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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  December 25, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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thanks for having us in your living rooms this holiday christmas. have a safe around special holiday. don't forget, family matters the most. mike? ♪. ♪. mike: merry christmas everyone. welcome to "fox news live." i'm mike emanuel. eric shawn, arthel neville have some time off. thanks for spending some much your holiday with us. president biden speaking with u.s. troops last hour. he thanked them for keeping us safe this christmas and everyday as they serve on u.s. soil and
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overseas, far from home and their loved ones. >> as we pray for peace and spread joy and glad tidings we also look for hope toward the possibility of a better year and to give thanks and to give thanks to, for everything we've gotten to you, the service, your family and, to give you as much space as you need. mike: meantime parishioners flocking to the st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan to celebrate midnight mass. the church scaling back some of the service for a safety measure with the surge of covid cases in new york city. the faithful descending on the birthplace of jesus to bethlehem. the number of visitors lower than usual for the second straight year as covid once again loomed over the festivities. covid changing how millions across the united states celebrate christmas for the second straight year. charles watson is live in atlanta. hello, charles. reporter: mike, a lot of christmas day traditions being
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stripped away again this year much to the disappointment of many parishioners this year as number of churches are canceling, modifying christmas day services over the concern of the rapid spread of the omicron variant. some of the most prominent houses of worship steeped in christmas day tradition to do away with in-person services include washington national cathedral and the nation's capital. the historic old south church in boston and cathedral of st. john the divine in new york city. all the christmas services will be exclusively online as new york city deals with a surge of omicron infections. holiday shows have been turned on their head. covid outbreak causing hundreds of shows on broadway to halt production with what would normally be a busy time for the industry. the radio city rockettes calling it quits earlier because of a
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covid cases. the show's producer said it would end the run, citing challenges of the pandemic as the reason. complicating matters as millions of americans get together to spend christmas with family and friends. both cvs, walgreens's announced lilting the number of home test kits folks can purchase due to increased in demand. not much luck at clinics long lines attesting sites, as swells to unmanageable portions in some places. >> our staff something so difficult. people just leave out of sheer exhaustion. we're running seven days a week. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. people are just exhausted. we can't keep staff because they're so worn out the. reporter: more tests are on the way. the biden administration ordered 500 million home test kits for americans who wish to have them. it could be a little too late as the tests are not widely
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available until at least january. mike? mike: charles watson live in atlanta. thanks very much. last minute christmas travel has turned into a nightmare as airlines find themselves short on flight crews due to the surge in covid cases. nearly 700 flights were canceled yesterday in the u.s. and another 900 plus have been canceled so far today according to david lee miller live at la guard yaw in new york city. hello, david lee -- laguardia. reporter: the best christmas gift for would-be travelers is a flight that is not canceled. christmas day is normally one of the best days to take to the air because the volume of traffic is way down today there is a great deal of frustration as well as stress. for the second day in a row due to staff shortages caused by covid, a number of u.s. carriers canceled hundreds of flights. according to the latest data from flightaware, delta canceled 15% of its schedule, 305
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flights, delta 12%, 238 flights. jetblue, 12%, 223 planned takeoffs that won't happen. cancellations come one day after hundreds of other cancellations on christmas eve. some carriers are changing equipment and crews to try to get people to their destination. for many passengers, those efforts simply were not enough. >> i think we have to roll with the punches. i think everybody needs to be safe. you know. i mean i think, if it gets canceled you got to have a good attitude and have christmas in the airport. >> we kind of expected it you know. everything is delayed or shut down. reporter: although the cancellations took a lot of passengers by surprise there was concern in the industry that the omicron virus was going to cause serious disruption. only days ago a trade group asked the government to shorten the isolation period for people who had tested positive. despite all of the cancellations that we're seeing according to
