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with the aim of ultimately making it an official olympic sport. are. the we were we russia's foreign minister hassan to ukraine for ignoring the international roadmap to peace. up to find people like caleb and chuckling to write this one to choose between one pm and the nt government to eat it generational afghanistan's children struggle for survival was fined millions of dollars in humanitarian aid from foreign powers by now needing to contract its website. nonsense continues with ctmh gaza last year was sold to have joined this team win battles. he recalls and
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the europeans are they going to change. fan. it seemed to not so kind to my looks welcome to the problem. some defence forces are on high and that's in the eastern ukrainian says he looks of the alice country deadly shooting at the checkpoints will find people killing issues found work a truce announced the decision during easter. smith claimed that time has won the nba's of the new notes to write sexy group posting a number of points. we are in the town of ten hundred in eastern ukraine away on sunday morning finds people were killed when members of the white stick to attach to the point exactly like this one. as a result of just about everywhere in the town now has a lot just like that
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with ty and go to the alms man. the situation is stable and quiet still almost no newspapers in the town which means that most people can actually don't really know what's happening. so at least four times like this one that had been taken by these activists as one told me today that ends tomorrow dumbass. he was just like this on to the room that only new deal was killed the ukrainians of this even when you're extremely angry with what this is an illegal government in kiev. the new mail on the town has called on the russian president to protect the population because of the things mike seemed peaceful. a sydney is an undercurrent of anxiety and tension. there is a curfew in place and a tonne on farm at nine ten till six o'clock in the morning no one has the mount on the streets tomorrow tuesday the three presidents who was old and will be buried. until then it is extremely tense. c a r
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t seventh. in ukraine trainer has won eight of the peace accord agreed upon and cheneto css thetate spends on russia's forgn iniste sergei in the brawl which furnished he is and then it's good to contr its inspiti the country she's authorities did not think the dole if the single finger to find the causes of the steep prices they can't or don't want to control the extremists who continued to hold it to us. let's not take a lesson that i don't think anybody lunch at ricky's fast. all stories to refrain from monitors the difference although in the new congress made is on the metal buildings and places in acc should be the case said the agreement else requires an amnestyor perspectives and thus not locally is a bold financial tunnel connects the ridge extending to all regions and that it's not all signs are committed to fulfilling these conditions after the year for
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an offence china's new top bbc's creative needed to get an atm for ortiz. links to this agreement. their actions saying it was out and created an operating in the estimation the office to get the hook to escalate the crisis. the portion of it the resolution eighteen eighty in ukraine was sick and weak auto parts he's using our destination the jakarta office in beijing neo group bought the rights to several democrats. eugene brown who happens to quell dissent kiev has known for its mission operation to quell the unrest and the east which is free gaza separatism and terrorism. the cooling down again last tuesday after protests is an unknown amounts mason to leave the administration and security offices able to climb in about ten feet is one of the fetuses confrontations happened in this you can call it that when people to monitor the pace to step down. they
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seized the headquarters adelaide town hall. he and began its offensive cheese is all the fuss casualties four percent says are posted every monday on the stove and am feeling and the town's upcoming talks. three more accountable and say to mr mason this is him are you pull the same day ukrainian soldiers refused a about people and switched sleeves and the town of advanced features thisranchise was seen on beyond their means by alleging that on a lazy of me and the rest of donetsk region and to this i still have the reading. ensure say they were uneasy with orders to find locals in eastern ukraine discount that council in the niche operation and some spectacular offences in the initial section on skype on. pinkerton and all crimean thompson os has now been restored. das think mine nor is he was among those deported from their reach in
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fine style in the suspected them of collaboration and decades now. i've been second in the decrees now been screened guaranteeing every ten of them releasing pleasing and tilting tonne stock as one of the region's average among which is backing group. i wish a nation in crimea indian and the second century ad was forcibly removed the second world war two and not to re scan in nineteen eighty nine and says then husband finds and to restore the drawings his intuition has signed a decree on monday sent the press is most critical funding means that as it sat down to becoming part of russia. what was in balance as to when they meet a bunch of close to entering in western ukraine with the us senate is calling for tougher sanctions. that's when most is not looking to china for future business deals including the construction of this article was not signed the rain has linked line all season does this present the key to peel them explains
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the consequences of any kind even cry he says including told some white this time says while alienating last day for ms weston pond is like never before. additional consequences that we can impose on the russians they will be additional and far reaching consequence is that it matches against twenty one individually. there will be a suspension of political relations between the european union and russia me i'm going to be lacking on sanctions. let's go press it means the process is looking east. seeking cousin ties with china and taiwan to one of the poorest economies in the law became second largest in just three decades the countries in the deals i couldn't see foreign investors offering access to private side. this helped the asian powerhouse but if awesome than the easy largest economy down the day according to the economist newspaper is set to become the largest economy within the next fight is not always that all the time has already
