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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 13, 2022 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> live pictures of mar-a-lago, a day after a federal judge unsealed the fbi warrant that set in motion the unprecedented search of an ex-president's home. the fbi seized 11 sets of classified documents in the raid including some marked top secret. welcome to fox news live, i'm molly line. griff: it's great to have you here in d.c. with us. i'm griff jenkins. the warrant has a list of items seized from mar-a-lago and
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three federal crimes that the doj is looking into including violation of the act. >> the raid on president trump's palm beach club after months of talks with lawyers broke down. and the 11 that molly mentioned. to your sets labeled top secret. three sets secret documents, one set ts-sci, top secret, the most concerning some say, griff, because it's some of the highest classification levels departmentalizing for people that don't know and the fbi were looking for evidence of
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contraband, and three potential crimes. the list does not describe them in detail. "the washington post" reports the fbi agents were looking for documents related to nuclear weapons. trump called those allegations a hoax and suggest that the fbi planted the evidence. critics point out that hillary clinton's home was never raided by the fbi. and here is james comey. >> seven e-mail chains concerned matters classified at the top secret, special access program, at the time they were sent and received. >> trump's former national security advisor john bolton said that trump would often ask if he could keep some of the documents. i asked bolton if that story was accurate, he says it is, griff. griff: there's so much that we don't know. at this moment the president has not been charged with a crime or violation. do we have any sense for when
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merrick garland will make the decision to indict or not? >> this was a search warrant by the fbi going into the president's mar-a-lago estate and he has not been charged with a crime. that would be from the district attorney for the southern district in florida. molly: do we have any insight what could be next? >> many republicans on capitol hill want to see the affidavit. they have not seen that, that would be a much more detailed account what was taken from the compound. right now we have line items of property seized in the boxes. and the classification levels are concerning for those around the country and we don't know what's in there. molly: what's in the paper work. thank you very much, lucas tomlinson. griff: great reporting. molly: thank you. for more on the legal aspects of this search. we're joined by a former
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justice trial attorney, thank you for joining us this saturday afternoon. we appreciate it. the unsealing of this warrant, and lucas was talking about the various classifications of secret. what do you make of the documents and their release? >> the documents, the release itself was pretty generic in terms of the types of documents and how they were listed. it does look as though there were a number that indicated that they were top secret or secret documents. the rest were simply boxes and they were numbered so that the individuals could understand or know which boxes were taken and the types of documents theoretically that were in those documents. i think to the extent that we learned anything, and we frankly, didn't learn much from the inventory. there was a seizure of
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documents that had been marked as secret, top secret or various types of classification designations. >> it would be interesting to see. and the warrant says espionage and obstruction of justice. apparently trump's lawyers have been going back and forth with the feds and national archives quite some time over various materials. what do you think the fbi's goal here, were ne they accurating out of real concerns or a security threat when we talk about something like espionage? >> it's interesting because there's not that much information available to the public. the justice department, why they moved could have been a number of reasons. there could have been a concern for national security. there could have been a concern that documents would be destroyed, or it could have been, quite simply, that the negotiation has gone on for a
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long period of time, the subpoena had apparently not been responded to, and it might have been -- simply have been that the justice department felt it was time to move and that's why they started a search warrant. it could have been any number of those reasons. once we get the affidavit, once that's unsealed down the road, we'll have a lot more understanding, as to why and what prompted it and what the probable cause was, obviously. >> if the president is the ultimate declassifier, even if some of the paper work has classified markings, could he still face consequences? what could be charges, fines? >> well, the -- there were three charges that were listed on the search warrant itself. interestingly, none of those three charges are predicated on any of the documents or any of the material being classified. there was, as you've already made reference, the espionage
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act. the espionage act basically makes it criminal for someone to remove documents, someone who is unauthorized which a private citizen and our next president, i would guess, would fall within that, unauthorized to remove certain documents that could be harmful to the united states and take those documents knowing that such documents could be harmful to the united states and then refusing to turn them over to a lawful custodian of the united states who could-- would be authorized to have possession of them. that would be theoretically someone from the national archives. that statute has a maximum penalty of 10 years. now, understand there is no minimum penalty, no minimum mandatory, so it would be zero to 10 years.
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one of the other two statutes that is listed on the search warrant is one that criminalizes the removing of official documents, official material and from its location and taking it to another place and having possession of it. that's a pretty straight forward. it really, again, it doesn't impact and it doesn't talk about national security. that's a zero to three year sentence range and the final one is basically a standard obstruction of justice that was-- it's part of the sarbanes oxley act passed in the early 2000's and basically addresses the situations of concealing documents, hiding documents, mutilating, destroying documents that would be important or relevant in an investigation or some type of proceeding. and that has a zero to 20-year
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sentencing range. molly: so potentially serious consequences here and so much that we don't know where it's going. thank you so much for your insights, we appreciate it. griff. griff: well, molly, it's almost a week since the fbi shocked the nations by searching mar-a-lago. and charles watson is live on the scenes outside of mar-a-lago. hey, charles. >> yeah, hey, good afternoon, griff. pretty active outside of mar-a-lago, i can see at least two or three dozen supporters of former president trump out here, many waving flags and honking horns and trying to show their support for the former president as calls grow louder to release the affidavit concerning monday's raid of mr. trump's residence. of course, we know mar-a-lago was the scene of that raid and we saw fbi agents go in and
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retrieve items, many of which-- several of which were listed as classified and highly sensitive. that raid, of course, set off a firestorm once mr. trump made it public on the website. he's characterized it as a hoax and a ernl about-- personal attack on him by doj and democrats. and in talking to some of his supporters, they believe that's the case. some say this is nothing more than a political stunt. >> we've seen the documents to prove it on a reasonable doubt that this is a true statement or is it another political bunch of rig more to make him look worse. >> and others say this is an embarrassment to palm beach and they agree with the fbi and say the former president has no one else to blame other than
