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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 15, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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neelt -- >>neil: today it is all about chris, the republican governor of new jersey, no stranger to crashing parties or busting heads and today, in new jersey, taking on unions. that is what he is doing to bring in public pensions. it and is big. really big. and today, there is a lot of grumbling in the garden state. the man at the center of it all, chris christie, later this hour. but, before the governor, the love, and the big g.o.p. blitz after the flop. welcome, everyone, i am neil
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cavuto and this is "your world." and now gop claims nice with the tea party. they were fuming and now they are glomming. and the head of the committee says we stand by all, republican nominees, including christine o'donnell in delaware. some of the same group said it wouldn't want o'donnell's campaign and today, senate minority leader says it is time to unite the party. republican indiana congressman pence agrees, but, congressman, mixed signals coming from your party offer the last 24 hours. what gives. >>guest: well, it is the end of primary season. as they say in nascar, rubbing is racing but great to see everyone today coming around christine o'donnell and saying, you bet, if we can we elect a republican senator in massachusetts, we have every opportunity to elect christine
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o'donnell in delaware and i like her chances and she has given a fresh, positive, conservative alternate to the people of delaware and i look forward to supporting her and seeing her in the u.s. senate. >>neil: is there truth that you talked to others saying let's get on board here, are you nuts? >>guest: i never talk about conversations with colleagues but what i can tell you is, it is a woman new world out there. and some in the political class have been slow to figure the american people are really tired of the borrowing and the spending and the bailouts and takeovers and looking for men men that are willing to speak with courage. o'donnell is wuch those people. she captured the imagination of republican voters in delaware. >>neil: not all in the republican party establishment. mike castle was clearly the establishment's favorite and we
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were stunned they lost. what was behind the latest reaction today? >>guest: the senate committee for the republicans made the decision that they make. they got involved if that primary. i side more with my friend with the approach of the republican governor's association, do not get involved if primaries but they made the call, they gave it their best but it is great to see them coming together, and slow can absolutely win in delaware and conservatives across america should rally behind her. >>neil: you think it has come together? i think you are glossing over a serious family feud. >>guest: look, there is a commentator who i like to read would likes to say he is conservative in a primary and republican in the fall. now the primary season is over, you will see conservatives and
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republicans around the country, tea party patriots coming together to win back the american congress for the common sense and common values of the american people. >>neil: well watch closely. thank you very much. will with, from the beginning, people are mad at the tea party, marginalized and criticized. and worse. >> the so-called political movement has a racest element. >> it is astroturf, not grass roots. >> they are not representative of america. >> folks are waving tea bags around. >>neil: well, 2 1/2 years ago we discovered they are not red or blue. but agout green. the government spending too much green. these are republicans. democrats. conservatives. liberals. how do you feel when it has been likened to a republican protest?
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>> this is a conservative protest. >> independent. >> registered independent. >> i was a lifelong democrat. the principles laid down are not what the administration are abiding in. >> are you a democrat? >> independent. kneel feel i have been with them all over the country from the patriots to tea party patriots. what do you make of this "we didn't mean to offends you approach," open the part of the republican party establishment today. >>guest: i'm so tired of the republican party not embracing the tea party movement. we are here to stay. we have proven we are effective, we will be here for the long haul, and they need to embrace us. or we will be forced to find another home and we don't want to do that. >>neil: i don't know if the love was real, you know, but i
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did not get that same reading covering the primaries coming in last night. what is your sense? >>guest: i'm not tired of it. this is what i expect. i don't expect to come home to the republican party. i don't expect them to embrace us. the tea party is here. they are an independent force. separate from the republican party. we will act like they don't, which is according to principles, the principles of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, regardless of party. we don't care about the republican party. >>neil: will you be as tough on republicans if they assume power as you have been relentless in attacking democrats with them in power? >>guest: absolutely. there is what the movement is about. we are aligned with the republican part right now because they are the lesser of the two evils. but when we put them into power, we are going to keep their feet to the fire.
