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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  August 13, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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h protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. ♪ ♪ physics welcome to the journal to report i am david as men and for paul gigot. monday search of the mar-a-lago home a firestorm with lawmakers accusing the bite administration of weapon icing the justice department. the search warrant that was unsealed by a federal judge in court on friday suggesting, but not proving the dispute is over classified documents.
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with fbi agents hauling off some 20 boxes including some items marked top-secret. attorney general american garlands and on thursday he personally approved the unprecedented move, listen. lex first i personally approved to seek a search warrant in this matter. second, the department does not take such decision lightly. where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken. let's bring constitutional attorney form justice department david, good to see if your thank you for being here. so, we heard the ag say it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means. that is something less than a full out fbi raid. so what made it impossible to use those less intrusive means, shouldn't we know? >> we should.
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there is no way we can figure it out from the warrant. various leaks suggest there were miss representation when trumps asked for the material being helper therefore you cannot seek another subpoena because it would not have been complied with scrupulously. these of course allegations not the facts. we would need to see the affidavit that lays out a considerable detail, what is it the d.o.j. believe is happening. hucks affidavit is important. because what it does is show us with the judge saw the information the fbi gave to the judge to warrant an fbi rate if it was warranted at all. that is really the bottom line of why the affidavit is so important, correct? >> that is correct. we are not going to see it. the context to be released if president trump is actually charged, is actually indicted.
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assuming he is not indicted, which i still think it's quite unlikely we will never see the affidavit. david: extraordinaire thing is we know in the past, particularly in the russian collusion kerfuffle we know in fact the fbi was giving that information if not outright lies to the judges that approved of the pfizer warrants. and a one person in particular, kevin kleinsmith was a justice department attorney pled guilty to giving misinformation on the crossfire hurricane investigation. so we know it has happened in the past. there is an old phrase trust but verify. that's a particular important now with the fbi is it not? >> it is correct. one thing to underscore contrary to what you hear, there fact to the judge approved it and is not prepared to his objectivity. does not establish anything the judge or magistrate has no
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opportunity for scrutiny of what is on paper. you would have to take it at face value. if the affidavit says we have the information for example, that we were not told the truth about the standard classified material at mar-a-lago you cannot say i don't believe it, go prove it to me. the fact it has been approved does not mean it is true. >> also the question, considering everything going on about the generate sixth investigation, the question is whether more than to adjust for documents produced also a fishing expedition for generate six material, is that a possibility? >> is entirely possible under the doctrine, whatever documents they seized they provide evidence of other alleged crimes including violation of the insurrection act which is what
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has been alleged related to generate sixth, they can be used for. david: this could've been a bait and switch operation. they claim and the warrant they are looking for stuff specifically ready to classified documents. but in fact is broader than that they are throwing out a big net trying to get some fish they can use for the january 6 investigation. >> it is entirely conceivable. david: the question of espionage. [laughter] honestly it goes against a lot of people's understanding that the president, the former president, donald trump was involved in any espionage. that has been thrown out there. they apparently some information was thrown to the "washington post" last week where they suggested there might be some nuclear secrets included in the material he brought to mar-a-lago. it also harkens back to the crossfire hurricane campaign where they threw out tidbits to
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the media that turned out not to be true just to get the media involved in believing in the russian collusion. is it possible some of that is going on here? it is possible. as rather troubled by the statute. it is an archaic statute. it is meant criticized over the years. it has reduced levels of what we call it men's rat which is the level of intent necessary to sustain a criminal conviction. it is unfortunate. by the way it does not apply only to classified information. it applies to information relating to defense matters, which is again quite vague. it is highly troubling in my opinion. >> it does also carry with it the stipulation that anybody convicted of this charge cannot run for public office again.
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and again i suggested that not be the ultimate goal of this entire process were going through right now? >> it may be. one small correction it's the section 182701 which is mishandling classified information buried yes, there is language in there. it would be unconstitutional for the framers were very keen on making sure qualifications to election both congress and the presidency were clearly on the constitution. supreme court has ruled in several important cases that you cannot add additional qualification criteria. fundamentally consistent with the structure of our constitution. so that dog would not hunt. it is possible to get it out there and have it hang over president trump's head. i believe this issue would definitely be a loser.
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david: the political follow-up from the fbi's raid president trump's florida home, only just beginning for both republicans or democrats scrambling to understand what the movement means for the midterm races and for the former president plans for 2024. will bring in our panel got wall street journal columnist dan henninger and kempster also editorial board member kyle peterson. good to see you all. kim, you break this week there really two narratives on what happened at mar-a-lago. trumpeters think the rate it self justifies all of their worst suspicions.
