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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 13, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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into a general gear bread house. it's cute ginger bred house. >> we would like jesse's office to look like that. that's it for us, everyone. "special report" is up next. >> bret: i would like to get a pillow, "special report" pillow. >> dana: your pillow? >> jesse: your pillow. >> bret: my pillow. all right. see you. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are getting a clearer picture of the devastation left behind by a series of killer tornadoes in the midwest over the weekend. at least 88 people are now dead. kentucky hit hardest with at least 74 killed. and more than 100 are still missing at this hour. the video images as you look at some of them here youngest a
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baby only a few months old. senior correspondent mike tobin leads us off. you have covered a lot of these storms for us, the tornadoes and aftermath. i heard you today on air say you have never seen anything like this. >> i have never seen a path of destruction this large, bret. usually what you see is a tornado that will bounce along and kind of short path this thing got a foot hold to the southwest of here and just drove like a lawn mower for 227 miles. and that is why you have the director of emergency management saying the recovery is not going to be a matter of weeks or months but years. >> heart break in the heartland as the long, hard recovery begins. >> it's just -- upsetting, you know, to know that's a town that
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you grew up in and everything you know as memories is all gone. >> survivors across five states pick up what is left after the deadly tornadoes left friday. a dog with a search and rescue team from missouri works against the odds that someone may be found alive in the mountains of debris. four twisters in all hit kentucky including one with 200-mile path. the governor warns there is too much destruction to estimate total. >> it may be weeks before we have final counts on those deaths and levels of destruction. >> my bedroom right there. >> the hardest hit mayfield, kentucky drone and satellite images show how the tornado shredded the 10,000 person town. everything from churches to businesses, and homes reduced to piles of rubble. >> i want to go home and i don't have a home to go home to. >> angela cutters is surprised she got out alive. >> i heard windows breaking and i looked at them and said it's here. we looked at each other i love you. this is it. it's over. >> western kentucky borat brunt
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of the storm, at least six people were killed when 155 mile-per-hour winds collapsed an amazon warehouse in edwardsville, illinois. death and destruction were also reported in arkansas. tennessee, and missouri. president biden pledged every resource available to local and state officials. >> we're going to get this done. we are going to there as long as it takes to help. >> survivors say they will need it? >> hopefully we get back to normal some time. i don't know when that will be. but, without hope, we'll never make it. >> and you have got power crews in here from all over the region as you still have some 26,500 people without power and another cold night is setting in. on wednesday, the people here will get a visit from president biden as he will try to or some encouragement to the people who had the misfortune of being in the path of this once in a lifetime tornado. bret, back to you. >> bret: thoughts and prayers with them.
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mike from kentucky, thank you. the u.s. supreme court is refusing to block a covid-19 vaccine requirement for healthcare workers in morning. that does not offer an exemption for religious reasons. the court acted on emergency appeals filed by doctors, nurses and other medical workers who say they are being forced to choose between their jobs and religious beliefs. new york is one of just three states along with maine and rhode island that do not accommodate healthcare workers who object to the vaccine on religious grounds. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. california just this shower reinstating a statewide mask mandate as omicron variant cases lead to a surge in coronavirus infections there. correspondent matt finn is in los angeles with the latest. good evening, matt. >> good evening, bret. late this afternoon the state of california reimplemented a new month-long statewide indoor mask mandate it begins this wednesday the state says the mandate 47%
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increase in the covid case rate since thanksgiving primarily in counties with low vaccination rates. the mandate will require everyone to mask up indoors regardless of vaccination status and if you are attending a mega event with 1,000 people or more, you will have to show a vaccine card or a negative code test within one day. healthcare and human services secretary mark gally says the enforcement strategy will basically be the honor system. los angeles county already had an active indoor mask mandate. and the state of new york is now requiring all people either show proof of vaccination or wear a mask in all indoor public spaces. governor kathy hochul announced the sweeping measure on friday it goes into effect today. new york city not complying with the new mask mandate comes with $1,000 fine. and overseas at least one person has died from the omicron variant in the united kingdom. prime minister boris johnson publicly announced the first death in great britain from the strain no. details other than the person was diagnosed in the hospital. >> so, i think the idea that
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this is somehow a milder version of the virus, i think that's something we need to set on one side and just recognize the shear pace which it accelerates through the population. >> and the u.s. air force has discharged 27 people for refusing to get the covid vaccination. believed to come the first service members to be removed for saying no to the shot mandate. bret? >> bret: matt finn in los angeles. thanks. president biden facing a myriad of serious challenges tonight and they are cutting into his already low approval numbers. at the top of the list this holiday season is crime amid a rash of high profile high end robberies scaring some shoppers away from the most crucial economic period of the year for retailers. the president also facing an up hill political battle over massive tax and spend agenda that social spending bill still pending in congress. white house peter doocy has the latest tonight.
