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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 22, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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i appreciate it. i hope this christmas season we take time to pause and thank those who are know home for christmas, who are serving in the u.s. military. the men and women overseas protecting the goodness of the united states of america. raymond arroyo is in for laura ingraham. >> i have the full voice tonight. you don't have to do double duty. merry christmas. i am raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham this is "the ingraham angle." the fda gave the green light to a pfizer pill to fight covid. why this one and not all of the other promising therapeutics including those featured on this show? the medicine cabinet weighs in. the war on women's sports continues as trans-swimmer thomas continues to crush the competition but one u.s. swimming official has it enough. she is leaving the sport.
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she joins us later in the hour. what are the most dangerous christmas songs to drive to? what do millennials think about fake christmas trees? "seen and unseen" with joe piscopo is moments away. first if you listen closely this christmas, thanks to the omicron variant they want every american to become kevin mcallister. >> [screaming]. >> they want you to be home alone. no down that covid-19 is still on the move and demands caution particularly those with underlying conditions. it mutated and weakened. as the inventor the mrna vaccine
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said that omicron variant looks like an early christmas gift. the symptoms are mild. we know from south africa, those who contract omicron have an 80% lower risk of hospitalization. there is even a 70% lower risk of severe disease. but you would not know that from listening to the government health czars who mean to ruin your christmas. >> take a test before you gather. considering gathering with family and friends who are practicing prevention measures. covid vaccines with a booster dose are likely to protect against severe disease, hospitalization and death. we know we will continue to hear
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more about people who get infect who had are vaccinated. >> so the shot will likely protect you from omicron but fully vaccinated people will still get it. okay. this is dr. malone. >> omicron blows right through the vaccines and the triple jab. omicron is very, very infectious. data are in that both double and triple vaccination is not protecting from you omicron. >> dr. fauci has yet to get the memo and offered this bit of holiday cheer as you prepare to welcome family around the family for christmas. >> if someone in your family is not vaccinated should you ask them not to show up? >> yes, i would do. that . if there is an unvaccinated
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person, i am sorry. maybe another time when this is over. >> when will that be? there was a time when vaccinations protected people from catching covid. that's no longer the case with omicron. the people i know with omicron are all triple vaccinated including 6 members of congress. what is the problem is the demonization of the unvaccinated. it creates this notion that we should be panicked that aunt cathy is bringing a deadly pathogen into the house with her christmas casserole. despite the mutated virus moving in the right direction, the demonization is getting worse. >> i wish president biden had gone into the things to restrict the activities of the
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unvaccinated. restrict the unvaccinated who are prolonging this pandemic for all of us. >> is there a vaccination for hatred of fellow citizens? she needs one. even the world health organization chief said blanket booster programs are likely to program the covid-19 pandemic. no country can boost its way out of the pandemic. tell that to the mayors of d.c. and chicago who are dropping this lump of coal in their citizen's stockings. >> certain establishments will be required that patrons 12 years old or older have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine. >> we have no choice. if you are going to eat that muffin and sit down with your laptop, you have to show proof of vaccination.
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>> just give me freedom for a season my dear. i am bring it back here. he heard this line before. the "l.a. times" is ratcheting the fear. advising those traveling for the holidays. pop landing take a covid-19 test right away and another one 2 days later and have a home test ready for any visiting family members. the testing regime which does knowing to stop the disease amps up the panic. it's at the heart of the biden solution. he is sending out half a billion covid tests to every home. the assumption is we can test our way out of this crisis. even biden doesn't believe this. today he went into a press -- see for yourself. >> [shouting questions]. >> did i get my test today is this yes, before i walked in
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here. i have not gotten the result yet. >> now wait a minute, he's been exposed to a staffer with covid just days before. coughing yesterday and walks among reporters before he has the test results. this is crazy! what is the point of the covid test if you don't wait for the results? biden is telling you to keep grandma and grandpa away from the christmas tree or kids. but he is free to cough on everybody. tonight he had a concert in the white house. no mask. heading into christmas, we need to take a breath and remember what this is all about. threats to our lives have always existed during christmas time. ine the first christmas, a jealous king sent troops out to destroy the christ child. he would not have his power
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challenged. the child won and the light pierced the darkness and lit the world up for more than 2000 years and it's still shining. a season of hope and a time to renew faith in god and love our families and neighbors. a virus as week as omicron should not keep us from that light or each other. at the end of home alone kevin outwitted the bad guys and was reunited with his family. i hope that's the way this christmas ends for all of us. gather together in family and faith and unity. for those who insist on stoking fear and demanding that your safe space is bubble wrapped in your home alone. i have suggestions. god bless them everyone and give them light in the new year. joining me now is newt gingrich.
