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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  September 1, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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this is the destruction of our world, i have no idea, but dr. kevorkian is here and only here. i will see you in an hour on the fox business network. leo hen hindery is my guest, and he says congress is missing the point on turning the economy around, not on healthcare, but something bigger. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: hello, america. i want to look at the disturbing evidence that this guy is not who he is. before you see this, i want you to answer these three questions -- one, do you believe that someone's wealth should be taken from one group and given to another based on race? that's yes or no. should anyone who believes that work with the president of the united states -- yes or
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no? and how many times do we need to see these people that are crown selling and surrounding the president saying these kinds of things before we say wait a minute, what does that say about our president? plus, coming up in just a little while, i'm going to show you a new propaganda system that will boggle your mind that you will not see anywhere else. stand up, america! come on. follow me. i tell you, i -- hello, america. how are you? i have to tell you, i am increasingly concerned about our country because we have started to peel this onion, and it is layer after layer. the deeper we get into this onion, the worse it looks, but
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i am encouraged because i mean the ratings are outstanding. what was it? one in every 100 people last week -- one out of every 100 americans were watching this program. now, what are we going to do with the information? can you spread this information any more? it has to go beyond the people who watch the show. it has to go beyond conservatives or tea partygoers. it must go to your friends and neighbors. it must go to the decent people on all sides of the aisle that are not communists and not crazy. tonight, i think this hour is one of the -- some of the most shocking stuff that we have shown you. it will take the breath away from you on a couple of occasions, i believe. tonight, we're going to take another look at our green jobs czar, special advisor the president likes to call him. his name is van jones.
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you can call him whatever you want, but i want to you take an honest look, a good hard look at who van jones is, in his own words. for the last couple of months, we have told you that he is an avowed radical communist, revoluntionary. well, in the last few days, the left has been trying to scrub this man's image clean to the point where now they are claiming that he has totally transformed into a raging capitalist. they said when he was a communist, it was youthful indiscretion. all of a sudden, he is a combination of bill gates and j. paul getty. he is mainstream now. look no further. he is the perfect young, go-getting entrepreneur to kick off job creation into high gear. if that's true, great. i'm all for new kinds of jobs. america must reinvent herself, but if that's not true what is
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he? all he wants to do is create green jobs, right? wrong. i hate to intrude with the facts here, but let's listen to van jones in newly discovered audio and video in his own words. now, granted we did have to go back into a time machine, way, way back. i mean, i don't even know how old president barack obama was when this event happened. it was clear back way before april -- in march of this year. yeah, we had to go all the way back to past march, to the power shift '09 conference. this was just weeks before he was appointed as our president's special advisor. he has many things to say. we will start here. >> don't stop there. don't stop there. we are going to change the whole system. we're going to change the
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whole thing. we're going to put a new battery in a broken system. we want a new system. glenn: ok. you can hear that out of con text and say well, what is he talking about? oh, that glenn beck says he wants to change the whole government. ok. he said clearly, we want a new system. we want a new system. well, a new system of what? is he talking about more than just solar panels? he is the green jobs advisor. let's listen again, but this time, let me open it up a bit. listen to the entire context of this statement. he is saying that we cannot be only about new forms of energy. listen. >> all we do is take out the dirty power system, the dirty power generation in a system and just replace it with some clean stuff. put a solar panel on top of this system, but we don't deal
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with how we are chron suming water. we don't deal with how we are treating our other sister and brother species. we don't deal with toxins. we don't deal with the way we treat each other, if that's not a part of this movement, let me tell you what you will have. this is all you will have. you will have solar powered bulldozers. solar powered buzz saws, and biofueled bombers and we will be fighting wars over libya for the batteries instead of oil and we will still have a dead planet. this is deeper than a solar panel. don't stop there! don't stop there! no, we going to change the whole system. we going to change the whole thing! glenn: ok. did you notice that he said if we don't work on how we treat each other? this is social justice, social justice. making up for the problems of the past, that's what that is,
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social justice. there were mistakes made in the past. let's fix those. let's balance things out. america, it's time we stop accepting the claim that this man is an average everyday capitalist america. those of you in washington -- i know the white house watches this show every night. i can't imagine how thick the file is on me, huh? i know there are people in the capitol that watch this program. when will you wake up? i know there are good, decent people left and right, democrats and republicans that watch this program. how much more evidence do you need that we have radicals in the white house? oh, we haven't even begun if you think you need more, we need to at least in this country start having the necessary discussion of do we want communists in the united
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states government as special advisors to the president? to be honest with you, and maybe it's just me, i don't even want communists having lunch with our president. when putin was having an hour with president obama, i know he had to do it, but i wasn't comfortable with it. barack obama did not campaign on openly changing the whole system. this is weird. i'm not saying this is what president obama did, but, boy, based on the fact that he will not reject this man and others like him in this administration, i'm beginning to wonder. didn't venezuela -- didn't chavez, didn't he -- wasn't he democratically elected? i don't believe he campaigned as a communist, but, boy, things sure changed once he got into office. president obama did leave telltale signs. he did, five days before the election, tell us this much.
