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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 22, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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fox news at night is next. on behalf of greg gutfeld, i love you, america. ♪ welcome to fox news at night, i'm mike emanuel and washington in for shannon bream. breaking tonight the supreme court challenge the president b xt mandates for healthcare workers in large businesses. what the justice decision could be for millions of workers in the new year.
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efta authorizing the first fiel to treat covid 19 are panel of experts weighs in on how this could affect the pandemic as we know it. the coronavirus threatening to disrupt christmas once again. we will investigate the impact and whether americans plan to travel over the next several days to their destinations. the challenges to the vaccine mandate, but kevin gort has onl just tonight. >> the high high court will hea those arguments on the seventh of january. that's an advance in the schedule because it had been expected to resume hearing case and generate tenth grade this special session will enable the justices to hear arguments abou the eggs and restrictions vaccine or testing requirements for large employers freight and separate vaccine work orders fo healthcare workers freight the linchpin behind the expedited hearing is of course the
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question of the osha authority to impose such a requirement. all this is happening on the da when the fda is making major news authorizing an antiviral treatment for covid 19 that comes in a bill. the fda opens up possible treatment option for patients with early mild to moderate covid symptoms that are likely to worsen very the federal government has agreed to purchase enough of the drug to treat 10 million people and studies have shown the drug reduces hospitalization and death in high-risk patients by some 89 percent in a statement the white house said today's action is a testament to the power of science and the result of american innovation and ingenuity. however, with a nine-month the nine-month manufacturing process . i can tell you, i don't think
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were going to be seen regular use of this medication at least for the next few weeks, maybe even a month so that won't help us in our current search for it. >> it makes treatment faster an less expensive because patients can take it themselves at home instead of having to go into a medical setting for injection o iv. meanwhile, during an interview with the abc news, biden admitted that while progress ha been made in the fight to contain the virus, there is still plenty of work to do. >> nothing has been good enough but look where we are. last christmas we are in the situation where we had emergenc rooms that were filled. we had serious backups and hospitals that we're causing great difficulties freight were in the situation now where we have 200 million people fully vaccinated. >> as you probably have heard b now, the administration will purchase $500 million at home rapid test beginning next month
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and they will distribute them t the american people free of charge. to get lots of folks waiting fo hours to get tests. washington, dc today among the list that will require proof of vaccination before entering restaurants, bars, gyms, and other indoor facilities very th district becomes a third major city to institute a customer vaccine mandate. but beyond that, washington, dc has imposed a vaccine requirement for indoor activities that will require al k-12 students including those that effective on the 15th that order will require that patrons age 12 and order to enter
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certain businesses in them by the 15th of february everyone 1 and up will have to be fully vaccinated to enter most businesses. that decision as you can imagine , we'll come despite the fact that children are taught not to be great vectors for the spread of the virus in will mos likely lead to more lawsuits. to get the recent riots is forcing many americans to reevaluate their holiday travel in gathering plans a few days before christmas we heard good evening, alexa spread. >> some people are canceling their plans altogether and others are rushing out of town although it spreading fast, reports across the country impact right from night holiday of travelers out in full force. >> make sure you get to the airport early braid if you're a domestic fight international,
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probably three hours. >> evenness coven 19 lines keep growing. the tsa saved netbeans too million travelers across the country have been screened each day. according to aaa more than 109 million people traveling from december 23rd through january 2nd that's up more than 30 percent compared to holiday travel in 2020. >> they're is a lot of cooped u wanderlust that a lot of people have give the director of the center for disease control and prevention reminding everyone t celebrate the holiday safely. >> effect get vaccinated, get boosters, wear a mask in public indoor settings and take a test before you gather. >> just days before christmas americans running out. >> that last-minute covid test have been stuck waiting in line for hours. new york's governor ramping up
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testing statewide saying this year is different because they now have the tools to fight back . we're going to spread holiday cheer, we're not spreading covi so let's keep things open, we'r not shutting down business, we're not shutting down schools we want to keep everything open because there's no reason we can't if people simply do what we ask them to do. where a mask. >> as people travel across the country, expect major delays. aaa says that's going to take drivers at least three terms longer just to drive to the airport. thank you very much. the fda has authorized the firs over 19 treatment bill, but medical experts are warning about a supply issue of the drug . let's bring in the panel to debate all.