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but trump supporters you think are energized by what happens because it looks like a redo of the russian collusion hoax. it may end up being good for donald trump, no? >> yes. think they're zero question about that. look, democrats i think their goal would be to have donald trump in the headlines. but the way you go about it, they just want him out there dividing the party sowing a lot of division. this is very different. when you have the government taking act against donald trump, you are forcing people to take sides in effect. that's exactly what happened where there's a fastening pullout recently that says 83% of republicans estate news of this fbi raid makes them more motivated to vote in 2022 midterms. that is got to be factoring into donald trump's decision whether or not he wants to make an announcement soon about running for president.
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b6 dan, you say it's very simple. this raid simply never should have happened. forget about that legalities getting in the weeds of the legal issues that it really looks very third world to be prosecuting a former president of the united states. >> yes, to be invading the home of former president has never been done. there but unpopular presence before bill clinton and ronald reagan were unpopular but nobody ever thought something doing so would like this. the government for some reason has done it, david. heaven knows the speculation is the biggest going in the united states right now. there are thousands of possible scenarios. i am going to give you one about what is going forward here. and is a fairly benign suggestion about the resolution is going to be. i think pretty clearly there are top-secret of super top-secret documents in that room in mar-a-lago for the national security agencies wanted that stuff out of mar-a-lago.
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giving up on negotiations with trump lawyers they went in, they got it they're taking it back to washington. they're going to go through those boxes, retain the super top-secret materials let trump to go shoot over that with the archive officers return the memorabilia and the rest of it to mar-a-lago case right i admit trump derangement syndrome is robert anything that happened to drop during the four years as president is a more malign explanation. i think it is possible once the government contains controlled the top-secret documents are going to return the rest of it to mar-a-lago. david: ag garland came out on thursday said a number of things not too much by the way about five minutes and he did not take any questions. he was chastising a lot of folks for criticizing the fbi. forcing the criticism of the fbi was uncalled for. and it was something disingenuous about it when you think back to the russian
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collusion exercise which included fbi agents lying to judges about warrants. that's lying to judges joint justifying spying on individuals or other kind of rates that we sell. so with the past like that none of us are criticizing the fbi agents on the streets saving us from terrorists and criminals. but this is a whole different thing. >> it is fair to make that criticism because the fbi has done a lot to earn people's distrust in recent years. on the other hands on the criticism of the fbi this week also seems over-the-top and president trump was on truth social suggested the fbi agents who rated mar-a-lago might have been planting evidence in the things they took away. and what makes this so difficult, it is like a perfect political blot we don't know what's in the boxes. the warrant even says miscellaneous top-secret
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materials. and as kim says there are two stories you're going. if you think there were nuclear secrets or something in the box this raid looks perfectly justified. if you are more skeptical about the real national security implications of having that classified material they are, it looks like a huge example of overreach. david: kim i talked earlier to senator grassley who has been talking to a number of whistleblowers at the fbi who were very upset about what is happened at the top echelon. those people like peter schreck, kevin kleinsmith et cetera, who have been directing agents to do their bidding. there are a lot of fbi agents who are disparaging the politicalization of the fbi. >> that is the reality. and that's what was wrong with garland statement to not even acknowledge that reality. there's a lot of demoralized fbi agents because they do not like to see political actions that is
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fundamentally what is been defining the fbi for years now, politics. david: have got to move on. donald trump not just another endorsement in wisconsin will squad member has that much closer primary challenge in her home state of minnesota. our panel is back with lessons for both parties from tuesday's elections, that is next. ♪ r. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership. better luck next time. but i haven't even thrown yet. you threw good money away when you bought those glasses. next time, go to america's best - where two pairs and a free exam start at just $79.95. can't beat that. can't beat this, either. book an exam today at
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♪ ♪. david: november if elections are three mentally prime movers all states all across the country giving a taste of what's to come. democrats in minnesota sending a message of aggressive congresswoman ilhan omar, barely survived johnson her moderate opponent on tuesday after he tied the squad member to defend the police.
