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tv   JN1 Headline News  PBS  November 6, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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used long ruling will i live . the new zealand chile and more. field of lacie has been elected is new york city's new mayor the liberal democrats will replace michael bloomberg who spin off its speed twelve years. that was it defeated his republican challenger to sit the foot of the campaign based on the idea of bringing the upper and lower costs is clean sit together define equality in his victory speech as the defining challenge of our time throughout his campaign because it was critical of stop and frisk policies
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increased by ten but unused ads featuring his effort school teen teenage son dante to argue with that that discriminates against young black man former israeli foreign minister having to meet them and has been found innocent of corruption charges by two recent court meaning is now poised to return as the jewish state's top diplomats. he remained a member of the xray the parliament and the head of the user of the telcos he was indicted in twenty twelve for illegally using his influence to pulse the korea to the following israeli diplomats. following the announcement and not guilty but it's the women cent discount is behind me and focusing on the challenges ahead . i am the refuse on him more. our
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ward. we read few months ago we studied hard for real but it's going to sleep. by the terms of the agreement can be understood in which we launched. i'm sure a lot of progress. he doesn't receive the host indians. continuing with incitement. continuing to create artificial prices continue to look for him away from the store decisions i made it to mid june. so i hope that we will continue in good faith and drop the parties together the first place. this can be achieved. with good faith with a serious effort on both sides. to make a real
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compromise is hard decisions this can be achieved president obama sees the road ahead as do i. and we share a belief in this process so we wouldn't put this guy can do it i eye long . made in heaven is not your average reality show. it is the first ever series in the will which got the room feeling duped into the very closed and he will of the matchmaking of people a true religious who still use the traditional way you getting to know him into his own warm mdm. you mdm. van the kg. so reality show. she
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participated in last season of dancing with the stars she had to come and see the show when she heard the concept i've been thinking i couldn't believe that there will be a reality says that the vote. it really just use very own purity has been about max made of that i think he is now something about it at the top and a student and being in the genes and that the religious non religious makes taking intriguing and interesting mix that i got to teach him to go hug a friend that because all that i find something different. to re create the neatly explains to us how this project came to be on the religious people died that participated. i realized that their own ideas about the anime in one scene and not sexy. then home. you know the whole concept became much more open and an update
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on the mannix to open and to be very honest in front of the cameras and new and nm or you he will he has to in the orthodox community thanks to producer of the shoshone there who feels very fortunate to have been able to capture it all on camera is very very precious this subject and the beekeeping very very and kills and the gaudy would like to know very very weak we do not need much care and one of the aggie amazing things that you can find out said today. the question was that down. don't like us there. normal people. the tv that he's trying very hard and annie's sticks colds and nom. the good feelings the one to one xd one of finding a soulmate the one to find that the wind. i was amazed. those young people so serious so on so mature so i
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promise that i am in and unfocused about their admission is your next break in has other benefits because it lets you understand. who is a compatible person for you to see some paper and then if you fall in love that's like an extra bonus you know like your grandmother's use its allies to have to peek into someone who will be compatible and only use your heart. so that's what they're trying to do. yes but on this the matchmaker on the shoe she wasn't afraid to expose the hidden world of orthodox jewish matchmaking on reality tv. i'm not afraid to admit i do the same because and i know that most think it's from god and believe me making it to me it sounds so reasonable. i went to this great snack or everybody wants me that i would have new and need news lately and
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really knowing me. we went to work out that the film ended and how many of the couples actually haven't eaten any terrific apples so got married. the rest of them are still sing on sun night the project which was financed with his release and cast a yes was filled for over two years and has gotten a lot of international buzz and now several tv networks around the globe. looking into making a localized version about this juice communities which in one of dr jacobson at the max in heaven for me are in the madonna i have. the jody repeated has become a new kirk family consort and workers with thousands of pre painted in various regions of the kingdom. maybe two thousand and one cents expatriate men and women were arrested in jeddah. we counted small captured elsewhere in the country more rates are expected on businesses markets and residential areas to catch