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>> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. glenn: ok. very few americans paid attention back then. are you paying attention now? i'm sorry. you know, my apologies to this audience, because you get it. you have been watching. you have been listening. you probably are saying, yes, i know, so what do we do? we need to wake our neighbors up. the democrats, the game players, and wake them up and say, you don't hate the country, you don't hate the constitution. you're not trying to destroy america. listen to these words. if our founding principles are no longer relevant, if the system in which this country was founded is somehow unjust or unworkable now and communism, marxism, socialism, statism, whatever it is we are
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leaded towards is right and the relevant path, then that is the discussion that you have in america! but to subversively bring in a whole new system through the back door in the middle of the night, that is unacceptable, but this goes further than whether van jones is a capitalist or a communist. i want you to see if you recognize any patterns here. listen to what van jones has said at this same conference back in march. >> native americans sisters and brothers who were pushed and bullied and mistreated and shoved into all the land we didn't want, where it was all hot and windy, well, guess what? renewable energy, guess what, solar industry, guess what, wind industry? they now own and control 80% of the renewable energy renewable resources, no more
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broken treaties, no more broken treaties, give them the wealth! give them the wealth! give them the dignity! give them the respect that they deserve! no justice 0 on stolen land. we owe them a debt! glenn: let me back up here. can you believe wealth should be taken from one group and given to another based on race and should anyone that believes that work with the president of the united states "give them the wealth. give them the wealth." is that what you voted for? does it sound familiar at all? have we heard that before? >> we believe god pensioned the rape and robbery of an entire person and we believe that god ordained african slavery, and we believe that god makes europeans superior
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to africans and superior to everybody else, too! glenn: i don't believe that. it may also bring to mind the man to gave the prayer at president obama's inauguration ceremony, the man whom the president just bestowed the presidential medal of freedom, the rev and joseph lowry. listen to what he says here. >> we ask you to give us back our country, when brown is mellow, and when wright would embrace what is right, when white will embrace what is right." glenn: this was discussed at the time and nobody said anything. the crowd all laughed and everybody thought oh, this old man, that is a flashback from the 1960's and the movement back in the '60's, and it was
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the way people spoke back then. it was also jeremiah wright became the crazy uncle of barack obama and he said crazy things and we all have crazy uncles. what is the excuse on van jones? let's try it again. here is more from van jones, again, to be fair, this is from list ancient history catalog titled this last march. >> what about our immigrant sisters and brothers? what about our immigrant sisters and brothers? what about people who come here from all around the world and that we're willing to have out in the fields with poison being sprayed on them, poison being sprayed on them because we have the wrong agricultural system, and then we're willing to poison them and poison the earth to put food on our table, but we don't want to give them rights and we don't want to give them dignity and
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we don't want to give them respect? glenn: we don't want to give them rights. no, come through the front door. i want you here. if you're willing to do those jobs that quite honestly lazy americans just think they're above, i want you here. you renew us. but let's go back here. we're now intentionally poisoning immigrants. we're now intentionally poisoning. well, who is we? this is from an interview he did as the head of the ella baker center. >> we're really entering a third wave of environmentalism in the united states, the white environmentalists are streering poison into the people of color. glenn: ok. what did we tell you last night? that he found a better way to
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bring his message, a more mainstream way. george soros and his blogging minions now are saying that san jones just had a few youthful indiscretions. when? how old was he in march? how is he now a fully converted capitalist? i didn't hear it there. he's qualified to make decisions at the highest levels of our government or he's at least involved in them. did you take him at his word? should we take him at his word when he said and i quote "i am willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of the radical ends." america, when will we listen? look, the president has tried to pass himself off as a guy who just sat in jeremiah