12:21 pm
and in wisconsin donald trump not should the primary endorsement when an republican race for governor with tim michaels beating former vice president mike pence is pick lieutenant governor. what lessons should both side be taken from the primary so far? and what should we expect as liz cheney faces primary voters in wyoming on tuesday? we are back with our panel dan henninger, kempster also and kyle peterson. dan, i keep wondering long the squad has to go? there it leads are getting chipped away. that ilhan omar races very close pretty close to the end of that movement? hugs i think we might well be, david if we are talking about the progressives. yes ilhan omar losing in a squeaker. this is mostly over funding the police. she's been very much against it in minnesota. and add to that the recall in san francisco, progressive
12:22 pm
prosecutor bodine bite san francisco of all people. it does look as though the progressive idea is losing altitude. i am very much looking for to the results in the midterms, measured against what progressive ideas have done. in terms of gaining ground with the american people. it is so interesting that in recent weeks you have had some progressives like jerry nadler, maloney, congressman from new york, refusing to actually endorse joe biden for running for president again. if it doesn't work out for them, i think we are going to have a dogfight for the democratic nomination in 2024. david: kyle you look at all issues and care most about crime, inflation, stuff they have to deal with every day. the squad and the progressives in general are on the wrong side of these issues from where voters stand right now. the things voters care most about the squad is on the wrong side of.
12:23 pm
>> yes. it was notable some of the endorsements that lined up with her opponent ilhan omar opponent he wasn't a nobody but a form of the minneapolis city council. jacob frei is the minneapolis mayor. i would tease nobody idea of a moderate was a backing the challenger there. after ilhan omar won the got into a bit of a sparring match the media. it does suggest your initial question when these people getting close to defeat. the other option is a might decide to make their conduct match up to offices they hold that they want to stay in office. david: kim, then we have a lizard cheney by all accounts was just going to get in the primaries, right? yes. every poll shows it pretty much be a miracle if she were to pull this out. here is the thing though i think alyssa cheney is drawn out of
12:24 pm
the way to get with the writers. she decide to go all and and really sort of a lot of voters out there are not very pleased to see et cetera. i think will be more interesting is what comes afterward. there's a lot of speculation that liz cheney doubled down precisely because she knew this to be the outcome and she is getting ready to stage her own run for the presidency. david: dan, for republicans you don't have to go one way or the other. you do not have to be a trump fanatic either fanatically for or against. you have the virginia case for the governor there won handily. he accepted and was happy to get the trump endorsement pretty did
12:25 pm
not make it the centerpiece of his campaign pretty made education which will talk about later. there is the middle ground the way a lot of republicans are going to go into the midterms. >> that remains to be seen. it is so fascinating almost 50/50 with democrats at this point. disapproval ratings falling below 40% crime in the cities, why aren't the republicans doing better than they have? part of the problem is these are midterm elections. it is not a national election have a national candidate to use republican party paid by and large the republicans the past two years have taken a backseat, not said much. think back to the 1994 midterms, david went newt gingrich six weeks and for the election a contract with america. as a substantive list of things the republicans said they would
12:26 pm
do if elected. and they won big. but the party is not really presenting much of an argument as glenna young can did. if they fail to do that we could be up very late on election night in november. david: will have about 30 seconds. is it possible for republicans could not pick up the house after everything we've seen? they were expected just a couple weeks ago. >> i am skeptical. i think they are still likely too. made some questionable nomination choices places like michigan, it may be choosing candidates toward the far end of the trump enthusiasm in november. david: have got to live that ahead right still ahead present biden's house zero. [inaudible] consumer prices cool from last month. as democrats greenlight hundreds of billions of dollars for new taxes and spending. but their victory lap premature?
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zero, our economy had 0% inflation. in the month of july. price went up last month price of other things went down by the same amount. the result, zero inflation last month. david: president biden taken victor after slept cool down in
12:31 pm
consumer prices for this week's report did show inflation holding steady in july. but updated.5% from a year ago. and still hovering near a 40 year high. present claim of the democrat so-called inflation reduction act, which the house passed on friday will keep prices moving in the right direction. but he would ask you to just the opposite. we are back with our panel. kyle, inflation did cool for a little bit for one reason, one reason alone. energy prices came down and gas came down because people are driving less. we had the same demand we had in the lockdowns of 2020. best help our demand has complete the administration cannot claim credit for that, right? >> i think that is correct. president biden been sending letters to oil companies demanding the release cap the price of gasoline. i don't think those had anything to do that either paired with the end of the summer driving season.