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passed a milestone in the coming months not days trading nation. most say that while meeting the needs and it seems to fuel the economy that eleven hour day chasing a price for siberian gas which is expected to provide the wild smes and see how they can team up with it that cd is black called russian gas. rough time at need easy access to the european markets. the second daily that the more support than crimea which could act as the townsfolk are dill from the actu that time the intense this could mean at least one point five the team going to be a full time the down side to side missions organize sciences as far as nonsense heineken sunday is pretty much full steam and hats most good and beijing have been wanting to do fire that decade is expected to be fine in a field next month when presentation has east china
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expert and union believes the milk on the ship is in the offing one which could challenge the international economic status class both countries are at the cost of the whole school. you're a show essentially. i say this there because the interest of both countries are beginning to converge on a wall of all police forces and russia has in abundance. also because though to political causes tuitions awesome. what a banshee on from one to school when i ran on to chart a child would be mostly about bento sporting the damage it was also costly areas which are like the people who only too well so full of america and post race modes of payment system. and because of false assumptions is huge and the punters are likely to be porous. also let us all of them calls me tell you which taught us to zone out to your connection with a winning day mimi hall told the bombings have been counted in
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afghanistan's presidential election is still in kl the country will manage to avoid the risk of lung health by former foreign minister abdullah abdullah is parenting the need but so far he's for a show called the required fifty percent of the vines to secure funds from the tree. officials here have one don't a long time from the intersection time on the us led forces at play but kumble costume looks kind of crucial security punks which would see up to fifteen thousand american troops remain. that's the point is to lose. the suns and told sydney hands embracing put the wise all season they seek to pass the story and he might find some of the images in her pool just at bay desperate cries and traveled bodies. this is what acute malnutrition is doing to an estimated one million children across afghanistan the country's only pediatric
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hospital doctors do what they can. there are more babies coming here and more dying too. there is no famine in afghanistan but a combination of factors has created the perfect storm. most are his three month old who weighs less than a newborn but they have smooth muscle wasting of time. severely dehydrated and in shock. she doesn't have the energy to cry her mother couldn't produce breast milk and says there was no money for food life is still in danger. i don't know she'll be fine or not. ignorance and hygiene also play a role. the three month old boy who was born healthy but it has deteriorated. you experienced mothers but sometimes feed their infants. he was born i made with dirty water the growing problem. un figures show that the number of severely malnourished children has doubled since twenty twelve. doctors here
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report a similar increase it's not clear why there are more and more cases like this across afghanistan poverty lack of education and of course for all to blame. what is clear is that despite years of western involvement and billions of dollars of humanitarian aid to children's health crisis in afghanistan is getting stunted generation. more than half of afghan boys and girls suffer irreversible physical harm because they didn't get enough food in the first two years of life. and despite international efforts. a third of the population goes hungry. there has been enough money. i expect some pain. up in the home and is concrete i expected but these people have been cuter and give religion and apartments. not that awful foot ten dollars just to come to call both of treatment. i can take a maths even now. ok so this program
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we we wish. this has not happened. with these burdens of dollars. the problem is warm. in provinces like mind fighting has disrupted my hips and push people over the edge. the charity doctors without borders has expanded its facilities here to cope with the rising malnutrition but in other parts of afghanistan are simply nowhere to go. and we are the one that is going on and on like this with carols on most of the time that i discussed it. but in the form of the votes than the other is most often means that there is no medication off its coast so that even though the hot headed to the pediatric hospital doctors are getting ready for sharp rise in patients the summer fighting season is likely to exacerbate the problem. there's an even bigger warrior looming ahead the departure of foreign combat troops at the end of
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the year. this is the commissar for everybody even for un educated people who do not know how to feed their children. all of the international community to leave us. what will be the best hostess people warren. every day. war and every street so called wall coverings of people. bake in the economy and. everything about. the afghanistan's next generation can only hope to avoid. the sea captain of our team couple. many afghan children are also forced a bad one tip top physical labor to provide for themselves and their families it's estimated more than ten min inch wooden in the country house full of part time jobs. many begin to let as many fakes in jobs like mining construction and a fawning and aaron also got a sunburn henderson child made up of that one day one
