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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 14, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

11:00 pm we want to know what you thought about tonight's show, keep it here on fox news channel. good night and go to greta we'll see you there in just a minute. now here's bill o'reilly. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> right now, ryan looks like he is toxic for the ticket. >> i'm telling you, this guy is amazing. i always thought i was okay with arithmetic, this guy can run circles around me. >> bill: passions growing over congressman paul ryan. the left despises him but some moderate democrats like irskin bulls say he is good for america. charles krauthammer with analysis. >> there really is a difference between us. we don't think the government should be in control of all of this. we want people to be in control. >> there are some strong disagreements on the numbers here, paul. >> body language taking a look at what is becoming a very tense rivalry obama vs. ryan. >> i have got to tell you, the american people are engaged. if you think they want a
11:01 pm
government takeover of healthcare, i would respectfully submit you are not listening. >> bill: also tonight brit hume interviewed paul ryan. i will analyze that chat. >> the president has given us utter failure when it comes to creating jobs and creating fiscal discipline in washington. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. demonizing paul ryan. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. predictably the american left is attacking congressman ryan. they say is he an extremist, insensitive to the poor. brutal to the elderly. while mr. ryan looks like a nice guy, liberals are painting him as a political bernie madoff. alec baldwin saying the congressman is a fringe selection. quote: ryan is palin.
11:02 pm
michael moore says ryan and romney showed their militaristic colors by representing themselves on a battleship in norfolk, virginia. for some reason moore finds that offensive. my personal favorite is actress ava longoria who puts forth that paul ryan voted against equal pay for women. how could he? in reality, what ryan did was vote against the lily led better act which extended the amount of time a woman could sue for pay discrimination. so her analysis sounds kind of desperate. pardon the reference. my favorite reaction so far comes from our pal dan rather who is too frightened to come on this broadcast. >> right now ryan looks like he is toxic for the ticket. it could be as we get deeper in the campaign that this intelligent man, he is intelligent and serious man will show something that people do not now see. this is toxic in florida. i'm not saying romney will lose florida. i'm saying that as of today he
11:03 pm
has less chance of carrying it than he had before which is one reason he went to florida by himself. he didn't send ryan to florida. >> bill: paul ryan will have to convince the elderly voters in florida and all over the country that he is not their enemy. if the congressman is unable to do that he will not help the romney ticket. but as i said last night, i believe mitt romney made a smart selection in paul ryan. the congressman well understands that america is in trouble. he has thought about solving the very complex economic problems that face us. and whether you like his viewpoint or not, he is responsible and patriotic. honest democrats like irskin bowls, president clinton's staff know that. >> and the budget he came forward with is just like paul ryan. it is a sensible straightforward, honest, serious budget and it cut the budget deficit just like we did by $4 trillion. >> mr. bowls referring to the simpson boles committee reporter which the president connected. he criticized ryan last week
11:04 pm
so he may be changing his mind. ryan must convince voters is he not a demon. keep it simple and avoid answering far left propaganda. brit hume interviewed the congressman earlier today and i will analyze that interview a bit later on. that's the memo. what about florida with 2 electoral votes. two recent polls say two different things. quinnipiac 51%. mitt romney 44. a ppp survey puts the president at 48, mitt romney 47. a virtual tie. joining us now from washington, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. so, tell me who is going to win in florida, chals. >> if i knew, i would be rich and i wouldn't be here, i would be in the caribbean. on my yacht. look, i think it's very true that ryan is a risk. but i think he has got a real upside. the risk is obviously that the democrats will succeed in defining him as some wild eyed extremist by saying to seniors in florida abolish medicare or
11:05 pm
