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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 13, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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carley: it is monday, december 13th. this is a fox news alert. rescue crews will be combing through the rubble across several midwestern states this morning. this after powerful tornado outbreak brings heart break and devastation unlike anything the country has ever seen before. carley: dozens are missing. the death toll expected to surpass 100. the landscapes of entire neighborhoods are changed forever. >> i've got towns that are
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gone, that are just -- i mean, gone. >> i can't describe how seeing my town has just devastated us all. ashley: you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm ashley strohmier. carley: i'm carley shimkus. caroline shibley is live on the ground in mayfield, kentucky. ashley: we begin with alexandria hoff in d.c. with more on the federal response expected from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president biden has issued a major disaster declaration for kentucky and said he is willing to do the same for any of the other states impacted if their governors so request it. what that does it accelerate accept to federal aid. yesterday, alejandro mayorkas and a fema's administrator traveled to kentucky and toured communities that have been brought to their knees. they were briefed on what was
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needed in this very early stage of recovery, prioritizing housing, water, power and fuel. the situation remains urgent but fema's head is looking at the long term. >> this is going to be our new normal and the effects that we're seeing from climate change are the crisis of our generation. we're taking a lot of efforts at fema to work with communities to help reduce the impacts. >> reporter: of at least six states impacted by the historic tornadoes, kentucky was hit the hardest. the national guard has been handing out supplies. local he rescue efforts continue, hoping to find signs of life in the crumbled communities. kentucky's governor, andy beshear, fears that well over 100 of his residents have been killed. in that grief he also expressed gratitude for the dedication of first responders, a sentiment echoed by illinois congresswoman, mary miller. >> this is a very difficult situation and the devastation is
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-- it's hard to describe. we were so grateful for our first responders. i think we're seeing the best of america. >> reporter: that is absolutely right. president biden said that he does plan to visit kentucky but with all of the resources that a presidential visit can take up, he says he wants to wait until he is not in the way. ashley: alexandria, thank you. carley: earlier we spoke with james comer whose district was hard-hit. listen. >> there's a lot of tragedy. there's a lot of infrastructure that has been destroyed and it's going to take many, many days, weeks and months to get it all prepared. we don't have power in the majority of these communities that were hit. when you have a tragedy like this, you see what's so great about rural america. people were out, all through the night, through the next day and now the second day. we've changed -- we're trying to
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help people, searching for rubble. they don't wait for the government. they do it themselves. ashley: to put it in perspective, these are very small towns. i'm from hawkins county, which is 16 miles from where this happened. and my family experienced this firsthand. but mayfield is a town of 10,000 people. you dawsons springs which was also hit hard is a town of 2600 people and two thirds of that town which mostly got hit is residential and it is completely gone. it's flattened. so the biggest question, and i know we asked comer this, where are these people going to go, that's the biggest question and they obviously asked for federal aid and for help and places for them to stay but i will say this. being from this area and family here, when he says that your neighbor will help you, i mean, they'll help you before they'll help themselves. carley: he said there is temporary housing for people that lost their homes. also others are staying with
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their neighbors. but there is still no power. he said even some of the rural areas that weren't hit because of the way the power grid works, it hits one area, a larger area is affected, sewer systems are down, so there's so much infrastructure that has been affected and it's going to take -- i can't even imagine how long to pick up the pieces. i mean, if you look at this footage, it's unbelievable. and i was reading about a woman from mayfield who lost her home and then she was sifting through the rubble of her house, searching for her pets. she had a dog and three cats. she said they were like her children because she wasn't able to have her own kids and she found three of the four pets and she said i thank god, saying god is so good. what an attitude when you lost everything but you have that glimmer of hope finding their animals. ashley: that's how people are in that area. people don't even think about