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himself. >> oh, and on his truth social media platform, mr. trump had to say number one, it was all declassified. number two, they didn't need to seize anything, they could have had it anytime they wanted without playing politics and breaking into mar-a-lago, it was in secured storage with additional lock put on as they requested. and that's what a lot of supporters out here believe the president's words when he said the documents were declassified in a secure space. we're hearing there is a caravan of mr. trump's supporters coming from the miami area up to the west palm beach area where they'll show their support and rally for the former president across from his home at mar-a-lago, griff. griff: charles watson watching for that caravan. we'll check with you as warranted, molly. molly: president biden is celebrating lower gas prices and congress posing a
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democratic spending bill while on vacation in sunny south carolina. joining us is jacqui heinrich on the island. >> hey there, molly, yeah from his vacation spot on a luxury golf destination, the president tweeted, celebrating the passage of a major piece of his agenda and saying there will be a big celebration at the white house on september 6th and he plans to sign that bill next week. and he released that bill on twitter, talking about it. >> today the american people want and the special interest lost finally, with the passage of the house inflation reduction act and the american people are going to see lower prescription drug prices, lower health care costs and lower energy costs and big corporations are finally going to start to pay their fair share. >> well, the health and climate
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legislation is to be paid for in part by raising taxes on wealthy corporations and also audits on what democrats call wealthy tax cheats, but the congressional budget office caused a stir yesterday telling lawmakers they'll need to ramp up audits on people making less than $400,000 a year or other revenues will be $20 billion short. >> they have this army of 87,000 new irs agents more than doubling the size of the irs they will be going after people making less than $400,000. that would break president biden's pledge and they said by the way, lower income families will be paying $20 billion in new taxes just from the irs agents. >> well, the white house pushed back on that saying the president is not going to break his promise, writing irs director redding, a trump appointee and secretary yellen
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prohibited prohibited these increases from being used, and the president is not-- what is unclear how they plan to recoup the $20 billion, and the congressional budget office says they will be short if they do not increase on that group of people. molly: where will they find the money. thanks. griff: author salman rushdie is in the hospital and on a ventilator, he was stabbed on the stage before a lecture in new york. he's suffering with a damaged liver, severed nerves in his arm and likely lose an eye. bryan llenas has more on this story. >> novelist salman rushdie's
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agent says obviously the news has not been good. rushdie is on a ventilator at the trauma center behind me here in pennsylvania. rushdie was airlifted by helicopter to this hospital where he's on guard. and they called this an appalling act of violence and the administration is praying for the recovery of mr. rushdie. he was on stage in an auditorium moments before he was going to give a lecture to roughly 2500 people. audience members jumped on stage, including a doctor to help him. a state trooper arrested the suspect, but not much witnesses say the man punched or stabbed rushdie some 15 times. in tie ran, iran, news of this attack was celebrated. rushdie an award winning author and champion of freedom of expression has been the subject of death threats since 1988
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since ayatollah khomeini issued a threat and some considered it sacrilegious. >> and it's good to see someone the writer of "satanic verses" attacked. the suspect has been identified as hadi matar from fairview, new jersey. he's been charged with attempted second degree murder and he was born in the u.s. fbi was at his home and local reports, preliminary review of his social media shows he's sympathetic to shia extremism and iran's revolutionary guard. this comes after a revolutionary guardsman was charged by the department of justice just this week trying to hire someone to assassinate the former national security advisor john bolton and former
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secretary of state mike pompeo. we'll give you word. griff: bryan is keeping tabs on it. a frightening story indeed. molly. molly: we'll be talking to lawmakers from both sides of the aisle on their takes from the mar-a-lago document seizure and the spending bill the president has yet to sign next. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big! ♪♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick? i love all types of dancing... salsa, and even belly dancing! i am a triathlete. i've always been into health, and wellness, and fitness...
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>> lawmakers on the hill and vice-president kamala harris reacting to the newly unsealed search warrant for former president trump's property in mar-a-lago. >> we have not heard from the president on this as the white house seeks to distance itself from accusations that could come up of political play, but the vice-president, well, she did take a moment to express her confidence in the doj. >> well, as a former prosecutor, i will tell you i don't speak about anybody else's case. but i have full confidence that the department of justice will do what the facts and the law requires. >> the vice-president went on to condemn attacks on law enforcement and house intelligence committee agreed, but fear that it only amplifies
9:22 am
distrust. >> the seventh floor, the leadership of the fbi and the department of justice have been politicized in the eyes of most americans. >> this is the same agency leadership that protected hillary clinton, james comey, and continues to protect hunter biden. >> it would be highly unusual for a president to have anything even in the oval office that rises to the level of imminent national security threat. >> democratic committee chair adam schiff says that protecting classified documents is the priority here and house speaker nancy pelosi added this. >> you would think there would be an adult in the republican room that would say just calm down, see what the facts are. >> the republican senator chuck grassley said today that understanding what those facts are will take more than the unceiling unsealing of a warrant.
9:23 am
>> full transparency when they release an affidavit and this is such a high profile and very strange way of going about getting documents from a former president. >> "the washington post" editorial board called the republican party's reaction to this raid disturbing and dangerous, writing those defending the president wanted hillary clinton locked up for mishandling classified documents. molly: alexandria who have, thank you. griff: for more on this we're joined by the senator from new jersey, tom malinowski. thank you for being here. i want your reaction to the raid this week and mar-a-lago, obviously, two very different opinions out there. republicans as you heard criticizing it, yet we know so little. >> there's a lot we don't know. i'll tell you as someone who
9:24 am
used to have a security clearance, the idea of someone taking that home is disturbing. and former president trump like any american has a right to due process. any american accused of a serious crime like this and if he has concerns about the manner in which this took place, he'll have every opportunity to make those concerns known in a court of law and it will be adjudicated in the way it always is in our rule of law system. i'll at the you what i'm more concerned about. whatever president trump may have done or not done that will be determined by the courts. what i'm more concerned about is politicians going on tv and calling federal law enforcement the nazi gestapo, calling the united states of america a banana republic. i love this country, i revere our institutions and our democracy and it's incredibly dangerous to have responsible leaders in this country turning americans, turning americans angry and hateful, not just
9:25 am
towards joe biden and the democrats, that's politics, that's normal, but that turning us angry and hateful toward our system of justice itself. griff: you know, you're bringing up an interesting point. in fairness it's not just the republicans who now are criticizing heavily the fbi, which we did see this week the attack on the cincinnati field office. i was reporting on it, this individual clearly on his truth socially page indicated he was motivated by what he saw at mar-a-lago, but then democrats, particularly progressives, a year or so ago, defund the police. are you concerned that members of congress, national leaders on both stripes are not doing enough to reinvigorate the trust, public trust in our law enforcement agency? >> absolutely. and look the whole defund the police nonsense was terrible. i was against that, we do not see that from president biden.
