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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  December 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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when all else fades, faith, hope and love. thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, i hope you have a great week ahead, good night in from south carolina and happy new year. plan ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin." we have two great guests senator tim scott, first time on the program. and dr. harvy risch, scientific medical expert, digging into the vaccine issue with kids 'masks.
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but before we do, does the president of the united states have an obligation to follow the law? what if he doesn't follow the law? we have a provision in the constitution. president shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed. is that what joe biden is doing? no, joe biden is the most lawless president in modern american history, you can tack talk about nixon or whom ever you want. people don't realize we have a code with immigration. all keeps of classes of people, all kinds of visas and green cards. we have a percentages of people from certain parts of the world tax on the number of people, this has been codified. codified. when the president of united
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states is sworn to office, where they shuffle down pennsylvania avenue with the doctor, dr. jill. he is supposed to up hold the constitution and laws of the nation even ific his personal policies conflict with the statute, joe biden is violating the constitution. again president shall take care that laws be faithfully executed. there have been court decisions on this, this not an issue of a policy disagreement, a statute is a statute, if you want to check something out, go to 8 united states code section 1151. you will see paragraph, section after section on immigration law passed by congresses in the past. you will see exclusions for
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people coming in. this is a public charge responsibility that the executive branch has, president and attorney general of u.s., and a section about excludible aliens, that is people with criminal records and diseases, if they have the coronavirus. it includes people who have been part of totalitarian parties, nazi parties, polygamists and on and on, federal law. when you have an open border,en allowing anyone to come in here whether people from haiti working their way from chile into the u.s. or people from dozens of countries, i think i read about 150 different countries are represented, people coming across the border illegally, whatever the number, and you refuse to enforce federal
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immigration law, you are violatin the constitution of the u.s., this is not just a debate between the right and left. this is a constitutional reality. what is the attorney general of the united states doing? he is busy suing the state of georgia under 1965 voting rights act under a phony political law the suggesting that georgia is discriminating against minorities, what georgia is doing no such thing that is the biden administration andra reject of school choice. that is discriminating against minorities, attorney general is also suing the state of texas, they don't like the state's abortion law they passed. trying to intervene in a case already working its way up to be present the to u.s. supreme court, but he wants inhe on that case, democrat and biden administration d
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belive in abortion on demand. what else is happening? attorney general threatening parents and taxpayers who dare to challenge school boards and teacher unions, inxp other words we have a lawless department of justs they is focused on a political and policy agenda and will not enforce existing law, you see them rounding up 630 people from january 6, there were not 630 rioters, now that department of justice has fromtantly, released videotape, we have seen vast majority of people who were in the capitol were waved in to w the capitol building by capitol hill police. how are you trespassing when the police, who are there to enforce trespassing are allowing you into the
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building, 630 people did not do, that they are not all being charged with a violent act, trespassing or parading without permission to government property. ridiculous charges like that. thatat people are bleeding to -- pleading to under threat of felony, are 630 members of black lives matter or antifa are they charged with anything? 630? those people who were rioting, burning buildings attacking cops? some of whom killed fellow citizens? no, and department of justice said that matter -- they have more resources on this -- matter, unbelievable. what about the department of justice, we have children in our schools force fed in critical race theory, what is critical race theory. it is racism. it is segregation. that is what it is a
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fringeol ideology that grew out of 1970 by derek bell at harvard law school, it is now embraced and pushed wide it e is part of marxist ideology to bring down this country, that violates 14 amendment. your children have every right to are unmollested by this u push for racism, segregation and self hate, violates 1964 civil rights act too, garland what is administration doing, they are promoting critical race theory. and joe biden signed executive orders enshrining critical race theory throughout the government. question is what are
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they not doing that violates the law. the commission he pit put together to decide what they should to about the supreme court, it has been irrelevant, but why that was commission put together and why is it still there? to threaten u.s. supreme court, you boys and girls on the court, you either do what we want you to do or we'll ramp up that commission or pack the court or do things to court to destroy independence of the court. we have not seen an attack on the supreme court like this since roosevelt, even back then, speaker of house stood up and opposed him, today democrat party is all in, trash independence of the supreme court, they don't believe in following the law, look right now, our traditions and customs, we're a representative
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republic, they are in secret discussions. talking to staff about how to fundamentally change the economic second, about to massively expand the welfare state and change education of you're children, and change health care system forever, to impose enormous taxes on you. on small businesses, redistribute wealth, alter thes so and governing system, we're not able to participate. all we hear two moderates are negotiating there -- this is a game, what about substance, don't we get to participate? what do we have, a rogue president. we have a rogue attorney general. that is a rogue federal executive branch.