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to the tsa yesterday they screened 1.7 million passengers. keep in mind that these are people who just a few days will be returning home so, in other words, the strain on the system is nowhere near over. mike. mike: david lee miller at laguardia airport at new york. thanks very much. let's bring fox news medical contributor, autor of "panic attack" dr. nicole saphier. merry christmas. >> mike, merry christmas. mike: a lot of folks are struggling mightily trying to get a test before this christmas holiday. first off, who should get a test in your view? >> mike, that is a great question. while you have dr. fauci and cdc director dr. cowenski you have to get a test before you congregate for the holidays, that is smart and prudent thing to do, it is clogging up urgent cares, e.r.s, testing centers. we need those for people
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symptomatic and needed medical care. before you get testing before you gather, it should be at home rapid tests if you can get your hands on them. they are in short supply. it is nowhere it was near ago. it was the same during the delta wave during the summer. people are testing more than ever. we're seeing a lot more asymptomatic cases and mild cases. if you're going to be in a home setting with a dinner party or being with people outside the household you may want to test to decrease the risk of transmission. the truth doing a lot more testing you are finding more cases. when you're positive you have to isolate. that is one of the biggest frustrations that i have right now, they have yet to really shorten the isolation period for the general population. only what they call health care workers or even essential workers but in my opinion everyone is essential. more people going out testing, more people are having to
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isolate. which is why we're seeing a worker shortage. mike: new york governor kathy hochul reduce the quarantine time for quote, unquote, critical workers. the cdc reducing time for health care workers to seven days after a positive test. dr. rochelle walensky the cdc director says our goal to keep health care personal and patients safe and preend undue burden on our health care facilities. what about other industries facing workers shortages? >> mark, they said we'll reduce it down to health care workers for seven days. that could be even shorter if there is a staffing crunch. where is the science there? hold on a second. ultimately yes, sir vaccinated individuals they cleared the virus most part quicker. data shows an unvaccinated individual clears the virus in seven or nine days. those who are vaccinated, it is shorter time, about five to seven days. the rule of thumb, if you become, if you have symptoms, then you're atomtic, you know
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with the negative test you should be able to gather around other people again. the same is true for colds, the flu. you don't want to be around people with symptoms. here is the problem that i have, mike. why is it just talking about health care workers? why is it just talking about whatever they deem to be an essential worker? what about everyone else? what about children who have, maybe have the sniffles for 24, 48 hours? they could have a rapid test negative couple days after that but they're still having to be kept out of school seven to 10 days t makes no sense. if you're following the science, then follow the science for everybody. you just can't pick and choose. mike: two schools a lot of parents are saying oh, boy, here we go again as they see some school systems around the country, going down, going back to remote learning. sounds like you're not a big fan of that? >> mike, undoubtedly a mother of three. with he see people, we have study after study, the american
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academy of pediatricses showing there is a mental health crisis amongst our children, adolescents right now, the surgeon general says we're in a dire place when it comes to mental health and children. you have more mental health visits to the e.r. this fall than we have seen ever. we know it is directly related to the social isolation of the pandemic, to the lack of physical activity and to the lack of education they have gotten because of their remote learning. you still have people going to remote learning, when it is not called for. you have the white house who is not coming down hard enough on it. they are saying we want to keep essential workers, we want to keep health care workers but what about making our children essential? what about making them finally making them a priority and saying under no circumstance should there be remote learning for these children. they have to stay in school? mike: doctor, christmas day, let's end on some good news. so this study caught our eye, basically saying that giving may be good for your health. it may lower your blood
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pressure, your heart rate, keep the arteries feeding your heart in good condition. your thoughts, is giving good for your health? >> you know i can tell you mike, you don't need a study for that. i work in a very large cancer institution. between the volunteers, the patients families and service animals, everyone that comes in, they get so much by how much love they give and so i think that there is a lot to be said. the more you give, whether it is your time, or any of your means. it comes back in full. it doesn't just make you feel good emotionally. studies show it is good for you physically. mike: amen. dr. nicole saphier. thanks so much. >> merry christmas. mike: merry christmas. republican lawmakers using the moderate holiday break to woo the senator joe manchin. the west virginia senator may not be the only obstacle to the president's spending plan. vladmir putin is bragging about a hypersonic missile launch.