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>> i wouldn't see this as a negotiating table as much as a conversation. >> whatever they call it, they need senator joe manchin to vote for their social spending bill. >> when i speak to senators to try to or house members or governors on or about any other elected official to try to convince them that what i'm proposing makes sense and is not inconsistent with what they believe. >> officials are also making the case they are on top of rising crime rates. >> we have also worked directly with police departments in areas where they are seeing the highest impact of the crime. the retail threats which we have great concern about. >> it keeps happening like this weekend in chicago. >> they have people come break in to your store while there is customers shopping and there are children in there. >> joe perilo's luxury car dealership was targeted. he is blaming the mayor and state attorney. >> mayor lightfoot i don't know her and i don't know kim foxx. they probably are good people
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probably trying to do good but they are good bad for their community. >> how much do you apay attention to approval ratings? >> well, not anymore. >> not anymore. >> they are asking prosecutors to get stricter with sentencing. >> what good does it do if you are going to give police departments extra money if they arrest bad guys and they bring them to jail and then they are not prosecuted and right back out on the streets? >> i think, peter, what our focus is on is making sure the local leaders, the police officers and departments who know what they need for these communities have the assistance and the funding they need. that's what we are working around the clock on. >> there are plenty of things that officials around here would rather talk about than crime. covid vaccines, the build back better plan, electric vehicle charging stations, you name it as officials in big cities struggle to keep innocent people safe, as crime rates rise, it's
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unavoidable. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, peter, thank you. stocks were down today. dow lost 320, the s&p 500 fell 43. the nasdaq was off 217. >> an illustration tonight of just how delicate relations are between china and tijuana. critics say it's the biden's weakness on aggression. it a policy has not changed. state department correspondent benjamin hall tells us about the international incident over the color of a map? >> the summit for democracy began with lofty ambitions. bringing together democracy from around the world as a counter weight to china. but it ended in apparent embarrassment with the administration appearing to bow to the chinese. during a presentation by the taiwanese minister the feed was suddenly cut off. possibly because of presentation showed taiwan a different color to china.
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independent. it also happened as the minister had been talking of freedom. >> we believe that a completely open environment with free speech unsensorred is perfect for letting digital democracy flourish. >> sources told reuters that the video was cut at the behest of the white house who were afraid of offending china. >> it's disappointing. we are more interested in coddle ling china than in deterring china right now. >> state department has denied this calling it an honest mistake caused by confusion over screen sharing while the taiwanese issued this statement saying in part with regard to the video feed anomaly the united states explained technical issue at the summit control center resulted in a malfunction of the screen sharing feature. china has long objected to the suggestion that taiwan is independent and the u.s. adhered to the one china policy. as well as appearing to cut the feed, moderator senior vice president of the carnegie institute also praised the taiwanese minister. >> i salute you and your colleague he is and the
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government and the society for having moved so far. >> more and more countries are now moving away from taiwan and towards china. over the weekend nic i can't announced cutting diplomatic ties only 13 countries now recognize taiwan. china has since delivered 200,000 covid vaccine. >> using economic warfare to influence diplomatic decisions around the world. >> and just last week, bret, 18 republican congressman supported a bill calling for the end of the one china policy and asking for more support for taiwan. indeed, there is bipartisan support for both economic and military aid to the island to be increased, bret? >> bret: benjamin hall live at the state department. thank you. let's bring in arkansas republican senator tom cotton. thanks for being here. >> bret, good to be with you. >> bret: i want to talk about all of this and foreign policy as well. i want to start what have you seen out of kentucky. you are a state very familiar with tornado damage and all that comes with it? >> bret, terrible storms starting in arkansas and going across the mid south and into
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the midwest. we lost two lives in arkansas. on my visits over the weekend with local officials the mayors, the judges, the nursing homeowner of the nursing home that was destroyed. one constant refrain i heard they couldn't believe more life wasn't lost. thanks to the quick wits and bravery of our fellow arkansans we only had two lives lost. >> bret: from arkansas right there. >> some of the scenes you have seen from kentucky and mayfield in particular is just heart breaking. my prayers and condolences go out not just to my fellow arkansans but fellow americans affected by these storms. >> bret: it's going to take a lot to rebuild. i want to turn to that story you just saw out of the state department and this incident with this map and what does it say about the administration and what they are doing? >> well, it projects pathetic weakness, bret, when joe biden convenes a summit for democracy and then he has a member of taiwan's cabinet speaking to other democracies and they cut the feed.