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wright's black liberation church for 20 years, for 20 years. does anyone believe when he first said i didn't hear those things, did you believe them? he said i heard them but i didn't really notice them. did you believe that? then it was just jeremiah wright is a crazy old uncle. so, great. that's jeremiah wright. what is it this time? what is the excuse now for appointing the same kind of radical to an influential position in our government? are white people poisoning people of color? yes or no, mr. president? yes or no? let me give you the benefit of the doubt. i don't think this makes it any better. did you vet this man? did you miss something? how did you miss this? it's called google.
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how did the f.b.i. not do its job? i mean, we found all of this stuff. hey, abc, nbc -- well, i know where nbc is. cbs, where the hell are you? cnn, where are you? do you think the f.b.i. or the president of the united states didn't know that this man just weeks before he started working in the white house said these things? that we have the wrong agricultural system? when did he become an expert on agriculture? the white house issued a statement last week, when we asked them if they were aware of van jones' communist self-asowed communist activities. their response was the green jobs special advisor is just very narrowly focused on creating green jobs, that's it, as if that answers the question of why is this guy in our government anywhere near
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the president? it doesn't answer it. it doesn't! and they want you to stop asking this question. when will america take off the rose-colored glasses and start seeing the world around them? start seeing things for what they really are? look, you know, i would really like to share with you a personal story from today, but i can't, because it puts my family in danger. do you think i want to get on the air every night and tell you this stuff? do you know who i am? the media will say, oh, he's just a clown. you noi what? imyou know what? i am a clown. i am a guy who just wants to have laughs and fun. i'm a capitalist. i want to make money. i want to do all that stuff. i want to live my life with my family. i don't want to have to live
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with security and walls and gates and everything else. do you think i want to live that way? you know, maybe there are some people like that. that ain't me. that is not me. i don't want to believe these things. but, unfortunately, i find them true. these statements by van jones are from the the spring. no one will bring you this information. why? why? two reasons i can come up with. either they are raff frayed, because it is a scary place to be or because they don't think that it matters in america anymore. i know i'm not the only american left who thinks this is important! it is important. share it with your neighbors. i'm going to put this monologue, these clips up on the website. please go to and sign up for our free e-mail newsletter. go to
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look at these clips. look at the information. spread them yourself. send them to your friends. let me leave you one more time with the words of van jones. >> don't stop there. don't stop there. no, we going to change the whole system. we going to change the whole thing. we're not just going to put a new battery in a broken system. we want a new system. we want a new system. >> the most dangerous czars in their own words, next. quality and reliability...
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glenn: america, thank you so much for watching. please, tell a friend, and
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don't go anywhere. at the bottom of the hour, we're going to show you some things that, honestly when i saw it today, i said i don't think i -- i'm not in the same country. i don't even recognize this country at times from the direction we're headed. president obama now has nearly 3 dozen czars. on the campaign trail, obama told us to look at who is surrounding him to find out what his views on issues are. so, that's what we're doing. what are the views of those surrounding the president and advising the p president, his czars, if you will? here they are, are in their own words. >> i'm willing to forego the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends."
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we need to be about the whoop [bleep] somebody's [bleep]ing faking you out. you have to engage the enemy, because if you do it on his terms, the outcome is already known."