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all of the pets that are unaccounted for as well and that's family too. carley: yeah, absolutely. so we're praying for everybody in the area, all six states, not just kentucky. kentucky's death toll appears to be the highest by a long shot so praying for everybody affected. ashley: caroline shibley is at the site of the destruction in mayfield, kentucky. she joins us with the latest on recovery efforts this morning. caroline, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carley and ash ally. we are seeing -- ashley. we are definitely seeing the recovery on the ground, people getting a firsthand look. this is mayfield. this destruction goes on not just for blocks but for miles and miles. one of these tornadoes is thought to have tracked through kentucky more than 230 miles, killing people in its wake. the governor saying yesterday he fears more than 100 people just in the state alone will probably be found dead. much of it in the candle factory
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you've been talking about, 110 people were working at 10:00 p.m. that night, working the night shift. many of them, dozens of them did not make it out alive. here's kentucky's governor. >> this is kentucky's most devastating tornado event in our history. we have lost far too many of our brothers and sisters. the damage is devastating. the very first thing we have to do is grieve together. we're going to do that before we rebuild together. >> reporter: another tornado beginning in arkansas. that one hit a nursing home, the worst case scenario. the nurses were the heroes in that case there. they got their residents in the hallway, in their wheelchairs, covered them with pillows, covered them with their own bodies, asked them to pray, asked them to sing hymns, anything to get through those terrifying minutes when the tornado ripped through the town in arkansas, losing only one life, absolutely amazing but the devastation is throughout the
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state. here's arkansas' governor. >> we have hundreds and hundreds of homes that have been lost, businesses that have been totally destroyed. there's going to be of course the shelter and other costs associated with it and there's a lot of public infrastructure that has been damaged through this, from fire stations to other. >> reporter: i'm from western kentucky as well, grew up two hours west of here and everything you've said this morning about this area of the country pulling together is absolutely true. it will take weeks, months, possibly even years to get back up and running. this part of the country, but they'll do it. carley: i mean, people just in the blink of an eye their lives were completely turned upside down. i'm sure you've spoken to many residents in mayfield, and the surrounding areas. what are they saying to you about how they're feeling right now and what their biggest concerns are for the future?
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>> reporter: just the shock, absolutely absorbing what happened. it looks -- you can't even accept that this is reality. it looks like a movie set. they're still in shock. but it is setting in. it's just a couple weeks before christmas. the temperatures are dropping now. how are they going to get through the next days, weeks and months? they are feeling reassured by the governor, by the president, saying resources are comeing. the president has accepted kentucky's disaster declaration, that means federal funding and federal resources will come pouring into this part of the country but it's going to be a long haul. they have never seen anything like this. ashley: the memories that people are going to miss out on with christmas coming up and -- carley: caroline, thank you. great reporting. we'll check in with you soon. president biden's job approval continues to plummet. a new poll shows most americans don't approve of the way biden is handling nearly every major issue facing the u.s. ashley: brooke sigman is here
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with the details. >> reporter: president biden's job approval is taking another hit in a new poll from abc news. nearly 70% of americans don't approve of how biden is handling inflation, 63% disapprove of how he is handling immigration and 57% of americans don't approve of the economic recovery. yesterday, wyoming senator john barrasso discussed the inflation crisis. >> we look at the inflation numbers and our economy is on its back. people's paychecks are not keeping up, people are hurting and it's the biden policies that made it worse. carley: as americans are critical of the biden administration, vice president kamala harris dismissing reports about dysfunction in her office calling headlines about her, quote, ridiculous and dismissing reports of staff bullying. harris telling the san francisco chronicle in part that there's nothing about her job that is supposed to be easy. if something is coming to her it's because it needs to be addressed and because by definition it's not going to be easy. she said if it was, it would
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have been handled before it came to her. four vice president staffers are heading for the exit amid reports they don't want to be labeled, quote, harris people clouding symone sanders and the chief communications officer. the vice president is expected to promote electric vehicle provisions in the biden spending agenda later today. carley: thanks, brook. ashley: turning back to our top story this morning, one story that captured the nation's attention is the amazon warehouse collapse in illinois where six people tragically lost their lives. carley: our next guest is a close friend of one of those victims, joining us live to share more about their communities' heart-breaking loss.