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plus, see sing 2 in theaters with buy-one-get-one free fandango tickets. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. mike: fox news alert. russian president vladmir putin boasting about the successful test launch of a hypersonic missile, calling it a major step in strengthening russia's defenses.
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this comes as new satellite images show russia massing more troops along its ukrainian border. the white house warns, of quote, significant consequences if russia invades ukraine. moscow denies such plans. we have the founder, director of the national security institute. jamil welcome. >> mike, merry christmas. mike: merry christmas. what do you make of not only what vladmir putin is saying but more importantly what russia is doing right now? >> well, look we've seen reports over the last week or so of rush increasing troops over 100,000. we saw recent reports about a small 10,000 troop withdrawal after some exercises. the signs point likely russian invasion of ukraine in early 2022 if nothing changes. that is also combined with the fact over the last two days we heard the russian interfax news agency, government run media arm, they tested another
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hypersonic missile. that is concern for region also. mike: administration official issuing this warning, quote, there will be significant consequences if russia chooses to go ahead with a further military invasion of ukraine. we would be prepared to act when the time if the time comes and again our actions will not just be limited to economic actions in that situation. is that enough, jamil? >> well it is hard to know, right because that is contrary to what president biden said about two weeks ago he said the u.s. would not put troops on the table. likely that meant nato would not have troops either. what they need beyond economic consequences is unclear. look, if you're going to deter vladmir putin, you you have to o two things. tough be clear what you will do. not put troops on the ground that is find but you have to arm the you cranes. if we do that we have to give
11:18 am
the ukraine lot more weaponry and intelligence right away. mike: u.s. intelligence officials expected to meet next month in geneva. what are the expectations? tension? >> absolutely. vladmir putin wants an ironclad guarranty that ukraine will never join nato around they won't put troops on their territory. the russians are in vibration of the ukraine to have its sovereignty when ukraine gave up nuclear weapons. they violated invading crimea in 2013 under president obama. we did nothing about it then. we need to stave off the russian aggression or stave off the chinese going after the honk con down the road. >> to another hot spot, asia, and japan. they have approved the largest investment in military defense spending in decades, evidently worriedbeing caught between a conflict between the united states and china. how do you assess that wages? >> obviously important news out
11:19 am
of japan they're doing a 5$.5 billion spend on defense, which is 6.5% increase, more than they have done in decades. it is a tiny amount compared to what the chinese and u.s. spend on defense weaponry, the fact is japan is doing this because they're concerned about what is going on. would china be more aggressive on taiwan. the concern that the u.s. will not be there to defend the ally of taiwan. we have to be very clear with the chinese. there will be very real consequences, not just potential consequences. we should be clear, we would engage military if need be to defend taiwan. the american people are concerned about military engage engagement. if the chinese begin to be very aggressive we can't allow that. mike: tokyo is worried about the possibility of accidental conflict. when you have the possibility of military resources gathering accidents can happen, right? >> that is absolutely true.
11:20 am
if we're not clear about our position it encourages people to test our bound i doctors. happens in cyberspace quite a bit. we haven't been concerned about consequences. we see the chinese, russians testing our boundaries. we can't have that in physical environment like ukraine and taiwan. we have to recognize that if we're not effective enough it won't deter them and we cannot be sure priced when they cross the line to do something. mike: jameel jaffer, thanks so much. >> thanks, mike. mike: police arrest a armed intruder broke into windsor castle where queen elizabeth is spending time. a man from south england was found within moments from entering the ground. they detained him on trespass of a protected site and a posession after offensive weapon. the 19-year-old southhampton man did not enter any buildings.
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they do not believe he poses a larger threat to the public. the royal family was notifieded. no one was harmed. fox news alert, british police arresting an armed intruder, we did that story. we'll be right back after this break. superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th clerk: hello, how can i?