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welcome to all of you. let's start with dr. to that great how is this new antiviral in the fight against covid? >> this is a real game changer purposes the first antiviral bill that will keep patients ou of the hospital. making sure we have enough test is just as important. what i love about this it can reduce the incidence of death and hospitalization by almost 9. we got to keep in mind that prevention is better then the care and this bill is not a substitute for the vaccine. but we do have a lot of breakthrough cases. helpfully in the next few days over two weeks, we will have it available even though there is shortage great it's probably going to be first priority give to those that have high risk an
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underlying medical conditions. >> so be patient, relief is on the way. or is president biden about the pfizer pill. we've purchased several million already. but a lot of pills. on that they can make so far. i hope we don't get there because as people get the shot they get the two shots in the booster, they're not going to b in a position where they're going to need such a bill. beverly, it sounds like he doesn't love the bill because i interferes with his get vaccinated messaging. >> this is huge, i'm someone with an autoimmune disease i have decided not to be vaccinated because of the issue with my autoimmune disease and also because i've had covid before and have recovered. when i hear like about drugs like this, i think it's wonderful what people with pre-existing conditions. i think especially there are
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breakthrough cases with people that have been vaccinated. having medicine to treat is important. it's always been empty all tape wrong approach to testing which were sorely lacking right now and i wait or do we have been ever since we learned about the pandemic freighted parts of it is vaccination, but more vaccinations are coming out great i also think another part of this is letting people with their own doctors. i think that's extremely concerning. where are the exceptions for people medical conditions with underlying conditions, and we haven't seen that. >> 's is a concern that people will have to wait to get the pill? >> i don't believe so.
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this is a big deal. to beverly's points, it's a win- too punch for those unable, unwilling to get the vaccine because of underlying condition or in consultation with their doctor. this is a positive step forward in another arrow in our arsenal. they're is some positive news out of south africa. we are hopeful that will be the same case here in this country great 200 million americans hav been fully vaccinated. the worst is over in terms of what were seemingly serious illness and death in this country. they have a tempest is on is testing pushed a little too late . >> the problem pills, i feel so bad, they had to wait for such long periods of time and we
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don't want them to have to derail their christmas plans because they're not able to get the test results in a good amount of time. it creates a problem it's an inconvenience and i can deter people from getting tested if they've been exposed or they're having mild symptoms. it's better late than not at all . >> ever spoken to a lot of families talking about travelin during this surge, what is your thoughts on that? >> i think it's valid that people are concerned about spreading this virus to others especially those in high risk categories. many in the liberal media have followed up along with instituting masks again and wanting to shut down. i think we need an area of
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caution and learning more about it. i think we need to be more cautious with that because what we know now, it looks like it's more encouraging that while thi is contagious, it's less deadly. >> i'm a great respecter of fate . if i'm in the health women now, if i'm in good health, if that makes a rematch against donald trump? can get your trying to now. sure, why would i not run against donald trump. >> up against the clock, do you really buy that he will run again? >> eight absolutely do great i' seen him up close and personal
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in recent weeks for it he looks great, he feels great great and of course about the clip, he is itching for a rematch. >> alice, thank you so much for staying up late. it's great to have all of you. have a wonderful evening. a couple of scariest carjacking incidents were reinforced the ongoing threat presented by america's crime crisis. >> within 24 hours, to female lawmakers where the disturbing carjackings into states, in pennsylvania, the democratic congressman following a meeting wednesday afternoon near fdr park for the congresswoman in this cell phone. we're inside. in illinois, tuesday night, thi
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delightful and her husband were in the suv in broadview when they say three mass people from another as she carjacked them. they were not hurt but heard multiple gunshots. please tell us they did not fir their shots. in the city of chicago, the mayor is now asking the federal government for help to curb violent crime. 783 murder so far this year. lightfoot said she asked for federal marshals to bring justice to thousands of individuals wanted on warrants. >> only the federal government has the resources and reached t make a in trafficking across state lines. they must do mark. we are ready, willing, able to work in further partnership. >> a major sponsor of police reform in illinois and representative scanlon cosponsored a bill that would have given money to states to higher mental health
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professionals to respond to certain calls and they were law-enforcement officers but those officials issued statements praising law-enforcement for their efforts and swift response. >> matt finn, thank you very much. raking tonight, state police in delaware have arrested five people found in congressman barry scanlon's vehicle in connection with that carjacking. the jury and the trial of forme minnesota police officer jill deliberating after 24 hours of sequestered discussion over three days and hardly a word from them to the court only asking a handful of questions they did ask yesterday what to do if they can't reach consensu indicating they may be deadlocked charged with manslaughter in the killing of donte wright earlier this year. deliberations will continue thursday before breaking for christmas if the jury still doesn't have a verdict. jeffrey epstein confidant also did after two days of