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i do believe talking about what mark mentioned, i do believe we need to aline ourselves with the republican party right now in order to have a big win in november. >>neil: do you feel that way? i talked to other whose have said, well, we would rather lose on principle than win with the letter "r." >>guest: i have to disagree with that. we were not alined with any political party and have no intent of aligning. the patriots have only 2,800 chapters across the country and i can tell you very few feel they are alining with the republican party. well vet on values. and in november, the victory is for the american people not the republican party. >>neil: mark, on that point, the rap against o'donnell if taking the republican senator out in delaware was that she could never win in a democratic
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state. and that is the reality. a tea part favorite will go down to crashing tweet for a cause you might believe in but a democrat who ends up getting the seat. >>guest: i would say two words: scott brown. and people need to remember very carefully before they make ridiculous tapes like that. >>neil: who won kennedy's senate seat in massachusetts. >>guest: which was impossible. >>neil: and mark mentioned scott brown and he was with the president after he got in on some key spending initiatives, so some tea partiers expressed disappointment with senator brown. do you? >>guest: disappointment toward scott group. however, you have to remember, that he represents massachusetts and we can't expect massachusetts to turn 100 percent conservative overnight. it will not happen. and when i say alining with the
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republican part we need to work together right now. we have lad our different friends in the -- differences in the primary. but we have lad wins, like o'donnell. and now the republicans can embrace us and put the force they used against her in the primary and put that force to get her elected in november. that is what i mean by alining ourselves. >>neil: but it is not like you always strike gold. you mostly strike gold but there are some disappointments including new hampshire that the republican candidate just conceded that race, a very close race, trying to succeed judd gregg in new hampshire. what do you thing of that, and the fact that sometimes the party message don't get through? >>guest: nobody wins 100 percent of the time. nobody has the expectation. and if you look at the batting average, folks that support tea party values are winning an
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extraordinary amount of times. perhaps historically up precedented. so i'm very pleased with the results. >>neil: thank you both. and then there is this. >>neil: the dog was fine after being pulled from the sinkhole, his own are giving him a great big kiss. if you feel like you are in a sink legal and in need of a pick me up and you need help getting over the hump, well, check out as moses did, the "your world," website that will brighten your day like any barn yard animal.
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kneel meal and now a guy that you do not want to pick a fight with. that is why the union has no credibility, stupid statements like that. >>neil: new jersey governor is fired up over bloated pensions. and he is doing something big. and talking to only us about it. it doesn't end there. we have former chief on why businesses could be sitting on $2 trillion in cash.
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>>neil: scott brown's jump in massachusetts.
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chris christie is pulling off a big win in new jersey. and the sweep in virginia. and now christine o'donnell knocking out a veteran republican in delaware. do you see a pattern here? they are winning because they are standing up against big spending. yet we see no change of behavior from democrats still coulding for even more spending. the democratic strategist on whether he is worrying. you have to wonder, richard, if they are learning anything from any of the developments. >>guest: there is no denying, is there, that by virtue of the tea party you have at least four
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senate candidates in now delaware, nevada, kentucky, and colorado, who would not have been nominees but for the tea party and who stand a much worse chance of winning their senate seat. so you trillion me, you will be here on election night. >>neil: but that is not what i asked, is it? i asked whether in response to tea party as angry about spending and it has been a repeated pattern through the year, the next day the administration or congress continues with spending as if the night before never occurred. >>guest: two percent of the public say they are a tea party member but when asked if they are more or less likely to support a tea party candidate for congress, 31 percent say no, and when asked, with they be more or less likely to support a member would brings projects or funds to their district, by 53 percent to 12 percent --.
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>>neil: we will look at the results, nose those by just tea partiers but those who won in states that were liberal, where republicans won like scott brown or a democratic like in new jersey, or in virginia that reversed what had been obama sweeps just the year prior. my only point in mentioning this is if it is, indeed, a response to spending and big government why don't those on capitol hill cool it on the spending of big government. >>guest: well will talk about spending projects. even the tea party people believe that having people building roads and those otherwise unemployed would be better for the committee if they were employed that is better than worse. >>neil: but they argue otherwise. when you ask, is the economy going in the right direction and two thirds say no. >>guest: i know you tonight
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like to look back, this was a hole dug before president obama. i know you tonight like to hear that. look forward, the congressional budget office and other independent economists say that the enough structure projects are a sthus to the -- stimulus to the economy. and the business tax cuts if a republican president pushed, the republicans would line up and say "yes." >>neil: whatever. stay tuned ♪
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>>neil: business leaders on capitol hill demand the tax cuts of bush be extended for everyone. is that what the businesses need? to a plan who knows about running a business, the former
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disney c.e.o. michael eisner, why great partnerships succeed "working to." i want to talk about what your brothers are doing on capitol hill. they are concerned about tax cuts and extending them and all the companies piling up cash because they are worried. what do you think? >>guest: why are they piling up cash? two reasons. just like everyone else, they don't know where the economy is going. so the economies are run by people, not models, and they to not want to be caught in the vic. of having done something stupid so they are saving cash and they tonight want to take on leverage and they are cutting, cutting, cutting. >>neil: but there is only so far you can go. >>guest: and when everybody is great and rosy and stupid, wall
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street plaintiffs you. when they should loan money, when you should use cash, wall street wants you to horde so you are getting from wall street the reverse advice you should be getting. that is contrary. leverage is piling up, piling up, piling up, and they say how can we lend you more. but when you should be spending money, they say, my god, we don't know where it is going, please horde. >>neil: unless sit a "good strategic purchase." when you bought in 1995 cap cities, that looked at the time like a good strategic move and you said it was one of the best deals of the last century. >>guest: disney had done fantastic and lion king was coming out, i saw our growth could not be what it was offer the next decade and at abc and
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capital cities, and the little thing which was not little called espn and history channel. >>neil: but espn caught your attention. >>guest: yes i worked at abe, and i saw espn was meaningless. >>neil: but i didn't realize this you could also have scooped up cbs. >>guest: same parking lot. more than twice as expensive and ten times as good at that time. continue times. >>neil: i was thinking of abc because the news chief is stepping down and some say at abc ... >> >>guest: david leaving is not as a result change in the world. he decided to do something different. but the world is changing.
