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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 27, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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done that is -- productive and bipartisan. >> there you are, optimistic merry christmas, thank you for watching, set your dcv, for watching, set your dcv, >> it is monday, december 27th. the biden administration heads into the new year facing several crises and a stalled agenda, and vice president kamala harris is defending herself against members of her own party who say the job is too much for her to handle. >> no, i don't believe i've been set up to fail. i'm vice president of the united states. anything that i handle is because it's a tough issue. todd: it's the nightmare after christmas, hundreds of flights canceled for a fourth straight day. if that's not enough of a travel
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headache for you, you may need they that mask for a very long time if dr. fauci gets his way. carley: the founder of the 1619 project took a swipe at parents who don't want her work in their kids' classrooms. >> i don't understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. carley: you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm carley shimkus. todd: feel like i haven't left you, shimkey. feel like we were together all week end because we were on "fox & friends" weekend. it's great to be with you. i'm todd piro. kamala harris said she's not being set up to fail while deflecting on the border crisis and defending joe biden's stalled spending bill. carley: lauren blanchard joins us live from washington. >> reporter: some democrats say vice president kamala harris has been given a nearly impossible job by the oval office. the vice president shot back, saying that's what she signed up
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for. >> no, i don't believe i've been set up to fail. i'm vice president of the united states. anything had that i handle is because it's a tough issue. and it couldn't be handled at some other level. >> reporter: the cbs interview aired yesterday. the vice president was also of asked if her sinking poll numbers and unfavorable headlines are because she is a female minority. she said she will leave that to others to deal with and she is focused on her job which includes passing the president's stalled bill and another part of her job is dealing with the border which remains chaotic and with record high illegal crossings. >> my approach to the issue in guatemala and its neighboring countries, which has been formally called the northern triangle is to do what we have i think a responsibility to do as a member of the western hemisphere, to you assist in dealing -- to assist in dealing with the root causes of migration out of those countries and that's my primary focus.
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>> reporter: that answer and much of the first year of the administration less than satisfying for republicans and a growing number of americans. >> for 30 years the democratic party has been playing political football. what we need to do is we need to send a message that we want to take care of those hispanics, we're going to seal the border, because we in my community, we don't want what's happening the disarray we see at the border, we want to be able to come in legally, contribute, and live the american dream. >> reporter: a real clear politics average of polls shows harris with 52% unfavorable rating, p president biden has 53% disapproval on his job so far. carley, todd. carley: lauren, thank you. and you know, todd, one of the reasons kamala harris is getting so much attention right now is because she is doing so many interviews, probably to get people to like her. you heard her say during that cbs news interview that she's not focused on the criticism because she has a job to do
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which is a good answer but that sentiment is undercut by the fact that there are so many other reports including from the new york times that says she is focused on the criticism and she thinks coverage of her would be better if she were a white man. so people can decide what they want to believe on that front. katie pavolich says the criticism of kamala harris has nothing to do with her race or gender, it's because she hasn't delivered. listen to this. >> she hasn't delivered on these things, despite there being a playbook for dealing with problems like the border. president trump gave them the playbook. they threw it away. on voting rights, you would think as a former democratic senator who knows lots of democrats on capitol hill, should be able to go to capitol hilled and kind of work through the voting rights issues that have been stalled specifically in the senate on that issue and yet she continues to fail. so this idea that the vice president is somehow a victim of some kind is ridiculous.
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carley: she does have a lot of responsibilities including the border crisis or the root causes of the border as they say, election reform, national space council chair, improve access to high speed internet, ambassador to small businesses. her poll numbers are he low and she's trying to regain or recontrol public perception around her with these interviews so we're going to have to wait and see given the next set of poll numbers if it works out. >> we started this discussion by saying, look, kamala harris doesn't think her tasks are impossible. then why can't she seem to manage them? i mean, let's take a look at these. border was set up for success under president trump. joe biden and kamala harris have thrown out the trump road map for success. election reform is a states issue. you're going to hear them try to push this election reform thing, it's a states issue, it's a democrat talking point as we head into 2022. the other things are things that should be easy because most people support them. who doesn't love space, right?