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we have a rogue congress. 50/50 in senate, a three vote majority in house, and they want to fundamentally change america. threatening the courts, specifically supreme court. you saw what they did to kavanaugh, i think not a big kavanaugh fan, that is irrelevant. what they did to kavanaugh was disgraceful. what they did there is send a message to other justice, they are threatening independence of court is sending a message to the entirety of the court. we have a democrat party that is teran call. they want to change our voting system so they can never lose, and national ize red states, think about this, is there anything that biden administration and this congress has done to expand individual liberty? to expand the ability to grow our economy?
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to accumulate wealth and create real job opportunities? for the average person.? it have any thatted by and inthis congress have done to make the nation more secure? against our enemies like communist china, fach ist fascistic russia, nothing, they have done anything to secure border to protect us from criminal, criminal elements, fentanyl. not a thing, the border is wide open. what has this administration done to support american people, support our founding principles and make our life better for you? nothing, go to the gas station eor store, prices are through the roof, our cops, every major city, crime is through the roof, murder rate is us precedented. that is what we get,
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mark: welcome back america. it is a great honor to have tim scott on the show, he has never been on the show, i have wanted him on the
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show, i think he is an up and coming star in the republican party, i am concerned about what democrats want to do to our economic system, they want so centralize power. they want to benefit their base. i listen to the reports about how joe biden and so-called moderate and progressives are negotiating, we get a piece of information about what they are negotiating about. it is a 50/50 senate are the republicans allowed to know what is going on? what about people you represent? i don't feel we know what is going on. >> mark, you are 100% right, we have no idea but for what we read in newspapers. about what is actually happening behind closed-doors. it is like those old days of smoke-filled rooms in middle of night, deals are being cut, american people are left out and entire republican party,
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representing half of the senate vote relegated to sidelines with no ability for input. there has been no regular order, no committees that are meeting and talking about greatest transformation in a negative way of the greatest economy except ever known to man. behind closed-doors, they are trying to figure out how to raise taxes. the greatest tax increase in the history of our country. a one-way ticket to socialism, not a single american knows what is going on, not single republican invited to the meetings, we're not in the room. we understand that the american dream is the light on the hill. it is the thing that we all should yearn for, and strive
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for. but you can't do that in a country where you are not able to be in the room when they are talking about fundamentally transforming permanently the greatest economic system known to man. i'll give you what examples, one. can you imagine having a conversation about taxing unrealized gain. tax increases are bad enough, how do you have a conversation about taxing a gain not in your account. they are trying to find ways to tax revenue that is not even revenue yet, that discourages the system. and if you understand that capital gains tax like you do and i do, and every
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american, who sells a house or a business, that is a once in a lifetime transact, to be double taxed on that is wrong, to take it from 23% to 40 or 30%, they are not 7 point increases. that is a 100% tax increase. we can't afford it. we can't kill the goose that legs the golden -- that lays the golden eggs, this administration -- to all things free enterprise, hoping for liberty and justice for all, they of embedding discrimination in the middle of their economic platforms in ways we've never seen before, to do that behind closed-doors in a 50/50 equally divided senate with a three vote
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margin in house there is no mandate from american people and no direction asked from the american people to transform fundamentally this system that is allowed the poorest kids in country to become some of the wealth west. your system works, we can make better, but this is not. this is literally killing that goose that lays the golden eggs. mark: we'll be right back. not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies. look, serena williams... matrix... serena...
