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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  December 16, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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guest. >> dana: there are other special guests that you are going to see. who is this? look. >> bill: when i first met percy i was like dana, that's a dog. that is a dog. you have a good one there. >> dana: i think he really likes the lights or the crumbs from bill hemmer. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. democrats may need to choose between the president's economy busting spending plans or their own victory in 2022 and beyond. president biden's sinking popularity particularly among independent voters is a dream crusher right now for dems. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the president's top aides are insisting he is going to run in 2024. however, outside the white house, democrats are expressing whether or not they are even sure that at the age of 79
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biden should or will actually seek a second term. or if that's just what the white house wants everybody to believe. a new fox business poll puts the president's approval at 47%, disapproval at 51%. still under water with the american public on this poll and many others. a former republican white house chief of staff says biden 2024 would be a disaster for the democrats. >> no one should think joe biden is going to run for reelection. it is impossible. the kiss of death for the democratic party. he can't announce it yet but there is no chance in the world at his age 82 at the time in 2024 he is going to run again. impossible. >> harris: here is ari fleischer moments from now he will be in focus. first peter doocy reporting from the white house. peter. >> it's unclear if there is an appetite in this country for a second term of biden right now
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because in these fox business polls the top two issues that voters say are affecting them the most in order are inflation and then crime. right now 63% of registered voters say they're concerned about being able to pay their bills. 5% more than april. just 17% of those polled are saying they've been helped by biden's economic poll see.s much lower than the 38% who say they've been hurt and 43% who say no difference. economists argue about the reasons for a labor shortage right now but economists don't decide elections, voters do. 33% of them blame the labor shortage on extended government benefits. president biden sees a way out of this with the build back better plan but 46% of those polled say it will just push inflation higher. the republican upset win in virginia's governor race may have been a warning sign for democrats but this may be a louder alarm. republicans now lead the
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generic congressional ballot 43% to 39%. president biden still claimed earlier this week that democrats are going to win in 2022 and when he said that, the crowd went wild but it is worth pointing out the crowd was made up of staffers and donors to the dnc. harris. >> harris: yeah, that's really worth pointing out. an important fact. thank you, good to see you. it seems wherever president biden goes, three little words seem to follow him. here is what he heard when he got to kentucky to survey the devastating tornado damage. listen. >> let's go, brandon. let's go, brandon. >> harris: that's not a sentence of endearment for him. and not good news from a new cnn poll either. it shows 66% of all voters said president biden was not a leader they could trust but look at the party breakdown. no surprise that a vast
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majority of republicans don't see president biden as trustworthy and a leader but 75% of independent voters agree with that. and 1/3, a little more than a third of democrats say believe the same thing. ari fleischer, former white house press secretary and fox news contributor. when do the polls start to matter to a white house? >> the day after the mid-term election. that's when the polls really going to start to take a bite on joe biden. that is when everybody the day after 2022, which by all measures is going to be a big win for republicans, are going to start to say what is joe biden going to do, run, yes or no? at that point the pressure just starts to mount and with every day it mounts more. >> harris: why say he is going to run now in 2024? what does it get them? he is late 70s now. you pointed out in the clip we showed the audience now he
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would be 82 at the time if he were to take the white house again. why get that out there now especially with his popularity so low in the polls? >> you know, it's a great question, harris. if you are joe biden you have to pretend. you cannot turn yourself into a lame duck but the rest of us don't have to pretend. there is no chance he is running for reelection. it is just not going to happen. coming off the 2022 election unless there is something that really changes and the democrats have a big win and people start to think biden is the reason we had a big win and we need to keep old man joe biden in office like the nation's grandfather, everybody loves him. unless things shift to that point of view he will an unpopular president and going to be 80 after the november election next week. the democratic party aren't going to go for an 82-year-old candidate. so it is a myth. it is what you have to do to be a politician but the rest of us know the game is up.