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join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. carley: the death toll reaching six people as the search continues for missing workers in the remains of the collapsed amazon warehouse near st. louis. in his last moments, navy
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veteran told people to get to shelter before the tornado ripped the roof off the facility. ashley: joining us now is clayton's friend. thank you for being with us this morning. i can't tell you enough how incredibly sorry i am for the loss of your friend who, from what we're seeing, died a hero. but what do you want the world to know about your friend? >> well, i mean, you can see just how many lives clay touched. he was always willing to give out a helping hand or lend an ear and give out advice to anybody that ever needed it. he would go out of his way to do anything for anyone. he's just that type of guy and it's truly devastating to have this loss right now. i'm still in shock. i can't believe it's real. carley: what do you know about clayton's final moments? we know he was on the phone with his dad and rather than get to shelter himself he was telling other people that there was a
2:17 am
tornado coming. >> so from what i was informed, he knew it was coming and he said he just had -- he couldn't just, you know, run and get to shelter. he had to tell someone about it because there's still people outside coming into the building and so from what i was told he tried to rush out and get as many people in to safety as possible. carley: he died a hero. >> absolutely. ashley: so jeff bezos, he did tweet sympathy for everything that happened at that warehouse. he said the news from edwardsville is tragic. we are heart broken over the loss of our teammates there and our thoughts and prayers are with their families and loved ones. i just want you to speak on how clayton was with had his coworkers, with his friends, and if you were at all surprised that he more or less sheltered and covered people, people he
2:18 am
may have not known. carley: put his life on the line for other people. >> yeah. so that comes to no surprise at all. like i said, he he's that kind of person that would always try to help someone and do whatever he needed to do to get people to safety. i hope jeff bezos and amazon's team can come up with a plan to get amenities in the warehouse facility because this can never happen again, this shouldn't have happened. it's heart breaking to go through this. i pray that some kind of plan can be put in place to ensure safety of all amazon employees. carley: i'm glad you said that. we have heard from some people that amazon didn't do enough in the situation. there's a story of a girlfriend of one amazon worker who was killed and she said that he texted her saying he wasn't allowed to leave the facility. are aware of that situation? and how do you feel about amazon's handling of this natural disaster?
2:19 am
>> i am aware of that situation. i actually had another friend who was injured and currently in the hospital right now and from what i was told he tried to leave 15 minutes prior to the building collapsing and wasn't available -- wasn't allowed to and -- carley: so was somebody there like a boss or somebody saying you have to stay? >> from what i was told, yes. i can't guarantee that 100%. ashley: when you talk about you're hoping that amazon puts -- they do something about this. are you talking about the facility itself? are you talking about the analytics about what you're talking about now and not letting people leave? >> i would say a little bit of both. i mean, i don't -- there should definitely have been some better plan or way or protocol to have run through for this to not happen. i mean, i get the short notice and tornado came down and it's a natural disaster but there
2:20 am
should have been protocols be put in place to prevent any kind of injury or death like this. carley: really quickly, because unfortunately we're running out of time. the amazon factory in edwardsville, illinois. what's that area like right now? can you describe the damage? >> it's devastating. i went to the site to see it in person yesterday. i grew up down there. i couldn't believe that it was real. the surrounding area, there's a lot of damage, downed power lines, people are out of power all over the area. i mean, it was a truly unique weather event. i've never seen something like it. carley: leighton, thank you so much for joining us, despite your grief, and talking about your friend. he was a hero and we're so glad to hear history from your lips. we appreciate it. ashley: thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. carley: and we'll be right back.
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carley: the city of chicago will sue jussie smollett for allegedly wasting police resources on his hate crime hoax. joining me now, the former tucson police officer and author of beaten black and blue, being a black cop in an america under siege. good morning to you, brandon. it sounds like the lawsuit is more about proving a point than trying to get the money back. what do you think about this? >> well, i think it's appropriate that they sue him because he did waste a lot of he resources. i blame the chicago police department as well because they should have never went so far to investigate such a ridiculous accusation and we all know, i mean anybody can see it from the very beginning of it, that jussie smollett made this up. there was no way in the world two white guys screaming maga country beat him up in the middle of the night.