12:32 pm
cutting their belts as the economy might be heading into a recession. if you look at those categories june and july alone food was up and core inflation which the economists look at to get a better sense of the trim is far above the fed's target. but it just goes to show how politicians search the broader trends. in weeks to come expect president biden to say the inflation reduction act it says right in the title, we did it. at this is start of the moderation they passed a bill of house on friday. people have two each. you can put up a road trip you cannot put off putting food on the table. people see when they go out shopping that inflation still exists and it still hurts their ability to put food on the table. and when winter comes as a demand for heating oil and natural gas heats up, people have to turn down the thermostat because they cannot afford to keep their house warm, that is
12:33 pm
going to make the transitory inflation talk fall pretty flat, isn't it? >> it is. i think the president has problem with credibility for explaining these things. he seems to be fixated on the word zero per reporting last month or zero inflation. remember how months ago he was arguing the cost of the 2 trillion-dollar bill back better bill would be zero. how credulous does he think the american people are? they are seeing the effects of these things in their pocketbooks. they are going to argue all of the spending in the bill they just passed is going to go into people's pockets and mitigate the problems with inflation. i think they got a big problem on the big tax side of the billboard tax receipts in the first ten months are up 24%. for individuals they are up 33%. people are getting paid more but there been pushing to higher
12:34 pm
brackets. they're being taxed at a higher rate and inflation is undercutting those wage increases. people are acutely aware of that problem. they note the new irs agents being hired it is possible they're going to get hit. >> kim, inflation is a tax as well. one democrat in the senate seem to understand all of this. joe manchin seem to say time and again the spending your way out of inflation just wasn't going to work it's the opposite. you spend more you get more inflation. what happened? why did he jump on board of the new campaign? >> too lately pressure. i think that is the simple answer. nothing fundamental in the economy. nothing set in the past about inflation and the truth of that reality has changed. it was simply he did not want to
12:35 pm
get anymore. this is the reality, the weirdness of all of this joe biden's take a victory lap just as they pass a bill that's likely to make everything worse. it isn't that they are going to be throwing a whole bunch more money back out with the economy, which is how we got here in the first place. but look at what else is fundamentally aimed at hitting fossil fuels but it's fundamentally going to undercut the ability to reduce energy which are the only bright spot of this inflation report. >> it's also going to hit the west virginia coal miners. that is when to cause a browser joe manchin 2024 when he runs for reelection. kyle, dan mentioned the supersize six times its current level over a ten-year period to $80 billion. with all of these tens of thousands of new agents, there are disputes about exactly how many. the irs came out the job posting this week. they took it down pretty quickly
12:36 pm
after the response. it suggested these new agents have to be willing to use deadly force. do americans really want this? >> i think they don't. what they really want is an irs that will process their tax returns and refunds efficiently and swiftly and will answer their phone calls when they have questions and problems. if you look at the numbers irs answered only about 10% of the phone calls in the last year. most of the money in this bill is not for that. there's a little chunk of it for that. most is for a new agents and new audits. i think republicans have an opportunity to make some real political hay here and make this a deeply unpopular part of this bill be. >> by the way cbo came out and admitted $20 billion it was going to come into the coffers supposedly if you supersize the irs will hit people below $400,000 a year. it counters the president pledged to avoid that. still ahead, the feud between
12:37 pm
eric adams and greg abbott heats up as the texas governor vows to send busloads of asylum-seekers to the big apple. overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ but i like it, i love it, ♪ ♪ i want some more of it ♪ ♪ i try so hard, i can't rise above it ♪ ♪ i don't know what it is 'bout that little ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh... here, i'll take that! yay!!! ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar enter powered by protein challenge for a chance to win big!
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪ ♪ ♪ contemplated taking a busload of new yorkers to go to texas and do some good old-fashioned doorknocking. for the good of america we have to get them out of office for. >> is is rank hypocrisy. by the new york governor, the new york mayor. now once have to deal the reality of it, they are suddenly and they cannot handle it. they are now getting a taste of what we are having to deal with. >> the feud between new york city mayor in texas governor greg abbott heating up this week with adams calling abbott a local embarrassment threatening to send new yorkers to campaign against the reelection bid. abbott, for his part vowing to
12:41 pm
keep sending a busloads of asylum-seekers to new york city, saying adams is getting a taste of what border communities and lone star state have been dealing with since president biden took office. we are back with our panel. kim, i would pay good money to see a busload of upper west side new yorkers go into texas and tell them what to do with they boarded they are living on it. would be fun to watch. >> yes i would just say good luck to them. i would really like to watch that as well too. this is being presented as a fight between abbott and adams. but really what abbott is trying to do here is send a bigger message to the democratic party. to all of those and mayors in cities across the country, talk about sanctuary cities and pretend as though having this border crisis is somehow cost free. a message to the white house how long has this been going on? how long could but have the
12:42 pm
crisis down there? more than a year. where is the bill to joke the crisis at the border? why are we doing the talking about climate spending more money in supersize and the irs when this is such an obvious issue and at the white house just completely refuses to engage. >> you are right. there is another issue with adams a charge against abbott. new york has received 5000 immigrants, just a trickle compared to what they patted the border. they've only received 300 in the past couple of weeks with these busloads from texas. the big amount of immigrants coming into new york came because what biden has been doing for it has nothing to do with texas investing these immigrants in. >> verse eight the logic of the mayor's position? it was just bactrim the trump presidency where we talked a lot about sanctuary cities, right?
