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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 13, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> two different operating systems will sing we got to bring it all together. apple you spent all the money fix it, demonizing the big giant bear. [laughter] that's going to do it for us tonight guys, so great to be at the table with the approved bits of it she got there. we'll see you back here tomorrow 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. >> the search for president trump's mar-a-lago estate drawing intense political reaction as we learn more about why agents within and what they found. good evening i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪ taking a live look at trump tower in new york city as a judge unsealed the fbi warrant yesterday afternoon with the support of both justice department and the former president. it shows agents seized 11 sets
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of classified documents with former presidents florida residents on monday. and it reveals a former president is under investigation for potentially violating the espionage act. former president trump is disputing the seas records were classified. former acting attorney general matt whitaker is standing by. and we have fox team coverage great jackie is traveling with president biden south carolina. first the toluca tomlinson live in washington, lucas. >> eight lawyer for former president trump certified two months ago that no classified material remained at his mar-a-lago club or the rate of its home took place after weeks of negotiation between the justice department and trump's lawyers here's what the fbi said it sees this week. documents labeled top secret, three seeker, three confidential and one set labeled tsc i that is top-secret sensitive compartment information. officials say the last one the most concerning contains of the
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highest classification levels designed to keep people or people who don't ancient city or country damage to the country they're only supposed to be viewed in special government facilities. the far president respondent's statement earlier, i have truth on my side and when you have truth you will ultimately be victorious. the list of seized items is not described in detail. the washington ports post reports fbi agents were looking for documents related to nuclear weapons rate trump called that allegation a hoax. former director of national intelligence others precedent for this type of investigation. >> compare that to hillary clinton of classified documents in a server that jim comey admitted was accessed by a foreign adversary. so her conduct was far, far worse. in it she was not charged. quick structural national security advisor told cbs trump would often get intelligent briefings and he would ask those briefer certificates of the sensitive documents were asked of the story was true he said is
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accurate, john. jon: lucas tomlinson live in washington. thank you lucas. president biden is celebrating gas prices dipping below $4 a gallon for the first time since march. critics point out gas is still nearly twice as expensive as it was this time last year. meanwhile, new photos show hunter biden vacationing with his family while in the middle of a federal tax investigation. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has details for some south carolina, jacqui. chris good evening to you, john p present by the signs bill next week follow it with a big celebration at the white house with lawmakers on september 63 is already using the legislative when to campaign against republicans. >> every single republican, against prescription drug prices against lower healthcare costs, against a fair tax system, against tackling the climate crisis, lower energy costs and good paying jobs to democrats
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sided with the american people, and the republican side was special interest. that is the choice we face. >> it comes as biden has been seeking credit for recent drop in gas prices even though there are still almost twice as high as when he took office. with inflation remaining a top concern for voters, white house officials have also been trying to build up goodwill thing the inflation reduction act as it is called will bring down the cost of living. although experts agree it will not directly impact inflation for at least a year or more. officials say medicare negotiations will bring down the cost of prescription drugs. energy costs will come down because of climate investments like tax credits, electric cars, solar panels. the white house has had trouble answering exactly how this bill will have an immediate impact what people feel their wallet. the bill be paid for on part by audits what democrats quote wealthy tax cheats the irs and treasury had to bow no increase in audit rates are people making less than $40000 a year like the
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president promised. republicans though, expressing doubt. >> not going to be odd if you put a 40000 then they go to for adult thousand dollars year. the jct has estimated that actually over 80% of the audits are going to be on people making under $200,000 year. >> meanwhile biden is giving no comment on the fbi rate of former president trump's estate. he is here with his family on vacation for including hunter biden who is under federal investigation for his taxes. he flew the president on air force one it was spotted on a beach with his wife and son. president biden again today had no public events on his schedule, john. jon: all right jacqui heinrich reported from south carolina thank you. >> lawmakers on the hill are reacting to the details of the newly unsealed search warrant for former president donald trump's mar-a-lago property in florida. as president biden remained
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silent while vacationing in south carolina vice resident kamala harris is speaking out. alexandria hoff reports from washington. >> we have not heard as the white house seeks to distance itself or any accusations of political influence in this. the vice president her confidence in the d.o.j. >> a former prosecutor don't think about anybody else's case. i am full of confidence the department of justice will deal with the facts and law requirement. >> the vice president went on to condemn a tax on law enforcement. republicans in the house intelligence committee agreed but expressed fear this search and has only amplified distrust. >> the seventh floor, the leadership of the fbi and the department of justice have been politicized in the eyes of most americans pay practices the same agency leadership that protected hillary clinton, james comey,