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>> the program of sterilizing women after their second or third child might be better than sterilizing men, that can control population and there should be laws requiring compulsory abortion that could be sustained under the existing constitution if the population crisis endangers the society.
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glenn: now, there needs to be a propaganda arm, partisan propaganda like i have never seen in america, and this time you get to pay for it. next. h
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>> hello, everyone. i'm patti ann browne. firefighters are trying to slow the spread of massive wildfires still burning out of control in southern california. more than 164 square miles are already up in smoke. 21 homes have burned and thousands more are in danger. heavy winds and rain are bratterring residents and tourists along the baja penninsula as hurricane himena draws closer. the center of the category four storm is set to pass lass could cabos late tonight or tomorrow morning. the market's six-month rally took a hit as investors worry that more banks will fail. glenn beck returns in a moment, but first bret baier previews what is on "special report" tonight. bret: we have new deals of what is going on in afghanistan. is a g.o.p. comeback starting with two big governors' races? all that and more. join me in 28 minutes for "special report." now back to glenn.
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glenn: i may be a self-educated man, but i am a man who has spent a lot of time trying to do my homework, figure out what was going on. i made a promise to myself on september 11, because i didn't feel i was qualified to speak to a nation or even speak to my neighbors about things that i didn't understand, so i put myself through school. in the last year flav or so, quite frankly, because my daughter disagreed with me on american history, i put myself through american history classes, and i studied the early 20th century progressive movement. it is there that i learned that beautiful things can be extraordinarily dangerous. it is there that i learned that germany says they lost world war i because of propaganda from the west. they studied american
5:32 pm
propaganda coming from the progressives in the woodrow wilson administration. i learned that we had 150,000 political prisoners in this nation because people spoke out against the administration and the war. i'm going to show you the beginning of something that should scare the living daylights out of you. it is propaganda in america. the national endowment of the arts is now holding conference calls. i want to lay this out for you, and then i want to bring a guest in, one of the guys who was on the conference call felt awkward about this whole thing. he is an artist and he felt awkward and decided he was going to tape the conference call. the only reason why we can bring this story to you with any credibility is because he did the brave thing, probably destroyed his career, or at least he will never get a dime from the national endowment of the arts and probably won't speak to another artist or they won't speak to him because he has betrayed the mox. his is the first e-mail that
5:33 pm
came in from the national endowment of the arts t said "this monday, there is a conference call for arts-oriented marketers and producers to discuss the president of the united states "we serve" initiative that i thought you might want to participate in. a call has come in to our generation, a call from the top, a call from a house that is white and a call that we must answer. please join these people, blah blah blah as we heed the president's call to action this summer, united we serve." then there was a reminder e-mail that went out. it said "with the knowledge that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when given the proper tools, president obama is asking us to come together and help lay a new foundation for growth, focusing on core areas of the recovery agenda -- healthcare, energy and environment, safety and security, education and community renewal.
5:34 pm
it is time for us as a group of artists, producers, promotors, organizers, influencers, marketers, taste makers, leaders or just plain cool people to join together and work together to promote a more civilly engaged america and celebrate how the arts can be used for a positive change. no one knows our communities better than we do. no one can inspire as much as we can. we have a unique role to play in making service accessible and fun to those who are not accustomed to volunteering. we know that engaging all americans in service must -- means we must expand the idea of service." go to quote two on e-mail two. already you are helping us to reframe the image of volunteerism. quote three, "the united we serve team, in collaboration with the white house office of public engagement, and the
5:35 pm
national endowment for the arts is hosting a conference call." well, let me give you, before i give you all of the audio and introduce you to the guy who was behave enough to not only tape it and then bring it here. there he is, but before i bring him on, let me give you a taste of what was said in this conversation. listen carefully what was said by a yosi sergeant from the national endowment of the arts, your money. please play this brand new conversation.
