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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  December 15, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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i will still kiss under the mistletoe but not eat it. >> i don't think i very far kissed under mistletoe. ever. dean, thanks. >> be careful. >> thanks for watching fox news prime time. check out the will cain podcast every monday, wednesday and friday. see you back here tomorrow. tucker carlson is next. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." an obvious observation. it feels like this country is losing control of inflation and it's getting worse. in dallas over the weekend a bottle of water is going for $8 which used to be free from the sky. now 8 bucks and people are paying it. if you are thirsty in dallas on
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saturday morning you didn't have a choice. inflation will make this country poor faster than anything else well. if you think covid or climate change or police brutality or iran is a bigger threat to the united states than the devaluation of the u.s. dollar you should not be making meaningful decisions. you are a moron. let's check in with our friends at cnn to see what they are covering on the other news channel. planning a palace coup at the white house. another day in washington. cnn's researchers discovered joe biden is elderly and not that popular. not the best vehicle for the party going forward. obviously he won't serve 2 terms. so cnn has a list of people to replace joe biden. it's amusing. somebody in cnn's math
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department concluded that joe biden will be 86 years old by the end of the second term. what? 86 years old? cnn had no idea joe biden was that old. time for someone new. that's what they are saying. as you watch this you feel sad for joe biden. he's been in office less than a year and his own supporters are measuring his coffin. of course they are. this was always going to happen. professional democrats are not sentimental people. they are realists. joe biden served his purpose. stopped bernie sanders in the primaries and made america save for private equity. mission accomplished. it's time to pull joe biden off the stage before he gets older and less popular. it turns out supporting joe biden was never about any specific idealogy.
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they have no interest in ideas. loyalty is a foreign concept. they care only about power. kind of scary, really. thankfully this same group is also stupid. stupidity is their one redeeming quality. if they were smart they would take over the world. thank god they can't because they are too limited by their own bigotries and tiny intellects. how dumb are these people? they assume everybody else is just like them. that's the hallmark of stupidity. they believe el salvador immigrants want to be called latin-ex. they have no idea they have social views that are so right wing they would be band on twitter. nancy pelosi was out there a couple of years ago talking about ms-13 and assuring us they
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were little angels. children of god. never sent a camera to el salvador to ask what they think about ms-13? what is their few on the trans community? cnn has even not thought about doing those interviews. they assume they don't need to. people believe that everyone who didn't vote for donald trump must have the same opinions as the dingbats and imagine a world populated by people like themselves. college educated liberals. thank god they are world. they would be sterile and bossy and anti-human as the white house press secretary. imagine 8 billion jen psakis. horrifying. in reality the u.s. is more
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diverse and they don't have any idea how unpopular they are. most americans are not racist but a lot hate these nasty, up-tight entitled white liberals who run cnn. if you were to ask your average trump voter who do you really dislike? they would say to cnn i am not mad at black people. i am mad at you. the dislike of that group of people is the deepest well of prejudice in the united states. it's totally justified. does cnn know that? they have no idea. wait until you see the list of the replacements for joe biden. first on the list is kamala harris. that makes sense she is the
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vice-president but nobody likes kamala harris. nobody has ever liked her from the playground to her high school years in canada to 2021. why is kamala harris so unpopular. here's what she is like. >> is that a socialist or progressive perspective? >> no, [laughing]. the value of education -- [laughing]. mike pence on the debate stage. [laughing]. [inaudible]. [laughing]. i look backed up and said please!
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>> tucker: kamala harris is a charmless phoney with such contempt for your intelligence she expects you to believe that her fake laugh is real. that's bad. it's not a deal killer in politics. no one called richard nixon charming but he won the biggest presidential landslide in american history in 1970. but richard nixon was confident and had skills. kamala harris doesn't. kamala harris is incompetent. zero skills. never done anything. harris can't redecorate her own office. she tried and made it uglier. take her off the list. what about pete buttigieg? everyone at cnn loves him. until a few years ago pete buttigieg dated women. now he is gay and a father and uses many unintelligible buzz
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words. talk like him, it's not hard? pick a phrase and add the word racism. you have a future in the democratic party. >> do you think that people who supported president trump and his immigration policies are racist? >> anyone supporting this is supporting racism. our healthcare system is burdened by racism and our schools are burdened by racism and the uniform. but it goes far beyond that. it's a matter of concern for every american that we dismantle systemic racism in our lifetime. >> tucker: and roads are racist too. certain kinds of people love this. if cnn anchors could use science, pete buttigieg is the candidate they would create in their baseman lab.