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injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. ♪. mike: -- president biden's massive expansion of the social safety net even as moderate center joe manchin says he is no on that package. in fact some republicans are trying to use the holiday break to woo manchin to their side of the aisle. alexandria hoff is live in washington with the latest. reporter: mike, there are a lot of hurdles for the democrats to push the legislation through becomes from the process to pass the bill. with the reconciliation process they can pass the bill through republican filibuster, they need 51 votes. that is where the senate
11:26 am
parliamentarian comes in. you don't hear that except for situations like this. they're a non-partisan referee but able to throw out parts of the bill if they don't meet guidelines. republicans are ready to issue challenges of the pieces of legislation which is all left of $1.7 trillion spending plan after senator joe manchin couldn't justify the cost of it to the people he represents. >> the bottom line is, inflation is through the roof. the last thing we need to do is fill more pork into government spending. i'm glad senator manchin was able to push back against it. i hope he keeps it it. reporter: there are sill some democrats think senator manchin can be swayed. others think it is time to break apart the legislation. >> i think we need to do what we can to get the victories that we can and create a build back better act that includes the most important priorities we can get manchin on board with. reporter: senate majority leader chuck schumer plans to hold a
11:27 am
vote on the bill which seeks to expand the social safety net and bolster climate action next month but a delay alone could mark trouble. >> you know it could spell into january or february, still get enacted but the risk for democrats is, the longer the legislation goes unpassed, the greater the risks of something happening that then distracts either the senate or the country as a whole from this legislation. reporter: here is another hurdle this bill faces. senator manchin publicly declared he will not support it as it stands, there is a chance if a vote takes place other moderates might follow his lead. mike? mike: alex hoff thanks very much. americans feeling the pinch much inflation this christmas, price of everything goes up and up, take a look, the holiday dinner menu is more expensive this year from ham to rolls, to vegetables, same for those gifts under the tree, even that ugly
11:28 am
christmas sweater could get uglier when you attach the price tag. bring in jamie weinstein, host of the jamie weinstein show podcast. he is also founding partner of -- strategies. welcome. >> thank you for having me. mike: so as i look at the "fox business poll" from this week there is a striking number to me on inflation. i'm getting inflation under control, president biden's actions are, 47% hurting, 22% helping. jamie, how do you assess those numbers? >> well, when you're president, you know, most things good or bad get blamed on you. inflation is occurring, there is a good case that biden does share a big part of the blame here. i went back and read larry summers' op-ed beginning of this year. larry summers of course former treasury secretary for president obama who wrote an op-ed before the covid relief bill,
11:29 am
$1.9 trillion bill that biden supported passed by party line in march, warning about inflation. he warned two things that might happen if this bill passed. it would accelerate inflation much more than a lot of economists were suggesting at the time, biden administration was warning, we're seeing that now. the second consequence there might not be enough bandwidth if you pass that bill for longer term priorities for bide he's's build back better plan. that might go down the drain. we're seeing that go down with joe manchin not going forward. remarkable how prescient that was. that when president biden and democrats passed the bill. it was a risk. it was a risk that was warned about. maybe many americans like larry summers feel that is something that falls in his court. he has at least a large share of the blame for inflation we're seeing. mike: from that same "fox business poll," 2021 for my family,5, 5% saying it has been a bad year. how alarming is that for the
11:30 am
white house and democrats up on capitol hill? >> it should be alarming. certainly especially with their political prospects going into 2022 but what's remarkable about that is kind of the disconnect. you have that, 55% of americans say it has been a bad year. on the other hand a whole part of this economic ladder that is seeing a stock market boom beyond anything that we've seen in the last several years. so there is a real disconnect between the haves and have-nots. having most of the country saying it has been a bad year, upper echelons of which most of capitol hill is a part is having a great year. so there is a real disconnect you see in the country right now. mike: at least 23 house democrats announced they intend to retire, not seeking re-election. that typically happens when the majority party is about to lose the majority. they have only a single-digit majority. how do you assess those folks announcing they will not seek