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you are wearing a watch. your kids prenl are -- probably are not. i say to my kids as they look at their ipod , the things we grew up thinking are part of our body -- newspaper, commodities, sports, information -- are everywhere and the things that are unique are the brands, one of a kind, movies, shows. >>neil: you advised your successor would you say you don't need news? >>guest: no, no, month and i would no tell you if i would tell him that. >>neil: if you were running abc today and you needed a news edition. >>guest: we now make money on news. we did not make money in the news then. but they are making money in the news now.
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it is not black and wide but a different world. >>neil: would you pay katiie $15 million? >>guest: i am in the close enough, but i can't tell you what i would take her. but she is good. >>neil: you mention a lot of partnership, the gates, and i like zimmer. >>guest: i nowndz -- found in interviewing zimmer and tori, neither had won individually but joe tor i-10 expected zimmer and zimmer had forren vi, and it was not jealously or trying to get his job, and when tori sat in
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the dugout and zip are gave him advice he knew it was selfless advice. >>neil: like warren buffet. >>guest: yes, as in making movies. >>neil: but after you lost wells, you did not have a comfort level with any other executive. that is what was said. >>guest: i had a special relationship with frank and i did that after he died. we had a lot of success the next decade and bob became my partner and before that barry was my partner and i wrote about frank because he was so selfless and when we talked about going to disney as equal partners and i said, i don't want to do it, my ego was in the way and he said, fine, you are the c.e.o.
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who would do that? he was supportive. he was that kind of a guy. he was always there. but so was zimmer, and joe tory and the home foundation of home depot and all the new companies, the young people starting restaurants or starting technology companies in a garage, they usually partners and one and one adds up to more than two. and the other thing if you are by yourself you get in trouble because you believe your own stuff, you start walking past the mirror and look at yourself, and you do things that could be on the edge and if you are have partner they bring you back and also, more fun. in the fox hole, it is bad, dark humor, you get through it. if it is well, you high five and the last thing is, and this was the study of 70 years' length at
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harvard, partners are happier. they just are enjoying life more. if you look appeared you ... >>neil: sometimes they kill each other. >>guest: but two bad people always turn against each other. >>neil: a book about why great partnerships succeed. the president is ready to speak at any moment and it is supposed to be about small business but likely it could take up the whole tea party, republican party, nastiness. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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>>neil: this was then. they don't like your party. they have been ticked off. >> we have had republicans in this legislature vote against raising taxes time and time and time again. >>neil: you may not have been
4:36 pm
able to hear, a republican state leader being heckled at a 2009 tea party that i covered. this is now. two tea party favorites beating republican establishment candidate. we were the first to report this is not a red or blue thing. it's a green thing. my next guest said the same thing in sacramento, saying get ready for bigger things in november. and now, john, good to have you back. i am remembering what we chatted about at first tea party rally i covered in california and what is being said now. the folks are ticked that politicians don't get it. >>guest: it has a lot to do with the original founding fathers came to government they came from real life, they came from farmers but they had to
4:37 pm
know how to take care of a horse, about fixing a fence or pamping a roof and a lot of common sense involved in that and in the last maybe 40 years, now, people have been bread to go into politics and they may not have common sense you pick were by working a real job. so, really, part of it is a lot of people who work real jobs, and get it, against people what have never worked a real job, and are in charge. >>neil: are you surprised no matter how much mud she sling at the tea party candidates or the sensation candidates, who, including christine o'donnell as an example, you did not pay taxes, you did not pay college loans, you did not get your college degree, and the manager says she is not conservative, no hurricane matter how much money they throw they seem to win. >>guest: people are aware now that the press is not 360-degree
4:38 pm
entity. the compass is skewed. with most of the press. people understand that. but the sources they get the in suz bias by and large so people ignore it. >>neil: do they ignore the notion that tea party is fringe or despite election after election victory, it appears they are real, do they ignore that talk now or do they, well, maybe they are craze? >>guest: i don't know. in the american revolution, 3 percent, 3 percent of the country wanted a revolution, wanted to break the chains of the united kingdom and it could be exactly that. >>neil: how do you succeed in do so well in hollywood, in all
4:39 pm
the favorite character, generally, in the movies and hollywood plaintiffs you, and i would not exactly call a screaming liberal which gives me hope for hollywood or you defying it. >>guest: i don't pay attention to it. if i get a job, i get a job. i don't talk politics on the set. i don't try to shove my viewpoint down nip's throat but having come from the back ground of having been a carpenter in new england before becoming an actor, i am thankful i can make a living at being an actor, i don't want to jeopardize that but on the other hand if people said what about your career, i was thinking of valley forge because i have been there and grew up in the winter of negative meg and i know how cold it gets, i say i don't think the soldiers at valley forge stopped and paused and thought what