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>> welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott, chaos at nation's busiest airports, christmas weekend travelers try to get home, many will not make it by tomorrow, major airlines canceling flights because crew members call in sick as omicron variant runs rampant. thousands of -- strand add. >> i am here with two little boys. >> it is frustrating. kind of scary. and getting stranded at the airport. >> you make your plans then
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you have to do something else, they canceled the flight without notification. >> u.s. and russia appear to be closer to scheduling talks next month as tensions mount over ukraine. the meetings held in geneva. this comes as new report reveals russia has withdrawn some troops near the ukraine bored erussia president putin said he will ponder a slew of options if the west fails to meet his demands. >> a disastous holiday weekend in brazil, into dams have broken, unleashing a deluge on neighbors towns following days of torrential rainfall and heavy flooding, at least 18 lives have been lost so far. >> and tribute pouring in in world leaders, in
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homage of desmond tutu, i am jon scott, now back to "life, liberty and levin." lev." mark: welcome back, senator tim scott. border is a disaster, american people by large numbers are upset about what is going on in the border. they have drugs coming across, killers coming across. the president has an obligation under the constitution to enforce the immigration laws, of which there are many. i just never seen anything like this before. what do you make of this? >> well, this is unprecedented. that is why you've never seen anything like this. it makes your stomach turn. because we are the city on
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the hill. we are the bright shining light for the world to see. if we can't control our borders, no one else can. here is the truth. we had a president under president trump that wanted to secure the border, i supported and voting for more resources to build a wall so you could control the inflow into the country, the fact that the remain in mexico policy saw the border crisis plummet crossings plummet. but under the biden administration this is a biden-made disaster. not just mark, a crisis around immigration. from my perspective, and i hope you agree, this is first a national security crisis. when you cannot control the flow over your border, you do not know who is coming in. what is coming in.
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and why it is coming in. if you cannot answer those 3 fundamental questions you have a national security risk that is something you can't measure. second we certainly have an an ill immigration crisis brought to us by biden saying by default, the borders are open, come in, haitians have said it people have said the same thing. we're coming to the border because the president of united states has sent a signal that is welcome, an opportunity to come across. here is what we know. we know what you have more than 1.3 million people illegally crossing your border, they are not assimilating. they are actually not going to even show up for any of the their hearings, that is more than problematic, that is more than concerning,
8:29 pm
that is a problem that we are going to have to get our arms, round, the best and fastest way to win elections, we have change who is in charge of these decisions, because the biden administration without any checks and balances through congress, has literally opened the floodgates of the country. and you could look at the situation in afghanistan. and come to the same conclusion that when you watch planes leave the country without an appropriate vet prog-- -- vetting process, we have a border crisis on to be of wore, one is physical southern border, other is imagine air flights into country that also concerns, we have to reward those who helps us, but vet every person, the trust and verify is one opponent that is
8:30 pm
missing from this discussion. the third crisis on the southern border is humanitarian crisis, we're watching people come in here that will be sold into sex slavery, because they thought the borders were open, they get here, they are used. this is wrong. this is not who we are as americans, and closing the border taking down the sign open border will only save more lives in my estimate. and it will give us a chance to restore order on our southern border. we support legal process of coming to our front door, petitioning in the right way to get in to the country, but we should never support having no rules, on any border. and letting anyone in that is not been fully vetted and hearing people from
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authorize country, threaten our border patrol agents, and having our president not respond to it, that is another crisis of his making. mark: that is so true, then, even the border towns, which are democrat border towns, they are speaking out, you have democrat congressmen on the border. schools that will be overwhelmed, law enforcement is already overwhelmed and hospitals that are overwhelmed. at the same time in washington, the democrats trying to massively expand welfare state. if this goes on for 4 years there could be 10 million people coming illegally apart from others brought in, i will say legally but skirting thing well process, senator scott thank you very much. >> thank you, have me back again. mark: you got it, baby.