9:26 am
we don't see that from leaders of the democratic party. we are funding the police in congress right now on a bipartisan basis. i'm amazed now we have republican leaders saying defund the fbi and comparing it as i said to, you know, stormtroopers or the kgb or the gestapo. that's horrible after what was an after all a completely normal thing. the fbi believed they had evidence of a crime-- >> well, it was unprecedented taken against a former president. before we run out of time, let me change gears here. the democrats passed an inflation reduction act. specifically what's it going to do for new jerseyans. >> number one issue back home after i was elected in 2018, the prescription costs and health care. it was president trump in 2016 who ran that we should allow
9:27 am
medicare to finally negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies to negotiate: and seniors won't pay more than $2,000 out of pocket after 2025. griff: i have about 20 seconds left and put you on the spot. the real rub is that this bill, to pay for this bill, it's going to be the audits coming from the irs, now 80,000 plus agents are going to be hired. can you guarantee me today right here on this program, that it will not lead to an increase in audits on people making less than $400,000. >> absolutely, absolutely. and look, we've had a 20% cut in the irs budget in the last 12 years. my constituents cannot get their phone calls answered when they're waiting over a year to get their tax refunds back and as far as audits there has been a 70% decline in audits of millionaires, 54% decline audits in big corporations and
9:28 am
you know who is getting screwed? my middle class constituents because our taxes are higher to compensate for the taxes owed, but not paid by the wealthiest americans. griff: i hope you're right. nonpartisan syracuse university says the less wealthy are five times more likely to be audit. >> correct to date because the irs doesn't have the staff to go after people who have lawyers and accountants who fight back. that's exactly right and what we're trying to mix. griff: congressman tom malinowski, thank you for being here. aishah: and we'll have the other side after the break. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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>> several republican lawmakers slamming the fbi search of mar-a-lago. joining us from texas and the house services committee, thank you for joining us on a saturday, we appreciate it.
9:33 am
>> good morning. molly: getting right into this. the raid on the former president's home is historic, but there's a familiarity here. we've seen investigations revolving around the former president before. continued speculation is there a political motivation, if it's invasive, if the former president could face legal consequences. i want to talk to you, was this about the preservation of history, the retrieval of secret documents or what's the goal here? >> first of all, we haven't seen the affidavit and we don't know why they've pursued this. members of the republican house have called on that. and it seems as if the problem is the credibility from higher ups and justices and the fbi. history has shown us they're not interested in prosecuting nan security at high levels, hillary clinton e-mails and hunter biden. there's a problem. they say it's paramount
9:34 am
importance to the national security apparatus to go into mar-a-lago. we don't believe them. and one of my colleagues said the leadership of the fbi needs an overhaul and i agree with that. republicans are not attacking front line members of the fbi, we back the blue and support the frontline men and women who do everything to protect the nation, we applaud their work. at the top, the head of the fbi, there is malfeasance, i believe. i believe that they have pursued this president. they've failed to pursue other obvious threats and so they have no credibility and it's a shame. molly: we just had a congressman from the other side of the aisle on, tom malinowski, that perhaps republicans are causing distrust in americans institutions. your thoughts to this idea of trust and where it stands and the actions republicans are taking right now watching this unfold in mar-a-lago. >> my colleague from new jersey is a very nice gentleman, but it's difficult to be lectured
9:35 am
by any democrats in the u.s. house the fact that we're not a banana republic and seems if they are. we watched january 6th democrats and kept the republicans out of there, and they've got adam kinzinger and liz cheney there, they're not returning next year. and relationship of the institutionings, congress or the justice department has eroded trust of the american people and that's why people are so quick to defend donald trump. let's assume for a minute that everything you've heard it true, who would believe it at this point? there's no credibility coming from the higher ups at justice, from what i understand the list has been very incomplete of what we've seen that they alleged took. who is going to believe that anything they say they found in that house wasn't planted at this point? there's no credibility and i believe this will in fact aid in president trump's comeback. molly: i want to talk about the midterms, we've seen the biden
9:36 am
administration could talk about legislative victories. three months out from the polls, and another investigation into donald trump and going into the personal space of the first lady even. will this back fire on the democrats months from now? >> i think it will. and the passage of this alleged inflation reduction act is just a distraction from the fact that americans' pocket books aren't what they used to be. gas prices are coming down because the summer just passed or is passing and demand is so low people are just not buying gas they can't afford to go on summer vacation and now that we're approaching the midterms, democrats are scrambling to claim some kind of victory which they think was the passage yesterday. i don't believe hiring 87,000 irs agents is what the american penal are looking for in victories from this administration. no one believes that 87,000 irs agents are going to result in less audits for the middle class and your prior guest talked about how people wait on
9:37 am
hold. the reason the hold times are so long because your irs agents in washington have been told they don't have to come into the office for the last two years when the rest of the country or at least half the country has picked up and gone back to work. the bureaucrats in washington are working from home or not at all so service is very bad and my constituents complain about the irs, social security, name your government agency, if it's based in washington d.c., the service is terrible. molly: the irs headline is a big one and we'll see in the coming weeks and months ahead and voters are closer and closer to who they're going to vote for. congressman gooden, thank you so much. >> thank you. griff: russian rockets pounding residence neighborhoods in eastern ukraine as ukraine troops gain some ground in the north and reportedly hit a russian ammunition depot in the south. alex hogan brings us the latest
9:38 am
from kyiv. >> hi, griff. the russian forces announcing they've overtaken a town in the donbas region and russian troops making significant attacks on a down and donetsk city itself. and ukraine has a counter offensive destroying two primary bridges over the river, routes used to resupply russian military agreement according to the u.k. ministry of defense. for right now, russian troops are restocking their supplies by using pontoon boats to cross that river. ukraine's health minister accused russian authorities are committing crimes against humanity by blocking humanitarian aid in the occupied areas, specifically blocking much-needed medicine. latvia on thursday declared russia a state sponsor of terror. this is something that ukrainian president volodymyr