toss granny in the snow. it seems to me that is so factually false because the ryan plan and the romney plan do nothing, do not effect whatsoever anyone, not only over the age of 65, but over the age of 55. that as long as you can drill in that one fact, you have deflected that entire line of attack. the other way to deflect it, other than the facts is to bring out paul ryan. paul ryan, you can demonize him as extremist. most americans, the overwhelming majority never heard of him. until saturday. you bring out the guy. he is extremely apropos. sensible. young-looking. is he an attractive guy. it is like reagan in that first debate with carter. only debate with carter where he had been demonized extremist. people forget the polls were very close carter and reagan. after the debate where he said
11:06 pm
to carter there you go again. showed himself not to have horns. the election was over. it became a landslide. now, ryan does not have reagan's charm. but he is not threatening and he is very smart. i think the one thing romney has got to do right now, unleash paul ryan. let him go on every interview show. national show in the country. >> bill: there is a caveat to that and it comes at the end of this program when i will analyze brit hume and paul ryan's conversation today. the first solo interview by the way that ryan has given since he had been named the candidate. ryan is making a fundamental mistake right now. but i want to keep that until the end of the program. now, florida is a key state for mitt romney. mitt romney almost has to win florida. so the democratic machine and dan rather represents that. says hey, this is a break for barack obama. because it puts florida with its tremendous senior citizen
11:07 pm
electorate. it puts it almost in the obama camp right now. right now. so it's -- if you name marco rubio, for example, that would have put florida in the romney camp. but ryan puts florida in the obama camp. correct? >> it doesn't put him in the camp. it means that the next two weeks before the convention the fate of the florida vote i think will be decided. if the democrats succeed in spreading this clear and plain falsehood that the ryan plan will effect seniors today. they will carry florida. if they do not succeed in drilling in that falsehood, and i think, again, unleashing ryan will do that, then i think it can very easily go to romney. don't forget. it might initially have put more pressure on florida for romney. on the other hand, what ryan brings to the ticket is a midwest appeal. and we saw in the last couple of weeks the midwestern states
11:08 pm
the ones obama -- of the ones romney needs to win, ohio, leading all the way up to wisconsin which he doesn't have to win but is now in play, those were drifting away from romney. and ryan's regional effect is going to be the strongest in that region. >> bill: michigan offset florida. you said something very astute which shocked me. when you said people don't know who he is. americans, they don't know who mitt romney is i will submit to you that the majority of americans, they know romney's name. they might be able to put the face with the name. they don't know anything about him. and they certainly don't know about congressman paul ryan. so, then what happens is, that the republic party has got to get them known. we assume not many people will watch the conventions. you have got football starting up. you have got all kinds of things going on.
11:09 pm
how do they get them known outside of the three debates and the one vice presidential debate. county packs do that with their overwhelming money? can they get them known? >> well, i think that people do watch the big speech in the conventions. they may not watch obama. they surely know who he is. they have been there, they done that people are curious. they are going to choose for the presidency. they will watch. they will watch the romney speech. they will watch the ryan speech. they might even watch the keynote address by chris christie. i mean, think of how obama's career was launched. he gave the tuesday night keynote address. 8 years ago. that launched him to become the figure he was and eventually president. people do watch that that's a moment. but between now and then is when impressions are going to begin to be formed. and there is a barrage of democratic money being spent on these false ads. >> bill: running him down.
11:10 pm
>> republicans have to counter him with ads but most important put romney on the -- put ryan on the tube. he is very apropos. you showed that clip of him in the meeting obama called in blair house when he was working on obama. he brought in all the congressman. republic and democratic and in that conversation, ryan had the best of obama. he had him reeling. obama had as the chairman. had deflect all the attacks by ryan into the hands of softer democrats. >> we will show everybody that clip in totality in body language coming up. all right, charles, thanks very much. as always, we appreciate it next on the run down, newt gingrich scolding cnn in a very entertaining way. crowley and colmes with analysis of that body language on paul ryan scolding on paul ryan scolding president obama and visave late.