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no achievements of any kind. pete buttigieg could even run south bend, indiana. pete buttigieg has never shown an interest in improving the lives of actual people. he only talks about himself. every presidential election cycle you see someone like this. democratic candidates who are media creations. ask beto o'rourke, he's been there. pete buttigieg is off the list. but he is not elizabeth warren. the candidate for voters who find kamala harris too authentic. kamala harris is too real for me. i would rather someone who pretends to be an american-india. then you will love elizabeth warren. here he is drinking beer with
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the man she claims is her husband like a totally normal american. >> i will get me a beer. before. my husband is here. do you want a beer? >> i will pass on the beer for now. . >> tucker: i am going to get me a beer. not in the white house. if you are going to replace someone as old and familiar as joe biden you need someone fresh and new. maybe that's what cnn was thinking when they included the illinois governor on the list. even if you have not heard his name. his faults are too obvious to ignore. he may be the only elected democrat in america who is unhealthier than joe biden. he broke his leg and admitted he had no idea how he did it. he had not seen his leg since
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19ny -- 93. is this the president you want during a covid-19 pasts? wish him the best but don't count on seeing him in the white house soon. if you are still fixated on replacing joe biden with a governor, cnn recommends gretchen whitmer and phil murphy. maybe this is a test. phil murphy almost lost his job just last month. he was nearly defeated as a democratic governor.
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now he should be president? come on. it feels like some pot head intern at cnn pulled up wiki pedia for democratic numbers and copied their names in. how did gretchen whitmer make the list. cnn recommends the mayor of new orleans. huh? he is nice and charming and friendly but how is new orleans doing these days? cleaner, safer, how are the schools? if you have been there, you know. if mitch landrue makes the list why not bill de blasio. why didn't bill de blasio replace joe biden. he is unemployed. bills could turn all of america into penn station.
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what a campaign slogan. 2024 make america fillingy again. -- filthy again. we are getting to the bottom of the cnn biden replacement list and we find the name of stacey abrams am she is a voting rights activist. electing her as president would signal the end of the modern era. you know the kind of country you would get with stacey abrams in charge. unqualified? of course. but also delusional. to this day, 3 years after the fact, stacey abrams never conceded she lost the georgia governor's race and claims that election was stolen from her. but wait a second, you ask. isn't that attack on democracy?
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when you challenge an election result in this country, you are shredding democratic norms. you are doing the bidding of vladimir putin and you are an insurrectionist. stacey abrams lives in atlanta. she spent a million and a half dollars on real estate for herself despite owing the irs $54,000 in back taxes. there is something about her not quite as repulsive as the rest of the people on cnn's list. say what you will about stacey abrams, she is no pete buttigieg. must stop climate change now!
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no. stacey abrams is a grifter obviously. but there is a spark of recognizable humanity in here. she has an active personal life. an exert from the soft core porn novel she wrote. >> she reveled in the movement and put eager spalm against his chest and tormented the flesh she found there and gripped his waist to pull him closer -- until she stood cradled between his hard thighs. >> tucker: imagine stacey abrams doing the same thing. standing on the west front of
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the capitol reading her own words from hidden since as she faces the ridged washington monument. we can imagine that vividly. cnn would be thrilled and we know that jeff tubin would cover it. dana perino co-anchor of the "the five" and joins us. i won't ask you to respond to that script. >> [laughing]. >> tucker: let's stand back and consider a president who hasn't completed his first year in office. who finds the media organizations suddenly talking about replacing him mid stream. i have never seen anything like that. what do you make of it? >> just last week the white house communication teams did a dog and phoney show to the
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media outlets and chastitized them for bad coverage. many news out lets complied. one npr report talked about build back better. i could not believe my ears. the first 4 people they named already ran for president and lost. what does that say about the quality of their campaign isn't other thing is that the democrats -- were hanging by a thread until president trump came along. then they unified in their distaste for him. trying to run that playbook again. people at cnn are thinking i don't know if that will work the second time. i heard two names you did not mention that are democrats to consider. i have a disagreement and a cliff hanger. first governor from colorado.