9:39 am
zelenskyy urged others to do and called on the european union to halt visas for russians. >> first there must be an agreement, and one cannot destroy the very idea of europe, our common european values. >> this is something that kremlin has condemned and moscow saying any assets frozen or taken by the u.s. would destroy the relations between the u.s. and moscow which would not specify which assets. griff: alex, thank you. for more on the current state of the war joining us live is the commander of georgeian legion, and he and i were
9:40 am
together, i interviewed him in mid april in kyiv, a different picture where the war stands now. today is day 171 of this war, first, sir, can you give us a sentence where the battle stands? >> hello, always talking to you, i'll tell you briefly what's going on on the front lines. first of all, we keep the front lines and we know that we're fighting for freedom. actually the distance between the war have increased and it's quite difficult for special operations to work and mostly artillery systems are used, russians, as usually, they are shelling populated civilian area and we have a lot of population, population, unfortunately, and majority of the legion soldiers are trying
9:41 am
to help daily to save the lives of civilians that are getting shelled. so, the dynamics is quite heavy on the front lines and we're trying to push the russian forces back and we're succeeding in it and ready for counter offensive on different front lines. >> mamuka, you saw in alex hogan's report before she was playing a clip of president zelenskyy continuing to plead to the world to designate russia a state sponsor of terror. how important do you think that would be? >> i hope it's going to be fortunate and there are several things that the united states can do to stop russian aggression right now. to recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, of course, the issue of visas for
9:42 am
the united states for russians and oil prices and gas embargo and of course, accelerate supplies into ukraine. the most needed is artillery systems that we're waiting for and it's going to solve the conflict. we're going to ukrainian regions using systems from the united states. griff: let me ask you, how is the ukrainian counter offensive that we see now appears to be focused in the south particularly, how is that going? >> you know, the systems that ukraine have are counter offense. of course, we are damaging the russian warehouses. we're cutting their supply routes, but unfortunately several himark systems are not
9:43 am
enough for us. and we need for healing of civilians on the front line. >> hopefully the administration is listening to that request right now as we are in day 171. mamuka, thank you for taking time and please be safe, sir. >> thank you. griff: molly. molly: with millions of kids headed back to school this month, many have upgraded their security planning in the wake of the uvalde shooting. we'll take a look next. i would say that to me an important aspect is too... meta portal with smart sound. helps reduce your background noise. bring that sense of calm, really... so you come through, loud and clear. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home work for you.
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>> as students and teachers prepare to return to the classroom, safety is top of mind for many parents, schools are making changes to security protocols in the wake of tragedies like the uvalde
9:48 am
massacre. joining me to weigh in, the director of the national association of school resource officers, mo kennedy. thank you for joining us on a saturday afternoon and we very much appreciate it. a new school year is already underway in a lot of places, some of the states particularly down south, teachers are back in the classrooms and beginning very soon. some the students and teachers are on edge, the reverberations feel fresh from what happened in uvalde. in the wake of uvalde some have pointed to the failure of the responding officers. should schools have resource officers? how important is it? >> well, the answer to your question is yes, they should. we recognize the importance of good school resource officers, but they must be carefully selected and they must be specifically trained and i'll add to that, properly equipped to deal with the situations. one. things obvious to me, there wasn't an sro there on campus
9:49 am
when this occurred and it's critical that if one of these events occurs at your school, there's an armed presence there prepared to deal with this kind of incident. molly: when people push back on this idea there are different cities and communities all over the country that have different views on having someone armed in the school building. some are very much in favor and some not so much. what is the right type of person to become a school resource officer? is there part of this? >> yeah, i think when someone says someone armed, you know, it's a lot more than that. it does have to be a very carefully selected officer. it's not nor every law enforcement officer. it is, molly, the most unique assignment any law enforcement officer could possibly have. they have to be someone who is a veteran of that department, someone we know about their character and we know that they've maybe been involved in volunteer activities with adolescents in terms of youth coaches or boys and girls club
9:50 am
leaders. those types of things. and we certainly are looking for the best of the best when it comes to law enforcement to be in these positions. molly: something else that's sometimes viewed as controversial are drills, drills to prepare students for a mass shooting or even something along the lines of a threatening weather event. they're common in schools around the country, say, for instance, a kindergartner they did do drills. >> some argue that those drills can cause anxiety. do you believe in drills and do you think there's a way to do them where they can be done right? >> i absolutely believe in drills firmly. as a former school resource officer, you know, just understanding how many lives have been saved now because of good fire drills. we can do the same thing with a lockdown or a lockout drills or whatever else a school system decides to call it, but students have to know just as they need to know what to do in a fire drill. they need to know what to do if we're doing a lockout or a
9:51 am
lockdown drill and that can be done in a manner that's not adversarial in nature. there's a right way to do it to be done. molly: mo canady, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. molly: as schools get underway. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. when hurting feet make you want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief in store or online. frank is a fan of fast. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid.
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duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. >> gas is under $4, is that enough really? >> no, it really isn't because there's other things that we could be affording and it's still expensive. >> i love it, i've been waiting for this for a long time. long time coming, hopefully we can go a little lower. >> well, it goes a long way. if the gas is cheaper that means i can buy a little more milk, bacon, food for the family. >> i'm excited it's falling, but as far as the relief it is a relief, but it can be lower, yeah, it's still a little pinch. griff: any relief, please. gas prices finally falling below $4 for the first time since march, 3.97.