12:43 pm
cities like washington d.c., new york, chicago, the rest of them are going to set themselves up with open arms if migrants came to their cities. so they arrived, several busloads. in the mayor of new york and the mayor of washington d.c. say we don't have the resources the federal government has to bail us out and pay for all of this. doesn't that sound familiar? a lot of these progressive cities are now asking for the federal government to mail them out of their infrastructure problems. collapsing public housing. this is a progressive governance and the competition between the blue states and the red states is being highlighted here. let me simply add mayor out is better think twice about sending those new yorkers down to texas to knock on doors. i suspect a lot of the may decide hey, i kind of like texas. i'm going to stay down there. [laughter] david: that is true would that be funny? i think dan makes a great point. democrat run cities have failed terribly to deal the issues of
12:44 pm
crime and quality of life issues, the homeless, et cetera. this is kind of a distraction for them for their using it as that. i don't think voters are going to be distracted the same way that their mayors are trying to get them distracted, do you? >> the critics cite this as a gimmick by abbott produce a little bit of a gimmick on both sides. to your point i think mayor adams would prefer to talk about this and progressive theories in texas and to deal with those problems. i agree i don't think this is going to distract people for long. but what abbott is trying to do is break some of the political stalemates. border arrests, border patrol arrest hit a record high end may parts of the 220,000 people. he is making the point that why should texas, arizona, border states shoulder all of the burden for this problem? why can't we get any legislation in congress to get that done? the answer is we have stalemate
12:45 pm
because republicans are border security but democrats on comprehensive immigration reform. they both have points. but maybe if there some way to break the gridlock is to make some of those convinced border security is actually an issue we need to deal with. david: there's a lot of people that forget especially independent some democrats voted for donald trump in 2016 because he focus on the border. the border it was a very important reason why he was elected in 2016. i think there are more reasons to ink the is a crisis now than then we knew what happened with fentanyl and the crime increases because of what's happening at the border of the national security threats. >> people confuses too much. when you talk about immigration policy, like visas and citizenship, that's a very partisan divide. it really splits the nation. border security, no. that is one that is uniting.
12:46 pm
i think most polls show 70 -- 80% of americans agree with the notion of having a very strong border breed that grows even more when people begin to worry about national security implications. what is completely perplexing to me is why democrats don't realize this. it is the court reason they continue to live support for instance among working-class hispanic voters. there is a lot of aspects of this that's feeding into those poles. and yet they still continue to close their eyes to it and seem to be on record as an open border policy but is not a good look for them in this midterm. david: i agree with that. we come back amid recent battles over covid closures and critical race theory, a new poll says voters are turning to republicans to fix the problems in our public2 schools. in my ozempic® tri-zone, i lowered my a1c, cv risk, and lost some weight. announcer: ozempic® provides powerful a1c reduction.
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david: covid closures critical race theory, new polling and some swing states suggest voters of adding up with democrats and their union allies when it comes to handling their kids education. likely voters surveyed 62 congressional battleground districts sink they no longer trusted democrats or republicans on issues related to education, 43% of likely voters saying they trusted democrats compared to 47% say they trust republicans but we are back with our panel, dan henninger, kim strassel and kyle peterson. dan, we mentioned governor yunker in virginia's governor before. he really made education the key reason he was able to long term democrat winner is education that defeated him. a lot of people could look to that her running now.
12:51 pm
quest exactly right, david. the thing to keep in mind the virginia race was not a one off in the same year in new jersey, republican governor gubernatorial cabinet came within several points of defeating the incumbent democratic governor murphy. this is in a largely blue state. people were in an uproar in new jersey of the closure of the schools. many towns and cities suited their local school boards to have the schools be open. these were democratic towns and cities doing this. so clearly this was anna norma's issue. it affected everybody simultaneously and one of the most important things in their lives. i realized her talk about congressional and senate seats not state and local elections. but i think both young get in new jersey cases show republicans really should put this issue in front of the voters. >> new jersey was a big issue as well but kim, what happens to the power of the teachers unions.