5:36 pm
glenn: your tax dollars have funded artwork that you may or may have not seen yet. this has just happened, but already artwork is out, and they are learning the language so they can speak to each other safely. i'm going to introduce you next to the man who received these e-mails and more of the conference call and coincidentally, some artwork that happened within two weeks of this phone conversation. next. ..xn0] what i need
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>> of course, it is going to be all kinds of accountability on this one because they're learning to talk the language to speak to each other safely, a quote from the conversation we're going to replay for you in a second. there is a propaganda arm engaging artists and the art community using your tax dollars in propaganda. pat corey is a filmmaker and arts community consultant. pat, with when you received these e-mails, did any alarm bells go off? in your head? >> yeah. i mean, you have to take into account the time that this was sent. this was at the very beginning of august, and the town halls had gone nuclear. in the e-mail, it states to speak to specific topics and that was really surprising to me. glenn: because it mentioned the white house was teaming up
5:41 pm
with the n.e.a. and art communities, right? >> yes, exactly. i mean, you have basically inviting out the art community, people who potentially fund the national center for the arts potentially fund these people and you are having them talk about specific issues. this was a hand-picked group. we were told several times throughout the conference call that we were selected for a reason, that these are the people that helped obama come into the office. they used the hope poster and the wil i am song as specific examples of how this man played a role in getting this man elected. i sam seeing them hand-picked and seeing them talk about specific issues at a time that these specific issues being vehemently debated t didn't seem right that the national endowment of the arts was for the arts, not to use the arts. it is subtle distinctions but
5:42 pm
it's very potent distinctions. glenn: i don't know if we have this piece of audio cut, but i would like to encourage you to pick something -- healthcare, education, environment, the four areas the administration has identified as areas of service and then apply your artistic creativity to it and bring them to the table. again, the n.e.a. is honored to be working with you. what does that mean to you when they said that? >> well, to me it was steering us in a certain direction. it was telling us to make the arts specific to those areas, and when you had the crowd that we did have on that phone call, it is only going to be one result of that. glenn: who was on the phone call with you? >> it was gallery owners, venue owners, musicians, poets, actors, all walks of life from the quote, unquote, independent art community. glenn: hang on. i want to play this. do we have spot three here
5:43 pm
about the goal of the phone call through this group? do we have that? we don't have that one. let me quote this. "the goal of this phone call." could we get those, please and we will play them tomorrow? "the goal of this phone call through this group, we can create stronger community amongst ourselves to get involved in things we are passionate about as we did in the campaign, but to continue to get involved to these things to support the president, but to do things that we are pration gnat about but also to push the president and to push his administration." that's a quote. >> yeah, yeah. it's a little bit scary. i mean, the quote you played earlier when they said "getting this group together to speak with the government." that's a choir i'm not ready to hear. if you look throughout history, history is riddled with that being a bad thing, with art coming together with the government to speak to the
5:44 pm
people. glenn: you are in the art community. you are with the filmmakers and everything else. sean penn doesn't have a problem with hugo chavez, but i can't believe that there are not more artists, more people that are willing to speak out and say, you know, freedom and the freedom of speech, the freedom to create is much more important than any one administration's agenda. i mean, they would all scheme fascism if bush would have tried this or anybody else would have tried this. where are people's principles? do they have any? >> you know, i have been getting a really positive response to the article, and to this whole issue. i'm big in hollywood and have gotten a ton of comments. glenn: from the art community or from the left or from the tea party tinfoil hat people as others like to call them? >> well, big hollywood is an art community. i believe it is a
5:45 pm
right-leaning art community, but they are out there. i know, because i have been reached by them throughout this whole ordeal. glenn: i want to play again, and then we will come back, but i want to may again the brand new conversation. america, listen to what they're saying. the national endowment of the arts. was the white house on this phone call? >> yes. glenn: the white house is on the phone call. this is the national endowment of the arts. listen to p what they say carefully.
5:46 pm
glenn: this is beyond useful idiots here. this is amazing. they know exactly what they're doing. when we come back, i'm going to show you some artwork that maybe coincidentally came out two weeks after this phone call. that's next.