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former house speaker. moments ago, biden did an interview with abc news and said this about running in it 2024. >> do you plan to run for reelection? >> yes, if i am the health i am in now. in good health, i would run again. >> even if that means a rematch against donald trump? >> you are trying to tempt me now? [laughing]. sure. why would i not run against donald trump. that would increase the prospect of running. >> with his polls in the dump and his obvious decline should biden be so confident about his chances against trump? >> well, ha choice does he have? you can't say i am doing so badly and my administration is so stupid, i will quit 3 years from now? he's already deeply weakened and
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joe manchin weakened him more last week. the economy is weakening him and so is covid and the border. go down the list. for him to not pretend he is either and excited and wants to keep doing things. do you believe that joe biden is likely to get reelected? he is already weaker than jimmy carter was. carter went down to the worst electoral college defeat of any incumbent president. i suspect that next year kevin mccarthy will be speaker and mitch mcconnell will be the majority leader. i expect biden to not run again.
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i think the democratic party would number a state of shock if he did. i think kamala harris is weaker than biden. the last rumor i heard was that hillary clinton will run. that would say a lot about chaos of america if hillary clinton reemerged one more time. >> the health is an escape hatch. if my health is not what it is today. he is looking for the exit or the party will push him toward it. california governor gavin newsom is shifting the goal post on what it means to be fully vaccinated. watch this. >> we recognize that just being fully vaccinated is not enough with this new variant. we believe it's important to extend this requirement to getting that third dose. to getting boosted. it's the wise move. we need to make sure we don't
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have staffing shortages. >> staffing shortages? in places like new york more than 37,000 healthcare workers were fired over vaccine mandates. how does this help hospital care or staffing? >> historians will look back and say the establishment worldwide mismanaged this crisis on a scale we have not seen since world war i. you have madness. there is no other word for it. why fire people who have no indication they are sick? people who are taking care of hospitals and nursing homes and emergency centers? the cure of the elite turned out to be much worse than the disease. now with this new variant which according to some reports may have had one person die. on the whole planet.
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what you have is what somebody calls panic porn. people are desperate for the next great excuse to be panic stricken to have control over your life. this is gavin newsom and similar politicians who want to control you. >> merry christmas. thanks for the insight. remember which kamala harris said the delta variant and omicron variants caught them by surprise? that was embarrassing enough. then fauci contradicted her. no one is on the same page. biden tonight. >> how did you get it wrong? >> [laughing]. how did we get it wrong? nobody saw it coming. nobody in the whole world. who saw it coming? >> joining me is ohio senate
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candidate and tom president of clear politics. is anyone in the biden administration on the same page? >> we have seen 2 full seasons where it gets worse and the biden folks were unprepared. >> biden's approval rating among independents is just 29%. how does he think he can run again? >> well, i agree with newt. he has to say he is running. he can't make himself a lame duck a year into his administration. biden has 2 problems. he promised to get covid under control and he hasn't done that.
