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tv   European Journal  PBS  May 4, 2014 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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something new on going series of seventeen ninety when your watching them. i knew. well welcome to europe in general coming to you can think of these idiots. is what we have the investigation all the indentation one more incorporate say things that it is lovely. records like it's only five days after the big bad play. and how dare not say sometimes falling look of the stabbing happened. some fourteen thousand critically ill people in europe are currently waiting for a new kidney patients have to wait six to seventy eight is on operates the organs of deceased patients are in high demand but the number of
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people carrying will continue to cause it is quite low and kidney donations from living people on strictly regulated in most european countries to prevent abuse. danny for example patients can only receive cute niece from them and that it's all from close friends. it's an entirely different situation in britain where every healthy pets and kendra just as a potential ten. since two thousand and six the number of volunteers has been steadily on the rocks. in. steamed some cool new tools and his bride in july. if all goes well his son will be accepted at the music consists of the tree. life has been good to him. his apartment in the prestigious architectural fun. his children. his health was holding on. i've been produced. and why do banks don't think that is the suitability of the levy would ruin me. and this is such a life changing thing for somebody here you're
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giving somebody a new lease of life a new line and if i'm able to do that safely. why don't i the goal will happen to see if the reports of a bone in chicken meat in this and couldn't get it down to his head. the more i listened the more the idea of being able to donate a kidney to stranger the two. took me over. he was the idea that was taunted him. didn't pay much attention to the time good thinking about it. he witnessed the suffering caused by kidney disease. one of his relatives had to undergo dialysis and eventually died due to lack of agenda the goals come originally from india. people from the indian sub continent and to present a kidney problems. very few compatible dentists in britain. it was one more reason for going to stand by his decision. as children supported the idea
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for three years now he's been living with only one kidney. he still perfectly healthy. the play called kidney to him as he has to watch his weight to reduce the risk of getting diabetes one cia he goes for a follow up exam at london's royal free hospital which specializes in transplants. a number on here at this time tomorrow wednesday and i did indeed yes. this would allow me to contact us in full potential keep the dentist among the many pensioners age is not a factor and he did in his own health. we ate at this stage it can mean for and posing attacks would contest the teenage chick to keep punching and kicking it's good enough. there were happy to have been the oldest one in the uk to meet with me to you. lindsay was the surgeon to remove going to keep me sane. it's such a
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story slightly anxious because we're afraid i just don't technically need an operation to study different to fix the problem. us along with the console summer the circulation of an incentive to seek a weakening to make these patients class you must lead to good health isn't the only requirement for donating a kidney. these cases can prevent it to prevent all been trying to get used to the hospital has to obtain a special license with the transit lounge. may you all and hope to return calls seeking to make holes for week one independent assessment. somebody who has no interest in the process he's the patients and the kids feel as to whether they do has any coercion. or any other motivations for the exchange. in his bunker system is not allowed and they will stop to it that a nation. through all the nations are anonymous. in one case diabetes patients
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marion conscience and wanted to know who the state of mind she used to be constantly tired now because the old energy back. since the pkk the nx day was just fun yet not till she can sometimes identified as a guide to the vomit and jake. marion went to the moms a call telling him that he won't mind popping and nigel north dorset was eligible. now the democrat has a very special place in the couple's haunts and it said. a very exceptional lady. from today on its own choosing. the new law jury duty. colin. this is one post. every year on the anniversary of that roams around the two women get together to celebrate it. i'm
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going to get you angry irresponsibility. towards the atms are set to open. yes yes. i feel somehow. take everything out. so say if it's twenty eight and it's a very special relationship a best actor. i've got somebody else is he somebody else's them. the insite mind. and yes i do take care of its and as a side but knowing that i chose the house market day and was yesterday. so yes it's finding it i'm still around. she still misses and dundas. but stay away from alcohol plan to stop drinking i didn't get my health funding to my life back home to be to get me to help to stop drinking and in this way i could get someone else starting on a new dawn neither of these dumas likes