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simply because it shows taiwan and china in different colors on the map. i don't believe for a minute that it was merely a technical issue. i believe this is an example of the president and the administration kowtowing to beijing. what we need to do is stand alongside taiwan, help secure its autonomy and maintain the status quo across the strait. that's the been the policy of the united states now for 40 years. but beijing is the one that is now threatening taiwan, threatening to change that status quo by force not by negotiation. >> bret: here is josh rogin speaking on brian kilmeade's radio show. >> some technical guy in the state department sees this guy put up a map of taiwan oh, wait a second we didn't know about that. cut to commercial. and it was like oh my god, what happened, the white house told us to do it. it does speak to like a greater problem with this democracy summit because they wanted to influence taiwan only so much. eventually we have to taiwan acts like a country, walks like
3:14 pm
a country, talks like a country. if we are going to support it we have to call it what it is it is a country. >> bret: what would you do differently. >> first off joe biden should apologize. someone should be held accountable and fired for what happened. joe biden should apologize for what happened today it shouldn't have happened. and he should make clear that the united states will help taiwan defend its own sovereignty. that starts with significantly expanding and accelerating arm sales, missiles, it will getting reserve forces in order. making sure that taiwan is strong enough that communist china never attempts to go for the jugular there. that's the best way to avoid a war and hottest flash point in the world is a war make sure stand alongside taiwan. >> bret: i asked secretary austin about this. take a listen. >> so what would the u.s. do if china invades taiwan? >> again, you know, our policy remains the same. our one china policy remains the
3:15 pm
same. we are committed to helping taiwan develop and maintain the capability to defend itself. so we're going to do everything in our power to help prevent conflict and dial down the temperature whenever possible. >> bret: so, that last part, dial down the temperature, you have china and taiwan. you have russia and ukraine. a lot of people in the country who say senator we don't want to be in another war any place. and if there is aggression, how do you do that without getting into a war? >> well, of course we don't are want to have another war anywhere in the world. we always want to try to deter and prevent war. but the best way to do that as george washington said our very first president is to be prepared for. that's the best way to preserve the peace. in both cases whether it's taiwan or ukraine, it's to enable those peoples to defend their own sovereignty, their own territorial integrity by helping them attain the weapons and training they need to defend
3:16 pm
their own terrain and being clear that we'll not sit idly by and tolerate aggression against taiwan, against ukraine, that we will support these peoples diplomatically, economically, and militarily, if we do those things in advance and make our resolve clear that will deter communist china that will deter vladimir putin. >> bret: last thing, build back better seems to be running into speed bumps namely joe manchin on capitol hill. where do you see it and do you think democrats can pass it before christmas? >> well, i certainly hope not. you know, i do give joe biden credit for, this last month we learned we had the highest inflation rate in 30 years. he said he was going to do something about it on friday he did. we have the highest inflation in 40 years now. if we spend $5 trillion we don't have in this legislation that's going to contribute to more inflation. that's why senator manchin and frankly some other democrats as well have reservations about this bill. >> bret: do you believe it's others beyond senator manchin. >> yes i do in the senate and
3:17 pm
house of representatives. it is insane to continue to spend trillions of dollars that we don't have when we have the worst inflation rate in 40 years. when families are having to work hard to make ends meet at the end of the month, paying for gas, paying for groceries, probably cutting back on the christmas gifts for the kids. we don't need trillions of dollars of more spending. >> bret: senator cotton appreciate the time. >> thank you, bret. >> bret: up next, while the clean-up continues politicians are blaming friday's tornadoes on climate change. we will bring you that story. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bret: now to the politics of friday's tornadoes. as we mentioned at the top of the show, some on the left are characterizing the storms as the result of climate change. others are trying to use the tragedy to smear their opponents. here is congressional correspondent aishah hasnie. >> hopefully this is a time when sort of politics don't enter into it. >> as kentucky senator rand paul requested federal disaster aid for his state reeling from friday's deadly tornadoes, the left called him a hypocrite for rejecting several major disaster relief bills in the past for other states. >> i simply ask that we take it from some spending items that seems to be less pressing. >> democrat representative eric swalwell tweeting lawmakers