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you may remember newt gingrich scolded cnn. he scorched moderator king bringing up allegations about the speaker's former wife. last night gingrich went back to the future. >> if you are very wealthy you are going to could better paul ryan than barack obama who believe fundamentally the rich should pay more tax. >> i don't sound disrespectful if you guys all get off in a little club and learn a brand new mantra. if you want to have jobs, you have to encourage job creators. if you discourage job creators. if you engage in class warfare, if you do what barack obama has been doing. you have what we currently have. this is the worst recovery in 75 years. >> bill: here now to analyze monica crowley. the author of the big new best seller "what the bleep just happened and the always
11:15 pm
effervescent alan colmes. >> thank you. >> colmes has a book out next week. >> couple of weeks, right. barack obama seems to be getting economic pass from many in the national media i say that in a partisan way. i want you to can the partisan rhetoric because it's boring to me. we are in a bad economic climate. that is true. the main thrust, colmes, is to blame the previous president three and a half years later. which is like blaming the prior manager of the chicago cubs for this year's dismal performance not to pick on the cubbies, i love them but they are going back. we hear it over and over and over again. i'm just wondering why this continues -- why he continues to get a pass. >> well, except i don't believe it's getting a pass. i went through a bunch of headlines.
11:16 pm
abc wraps up first solo performance withstanding ovation. a bunch of headlines how obama done poorly. "u.s.a. today" economy week in second quarter. economic -- >> let me stop you. that's just reportage on numbers. it doesn't say president obama's policies have made. >> that would be an opinion. >> bill: they do what the commentator on cnn did. you rich, loving people, oh, and totally pettifogging the real calamity that is the american economy. >> that's an opinion, bill. >> look, but the opinion people are giving him a pass. i think there are two reasons. one, because he is the democrat and ideological. secondly they refuse to connect the fact that three and a half years of evidence of an atrocious economy that can be directly attributed to his policies and they refuse to make that connection
11:17 pm
because they believe in his policies. they share the ideology. >> now, when you you were for richard nixon. >> last years of his life. >> when richard nixon got into trouble with watergate. many of his very strong supporters said you remember that, right? >> they cut him a little slack for a while. but ultimately barry gold water. >> got to the point. >> fellow republicans said mr. president this is the end. >> bill: he has got to governmental for the good of the country. >> correct. >> when george w. bush got in trouble with the iraq war. many of his supporters said this is a disaster, all right? you have got to change course. i don't see any democrats, colmes, not one, not one saying it's not working. top down economy is not working. >> two problems. number one you think it's a disaster. not everybody agrees with that. >> bill: okay. not everybody agrees? >> right. >> bill: here are the facts and you must consider the facts. this is an nbc news poll,
11:18 pm
okay? is the country on the wrong track? 60% yes 32 no. "u.s.a. today" gallup poll. dissatisfied with the direction of the country. 69 dissatisfied. 28 satisfied. come on. >> polls are not reflecting that in the romney obama matchup. >> bill: that's a valid point. it pains me to admit that colmes made it. the president rises above the dissatisfaction. >> look at the numbers. stock market up 74%. s&p up 74% since he has been in office. >> bill: that's the rich people are benefiting. >> retail sale numbers came up today up for the first time -- >> bill: you are saying this economy is visibly improving. >> there is visibility the economy is improving. >> bill: when the germans were losing world war ii you could point to a victory or two and go wow, you know. >> 3 million jobs created. here is something else, we don't know what romney is going to do. he has not defined himself.
11:19 pm
we don't know what his plan is there is no better alternative that the american people feel they can go to right now. >> it disturbs me that the national press corps, all right, will not acknowledge the present situation that we have in america. that's what disturbs me. >> that's right. if you flip it and say if this had been a republic president with three and a half years of this kind of economic directly related to the your point about conservatives and republicans call into account. think about george w. bush with later meyers. conservatives piled on her and said she was not qualified. >> more ideological than performance based. i'm going performance based here, monday canchts when the iraq war was going south. had you a number of conservatives saying look what do we need to do here? in this situation actually conservatives should take a page out of their playbook. what the democrats do so well is circle the wagons right or wrong. >> bill: all right. well, there you go. barack and hard place. directly ahead.