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to talk a lot of the bag would be to copy anyone that the architecture firm has any idea what time to cool you did. this is really going on with the unconscious is wrong i don't want to be seen to be built on a wonderful person to plummet down. i just think you know you can do that it's great to be safe. nine to two weeks away. given something to someone that very few people can all continue to do too. around six thousand patients in britain are still waiting for a new kidney. on the street dentists are still few and far between. other potential donors across europe are showing interest but the waiting lists everywhere along. it's why is there now but the episode typically more than three hundred people were killed in the epic weight which devastated the cto for cleanup. thousands of buildingsen thousands of people lost their homes back realizing
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the eight hundred km away from rome. the italian government has promised to switch the rebuild everything up then it's only plunged into an economic crisis and the region and its problems were forgotten. now with the black is finding it on the way that things are moving very slowly it should be talking he takes a walk through the ruins nearly every day. you really love going to get him to the emergence of you and drive around here and now everything's closed and locked onto something. hockey seventy eight. he's one of twenty people still living in pots on though. before the earthquake there was six hundred residents live content off the to do just that. if ideas late to the tents are gone but most of them are still housed in temporary accommodation. they can only move home once reconstruction has been completed. there's little sign of that happening anytime soon. unknown on a friday and we should post it to me that nobody cares about
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us in one of the authorities and even take a look around here. russell's what we wanted to have uneven organizer residents meeting he seemed to be sad. what is on the way fight to the mix is away in a vacuum. when the earthquake struck. former prime minister silvio berlusconi to ensure the italian people as well as us president obama that the sixty would be rebuilt at top speed. even he a proper system so that its twenty five years later hardly anything has been done to get used to it but it's terrible and this integral to who these two men whom the loving toward me and things you look around and wonder how it could be like to see this on some level i still have some check on him for a lot of time as passed out on at the summit on top of them too wouldn't it. gentle is the engine of anti attributes the lack of progress to two factors for management and the influence of the mafia
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the european union study found that somehow the billion euros has been paid out to mafia linked companies in kenya. this is a marine park and there was an emergency leave it to a shadow of the events of the systems work in place to keep top mafia controlled companies. so that you aren't reconstruction work in the new christy was put on hold up to two companies were accused of having a mafia links. there are now being investigated for fraud. on the loonie days knows plenty about mismanagement and corruption. she and her son us to living in a small apartment as temporary accommodation. they promised us a lunch they say everything will be fine that the reconstruction is going well and that money is coming and they realli team that things happened. tommy took shelter in it and sixty right off the quake. then was moved to this housing development silvio berlusconi heralded
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as a mouthpiece of italian engineering twenty oh three to six months off to the quake. but often only a few months shoddy construction force them to move again. the entire development was evacuated because it was too dangerous the construction material was inferior to work with the chinese developed a leak and a concrete foundations were laid properly. every time we had to move it was like another earthquake. you know. she had owned an apartment in one of peace that was heavily damaged in the quake. she's relieved that the bank has postponed a mortgage payments and many of her neighbors have had to continue paying down the mall beaches on the destroyed homes. so if i win down to our reconstruction plans for only two of these buildings we don't know anything about the others were swimming she's now living in this supposedly earthquake proof
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development. but she's not convinced that doing that at a nearby development summit that is meant to protect against the impact of the quake already needed to be changed. local businessmen we didn't get the contract is pressing charges. morgan research into the new six hundred dealers in this area only seven or eight have been subject to random inspections and replace your journey into the store they're probably many more broken pillars pulled over by a bitter so i can. an official investigation is now underway some companies have already been convicted of fraud the court will now have to decide what the sticker on the cto ortiz de monde spent almost five thousand of the pillows be replaced the city's mayor has already stepped down. slice. but since no one was willing to take over. he returned to the job. he accuses the national government of not providing enough on this to say that the new one to
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really make an exception soledad in a natural disaster like this the stability pact can be overridden. to be going to do justine says he's been as is now dead he scared he will stay that way. there are only a handful of people left to fight for it to be revealed the european commission for the titans anti smoking rules this yet in the face of heavy protests from the tobacco industry. cigarettes have long been banned from restaurants and other places and it's now come with strict health warning. but still some seven hundred thousand people die in europe every year from smoking related diseases. some eu countries have been lax in the interpretation of anti smoking laws. when three austrians is a regular smoker and no other european country has as many young smokers as