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deliberations. faces up to 70 of trafficking, and transporting a minor with the intent to engage in illegal acts. democrats in the senate got som bad news last week when the parliamentarian ruled that some immigration privation should no be included in the build back better act would joe's make it into the vending bill hinges on mythological term known as the bird rule and birdbath, professional corresponding give us a birdseye view of this eccentric senate exercise. >> everyone on capitol hill is tripping about the byrd role. >> and then of course there was a byrd rule. >> we want to make sure what we
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are. we need to go what is going to go through is the bird rolled. very. >> it's named after majority leader robert byrd. >> he's not just some guy. he's not just some senator. he was mister process, mister institution. >> they're are times when the senate he has the senate in his hand for it can get in the 1980 s they used budget reconciliation to pass partisan policies of process only need 5 votes, so it was the easiest rate to muscle through controversial items. and put a guardrail in place, now when using reconciliation, senators must prove things are tied directly to the budget, that's the byrd role. at the senate has a special way to cleanse the bill to determin what matches the budget framework. it's called the birdbath, senat parliamentarian describes the
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build to determine what fish or foul, and clips the wings of th visions they don't match for th birdbath isn't necessarily a singular event there are phone calls, e-mails, paperwork exchanges that sometimes the provisions are so controversial that the parliamentarian convenes to present their arguments as though in a court of law. >> one at the mark in tinges discussion circled around a provision in the affordable car act where we actually had written legal style a brief spread. >> they would survive the birdbath are called bird droppings in is the parliamentarian rules against you, that ruffles senate feathers spread. >> it's remarkable, they have short memories, and those who feel slighted never forget. >> what survives the bad beth has grown so intense government
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emmons traders even shut down the golden great bridge. >> this and it isn't bound by the behind the scenes birdbath, the senate get 60 votes, you ca say bye-bye birdie. when provisions fought beside, the entire piece of legislation may never take flight. >> a five -day-old baby tops breathing, what happens next is nothing short of a miracle. the day's best viral videos are next. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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>> he know what time it is, the intent standup caught on camera. the husky charging towards an uninvited guest of fully grown cougar, the only quickly commanded the dog to stop and stepping in himself to get the large cat away. now this. harrowing body cam footage captured these difficult images. eight alts were as quickly on the scene after hearing a five -day-old baby turned blue and appeared to stop breathing. you can see the moment the baby reopens his eyes, we are told zachary is doing much better an is home after a quick visit to the hospital alleluia. moving on, a photographer in reno, nevada, filming the mesmerizing sequence up a soap bubble slowly freezing over as
9:27 pm
the sun rises in the background. tonya stafford says this is her favorite passion to do in the winter and i can see why great up next, alert wildfires saw that heavy snow gusty winds and the possibility of white out conditions were approaching, th areas where they quickly master record record button. you looking at incredible time-lapse video in the cascade range. finally, a showstopping where this cage traffic stopping christmas display the presentation includes tributes to christmas classics like grandma got run over by a reindeer, do you have a fun wacky christmas display? hit us up on social media. >> tonight, a reverse goldrush
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new study says california residents are rushing out of th golden state with the biggest population losses in the los angeles and san francisco bay area prairie national correspondent looks at what is behind this mass exodus. >> it was not hard to leave freight honestly, it wasn't great i felt sad for what california has become for the change in it, it's not where i lived, it's not the same. >> they live happily in the bay area for 30 years, than came th homeless, fires buyers, blackouts, covid mandates spirit . >> and every to go to just the hypocrisy of his leadership. >> she wanted to move to a red stage. >> i feel like here, we have more freedom to choose on our own and you do what you want. >> the governor of south
9:29 pm
carolina, they're not alone. >> many californians find that their money goes much farther buys a bigger house lit site in arizona or nevada or tennessee. >> they are losing residents to other states according to the census. 367,000, that's the population of cleveland have had enough. many headed to states like texas , arizona, nevada, washington, tennessee, idaho, and montana. >> it's the decreasing the number of people entering the state rather than the increase in the number of people leaving the state to pray to give the shocker, after decades, 38 percent fewer people came to the golden state in the last 18 months. >> people are reconsidering where they live and what makes them happy. >> another big driver is affordability byrd $150,000 eur
9:30 pm
celery will buy you most homes but it doesn't scratch the surface of the major cities her in california. >> it is time to bring a big music fan for those of you who don't know, and apparently, you can only hear the same song so many times before you get sick of it. at least when it comes to christmas music. >> it's amazing. we all at times home, maybe it' a good way to get into the christmas spirit and sometimes you're humming because it stuck in your head. christmas songs are like that and while some people simply can't get enough, there's at least one new study out that says even the merriest of us ca get sick of christmas songs. recently looked at the music habits of the french leading up to the christmas eve holiday. they determine have to be careful to not listen to the christmas songs too much as in