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we want everybody to have access to high speed internet and we all love small business, we all want to support our small business, so i find it disconcerting what she is saying and let's remember, this whole interview where she said these assignments aren't too tough is all for an audience of one, its all for da. howie: -- it's all for joe biden, it's an attempt to solveen the leaks from her office where it was put out there that she doesn't like her assignments. i think what's interesting about all this is you want your one and two regardless of whether you're root forge the democrats or rooting for republicans, you're rooting for america on the whole. you want one and two to be on the same page. these two don't seem to be on the same page. we see this coming out with media leaks and we see the attempt by the white house to go on an offensive through the media. we're starting to see the better coverage and this is where we are. another issue i think that is getting a lot of discussion is
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this notion of the biden social spending bill. we talked about it all weekend on "fox & friends weekend." and obviously senator joe manchin was a huge cog in destroying build back better, probably for the benefit of the nation when you think about things like inflation. but one of the gop senators, kevin cramer, says not so fast on thinking this is such a loss for the democrats. take a listen. >> joe manchin may have saved the re-election of two, three, four possibly democratic senators who would have had to vote yes on bbb, on build back better, but would rather not have voted at all. they were awarded this opportunity to give it a pass for a year and yet they just seem hell-bent on doing that. in my mind, what's such a great tragedy, is that a once great democratic party has become this bizarre socialist agenda where they seem to be putting all the chips on the table this year
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while they have control of the house, the senate and the white house. carley: yeah. todd: i think that's a real interesting point. carley: yeah, absolutely. i was talking to karl rove yesterday about build back better and what the future of that would be. he says he's confident it's not going to pass for the simple reason that if they construct a bill that would get senator manchin support, it's just there's going to be so many defections from progressives that it won't pass the other end of the spectrum. so more to come on that front. but we'll have to leave it there for now. todd: amid the latest surge of covid cases, dr. fauci admits the biden administration failed to get americans a suitable amount of tests. listen. >> we've obviously got to do better. i mean, i think things will improve greatly as we get into january but that doesn't help us today and tomorrow. todd: americans across the country forced to stand in line for hours just to get tests. look at that, as omicron cases
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spike by 41% overnight. later today, president biden will speak about on p chron at the white house -- omicron at the white house. he promised to deliver free covid tests to americans without signing a contract to buy those tests. carley: omicron affecting holiday travel as airlines report hundreds of cancellations and delays. the airlines are blaming weather and staffing shortages. over the weekend some airlines reporting more than 500 flight disruptions. delta leading the way with 774 total flight delays and cancellations. on sunday, jetblue delaying or canceling 508 trips as united reporting nearly 500 disruptions. now to a fox weather alert as parts of the west coast experience a christmas winter white-out. check out conditions in nevada where the 50-mile-an-hour winds and poor visibility caused a 20-car pileup. six people were injured and
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needed to be hospitalized. meanwhile, in california, an entire 70 darn mile stretch of california interstate was shut down over the hazardous conditions. yikes. todd: rough stuff there. developing overseas, russian president vladimir putin doubling down on his threat of military action against western countries that defend ukraine. carley: this as he attempts to block nato from accepting the former soviet province. trey yingst joins us with more on this front. trey, good morning. >> reporter: todd, carley, good morning. tension continues to rise between russia and ukraine with both countries holding military drills in recent days. russian president vladimir putin is now threatening to he respond to what he calls aggressive lines from the west. former secretary of state mike pompeo had this to say about putin's words. >> the words you saw him say just today in russia are consistent with his belief that we have weak leadership. the fall of the soviet union