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month by funding is and didn't know it. coming up in a standings on the scene financial fortune promises to leave the house behind. ms booth said the countries of the right to economic recovery. the citizens asking to go up to three days of hunting or just can't bring you the full story short we're just jiggle pull out faces of pounding rain and not sharing his princely income from inherited profits off i the reality tv is still there. he's killing children. the era dawning of our conditions. ask. kenya the field who is still hiding the truth from us. i don't know why. they have children on their own units alleged to have pecans protect our children's teeth
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the two language. news programs and documentaries in arabic. it's cold here on our team. reporting from the world. we are keen to be an intriguing story. are you here the trial of the arabic for no more visit our big old auntie don't call and i. am
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seems not so well combined as the ceiling called pink rhinestone thousands of foreign point is enchanting to honda's levels again as president of the knowledge that can come from child and subtly over eighteen and ten easier than the numbers apart and analysis from the few of my dishes take out loans that are essential in the stomach and the thing is. according to the international center for these deals radicalization. they could not be needed eleven thousand individuals from the seventy nations on the grounds in syriac and almost two thousand and nine is up for western europe. it's a staggering eighteen percent of may in time for an a level population in the country the main entrances of this reprise from the continent of france and britain to get that come from all of the seven hundred people the next day states indiscipline mindful as co brigade from belgium germany and died in athens but it's not just about been and is paying off. they also get to increasing and get it
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sometimes only fifteen or sixteen years old. just listen to two teenage cows and bulls are issued bonds from their homes in chad to join the war as the son of the vocalists. what will we say right now is in the late it's to adm spate of bad people from europe coming as he fights in the warrants area it seems the two bills at age sixteen and fifteen have go mad and to take off the net and mg cars with palm leaves only found out about this on to head the sole posts that were placed on social media now all the bases developing at the moment it is worth noticing that and there are these some skepticism about the heat it in a sea of some of the photographs that if the input times and it seems that some of these photographs that and show the bill surrounded by armed men brandishing an ak forty seven survey of being at photographs that we've seen in the past all of this comes is just the late is to make a line of that mess of
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instances which we've seen in which people from western europe of going head to syria resort just recently an eighteen year old mom. roma and from some in britain with skills and fight scene in syria. we have seen other instances of people from the chimney where i am that instead of being killed placing the culprit. then it was fun to one belgian father son was groomed into joining the islamist rebels in syriac to nietzsche and don't make one to the war torn country to plan his child and bringing bond said european governments oh well aware of the prelim on the youngsters being sold to syria to point it was her standing down each week. don't know what is said that the body. more advance notice they are influenced by the internet the web is also learning that the oldest websites as how to write about it on the internet for what the government. most of
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the juvenile yes and all the nations that noah. in the hopes that tomorrow the unknown with a wobbly bits from this the government to know the government the topic the people then the goat pen and did a lot of the gospels but he did real. this was rather quiet. you can never see them. no never. i'm not chinese that can change the future serial becomes his own wake this one as the presidential election will be held in june and the fact. then came shortly on the move will start time just counseling the parliament building in the scent of damascus. this is charles killed three people according to state means that the presidential poll of despair and it has to rule the country. thanks ann and is present on sundays and wind expected to win just find it so yeahh pricing gains his role which spiraled into civil war. i was assigned blahs has hit a police check points are
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awfully cute funky compass the bomb explosion killed at least ten people and injured dozens more. minus the sessions leading up to next week's parliamentary election. the firm has since us forces left the country the other. and most of her senses and that is why i've destroyed and features of the country's president in an easter whining they called the resurrection democracy peace with water cannons and tear down this is because it's mine and process again speaker was missouri's governments confident every time i sat on a little forced during three years of crippling the stairs he can only think is appointed fortunes of finally being on the way down. but some some paint on and away from the reality on the ground with many locals claiming line has never the honda engine from our reports this is johnny dollar on the iran
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easy if you beat the cake is portugal's economy is expected to grind or shrink into this tiny needs. but on the streets of lisbon. not everyone shares the government optimism tiana runs a key to teaching in one of the ccs course to st when etienne. i never would. that the wounded with a lot of problems. there's a lot of folks to follow the tree line. obama and he's one of them coming on a summer projects teach the trees and the meal that his dad i have new work school family to meet this kitchen is the only good thing has happened during the crisis. young and old together. on another table held a portuguese stevens told me he seems to change ahead. the mini. the truth there was no choir was