11:31 am
another term? >> as you know, mike, every off year election for the party in the white house is usually not very good. they start off on the back foot but as, after what they saw in virginia, with, with terry mcauliffe going down when he was expected to win, maybe a lot of democrats in the house think that you know, perhaps their prospects of winning in 2022, especially in a tough district is not so great. they're taking the choice to retire. now, the one caveat here is, in the senate you're seeing a lot of republicans retire there, you know, four out of the top 10 seats in play are republicans that have retired. some of these retirements probably are people that just probably want to go home and do something else in this very highly polarized environment. mike: if veteran house democrats are saying basically this is the last call of them being in charge in the house what is the practical impact of that? does that mean they will try to force through a slimmed-down
11:32 am
version of the build back better bill that could not get 50 votes in the senate? >> listen, they will certainly try to pass whatever they can but standing in the way of whatever last-ditch effort if they think they're losing the house and senate is still joe manchin and also to some extent krysten sinema. as much as they my want to push through domestic legislation if they think they will lose control of the house and? senate, they have limited capacity. they have to convince joe manchin, kristin sinema, a few other moderates to back whatever they want to push through. at least with joe manchin he is not being very easy to persuade. mike: we're nearly out of time, jamie, seems like manchin stood up and basically taken a lot of arrows for perhaps some other moderates in his ranks who may have questions about build back better as well. do you think there are others who are silently opposed to that bill anyway? >> i certainly think that there are people concerned about inflation and are worried, even
11:33 am
though as some economists for their argument say, it won't really hurt inflation, inflation won't be affected by it. we heard them also say inflation was transitory. so i do think there are moderates concerned about the legislation, probably a little bit more silent but only joe manchin is the one standing up actually saying no. maybe those moderates, even if they have concerns have made their peace with just going, voting yes and hoping for the best. mike: jamie weinstein, thanks very much. >> thank you. mike: death strikes off a california beach on christmas eve and a great white shark may be to blame. details next. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays.
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♪ mike: tragedy unfolding off of a california beach on christmas eve. a surfer was killed in an apparent shark attack at morro bay.
11:38 am
details are still coming in but authorities believe the shark could have been a great white. christina coleman live in los angeles with more. hi, christina. reporter: mike, a woman saw the victim's body face down in morro bay. that is in along the san francisco coast in san luis obispo county. the harbor patrolled pulled in to at sis. i spoke to the director of the harbor patrol. the victim was 31 years old. >> our hearts go out to family and friends. it is terrible every day but at christmas our hearts are broken. i hope they get think it okay. reporter: 25 to 30 people were within a mile where the victim was found. fortunately no one else was hurt. they did not release details on the injuries but they said the bite was consistent with a
11:39 am
shark. when they reached the boogie board he was deceased. authorities encourage people to be aware of their surroundings in the water. >> be aware of signs that there may be some sort of activity. these sharks, if it was a great white probably looking for seals. that is typically their food source. and there is plenty of seals around here. and when seals congregate you see birds crashing on the water, potentially bait jumping. when you see those sorts of things, time to start paying attention. reporter: last time there was a fatal smashing attack in san luis obispo county was 18 years ago. it is extremely rare for this area. mike. mike: what a heartbreaker on this christmas eve. christina coleman, thank you. if you missed or forgot the most viral camera moments caught you're in luck. june than hunt has a looks back.