3:22 pm
should do all they can to help kentucky residents but added do not for one second forget that rand paul has voted against helping most americans most times there in need. paul responded today by saying with our dead not yet buried, it is not the time for place to debate the left's political agenda. meanwhile, others are blaming the tragedy on climate change. after mark ruffalo tweeting which this is what #climate treafer looks like this. t. is only going to get worse from here. >> while deanne criticize well fired off stark warning. >>this is going to be our new normal. the effects we are seeing from climate change are the crisis our generation. >> even the president pulled it into the conversation over the weekend tasking the e.p.a. to investigate. >> intensity of the weather across the board has some impact and consequence of the warming of the planet and the climate change. the specific impact on these
3:23 pm
specific storms i can't say at this point. >> only to caution the country not to jump to conclusions today. >> we can't say with absolute certainty that it was because of climate change. >> politics aside, minority leader mitch mcconnell thank youing dhs and fema today for their work on the ground. >> this is the worst storm to hit kentucky in my lifetime. >> bret, fox has learned that there is plenty of federal aid to help those victims right now but this recovery process could go on for months. so if congress needs to approve more cash, they may try to track it onto the next bill to fund the government again. that would happen in february and that is when we could see some more push and pull on exactly how much. bret? >> bret: aishah hasnie live on capitol hill. thanks. >> you bet. >> bret: up next a mother and daughter killed by suspected snug glory along the southern border. we will take you there tonight.
3:24 pm
court activist and business tycoon convicted 18 months in jail. ing banned tiananmen square vigil. the court convicted several others on similar charges amid a crack down by chinese authorities on the city's civil liberties. an israeli prime minister has made an official visit to the united arab emirates for the first time. prime minister bennett met with abu dhabi crowned prince following the establishment of the relations between the two countries, this one object one meeting comes amid nuclear talks between iran and world powers and reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bret: pentagon officials say no u.s. troops involved in the august drone strike that killed afghan civilians and children will face disciplinary action. defense secretary lloyd austin has approved recommendations from the generals who led -- or leads u.s. central command and special operations command based on the findings of an independent pentagon review released last month. the august 29th drone strike on a white toyota carolla sedan killed seven children and three adults. now to news out of this country along the border. there is another major crash
3:29 pm
involving illegal immigration along that southern border tonight. this one left a mother and daughter from texas dead and a suspected human smuggler in custody it comes on another busy weekend at that crossing. correspondent bill melugin is there and reports from eagle pass, texas. >> it's a chilly monday morning in eagle pass, texas where a group of migrants risk the currents crossing the rio grande and entering the u.s. illegally right in front of our cameras. one man falls to his knees in relief. >> i request cp canine. >> late sunday night, we embedded with elite team of texas dps troopers working the private ranks in kinney county 10 miles inland from the border as they look for runners the terrain is lug rugged and desolate. the illegal immigrants are not claiming eye sigh lump or asylu. who he upset when they get
3:30 pm
caught. texas dps caught dozens of the runners in a matter of hours. there is no border patrol here. the troopers say if they weren't there, it would be a free for all. >> just behind us here is a group of 8 single male illegal immigrants that texas dps found here in the brush, they will not be handed over to border patrol they will be arrested and jailed for criminal trespassing. a suspected human smuggler being chased lie law enforcement blew through an intersection and collided with another vehicle, killing an innocent texas mother and her daughter. ages 59 and 22 six illegal immigrants and 18-year-old smuggler were taken into custody. photos provided by a source show how violent the crash was. one migranted launched through the windshield of the smuggler's window though he survived without serious injury. fox flight team witnessed 11 illegal immigrants running and hiding in the brush. the men just been dropped off on
3:31 pm