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joe biden was elected to be a transitional figure for the democrats. he was elected because he wasn't donald trump, because he doesn't tweet. and that's about the only two things the democrats have got out of him. he has failed on everything else. >> harris: that's interesting because from that percent pekt irving you would say he was successful on the initial goal. i wonder if it would be enough for a man vice president for eight years. i would have to imagine he had his own goals. fox news contributor joe concha out there with a new op-ed laying out the case for hillary clinton/donald trump rematch in 2024. you know she is salivating at that thought arguing given the democrats' options right now she may be the dem's best hope. the democratic bench is about as deep as the new york jets these days. i don't know, quarterback wilson is not so bad. i don't know what she is saying adding that one more possible sign that hillary clinton is dipping her toe in the 2024 pool comes in the form of her
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bizarre decision to read her 2016 would have been victory speech and this felt more like a trial balloon as an effort to see if there is still an appetite for her brand. ari. >> first and foremost i'm a dolphins fan and we'll beat the jets on sunday. that comes first. beyond that, look, i think that's just having fun with hillary. i would be shocked if she decides to get in. i think we're going to have a mess. frankly in both parties. it is going to be a fascinating year like 1968. that's the last time you had a one-term incumbent president lyndon johnson. he succeeded jfk in 63. he won in 64 and chose not to run in 68. it was a wide open panned ownium inside the democratic party. it will happen this time. president trump will be 78. don't forget that. how is his health going to be?
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he is certainly energetic and the anti-biden. the legitimate question. it does -- buttigieg still starts out as the favorite over harris but it is wide open as soon as biden announces the inevitable. >> harris: interesting for us to talk about this and you only mentioned kamala harris once as somebody who should be put aside for somebody maybe like a pete buttigieg. honestly, that is astonishing she is still in office. the "new york post" highlighting the latest in a disturbing string of attacks on the new york city subway. so we know that the crime is just blown out of control here and now the subway. an enclosed environment. it is hard to run if somebody is after you. we want to warn you the next video is disturbing. a young taiwan model was
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attacked and robbed. they released photographs of the suspect that have made no arrests. in chicago america's murder capital of the world right now, a 17-year-old who pleaded guilty to the stabbing death of this 15-year-old boy was given probation and community service. republicans are poised to make crime a top issue for the 2022 mid-terms and speaker nancy pelosi, though, jumped onto the band wagon condemning violence yesterday. apparently she can't figure out what's causing it. >> it is absolutely outrageous, obviously it cannot continue. the fact is that there is an attitude of lawlessness in our country that springs from i don't know where. maybe you do. and we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm. it isn't like somebody stealing something to go home because they don't have the money to
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buy it. this is about stealing for profit. >> harris: she looked to the media and said maybe we do. of course we do. we cover it every day. we aren't in denial like the bows -- white house that she seems to be. leaders like san francisco's far left district attorney are squarely to blame. los angeles p.d. detective jamie mcbride yesterday. >> crime is crazy. now they are scrambling and the thing about politicians is they don't want to admit when their policies are failures just like the mayors up there, the city council members and also our george gascon and the district attorneys of san francisco don't want to admit they failed. >> harris: does it go far enough when you consider congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez and others in the democratic party who don't acknowledge crime happening the way that it is? does it go far enough to have the speaker say oh my goodness
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it is really bad but how did we get here? >> well, how we got here is obvious. democrats and many people beat up the police. there was such a backlash against the police after the murder of george floyd and obviously the murder of george floyd was unforgiveable and derek chauvin gets erving he deserves. the backlash went so far with the looting and blaming things on the police. you have have two things at one time. humanitarian policy if you help you should help. not everybody deserves to be thrown in prison but you have to back the police. you cannot make them back off of doing their job. there are criminals out there who make a living by being criminals and if we tell the police back off, don't go after them, don't be tough or aggressive, the criminals have free rein. we have to back the police. >> harris: it is rampant all over the place, not just the
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edges. country but the center of the country as well. i look at it this way to further what you just said. if the military is on the front lines can you imagine second guessing them at every turn? and the advantage that would give our enemy. the criminals are the enemy in this scenario. >> that's right. that's right. >> harris: ari fleischer. go ahead. >> i try to be fair minded about these things, too. i believe deeply and innocent until proven guilty but if you commit a crime while out on bail you should be a double or triple sentence for the next crime you commit. that simple. innocent until proven guilt ayey but you can't have the revolving door when you are caught and put back on the street again and again. >> harris: good to see you, ari, thank you very much. president biden is asking what's the big deal when it comes to americans following his vaccine orders? but now even democratic
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governors are worried about the political impact of americans saying enough already. and rising prices have americans on edge. voters think the president is just making it worse. >> federal reserve and federal government have conspired to flood this economy with so much money in this sort of to right the ship but they've gone too far. people are saying president biden's future plans, future economic plans will hurt my family. oat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. ho ho ho!