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expect rates whose visas are unbounded. witnesses reported areas where many foreigners live and work reaches a stage and in some places before seen scaring the sound of police sirens going in the capital riyadh. thorn is unseemly and how schools outside of deportations and to volunteering trip to time the enforcement of visa rules monks another attempt and a black market cheap imported workers and consequently free or private sector job. the saudi nationals. the official said the unemployment rate to twelve percent excludes those numbers citizens who say they're not looking forward to it. about one million foreigners mostly unskilled laborers of domestic workers live alongside eighteen million saudis in islamic states the money they expect rates and easy to send him to places such as ian and in purity of the philippines and pakistan the two. the united kingdom has been exposed reportedly using high tech
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equipment to squat on the button to start benjamin jones london to morocco from the record that the indian embassy. the taste diplomatic mission is to me to go into details from the german parliament's and the offices of me were selected representatives including the go. damaging revelations result in the uk is ambassador of being summoned by the german foreign ministry where the british diplomat was warm but tapping communication from an embassy would be a violation of international ngo. a spokesperson for uk prime minister david cameron said that britain has an excellent relationship with merkel's government which would continue to be the sport's best known to claim the uk intelligence services operate within a legal framework despite recent revelations suggesting otherwise britain's cold war tactics works crews in tow can easily buy american was a blow at this late in the uk and us have now been implicated in a series of clandestine operations which may run country's human rights legislation into school the us national security agency has also been accused of secretly monitoring
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the school's mobile phone in the teens i knew from german politicians on from the general . european any pc also express their outrage with a friend of friends going operations deployed by america. this growing scandal is helping limited to north america and europe china has also been on the clarification us operations in australia alter a sydney newspaper reported that australian indices across asia pulse the u s espionage operation the iraqi debt will take the olympic torch in this case has been hauled into position in kazakhstan covered with the insignia of the two thousand fourteen sochi winter olympics the russian booster rocket was erected on launch pad number one also known as the dire and start ahead of the launch scheduled for the seventh of november at the bike the newer cars with rome. the rocket will carry the soyuz tm eight eleven am and its treatment cream to the international space
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station where russian cosmonauts on a coat off and said he plans on ski will take the torch for a spacewalk on the ninth of november. the torch will then be returned to earth on the eleventh of november with iss expedition thirty seven to continue its journey across russia ahead of the start of the winter olympics in sochi on the seventh of february the were is you. a thirty six year old transportation security administration officer who was wounded in a deadly shooting attack in los angeles international airport last week has spoken about the ordeal for the first time tony greig speed walked with a cane as he read a statement outside his ailing home the officer was shot twice in the right foot by gunmen during the attack when he was trying to help an elderly man to safety. this great person my new photo frame or no clothing. i taped it to say that sick people. no people like my mother she was if it
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isn't in there for six years nonetheless the summer or the person i spoke i had to do some at the picnic time alot people would get saved even begin to santa authorities say great. he plans to return to work after he recovered its los angeles airport police chief touch again and says that gun control or rather lack there of is the problem. excess sad commentary on the united states. the issue. i am so troubled but the issue for me as i go. rather our time on some of the on some of the other thanks for the royal summer and some of the other dishes that are involved here that needs a robust federal and the nationwide discussion the suspect policy and see a show to the airport looking like a normal traveler and there was nothing about him that would have raised suspicions and twenty three year old unemployed motorcycle mechanic he is accused of shooting his way past an airport checkpoint with a rifle he pulled from his duffel bag. he was shot four times by airport police
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and prosecutors have charged him with murder of a federal officer and committing violence at an international airport . it's the new school term in the cheap route maps had to pull the keys takes two to two schools in the gaza strip which you don't recognize isr between the training season to admit though should be considered palestinian. the school books to focus on is in need and can typically associated with jewish culture not been seen as being racist and toronto mature each his own fabricated. he takes pics since they designed it seeks the arabs now. with all their it restriction across the middle east. since it failed to mention the nineteen ninety three it was the colts which this ongoing israel and get set for palestine liberation
