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tv   Democracy Now  PBS  May 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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05/14/18 05/14/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> whether they are moving the embassy or not, jerusalem will stay the capital of the palestinian state. amy: the israeli military has killed at least 25 palestinians today amidst a massive nonviolent protest against the u.s. embassy opening in jerusalem. israeli soldiers are currently firing live ammunition into the crowd of tens of thousands of palestinian protesters who gathered in gaza or the heavily fortified border with israel. we will get an update from gaza with sharif abdel kouddous. then we look at the new poor
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people's campaign launched by reverend dr. william barber and reverend dr. liz theoharis. 23 states have passed for the registration laws. we are hundred 40 million poor and working poor in this country, 62 million working poor people, 14 million children, and we lock people up who fight for $15 while we let corporate crooks go every day. nothing would be more tragic than for us to turn back now. amy: today kicks off with a massive nonviolent direct action in washington, d.c., and states around the country. onrting with the focus children, women, and people with disabilities who live in poverty. the economist and former greek finance minister yanis varoufakis joins us on his new book "talking to my daughter about the economy." all that and more, coming up. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report.
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i'm amy goodman. in gaza, the israeli military least 25d at palestinians today a misting nonviolentmassive protest. israeli soldiers are currently firing live ammunition into the crowd of tens of thousands of palestinian protesters, who have gathered in gaza near the heavily fortified border with israel. al jazeera is reporting that israeli soldiers have wounded at least 1000 palestinians, in addition to the 25 killed so far today. the israeli military has also been dropping tear gas from drones over gaza. this comes as senior members of the trump administration have jerusalem for the opening of the u.s. embassy, including president trump's daughter, white house senior adviser ivanka trump, and her husband, senior adviser jared kushner, and treasury secretary
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's diminution. jared kushner trump's , son-in-law, is expected to lay out his plan for middle east weeks.n the coming the trumpet administration's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem has sparked widespread international condemnation while it has been praised by israeli prime minister benjamin yahoo!. -- benjamin netanyahu. >> this week we are going to be blessed with a really historic event, decision of the strongest superpower in the world, our friend, the united states, to move its embassy here. president trump promised to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and he did it. he promised to move the american embassy to israel and he is doing it. we will all celebrate this day, a real celebration tomorrow. amy:two extreme the controversial pastors have been chosen by the trump administration to lead prayers at the u.s. embassies opening in jerusalem today including the right-wing preacher robert
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jeffress, who previously said "islam is a false religion inspired by satan" and "you cannot be saved by being a jew." he has spoken out against gays and lesbians, jews, mormons, catholics, and against muslims. after the headlines, we will go to gaza to speak with democracy now! correspondent sharif abdel kouddous. iran has 60 days to save the landmark 2015 iran nuclear agreement following president trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the landmark agreement. the trump administration is now threatening to impose sanctions on european companies that do business with iran. this is national security adviser john bolton being questioned by cnn's jake tapper. >> is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that continue to do business with iran? >> i think i did give the answer. the answer is it is possible, depends on the conduct of other governments.
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amy: president trump says he's working to prevent the collapse of the chinese electronic company zte, which has admitted to violating u.s. sanctions by shipping u.s. technology to iran and north korea. the u.s. banned american companies from selling technology to zte last month, causing the company to announce it would suspend operations. but on sunday trump tweeted -- "president xi of china, and i, are working together to give massive chinese phone company, zte, a way to get back into business, fast. too many jobs in china lost. commerce department has been instructed to get it done!" trump's move comes ahead of high-level trade talks between the u.s. and china later this week. science magazine is reporting the trump administration has eliminated nasa's carbon monitoring system, which measures the carbon dioxide and methane levels in the atmosphere. the cancellation of the program is the latest effort by the trump administration to curtail scientific research on climate change.