11:40 am
reporter: even in the turbulent times, one thing we can count on people get caught on camera doing good things, bad things, or just funny things and 2021 was no exception. take this nine-year-old boy, for instance, who hitched a ride on an airport conveyor belt. surveillance footage capturing the moment he hopped on board and calmly made his way through the package system. a florida woman coming face-to-face with an alligator while paddleboarding. the gator getting close enough to bite the board, before swimming away. >> my stock just exploded. reporter: no one likes an unexpected party guest unless it is a celebrity. actor tom hanks crashed this california's couple wedding ceremony. even stayed to offer the pair marriage advice. cameras love crime. they captured a lot of it. high speed car chases to the
11:41 am
persistent porch pirate. this naked intruder caught trying on clothes in a southern california home. >> what are you doing here? i'm calling the police right now. reporter: things taking a turn when he killed the family's pet birds before being taken into custody by police. >> he got a gun to someone's head. reporter: frightening bystander video catching a situation at a los angeles complex. the man can be seen holding a gun to the back of a woman's head. the s.w.a.t. team later entering the apartment, taking down the suspect. while we saw some of the worst of humanity this year, we also witnessed the best of it too. from hard warming reunions to dramatic rescues. like this scene in new york, a police officer's teaming up to save an infant trapped underneath a car. >> bought a television today
11:42 am
because i wanted to make the wife happy. i can't get it hooked up. reporter: this michigan officer pulling over a speeding driver who confessed to having a bad day. instead of handing out a ticket, the officer followed the man home to help him hook up his tv. >> [inaudible]. reporter: a homeless vietnam veteran reunited with his lost service dog rerun. the family who helped find the pup sending a dog tag and food to the grateful owner. no matter what the new year brings, one thing is for sure, with more surveillance technology expected in 2022, even more buzz worthy moments will be captured. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. mike: that is a moment decades in the making this morning with the successful launch of a 10 billion-dollar web space telescope. the blast off at spaceport in
11:43 am
french guyana, james webb observatory is bigger and more sophisticated than the famed hubble telescope it is meant to replace. it is meant to study atmospheres on planets outside of our solar system potentially to determine if they are inhabitable or even inhabited. coming up how we can help our heroes. i will speak with a army veteran working to help servicemembers during a extremely difficult holiday season. ♪.
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♪. >> i was born into this. i've been in the dairy business all my life. my grandparents did it. my parents did it. now my wife and i get to do it. we're starting to bring our kids into the operation. it's a family thing. it is 24 hours a day seven days aweek. mike: some california farmers are really feeling the weight of the on going supply chain crisis. fox news's douglas kennedy got a first-hand look at what dairy farmer's struggle. reporter: so right now a lot of your product is stuck in some shipping container? >> yeah a lot of it is just sitting there waiting to go to a customer. we've had up to 60% of our loads canceled over the last few months. reporter: simon is a dairy farmer in central california and part of the california dairy's cooperative. he says shipping backups in california ports have put millions of their dollars of
11:49 am
product at risk of total loss, including 68 million-pounds of milk powder and 10 million-pounds of butter. simon and his partners aren't alone. according to an industry group u.s. dairy has lost over a billion dollars because of the recent shipping slowdowns. so shipping will slow down but your cows can't slow down their milk production? >> these cows don't stop. during the entire pandemic that has been the problem we can't just turn off the valve. reporter: so you saw end to end transit times go from 43 days in 2019 to 78 days last month? >> that is right, douglas. the whole system is not coping with the current volumes. reporter: lee is from the fredos group, a online cargo booking platform which also tracks shipping trends. he says delays have been caused by a shortage in truck chassis, a lock of truck drivers and limited space at storage
11:50 am
facilities, a perfect storm of problems clogging west coast ports. and you're also seeing prices soar 10 times what they were two years ago? >> that's right. according to our fbbx endecks price was 3013 to ship from china to the u.s. that reached as high as $20,000 this year. reporter: last month president biden mandated ports stay open 24 hours a day to ease the backlog but he doesn't see things getting better anytime soon. what do you tell these dairy farmers who need this over now? >> this will take a while. there is a big backlog and the networks isn't coping. building new ships and ports and trucks and trains takes a while. >> we don't have a while. we need, we need fixes now and we're losing customers globally and we need, we need our exports
11:51 am