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telstra. i went back to pulling he has cancer and wants to prevent others from getting it. it's fun it's time to begin several byron is across the country for not paying enough to protect announcement. alaska is making his rounds again. he's been stuck to restaurants only for austrian three years reporting violations of laws protecting non smokers to the employees. today a restaurant in vienna is his hunting grounds. we accompanied the smoking sheriff as he stood up by the media the main entrance has no identifying sign. next was the stool. i've wanted to change that. of course i can take the initiative in wright's be no loss. i guess it's high time i did. i bet all. he is convinced that there were no second hand smoke fewer people would get
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cancer the third day i'm angry because every week i see people in hospital and to subdue the ale suffering from lung cancer or for cancer the cpi older people with cancer patients stroke patients their families. all the pages are affected. and hang them up in each week and i'm angry the restaurant and ready to implement a general ban on smoking in austria each kid that i can see it again the self appointed his ai contestants. austria is a relative paradise for nicotine addicts. nowhere in western europe. do people smoke in places so much and so matter of factly as in piano. smoking in restaurants was then cheerfully years ago the band has exceptions. ok in the hip subject to strict exploits one of those exceptions. similar cars in paris may yet become smoke free years ago. the kids to piano still costly chain smoke on the supremacists
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the owner of that okay. alas no danger from france more than twenty years ago. since his car is smaller than fifty square meters is allowed to decide for yourself whether to permit smoking. the thames tobacco instead of restrictions. toowoomba tissues is an austrian form of democracy. there are non smoking places for those who don't like smoking or did those two smoking go to restaurants where sperm at this point our friends have separate rooms. there's no witch hunt by people on acid on them i think that's good this is all just said oh more young people smoking on screen than in any other western european country even children have access to cigarettes. the law says they have to be sixteen to buy cigarettes but this girl simply bore as a bank card from an older person and uses it in the vending machine the results of one third of all fifteen year old girls in austrian smoke cigarettes
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the officials and pianists health ministry helping hands time. he claimed that tobacco and restore the peace. when an alaskan files charges payment on time teacher's desk. he works in the ombudsman's office for non smoker protection pete says the charges have little political effect the political parties don't want to sacrifice votes to get a complete ban on smoking these papers they do and give the eu would pass a general ban on smoking as part of its worker protection laws and then austria would have to comply can and then a general ban on smoking would have to be implemented in national laws to us all nuts in a speech to the states alaska is on the prowl again accompanied by a teeny scientists from the institute for health and his assistant we checked out the restaurant lawyer told a month ago and file charges against it for inadequate known smoker protection
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while the scientists measures the air quality the smoking share seems content this time. here's a video. the issues that separate entrance directly into the non smoking room how i go. he did to the main entrance to cement its restaurant with separate smoking room festooned to mix restaurant with two different room. boy time. and no one smoker pretext and insecure team can sign. mema mostly devoted to keep doing what you come to a screening tool to cleanse myself of it as a sign that the non smokers run behind it. well it's. it is is disappointed however. his measurements showed the air and the non smoking area is twice as long as those on the street. taking the salute you. the concentration of
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particulars matter should be much lower than on size heavy traffic as a key a solo separating wall that were strong rumors are required to install is useless use ecclestone penetrate into the moms poker area anyway concentration at the hazard to help ease its key field that includes deaths the separating wall is important to the owner of going on. without it is colin stuart would have taken on smoking and his smoking regular guests would be upset he invested about twenty thousand euros to define tis restaurant into smoking and non smoking sections. he has a sense of humor about the loopholes in austria's known smoker protection laws this lightweight. because the restaurant and were told to tell held or anything like that cute even when you come in here you don't see signs saying become healthy boy you feel better. we throw something entirely different now that's a fraction of communication all fat and all
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. this disparaging of tobacco is danger to health is what makes teeth knocked out after furious. he plans to remain the smoking sheriff until his goal was to cheat a complete ban on smoking in all honesty and restaurants. here is in christ is under new government in belgrade is faced with many talent is fifteen years after the kosovo war and a war crimes under the baton me not to that there is camping with its typical cost of the country as is often ambitious goal and wants to join the eu despite its political problems on massive budget deficit. this is also left its mark on the arts and culture scene. some young artists from western europe i've decided to help transform the city and capital into life the metropolis a kid. in serbia's capital hard times only seem to get harder the city is broke politicians corrupt and unemployment in thirty