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and 2 is inflation. in the holiday season, people are seeing sky rocketing prices of gas and food. the administration hasn't come up with a good response to tackle that issue. that's the number 1 issue on the minds of americans. >> the supreme court will hear oral arguments challenging biden's vaccine mandate for businesses and healthcare workers. this is big. it's happening in 2 weeks. what impact could this have on him and the democratic party? >> it would be embarrassing for biden to have the vaccine mandate overturned, it might be a good thing. you have 40% of truckers saying they will quit their job if the
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vaccine mandate is not overturned. we have to stop this mandate. we need people back to work. that's very hard to do when you have government bureaucrats and multi-national corporations conspireing to force this vaccine mandate on people. it has to stop -- i don't care how. >> they say they have the moral and political authority to do so. cnn is sounding the alarm heading into 2022. we have got a problem here. low morale and so far 23 members of the democratic house caucus announced they won't seek reelection. the sentiment is even more departures are likely. tom, it seems like everybody is jumping the ship and soon pelosi will be back as minority leader. >> a lot of democrats see the
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writing on the wall and don't want to be part of the minority come november which is where things are headed. the democrats are up against it. the trends are not in their favor and then throw in inflation and covid that democrats are not dealing with. they hold all of the power in washington. a lot of democrats are thinking about their options in the future and deciding now is the time to walk away. >> it's clear this pattern is continuing. this is the result of lousy policy forced on people who don't want them. now the pain is hitting the people. >> that's right. when your policy fail you can do 1 of 2 things. admit you were wrong and go the other direction or demon half of the country. -- demonize half of the country.
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they talk about people who don't want the vaccine like they are sewer rats. the return to normalcy. i don't think i have ever seen an american leader talk about half of the country like they are vermin like joe biden does. we need for the president to show a little respect to the country he allegedly governors. >> he seems defiant and they will double down because the progressive caucus is pushing on him. merry christmas. the fda has given the nod to a new covid drug. why do some think it could cause mutations? our medicine cabinet investigates. biden is calling out the troops
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against covid. former brigadier general hits back at the white house. don't go away. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the ingraham angle." in the early days of covid, it show was the first to tell you about promising therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine. study and prominent scientists attest it to the drugs effectiveness against covid. they opted to push vaccines, masks and lockdowns -- two years later the fda cleared the way for an anti-covid pill from pfizer. they are poised to green light another from merck. what took them so long? joining me is dr. harvey riche and dr. steven smith.
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dr. smith, the government is committed to buying hundreds of thousands of courses of these medications. they cost between 500 and $700 a course. are these new anti-virals the silver bullet? >> i hope, but i doubt. i wish they were. i would use anything if it worked. they handcuffed what we can use in different hospitals. the drug worked in those who were sick for less than 3 days. the trial was with people who had symptoms for less than 5 days. this was a modified analysis. it showed they were 89%
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effective. always buried were those who had evidence of infection and they didn't know that they were infected. they were just as protected as people who got the drug. >> do you believe the fda manipulated the data to force this out of the door and approve it? >> well, it's not clear that they did. i think there is question about the merck drug, that study made artificial data. the other problems with these drugs. the one not approved yet has 10 of the review committee voteed it down. they had misgivings as well they should. it makes the virus mutate like
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virus and could create mutant strains across the world. it's a dangerous medication. >> wow. he is talking about the merck drug that is poised to be approved. some share your opinion. another doctor saying much the same thing. listen. >> it actually causes the virus to mutate itself. for a few days they will shed virus and those viruses will mutate. i am worried that drug has the potential to significantly accelerate the rate of variation of this drug. >> is this something we should always be worried about?
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>> if it moves forward, we should. we have been hiding the fact that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are the silver bullets that were surpressed because of fake studies. >> where are the studies for ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine? you have only been talking about it for 2 years. >> it doesn't have the financial backing -- look at the drugs going through the fda and the monoclonals. you have to have big pharma behind you or you are left by the curbside. i make a living prescribing things made by big pharma but i am stunned. there is no drug that came through -- i look at remdesivir. it was out in a month.