2:26 am
the police department had some responsibility and the only reason that they took it so seriously and put those resources behind him, it was because he was a celebrity. they should be ashamed of doing that. he needs to pay back that money. he wasted resources. carley: i think the reason he staged this hate crime hoax to begin with says a lot about where we are as a country, where there is a desire to be a victim because you can now use it to get ahead. this is a relatively new cultural phenomenon. what do you make of that? and what that means for the future of this country? >> well, it's daunting for the future of this country if this continues. what it says to he me is that racism and these hate crimes are so dead in america that people have to make them up. i consider racism in our country to be on life support. but jussie and these other people who are looking for an an cues -- an excuse to fail in his lifetime, they use these things to their advantage but it's sad, it's ridiculous and i want to
2:27 am
clarify something for the people who are viewing this. just because someone reports a hate crime doesn't mean it's officially vair fight fide -- verified as a hate crime. anybody can report a hate cram. crime. when they say there's an increase in hate crime reporting, that means nothing. people can say what they want to say. until it's verified and the investigation has led it to be true, it's just an accusation. carley: he's facing a lawsuit from chicago police. had his legal team is facing another lawsuit from the brothers. tucson's police chief was just confirmed to lead cbp, customs and border protection. and to get a sense of where he stands on the border issue, take a listen to what he had to say during his confirmation hearing. watch this. >> i'm not sure it really matters whether we call it a major challenge, a crisis. >> is there a crisis or is there not a crisis at the border? >> senator, i would say that my
2:28 am
highest priority is going to -- >> i didn't ask your priority. i asked is there a crisis at the border. >> what i'm certainly trying to convey is how serious i take what's happening at the border. carley: he was your boss when you were a police officer. what is he like and how will he do in this new role? >> well, first off, i do work for him and i think he's a coward. the only reason he got role is because we're in a woketopia in the biden administration. if you're married to another man, that's one qualification you have, if you're an activist, that's a qualification too. this is the most unqualified person leading border patrol and customs. he started at richmond, an agency five times smaller than the you tucson police department and he's going to an agency 62 times bigger than the tucson police department. he's overwhelmed. he was not liked. he ruined morale at the police
2:29 am
department. he has no real qualifications. when i was working there, people talk about it to this day, even after he left, is that he was anti-border patrol. he did not want police officers to even coordinate with them to do anything related to getting illegals off of the streets of tucson, arizona. he's not a good candidate if you look at qualifications. if you want somebody who is an activist and yemen, -- yes man, he's the perfect candidate for the biden administration. carley: thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. ashley: it's 52:00 # on the east coast -- 5:29 on the east coast. communities coming together after devastating storms ravaged the midwest. ♪ praise him, heavenly host. ♪ praise father, son and holy ghost. ashley: rick reichmuth is live on the ground in kentucky as towns begin to rebuild.
2:30 am
carley: a first of its kind community of mortgage free homes for america's heroes and their families is popping up in florida. tunnel to tower "sunday morning ceo frank sillerjoins us live ws details comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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place. the whole building fell. ashley: absolutely devastating to hear that we're back with a fox news aalert. you heard audio from a woman trapped under debris caused by one of dozens of tornadoes that left catastrophic destruction across six states in america's heartland. a candle factory was leveled by a tornado with around 110 employees inside. thankfully, that woman was rescued. rescue and recovery efforts are still ongoing in the midwest. kentucky governor andy beshear calling the twister outbreak the most deadly in the state's history. carley: satellite images from before and after shedding light on the devastation. arkansas' governor said there are hundreds of homes and businesses totally destroyed in his state. two people lost their lives from the storm in arkansas. in illinois, six amazon employees were killed when the roof of the warehouse they had been working in collapsed. officials fear the death toll
2:35 am
from the catastrophic weather event will surpass 100. through the countless scenes of tragedy, fox news was there to witness a powerful moment of hope and resilience in one devastated neighborhood. ashley: fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live on the ground if in the hard hit area of mayfield, kentucky with that story. good morning, rick. >> reporter: good morning. the first morning because of an overnight storm, an overnight tornado, saturday everybody was beginning to just begin to grasp what happened and get out in the search and rescue. yesterday morning, sunday morning, we stumbled upon an outdoor church service taking place outside the first christian church here. you can see the damage the church sustained. sunday morning, it was a beautiful, sunny morning yesterday and the minister set up chairs in the parking lot and helped service. it was meaningful for so many people in the community. take a listen to what they had to say. >> i knew i had to do something. i knew we would have service