11:20 pm
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>> impact segment tonight. public school in louisiana had a policy allowing it to test female students. aclu and other organizations threatened to sue the school. policy buckled and policy revoked. what do schools have a right to do with their students? joining us now from los angeles attorney anna sagrafa, you have been involved in some of these cases where students
11:24 pm
are told by public school administration or school board you can't do this they run and get the lawsuit and all of this. let's deal with the louisiana thing first. the basic thrust of this charter school was to test the girls. if they tested positive for pregnancy, then they were home schooled instead of being in the school. because they didn't want to send a message that teenage pregnancy was good. obviously that didn't work down there. do you agree with that? >> i absolutely don't agree with that bill, you are a teacher. you love kids. you are an advocate of education. you are defender of constitution. there are are so many things wrong with that policy. not only did it violate clearly violate federal law title nine which explicitly prohibits schools to discriminate on students based on pregnancy. it's unconstitutional. >> bill: i don't have a beef with that i probably if i were the principal of the school or the head of the school board would have said that's going
11:25 pm
too far you obviously don't want to encourage pregnancy but you do have a right to be humane and the student does have a right to be educated and it's better for society if she is so that maybe she can support the child that she gives birth too. okay. this is the big problem in public schools right now. texting with the phones. okay? here is my view on it. you can have the phone in your locker. lunchtime text or call. and if you after school you can. but not not in the hallway, not in the classroom. >> can't have the phone on your person when you are involved in academics, okay? >> okay. well, the school can certainly set policies. the school has an interest in protecting students. >> would you support that policy as an attorney. >> i would support that policy but as long as the search of that cell phone or the use of that cell phone is constricted within the limits of the constitution here.
11:26 pm
>> bill: okay. fine. we all want the constitution to be applied to public school settings. but you would support because it's a distraction you can't have these kids in class, texting and calling all over the place. you can have it in your locker but not academics, fine. we both agree. common ground. drugs. i say that as a school principal i have a right to search any school locker i want for any kind of public safety intrusion, including narcotics, weapons, anything like that. you have a locker in this school, i can search it. you say? >> i say it's okay to search lockers. there has to be reasonable suspicion. school officials can't arbitrarily based on a lunch go ahead and search, no. they have to have a reasonable suspicion. >> why can't they say we're going to do a search today on everybody's locker? we're not singling out everybody. all the lockers overnight are going to get searched. why not? >> i would argue constitutional. >> why? >> students have an expectation of privacy in their lockers.
11:27 pm
as i was saying before. >> if there is something going on. it incumbent upon school authorities to solve the problem. if it's drugs in the school think have to go look for them. i disagree with you on that. the school has an obligation because it's not on private property. it's on public property, the locker. public property. >> all that's required, bill, reasonable suspicion is all that's required. that is a very low standard. >> a lot of drugs in the school. reasonable suspicion might be some in the locker. so i'm searching them. now, what about drug testing the student? what about drug testing the student that you might feel is stoned? when i was in the classroom, i saw stoned kids i would have liked to have had them drug tested to see what we were dealing with, do you aoppose. >> i believe drug testing is okay again if there is a reasonable suspicion and again, if it involves students involved in extracurricular activities where they can put themselves at harm or others
11:28 pm
harm no. >> absolutely not. okay. >> can't be denying education because someone is pregnant. >> absolutely. >> we agree that cell phones should be regulated to the locker and not visible or not allowed during academics. and we split on the drugs. i say they can search any locker at any time. you say. no but they can drug test if there is reasonable suspicion the kid is stoned. do i have it? >> yes. you got it right. >> >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. intense rivalry barack obama and paul ryan show t to you in body language. clips from brit hume's interview with paul ryan earlier today. is it legal on the lawsuit filed against attorney general eric holder. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful.