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mark: welcome back america. dr. harvey risch a well epidemiologist. the director of cdc
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announced in accordance efforts as soon as they can to vaccinate 5 to 11 years old as soon as fda gives them emergency use approval. does the science support this kind of activity. >> this is a risk benefit analysis, from what i understand the adverse events from covid itself in 5-11-year-olds are so infrequent that hazards from the vaccine is likely to be greater. mark: i see the numbers from daily wire, since january of 2020, fewer than 450
8:38 pm
children between age of 5 to 18 have pass away from the virus according to provisional data from the cdc and that is amounts to between 0 to .03% of infected children. i would think more children probably die in a given year from the flu, is that correct? >> that has been true in the past. the 450, half were children who tied with covid not from covid according to the studies that look at that. so, the numbers are as small or less than flu. we don't want them to die, we want to treat them if all possible, but the numbers are not what we deal with by vaccinating the entire population. mark: why do you think there is this move, almost obsession, with vaccinating the little kids? >> i really don't understand the mind set of a government official who think that
8:39 pm
noble lying to the population is a valid approach to governance and public health. mark: media don't seem to press them, biden administration is pushing this. there will be parents who push back. they will create more conflict. that is the biden administration, we now have mandates where people are told, you either get a vaccine or lose your job. even if you had the virus and you have antibodies, they tell people you are fired. cops, nurses, doctors, firefighters employees all over the nation, does the science support that? no. the science -- there is more than 90 studies so natural immunity is as strong or stronger and better and longer lasting than that vaccine. in is no question that people who already have covid have no need to be
8:40 pm
vaccinated for the public health. could they benefit from the vaccination? perhaps a little. but hazards of those getting vaccines higher than average person getting the vaccine there so no real reason to be vaccinated and certainly no reason for a mandate. the fact we face such a big lie over they need to be vaccinated, because previous immunity does not work, it is a big lie. and you is to address where that lie is coming from. mark: seems to be from government bureaucrats in high positions, pressured if not supporting an administration that is obsessed with this. they talk about the unvaccinated. i notice when biden or fauci talks about it they never
8:41 pm
distinguish between those who had the virus and those who have not. >> you know. real bottom line in everything decision that is made, and every pro foundment -- pronounces am from dr. anthony fauci and government is to sell vaccine, nothing i heard that takes a step back, maybe vaccines are not for such a such person, >> early treatment would binclude drugs like. >> hydroxy 84 lynn, remdesivir. and other steroids antibiotics, aspirin, a whole set of of recipes.
8:42 pm
>> in the past, doctors have looked for off of the shelf products. that might help. here, all of a sudden they turned to poison, have you ever seen anything like this. >> no, i think seeing effects of a corrupted pharma playing field, you can alter the playing field in favor of your products, it is easy, you spend the money. mark: you know when you can save people's lives. the number one job of the federal government to protect american people, what you have the medical and scientific federal bureaucracy. getting behind certain drugs, and trying to destroy the efficacy of other drugs that is really remarkable. i have been taking hydroxy for a year and a half, i have heart disease and asthma, i feel fine.
