside of jonesboro and destroying the nearby dollar general store two people killed and five others injured with an update on how the area is coping in the aftermath captain terry smith commanding officer of the salvation army of jonesboro arkansas. as you get to work captain smith what are your needs? >> her needs are basically monetary were trying to feed all of those affected many without power and have no access to have food were trying to get them to have their food hydration and
3:23 pm
basic prayer in helping people find some comfort during this difficult time. >> what is the reaction been from the american people. >> with the receiving this is extremely grateful were in the area where it's blocked off so they can't go any places. we were able to get inside go to those people that have absolutely no ability to cook enough subsidies for their families. jon: it's a terrifying time a couple of weeks before christmas and they don't have housing that is got to be a huge problem especially since the temperatures have dropped so much. >> absolutely that's what were finding as a visit evening hours. people are so-called because they don't have the ability for heat and were also seen people that are coming together in
3:24 pm
multiple families in one location to help with the body and all the things that are needed there also need a flashlight temperatures go down and the lights are not going to come other leading flashlights and candles, particularly the monetary donation so we can purchase those things and help the economy in this global area. jon: are you seen that coming? >> we are we need more because we go further out and try to get more people who are needing options to pay for the food that were getting and other items. we just want to help them with their basic needs. >> in a way this is your job to go to the disaster scenes and help people out but step away for a moment as their personal story you can sure about something you met or something you've seen today. >> absolutely been able to speak
3:25 pm
to multiple people throughout today and there was a young mother in a bathtub with her infant child and the next thing she knew the bathtub the all of them are in the middle of the street they had no idea what happened and what hit them. another where they came out and the distraction was overwhelming, single moms had three kids didn't know what to do now they're able to pick couple of days of hotels but she doesn't have any more money but she's having a hard time to help their family because it's completely destroyed. those are basic needs and the stories happening right now. jon: we get so used to go to the atm and take out $20. in a situation like this where the banks are often destroyed and the power is out and try to
3:26 pm
get by. people want to donate to the salvation army, how did they do that. >> absolutely did go to w salvation or they can call 1800 south army salt army. >> we appreciate you for being there and doing the heavy lifting. we know the american people really want to help and they will. commanding officer of the salvation army in arkansas, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up will have more on the terribly destructive storms how the local and federal government are mobilizing to try to help.
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jon: president biden pledging the full support of the
3:31 pm
government of tornado victims, an emergency declaration for kentucky and says he'll be ready to do the same for other states as needed david spunt is live at the white house with more on all of that. >> the president is also at the white house as evening. he continues to receive updates from the storm ravaged states and small towns. today the whole insecurity secretary and fema administrator to kentucky where they are right now. >> i make it perfectly clear that we are here physically today and but we will be here tomorrow and the days and weeks and months ahead until the recovery is complete. >> i want you to know the nation, your country is praying with you today for your speedy recovery and for all the tragedy that you've endured. >> president biden served and signed an emergency disaster
3:32 pm
declaration for kentucky that frees up tens of millions of dollars immediately to help with the recovery, the president returned from wilmington, delaware this afternoon i specifically asked him about kentucky on the south lawn and he confirmed he will be visiting soon. the president said yesterday he would visit kentucky, he did not what to be a burden. with the president traveling he brings footprints from security to advance personnel, his answer solidifies he is indeed going to kentucky but we do not know when, waiting to get more details i want to note that the president set on camera to americans, and a disaster like this were not republicans or democrats we are americans need to help each other out. jon: david spunt live at the white house. the white house is linking the
3:33 pm
economic troubles to the cover pandemic. this amid shrinking support for president biden on economic issues. in the abc news poll finds majorities of americans disapprove of the handling of inflation the economic recovery and taxes republican senator marshall joins us with the senate committee on health, education, labor and pensions. in just a moment the jen psaki sound that i stepped on because she had something interesting to say and i want to get your reaction. first tell us about the inflation situation and we see the blame is lying. >> the number one problem that were hearing from folks back home, a 39 year high created by joe biden think about his