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>> bill: body language segment tonight. big wuz buzz rivalry over paul ryan and barack obama. the two have been sniping at each other for years but the has been raised. >> difference between us. interest is a difference between us. it's basically. this. we don't think the government should be in control of all of this. we want people to be in control. and that at the end of the day is is the big difference. so what we simply want to do is start over, work on a clean sheet of paper, move through these issues step-by-step fix
11:33 pm
them and bring down healthcare costs and not raise them. that's basically the point. >> there are some strong disagreements on the numbers here, paul, but i don't want to get too bogged down. >> bill: all right, number one, tonya reiman there, body language mason. the president is listening, what is this. >> is he paying attention. what you are doing is telling the person that i'm listening to what you are saying, i'm taking it into your mind. i'm trying to decide if i agree or disagree. >> bill: is he sincerely listening to him? >> right. >> he looks a little disgusted. >> facial discussion is contemplated. here when you see somebody. >> bill: is he giving him the finger. >> no. he is not. >> when you go from this evaluated gesture to one that's covering the lips either i have heard enough of you or i can't wait to rebut what you have just said. >> bill: this right here, come back to me, come back to me, this right here is i have had enough of you. >> i don't want to hear you anymore. or i would like to say
11:34 pm
something. >> bill: is it because. >> you are literally holding your mouth shut. >> try to send a signal to him to button it up? >> yes. but the interesting thing is these two do have something in common. of course they are both bold and confident individuals. they also when you watch their nonverbals they take responsibility what they said. >> i don't understand what you said. >> when you are looking at ryan he does a lot of movements that bring his hands towards him. that's that is when you take responsibility for what's going on. >> bill: true believer in what he is saying. >> absolutely. >> bill: the president does that as well. >> the president does do that there is one similarity. >> bill: that's astute evaluation. they both believe what they say. >> yes. >> bill: secretary clinton has to go to different countries and get down. roll the tape. ♪
11:35 pm
♪ lawsuit -- [ laughter ] >> bill: where was that by the way. >> africa. isn't it. >> >> bill: of course it's africa. i believe they closed that disco after that display. all i want to know is was she having fun. >> she was having fun. >> bill: she was. >> uninhibited. not normal for her. context is significant. she seems very indifferent border line angry. >> bill: you think this is uninhibited? >> yes. >> bill: when was the last time you left the house. >> realize she is wearing this blue collar. look around her. she is the one standing out. she has these moves whether you agree or disagree with the moves. >> bill: this looks like saturday night fever for 90-year-olds. >> she was having a good time. >> bill: listen, okay. that was south africa, by the
11:36 pm
way. finally chick-fil-a the controversy, you up on that? the guy pulls into the drive-thru window the girl keeps her cool. the chick-fil-a employee. the guy is fired from his job and he apologizes. go. >> rachel, i am so very sorry for the way i spoke to you on wednesday. [sigh] you handled my frustrating rant with dignity and composure. every time i watch the video i'm blown away by really the beauty in what you did and your kindness and your patience with me. >> bill: all right. acting job or sincere. >> sincere. three quick things. first thing is he is looking around trying to replay what he did in his head. second thing he is he speaking clip tones embarrassed by what he did. as he is trying to come up with an answer, he says beauty, kindness and patience and he tilts his head to the
11:37 pm
side. exposing his own vulnerability. i think this was genuine. >> bill: couldn't you fake that though. >> you could. but, you know what? it would not match. the voice and the movements wouldn't match and here they match. >> bill: you see something stilted in that and you thought that was natural. >> yes, i did think that was natural. >> bill: i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt too. did he get his job back? i said on the air he should get his job back and i hope he did. he did not get his job back? i hope somebody in arizona hires the guy. i hope they do. tonya, thank you as always. lawsuit filed congressional committee against eric holder. i will analyze brit hume's interview today with paul ryan. the factor continues in just a few moments. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness,
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11:41 pm
>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment tonight. billing news out of washington the house oversight committee darrell issa of california suing attorney general eric holder to get documents about the fast and furious gun scandal. you may remember president obama invoked executive privilege to protect him in the case. forgive me for being cynical. you know that's not the kind of guy i am. >> not the all. >> bill: this is bs, political posturing. they are not going to do anything about this executive privilege thing. the president is going to keep
11:42 pm
those documents away from the house committee. am i wrong. >> you meant matily you may be right. just can't skip over and ignore the process that needs to go forward here. they are doing the right thing by bringing this lawsuit. they, in fact, should be entitled to the documents. this is an outrageous extension. >> bill: this is your opinion. >> this is my opinion as a lawyer. >> bill: the judge is amy burman jackson obama appointee, right. >> here comes cynicism again. you are saying give me a break, delay delay delay. ultimately will justice be denied? not if mitt romney gets in new attorney general and the documents will be turned over. >> that's what we -- we who want to know the truth, i'm not in business to put eric holder out of business. but i would like to know what happened there and if there was any coverup i think that's important. if president obama wins re-election you say probably not going to ever see those documents. if mitt romney wins, likely the new attorney general will turn them over. >> right. either way if president obama
11:43 pm
wins, you are looking at a couple of years of litigation with this case and going all the way up to the supreme court. there won't be a resolution any time soon. >> bill: so boring. >> it's an important principle. >> bill: it is an important principle but the system can be gamed and conned and that's what i don't like. >> bill: beautiful state we all love hawaii. most beautiful state in the union. however, they don't have gay marriage. >> that's right. >> bill: there is a lawsuit that's been in the state now, the lawsuit says, what? >> the lawsuit says that there were two women who wanted to get married in hawaii and this judge said no, he upheld the law in hawaii. in 19 the 8, the voters said that same sex marriage was not constitutional. they amended their constitution. so this judge. >> bill: that was 14 years ago. >> this judge upheld that constitution in hawaii says no gay marriage, right? >> yes. >> so the state judge upheld what the voters wanted? >> he said he is not going to length late from the bench.