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>> harris: we are right now
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experiencing the steepest inflation surge in nearly 40 years. americans are putting the blame on president biden and his policies. fox business poll finds when it comes to inflation, nearly half of those who took the poll say the president's administration actions are actually hurting the country. that's twice as many people who think that his ideas are helping. and it is an issue that is top of mind for voters. 84% say they're extremely or very worried about inflation. senator john kennedy with this. >> i know president biden's economists say covid caused inflation. and i agree with them that inflation is spreading but as one commentator put it last week people aren't walking around coughing inflation on each other.
8:20 am
inflation is caused by too much money chasing too few kids and the breathtaking spending and borrowing by the federal government. >> harris: power panel now. former co-chair of black voices for trump and former speaker of the oklahoma house and leslie marshall fox news contributor and fantastic radio host. good to see you both. leslie, i will start with you. if poll after poll is showing -- there are a fair amount of independent voters in these polls we're looking at. that's where everybody wants to focus. if they have lost trust in this president on the one thing that's most important to them right now, the economy, what does that mean to you? >> well the economy is number one with voters. it doesn't matter if you're democrat, republican or independent. it is still the economy, stupid. the reality is inflation is here. it is not just in the united states. the u.k. has had a higher
8:21 am
inflation rate. joe biden can't be blamed for the world but he can be blamed for the united states. we've seen it with past presidencys ford and carter. there is very little any white house can do. i know republicans and i know my opponent here will say otherwise but really when you look at it, okay, you could tap into more petroleum reserves that might give you a tiny cent or two at the gas pump and raise immigration levels to help with the jobs that aren't being filled. you can't do much more at the ports so there is a few things here. one, messaging from the democrats. remember the big build back better, the price tag was touted as opposed to the benefits of it. this is part of what we're dealing with because of the pandemic, it will be temporary but certainly anyone in power is going to get blamed as the president is. >> harris: i will cut in so
8:22 am
t.w. have gone. you have gone to the white house talking points. we hear them every day. >> absolutely. amazing to listen to leslie try to defend what the administration has done. democrats do things like increase the national debt from 21 trillion to 28 trillion and they impose unconstitutional mandates that compound the supply chain and then they pay people to stay home and then they scare people to go to work because of the virus. and then they do exactly what leslie does throw up their hands and say there is nothing we can do. inflation everywhere else. the puck stops with the president. the president has been a failure with handling the economy but he has one campaign pledge. he pledged to unite this country and this country is united. the country is rejecting the socialist policies of joe biden and kamala harris and i think in the next election voters will turn out to really make the case that we don't want any more of their socialist policies. we embrace capitalism because it's the only system that works.
8:23 am
>> harris: leslie, you brought up something that have people scratching their heads. we had 4 million people leaving the workforce. the answer back in this tough time from you is increase the levels of immigration so we can fill some of the jobs that americans say they don't want. i don't know that that solves the problem. we aren't covid testing them enough. that opens up another pandora's box. we can get into it another day but i wanted to acknowledge that in case people didn't hear you say that. calling out the liberal media for lying about inflation and its affect on the american people. case in point. liberal economist paul krugman tweeting is there any good reason to believe that inflation hits low income households especially hard? critics on twitter fired back well, it's like this, paul, inflation goes up by $300 a month for you and you have to slightly reduce the amount you save every month.
8:24 am
it goes $300 a month for me and i can't heat my house in the winter. another it's beyond parity that you guys are going with the actually inflation is good for poor people position. bravo. in fact, new analysis from university of pennsylvania's business school finds the average american household spent $3500 more in 2021 than previous years. reverse order t.w. your thoughts. >> this is the highest inflation we've seen in several generations. 6.8% from last year. the largest increase in 39 years. core consumer prices that exclude food and energy increased 4.9%. the reality is this. everything costs more in joe biden's america. unfortunately these reckless policies by the administration are wanting to take no blame for it. at least now they are admitting there is inflation. remember, at the beginning all we heard was it is only transitory. then we heard inflation is good for the economy. the truth is americans can't
8:25 am
afford joe biden. everything is more expensive and the only thing we can do now is try to hope and pray that somehow we'll see some relief with the supply chain. there are empty shelves everywhere. a scary time in america and a direct result of joe biden's policies. >> harris: leslie. >> the feds are actively working aggressively to combat inflation. we saw a reflection of that yesterday with stocks up on wall street. and i would say it's stretch to say the liberal media is lying about inflation. cbs, abc, cnn for the past five days have been stating is inflation is at its highest. paul krugman doesn't speak for all liberals in the media or otherwise. >> didn't they tell us it was transitory? >> it was the feds and treasury secretary who originally said that. the one thing we know about money it is cyclical and transitory. >> it is not transitory.