4:40 pm
about my career. this is, western civilization is at stake. and if you believe a certain thing, stand up and say so. whether you are right or wrong, that's the beauty of our republic. we can do that. so, i, that's what i do. >>neil: and you do it well. always good to see you. union benefits going up, new jersey governor clamping down and unions are not taking it lying down. the governor is here. ♪
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>>neil: this is the president outside the white house right now making another pitch for the small business aid bill, $30 billion measure, saying will go a long way to help small business in the country. republicans are not fans of that saying the money is not there. and it would be easier if he cut taxes across the board which would dwarf whatever benefits come of this bill. we will monitor the remarks and if he has anymore to add we will bring them to you. in the meantime, tough love from
4:45 pm but this is not and it ain't tough love but this is war, in new jersey they are going crazy after governor chris christie all but told them the party's over. and he is cracking down on their pensions. first, by suspending future cost-of-living adjustments. then, rescinding a 9 percent increase granted in 2001. and then officering retirement -- and then increasing retirement ages and changing the formula and calling for state workers to kick in more for pension and their health care benefits. common if the private sector, unknown in new jersey's public sector. we will say this news has not exactly gotten state workers feeling misty for christi. the teachers' union promising to fight the governor. and now reaction from the governor. joining me from new jersey is
4:46 pm
governor chris christie. governor, good to have you. >>guest: thank you for having me. >>neil: you are creating a fire storm. they say you are unfair. a lot of the public worker chiefs. >>guest: well, listen, the fact is the system is out-of-control. right now the system is $46 billion underfunded on the pension side. and if we did nothing but make our state contributions to the plan and do not change it at all, in 15 years we will be $85 billion underfunded and open the health benefit side we are already $67 billion underfunded. and we are moving toward insolvency if we do not deal with the long term obligations the state has. there are some public workers who are not hope today but i say you may not like this today, but ten years from now when you have a pension on collect, you are going to be looking for my
4:47 pm
address to san me a thank you. >>neil: some say a promise was made and a promise should be kept from 2001 before you assumed office. that gave them the 9 percent increase and they say the governor cannot just take that back. what do you say? >>guest: for the money they have earned for the 9 percent increase over the last 10 years they keep it. but going forward they have no right to keep it. we should not have done it. it was republicans who did it, a bad idea in 2001. it's a bad idea now. there is no way to pay for it. it is unjustified and contributing to the underfunding of this system to the tune of $46 billion headed to $85 billion underfunding. we need to reform the system so there are pension available for folks when they go to retire. this is not about promises made and kept. this is about special interests squeezing benefits out of the government and to the taxpayers
4:48 pm
that we can for longer afford and i will not stand for it. >>neil: governor, one thing getting little talk but it is interesting, you are demanding public workers in your state kick in more to the pension and health care benefits and they don't have to pay anything. and that of course is very unusual in the private sector, certainly unusual for folks at fox where we do. but addressing that reality is like a third rail of politics. are you worried about that? >> no, i'm not worried. what i'm worried about is my children and grandchild not being able to afford to live in new jersey. i worry about us becoming insolvent. this is a state i took over in march, rather, in january. by march of that year if we did not take the steps to cut back spending, we would not have been able to meet payroll. new jersey is in a desperate
4:49 pm
situation. we are a preview for what the rest of the country is about to handzle. we cannot afford this anymore and we cannot shelter one special group of people, public sector unions, from the ravages of the recession and have that shelter paid for by the very people who are getting hurt by the recession the most, the people in the private sector so we cannot have it anymore. i cannot worry about the politics but i do what i think is right. >>neil: it is said your celebrity is ahead of the opponent whose appreciate the moment up and your momentum and now they are going to pick you apart including a budget which they all signed off on and agreed to and now they want to, if i read it correctly, governor, go back over it line by line and reread it. what do you think of that? >>guest: well, i am thrilled they want to reread the budget. let them go lady if that is what
4:50 pm
they want to wait their time on, but we have ethics reform, pension and benefit reform. if they waste their time doing that, the voters will hold them to account for that. we will continue to put forward an active, smart reform agenda putting new jersey on the right track and if they want to go back and use the rear view mirror, democrats voted for that budget, and it was a responsible budget that did not raise taxes. as republicans, we are happy to take possession of responsibility for that budget. and democrats are playing politics down there. it is a shame they do. >>neil: and now switching to republicans, governor. there was a disarray in the republican party last night after christine o'donnell won in delaware beating a favored sitting congressman, a party favorite. at first the republicans senate committee said we will not help, we will in the fund her, and that was childish.