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and continues to protect hunter biden. quick to be highly unusual for president to have anything even in the oval office that rises to the level of the national security threat regrets adam schiff at protecting classified documents is the priority house speaker nancy pelosi added this. >> you would think there be an adult in the republican room that would say it just calm down, see with the facts are perkins republican senator chuck grassley said today under cynic will take more than unsealing of a warrant. >> full transparency is going to be when they release the affidavit. and this is such a high profile and very strange way of going about getting it documents from a former president rick works a "washington post" editorial board called the republican party's reaction to the rate disturbing and dangerous. citing also those defending the
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president wanted hillary clinton locked up for mishandling classified documents, jon. jon: the classified documents at my log out reminding many of the e-mails that former secretary of state hillary clinton had on her private e-mail server back in 2016 breed several of which were marked classified. sixty-seven e-mail chains concern matters that were classified at the top secret special access program at the time they were sent and received. >> former acting attorney general matthew whitaker joins us now. general whitaker, let's talk about the differences between the hillary clinton investigation and what is going on with former president trump. do you see significant differences? >> i do. i see a big difference. one is as director comey just described, hillary clinton had seven times the amount of
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materials on her private e-mail server as alleged that trump had in mar-a-lago for the other interesting thing there is never an argument that hillary clinton possessed and was classified. the argument for president trump is actually much stronger because he believes and it said he declassified all of these documents. and so we may beat the talking apples and oranges pretty close the, the american people believe we have an increasing two-tier system of justice were hillary clinton, nothing happens to her. no search warrant was executed. at the same time donald trump these the most intrusive way and the most publicly quite frankly, jon, to go after him to demonstrate he is under investigation. i just think it is a complete mismatch of tactics here based on the two parties loan. i could go much deeper with other parties as to how they're treated differently. jon: of the national security
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nightmare was waiting to explode at mar-a-lago white to the fbi wait three days after the warrant was signed before they actually made the raid? >> john, they really waited 18 months. that is when he moved out of the white house and gsa packed the boxes and grab the documents that are now the subject of our discussion and the fbi search warrant. and i just think at the end of the day this is all going to amount to nothing for their not going to charge it donald trump because they have to overcome two large hurdles. first it requires knowledge. if you remember in comey went in front of the press in touch with hillary clinton case he went to the question of knowledge. in this case donald trump religious classified or you described it in the story, two months ago his lawyer certified there is no classified information in mar-a-lago. the second step is president trump believes he declassified
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this. with the knowledge and the declassification i cannot imagine a criminal case being based on this evidence. jon: there's argument over that apparently. the former president has said he would essentially declare it documents classified or say that he wanted to take them to his mar-a-lago estate. people like john bolton have affirmed he did that kind of thing. and as president he has the right to declassified documents does he not? under the law under our system? >> he does. under the law he does not have to follow the most specific steps of the declassification. remember president bush and president obama had executive orders that said they did not have to follow the regulations requires the declassified because the president ultimately is the head of the executive branch. in the information created for his benefit. i think as you look at this
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case, the fbi made this move. the department of justice and merrick garland made this move very aggressively i think it order to create a news story and have exactly what we are doing for the last week, talk about the raid on mar-a-lago instead of all these other bad news stories for joe biden. jon: they are about violations of the espionage act, that sounds serious and scary. exit does. but at the end of the date we are really talking about whether or not this classified information, some of it highly classified where the documents he said was -- whether there actually classified as they sat in cells like the basement or the bedroom at mar-a-lago. i think based on everything we know from the knowledge requirement together with the declassification and the standing order that anything he removed to the residence while he was president was declassified. i think this case is impossible for d.o.j.
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i think it's just another example of the two-tiered system of justice in our country right now. jon: it does seem strange for the first time ever the home of it former president has been rated by the fbi. ask john there so many other ways they could obtain this information. they could have negotiated they could've issued a subpoena, they could have done so many other ways to de-escalate and use less intrusive means. but they chose almost immediately the first choice. this is going to be very important this is what i thought merrick garland sorted talk about earlier this week and he did it. why they did not de-escalate the situation and find a way to resolve this short of doing a full fbi search warrant execution at mar-a-lago with dozens of fbi agents. jon: you held the job that merrick garland now holds. it is going to be interesting again as you say to see what comes out of all this in the coming days. matthew whitaker forming
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jon: update now the deadly shooting on the set of the alec baldwin movie, "rust", glass velvet fbi forensic report obtained by abc news shows the gun used in the shooting could not have been fired without pulling the trigger at fox news has not independently reviewed the report. cinematographer halyna hutchins died on the separate action producer alec baldwin who was holding the gun said he never pulled the trigger. the man accused of stabbing author pled not guilty to two charges of attempted murder and assault for the attack yesterday leaving with a damaged liver and severed nerves in his arm and i. the authors currently on a ventilator and unable to speak it. brian is out of the hospital with the latest on his condition. as well as more on the suspect, brian. >> john, good evening.