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organization the deal brokered by american president bill clinton led the creation of palestinian self government and leaps over future peace deal. just months ago a number of goals this summer camps with exclusive being and he's really needed to train for the young people in the camps which reportedly included kidnapping and shooting training well from clay creek seething mass of the islamic union the contents of this apartment in munich upholds the regime but have now been two cents and thirteen said the art world to help us over fifteen hundred paintings had been stolen by the nazis and stashed away for decades in this flat these works of art were looted from private jewish collections in german occupied france and belgi between nineteen fourteen nineteen forty four. this is just one of the painting was recovered. it's by a french
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artist in a remote east called seating warming. this is a work by german artist max lieberman entitled to horsemen at the beach and this is a formerly unknown painting by french artist mark should call in total experts estimate the hall to be worth around one billion us dollars. german magazine focus which broke the story over the weekend so the owner of the neckline and inherited the works from his father a former museum director commissioned by the nazis to sell the paintings of beyond would instead chosen to keep some of them. the nazis branded certain types of art is on german and degenerate and propaganda minister joseph goebbels try to sell the art work abroad to make some cash for the nazis while experts consider the works to be of huge artistic value the task of returning them to their rightful owners could take many years and poses a huge
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legal and moral problem for german authorities. jewish groups have urged that the origins of the artworks the research as quickly as possible so that is polluted or extort and they can be returned to the original owners. a dell children's rights greatest costume and he tells of one thousand images webcam offenders to hold the information came from and to my true love for child abusers can cope with the aid of a complete it generates its ten year old filipina go to the fullest like the concerns of the webcam child tourism i'm going to release greetings to you and beyond joe citizen does. the us
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sites. all you want your children. it's going to last violet. jewelry. our goal since he will be children's rights group said they intend to raise the public's awareness of the stuffing activity. we have to make sure that everyone has this will mean yes that's a huge scale and nature often sinister from now. so we borrowed a petition. the game and their estimates for this week to put pressure on politicians to do something about this phenomenon united nations believes that any one time they are around seven hundred and fifty thousand potential section that is all mine. dallas isn't on my feed if india could come in several able to multi billion to open over the industry in
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scale. i am. i . the bank of israel has been appointed her name is dr cullen each field andy's latest news just as much enthusiasm on the israeli street scene and this woman will now be governing an innocent the three other women already serving as ceo is at major national israeli beignets. if you go to a very well the fantasy is a woman with little cafe. note this experience i think it's about time that we have some the man saying that while at the custom of the double fault that the canadiens and on the bottle but that was that mad face and then happy about that. i think we should have women in the league positions especially in our financial sector. and i think it's a good thing that we have women in sa for those of
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the chairman. and we should let women down run our economy i think at the zoo to what the vet staff. this is an example that women can be anything they want and i on the stage and they just want it. i think that is a a man in the amended to overly tolerant. a special treats to a woman in the workplace which are different than those of you and many israelis believe that was close to work when he and i won in the same. i think that is no different than men and women. what what is important is that both the both of them man and woman have their fortifications. i think it's the same. and they don't think they'll use of data anyone to decide a judge of that because she's the woman i think they should decide the age of dirt about toward him. it seems that she was the best amanda lee min. a full good job i'm doing now a
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week to get them addicted i not until six landed the fat lady but back to sand. it's not the bow that she's a woman is valid that is the best in the tub. some believe women are doing exactly but the new things to do. and it's costing them all responsible community areas of the isaac newton down finances s i believe in women and i think we should let them listen to put them in non fossil positions female at the top of things that men don't have like that but some bad patient. they had intelligence that helped a dead man. d and then some kind of intelligence that the dollar man has it's doing in this position with a vague kind of humanity. and soul is a custom of the precincts that signal to load a man at the same human that these it's deserving this position do with the summer. i think it's a threat isn't like that and the need to be exempted for many many other countries that the judge women. they've
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just because del women. her first speech as israel's new central banks he forgot to commit to address the issue of the arab and jewish ultra orthodox sector is and are lacking for dissipates. he is really worth forest that's taking a toll on the israeli economy. today's appointment was well accepted in this around and says is an example for many around the world fritz and one can see none of these kids are as i know i love to teach artists latest edition of the twenty six cents to compete at nine series has been launched with a party held in london's two arena to mafia types in as well as either three hundred die in stores like me need not score like that the new kite. the court asked you to dine on some staggering statistics dank react as to