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now, 30 years on, it's very clearly something that's on vladimir putin's mind. he wants to build it back. we can't permit that to happen. >> reporter: russia is seeking security guarantees from the united states to make sure nato doesn't expand east. those demands will be laid out next month in conversations as more than 100,000 russian troops remain on ukraine's border. >> we are having direct conversations with russia. we are very clear that russia should not invade the sovereignty of ukraine, that we must stand up and we are standing up for its territorial integrity. >> reporter: the issue with starting conversations with russia right now has to do with leverage. putin moved many of these troops to ukraine's border in anticipation of possible talks. now he has a major advantage going into those conversations. todd, carley. carley: trey, thank you. celtics star enes kanter freedom
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joined a conversation about his newly found freedom. >> we have dictatorships like iran, belarus, saudi arabia, china, russia, turkey. but i feel like once you live in those countries, once you live in those dictatorships then you understand how blessed you are to be in this situation. there are checks and balances, there is democrat sigh, -- democracy, there is freedom of speech, expression of press. all you've got to do is work hard and the one goal, how can i make this country better together, that's the important question you would ask every day. carley: the basketball start because a legal u.s. citizen in of november, legally adding freedom to his last name to celebrate. todd: to a brotherly disagreement in the nfl as two washington football team defensive linemen throw punches on the sideline of their
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blow-out loss to the cowboys. cowboy.they were quickly separay teammates. this happened after they allowed the fourth touchdown of the first half in what would be an embarrassing 56-14 loss. ouch. carley: all right. caught on camera, watch the heart warming moment a young girl seriously injured in a missouri tornado earlier this month learned she got a christmas present in donald and melania trump. watch this. >> these boxes are from president trump. can you believe that? >> oh, my god. carley: that is amazing. the 7-year-old overcome at the former first couple's gifts and signed hats, presidential blankets, american girl dolls and much more. she lost her older sister in the deadly tornado weeks before but the presents coming with a
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signed letter from the trumps reading in part, quote, with your steadfast spirit and unwavering strength and support of your wonderful family and many friends, your future potential is limitless. i mean, how about that for a christmas moment that she will remember forever. the time is now 13 minutes after the hour. we've been talking about kamala harris wide ranging interview, another major deflexion, the afghanistan withdrawal. watch this. >> i think it's really important to remember that the previous administration negotiated a deal. carley: now, is this issue shaping up to be one of the biggest political problems for democrats? we are asking congressman ralph norman next. todd: plus, bran a don judd, kurt the cyber guy, joe concha all coming up live on this very busy monday morning. i love that head shot of kurt. he looks like a boy band member. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, tam-tam! i was thinking maybe... your mom's car? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ merry christmas, dad.
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to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. >> what do you see as the biggest national security challenge confronting the u.s. >> one of them is our democracy. the year 2021 is not the year 2000. the threats to our nation take many forms. so i go back to our point about
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the need to fight for the integrity of our democracy. in addition, it is obviously about what we need to do with the climate crisis. todd: vice president kamala harris raising eyebrow as she rattles off her list of top threats facing the u.s. carley: joining us member of house homeland security, congressman ralph norman. good morning to you. she says threats against our democracy and climate change are our biggest national security threats. do you agree? >> well, carley, i agree that kamala harris is our threat to our democracy because of this administration's actions. the fact that she's tied climate change to disastrous policies of the threats to our democracy, climate change didn't cause release of 7,000 prisoners in bagram, climate change didn't cause the disastrous withdrawal where we had military people that were bombed and killed.