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appalled when i know would probably be working as a youth camp on me. it is a different message coming from the portuguese governments during explosive tasting tours and prompted the deputy prime minister to claim his country is back on some political commentators insist it's there it's the consequence. people love the feeling has recalled read with the disease in macroeconomic arms. and in all good and analysis of oracle and the art and telling us that the men in the contests are better. i led them to denise's claimed he felt any time seeing the neighborhood tonight when etienne. even then when employment is full and he's still twenty percent in the cross time coach who was leading financial daily says headline figures are misleading. the number they were pointing general corbett the situation but the people of the better for everyone and of cos majority for the west for the last resort it will take a long long time
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old christine see that sprung up during the crisis remains in central eastern depicting the country tied to the demands and pasting to the truly care. they may be said that singing enough when polish even exceeds the price that next month. shrugging off the site to produce disparity is deep and will take on not longer. country from a posse missed them. a european club of regions seeking more autonomy from that source has just won big at its threat to western province where thousands of locals and stepping out that calls for more freedom to decide that he checked to see us home too we want on busy during disputes. and also show the uncertainty over eighty as up to seventy new cases of incurable disease gospel across the nation find out mold the threat from a set called me the easter spirit recent run on what's right. one of
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the richest monkey's in the wild been britain's prince charles faces questions with a pencil to penny pinch and a stunning come from inherited hope she wakes the next plane to some every single day. on a boycott has been hearing calls for the act of sch some ninety eight million pounds supermarket decade despite the apparent hotels example cricket ground donald prison which raked in six hundred and sixty seven thousand pounds was in an embrace from the government just some of the assets and installs its private estate search business and cayenne it made nineteen nineteen million pounds last year seventeen due to the rule of my stress not that pain and rage against the boston kick your counties at devon and cornwall now we've just come across it retains its own type of one pound fifteen knots in which gays to prince
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charles beat is great since that is an intimate that i have not seen it all the portage river that's been found in times of war said prince child is somewhat of a medical to st and jen's midst of the cornish full story including betis and hobbits sent a cable pay the morning feet to the friends medieval or dictates that any dolphins and whales. this is all stats and found around the corner sky east coast and the oil finish the duchy of cornwall next week and eager advice from the government. when terry. if you didn't carry in cornwall with down to braille here is the case to its trials. even treasure washed up when the cornish beach the gnomes to the tee the bill will extend the house of lords. and to prince charles as medieval privilege is going to sector you have to do certain things like during the main thrust
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of his famous publishing the middle of the private sector you don't but you have to pay taxes. the body lol the new neice he means the midst of the time that you can. cornwall is above the door to get the feeling that the chico would just treat it very much is that business for instance a hero to the god you shouldn't have to obtain a license if you wanted to come and seasons he has to do cheap oil will fall to his sleazy business opportunities they seek to many and i did see a tory of secrecy means that the three hundred g as historians aren't really as i've been complaining about lack of transparency in the weight of the stem of the princes of wales is due on the insurance the arrogance and privilege on the one hundred things that us he's a private estate except when it's inconvenient in which case it's normal requirement is part of the crown and choice of creamy cheese. this fanciful easter spring offensive. one when a statistic on tuesday
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was affected. he sang his mind really is the duchy of cornwall has refused to comment on a bleak and auntie corey lowe. the latest edition of safety and kyle is coming up next hill house cleaned. not sure what i say fisherman as a means of pushing his former master. i lived in our room. i knew you the room. ill people we see democracy should mean how or why the people of the people hopefully sometimes for the people. when this people power system gets disgusted with the boils down to voting and being able to stand right side but that is very narrow view. one new washer law broadens the idea of democracy by giving citizens the ability to defend order by working with the police or
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forming their own peoples malicious. the law also forces local and regional governments to create the conditions necessary for these militias called her she knows to arrive. i think this is a good thing because despite our supposed love for people power. we're pretty much helpless in a modern democratic system to do anything about crimes and bad behavior that we see the governor wants is to keep our heads down mouth shut and call the police for any and all problems and who knows when or if they'll respond having the ability to direct effect what happens around you seems very empowering and thus very democratic. and well i've always wanted the authority to teach those sleazy teachers getting drunk outside a lesson in the attic but that's just my opinion room. i'm new in london
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will we will . oh and welcome to nice line it's a tuesday april twenty seconds and catherine comanche into account. investigators in south korea are trying to get a clearer picture of what happened during the sinking of the ferry so will their stunning text messages sent by passengers and crew members. you must know when or if the crew told people to confront awaits those nine officers and prosecutors are trying to figure out exactly when the ship


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