11:44 pm
if they want to change the law. >> now it goes to appeal. >> that's the right approach. you have to understand. he shouldn't be legislating from the bench. it should be up to -- >> bill: now it goes to the ninth circuit court of appeals. those guys, come on. >> remember what happened? we're going to see how this plays out. with the highlight of topic one and topic 2 is the politicization of the process here and what happens when it goes to a court depending on who is going to hear t. >> bill: feds start to interfere in the states rights issue. do we believe the state should have the power to regulate marriage in their boundary. do we agree here. >> yes. let the people decide. stay out of it ninth circuit. let the states decide. do you have machine guns at home. >> no. >> bill: tommy gun. >> i don't have i don't own any weaponry. >> bill: ted nugent the rocker. great guitar player. unbelievable. he hates me now because i called for anybody who buys heavy weapons or ammo for said heavy weapons, should the fbi
11:45 pm
should know about it by the seller. the seller should report the sale. so ted is all crazy saying you that you can't buy machine guns legally in the united states anyway. on paper that's correct but there are two big loopholes. number one on the gun shows. okay? and the black market traffics in these heavy weapons, right? and number two, can you take a semiautomatic and make it into a machine gun. >> you can modify. >> therein lies the case in, where? what state. >> basically the ninth circuit of appeals on friday ruled that machine guns are dangerous and unusual weapons. so even if you were to make a modification. >> what was the original lawsuit. >> individual matthew wayne henry that was sentenced to two years in prison for illegally owning a machine gun, his argument was it wasn't a machine gun when he observed it. it was a modification. after market. >> bill: this guy in alaska, faith, he buys a rifle. >> um-huh. >> bill: a rifle which is
11:46 pm
legal in alaska. you have to have them because grizzly bears are everywhere. they come in and try to break into your house. you have to have a big rifle. he makes it into a machine gun. >> right. >> bill: i bet new jent knows how to do that. he shoots the machine gun out of his house a little target practice. they arrest him. twoers i don't. he says hey, you can't do that i have a right to a machine gun. the federal court, again, liberal federal court says you don't have a right under what statute? >> under the a second amendment, they said these machine guns are not protected. they do not fall under the second amendment because they are unusually dangerous. they even talked about the number of rounds, a thousand rounds per minute. >> they are for warfare. >> not for citizens to carry around. >> bill: 18 bears attack at once. you need a machine gun. all right. so what we're trying to get across here. >> at home should be able to have one. >> bill: we factor which of course is just me. i believe in the second amendment. you should have a gun to protect yourself.