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climate change didn't cause the defunding of the police, nor did it cause the cancellation of the keystone pipeline and you can go on and on. they are the reason that democracy is a threat. it's not related to climate change. kamala harris is the problem and she's in denial and when she claimed that the agreement that president trump signed in 2020, president trump would have never done what this administration is doing. and this continuing to blame and deflect, and when asked if she was set up for failure, she is a failure, she doesn't need to be set up. todd: congressman, when democrats like kamala harris say democracy is at stake, isn't that code for we're going to try and change the rules, vis-a-vis voting rights legislation, to make sure democrats are in power in perpetuity. >> todd, it's all about the power. that's why we can't entrust them with the reins of power. hr-1 which they quickly deflected because of the stalled
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bbb which is a disas trier -- disaster in and of itself. thank god for joe manchin. they want to change voter id laws, they want to make it so criminals can vote, they want to stay in power. that's why you can't give these people power. we demonstrated in the last 11 months what they've done to the country. the american people realize it. what happened in virginia, we'll see a replay of time and time again, many states in the mid-terms. carley: congressman, you mentioned that the vice president did defend president biden's decision to withdraw from afghanistan by blaming former president trump. take a listen to what she said on that front. watch this. >> i think it's really important to remember that the previous administration negotiated a deal with the taliban, did not invite the afghan government to be at the table and negotiated a deal that
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required an promised as part of an agreement that we would pull out by the end of may. carley: congressman, this is a line that the administration has used repeatedly but what about the future. the same people that were in power during the afghanistan withdrawal are going to be in power for the next three years. what happens when the next national security crisis arises? >> well, i mean, you're seeing it play out, carley. look what china's doing with taiwan, look what the soviet union is doing on the ukraine border. they see this administration as weak. they're a toothless tiger. they're going to continue to test us because there will be no repercussions on this, there are no consequences and her interview showed just that and the same people have no judgment and that's why you've got to take them out of power, they've got to be voted out of office. that's the only way you deal with this. again, i think the american people realize that and it's simply unexcusable what's happened so quickly in the last
1:23 am
11 months and it's -- unless we can stop them through the house, through the midterms, then -- and the senate, it's going to be a long three years and you'll see more of the same. todd: congressman, despite being called out by members of both parties, will this administration ever admit its fault in afghanistan? >> oh, absolutely not. todd, they are -- you know, look at what they've done. they've shifted blame. it's directly on them. it's not anything else. that's why it's so bizarre the way she answers her questions and tying climate change into this and, you know, it makes no sense. and i think that other countries realize this. that's why our allies are really don't even consider the united states an ally as we used to be. president trump did what he said and you would never have this situation happening now that are
1:24 am
happening under the biden administration. but that interview and the more they get out and say these kind of ludicrous things i think is going to -- it will bear itself out. carley: it has not been a good year for the vice president when it comes to her poll numbers, reports of frustration between her and the president, her staffers leaving. what's going to happen in the future? do you think it's going to be more of the same or will she be able to find her footing? >> no, because she doesn't have it in her. i guess she doesn't have the judgment to do that. look at the people making up this administration. at all levels. and kamala harris, there's a reason people are leaving. it's a revolving door and it's the same judgment what that hired these people she'll just hire more of the same and i see a doubling down in congress. they're not slowing down. i think she thinks she can get this build back better passed. she mentioned it and i think she
1:25 am
will try what -- it's all about the power and that's what's so concerning to me and so many p conservatives because they're not backing off. we've got to take the reins. we the people have got to get active. and just say no. and there is no crossing the aisle for this, for what these people are doing to this country and it shows in the last what they've done in the last 11 months. carley: congressman norman, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. carley: the time is 25 minutes after the hour. while the biden white house won't take responsibility for the fallout of the afghanistan withdrawal, we're talking to a former cia officer who gave up had her life dream to help afghan refugees reset he'll here in the u.s. -- re settle here in the u.s. todd: i'm always telling you this, be sure to finish off the year strong, tax tips that help you keep more money in your bank account, that's coming up next. ♪
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carley: democrats are scrambling to salvage president biden's social spending agenda after senator joe manchin made it clear he's not on board, one senator saying the party is considering breaking up the bill to pass one piece at a time. listen to this. >> that's a strategy decision that's being negotiated. we are open to a way to reach the finish line. we want to make it as comprehensive as possible. we need to make sure we have the votes to pass it. that means it will be different than some of us would like to see. carley: but progressives are still set on pushing through the whole package, even if it means bypassing congress. congresswoman writing, we are calling on the president to use executive action to immediately improve people's lives, taking executive action will make clear to those who hinder build back better that the white house and democrats will deliver for americans. interesting stuff, todd. over to you.