3:34 pm
policies that causes inflation he borrowed an extra $3 trillion on top of the regular 5 trillion so they're spending money like drunken sailors think about the energy policy we shut off the supply by pipeline by stopping julie nonpublicly and in making it hard to borrow money and finally his pain people were to stay home then to go to work. that created labor shortage in supply chain problems as well. joe biden owns this inflation problem. jon: his spokeswoman jens action saki says it's covid. >> what we see people psychology on the economy and other expensive things in the country right now is related to covid and the fact that were still in a fight against this virus people expected to be over sooner. we have new variants that have come up and people are looking
3:35 pm
to get back to a normal version of life. that's our best assessment. jon: i would suppose that you could say pain people to stay home which is maybe a necessity in the early months of the cover pandemic, that might cause inflation but is it responsible for everything that we are seeing. >> that's why we call her jen psaki spin because she protects the president. 92% of americans have a level of immunity to the virus i think it is time to stop blaming covid and they should blame exactly where default lies on borrowing too much money on pain people to stay at home and stopping energy covid has nothing to do with stopping the pipeline and drilling on public lands, this is on the back of joe biden. jon: i want to put on the string the wall street journal poll results on how people are feeling about the economy right now 30% say it's going in the
3:36 pm
right direction more than twice as many 61% say it's going in the wrong direction. but about 9% said they did not know that the negative pole on what is perceived to be the president's primary interest to the state of the economy. >> i'm surprised is not worse my phone blows up every time 70 goes to the grocery store, have you been to the grocery store lately to fill your truck up i have dodge ram at cost $100 to fill my truck up right now. it's disproportionately impacting people on fixed incomes, seniors and young families living paycheck to paycheck, inflation is a social injustice. jon: my ford f150 does not like going to the gas pumps these days, i'll tell you that. looking at inflation numbers from november of 2022 november
3:37 pm
of 21. some of the increases are eye-popping baking of 21% stake is up 25%, gas is up 60%, furniture 12%, sporting-goods 8.4%, how does this turnaround? >> we need different policies we have to stop borrowing and spending more money they can about what the democrats want to do now joe biden wants to borrow another $5 trillion from her grandchildren already in addition to the annual budget of the five and 3 trillion easily borrowed as well we have to stop these and incentivize people to go back to work not stay at home at the civil economics we have to disrupt the supply chain to get people back to work. this is not hard arithmetic very simple getting back to basics will do it. jon: your fellow senator amy klobuchar a democrat is promising they can get the build back better bill passed through the senate before christmas
3:38 pm
cannot happen and should happen? i think joe biden's going to listen to the people -- joe manchin is going to listen to the people of west virginia who don't want more inflation or borrow more money, joe knows he's a politician and the people west virginia will not support this in kyrsten sinema is feeling the same heat they don't want more inflation. jon: republican senator, thank you. the crisis at our southern border turning deadly as authorities crackdown on human smuggling. a ticket life to the border to show you what is going on. next. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: two innocent people died when a suspected migrant smuggler crashed into the current mission texas according to officials the smuggler ran a stop sign while being chased by police. bill melugin at the border with more. >> good evening we've confirmed two innocent bystanders killed in a car collision with a suspected human smuggling the rio grande, texas mother and daughter look at the drone video and mission texas showing the screen of the crash, law enforcement was chasing a human smuggler in his vehicle loaded up with illegal immigrants when this mother went to an intersection and t-boned a vehicle with the two innocent people in a killing in texas mother and her daughter age is 59 and 226 illegal immigrants were recovered from the vehicle and the driver was taken into custody. he will be arraigned on monday. also in the rio grande valley take a look at this video this is texas where we saw a raft
3:44 pm
drop off a group of 11 illegal immigrant runners most of them were just an all-black these are people who do not want to turn themselves in and trying to evade law enforcement. our drone saw a man using a rope to pull the raft back to the other side in mexico border patrol responders, it's unclear if the group of runners was ever caught. in del rio sector we were out with texas dps until 3:00 a.m. last night were working with airbrush unit they go out to private ranches in kinney county and hunt for illegal runners who are trying to obey law enforcement this is deep rugged terrain sometimes in the middle of nowhere and the troopers go out there and find his runners and bushes and these are people who do not want to turn themselves in. the women the catcher turned over to border patrol in the single adult men are arrested and jailed criminal trespassing.