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pfizer's drug was developed first to fight sars-1. why it took 2 years from get -- they had it on the shelf in other words. why it took 2 years to develop, i don't know. it seems weird you got the vaccine quickly but 2 years to get the drug off the shelf. >> we talked about nova vax. tonight they show it is effective against omicron am they can't get the time of day from the fda? >> they haven't even filed with the u.s. fda yet. it's really bizarre. 1.6 billion? >> yes, in operation warp speed. >> the army at walter reed
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developed a traditional vaccine i think. is this something we should keep our eye? might this move faster since it was developed within the government? >> well, it hasn't gone through the human trials yet. it's hopeful but we have to make do with what we have now as best we can. >> doctors, thank you very much. merry christmas to both of you. joe biden announced yesterday he was mobilizing the troops. are they going to the border to china? nope. >> i directed the pentagon to mobilize an additional 1,000 troops to help staff local hospitals. doctors, nurses and medics. we already started moving military medical teams. they landed in wisconsin and
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indiana this week. >> joining me now is a retired brigadier general. you say this will harm our troops. how so? >> well, thanks for having me on. the biden administration they mishandled covid and mishandled the omicron response. their policies are causing the shortage in the hospitals and the overcrowding in the emergency rooms and shortage of test kits. mobilizing the military to do this is expensive. two, interferes with their training schedules and family programs and their leave and a bunch of things. they don't have the time and the money and the resources right now to be doing that. they should be focussed on the primary mission. that's protecting our nation
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from enemies foreign and domestic. the vice-president said, listen, we didn't see this coming. they don't even have a plan. mobilizing 1,000 troops, they being change the policies tomorrow and fix the shortages and overcrowding in the emergency rooms and not have to use the troops. these are the same troops we use over and over again. this is a bad idea. pushing the military button is expensive and interferes with discipline and training. it doesn't solve the problem. we are here to solve the problem. i am running for senate in new hampshire against maggie. she is doing nothing. she is just following locked arm with the bad policies and the mess we have now is just as much
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her mess as it is president biden's mess. >> the vaccine mandate is being challenged in court. one attorney said it appears to be blatant religious discripples. discrimination. the military approved multiple medical exemptions but refused to approve any religious accommodations. how is this impacting the morale of troops? >> well, it's impacting it significantly. i have reviewed a number of religious exemptions from service members under my command in my career. these are devout military service members who have valid
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religious beliefs. the department of defense is not addressing them properly. this is a failure of effective leadership again and the department of defense. i don't agree with the vaccine mandate for our military. there no operational requirement for it. we send our service members into numbers of areas with viral threats. one is ebola in it africa. we don't give them shots. there is no operational threat for this. i disagree with this mandate. i think it's wrong. i think we are punishing our service members that have served well and long. we have to stop that. >> general, i have heard from sources that the department of defense recruited lawyers to knock down these religious exemptions. that's insidious particularly during christmas.
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thanks for your time. merry christmas. what is the most dangerous christmas song to belt out while driving? this answer may shock you. "seen and unseen" witha special celebrity guest is up next. stay there.
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be warned an irish insurance company put together the list of the most dangerous christmas tunes to it listen to while driving. the more beats per minute the more prone to make a christmas crash. the top 3 with you. first a song i find addictive and it's by a friend of mine. >> ♪ ♪ [in spanish]. >> how is that a dangerous song? >> was that on the list? that was on the list? that's dangerous? that's ridiculous! >> i agree. >> dangerous is ena gadda
7:42 pm
lavidda. >> yes. definitely. number 2. this one. ♪ all i want ♪ ♪ for christmas ♪ ♪ is you♪. >> with the amount of time that song is played joe, i am surprised we are not all piled up on the freeway. your guess for the number 1 dangerous christmas song? >> i think i cheated. was it frosty the snow man? >> you have been peeking, joe piscopo. ♪ frosty the snow man ♪ ♪ was made of snow ♪ ♪ but the children know ♪ ♪ how he came to life ♪
7:43 pm
♪ one day ♪ ♪ i think the most dangerous song of christmas is the sinatra song christmas memories. i remember the faces of the children who have children of their own. i am always crying. >> that's what i love about you. that was beautiful from mr. sinatra. you are right on the money. know frosty. not dangerous. >> no. none of these are. it's a silly studies. laura and i have a real versus fake christmas tree debate. the younger crowd is taking laura's side. 71% of millennials say having a real tree affects their ability to enjoy the holiday. 84% would be upset with their
7:44 pm
parents for switching to a fake christmas tree. where do you fall? >> i hope i don't offend you. in new jersey we cut down our own tree. i go out. you go to a tree farm. you have your kid cut it down as you watch. you don't really go with the ax. [laughing]. then you bring it home. it's got spiders in it. you put it up. that's the man's way to do it. >> all right. i like to unpack it and know there are no vermin in the trees. how wonder how many milliens are cleaning needles and watering the tree for mom and dad. this christmas tragedy. there is a tradition of children visiting santa.