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todd: carl oh, 2022 almost here, that means now, right now is the time to button up your financial loose ends to make sure you're not paying more in taxes than you have to. dan geltrue, cpa, market analyst is here with money saving year-end tips. dan, the financial floor is yours. take it away. >> thanks, todd. listen, i know you and carley don't want to pay one penny more in tax than you have to, so the time to act for 2021 is right now. first, consider giving to charity. it's a great thing. from a standpoint of if you're single, the irs, even if you don't itemize, the irs allows you to take $300 or if you're married, filing jointly, $600 in charitable deductions. next, capital gains taxes. a lot of people had a great year in the stock market. that means taxes may be owed. look, if you have some positions you want to change, take those
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capital losses. you could offset your capital gains dollar for dollar. next, retirement. you may be a long way from this, todd, but you've got to be thinking about it. 401-k contribution, you can do up to $19,500, if you're 50 or older you could up that to 26 for your ira. $6,000 if you're 50 and up. $7,000. now, how about this. if you're 72 years old, you have to take your minimum distribution from your ira a. if you don't take that, you're subject to penalty. so make sure you're pulling that money out the way you're supposed to. here's another interesting point. you can take that minimum distribution and donate it directly to charity, not be subject to that 300 and 600-dollar limitation if you're
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not itemizing your deductions. you could actually contribute up to $100,000 out of those minimum distributions. important thing to remember is that you do it directly from that ira. now, 529s, those contributions, for those kids that are going to be going to college, it's not allowed to be deductible on a federal basis. however, check your state because some states do allow tax benefits for that. now, fsa, flexible spending account, that's a use it or lose it so you want to make sure that you're using up all those funds and, finally, before the end of the year if you used up your deductibles for your medical, get out and see the doctor because you can take advantage of that deductible already being met. new year, you start all over again. do it now, todd.
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.todd: dan geltrue with a les ton at 4:43 on a monday morning. if you tuned in, you learned what you need to know. always a pleasure. thank you, sir. carley, over to you. carley: dr. fauci has a message for airlines looking to ditch the mask mandate. listen to this. >> we want to make sure people keep their masks on. i think the idea of taking masks off in my mind is really not something we should even be considering. carley: fauci saying while vaccine mandates for domestic flights are not necessary, they could be a good tool to pressure people into getting the shot. unbelievable. and today one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country will go into effect in new york city. mayor bill de blasio mandating all private sector employees must submit proof of at least one dose of the covid vaccine in order to keep working in the city. noncomplying employees are set to face fines starting at $1,000
1:35 am
mayor-elect adams has not said if he will keep the rule in place. the time is 34 minutes after the hour. a 911 dispatcher is sounding a major alarm on a potentially deadly police shortage in one of america's most crime-ridden cities. todd: plus, the creator of the 1619 project has a message for parents who don't want her work being taught to their kids. wait until you hear what she is saying this morning look! oh my god... oh wow. ♪ i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. doesn't that look like your papa? that's your great grandfather. it's like opening a whole 'nother world that we did not know existed. ♪ you finally have a face to a name. when you give the gift of ancestry®, you give the gift of family. ♪
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todd: a taliban limiting two elections commissionses and a department dedicated to peace in afghanistan, the taliban says the agencies are unnecessary for the country. the commissions were in charge of supervising elections. the taliban shut down the women's affairs ministry after the disastrous u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan earlier this year. and vice president kamala harris defending joe biden's botched withdrawal from afghanistan, saying it's all president trump's fault. listen. >> i fully supported the president's decision and i think it's really important to remember that the previous administration negotiated a deal with the taliban and right now i strongly believe that had we broken that agreement, we would be talking about the war in afghanistan. todd: a bombing during the final days of the pullout
1:40 am
claiming the lives of 13 u.s. service members in kabul, a retaliation drone strike meant for the attackers killed 10 civilians, including seven children. carley: a former cia officer so moved by the plight of the people of afghanistan, she put her life long dream of finishing law school on hold to help resettle refugees in the united states. joinings us now, gita bakshi. good morning to you. you joined the cia in the aftermath of 9/11, spent years hunting down al-qaida terrorists and you felt so moved, you had a calling when afghanistan collapsed to the taliban in august. tell us what you're doing now. >> carley, thank you so much for inviting me to be here. yes, what i am doing now is focusing on helping afghan partners and their families and what i mean by afghan partners is those that worked alongside american troops for decades,
1:41 am