3:19 pm
tonight prosecutors say the attack was targeted and preplanned by 24-year-old. they said he bought an advance ticket to the event where he was speaking. at the same time he arrived a day early with a fake id. he pled not guilty to second-degree attempted murder and assault charges. the fbi raided his home in fairview, new jersey. while his motive is unclear local nbc new york reports a preliminary review of social media shows he is sympathetic to extremism and to iran's revolutionary guard. this is new video emerges showing just seconds after he was attacked on stage at the institute in new york yesterday. more than a dozen audience moms including a doctor ran on stage to help. fell to the floor with a sound punched or stabbed about 15 times for the suspect was arrested by the state police officer assigned to the events for the 75-year-old renowned novelist lived under the weight of death threats for more than 30 years after he published the
3:20 pm
book this atomic verses which some muslims consider blasphemous. i got him banned from my ron and a bounty was put on his head after the ayatollah ordered death edicts against him in 1989. and iran, news of his attack was praised by the public. >> it was a good feeling to see someone who is the writer of the satanic verses attacked. cracks in a statement, president joe biden says solomon rushdie with his sense first story with his refusal to be intimidated or silenced stands for essential universal ideals, truth, courage, and resilience. sonic ventilator at the trauma center here in erie pennsylvania he was stabbed in the neck and in the abdomen and john, he could listen i. >> terrible, brian live in pennsylvania thank you.
3:21 pm
there is a mixed reaction and iran and the stabbing attack on salman rushdie. some celebrate the attack others worry it could further isolate iran from the global community. logan reports that say the story for. >> for 30 years after salman rushdie's book the satanic verses are published make up a controversy was in the past. it seems some more hard-line and reading newspapers have praised the attack on the writer. the current iranian government has not commented on the stabbing of salman rushdie for a spokesperson the iranian backed militant in lebanon also says he knows nothing about the incident. salman rushdie's book of satanic verses sparked protests in iran after its publication for the country's then leader, issued in 1989 calling on muslims to kill salman rushdie print the regime offered a bounty worth millions of dollars up as a reward for
3:22 pm
his murder. salman rushdie seamless and forced into hiding. now, worldwide turbines are been pouring in from politician fellow writers in support of salman rushdie paid british prime minister boris johnson said he is quote appalled that salman rushdie was stabbed by exercising a right we should never cease to defend. french president tweeted he has just been a victim of a cowardly attack by the forces of hatred and barbarism. this fight is our fight. it is universal now more than ever we stand by his side. ironically, salman rushdie recently described his life is pretty much back to normal. he was seemingly confident about using a more public life, back to you jon. jon: thank you. a wave of reaction after actress was come declared brain-dead after a fiery l.a. car crash read somebody's not the only one speaking out.
3:23 pm
we're also going from that woman who lost all of her possessions when her car slammed into her home. christina coleman reports from los angeles. >> john, anne heche pressure car into a house or vehicle and house were in flames as neighbors watch in shock. video it shows she nearly missed a podesta before crashing into the property for the woman living there suffered minor injury lost on most everything in fire but she has received more than one or $53000 in donations to help her bring her life. despite everything she's going through, she took time to send her condolences to anne heche and her family for. >> news of anne heche passing is devastating. her family, her friends, her children especially really have suffered a great loss and my heart goes out for them. this entire situation is tragic. there really are just no words. i am sending love to everybody
3:24 pm
involved. anne heche was declared brain-dead on thursday and has remained on life support in a calm until organs can be donated. on your state sources told that she had cocaine in her system work has had to be run to rule any substances administered to her at the hospital is part of medical treatment. they've ended its investigation into this crash since anne heche has passed away at her loved ones assuring their condolences ex-girlfriend, ellen degenerate tweeted quote this is a sad day i am sending and children, family and friends all of my love. her former costar alec baldwin also commented on social media. >> assume it was my friend who i really, really admired and cherished. anne heche's overacted number of move including 67 nights. she was 53 years old. six christina coleman los angeles, thanks christina.