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a liberal democrat. fearless talking about covid and said the pandemic emergency is over. i won't tell people what they can wear. move on. he talked about eliminating the state income tax in colorado so they can remain competitive. that's fresh thinking. the democrats might want to pay attention to that. >> tucker: i agree. his line about the covid emergency is over there are political consideration but that's not what the atlantic magazine is saying. i wonder if democratic voters are offended. >> maybe a small portion. but what democrats found in the exit polling in virginia. independents were so mad about the schools being shut down for so long and mad about the way small businesses were treated and having to shut down during
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the pandemic when the big box stores like home depot got to stay hope. anger is coming out and people are taking their kids out of school. >> tucker: what is the cliff-hanger? >> somebody we haven't talked about. hillary clinton. can i read a tweet for you? >> tucker: yes. >> she said 2024 is a make or break point for the continuation of american democracy. no one who believes in democracy can sit this one down. could it be a rematch in 2024? >> tucker: i have to take a break.
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my brain exploded. that makes me wonder about you. >> think about what they docked with that it material. >> tucker: amazing for cable news. the january 6th committee is not a congressional committee. it's a show trial operation trying to change the country. they are out of control. now we learn they have doctored evidenced. they admitted to editing text messages. details ahead.
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>> tucker: last night 3 people were shot and police charged a 17-year-old with murder. >> we the jury find the defendant kyle rittenhouse not guilty. >> tucker takes you inside the trial of kyle rittenhouse. >> tucker: we had cameras behind-the-scenes. >> on air footage of tucker's sit down with kyle you won't see anywhere else. >> it's been a rough journey but we made it through it.
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>> tucker: the right to defend yourself from the mob is fundamental. >> the jury reached the correct verdict. the trial of kyle coming december 16th on fox nation.
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>> tucker: fox news is propaganda. no there is more news on fox news than any other channel or actual news. the january 6th committee has been caught doctoring evidence. kevin cork is tracking this story. >> very interesting story. you heard the expression once is an accident and twice is a coincidence and 3 times is a pattern or a habit.
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critics said argue that adam schiff misleads the american people. he was previously accused of leaking fake donald trump jr. emails and fabricaing the transcript of a phone call between the former ukraine president and president trump. on monday according to the federalist. schiff doctored text messages from the january 6th hearings. >> cue the first graphic. this one read on january 6th, 2021, vice-president mike pence as president of the senate should call out all electoral votes he believes as unconstitution as no electoral votes. this is critical to ask mr.
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meadows about. >> that's not an actual text message. it was longer in original form to say nothing of the fact he added punctuation to give the impression that jordan directed meadows to give pence the order. the committee said that the graphic had been reformatted. and a period was added inadvertently and the committee regrets the errors. >> tucker: too late. thank you. ingle was on the show general hospital which is still on the air. he was one of the longest employees there. 25 years. but he was fired because he will not comply with disney's
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manditary injection policy and he is ewing the company. -- he is an actor and a very smart guy who thought this through to a deep level. we had a long conversation with him for tucker carlson today. here is part of it. >> ♪ ♪ . >> i am still blown away i am sitting here having this conversation. i never thought i would do this and i never thought i would number a lawsuit, a situation like that. i am not that kind of person. but i can't turn a blind eye when i see people being bullied and coerced. this fight chose me. even though i am the one bringing this lawsuit to abc and disney, this is much bigger than me. this is about basic human rights and the medical freedom to choose. it's about all of the people who already lost their jobs and the ones that will lose their jobs
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in the future because of corporate vaccine mandates. i am confident and hoping we can make an impact with this case. i have a great team of lawyers by the way who i was introduced to by robert f.kennedy junior and scott street and john howard, attorneys in l.a. they are at the fore front of the fight. they have cases against l.a. county and city and even the state of california against gavin newsom. the same group is helping me now as well. it's a group called the perk group. i am super grateful for that. >> tucker: you were in a job loved. that was so heart breaking about your video. i am watching a man who loves what he does and wants to keep doing it but can't. there is something really sad