9:56 am
and a year ago, 3.19. i tell you, molly, you've done this for cavuto as well and go out to the gas station. it's still high, but by and large wanting any relief. molly: it's still with the food prices high, and things related to inflation, it's still a lot. it's not a solved problem we're looking at here. griff: it was 2.39 when president biden took office. i think until they get closer to less than $3 not everybody will be happy. for now, a little bit of help is going a long way. molly: brand new details at the top of the hour coming up on the seizure of those documents of president trump's mar-a-lago home next. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar
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griff: you're looking at live images from mar-a-lago. just yesterday a judge unsealed the warrant and property receipt from the fbi's search of former president trump's home in palm beach, florida. 11 sets of documents were seized ranging from confidential to top secret. welcome to fox news live, i'm griff jenkins. molly: and i'm molly line and showing that law enforcement conducted search as part of
10:01 am
investigation. we have lucas tomlinson. lucas: in the past hour new york times reporting at least one lawyer for former president trump signed a written statement for the justice department claiming all the documents of classified markings had been returned during a meeting back in early june. here is what the fbi says it seized from trump's home this week. 4 sets labeled top secrets, 3 sets labeled secret and 3 sets confidential and one tsi, top secret sensitive compartment information and the last set most concerning because highest classification levels from people who don't need to know because it risks severe damage and the country's national security. they are only supposed to be viewed in special government facilities. unsealed warrants says that the fbi was seeking, quote, documents contraband, foods of crime and others in violation of 3 potential crimes. the list of seized items does
10:02 am
not describe them in any detail. the washington reports the fbi agents were looking for documents related to nuclear weapons and trump called allegation a, quote, hoax, attorney general explained why he approved the fbi's raid on palm beach home. >> the search warrant was authorized by a federal court upon required finding of probable cause. upholding rule of law means applying rule of law without fear or favor. lucas: perhaps a hint there for merrick garland, many calling the release to learn about confidence and why search warrant was thored. former president trump has not been charged with any crimes, molly. >> where would those charges come from? >> not from the attorney general, the u.s. attorney general in southern florida. molly: he had some responsibility so far. griff: great reporting, lucas. because we know so little and we
10:03 am
are getting reactions from every republican and democrat in this town, do we have a timeline for what we are going to learn next, charges, more details of the affidavit, do you have anything to sort of look to? lucas: great question. everyone is asking that question when do the charges, if they do come forward, when would that happen, standby. griff: standby, lucas tomlinson, great reporting, thank you very much. well, for more on this, let's dive right in with our amazing legal panel tom depri and elizabeth, constitutional accountability center president. tom, elizabeth, tom, let me just start with you. we know so very little but it appears that what we most hoped to learn more the affidavit, the probable cause, how important is
10:04 am
that from a legal standpoint and are we going to see it. >> great question, griff. the answer is it is hugely important from a legal standpoint and i hope that we will see it some day although i don't expect it to be soon. the warrant as we know is foreign document, it's preprinted form that you fill out with basic information including the charges, the government is investigating, the premises they want to search, the evidence they hope to look for, but the guts of this in this case as in most cases is in the supporting affidavit. that's the document that merrick garland and the justice department gave to the federal judge in florida to justify this search. that document is going to set forth the government's investigation, the specific, how it knows what it knows, what it talked to and whether it's got an informant and why they think the evidence is at mar-a-lago, all of the interesting stuff. that's under seal for now. my guess is some day we will see it, certainly if charges are brought we will see it but that's probably not going to happen in the next 72 hours. griff: no, it doesn't seem.
10:05 am
now, elizabeth, this obviously has pointed out unprecedented action taken against a former president but also we are seeing that the former president is facing an unprecedented serious charges. let's break down exactly what he's facing. >> yes, so we do know from the unsealed warrant that there are 3 federal statutes. federal criminal statutes that the justice department has shown probable cause to investigate with this search. so i think perhaps most concerning and the most serious charge for the nation is the espionage act charge and there are two other statute that is deal with the mishandling of government records and potential obstruction and these are very serious charges and the fact that a warrant was issued by the court to execute on the search
10:06 am
show that is the justice department made a case, made a showing successfully that there was probable cause to believe the crimes had been committed and there was likely to be evidence of those crimes at the mar-a-lago site that was searched. griff: tom, the president now indicating that there was this sort of blanket declassification of anything that was taken to mar-a-lago. let's go into that a little bit from a legal standpoint. what do you make of that claim, how much water does that hold, particularly as we are learning that some of these documents were among the highest of the classified levels. >> that's right, and i guess a few thoughts on that. the first is even if those documents were declassified, that's not necessarily going to be a total defense to any federal criminal charge. the statute that is the justice department identified in the warrant application don't all require a showing that the documents at issue were, in fact, classified. but beyond that, i think what
10:07 am
the president is going to need to show is number 1, that he did, in fact, declassify these documents in the proper way. there's a process that you have to go through to declassify a document even if you're the president, you can't simply declare it to be classified. you have to follow a process and number 2 he had to do that obviously while he was still president, former president doesn't have the power to retroactively declassify something. so president trump would have done this on his watch before he left the white house. griff: elizabeth, do you want to weigh in on that a little bit? >> yeah, tom is exactly right. it doesn't matter for the federal criminal statutes whether or not they have been declassified or not, that's not necessarily a requirement, but i do think the level of classification demonstrates the seriousness of the documents that the fbi was able to retrieve with this warrant and, you know, even if they were properly declassified and i think there are real, real concerns about whether they were, the content of them
10:08 am
doesn't change and that content is what is relevant to these federal criminal statutes and that is what could put the national security of the nation at risk. griff: and we obviously do not know what was in those documents. those details are not known in anything to suggest otherwise speculative but let me focus on that, tom, i will start with you on this. if as liz points out if there's such important stuff in the classified documents, then why -- why did we get the raid on monday if they had the warrant on friday and does the timing matter legally? >> you know, it's a relevant fact. to me i was intrigued that they got execution on friday to execute the warrant and they basically took the weekend off and went on monday. they had a time window. i'm not suggesting that the justice department acted unlawfully but does undermine any argument that this was so urgent that they needed to go
10:09 am
within the hour to mar-a-lago. the thing that intrigues me, griff, what we know from what the president has said this began with a long process of negotiation, trying to resolve this dispute and something changed. something went off the rails and something prompted the justice department to say enough, even though he's a former president, we will not continue to negotiator with him but we will take the extraordinary step of getting a search warrant and executing on it at his house. griff: elizabeth, i will give you the last word addressing if you will, your final thoughts and also how high the bar needs to be legally for things to have changed so dramatically. >> i think the fact that a judge approved this warrant show that is the legal bar was met and then i think, you know, practical consideration that i'm sure merrick garland took into account that we are talking about a former president.