back. reporter: without those exports back he says many california dairy farmers simply won't be farmers anymore. in merced, california, douglas kennedy fox news. mike: it has been a particularly challenging year for our veterans after the collapse of afghanistan, the national crisis hotline got almost twice as many texts from veterans as usual. the pentagon also saw a 15% increase in military suicides last year compared to 2019. so how do we support our veterans in need? my next guest lost both of his legs after an ied blast in afghanistan back in 2010. doctors said he would never walk again, even with prosthetics but after 28 surgeries he has made a miraculous recovery. jp lane is an army veteran with the non-profit semper fi and america's fund. welcome, thank you for your service. it is an honor to have you, sir. >> thank you so much for having me and, to all those who say
11:52 am
thank you for my service, my answer is, you're all worth it. mike: thank you very much. so, tell us, how has this been such a difficult year for you and fellow veterans? >> so obviously having to be locked up at home if you will for the most part or separated from all of our family and friends and those we love that can tend to mess with your mind for a little bit but the most amazing part is during the pandemic, semifear and america's fund were literally there asking us hey, how are you doing? what can we do to help? they would send care-giving packages to my wife and i, if we weren't feeling good or under the weather. they sent us care packages. i mean, they were family. they were there for us in times of need and just encouraging us to keep going.eteranss
11:53 am
non-veterans, veterans are 52% higher, jp. >> right. mike: what is the message to your brothers and sisters you served with who may be going through a difficult time? >> the thing i would love to tell them don't give up. the military, the army, taught me never give up, never surrender. yes we all go through difficult days. i had my fair share going through everything i go to, when you rely on family, faith, to get you through the difficult moments you can get past it. there is a light at the end of the very dark tunnel. some of us have longer tunnels but we have to keep moving forward. and, eventually we will get out of that hole and be able to inspire those around us that are going through difficult moments as well. so i'm very fortunate that i didn't take my life. there were many occasions where i would have but my faith and my
11:54 am
family kept me going. non-profits were there for me. kept me with a straight mind to actually realize that we all go through difficult moments but we can get through it together. mike: outreach to the national crisis line immediately after the afghan collapse in august texts up 95%, chats up 40% and calls up 7%. why in your view was afghanistan such a trigger for veterans? >> well, that was obviously a difficult moment for a lot of people and i had my buddy asked me if everything was worth it. but you know what? a lot of people got to live a semi normal life because of what we did over there and i will never take back a day of my service towards our great nation and the nations that we served alongside off. i was able to get through that myself because again, relying on
11:55 am
the realization that i can't be there for everyone and everything but i can certainly understand that my sacrifice is worth it just like all of my brothers and sisters sacrifice is completely worth it. and as long as they have breath in their bodies they should give every day 110% and live life to the fullest because of those that we did lose. mike: amen. jp, thank you so much. merry christmas. thank you again for your service. >> thank you all so much and god bless. mike: god bless. coming up winter weather expected across the united states this weekend. will it impact your trip home after the holidays? ♪.
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>> did anyone have a white christmas and what about the forecast going home after the weekend? fox weather meteorologist katie garner has the forecast. >> merry christmas i know a lot of people having a merry christmas people on northwest coast did have a white christmas and snow will stay on the ground for a while. california actually had a major dump of snow over 48 inches fell and then in colorado we saw a lot of snow there too.
12:00 pm
no surprise that advisories warnings and watches are in way for tuesday, as you travel home you could have a few issues. >> katie garner fox weather thanks so much. that's it for me before i go a very merry christmas from my family to yours time celebrate with some more with them back tomorrow for fox news sunday. the journal, there they are the journal editorial reports. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of the journal editorial report as we look back on the highs and lows of 2021. i'm paul gigot, and we begin with your one of the biden presidency mr. biden ending his first year in the white house with a centerpiece of his domestic agenda stalled in the u.s. senate. a new covid-19 surge threatening the united states, and his job approval rating in the 40s as voters give him low marks on his handling of the economy, immigration and foreign policy. so what did we learn about president and his leadership this year and can he get bac


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