helping them resettle into their new homes here in the u.s. carley: and how is that going? >> you know, it has been a wonderful experience, overwe ming. i think that -- overwhelming. i think the volume of individuals that have come here and the needs that are most critical, that's what we're mostly focused on. my team and i have been invested in trying to get help to those that need it the most. carley: you're trying to get them jobs, go to school, it. great families into -- integrate families into he local communities. a lot of these people have never been to the united states before so this is i'm sure a big culture shock for them. >> it is. but you know, afghan partners that worked alongside u.s. troops, they were really in many ways exposed to the american culture. many of them do speak english. many of them have been expecting or hoping to apply for sids and come here in previous years. this was just an unprecedented experience for them, having to
1:42 am
come in such a large volume. but really many of the afghan partners that worked alongside american troops, they're very familiar with the u.s. culture. now it's a matter of them getting comfortable and integrated into their new community. carley: you know, you talk about those afghan partners who of did so much for us. do you know, do you have any sense of how many people in afghanistan who worked for the u.s. government are still stuck there and who want to come to the united states? >> you know, my organization is not focused so much on the side of the evacuations and what's happening in afghanistan still. but we do know that a lot of u.s. partners, a lot of afghan partners of the u.s. who have made it here, we relied upon them for our security and our accomplishments from the first day to the last day and really we're focused on helping them get on their feet here and be successful contributing members of american society. carley: you know, i was just reading that nearly half of
1:43 am
media organizations in afghanistan have shut down since the taliban takeover, which does not bode well for freedom in that country. do you have any sense of what it's like to be living in afghanistan right now? >> i imagine that there is a lot of hardship being faced right now by afghan people, especially for the families of those afghan allies of the u.s. government that unfortunately were left behind. i know that there are groups working hard to both get aid to afghans out there and to try to come to some kind of agreement with the taliban to do more on the ground to help people there. carley: i want to ask you a national security question. nobody knows more about al-qaida than you. the taliban says they're not going to work with the united states to fight extremism. how big of a national security threat is terrorism to the u.s. going forward? >> you know, carley, i'm
1:44 am
confident that the u.s. intelligence community is working hard as they always have to keep address of any kind of threats to the u.s. will there be challenges now that we're not in afghanistan? i'm sure there will be. but i think the u.s. intelligence community has shown they can keep the u.s. safe. it's a matter of continuing that effort, working hard to ensure that now that we're not in afghanistan. carley: thank you so much for all the good work that you are doing to help the people of afghanistan who helped us have a better life here in the united states. appreciate you joining us this morning. >> thank you so much, carley. appreciate everyone's support. carley: absolutely. todd, over to you. todd: carl oh, still ahead, police nabbing a suspect accused of gunning down a school resource officer from the nypd only to be told to cut him loose. new jersey police chief martin con says he's outraged over the incident.
1:45 am
he joins us live, next.
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. carley: two wichita police officers are shot on christmas day by a suspect who posted about the shooting on social media. police releasing this image from facebook, showing the suspect with a gun during the incident.
1:49 am
authorities say he talked about shooting two officers while going live on facebook. the suspect eventually turning the gun on himself as law enforcement closed in. both officers are recovering from their injuries. the suspect did not survive. a chicago 911 dispatcher is sounding the alarm about an officer shortage in the city's largest police district. >> it's outrageous and i'm not happy. when you say chicago, people are afraid. it's like a death zone. several of my officers who texted me and said they were scared, they're tired of this nonsense. they have no backing and they're scared of being out there by themselves. carley: the dispatcher who was praised for his handling of the deadly shooting of officer ella french says the city's liberal mayor, lori lightfoot, is not doing enough to address the shortage. a local aldermanic says the
1:50 am
district is down 70 officers. todd: meantime, a suspected cop killer still on the loose this morning after an off duty nypd school safety agent is killed in a triple shooting. new jersey police nabbing the man less than a half hour after the incident but officers forced to let him walk free fair view, new jersey police chief martin kahn here to explain it. why couldn't your officers hold the suspect. >> thank you for having me on. reason why i'm outraged is you see here this story, an officer was shot and killed in a nightclub shooting. the suspect did come through our jurisdiction. my officer made an excellent stop here. the stop had nothing to do with -- related with the actual shooting, believe it or not. it was for motor vehicle infractions. throughout the investigation it was determined that the vehicle came back as a wanted vehicle,
1:51 am
wanted in the shooting out of new york city. we did everything we could on our end. the policies that are in place in new york, it's a shame what's going on over there with mayor de blasio and his policies and the nypd not sticking up for the officer on the street. it's hard for us to do our job every day. we had them stopped. we had them, like i said in a previous article, we had them, the suspects in the shooting and we were told to let them go because they didn't have enough cause to keep them which is a shame because now there's a shooter on the loose and the resources alone that are being used now to play catch-up and try to find this guy is beyond me. todd: how frustrating is it to try and keep your community safe but be ham strung by policies of another city.