9:31 pm
more than 104 times. they say that is the tipping point where you get sick of christmas songs. i have no idea who came up with that study. i have my favorites and there are some that i could do without . >> they're is an exception in m house. okon, emmanuel. >> i imagine. i'm a big fan of mariah carey's christmas song. i like the spiritual christmas music as well. gets me in the mood for the season and i don't remember being sick up anything recently. >> david bowie and bing crosby also baha'i stakes case is
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♪ >> as america deals with the ne coronavirus surge, where learning tonight about the thef of nearly $100 billion in the u.s. government program set up to help businesses and individuals survive the pandemic . senior national correspondent has the details tonight, good evening, rich. criminals are ripping out tens of billions of dollars designed to help americans through the pandemic. the u.s. secret service as the amount of stolen covid relief funds is nearly $100 billion. the trillions of dollars in federal benefits has attracted organized crime networks across the world. the agency says it has 900 active criminal investigations
9:38 pm
in the stolen pandemic relief money. their fraud recovery coordinators as a misstatement quote targeted individuals are often asked to open bank accounts and accept large sum deposits as a result, people ar becoming unwitting mules for stolen money. the white house downplayed the reports in there was nothing ne in that announcement. >> they have mistakes over and under pavements, but it was a reference to older ig. >> the secret service this estimate is based on government watchdog reports most are for fraud surrounding unemployment benefits. in a separate report last week, the labor department says the government may have improperly paid nearly $90 billion in expanded unemployment benefits during the pandemic and the
9:39 pm
justice department says it has prosecuted more than 95 cases involving fraud in federal programs designed to help small businesses through the pandemic. they had criticized the handlin of the payment. >> rich edson in washington tonight. thank you very much. with the rapid spread of monike on, many cities are expanding vaccine in me at mask mandates. welcome. >> let's play this clip from president biden yesterday. vaccination requirements are no popular. do not even popular with those who are anxious to get the bird we are putting these in place not to control your life, but
9:40 pm
just savior life in the lives o others. it's going to save thousands of american lives. attorney general schmitz, y and your view as the president wrong ? >> they're not just unpopular, they're unconstitutional. this is a cataclysmic debate we're going to have on january 7th in the supreme court about what this country is all about, we've been other freest country in the history of the world where individuals can mak these decisions were going to really see that the government, divorced tens of millions of americans the federal governmen to force americans to get a vaccine this is not what osha was intended to do osha was set up to make sure not to force th vaccination of millions and millions of americans across this country great simply put, there is no constitutional authority for this there is no statutory authority for this to we're hoping the court will strike these down. we been successful in the lower
9:41 pm
courts, but we just received word earlier tonight that's on january 7th, the supreme court will hear the private employer mandate case and the case that missouri has been leading the charge on so we will have a hearing on that's. again, i think these are some o the biggest cases the court has ever hurt individual liberty in this breathtaking scope of some of these federal agencies. >> former u.s. attorney in doj official as expected, still lickety-split, showing he can d it when it wants to. the supreme court takes the nsaids oral argument for 1-7 pair the sixth circuit ruled 2- four biden, effectively displacing the fifth circuit ruling striking down. are you fired up that the supreme court will take this up about a week into the new year? >> absolutely great i think we need clarity on this the countr deserves that.
9:42 pm
these are big legal issues at stake here. the federal government is supposed to be a give governmen of limited powers. by the way, border security happens to be one of those. forcing the vaccination of tens of millions of americans isn't one of them. so this by the way is the impac here will be felt well beyond just the vaccination issue. the administration says that th climate is a change that needs to be tackled. progressives in congress are asking to move that way by way of executive order. this this is and how it was intended. power was spread out so people wouldn't get to. >> my understanding is missouri doesn't have a mask mandate.
9:43 pm
how is the difference of opinio being out there? >> we've taken st. louis county which is the largest county in missouri to court and have one consistently. they tried to force the masking. we have some school districts that are insisting on that. fundamentally they don't families, parents can make thes decisions themselves, so we're having a big debate about federal overreach and local government overreach. ultimately, people can make these decisions and we need to be careful about the kind of authority we want to give these bureaucrats over our lives very these are big issues that are playing out not just in the supreme court on the federal vaccine mandate, but also local municipalities across the country. i'm never going to back at town. i'm going to keep fighting
9:44 pm
against his covid to that's taken root that we have to dislodge. they are never going to let it go. >> we see was due on the suprem court january 7th. thank you so much for your time. >> what is mexican food? the legal conundrum over cuisine . foodcourt is next and you are the jury. we knew no object would ever rank with the best things in this country. but we believed we could make something worthy of their spirit. do i need to pretreat my laundry? nope! with tide pods, you don't need to worry. the pre-treaters are built in.