2:36 am
somewhere, if it was safe. >> it's given me hope. it's given p me a resilience that we are going to build back. >> and what do you think happens to mayfield now? >> i think we pick up the pieces and go on. >> reporter: yeah, that was ruth ann and beth, mother and daughter, both attending the service yesterday. so meaningful for them. obviously a moment like this in a town like this where church is a big part of it, the central part of their life, having that service yesterday was certainly very meaningful. a lot of work ahead for them, obviously here in this town. that work really began yesterday, bulldozers in here, people coming from states around with their chainsaws, bulldozers, to begin to help the people of mayfield and they have a lot of need. they're certainly going to need over the next number of months and likely. carley: what is the weather going to be like this week? the worst thing i could imagine that could possibly happen would be another storm to make the
2:37 am
cleanup even more difficult to accomplish. >> reporter: yeah, for sure. there will be more rain coming in here later this week. nothing severe like what we saw on friday night, fortunately. we'll tell you this also. it's a little warmer this morning. yesterday morning temps were in the mid to upper 20s for a number of hours, so freezing conditions making things very difficult. today testimonies about 5 to -- temps about 5 to 6 degrees warmer to start the day and temps getting up into the 50s. there will be plenty of sunshine today. a chance for showers come in tomorrow. carley: thank you for sharing that story with us, that people have hope in the area and that's good to see. rick, thank you. ashley: the tunnel to towers foundation has broken ground on the let us do good village in florida, a community of mortgage free homes for veterans, gold star families and families of fallen first responders.
2:38 am
carley: frank siller is here with us. it's an honor to have you with us this morning. tell us about this community that is under construction right now. it seems like such an incredible idea. >> first, i want to say our prayers go out to all the families that were hit with these devastating tornadoes. tunnel for towers foundation, we will do something for that area. but yeah, we broke ground on the first let us do good village, st. francis said, brothers and sisters, while we are here, while we have time, let us do good. it's the perfect name for the village. we will build over 100 homes for our service members. gold star families and fallen first responder families that died in the line of duty that leave young kids behind it will be a magnificent place to bring your kids up. these kids will be around other children that faced the same tragedy in their lives. ashley: building the community for the families is amazing. let's talk about the village. what will happen?
2:39 am
i know you said the community center will be awesome. >> we have a community center that is going to have an indoor basketball court, full size, regulation. we're going to have tennis courts, pickle ball courts, movie theater, conference rooms, more like a party room so kids can have their parties in there and a real place to attract the families to come together and to be together and i'm sure there's going to be some great love stories out of there. you think about it, right? these kids growing up with a similar type of background, they lost their mom or dad, died for our country or our community and they're going to lean on each other and so will the parents, you know, the widows and so forth lean on each other. we have enough money to start the first -- we'll have seven houses, except somebody donated a big donation. ashley: i heard about that big donation. >> we're up to 12 houses already funded. if somebody wants to get involved go to and
2:40 am
donate $11 a month. we can get the houses built. carley: you need more money to complete the houses. >> absolutely. carley: are the people who will live there, the residents, have they been selected? >> some have been. the first recipient, a triple amputee, will be moving there. he is from staten island so i know -- carley: he's one of the good ones. >> they're all good. they're all terrific and they're all resilient. we have quite a few of them that know they will be living there. we will build it, they will come. and it's going to be a place that everyone will want to go and live there in this type of situation. ashley: i love that. carley: it's such a great idea. really quickly, they told us to wrap, but how do you come up with the idea? >> to be frank with you, the land was donated to us. we never thought we would do something like this but it's so
2:41 am
perfect, so good, so just and so needed. carley: and you're changing so many lives for the better. thank you for joining us. the time is 40 minutes after the hour. americans give biden a failing grade on his handling of the nation's crime crisis. ashley: this as more scenes of chaos are playing out across american's major cities. those details, next. hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day.