1:52 am
>> it's frustrating. we border new york -- new york city. we catch some of their crime as well as they catch some of ours. the laws in each state make it difficult. my concern, it's the safety of the community, the safety of the officers on the street that are trying to do their job the best they can and now we're being ham strung into these different policies and it starts back with stopping the frisk and you can't even approach people in new york city, the cops are afraid to do their job. i had a pretty decent social media profile and following and i have a lot of friends in the nypd and i hear the frustration of the officers trying to do their job and a lot of them are afraid to do their job because they don't know exactly what their job is. one day they're told they can stop someone on the street, the next day you're told you can't go up to somebody on the street unless you have cause. it's making it very difficult, very difficult. todd: we've got 45 seconds
1:53 am
remaining, chief. do you feel some of the so-called leaders actually want people in your profession to fail? >> i wouldn't say that they want us to fail. i don't think anybody wants that. we do have a job to do. i think it's just they cower down to a lot of the special interest groups and that's what it comes down to. votes, politics, being reelected and they're cowering down to different groups that are pushing to the far left and like i said, it just makes it really difficult for us to go out there, making it much more unsafe for us to go out there and do our jobs and i stand my my officers, i know what they do every day and i applaud them for what they do and they know that and if they're doing their jobs, i have their back and if i see policies coming down at least he locally i stand up for them, from a police point of view. todd: chief martin kahn. we appreciate your time this
1:54 am
morning, hope this guy doesn't do something else in new jersey or elsewhere. >> i hope not. i hope not. thank you so much. take care. todd: carley, over to you. carley: 1619 project author nicole hanna jones has a message for parents concerned with what their kids are learning at school. listen to this. >> i don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. i'm not a professional educator. i don't have a degree in social studies or science. we send our children to school because we want them to be taught by people who have expertise in the subject area. carley: hanna jones taking heat for the remark and for claiming not to be a professional educator, despite being a tenured faculty member at howard university. she also denied democrat terry mccall -- mcauliffe lost the governor's race in virginia because he said parents should not have a say in their kids' education. she said it was a right wing
1:55 am
propaganda campaign. a dad said let's go brandon to president biden while talking to kids tracking santa on christmas eve. >> i hope you have a wonderful christmas as well. merry christmas and let's go brandon. >> let's go brandon, i agree. carley: an nbc headline referring to it as a, quote, right wing slur. abc calling it, quote, a vulgar insult and one cnn pundit going so far as to say this. >> i don't think it's fundamentally about incivility. i think it's about insurrection. driven by trump's claims, false claims and the big lie that biden is an illegitimate president. carley: the dad who said the anti-biden phrase tells the oregonian and said he's getting death threats and brandon brown who sparked the chant said corporations no longer want to sponsor him and that is the sad
1:56 am
part of the story. all right, this is a story that's getting lots of attention this morning and we'll be asking joe concha about what he thinks about it. todd: plus, another brandon, brandon judd and kurt the cyber guy both joining us live. do not miss a moment. ♪ i have something for you. [husband whistles] ♪♪ hi. [wife laughs] i have something for you too. [wife whistles] ♪♪ ♪♪ step up to gmc with 0% financing on these gmc models. we...are professional grade. gmc
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todd: it is monday, december 27th. the biden administration heading into the new year facing several crises and a stalled agenda with vice president kamala harris defending herself against members of her own party who say the job is too much for her to handle. >> no, i don't believe i'm being set up to fail. i'm vice president of the united states. anything that i handle is because it's a tough issue. carley: it is the nightmare after christmas, hundreds of flights canceled for a fourth st d


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