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dates and climb the one thousand nine hundred is up nine might not stop in a single guy like me and sometimes around the world now when you nail into the stands. this is for certain i was out again that's very busy at me and then go play in it makes sense. then expired and they get more tax than about making sure we get it that's for the past week and because we know. they stand in the midst of a good time to roam the streets of the cute right for them if not release of the time sleeping to get the kind to small route was to the guy in my statistics some stores even went as far as calling special minutes pretext to keep the fires of man todd is marching in and outs of the shell. secondly the flags out a week. i think i am. you look so cool to teach us marks ten years since the wallabies kd series begun the college who is set to become one of
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the fence kinds that were the lowest among starts on the market stocks are coming next income students ups for the xbox one . the latest footage from the deal jane is one of israel's largest in theaters has seen it once derelict fields tending to apply when sports complex for the residents of the country's tax neighborhood of the sixty eighth in a bra. the cool kids say they're excited by the sports options which include an upgraded the school course and facilities for today the cost of the renovation ran into the hundreds of thousands of shekels and integration of sites atl jayne appel chan in the stands lead to double the organization is usually involved initiatives related to environmental concerns social projects are also high on its list of priorities since its founding in nineteen eight one retail chain that has haunted more than two points and fourteen million trees surround israel
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in a pinch more than one thousand cars the realization was recognized in two thousand and two for its accomplishments when the israeli government awarded the israel prize which is handed out nearly a lifetime achievement an exceptional contributions to israeli society. the mm the festival was established in two thousand and seven to create a vibrant film called to amongst the region. every upto the film that uses direct as an act as both local and international get a key aide to see what the industry has to offer the film festival aims to encourage fostering growth still making the out of quotes by showcasing movies from the region and local filmmakers. what makes it that the film festival stand out from any film festivals in the region. it's only did and may mean that kind but the treaty the treaty pizza
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and a steam basket to find the secrecy of the divine office of love. bendigo purpose of them and some different schools that are now in the morning from universities the role helping to build industry it in the uae. and the only thing that i'm wasting away of these different is the uniqueness of the risk of competition because this is where it'll start to two goals from the ritz from completion and no it's being part of the big festival year the whole cinema movement in you we start to the number not be with the aim is to compass in two thousand and two i think of it ever so so so so following that kind of soul. and then trying to build assault on bass and fireworks. hopefully someday will be apple invest in the country. i've seen them and to teach us in honoring the gulf region is gradually evolving into the mainstream it is tiny tots at the local winning filmmakers are facing in what is traditionally a male model industry and society we don't look too
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mano. one man and if indeed the plough which happens is that this coming from a female syndicate this is eccentric was because some some kind of the feeling you get in optics on you when you're on a steamy of undeveloped. this was one of only a few of the mail. not always about aig's the engine about. i think that's the result also challenge with that. if you can adjust the end of his own although we have that we would see that to the end result is a board to replace also a new piece. so i went to police and i ate us and giving parents and that highway list above tie with the theories that typing this down because everyone has just ended up like the highway at it and it's vital to any toys take in everything as president and that's not the right to eight hour away where supply the art of yelping and fifty s so this is the main point
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that i wanted to add it to take the kids cute i feel and the film festival is scant and is focused on fostering and promoting to preach film co chair of the region. it celebrates the best actors actresses direct is the movies in the middle east countries prestigious gathering that lpg says finance as executives and filmmakers from all over the wilds. i was actually there are any. and this is the thing on. it is amazing tested and that's if he's got stuff out. the photo to end the line. i was them all and that success in conduct to keep my phone for regional filmmakers avid at the film festival is dedicated to establish new discoveries in the uae and gcc countries container on any teaching moment at the doubt be. i the i know who. i am. i mean
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to me. will. who are. will you the day. . the he makes
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globally minded people sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works done or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven windmill new. since. green turns out i won all ten democratic progressive party has demonstrated strong determination in winning the great too tight to me our own election next year. after a former dpp secretary general sued john turner withdrawal from


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