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jon: i'm jon scott this is a fox report. is the bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us as look at our top stories. new york city officials that have detected the virus that causes polio in city wastewater. suggesting the virus is likely circulating in the area. this comes weeks after someone tested positive for polio in nearby rockland county, new york for that person now reportedly paralyzed. health officials urge anyone who is unvaccinated to polio vaccine. kansas will conduct a hand recount of last week's votes to uphold abortion rights in that state. state resident requested a recount despite a 165,000 vote margin in favor of abortion rights. officials say this to be the state's first recount of a ballot question and at least 30
3:30 pm
years. and pennsylvania lieutenant governor john fetterman is back on the campaign trail for less of the his first senate campaign event since a stroke sidelined him for more than 90 days. recent polling shows him leading the republican candidate dr. oz. for more on these and other stories tell of the fox news app. you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to well, customs and border protection data show the u.s. is likely to surpass 2 million illegal migrant crossings this fiscal year for the first time ever. this is texas governor greg abbott continue sending busloads of migrants from texas to new york city. heirs out republican congressman andy biggs will join us in just a moment. but first we go to bill is alive in eagle pass, texas. >> eagle pass where we are is part of border patrol the rio
3:31 pm
sector. it is completely overwhelmed. dhs sources telling sent 24 span going back to yesterday, there have been nearly 2000 illegal crossings in the sector. case in point take a look at this video was shot earlier this morning just after sunrise here in eagle pass this is a single massive group of approximately 150 migrants who crossed over together in the early morning hours per as you can see from the video it is predominantly single adults. we are no longer sing the massive family units with little kids coming across. most of the people crossing our venezuelans, cubans and nicaraguans. those countries to the most part not subject to title 42. meeting most of people this video will be released into the u.s. after they are processed for they know that that is why they're coming in huge numbers were take a look the second piece of video. as of the same thing on friday, take a look for this is another group of approximately 200 who also crossed illegally right here again into the eagle pass
3:32 pm
area. once again predominately all single adults. we have even started seeing some elderly folks coming across and bigger numbers. pregnant women as well. just to put things in perspective there been nearly 400,000 illegal crossings here in the del rio sector just since october. that is equivalent to a population bigger than the size of the city of new orleans. elsewhere along the border take a look at these photos out of the miami sector. miami, florida summer we do not talk about much this is a haitian man border patrol arrested after he was in a boat with 113 other haitians trying to land in florida. he is a convicted offender with a prior conviction for fondling of a child as well as kidnapping. again he was stopped in a mass human smuggling event and foot boat with other haitians in miami, florida area. out here in the del rio sector where we are, agents announce they just arrested their own offender couple days ago. they arrested him out the previous conviction for forcible
3:33 pm
sodomy in the state of virginia. i just goes to show is not mass families and mass adults turning themselves and there are bad apples try to sneak across our border as well. we'll send it back to you, jon. jon: billing eagle pass, texas thank you. so, or buses of migrants arriving in new york city and washington from texas as a public feud between governor greg abbott of texas in the city's mayor's escalate. foy is live in new york city. he has the latest on that comment nay. >> hey john, the new york city office of immigration affairs conference with fox news they are not expecting any more migrant buses to roll into the city tonight. but of course too rolled into the city yesterday with 89 migrants, the vast majority of whom are single adult men. they were met by an official in the mayor's office who is now escalated the rhetoric against detected joint texas governor accusing him of exciting anti-
3:34 pm
immigration hatred listen to this request he is fermenting immigrant hatred for his distracting from the fact he is failing as a governor, failing his people. he is using immigrants and asylum-seekers political ponds. cook strong, chemistry and eric castor who just heard from was there to greet the 89 migrants yesterday. as multiple migrants tested positive for coveted team. those who did are being kept in isolation shelters for right now. but also nearing city shelters of mary adams is responding to a "new york post" article where a navy veteran accuses the city of treating migrants better than homeless americans. that veteran says americans are being pushed aside, here's the mayor's response to that. >> we treat everyone who seeks shelter assistance the same way. it is universal how we treat people. that is what we have always done.