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>> i hope you are enjoying "fox & friends" first. in 16 minutes, "fox & friends" gets started. dr. oz is running for senate as a republican in pennsylvania. he wants us to know that he will not be can seld by -- a canceled by dr. fauci or anybody else. what he has to say, straight ahead. newt gingrich reacts to president biden's sinking numbers, on every category economically. dan bongino here with his unfiltered look at the issues that matter most and rachel campos duffy joins us to share how "fox & friends" viewers are helping right now spread christmas cheer to kids with special needs. >> we all want to have a sense of purpose, we all want to feel like we contribute to society. we all want to feel like we make a difference. >> yep, that holiday message that you don't want to miss, had
2:46 am
that will be coming up right away. where i gradually ask you if you possibly have the time to get dressed. ashley, back over to you and your cohort. carley: my name's carley, brian. >> that's right. i remember you. from friday. [laughter] ashley: thanks brian. now to this, smash and grab robberies are on the rise while a majority of americans disapprove of the president and his handling of crime. carley: marianne rafferty is live in los angeles with the details marianne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. crime is surging across the u.s. and americans are losing confidence in the president's ability to stop the violence. a new abc poll found only 36%, that's a little more than a third of americans, approve of biden's handling of crime. that's down 7% from october. smash and grab mobs are becoming commonplace in democrat-run cities like los angeles and chicago. businesses are pouring millions
2:47 am
into private security to protect their stores. critics say the white house isn't doing enough to help businesses in cities suffering from the defund police movement. retail leaders are asking lawmakers to clamp down on marketplaces like amazon and facebook where smash and grab goods are usually sold. >> well, sadly this is entirely too real. what we're looking for congress to do is hold these marketplaces accountable and to take away thieves' easy access to unsuspecting buyers and make this an unprofitable crime. >> reporter: the biden administration claims it's fighting for more federal support for community policing saying the department of justice is working closely with state and local agencies to address the surge in retail theft. but the national sheriff's association says it does not see any evidence of those efforts. >> we've asked the question of other sheriffs and other police chiefs across the united states. we've yet to find an agency that's had assistance in the surge of crime by the federal
2:48 am
government to the magnitude that's needed. >> reporter: the justice department telling fox news that u.s. attorneys and the fbi are in regular contact with state and local agencies. the department also saying it's taken aggressive action to address the rise in crime, including comprehensive strategies to reduce gun violence and investments in community based violence prevention programs. carley, ashley. ashley: marianne rafferty live for us, thanks, marianne. carley: smash and grabs are becoming common place across the nation. ashley: cheryl casone from our sister network, fox business, is here with the details on a brazen robbery in chicago. cheryl: business owners are fed up with out-of-control crime in chicago. on saturday, two men with a gun and hammer smashed open display cases, stealing 2 million worth of luxury watches. ten customers including children were inside the store at the time. the store's owner will be on
2:49 am
"fox & friends" this morning. he is furious with leadership there. carley: i bet he is. and new york is masking up. cheryl: new york state's indoor mask than date returns today. councilman joe borelli joined you last hour. >> governors on the left like kathy hochul and others are doing a knee jerk reaction right away towards restricting our liberties. omicron is not causing a run on hospitalizations or deaths and going to this knee jerk reaction for mandates is actually counter productive. cheryl: the lump of coal from the governor means that any business who doesn't follow the mandate faces a maximum fine of $1,000 per violation. ashley: this could get people fired up. peloton is doing some damage control to say. cheryl: peloton watching its stock drop because of controversy. spoiler alert, mr. big does die
2:50 am
after taking a peloton ride. sorry, i hope of i didn't ruin that for you. so after shares of the company dropped more than 5% on friday, the company released this. watch. >> to new beginnings. >> to new beginnings. you look great. >> i feel great. shall we take another ride? life's too short not to. cheryl: that is a peloton instructor by the way that was in the show when he took the peloton class where he keeled over. remember the uproar and the stock dropped amid peloton's commercial we showed you now, that led ryan reynolds gin company to poke fun at the whole thing. that commercial i showed you, the voice over and the new ad from peloton is ryan reynolds. so go peloton. ashley: i'm trying to follow. carley: there's a lot of
2:51 am
controversy over peloton and sex in the city. cheryl: i was a big fan. i watched the episode and it's not funny. if you don't want your past memories of sex and the city ruined, don't bother. just make it funny. i don't know why they couldn't do that. peloton now suffered twice because of something -- first it was their commercial, now it's their new show. they didn't know this would happen until last thursday when the show debuted and then their stock drops as they kill off mr. big. carley: thank you for breaking both of those stories, all three down for us. we appreciate it. it's not just crime americans think the president is failing on, inflation, the border and just about every major issue facing the country right now. ashley: joe concha is breaking down the latest round of troubling polls for the biden administration.