8:43 pm
it has not done anything on to me or millions who have taken the pills over the course of time, so far, i have not gotten the virus, i have gotten the vaccine, that is my choice. but i am a pedestrian with these, and try to rationalize what is taking place. when we come back, doctor, i want to ask -- is most of what we're told, political? or is it medical? or both? is that why the american people are so cynical about what is going on? we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back we're back with doctor harvey risch from yale, has federal bureaucracy, you are well renowned there are many out there who could provide a lot of input to federal government, have they ever contacted and asked for your opinion or analysis. >> not this administration, not at all, no. mark: are do you think -- science and medicine involve a lot of collaboration and
8:48 pm
discussion back and forth when you dealing with something like a pandemic or a new virus or a new form of a virus, and so on. you are not the first outside expert i have asked. it appears other than a very close circle of scientists and doctors, nih, fda, the cdc, dr. anthony fauci and so forth have done little reaching out to top universities and experts. >> they do, but they reach out to people who have largely conflicts of interest in consulting with pharma companies, there is a perception that academic medical centers are the highest centers of knowledge. and in some respects that is true. but in fact when you talk about first line treatment of people for respirator
8:49 pm
illness it front line doctor, those who see patients. they are those with experience in treating covid patients for example. now, we know is across the country. i have surveyed telemedicine groups and large group practices, most, totals more than 150,000 people who have been treated early as outpatients with hydroxy chloroquine. >> successfully, they have the knowledge, but the government does not want that be known publicly, if it is an open secret that i talk about, and others talk about it, but government denies that it existing and pretends they are harmful medications. mark: i go to my pharmacy, they treat hydroxy like it
8:50 pm
is a poison. it is amazing, you get a funny look. it has an impact throughout the various professions, whether medical or pharmacies, do you think we could have saved a lot more people. >> absolutely, if the number of death recorded of 700,000 americans is accurate. we have have saved 85% at least of those by early aggressive treatment. mark: 85%? may have been able to save with early aggressive treatment. i noticed that many of the former commissioners of fda serve on the boards for a number of pharmaceutical companies, are you aware of that. >> ythe revolving door of different. it -- revolving door of government. commonly practiced. mark: when i go to a doctor or talk to an expert.
8:51 pm
i want the most objective analysis possible that raises questions, there is a reason that american people of cynical, they get conflicting advice and they have common sense it makes no sense, you will vaccinate 5 to 11-year-olds and nothing we see supports that. then the cdc director comes out they will have to wear a mask still. you hear dr. anthony fauci, you know people played the contradictions out of his mouth in his appearances, this has to be one of the worst year, year and a half, two year periods of information provided to the american people by so-called scientific and medical community that i can ever remember. >> as far as i can tell, a top down structure, most doctors do not get their information by going back and readings original
8:52 pm
studies, and make up their own mind they get fed information from pharma reps or what they are told, it is no surprise most doctors don't pay attention and think when they are told. mark: if you are a parent, and you have a 7 or 8-year-old, and federal government insists your kids get record or if you are in governor newsom will insist, what would you do? get your kid vaccinated? >> if the child has chronic conditions, that make their risk appreciable, this is a reason they would be considered for vaccine. other than that, if it were my child, i would home school them, honestly, organize with other parents, to take them out of the school, create home schooling environments there is no choice, your child's
8:53 pm
life is on the line, this not a risk, vaccinationa not a high-risk this kill every child. but it is enough on risk, on average benefit is higher for home schooling than vaccination and in school. that is just the bottom line. unwe see employees and companies face mandates quit or fired. now the public perceives that and companies having a hard time replacing those employees. it is getting harder. the policies are being rethought, when people rebel, it has to be reckoned. >> well said, dr. harvey risch, of the yale school. we appreciate it, god bless you and good luck. >> thank you. mark: i'll be right back with my final comment.
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and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. visit to see how your joint damage could progress. enbrel. eligible patients may pay as little as $5 per month. >> will come back there going tyranny and mandate and misinformation erodes administration so much more. ladies and gentlemen this is 11 talking about and writing about an american marxism. we are experiencing this right now from american marxism has made great progress toward instituting the last several years. if it is to be defeated
8:59 pm
although a daunting and complex mission, the existence must first be acknowledge and labeled for what it is. the urgency of the moment. and with all those factions and then to rally to the cause. we see this happening more and more including the school districts and elsewhere. we must rise to the challenge because today's threat is more byzantine as the institutions from within making engagement difficult and complicated. nonetheless i fervently believe america as we know it will be forever lost if we do not prevail and prevail we must.
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please get your copy of american marxism and spread the word we are united and pushing back. we believe in the ready see you next time my life liberty and less than. >> is personality you only


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