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about. that you hear the vaccine mandates are coming down from the corporate monsters at disney. do you take it seriously? do you think it will actually happen? >> yes. >> tucker: really? >> yes, because i think it was going in that direction. we were hearing about it. they said they would take religion exemptions. i put in and i was denied. >> tucker: that was denied it you? went with the process? >> i did. i did. even though i am against all of it. >> tucker: of course. >> i went with that. >> tucker: no one says this out loud. i know a million people who have gotten fake cards. i am not taking a position either way. you could have done that. >> no, believe me. i have heard about that and i know people that have them. but, that's not standing up --
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could not do that. i am not the kind of person that can turn a blind eye to. this i have to fight. if i see corporations bullying people, i can't do. that i am adding to the problem if i had done that. >> tucker: i agree with you. i feel the same way. >> walking away. great job and great income. but there was though choice. there was no choice here for me. if it we don't choose what we are allowed to put in our bodies, we don't own our bodies anymore. then the government owns you. >> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: it's frustrating. here is a european man who grew up on a farm in australia who has strong beliefs about health and how to live. you are not telling people not to take the vaccine. you support people who want the vaccine. you just don't care to take this
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one. you are not harming a single person and they fire you. what is their thinking here? >> the way i look at this with the covid vaccine you would via rationale argument in the vaccine stopped the spread you would mandate it at work -- you would still be wrong. i say. right now you don't have a rational argument. we know the vaccine doesn't stop the spread. we had breakthrough cases at work like we have all over the world. >> tucker: they are everywhere. >> you don't have a rational argument. now you are telling me to take a medical treatment for myself to reduce covid symptoms. what if i disagree with that? i am not spreading it at work. why mandate it it? no one has been able to answer that question. >> tucker: how did an unvaccinated person threaten
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vaccinated people? no one has explained that. >> no, they don't want to explain that. >> tucker: what is this about? >> it's about control. the fact they are doubling down on everything. the governments in australia and the european ones. people don't realize that if we don't stand up to this it won't go away. >> tucker: that was a conversation. we did not expect it to be as deep and interesting. a man of principle. right now on fox news nation. get it free at you are not hearing anything about the mass murder in waukesha, wisconsin, the other
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day. why aren't you hearing about it? our new documentary the trial of kyle out tomorrow. we have a preview coming up in a moment.
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[upbeat acoustic music throughout] [upbeat acoustic music throughout]
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>> tucker: for defending his own life against 3 people who were trying to murder him, kyle rittenhouse was charged by the state with murder. from the beginning rittenhouse's trial was never just about him or his assailant. it was about the rest of us. does this country still have the right of self-defense? we thought this was significant from day 1. sent a camera crew to the trial. they got behind-the-scenes to kyle rittenhouse and his family. it's part of our new documentary the trial of kyle. it's out tomorrow. we are proud of it. even if you feel like you know
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everything about this, you will learn something a lot from this documentary. a preview. >> it keeps you up at night. once you get to sleep your dreams are about what happened and you are waking up in a dark, cold sweat. >> you dream about what happened? >> every single night. it's scary actually. the dreams feel so real. they're not the same at all. they are all different. there are different scenarios that run through your head. what could have happened. i am alive but what could have happened. what if i wasn't alive? those type of dreams. it's bad. but almost every outcome is me getting seriously injured or hurt. those are just the dreams i have
5:41 pm
on a daily basis. >> the defendant will rise and face the jury and harken to its verdict. >> the state of wisconsin versus kyle rittenhouse we find the defendant kyle rittenhouse not guilty. the second count of the information, we jury the find the defendant kyle rittenhouse not guilty. >> how do you feel, man? >> the jury reached the correct verdict. self-defense is not illegal. i believe they came to the correct verdict and glad everything went well. it's been a rough journey, but we made it through the hard part. >> ♪ ♪ . >> tucker: that documentary is out tomorrow morning. we think it's worth your time. stream it first thing tomorrow morning.