a raft unclear if they were ever caught by border patrol. bret, when it comes to that suspected human smuggler involved in the crash. we learned is he a u.s. citizen and currently hospitalized with injuries. because of that his arraignment has been postponed. we many send it back to you. >> bret: bill melugin along the border. thank you. zeroing in on the real price tag for president biden's build back better agenda. that bill. here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in detroit as a judge declines to move ethan crumbly out of an adult jail. the judge says the facility needs to ensure the 15-year-old cannot hear or see grown up inmates, crumbly is charged with murder and terrorism. four students killed, several other people wounded in last month's attack. this is a live look at san francisco, a cloudy foggy san francisco, our affiliate fox 2 big story there tonight "time" magazine names elon musk its 2021 person of the
3:32 pm
year. "times" editor and chief says the spacex and tesla ceo was given the title for creating solutions to an existential crisis and embodiying the possibilities and perils of the age of tech titans. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays, with no obligation. if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan with flexible payment solutions for every budget. we're here making smiles shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at
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♪ ♪ >> bret: victims of former u.s.a. gymnastics doctor larry nassar reached $380 million settlement with that. the paracommittee and their insurers. designate board states abused survivors and implement other new policies aimed at protecting
3:37 pm
athletes from future harm. nassar is in prison serving sentences totaling more than 350 years. attorneys in the boy scouts of america bankruptcy case have reached a tentative settlement. one of the organization's largest ensurers will contribute $800 million for funds of victims of child sexual abuse in return from being released further liability abuse claims. the payment would bring the amount of money in the proposed trust to more than $2.6 billion. which would be the largest sexual abuse settlement in u.s. history. a senior producer at cnn is facing sex crimes charges tonight. john griffin was arrested on friday by the fbi. he was charged by a grand jury in vermont with trying to entice minors to own gauge in unlawful sexual activity. the indictment says coerced parents to allow minor daughters to engage in sexual activity in his home. cnn has suspended griffin saying
3:38 pm
it takes the charges incredibly seriously. griffin's attorney is declining comment. meantime the house panel investigating the capitol riot on january 6th is set to recommend contempt charges against former white house chief of staff mark meadows. the expected action comes as lawmakers are releasing new details about documents meadows has handed over to the committee. the panel's latest report describes details about meadow's efforts to help then president trump to try challenge and overturn the 2020 election results. there are new congressional budget office numbers indicating president biden's massive tax and spend proposals, the build back better proposal, could balloon the federal deficit by $3 trillion over the next decade. fox business correspondent hillary vaughn has the latest tonight from capitol hill. >> the closest thing to immortality on earth is a government program. >> republicans fear programs in build back better will be around forever and say democrats aren't
3:39 pm
being upfront about what it will cost to keep them. president biden's social spending spans a decade some of the programs in it expire before. that is like universal pre-k and the child tax credit. >> it should be 10 years it should just be one year here three years here, five years there. >> the congressional budget office did the matthews. the true cost of the plan if programs are permanent almost $5 trillion. and it would add 3 trillion to the debt without more taxes. >> there is only two ways to pay for this in the future, one, raise taxes on working families, middle class families or they need to cut back on medicare, social security, so which is it? >> the white house says they will come up with the cash if they need to later. >> the president has conveyed very clearly, multiple times publicly, that he would like programs if they are extended to be paid for. it is a fake score about a bill that doesn't exist. >> some democrats say the temporary programs are a test drive. >> one of the reasons you like
3:40 pm
programs be for shorter times sometimes you want to make sure they are working. >> others say they had to sun set stuff. congresswoman jayapal says we made tough choices to only fund certain programs for fewer years because top line numbers had to come down. >> whatever it is, it will still be transformative and historic. >> and president biden has said build back better will fundamentally change america but one policy group that concord coalition says democrats need to decide if the change they are promising is long term or short-lived and then own up to the cost saying transformative policies are not temporary policies. bret? >> bret: hillary vaughn on capitol hill. hillary, thank you. up next, brit hume, guy benson, juan williams and shannon bream on the real cost of the president's build back better plan and the latest on covid regulations. ♪ ♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor,