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glenn: it's an ma'am mazing thing to see that your president, your white house, your government is trying to trick you. use your tax dollars to change
5:50 pm
your mind. it's called propaganda. the people solved in a conference call, including the white house, knew that this was on the fence, if not outright illegal. they knew for sure that this would outrage you if it would ever get out. well, it did because of the gentleman who is on with us, pat corielsh. did you set a tape recorder next to the speakerphone? >> it is called an an apple voice mimic. glenn: gosh, i feel like a grandfather all of a sudden. so you were recording it and they didn't know you were recording? >> i don't believe so. they might have recorded it themselves. i'm not sure. glenn: sure, but they're not going to release it. this is one of the things that they said. n.e.a. for propaganda. here it is. >> i would encourage you to pick something, whether it's healthcare, education, the environment.
5:51 pm
glenn: ok. what kind of art are we talking about? what are the different kinds of art that we would see come out of something like this? >> you would see posters, potentially music, art insulation, gallery shows, touring gallery shows. glenn: and they would be paid for by tax dollars for the n. e.a.? >> not necessarily, and that's one thing i want to make cheer. they did not say, you know, specifically speak to a certain policy and we will pay you guys to do this, but you're on the phone basically with the largest funder of the
5:52 pm
arts in the united states. if you are in the art community, they get funded by these people. that conversation shouldn't be had. it is a simple topic. glenn: if they weren't implying that, what would be the problem then? why would they have to be -- could you play, again, please, the sound bite where they were talking about we have to be careful with our language here? why would they say this? >> this is just the beginning. this is the first telephone call, the brand new conversation. glenn: all right. why would they say that if it was -- if they weren't implying that there was some give and take here? >> you know, that's a question for them.
5:53 pm
they have been avoiding comments for quite some time now. it has been out for a little over a week, and i don't believe there has been one comment from "the washington times". i believe they denied sending out the invites. glenn: which is really wierd. let me ask you this -- play n.e.a. knows how to make a stink. tell me what you think they meant by this. glenn: take videos of what? what does he know by "this community nopes how to make a stink"? >> once again, it's kind of an
5:54 pm
implied steering in a certain direction. you're talking to a crowd that supported obama. you're talking to a crowd that did the hope poster. i listen to that and i feel bad to bring that out, but facts are bipartisan. i want the people who are were on that phone call and others in our community to know that this is not what the government was meant to do and not what the national endowment for the arts is meant to do. they are there to promote the arts, increase access to the arts and be a leader in education in the arts, not to push issues. glenn: they will say that they were just educating. that's what they're doing. tomorrow we are going to follow this a little closer. i'm going to show you what happens when the art community and government combines, but let me just show you a couple of things. now, patrick, this artist was one of the guys that was on the phone call, but we don't know for sure if these were a direct result, but they just
5:55 pm
coincidentally were created a couple of weeks after that phone call. >> yes. glenn: here is one of them. >> i can't see the art. >> healthcare for all. >> oh, ok. glenn: sick shouldn't equal broke. >> those were from rock the vote and they were on the phone call. glenn: coincidence? do you think coincidence? >> i'm sorry, no. i don't think so, no. the announcement came out several days, excuse me, about a week or so after that and it was pretty clear. they basically said enough is enough, universal healthcare, and the timing, it is too much of a coincidence. this person was also part of the pitch team as well for the community, so -- glenn: patrick, thank you for your bravery. i don't know how popular you're going to be in the art community now, but god bless
5:56 pm
you, man. thank you for your behave ry. we'll talk again. we'll be right back. quality and reliability...
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accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. glenn: we have been trying to find the answers to what is going on in this country, and it is not good, but you know what? i hope that i'm wrong, but until we start getting answers, this is all i got. demand answers for this. how did van jones get his job? when did this change from communism happen? we played the tape of him in march saying unbelievably communistic things. who at the n.e.a. is working for agenda art? since when does the n.e.a. encourage artists to further not only the agenda but the president and his administration? who is paying for that? whose idea is that? who is the approach gan da chief now? question with -- who is the propaganda chief now? question with boldness. hold to the


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