10:10 am
i'm sure merrick garland who is a very careful conservative type of person was very careful before he thought this type of action and as tom said they went through other steps to get information beforehand. the main point is that no one is above the law, powerful, powerless, president, regular folks just like us. griff: well, just in the last 10 seconds we've got, do you believe that there's pressure on garland to essentially fish or cut bait in terms of whether he's going to bring charges or not? >> i think he will follow the law and the facts where they lead. i don't think he is really an acceptable to outside pressure to be honest. griff: tom, last two seconds, what do you think? >> he has to act quickly. the american public needs him to make a decision. they have to move ahead. griff: tom, elizabeth wydra, thank you so much. >> thank you. molly: wrote nouned author is now on ventilator after being
10:11 am
attacked on stage this happened yesterday in institution. we have team coverage of the very shocking attack with kitty logan in london and we will start with brian llenes. >> not only is he on ventilator and in danger of losing eye but has nerve severed on one arm and liver was stabbed and damage all of that coming from his agent. he underwent surgeon after air-lifted to trauma of the yesterday. the white house national security adviser jake sullivan released a statement late last night from the white house. he says this, quote, this act of violence is appalling, all of us in the biden-harris administration are praying for speedy recovery. we are thankful to good citizens and first responders for helping so quickly after the attack and
10:12 am
law enforcement for swift and effective work. the 75-year-old award winning author has been the subject of death threats since 1988 when he published the book, he was banned from iran, 3 million-dollar bounty was put on his head and remained champion of freedom of expression worldwide and yesterday rushde was attacked at the institution for hart and literature and roughly in front of 25 audience members that a suspect was seen jumping on stage and stabbing and punching him -- stabbing him or punching him 15 times before members to have audience jumped on the stage including a doctor to help him. the suspect arrested by new york state police officer who was on duty inside the auditorium. the suspect has been identified as 25-year-old hani matar from fairview, new jersey, he was arraigned today and charged with second-degree assault and
10:13 am
attempted murder. he's being held without bail. matar was born to the u.s. to lebanese parents, law enforcement including the fbi were seen at his home in new jersey and while an official motive has not yet been given, local nbc new york reports that he has posted things on social media that really are sympathetic to shea extremism as well as revolutionary guard. molly: so many people sending him healing thoughts today. griff: molly, we are seeing mixed reactions after the stabbing of salman rushdie, kitty logan has more details from london, hey, kitty. kitty: hi, griff, it's been over 30 years since the controversial book was published. for many iranians was in the past but it then back then
10:14 am
sparked bad feelings and we still do not know the motive was for the brutal attack, some of the more hardline iranian newspapers have praised the attack but the current iranian government has not commented at all. as you mentioned, the suspect has lebanese heritage but the suspect of hezbollah in lebanon says it knows nothing about the attack either. now rusdie calling on muslims to kill rushdie and rushdie was forced into hiding. now worldwide tributes have been pouring in from politicians and senate writers in support of rushdie, british prime minister boris johnson says he's appalled that salman rushdie has been
10:15 am
stabbed while exercising a right we don't need to defend and french president emanuel macron tweeted for 33 years salman rushdiem bodied freedom and the fight and victim of cowardly attack by forces of hatred and his fight it's our fight. it's universal. now more than ever we standby his side and ironically in recent years salman rushdie had spoken about how he felt much safer, he didn't feel the need for protection but sadly that was not exactly proved to be the case. back to you, griff. griff: it's not, indeed, kitty logan live for us in london, molly. molly: we are on the ground there next. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:16 am
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10:19 am
griff: wyoming congresswoman liz cheney facing potential end of career as she trails republican challenger by nearly 30 points days before her state's primary election. rich edison live in the campaign trial in cheyenne, wyoming. >> hi, griff, this is the final
10:20 am
push, trumped-backed candidate and congresswoman liz cheney, vice chair of january 6th committee, vocal critic of former president donald trump even calling him a domestic threat to the united states. cheney is trailing big time according to a recent university of wyoming poll. the trump-backed candidate harriet, attorney and former candidate, she's opened up substantially down china 30 percentage points with 4% support among other candidates and 10% undecided. the rodeo is also in cheyenne. >> i've never seen anybody stronger on some of those issues that i care, i preach about and he -- he was right -- right on all those issues in my opinion.
10:21 am
reporter: endorsement matters? >> i don't think endorsement is bull, i don't think it's necessary because we should be looking at what these people are standing for. reporter: part of getting chain cheneyredominated to get democro register as republicans and vote in the primary. voters may do that. the wyoming secretary of state since january the number of registered republicans is up more than 11,000 and there are more than 6,000 fewer registered democrats, that indicates perhaps that a number of democrats are reregistering as republicans to vote in primary. there are more tour times registered republicans than democrats in wyoming, no surprise here that former president trump carried the state with nearly 70% of the vote in 2020. hagenman sided on
10:22 am
unsubstantiated claim that election was rigged. wyoming has been voting on this one, early voting, absentee voting, that's possible here. that started 6 weeks ago, griff. back to you. griff: rich edison live for us in wyoming, thank you. molly: now how search my impact midterms. jonathan, former communications director for joe manchin and capital llc and david go pac chair, gop strategist, thank you so much for joining me here today. rich edison did a fabulous job in wyoming talking to the voters who are very interesting and entertaining. let's talk a little bit about liz cheney, prominent player on the january 6th committee and facing political ramifications because of outspoken involvement and the argument has made by republicans that's making the former president look bad and now we see the other investigation, unprecedented raid at the private property at the former president of
10:23 am
mar-a-lago and takes things to another level but that feels dejavu. >> for many americans it's a administration of the got you games and as we move closer to the election it really comes down to do you believe the policies that president biden has put in place are going to make inflation better, are the streets going to be safer under what president biden is doing. if you don't believe that, you are going to the polls and voting republicans. turnout amongst republicans is much higher than it is democrats and certainly democratic turnout is lower since last midterm that we continue to mover towards an election that the course is known house republicans will gain the majority. >> i want to bring you in, jonathan, there's an op-ed,
10:24 am
david brooks is the writer, he argues my impression is that the fbi had legitimate reasons to do what it did. my guess is it will find some damning documents and for now it is unintentionally improves reelections chances. >> i don't know that it improves donald trump's chances, it may prover beating over his base and beating ron desantis if you go to the polls in 2022 and you say joe biden has all of the accomplishments, everything that donald trump said he was going to do, joe biden actually got done and you look over and say, my other option is a criminal who stole classified documents and hid them at his mar-a-lago estate. that's an easy choice for voters whether you're a conservative, liberal or progressive. molly: there hasn't been charges
10:25 am
or indictment at this point in time. >> sure. molly: we don't know what was taken away from the property other than rather vague list saying documents certainly with various labels. >> i mean, there were document that is he shouldn't have taken, that much we know. molly: the investigation is just getting underway and we will see how things progressed. i want to stick with you for a moment and talk inflation. jonathan, the inflation reduction act. that's been done by the democrats. senator manchin at the crux, finds pretty comfortable there. democrats have been selling as a win by the name, there's a lot more stuff in this, taxation, the climate change, it's a moose of a bill. the midterms once again around the corner, if this bill doesn't deliver on what it promises in really short amount of time could this hurt democrats? we are still seeing high prices at the grocery store, jonathan? >> we are seeing high prices, that will help democrats, but this bill will help lower cost
10:26 am
for average americans and is my life better off because of the policies the politicians have put in place and if you're a democrat, you should go out for the next 90 or so days, sell voters on what you have accomplished. you have an infrastructure done. you have gotten a great bill that will lower gas prices an lower drug prices and bring fairness back to the tax system and it will help stimulate our domestic oil production which will help lower gas prices right now and if you're a politician, you should go out and tell the voters what you got accomplished for them and what you're going to continue to do for them if they vote for you in november and that's the winning message in my eyes. molly: here is what the president had to say on inflation, take a listen. >> i just want to say a number, zero, today we receive news that the economy has 0% inflation in the month of july.