11:47 pm
heavy weaponry, ted nugent, a machine gun can be made from a rifle, from an a.k. from, an ar. that kind of a situation got to know about it. antiterrorism. i guarantee you i'm going to get letters and people will shoot bazooka rounds at my house. i know they are going to do that ladies thanks very much. good to see you. >> in a moment brit hume interviews paul ryan. show you some of the highlights of that interview. i, your humble correspondent will analyze. we're coming right back. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, our pal brit hume scored the first solo interview with paul ryan since he was selected. that took place in colorado
11:51 pm
this afternoon. >> president obama said of you, he called you, just after your selection, a decent man, a family man, an articulate spokesman for the romney vision, but he said that's a vision that i profoundly disagree with. what would you say about him. >> i think that's correct. i think it is a vision that we have fundamental differences on. i think the president himself is a good family man. we have a very different idea of how to take this country forward. the president has given us utter failure when it comes to creating jobs and bringing fiscal discipline to washington. if we stick with the same plan, we will get more of the same results, more taxing, spending, borrowing, regulating. i think we have a different vision. >> we know that the t m needs to define what will happen if mr. obama is reelected and tax and spend policies continue. election is about the future of this country and i believe many voters, perhaps most, don't understand how the 16
11:52 pm
trillion-dollar debt directly effects them. the romney-ryan ticket needs to clarify that, how the debt, the spending, all of that effects each american. they need to clarify that if they want to win. secondly, the republics have to convince independent voters that they will not hurt them economically because the democrats are saying that all day long. some senior citizens, for example, fear paul ryan because he wants to reform medicare. >> what president obama does, instead of shoring up medicare's finances is he taking money from medicare to spend on obama care. here is the issue, bret, the president can't run on his record. it's a failure of leadership. there are no jobs being created, 23 million people are struggling to find work. he promised unemployment would be below 8%. it's been above 8% entire election. he promised to cut the deficit in half. 4 trillion-dollar plus deficits. he can't run on his record. >> bill: now, mr. ryan is good at marginalizing the
11:53 pm
president's economic record. he misses an opportunity and he almost had it. he almost had it there to tell senior citizens exactly how their medicare coverage will change because of obama care. few understand the upcoming changes. the republicans should be crystal clear about what the change is going to mean. i thought that the congressman was going to go there. but then he went out because everybody knows the president except for alan colmes, everybody knows he has done well on the economy. it's what's going to happen now. finally, the president is basing much of his campaign on the allegation that the romney-ryan ticket shils for corporations and wealthy individuals. wants to help them at the expense of the working folks. here's the congressman's answer to that. >> the congressional budget office even says all these tax increases occur, it could put us back into a recession. we're saying prevent the obama tax increases from hitting the economy.
11:54 pm
we know it's going to cost us jobs and clean up the tax code. stop picking winners and losers tax code. get rid of the tax rates enjoyed by the wealthy and lower the tax rate so less will be subject to -- >> bill: what tax cheryl's is he talking about. doing these interviews he needs to site specific examples so the folks will know what to expect if they vote to change who is in the white house. the advantage of a romney-ryan ticket for all americans is that it is so opposite the obama philosophy that the choice is stark. but i believe the folks have had enough political rhetoric. the president is obviously asking us to stay the big spending economic horse. but the course is bad. so the republics have an opening. but they must keep it simple and very specific if they want to win. the factor tip of the day is next. it tastes good tonight. it tastes good tonight. the [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
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>> factor tip of the day. but first, the mail... >> just remember, rich, in this country, we are innocent until proven get. >> of course i did, dave. i just insisted she address the question asked. no spin zone -- heard of it?
11:57 pm
>> i'm betting the saint is a fair and balanced guy, steve and i'm not in trouble. >> well, you can be both. >> my vj adventures with the catholic nuns are well chronicled in my book, jorge. but there was no payback. i admire the sister and every american who works with the poor, no matter what their politics are. >> i said that miss mitchell was not in the editing room and that's true, rick. my job is to tablet truth. andrea mitchell is espousing a
11:58 pm
liberalview point on the air and i am report thank >> we won't mess with texas, mike. we are in houston the next day. tickets going fast. finally, signed copies of "lincoln's last days," out to waco, texas and. they wrote me nice letters. it is for children in grades 4 to 8, an adaptation of "killing lincoln" that will be out next week. we hope you like the book. finally, the tip of the day. according foa new study, mississippi is the chubbiest state in the union and colorado is the slimmest. it leads to bad health and much pain. most of us like to snack, but snacks can make us fat. here's one that tastes really good and is 100 calories per bag. popped chips. i am not endoartion the chips,
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