3:45 pm
we talk about how busy the del rio sector has been, telling us october 1 in the sector there have been more than 70000 migrant apprehensions, that is up 235% from the same time. last year. will send it back to you. jon: authorities are doing an amazing job trying to keep up with that. business owners in chicago say enough is enough after a brazen smash and grab robbery. this one worth millions, new details on the latest. ♪ my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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jon: another business falling victim to a smash and grab thieves hit a dealership in chicago making off with millions of dollars of luxury merchandise just the latest in the wave of burglaries sweeping democrat led cities, christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. >> this incident is the latest in a string of violent smash and grab happening in the cities across the country, the entrance of the car dealership, they
3:50 pm
smashed the luxury with the millions of dollars this happened in the last week after chicago democrat mayor lori lightfoot suggested that retailers are taking adequate measures to prevent crime. the controversial statement not swift backlash. take a listen to mayor lightfoot. >> i'm disappointed they're not doing more to take safety and make it a priority. for example we have retailers that will institute plans like having security officers in their store. making sure that they have cameras that are operational. >> in response to that on fox news raymond lopez said blaming the individual who put their blood sweat and tears to pursue the american dream by opening businesses as a problem and not chastising the criminals was outrageous that his victim
3:51 pm
shaming. in california the progressive da george gascon is getting pushback for his criminal justice reform including ending cash bail for crime is leading to repeat offenders and rampant retail theft, take a look at the surveillance video of the smash and grab we interviewed the owner of this business he slept in the store after thieves smashed in the door and stole 2. the store owner says l.a. county covers policies for suspects stealing from all these businesses. >> if they get caught get away overnight it's ridiculous. i understand a second chance but what about the business owners or the people trying to make a living. in light of the crime critics of the da announced last week a second effort to try and get them recalled. jon: christina coleman from los angeles, thank you.
3:52 pm
people are demanding more from their elected officials of stronger and tougher criminal justice policies. for more on this heritage foundation senior fellow, is in the wonder given what happened last summer in the summer before that is it any wonder that were seeing the crime are seen in this country? >> nodded all, the real reason is threefold one to defend the police narrative, the george soros prosecutors, the power of the legislative branch by refusing to prosecute crimes, theft, breaking and entering, resisting arrest, george gascon is one of many of the electives and in chicago. you don't need new laws you need to enforce the laws on the books and they refuse to do that in their policies or procurement of an anti-victim that is a
3:53 pm
problem. by the way some cities don't have a crime problem and guess what cities like san diego same size of city of philadelphia they had 50 lashes the year before philadelphia was 500, why, the soros prosecutor in philadelphia, it is simple the lack of enforcement of the law on the books. jon: in new york when they started under rudy giuliani, they started doing the broken window after small crime and they put a stop to a lot of the major crimes because a very small percentage is responsible for huge% of the crime. >> that's always been the case when a guy like george gascon is operating from the playbook that they required to operate from he refuses to prosecute all misdemeanor he has a unit that
3:54 pm
he created to unwind all convictions and sentences of more than 15 years that goes back 40000 cases. these people are rogues are not operating as the elected da they're not there to enforce the law they believe to be successful they have to fundamentally revert the criminal justice system pro criminal anti-victim policies they cannot name one policy that is, nothing they do has anything to do with the pandemic. when jen psaki and others say the crime is rising because of the pandemic that is simply covered its pro criminal he nominated rachel rawlins who was the road da in boston who listed 15 crimes in boston including breaking and entering a possession to distribute any drug. divided a administration has an egg on their face because of pro criminals as well. jon: the iraqi people are noticing in the latest abc news
3:55 pm
pull 36% of americans say they approve of the job the president is doing when it comes to crime. 61% disapprove and when it comes to gun violence in this country 66% disapprove of the job the president is doing only 32% approve, is it the president or the das, it's the das for the most part there is 2000 or 300 elected das around the country the road prosecutors themselves or the county elected official are required to enforce the law most crimes are committed at the local level. these are das but when joe biden nominates a soros puppet like rachel rawlins and the senate confirms are kemal hearest epson with a tie vote you know the talk for the enforcement of the criminal laws is nonsense.
3:56 pm
infighting cared about he would come out with soros and the rogue prosecutors. jon: thank you. we'll be right back. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. kidney alert for type 2 diabetes! forty percent of people with type 2 diabetes will develop chronic kidney disease, or ckd. did you know ckd can lead to kidney failure and dialysis? kidney alert! ckd often has no symptoms until it's too late! help protect your kidneys. call your doctor for a uacr test.
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and with plans as low as $30, better costs less than you think. when i say better, you say business. better! (crowd) business! >> an update to the top story the reuters news agency reporting eight people confirmed dead and other still missing at the mayfield can candle factory that collapsed after the tornado for through friday night according to a
4:00 pm
sports one —- spokesperson today candle company 100 people were working inside the factory when the tornado hit. officials say 40 of those people were rescued. that is how fox reports this sunday december 12, 2021 and will be off next weekend i will see you christmas night. "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is next. >> more than one block with nothing standing there is no moment big enough to show you the extent of the damage here. we will grieve to gather and cleanup together and we will move forward together


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