10:27 am
zero percent and while price of things go up and the price of other things went down by the same amount. the result zero inflation last month. molly: so that's his math there. david, your reaction. >> two-thirds of americans are opposed to raising taxes during inflationary times which is the period we are in and senator manchin's bill that just passed the house today does that. it does increase taxes. if you're going to pay more for petroleum or a small business owner, your taxes are going to go up in almost every income bracket you're going to see your taxes go up. and as we get closer to the election, it is incumbent upon every republican nominee whether you'd be in colorado or nevada or arizona or georgia, all places where you have a place to gain a seat, you need to make sure that you're educating voters on the fact that something that two-thirds of americans are opposed to
10:28 am
democrats just did it which was not only increase taxes but also increase government spending, another area that most voters are opposed to and, again, why republicans are in a good position for the fall elections does democrats are ultimately going against what voters want. molly: elections are getting close quickly, jonathan and david avella, thank you very much for joining us on a saturday afternoon, much appreciate it. griff: border communities brace for major escalation cross into the country as the biden administration prepares to lift the remain in mexico protocol. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ es
10:29 am
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10:32 am
griff: you are looking live at images from our southern border in eagle pass, texas, that's the rio grande on one side of the u.s. and on the other side mexico in this del rio sector
10:33 am
alone more than 397,000, nearly 400,000 illegal crossings just in that sector this fiscal year which is seeing by the way in this sector a 700% increase in cuban migrants. not the traditional northern triangle migrants or those from mexico. now we have team coverage with bill melgulin near the border in eagle pass, texas but let's start with nate foy in new york where bus loads of migrants continue to pour into the big apple, hey, nate. nate: the new york city office of immigrant affairs tell fox news they are not expecting any buses today after 89 migrants bussed into new york city yesterday which is filling up the shelters in the city and mayor adams is responding to allegations that migrants are being treated better than homeless americans including veterans, listen to this. >> we treat everyone who seeks shelter assistance the same way as -- as universal and how we
10:34 am
treat people, that is what we have always done. >> now, griff, the new york post american veterans are being pushed aside at shelters, the group of 89 arrived at new york city. commissioner manuel castro of the immigrant affairs office was there to greet them and he's again questioning if the migrants are coming to new york city under their own free will. >> and we've learned recently that governor abbott has been asking perhaps forcing people to sign waivers, we don't know what, you know, rights people are perhaps losing or benefits losing by signing the waivers, we want to look into this. we want to make sure that people feet comforted and welcome here. no one is being forced. nate: governor abbott's is
10:35 am
denying and immigrants are signing in multiple languages. the pentagon denied her initial request last friday and governor abbott's office says over 6800 migrants have been bus there had in recent months. meanwhile here in new york city the number of migrants who have been bussed here in the past week is 360 which, griff, you just mentioned some of the numbers and we are about to send it to bill melgin who is at the border, it's a fraction of what texas is dealing with. we will send it back to you. griff: such a great point, nate foy live for us in the big apple, thank you. molly. molly: we are returning to reporter in eagle pass, texas, bell melugin. bill: it's not just people spilling across the border, it's deadly fentanyl as well and cbp just announced that the san diego area it's the epicenter for fentanyl smuggling.
10:36 am
they have seized 5,000 pounds offentanyl in san diego area jut since october. we will show you the busts. this is last week in tamecula area, stopping a vehicle and finding 49 pounds of fentanyl pills and pure fentanyl powder in 13 different packages that were hidden in a vehicle by a smuggler. that had a street value of $700,000 and then take a look at this photo here, an even bigger bust in july. 250 pounds of fentanyl, a border patrol k9 hitting on a vehicle there. again, 250 pounds of that fentanyl all hidden in a truck, that was a street value of $3.6 million and then also last month, an enormous bust. take a look at these photos. over 5-day span, cbp agents at the calexico port of entry seizing 603 pounds of fentanyl which were all hidden in vehicles, in passenger luggage
10:37 am
as people came across the port of entry, that street value of more than $8 million. so how bad is it? remember just a couple of milligrams of fentanyl is deadly. take a look at this startling graphic right here. in san diego county in 2016 there were only 33 fentanyl related deaths in 2021 that number shot up to 817, that is up a staggering 2,375% and back out here live cbp reports that 60% of all the fentanyl they seized in the country since october has been seized in the san diego area. we will send it back to you. molly: bill melugin, very important point. griff: let's bring in border property chief and texas public policy foundation distinguished fellow for border security rodney scott. chief scott, thank you for taking time. there's so much to discuss but
10:38 am
i'm glad that bill melugin, he and i covered and hitting on numbers increase in fentanyl, more than 2,000% increase in fentanyl death there is in san diego where i know you hail from, what do you make of this? >> thanks for having me on, griff. i think it's really important to remind the viewers that the border, big sections are wide open right now. so san diego has the luxury of having significantly more border infrastructure, more border wall even though they are detailing agents out to help with the sectors of massive migration flow. there's significantly less agents out patrolling today but san diego is sectors that can do proactive patrol. you see what that means, you see narcotics being taken off the streets. that's a fraction of what's probably pouring across in wide-open borders because of
10:39 am
biden's failed policies. griff: chief, i want to get into the numbers. in the last 24 hours in del rio sector merely 2,000 illegal crossings, nearly 400,000 on the fiscal year but if you look here, we can show you who is coming across. now in the del rio sector allen they are seeing 700% increase in cuban migrants, 275% in venezuelans and down in the rgv, 245% increase in nicaraguans and you look over to el paso, 19% increase in turkish sector and yuma sector 200% increase in colombian migrants. how significant is that? >> one other number that's embedded the 56 individuals on the terrorist watch list that were apprehended by border patrol. again, we are not talking about
10:40 am
almost 800,000 got aways. it's over 150 different nations and this administration literally sent out a welcome notice and told the world that our borders are open and we are reaping the results of that right now and the threats. we won't realize the threats for decades probably. griff: chief, you saw mayor adams in new york attacking texas governor abbott for sending a very small number, 360 total migrants there and he's upset about it. you saw the gentleman in nate's report saying that he wasn't sure if the waiver is legal. i actually encountered a migrant on the border just a week ago who said, i'm from nicaragua here to go to new york city and another to dc. what do you make of two big-city mayors really bringing this to