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♪ ashley: president biden facing lowest approval rating yet inflation, violence. joe concha is here with reaction. we are talking about abc up sews poll approval rating on covid 45% disprove. 69% disprove on handling of the inflation. 66 disapprove on his handling of the gun violence problem. i'm wondering, joe, of all those problems, has he outlined a solution for any of them? >> first, high ashley, high cohort and good to see you again. on your question -- it will be a running theme. at a time where we had a massacre in waukesha, grand mothers and children run over by murderous mad man shouldn't have been ounce bail. smash and grab looting as marianne just reported at a time homicides skyrocketing in cities to philadelphia to los angeles and dozens in between. the president doesn't offer up that solution to answer your
2:57 am
question, carley. he takes the weekend off outside of running to jimmy fallon on friday night and to an awards show at the kennedy center sound night. kamala harris cannot be bothered to speak with leaders of mexico and guatemala. nor she as former district attorney or attorney general of california can be bothered to address crime in any way, shape, or form this san administration that believes it can ignore a problem or lie about it and it will go away. they don't want to do the hard work and answer the questions in poll after poll after poll. market research people show they know it their answers will be heard in a red tsunami in the house and the senate, guys. ashley: and then i want to talk about haven't harris for a second. the san francisco chronicle the headline read one year in kamala harris says she won't be distracted by ridiculous headlines. quote harris cites questions about the departure of high profile staffers. they came out a couple weeks ago and she is saying she is not going to be distracted well, i i
2:58 am
don't think she should be paying attention to the headlines when she is supposed to be taking care of the situation at the border. >> precisely, ashley, and not taking any questions since that piece came out, right? you will find kamala harris in the back of a milk carton before you see her in front of a microphone actually addressing these issues. it's almost as if she is in for the job for the cool parts like going to the kennedy center or being the 2024 nominee. you saw a poll out this weekend that shows just 22% barely one in five democrats want joe biden to run in 2024. so who is the plan b? i guess it's the vice president. again, you have staff that are exiting at this point at a stunning rate. and you have a vice president who is mia on basically every major issue at this point. carley: car we were talking about howe the president has 28% approval rating when it documents inflation. inflation hit a 39-year high. that came outer on friday. and then there was a bloomberg article that suggested ways to
2:59 am
cope with inflation. and one of their suggestions is spend your paycheck right away and also borrow lots of money. something tells me you do not endorse those as solutions to this problem, joe. >> that is an unfunny as new sex in the city. it's horrible. did i watch the original show, what can i say? i love this headline spend your money before not so transitory inflation makes your dollar even more worthless. i love joy reid's take on this from msnbc. consumer confidence lowest level in decade. low confidence biden's approval rating republicans are seizing and blaming joe biden. americans are seizing on inflation because they feel it every day. inflation sun spinnable. the way the administration can show it seriously is not to ram through trillions of new spending on top of the trillions they have already spent. anyway guys i know you have got to go. there is another show that starts after you. good to see you, ashley, todd
3:00 am
♪ here. i can't bust on his giants losing again. it was a pleasure talking to you and see you again soon. carley: thank you so much. we appreciate it see you again tomorrow. stay with fox news tore continuing coverage of the midwest tornado outbreak starting with "fox & friends" which starts right now. ashley: have a good day. >> it's going to be the deadliest tornado event in u.s. history. >> residents across the region are now beginning the long road to recovery. >> it's going to take time and i'm telling myself there is no time anymore. >> inflation, record disapproval of president biden. >> starting today new yorkers must mask up all businesses. anyone found in violation could face a $1,000. >> emperor has no clothes. he ha no, sir ability to
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