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percent. many youngsters are seeking their fortunes elsewhere the assault on this item doesn't see the bruins he sees potential for pioneering spirit. he first came here six years ago from his hometown buffet to get a search dogs cultural exchange up and running and he fell in love with belgrade. begum the most optimistic person about the break and over it you know people are always complaining about their own cd and this is broken this doesn't work and the politicians are not doing a good job. as if the item but i do get the building gets this broken down role play i see a building that can be no refurbished and be beautiful in the future three years ago. if relocated to belgrade completely and started the business of organizing bicycle tours for tourists at the top of his list of sites to see is the rundown
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supplemental industrial quarter with its art scene and candy contest. i can of beer cool to become rich or do you know grow the company i e a hat that's ready to be rich like you could say all its actually i gave it all to come here and the more fun than make more out of life than just working for money you could say. the days of this historic riverfront may be numbered. investors with billions of euros and ready to turn it into a gleaming new upmarket development leach chief organizer of the pocket limits festival trying to prevent that. and all is helping. mix the festival is the highlight of belgrade arts calendar this year the organizers hope to mobilize as many people as they can to preserve district. the prize this is a quick sample for
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progress the belgrade in part the offing this pretty role of pool with opportunities from enroll. but something posted at the same time now it gives space for everybody to do something that creates something. german teacher yet in color also came here in search of wild wild east the left is notoriously seconds and native switzerland two years ago and took part in several projects sponsored by because the institute until they aimed at promoting a democratic development. oh and the skeins i really think that kind of things may be possible here that we're going on in the nineteen eighties and burners are a bright come from. because civil society is gradually taking shape and develop this grass roots spirit that says the case let's take to the streets. and our politicians will support us we can do it ourselves we'll take the space we need and make this city are all in
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anger i failed to stop. since one of the projects he helped initiate a meet and greet of east and west overseas. hard as i believed and were being held in the kitchen. every time the event as it did the last two pics of the soup and everyone just an evening of meetings concerts and exhibitions. as you go. with two new teams bring a fresh tree did he mean by nature the sad case interesting. in contrast to the convention county. yes and their ideas to see more and more creative people into their city from apollo theater in the coming years. and they're working towards defeating the great potential requesting it. i did think that the key feedstock. what
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fascinates me is that the city already has a rich cultural legacy. even in terms of its cars and alternative culture scene this is my day in the neon unfortunately it got that last real loss of eight years it's an open fire would be great if we can reconnect to those years of cultural activity and diversity. with the employment side and the youth at the unconfirmed serbia may have to cope with plenty left over for the arts it still grates creative spirits are taking things into their own hands to get the circles are it's going at full tilt. this edition appeared in several from truffles untill next time i'll be the same and i found
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richard suggested to call celtic woman the song the too much the us. now on dvd. all along. dear the air it's too late. he cut off the east of india. i picked up a concoction of defeat in the speed of light at the beach. the misquoted up
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to the construction sites the stephens put a plug that into the office to chat and share the chalk venture into changing the badass competed between fifty and one thousand and eight. nineteen eighty six unesco designated as puffed and clear as it would be the site. and that is the beauty of the protection of ancient times fifteen year the festival is often the task that is such a dog expensively its tenth year of shooting them on the fifth grade. all all. what do you
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teach at a desk that's it this is. that is the bad bad bad bad. at. the at that. i scared of the speech to the style of music adds that this blog into a journey of it was exciting dance events in departure capital of the country after acting in what the instructions from india and abroad has been arrested with mr but i tee off in a chair. hall. ch. i
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watched it. i don't care. my eyelids. it meant. is you
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will woo hoo. the eye. the dw gonna show this edition compact in clean this code is to be given she did. i'm truly lecturing sedan the new c class for mercedes. plus all the latest from the new york and teaching motor show our current ridge mountains consumption are in your on top of the empire state building. but fear not you couldn't use their gear for the new york auto show


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