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>> do you know why i wrote a letter to the cbo, because joe manchin came to me and he said i think it bill was full of gimmicks that these programs won't go away lindsey and if you score them for 10 years i think the bill will double. >> i think basically we are seeings things unfold that allows us to prepare better and
3:45 pm
that's what we should do, take advantage of what we are doing in a very litigious way in making sure in how we do it and how we do it and what period of time we do it is something that we can maintain. >> when i speak to senators to try or house members or governors, or any other elected official, i try to convince them that what i'm proposing makes sense and it's not inconsistent with what they believe. >> bret: president biden talked with senator joe manchin from west virginia today. they both said they had a productive talk and will talk in coming days it does not sound like manchin is ready to pass this before christmas even though chuck schumer, the senate majority leader, says yes, he is. well, here's some of the write-up from the "wall street journal," the real cost of biden's spending plan. the cbo and joint committee on taxation project that the house bill would increase the deficit by $3 trillion over 10 years without the budget gimmicks and phony phaseouts. all of this gives mr. manchin and other democrats highlanding boo behind his skepticism ample
3:46 pm
admission to call the whole thing off. if this bill passes they will own all of the deficit debt that result. the with that bring in our expanded panel. brit hume, guy benson, the host of the guy benson show on fox news radio. juan williams, a fox news analyst and shannon bream is our fox news chief legal correspondent anchor of fox news at night it seems like this is going to hit a wall here perhaps others according to senator tom cotton but the in this in the grave what your thoughts. >> i don't think they are going to get manchin ton vote for it. what it says is that it's going to have 10 years worth of taxes and other money raising undertaking to finance three years of new social spending.
3:47 pm
nobody in their right mind imagines that that socialist spending will phase out after three years. things like that never happen in washington. in living memory. everybody knows it's going to go on much longer than that therefore, as the cbo said, after it estimated the cost. if the programs were made public -- permanent which they most certainly would be, would be in the neighborhood of 3 trillion added to the deficit. that's where we are. they won't get manchin with that i don't think. they have to cut the spending back and we will see if they are willing to do it. >> bret: jen psaki white house press secretary seemed pretty pretornado with the premise that the cbo would score the house bill even though it's going to be changed. take a listen. >> what we are talking about here is a fake cbo score that ♪ based on the actual bill that anybody is voting on. this is a ask request by senator graham to score a bill that is not currently being debated. that is his prerogative to do.
3:48 pm
but, what our focus is on is on the existing bill that will lower the deficit, that will also over an additional 10 years pay for the $2 trillion tax cuts that republicans didn't pay for. they are welcome for that. >> bret: juan, first part, probably accurate on the scoring. second part questionable if you just listen to what brit set and what manchin is talking about. >> yeah, i think that's right. the thing about it is the first part of what she said about, you know, this being something that -- what's being scored is not what is being voted on absolutely right. then she raises the specter of the fact that republicans under president trump passed a bill that they didn't pay for. i think all of this is back and forth. and i think that people watching from outside of washington should be know that ultimately, i think, what you are going to get is something paired down that manchin can support. because these proposals, things like universal pre-k.
3:49 pm
the tax cuts for working class people, dealing with climate change, child care, these are popular proposals. republicans in going after manchin this past weekend, have relied on the cbo score and they are giving him added leverage in order to pare down the overall build back better bill. i do think he is going to kill if? i don't know i don't. i don't know if it will pass before christmas. i think that ultimately given that 99% of democrats back something and want something to pass for their president in his first year, you are going to get something, maybe in january at the latest. >> bret: shannon? >> i think it's not just the cbo score that would rankel senator manchin. i think it's beyond that is he also worried about the cpi index and inflation came out the last few days. he has repeatedly said we have though about that. when we look at inflation hitting a new high since 1982, he has talked about that. this isn't transitory anymore. is he concerned beyond that score.