7:45 pm
now macy's announced in new york santa's slap is santa's socially distanced office. guests will visit santa in his office and be seated opposite him at the desk. this is ridiculous. what kind of photo with santa is that at the office? >> as a father of 5 children and i have a small daughter. to sit on some guy's lap with a beard and a mask on is creepy. what would you like for christmas? that joe biden whispers? what would you like for christmas. that's a little creepy for me. i don't mind the office thing. maybe a workshop. not an office desk. >> there is no way i would let
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a biden santa near me kids. merry christmas to you. see you in the new year. women's competitive swimming was taken over by a biological man. my next guess says enough is enough. she is leaving the sport. she will tell us why. stay there. it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays, with no obligation. if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan with flexible payment solutions for every budget. we're here making smiles shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at
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>> ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the ingraham angle." for weeks this show has been covering the tension in women's swimming. it's dominated by lea thomas, a transgender swimmer from the university of pennsylvania. thomas is a biological male and has been breaking record after record. no surprise. thomas's advantage is so obvious the editor and chief of a top swimming magazine compared it to doping. parents and swimmers and fans and teammates are enraged and so in my next guest. cynthia is a former u.s. swimming official. you just left the sport. why? >> raymond, bodies swim against
7:52 pm
bodies. gender identities don't swim. lea is a man swimming against women. men swim 8 to 12% faster than women. men have larger lung capacity and skeletons and heart. nothing that lea did by taking a year off to take testosterone suppression body. it didn't change his body. this is unfair. he will wipe out women's olympic records and it's not right for women's swimmers and it's horrible for little girls in this sport. they don't matter. >> here's what lea thomas thinks of the ncaa guidelines. >> i think the guidelines they
7:53 pm
set forward are very good and do a very good job of promoting inclusion keeping competition integrity going. >> cindy, does this preserve competitive integrity? >> absolutely not. it's placing women who can never compete with a man at a gross disadvantage. calling this person a female competitor, he's not. it's his body that will always be different and always be faster as a competitive swimmer. it's this great illusion that because he feels he is a female that he can be a female swimmer.
7:54 pm
this is unfair to all of the women who worked so hard. women biologically will never be faster than men. katie is faster than a lot of guys but there are guys that will beat her. it's biology. >> cynthia, thanks for being here and for educating us about this. i hope the league takes notice and makes adjustments here. the white house has enlisted another music group. "the last bite" explains. stay there.
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>> raymond: we now know that vaccines have little if any effect on preventing sections from omicron but don't tell the white house and the pentatonic's. ♪ ♪
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open my mouth sometimes all you need is a booster ♪♪ >> raymond: is there a booster again shamelessness? that is all for us. i am raymond arroyo sitting in for laura ingraham. if you are still looking for a christmas gift, my book is a perfect gift and lowers freedom matters swag visit you know who is next. gutfeld. i will be here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: hello -- greg is dead again hosting tonight. that is okay. he is fine. he is just taking a night off. but you love his guest host, tom, right, audience? it sounds -- he took h


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