4:51 pm
but, today, the opposite. we embrace her. we like her. what is going on? >>guest: i don't know what is going on. that is washington politics, that is beyond me. at times. i have to tell you that. it is a simple answer: christine o'donnell or any other republican nominee should be supported by the republican party. that is why we have primaries. people decide who they want to be the nominees and they should support them. i will continue to support responsible republican candidates around the country because i believe our party has the best answers for the problems that plague our country. >>neil: in my coverage with
4:52 pm
extensive travel plan taking you to a lot of candidates across the country who would use your star power to get elected and one stop is iowa. what is going on? >>guest: i have a great deal of respect for the governor and we need to send it back to the statehouse in iowa and he asked in toe campaign for him and i said "yes," one of many places i am going and i am lane to support candidates that i feel will move our country in the right direction and that governor is one of the candidates. >>neil: any others you thing are rising stars in your party particularly standing out? and do they have, have they described the things you have in new jersey? >>guest: someone like whitman in california will bring real fiscal sanity. >>neil: she just broke the spending record.
4:53 pm
for a candidate. on a state-wide race. and bloomburg, running for mayor, had the record and she broke it. what do you thing of that? >>guest: listen, i'm not surprised. count up how much money the public sector unions spend to support jerry brown. so someone like whitman needs to spend that to say competitive in california against the public sector union machine in california that is draining the california treasury dry with the special interest benefits they have gotten from compliant governors in the past. so whether it man is doing what she needs to be competitive and she is someone to look at. and in pennsylvania, the current attorney general i am enthusiastic about and he will do a good job. and john kasich in ohio, i will work for him and go out to visit and support and i am excited about how he is doing and he will be a great governor, too. i don't want to name a bunch more names because there are a lot of good candidates, bill
4:54 pm
brady in illinois, would i will help but those are the people we need to elect, to start a fire storm across this country at the state level that will bring change to america. >>neil: governor, before you came here the president was wrapping up a pitch for the small business stimulus act. whatever they call it. and he is saying the republicans are obstructionist and we have heard from others in the administration who say that the republicans are the party of "no," trying to run out the clock until the midterm and leave it at that. what do you say? >>guest: there is no problem in my view with saying "no." when what you say no to is wrong for america. continuing growing government, continuing to pile up more debt, continuing to increase taxeson citizens, that is the wrong way to go. so if the president continues to proposal things like that, huge spending, huge debt, growth of
4:55 pm
government, it is the republican party's obligation to say "no," because that's not what we believe in. we believe in less taxes, less spending, small are government, common sense regulation, those are the things we believe in. >>neil: when you have the rallies, governor, and i have been to one the last time we had the pleasure of speaking, and you invite anyone in, and you know you can get folks that hate you and i was at one where a teacher, no big fan of yours, and last week or so there was another teacher, browbeating you and you browbeat her back, how does that go with your events? anyone come in? now after the union thing today, it could get very messy. guess -- >>guest: anyone come in. yesterday we had to turn people away because we reached capacity. today a room was absolutely packed with people. some asked questions that were
4:56 pm
supportive and some don't. in terms of how it goes, there is jersey. i expect arguments. i expect back and forth. i engage in it. i enjoy it. because that's the way we make our state a better place, that open, active dialogue, back and forth, and i am happy to stand up and defends my views. that's why i do the townhalls. >>neil: entertaining. governor christi, always a pleasure. more on him and his big impact and the tee party movement. . ♪
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