8:26 am
it is here to stay and will be for a long time. this is jimmy carter 2.0. joe biden has caused this country -- and to fall because of the poll seals he is promoting. unfortunately no one wants to take the blame but americans are paying the price for it. >> harris: all right. good to have the discussion. great debate. thank you leslie, t.w. see you next time. senator elizabeth warren calling on democrats to pack the u.s. supreme court in the wake of the court's decision on a texas abortion law but the less than conservative "washington post" editorial board writes that is not something any serious person would suggest. plus there's this. >> there is no doubt when you think about inflation it is a bone crushing, life changing, job killing inflation. let's have a christmas surprise and not pass the bbb. >> harris: republicans ripping the president's massive spending agenda. democrat senator joe manchin is
8:27 am
also standing his ground against the bill. and it's looking less and less likely that there will be a deal. arkansas senator tom cotton is in "focus" next.
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>> build back better is dead forever. joe manchin has said he is not going to vote for a bill that will add to the deficit. if you do away with the budget gimmicks build back better
8:33 am
according to the cbo adds $3 trillion to the deficit. he doesn't want to vote for a bill that makes inflation will. one thing we haven't talked about tonight but was mentioned today, the childcare provisions in build back better prohibit religious institutions from receiving money. >> harris: just plain old facts there. senator lindsey graham. democrats reportedly prepared to miss their self-imposed deadline to pass president biden's massive social spending bill pushing it off into the new year. that's got to get complicated. can you imagine dealing with that in a mid-term year? a sticking point is a provision that will make childcare more affordable. republicans show that actually won't happen. it will actually do the opposite. aishah hosni is live for us at capitol hill to take us deeper into this issue. aishah. >> good morning. republicans are getting some
8:34 am
help from some unlikely sources. take a look. yesterday several senators held a news conference and they cited data from a left leaning progressive think-tank called the people's policy project that says this. this mandate could increase childcare worker pay by 138%. the unsubsidized price of childcare would go from $15,000 per year to some $28,000 an increase of $13,000 per year. that's not all. another bipartisan think-tank tells bloomberg in the short term this would be catastrophic. >> think of the most bureaucratic, antiseptic built for secularized bureaucracies is washington programs you can think of. bbb comes along and says hold my beer. we can do something more stupid than that. >> the costs that exceed a
8:35 am
given family's co-payment amount will be picked up by the government. >> harris: wow, quite a price tag. all of this just gets passed on to mom and dad who need some childcare help. that's a big ticket. good to see you. thank you. meanwhile president biden in talks with senator joe manchin in hopes of getting his key vote for the bill. reports say those conversations are going very poorly. one source told "politico" the president and senator manchin are very far apart. if manchin's move is any indicator. check out this outburst with reporters. >> senator manchin is it true you want to child tax credit out? >> we voted for it many times. >> you want to continue it with $300 a month? >> i'm not negotiating with any
8:36 am
questions you can ask. let me go. i'm done, i'm done. >> thank you. >> all right, senator. >> god almighty. >> harris: he wasn't done. he was still talking. tom cotton arkansas senator in "focus" now. you are laughing as i am. frustration is at a fever pitch. can you imagine being the one guy out among the democrats right now standing out in the field alone? >> let me say i think we can all sympathize with what joe manchin feels about some of the liberal reporters that run around the congress up here. but it is not just joe manchin. it is kyrsten sinema and others who have reservations about this bill. first it is full of smoke and mirrors. takes 10 years of tax revenue to pay for spending programs that last one, two, four years designed to conceal the full cost. the full cost is $5 trillion adding $3 trillion to the
8:37 am
deficit. manchin doesn't want to do that. if you look at the individual programs as well, they will not only drive inflation as we just heard inflation for childcare, but it also will discriminate against family-based care, neighbor care or faith-based care. the democrats want all of us to have to warehouse our children in state-run pre-k and kindergarten so they can start indoctrinateing them right away with left wing ideas. not what most americans want for their kids. >> harris: i had senator blackburn on recently talking about grandmas and now i hear you talking about families. do they really want to sideline people who creep those familial ties and values going? >> that's the only thing one can infer from the way they designed this childcare program. it will drive up the cost, it will impose burdensome licensing requirements and make it cost prohibitive to pay a neighbor to babysit or a
8:38 am
grandma helping support your family or go to a religious day school that are largely sitting idle monday through friday and cost prohibitive to do anything but to send them to a state sanctioned and state run school where they will be indoctrinateing our sons and daughters in the earliest stages. >> harris: i caught that part. regardless of what may be said in those classrooms, what they are really doing is separating them from us. it doesn't feel like freedom. all right, we'll move to this poll. the latest fox business poll and it talks about voters thinking president biden's proposed social spending plan would push inflation higher than what it already is. a lot of people feel that way. 46% say that will happen. i think bottom number is an important. they think nothing he is doing will make any difference at all. >> they're very smart because that's exactly what this bill will do.