3:50 pm
and the long-term implications of how it impacts what is now this inflation that doesn't seem to be going away it seems pretty stub been, i think there are multiple fronts for him. be transparent and accurate. these programs if they are built into this bill are they going to be sun setted. is there really a way to unearth them these government programs. he also wants if there is money raised by taxes which there would be in this plan to see that some of that money goes to the debt. can he get the white house or other democrats to commit to that? that might be good way to move him. >> bret: guys, senator manchin told me before there are other democrats that fall under his umbrella even though he has taken the blow torch as far as public attention about this. senator cotton said that earlier in this show. the question is, you know, how much can they negotiate here and 40u67 'will they stand up, democrats usually manage to herd the cats in the end. >> without losing progressives on the other side, especially in the house. unclear but you are right bhanch
3:51 pm
bhanchen is out there. sinema, one member of the house voted against the bill on the democratic side. these are outliers within congressional democrats or among that group. they are not outliers among the american people. here's another piece of leverage to juan's point for senator manchin, a poll out just a few days ago from npr showed just 41% of the public is in favor of build back better. the biden agenda. 41%. just 36% of independents. i saw a poll today from west virginia, his constituents, they asked will this help inflation or make it worse? only 14% of west virginians believe that this will reduce inflationary pressures, which is the white house talking point. so, manchin may feel a little lonely out front on this when it comes to the democrats that go to work every day in the building a few blocks from here but out in the public, especially in his home state, he is right smack in the mainstream.
3:52 pm
>> bret: brit, let me turn to as omicron variant picked up cases severity is not as much. dr. fauci and others have said that as well. these states, new york and california reimposing mask mandates, there are new vaccine mandates upheld bite the supreme court tonight in new york. what about these decisions? >> it's quite remarkable. we seem as a nation or at least the state governments and localities within this nation, seem intent on making the same kinds of mistakes over and over and over again. now, we went through this phase with the lockdowns of the businesses and the schools the worst of it. it didn't work. it's never been established that children, for example, are particularly vulnerable to this disease. if vulnerable at all. and now we have a new variant which apparently we have had one death from this new variant. we don't close down our country over diseases that are mild in character and rarely cause death. we close down things in country and take drastic measures for
3:53 pm
things that are really deadly to huge slices of the population. that wasner true of this virus. it's always been confined to certain categories of people and, yet, we shut everybody down and we appear prepared in some ways with the mandates and so on to be doing that kind of thing again. it's adjust amazes. >> bret: juan, there is a public back bash to this. and even mandates does this start to go the other way. >> you saw that vote in the senate recently and saw two democrats in the senate go with the best of lucks on the vote, bret. i think there is a reason for that people overwhelmingly just tired, you know, i can tell you just personally, just tired of this virus and having to not only the shots but the distancing, the masking, you know, but, here's the thing. is it the right policy for the country?
3:54 pm
today's headline in the "the washington post" was one of every 100 older americans over 65 have died the people who have died from this virus. so it's not just this latest virus. we are still dealing really with the consequences of the delta virus. it's still the major cause of death and hospitalization in our country. >> bret: you have in the u.k., shannon, boris johnson lifting the emergency levels there and stepping up actions to stop omicron there. >> shannon: yeah, we do. of course the u.s. seems to generally be a few weeks behind what's going on there what we are not behind on are all of these court battles. the supreme court did refuse to get involved with new york health workers who said they were not being -- the opportunity to get a religious exemption. justice gain of function research wrote a i do sent. wrote by justice alito. clearly interfering with the free exercise of religion. also not allowing these people to accept unemployment insurance or benefits.
3:55 pm
he said how many more reminders do we need that the constitution is not to be obeyed or disobeyed as the circumstances of a particular crisis may suggest. meaning this going to end up at the high court. >> bret: yeah. a number of cases heading that way. all right, panel, stand by. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines starting with guy. ♪
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4:00 pm
going to inflict massive consequences on vladimir putin if russia invades the ukraine. >> bret: all right. and brit? >> the biden administration proposes new changes to its build back better plan instead of 10 years of taxes and other money raisers to pay for three years of spending, it now says that 10 years of taxes and other measures will be used to pay for one day of spending, cbo officials with tears of laughter streaming down their faces yes, that would be paid for. >> bret: there you go. panel, thank you. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. thanks for being fair balance and unafraid. i stepped into it but freedom fm "primetime" started with will cain. >> good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime" i'm will cain. we have been telling you about the mayhem engulfing america's streets. crime rates skyrocketed in major cities as democra


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