3:35 pm
>> of course the other city receiving migrants is washington, d.c. where mayor is renewing her request for national guard support to deal with the influx of migrants coming from texas. her initial request was denied by the pentagon last friday. governor abbott's office confirms 6800 migrants have been bused to washington d.c. in recent months. also according to governor abbott's office, just 368 migrants have been bused here to new york city in the past week which is just a drop in the bucket of what they are dealing with in texas. but despite that the mayors of both new york city and washington d.c. are asking the bite administration for more help, will send it back to you, jon. jon: nay floyd live in your city thanks. for more on the ongoing crisis in the southern border less repairs on a republican congressman andy biggs. he is a member of the house committee. you just heard the numbers from nate foy there congressman, 6800 immigrants have been bused to
3:36 pm
washington d.c. 362 new york city. the mayors of those towns are crying foul. in the meantime you've had 2 million illegal immigrants across the border in arizona and texas just this fiscal year or we are on her way to that number that does not include last year. your response? >> well, i cannot believe i'm hearing these people cry at xenophobia and that type of thing. the reality is, in a single day along the southern border we get more people coming in than they have had in the last several months. those are big cities. i have cities that are small, small towns very few they are given the influx in feeling the brunt of this. it is outrageous quite frankly proof they should be doing is calling on president biden to close the border and make it secure. instead of blaming other people for the inability to provide services, that we have to
3:37 pm
provide for an arizona, texas, california, new mexico. b6 their in the bite in ministration dealing with some hundreds or thousands immigrants in arizona and texas you have had millions. >> that is exactly right. we search on what the millions we are not talk about the known got a ways. we are also not talk with the unknown got a ways. when you get the people in we caught a few offenders recently give offenders, murderers, violent criminals, members of gangs for you got people on the terrorist watch list. we are not even talk about the drugs pouring across the border. the end of humanity through the coming across the border. this is a humanitarian master. they are worried about their biggest cities and we are worried about the country as a whole. and particularly those of us in the states along the borders that are bearing the brunt of
3:38 pm
this. jon: meantime arizona governor i understand is trying to seal some of the gaps in the border wall by putting big shipping containers, those 40-foot long shipping containers they are where the wall was supposed to be built and topping it with a razor wire, when you think about that? >> he is taking the bull by the horns it needs to happen for is only going to be able to 11 her feet right now. that is just going to be in this one particular area. john, if you go down further south from there a couple of miles you are going to have wide open area where literally hundreds and sometimes thousands a day come through. so it is still going to be a problem. it is going to help direct the flow of these illegal crossers. but the reality is the biden administration has got to do more to help solve this border crisis. jon: they do not seem inclined to do anything. the president has not visited
3:39 pm
the border yet and his vice president who was supposed to be in charge of it all, does not seem to be doing much of anything either. let's turn our attention to the other big story of the week. the rate of the former president's home in mar-a-lago. you wrote this on townhall, and rating trumps home in mar-a-lago, the bite administration is cross the rubicon sticking the state police and former president donald j trump is only the latest attempt by the radicals on biden seemed to continue its objective of preventing the great disruptor from interrupting their goals of a collectivist america. do you think this was all political? >> absolutely i do. it is consistent with everything from the time he came down the golden escalator and trump tower. we have seen the steele dossier. we have seen fixed and perjured affidavits to get pfizer warrants against carter page to work for president trump.
3:40 pm
we have seen a couple of impeachments which is unprecedented. we have seen a whole host of string upon string upon string project the mueller investigation which prove there was no russian hoax. if there's any russian collusion it turns it was with hillary clinton. so you get this whole massive gung ho, over-the-top sicking of the agents against president trump and why? what could it be? the reality is it is consistently been debunked. they lose every time per they have been wrong on everything i suspect will be wrong on here as well. and i think it is politically motivated, jon. again we may find what they seize from the former president's home. that could answer a lot of questions. congressman andy biggs we appreciate coming up. looks thanks jon. jon: were days away for the wyoming midterm primary congresswoman liz cheney is fighting for her seat in the
3:41 pm
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jon: wyoming congressman liz cheney is facing potential end of her career on the hill. she trails her republican challenger in the polls by nearly 30 points, just days before wyoming primary election on tuesday. rich edson is live in wyoming with more, rich. >> good evening jon. it will take a wild reversal in those poles in order for congresswoman lizza cheney to maintain her seat in the u.s. congress with our democrats and republicans in state and out working tried to reverse some of
3:46 pm
the poll numbers. former president donald trump is backing harriet she is an attorney, she is run for governor in the state. the latest university of wyoming showed show she is opened up a substantial lead on cheney for just about 30 percentage points. as another contest here in wyoming, the rodeo. we spoke to voters there about trump factor in this race and whether his endorsement has persuaded them to vote for either candidate. >> i think that endorsement is a load of bull hockey. i don't think it is necessary. we should be looking at what these people are standing for. >> one at the radius of the president's former supreme court elections along with issues like pro-life and education have help motivate his vote. >> i've never seen anybody stronger in some of those issues that i preach about. he was right on all of those issues in my opinion.