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>> time now for night courts as special foodcourt addition cooking tonight from nevada wer at tex-mex restaurant filed a complaint against a neighboring salad shot seeming a couple of their guarantee that none of th nearby tenants would serve mexican or tex-mex food. the landlord in the middle of this argument didn't want to take sides so that real estate company is asking the court to intervene now it's up to a nevada judge to determine the definition of mexican food at least in their view of our lega system. let's fire up the grill on tonight's foodcourt. welcome to both of you. >> hello. >> exhibit a, food and wine, mexican food definition. actual mexican food is just
9:50 pm
ingredients, flavors and traditions, but here in the states many sometimes onto dishes whether they are reflective of said cuisine or not. sarah come out lead us off on this one. >> i took a look at both of these menus and although this i salad shop that they are comparing it to seven the 18 cell is that they're providing have ingredients that are similar to real cafés and mexican grill grill and their mexican salad as well including a special salad that they call ciampa rito, and that includes cilantro lime rice, beans, it can include tortilla chips, salsa, roasted corn, so if they are a salads that are in question are actually mexican food as well. >> david, how do you respond?
9:51 pm
>> i'm surprised it's even enforceable to be honest. the policies, the reasons behin this condition is to keep out another mexican restaurant, somebody that will be in competition with them. it's a restaurant versus a sala shop. the salad shop is not mexican. if you dip into the ingredients you're always going to find something similar. at the same time let's look at the spirit of the agreement and the reason something like this is in like this very. >> exhibit b. it's a town in new mexico, and not mexico or texas. sarah, what about that argument. >> 's going to be ultimately to the judge, but i'm going to say if there are seven salads withi 18 to have the same ingredients
9:52 pm
as the mexican grill, the likel this is going to be mexican food . >> david, what you make of that? >> it's kind of like what i was saying come with the ingredient may be similar in nature, but it's not exactly the same. also, what's going to happen here where are the experts at? let's bring in some experts to give some life to this case. instead of putting dishes out i front of the court. i would love that he court to taste to tell us what is mexica dish. let show some mexican salads on scene making folks at home hungry. how does this case get results? >> is going to be the judges call here. i think david make some valid points here about taste testing and whether or not this even
9:53 pm
moves forward. we will see what happens. >> david, final word from you? >> i think one of them get out of there go somewhere else. could they not go across the street? in the end, is going to be a very technical issue that the court has to decide. >> can't we all get along and agree that mexican ingredients are delicious. >> i'm all for it. >> it has. >> thanks, mike. >> good news before we say good night great a group of volunteers from the taliban -controlled city of kabul. project dynamo is a nonprofit organization made up of current and former military members. it took volunteers 48 hour's to complete their mission by takin evacuees to undisclosed locatio and housing them until it was time to leave and than safely boarding them all on three planes hafer hay for a new york
9:54 pm
city bird project dynamo says they've rescued more than 2,000 americans from afghanistan. kevin, that's pretty awesome purred. >> awesome indeed especially when you consider what the administration promise to do. that is a terrific story. i want to take you for this goo news good night great actually for an update on the little bab born 15 weeks early weighing less then a pound. the little guy was kept safe an warm inside of a bubblewrap and has now got to turn two years old. for an at 25 weeks in england wait just 13 ounces if you can believe it. doctors put him in the same muc bag to regulate his body temperature in than they kept eminent incubator where he was booked into bubblewrap to keep warm purges mom says he's a little fighter who now weighs 2
9:55 pm
is determined and you would never know he was premature. that, my friend, is a beautiful blessing for that family. >> what's up fighter, what a great job by the medical professionals. no doubt a lot of prayers we're answered by that family and the are dear fred's. the face of clean. the face of whoa! some are of intensity, others joy. all are of... various: ahhh... listerine. feel the whoa! ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ all are of... various: ♪ heartburn, ingestion, upset stomach... ♪ ♪ diarrheaaaa.♪ try pepto bismol with a powerful coating action. for fast and soothing relief. pepto bismol for fast relief when you need it most. to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll have many questions. challenges.
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brian cue the snare drums, tucker time. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am jesse watters in for tucker. joe biden just raised the possibility of not running for reelection.ghat it was a truly bizarre answer. more on that in a moment. but first, it didn't take long for democrats across the country to join the crusade against unvaccinated americans. just days after the white house told unvaccinated americans they were facing a winter of "severe


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