10:41 am
light and pushing back? >> well, welcome to the reality that every state, city and town is a border town. nothing stays at the border. i sent a little tweet to mayor adams, i hope he saw it. here is the point. the population of del rio, texas is about 35,000. they are catching more than that every single month. these border communities simply cannot sustain. they can't handle this and the governor is helping them out by moving them out of those regions, better than dallas, better than houston and sending to dc. they are sanctuary cities anyway. it's hypocritical that they are getting people that hay are asking people to come across the border. griff: rodney scott, thank you very much for taking the time today. have a great rest of your saturday. >> you too, griff, thanks for having me on, appreciate it. molly. molly: california judge will
10:42 am
soon the fate of convicted murderer scott peterson who is asking for a brand-new trial. we will explain why next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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molly: scott peterson is waiting to hear if he will get a new trial. he was convicted of killing his wife and unborn child in 2004 and later sentenced to death. to break all of this down his
10:47 am
lawyers are arguing for what they would like to see, we are joined by attorney rich roth, thank you so much for joining us here today regarding this case. so he's already escaped the death penalty actually via decision by the california supreme court but what are the chances that scott peterson gets a new trial? >> this is a tremendously bizarre choice. the chances aren't that bad and chances may be good. what they discovered that one of the jurors named rochelle, they claim was essentially a stealth juror and lied on her jury questionnaire when she was asked questions and not only that but they claim that she sent to another juror before the trial even started and we have to get back -- we have to do this on behalf of lacy, the victim and her unborn child conner and rochelle subsequent wrote a book, her nickname was
10:48 am
strawberry short cake in the trial, bizarre, she wrote a book and cashed in on the fact that she literally went into this trial with preconceived notions which is a no, no. two questions, one is whether or not her current lawyers can show that that was, in fact, she was a stealth juror and the second is how much it would affect the jury deliberation. we generally don't hear about jury deliberations. here we have and the judge released decision by the end of year whether scott peterson gets another trial because of stealth juror. molly: strawberry short cake and i want you to take a listen, here is what she had to say. >> my brother-in-law was convicted of murdering his wife and unborn son and rochelle was victim of domestic violence while she was pregnant and
10:49 am
that's information that should have been disclosed. molly: the court tv interview, does jamie peterson raise relevant point, does it matter if the juror had these things happen in their lives and they didn't reveal it or is this just a case of confusing paperwork? >> it matters. this is not -- this is not a simple question. this is a very material question. did you have prior litigation, apparently she was victim of abuse and never disclosed it. so it does matter. it actually -- had she disclosed it and gone honestly it would have been a different animal but if she went in there by lying to the lawyers and lying to the court about a very material issue when we are talking here about really the most severe form of abuse where he allegedly murdered his wife, then that's something that everyone should have known. so the judge has a tough task in front of her that determines how important that was and whether or not he gets a new trial but
10:50 am
he very well get a new trial. molly: very quickly, another high-profile case. the judge determined that that juror had made unfortunate but honest mistake when filling out out jury questionnaire, similar seemingly to this case. maxwell denied a new trial. she's still behind bars, is that also a potential outcome here? >> so the difference is a couple fold one that this is an action, this was a trial for the murdering of -- of a wife, so it goes right to the issue. but second, she -- if she convinces the court that it was a mistake that she didn't intentionally lie in her questionnaire, the judge could very well say you know what, it wasn't material just like the prior case and, in fact, i'm not going to have demand new trial. it really gets down to the trees, if you will and not the forest, meaning that we weren't in the the hearing but there was a long hearing with evidence and
10:51 am
jurors testified and the judge had a tough decision to make. it would be based on what the jurors said in the hearing that was conducted on thursday. molly: rich roth, thank you very much for sharing your insights on this, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. molly: griff. griff: brand new fox poll is out on shocking numbers on how americans feel things are going in the country. we've got that coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ breakthrough heartburn... means your heartburn treatment is broken. try zegerid otc. it contains the leading medicine to treat frequent heartburn, uniquely designed for absorption. get all day, all night relief with zegerid otc.
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>> mass shootings, entered incident pushing rosen multiple prices seasonal lowering market optimism, a new fox bowl, showing 70 percent registered voters for the next generation of americans will be worse than it is today in this up 29 percent from july of 2020 this is a record high the lessos negative, the future was decembn 61 percent believe that life would be worse for the next generation and her children here. >> that is not good news at all in a 30 year for 30 percent increase, the laszlo quickly was struck me molly was this when asked how americans feel about how things are going in the u.s., 55 percent are dissatisfied. and if america were restaurant
10:56 am
and 75 percent said that the dinner sucks. >> and you paid more for the dinner. >> this troubling and we will see if you know, we can see perhaps, maybe inflation will start to come down to perhaps gas prices continue to go down and of course americans are impacting the pocketbook often is reflected in these balls will see if that changes that things are better. >> and only couple months before the midterm it will see if that actually shows up at the polls are not takes while three months is enough time to see a big enough difference in what america's are facing to make a difference that we need some optimism here for most of the walls around is great to have you. >> sweet to be your fox news life and he continues and coming up. >> and thank you for watching.
10:57 am
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>> the casing is donald trump, new questions tonight about why top-secret intelligence date while they were in marijuana for so long why would they go there in first place, no getting a first look at that is used to connect monday's search, and take that highly offensive files with experts say is revealed, will cause extreme damage or country, i needed. >> hi and i am in today


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