3:47 pm
>> 's endorsement matters question. >> yes it matters. >> part of getting jamie renominated convinced democrats and independents to register as republicans to participate in this primary. voters can do that here. numbers from the wyoming secretary of state suggest some of that is already happening. in january there were more than 45000 registered democrats, 196,000 republicans. this month, 6600 fewer democrats than that an 11000 more republicans. voting is already started in the state absentee early voting began about six weeks ago, jon. jon: going to be a race to watch rich edson live in wyoming thanks. back with more of the fox report right after this. and since pais may affect blood pressure, they can't just take anything for their pain. tylenol® is the #1 dr. recommended pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor.
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my grandma never mentioned this, but her first job was working at a five and dime, when she was only 16 years old. it's all right there in the census. see where a few details can lead with the 1950 census on ancestry.
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jon: of russia is ramping up its missile strikes in eastern, ukraine the latest attack three people and injuring 13. ukrainian army is pushing back, destroying a key bridge and russian -controlled territory. alex hogan brings us that story from ukraine. >> good evening, jon fred russia claiming to destroy the u.s. supplied rocket launchers
3:52 pm
ukraine so far has not acknowledged such a loss. russia also stepping up its attack across the east. specifically targeting troops claiming to have now taken the town. rockets rained down on the eastern town in that middle of the night. strikes destroyed at least 20 buildings, people died in 13 reported last night. despite the terror of living in this kind of environment, the thought of fleeing is simply too much. >> i am afraid if i leave, i won't have a place to go back to you. everything will be destroyed. hopes to buy or build something. at my age i cannot afford myself anything too. >> ukraine health minister accused of crimes against humanity by blocking humanitarian aid in occupied areas. specifically by preventing the much needed medicine. meanwhile, this week we met one woman outside who was driving straight she stayed you craze
3:53 pm
abandon in nursing them before that out of the country. for the war started saved over 300 animals and sent a lot of them to europe and other rehab centers for. >> 's from the rest of their life living in africa. meanwhile in a new development last night the first grain ship destined for africa arrived in ukraine for it will sail to ethiopia to deliver much-needed food as continues. jon: alex thanks. and here are some other headlines around the globe. ten people are dead, six hurt after a mass shooting yesterday. police killed the suspect in a shootout. in spain at one person is dead doesn't start after part of a concert stage collapsed at an outdoor music festival part officials say a strong gust of wind caused the collapse. in japan, tropical storm brought heavy reads as it moved
3:54 pm
northward toward tokyo. more than 72000 people ordered to evacuate ahead of the possible landslides there. in germany the rhine river is near critically low points much of europe experiences a drought. shipping companies are suspending goods through that river. in india completion of the highest railway bridge. it is expected to open to traffic in december. also in india, more than 1500 students and set a world record for the largest human image of awaiting national flag. this, head of independence day celebrations on monday. congratulations to you. let us look at some stories from around the globe. lions and tigers and deer. zoos here in the united states and overseas are introducing their newborn animals to the public. a closer look at why the wild world of newborns, next.
3:55 pm
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. finally tonight the population of one wisconsin zoo got a little bit bigger this month. the tiger gave birth to five healthy cubs.
3:59 pm
the workers thrilled to welcome the new animals to the zoo especially after the mother, ginger had to stillborn babies two years ago. the oakland zoo in california this week welcoming and adorable newborn southern food. don't know what that is? imagine the cutest deer you can and shrink at. the world's most here are only found in the rain forests of south america. the suit says the baby has no name yet but is doing very well. mom is quite attentive making sure it's nursing and staying safe and hidden places around the exhibit. his happiness and part of the world where that's in short supply. a zoo in gaza city walk me three healthy newborn lion cubs. linus gave birth friday five days after israel and palestinian militants agreed to cease fire, children and
4:00 pm
families who visited the zoo friday got to see the new animals. that's how fox reports on this saturday the 13th of august, 2022. i am jon scott, thanks for spending your evening with us. we'll see you again tomorrow. gutfeld is up next. ♪♪ over to go gutfeld. >> look at that. yeah. happy friday everyone here what a week, hung? let's look back at this mess first lacks assess the raid.


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