8:39 am
when you spend $5 trillion over 10 years and much of that money is going to programs that will discourage people from working, of course it will make inflation worse because it is adding more money into the economy and discouraging people from going to work to make more goods. more money chasing fewer goods is inflation. american people understand that it's the democratic policies have driven inflation. we only had inflation at record highs this year. a direct result of what the democrats in washington have done to america. >> harris: let me ask you this. many people were locked in their homes and locked downs and restrictive mandates and so when people could go out and spend money i would imagine that had an impact, too. the white house says that was all of it. i would imagine it was a little bit of some of it. so what is the other balance of all of this? why can't they figure out how to fix it? >> the vast majority of this inflation is being caused by the amount of money the
8:40 am
democrats have spent and many states you still have democratic governors and mayors putting capacity restrictions on workers or businesses that produce fewer goods. we still have some supply chain challenges from the beginning of this pandemic. that's true. the vast majority of the inflation and supply chain challenges is the result of failed democratic policies. >> harris: before i let you go not to muddle too many things together but i am curious. if we're going into a situation where this white house, the president says it won't happen but the white house says everything is on the table. if we go back to more lockdown situations does that prolong the inflation? >> probably accelerates the inflation, harris. there is no reason for us to believe what the white house is saying now. remember, joe biden and all of his senior aides said for months and months no vaccine mandates. then in early september to try to turn the page from the afghanistan debacle and to address his falling approval
8:41 am
ratings in the polls, he imposed vaccine mandates. just because they say now there won't be further lockdowns doesn't mean they won't do that in the weeks and months ahead. >> harris: senator cotton, the next time we're on together i want to get back to afghanistan. i feel like we haven't touched on it and you have a lot of information for us. we'll get together again. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> harris: president biden brushing off americans' concerns about his vaccine mandate that you heard senator cotton just talking about and the effects it is having on private business like nearly all of them down to 100 employees. that's a lot of people. his head scratching response to why people don't like it. and there is more. >> they want to add enough seats until they control everything. it's totalitarianism. >> progressives renewing their calls to pack the u.s. supreme court with people they like. one senator claimed the current makeup of the court actually
8:42 am
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power your whole home this holiday with wifi speeds faster than a gig. click, call, or visit a store today. sing 2 >> bill: today president biden set to award the medal of honor to three soldiers, the honor recognizes them for extraordinary courage and bravery in defending our nation. our own jennifer griffin sat down with family members of some of today's recipients. it is wonderful. good to see you.