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it seems like the world has forgotten about the mass murder that just took place in waukesha, wisconsin. the biden administration decided to pretend to notice and sent the first lady and second gentleman down to pay respects 2 weeks after the murders. why are the media ignoring what happened in it waukesha right after the kyle rittenhouse verdict. this is a former congressman from wisconsin. thanks for coming on. mass murder is always a big deal. why is this being ignored? >> i appreciate you telling the story for wisconsin and waukesha is a great community. they go to church and love the packers and a place you want to raise your family. waukesha is mostly white and christian and republican leaning count. they are the wrong race and wrong politics.
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darrell brooks is anti-trump and drives his suv down a christmas parade route and kills dan abrams ing granies and an 8-year-old boy. he has a long rap sheet. we should all the racists are like kyle rittenhouse, trump supporters. it can't be darrell brooks who hates white people so they ice it out -- they want to cover-up the facts. he should haven't been released on bail. >> tucker: i can't think of a more accurate to describe it. i am impressed how concisely you put. i don't want to divide the country anymore than it is along color lines.
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the disparity between the way this was covered and the kyle rittenhouse trial was covered the media have no credibility. >> and how they covered the russian collusion hoax and blm. they don't cover the hunter laptop story. you wonder why their ratings are so slow and people don't trust the media. it's an outlet for the radical wing of the liberals. people want to know this story. we should the story to decide do we want bail reform? is this a good thing for america? what are the consequences of these policies on the american people? we should know that. but they won't share it so we don't know. we are still in the dark. >> tucker: again, so nicely described. i agree with that. sean, thank you. so it turns out the covid lab
5:45 pm
leak theory probably not a theory. new evidence presented to the british parliament and they decided it's the most likely explanation where covid came from. we will talk to the first person who told us this is what happened and was attacked. a new video of elves. a few hours to put in your christmas orders on the website. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: the biden administration has been blaming working class americans for covid for almost a year. a pandemic of the unvaccinated. it's blaming a specific portion of our population for a global pandemic. nobody in america caused it. the chinese government caused it. it's very likely this virus came from a lab in wuhan china
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conducting experiments on bat coronavirus virus for a long time. partly with money from the u.s. government signed off on by dr. fauci. why blaming america's working class for something they did? today members of the british parliament were told the lab origin is more likely than not. the harvard scientist added this. a genetically origin is probably right. this is not an ordinary virus. it feels chemical. joe biden, what is your reaction? here it is. >> [inaudible question]>>
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[shouting questions]. >> tucker: he walks off. steven is the author of bully of asia. he knew right away what this was and told us on this show it likely came from the lab. we wanted to talk to him now. thanks for coming on. you are very close to becoming vindicated. the consensus is you are right. it must feel weird to be one of the first people to call this directly. >> well, it feels like vindication. you had a great hand in helping. you were covering this story from the beginning. 22 months ago we nailed it. we said this probably came from the lab. all roads led to the wuhan lab.
5:53 pm
we taught the chinese scientists how to do gain of function and releaseed it back on us to kill u.s. taxpayer. the shoe will drop soon -- this is a bioweapon. unrestricted. it doesn't kill everyone it infects but infects a lot of people and has deniability. that's what the scientific community when it catches up with us in a year will acknowledge. they will acknowledge it was released during vaccine trials in wuhan. they had the virus and they want a shield. the vaccine to protect their own people before they released this bioweapon on the world. the virus escaped. that's also what we will probably learn. there is evidence that's true. we may be ahead of the curve. why didn't we know this earlier?
5:54 pm
because of two misinformation campaigns. won lie china and the world health organization and run out of dr. fauci's shop who did not want anybody finger pointing at him because of his funding of gain of function research in the wuhan lab. he has a huge budget every year. >> tucker: to blame americans is too far. steven, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: a lot going on. tomorrow morning the trial of kyle will stream. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: we are out of time.
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we will sigh tomorrow. -- see you tomorrow. watch our full conversation on tucker carlson today and trial kyle out tomorrow. back 8 p.m. the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. now ladies and gentlemen, the great sean hannity. >> sean: thanks, tucker. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple stories surrounding joe biden. the sham january 6th committee. a new scheme from elizabeth warren to pack the supreme court. we begin with a brief update from afghanistan. >> day 123. >> sean: 136 days since joe biden promised not to abandon americans. not only are our fellow americans trapped in afghanistan, the administration


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