12:52 pm
the knees of democrat candidates shake when they hear teachers unions because they are so afraid they're not going to get their support. it is really slipping. people have seen they now connect teacher units with the problems in the schools rather than the solution to the schools. x yes. we have parents who are not only electing politicians but they are moving with their feet. we reset the superintendent of the los angeles schools report a huge drop in the number of kids not attending those schools but noted they were either going to private school or their parents had moved out of state to other schools. this is what happens to democratic politicians when you ally yourself with unions. or at least take their marching orders to in extent were you get crossways with a major sector of the american electorate which our parents. democrats are going to have to rethink some of that and push back on some of that. the white house has done a bit in terms of guidance because no
12:53 pm
doubt the teachers unions have their way, things will be locked down even more. there is going to need to be separation for those poll numbers about republicans being more trusted that is an enormous reversal from just a couple of years ago. david: absolute, big, big change. kyle was also a teacher shortage despite the fact we spent $200 billion in k-12 education all the covid relief bills. the teachers apparently use that money to take an early retirement. governor desantis responded to that by going to the military for temporary teaching certificates. of course those are probably non- union teachers. is unitization of teachers moving out as people move in and temporary teaching positions? >> yes supreme skeptical of that just given the power of the public schools and public unions at these public schools. but what does seem to be happening is that there is a shift away from public schools
12:54 pm
in general work towards a charter schools which are also public schools but are often on unionized. i think that is a lot of the story of the political dynamic here is parents and kids, families get into these programs. they like these programs. and need a constituency for them by their republicans have been winning the policy arguments about flows and that is a political argument. they are still work to be done and new york city there's a binding charter cap. there is more demand for charter slots then there is legal authority to supply them. but arizona just past a huge expansion of education savings account. you've seen similar laws in other states. and to go back to rhonda sanchez there's one education analyst who says school choice of moms who may desantis governor. if you look at the exit polls he got about twice as many black women voters as the baseline. this analyst says it was school choice moms who put ron desantis over the top part in that very, very close election. david: dan we have five seconds literally but there is still the
12:55 pm
critical race theory and other social policies. are those things coming to an end in public schools as teachers rebel, quickly? >> yes pray there is no question but all these progressive ideas are under attack right now. i saw -- make us up to republican candidates to exploit that vulnerability but. >> we have to take one more break. we come back hits and misses of the week. you do not want to miss that. i think i changed my mind about these glasses. yeah, it happens. that's why visionworks gives you 100 days to change your mind. it's simple. anything else i can help you with? like what? visionworks. see the difference.
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david: time for hits and misses of the week. kim, first to you. >> if you are on twitter you know alex a prominent writer who is very critical of lockdowns, also certain vaccines. he was kicked off twitter last year recently returned after settling with the company. this is a miss to the news he was only banned after white house officials complained personally about him to twitter executives. now we do not know the exact cause and effect. this raises some very serious
12:59 pm
concerns about twitter acting as a state actor engaging in censorship. we should find out more. >> absolutely, kyle to you. >> i'll give one final hit to david mcleod the famed historian pulitzer prize winner who died at 89 years old this week. he will study portrayals of john adams, harry truman, the wright brothers and more. what set him apart as he wrote with genuine excitement about the great american story. which is why's books became bestsellers. you've never picked up a volume there's no better time than today. david: i agree you can do worse and start with the pioneers which was one of his last. dan, do you. >> on given by mr. senate democrats whose biggest opponent in passing big tax-and-spend bill this past week was covid. that is right. senators testing positive for covid. so the democrats decided well, we will stop testing. do not test do not tell began their legislative strategy. and you know, i think a lot of people might understand that.
1:00 pm
but on the other hand were these democratic senators the past few years when other people wanted restrictions on covid relief just as strongly as getting joe biden spending bill passed? >> rules for the not for me. again, thank you very much for that is it for this week show thanks to my panel and of course all of you for watching. paul gigot is back next week. we will see you then. ♪ newly released court record shows in the classified documents the fbi took from former president trump mar-a-lago estate monday. has a higher designation top-secret. that means they contain information so sensitive they could harm u.s. interest if revealed. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour of "fox news live" i am lynn good and for arthel neville. eric: good to see you this afternoon. hello everyone thank you for joining us i'm eric shawn.


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