8:48 am
>> president joe biden as you mentioned will award the medal of honor to two soldiers who served in afghanistan and others in iraq. master sergeant earl plumlee used his body to shield his shoulders during a fire fight. sergeant first class cash and sergeant first class sleeve will be awarded the medal posthumously. >> it is a life or death profession that we are in. you may only get one chance to get something right so put your all into it and do it to the best of your ability. >> bill: carb is the first recipient of the honor since 9/11. he pulled six soldiers out of a burning vehicle in 2005 even though he was also drenched in fuel. >> the highest honor our nation
8:49 am
can give to a person that has done anything. but i would trade it all to erase october 17th, 2005. i would trade it all just to have him home. >> his sister and wife will be at the white house to accept the medal. took the position to put himself between the taliban and a rescue helicopter during a fire fight three years ago. the ceremony begins at 1:30 eastern. >> harris: god bless them and their families. they all served together in support of those men and women who served to keep us safe and fight for democracy around the world. thank you for the report. president biden apparently does not understand why anybody would be opposed to his vaccine mandates. new york city unvaccinated people cannot go to restaurants any longer. they can no longer go to movie theaters or attend shows. we have a mask mandate here. anyway, the president is still confused by all of this pushback. here is what he said during a
8:50 am
local interview on tuesday. >> president biden: this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. the unvaccinated. not the vaccinated. that's the problem. so everybody talks about freedom and not have a shot or have a test. guess what? how about patriotism. how about making sure you are vaccinated so you do not spread the disease to anybody else? what about that? what's the big deal? >> harris: i love a good christmas tree. would have been nice if he was flanked by scientists while talking. raymond arroyo fox news contributor. let's start with the pushback that he doesn't get. >> let's begin with that address you just heard, harris. maybe you can give me the transcript to diagram the sentences to figure out what he meant to say. i don't know what joe biden is talking about here. his own cdc director said
8:51 am
vaccinated individuals are not protected from being infected by omicron. it doesn't protect them from that. and we also know from the other scientific research here once you get omicron or any of these variants whether you are vaccinated or not you carry the same viral load and ability to transfer it. the reason you are seeing broadway shutting down again, cornell university 97% vaccinated and have 930 cases, they are shutting down. the reason we're seeing this is because as the atlantic magazine writes today and i've been saying for weeks this is a pandemic of the vaccinated. the vaccines may not protect you. it certainly may stop the symptoms. you may be asymptomatic or get less symptoms but let's not overestimate what they can do. there is a south african study out today two shots of pfizer gives you 30% protection against this variant. we have to level with the american people and mandates
8:52 am
aren't going to get you any closer to stamping the virus out. >> harris: you are right when you say we need more scientists talking to us. that's why i meant by the christmas tree background. i want to hear from the scientists and what they are saying about this is omicron came from south africa first of all the president never even publicly thanked them for being transparent and pushed a travel ban out the gate. they really helped the world. not like china backing up all the ppe while the rest of ufs are suffering. they actually told us what was going on. we do need to know if you are high risk for -- pre-conditions, boosters help, talk to your doctor. we have to get people to talk to scientists at this point. if he wants to bring out the christmas trees maybe talk about christmas. anyway, "politico" says democratic governors are trying to fight covid fatigue saying they are sick of the party's defeat last month in virginia and closer than expected
8:53 am
victory in new jersey has many democrats searching for an off ramp to the pandemic that allows them to sell a brighter future to voters next november. where do you put this politically? >> it is a curious moment. the democratic governors are meeting in new orleans this week and what you are hearing leaking out of that meeting is even governors in michigan like whitmer, kelly in kansas, they are opposed to biden's mandates. here is why. they are seeing the poll numbers and watching biden crater in the polling and they are watching their own numbers suffer. there are certain governors who made the decision to lock down their state, mask everybody up and then the gleefully embraced the vaccine mandates. none of it has worked. texas and florida at this stage are performing better both in covid and economically. and these governors are set to suffer the consequences. you know, harris, there is nothing more powerful, not a variant, not a new vaccine,
8:54 am
than a governor facing reelection wanting that power. i think that will ultimately prevail and you will see the covid measures washed away in the next wave of political movement here in the new year. >> harris: when you said nothing more powerful i thought you would get to one of the governors. desantis seems to have figured out something and set up dozens of monoclonal antibody sites across his state so he was doing the side bar of offering therapeutics. really interesting ideas unfolding in florida. i wonder if people will actually talk about that. you know, governors the end to run for president. >> one would imagine they take notice of what is happening there. but you saw gavin newsom and others doubling down saying no, no, we're actually doing better here. they are looking at all the case rate over the entire pandemic trying to compare it on a per capita basis to florida. good luck. you have double the caseload in california now compared to florida. it doesn't wash.
8:55 am
the political equation here is not working out for the democrats. i don't know how they go into an election season embracing the policies that they championed over the last two years. it won't work for them. >> harris: we have to see how they do the political polka, all that dancing with all the facts on the ground. good to see you raymond arroyo, thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" next. it's non habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. new zzzquil ultra. when you really really need to sleep.
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