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in afghanistan, at least eight civilians were killed and 42 more were wounded in an attack on a government building in the eastern province of nangarhar. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. this comes as taliban militants have killed more than 100 afghan soldiers and police officers over the last week alone, as part of the taliban's spring offensive. a recently issued u.s. government report says the afghan army has shrunk by 11% over the last year, and that insurgent groups have gained territory. in pakistan, authorities have prevented a u.s. diplomat from boarding the u.s. militarily -- u.s. military helicopter and leaving pakistan, just over a month after the american diplomat, joseph hall, allegedly ran two red lights and hit a motorcyclist, killing him. a pakistani court has ruled hall doesn't have complete diplomatic immunity and he face prosecution in pakistan. the case has sparked rising tensions between the u.s. and pakistan. meanwhile, in more news from pakistan, thousands of protesters gathered in karachi
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on sunday to demand justice for pakistan's pashtun ethnic minority. the protesters were denouncing military violence against the pashtuns, which is carried out under the guise of operations against the taliban and other militant groups. in the east african nation of burundi, at least 26 people were killed in an attack on a small village in the northwest part of the country friday. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. it came only days before this week's controversial referendum over whether to allow president pierre nkurunziza to stay in power until 2034. in iraq, the election commission says cleric moqtada al-sadr is leading in the results of saturday's parliamentary election with more than half the votes counted. sadr has led two uprisings against u.s. forces in iraq since the 2003 u.s. invasion. the preliminary results are seen as a setback for the current iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi. in indonesia, at least seven people were killed in a string of suicide bombings sunday targeting churches in surabaya, the second-largest city in
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indonesia. isis has claed responsibility for the attacks, which police say were carried out by one family -- a couple and their four children. this is pope francis speaking after the bombings. >> i am particularly close to the deer indonesian people, especially to the christian communities of the city which have been severely hit by a serious attack on places of worship. i raise my prayer for the victims and the relatives. to gather we invoke -- together we invoke the god of peace so he may stop these violent actions and so that the hearts of all could be filled not by feelings of hatred and violence, but of reconciliation and fraternity. amy: a newly unearthed cia memo from 1974 details how brazil's former dictator ernesto geisel personally approved execution of his political opponents, who were labeled "subversives." the document was sent by then
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cia director william colby to then secretary of state henry kissinger. it details a meeting in which brazil's top generals informed the dictator about a policy of more than 100 summary executions carried out by military intelligence the previous year. a week later, according to the memo, the dictator told his generals -- "the policy should continue but that great care should be taken to make certain that only dangerous subversives were executed." the memo's revelations have sparked widespread outcry in brazil. back in the united states, an attack on the rights of transgender prisoners, the trump administration has rolled back rules that allow prisoners to use facilities that match their gender identity. buzzfeed news reports the bureau of prisons will now use a prisoner's assigned sex at birth to determine where prisoners will be housed, reversing obama-era efforts to protect transgender prisoners from sexual assault and abuse. the white house has still not yet apologized for the comments of one of its aides, kelly sadler, who dismissed arizona senator john mccain's criticism
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of the cia director nominee gina haspel, saying, "it doesn't matter, he's dying anyway." mccain, a former prisoner of war who is battling stage iv brain cancer at his home in arizona, has voiced his opposition to haspel's nomination, tweeting -- "haspel's role in overseeing the use of torture is disturbing & her refusal to acknowledge torture's immorality is disqualifying." and in britain, kensington palace has announced that american bishop michael curry will deliver a sermon at the royal wedding between prince harry and meghan markle. curry is the son of the late civil rights activist rev. kenneth curry, and he is the first african american to preside over the episcopal church. and those are some of the headlines. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we begin today show in gaza where the israeli military has killed at least 30 palestinians at this count today amidst the massive nonviolent protest
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against the u.s. embassies opening in jerusalem later after this broadcast. at least 1000 people have been injured. israeli soldiers are currently firing live ammunition into the crowd of tens of thousands of palestinian protesters who have gathered in gaza near the heavily fortified border with israel. the israeli military has also been dropping tear gas from drones over gaza. this comes as senior members of the trump administration have gathered in jerusalem for the opening of the u.s. embassy come including president trump's trump, heranka husband senior advisor jury kushner, and treasury secretary nugent. jerk kushner is expected to lay out the trump administration's plan for middle east these and the coming weeks. the trump administration's decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem has sparked widespread international condemnation while it has been praised by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who spoke on sunday.
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>> move your embassies to jerusalem because it advances beats. and that is because you can't base on a foundation of lies. you base peace on the violations of truth. and the truth is not only has jerusalem in the capital of the ,ewish people for millennium the truth is that under any peace agreement you could possibly imagine, jerusalem will remain israel's capital. amy: to controversial pastors have been chosen by the trump administration to lead prayers at the u.s. embassies opening. the right-wing preacher robert jeffress him a who previously said "islam is a false religion inspired by satan "and "you can't be saved by being a jew." he is anti-muslim, anti-mormon,
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anti-gay. for more, we go to gaza where we are joined by sharif abdel kouddous, independent journalist, democracy now! correspondent. welcome back to democracy now! explain what is happening in gaza right now as the u.s. embassy is about to be opened symbolically in jerusalem. >> amy, there is a simply massive protest all along the eastern border of gaza, the border with israel, throughout the entire length of the strip from the north to the south. i was at the biggest protest site, which is just east of gaza city. there are thousands of people converging on the sites. children., and it is a surreal scene. there are people gathering, mostly young men and boys, of near the border where there is barbed wire, three sets of barbed wire. you can see just a couple of hundred yards away, israelii
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ondiers under these canopies mountains of sand, sometimes in jeeps. there picking people off with -- snipers are literally picking people off. i've seen people who weren't even close to the fence being shot. most of the people are being shot in the lower extremities, in their legs. i saw one person shot in the throat. the latest numbers -- they keep going up. somewhere between 28 and 30 killed him including a paramedic and a disabled person. 1000 wounded today, including nine journalists. that brings the total since this kind of somewhat unprecedented movement in gaza, since march 30th, to 74 people killed and over 9000 injured.
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no one is carrying any weapons here. there are no bullets being fired by palestinians israeli on soldiers. there is nothing i've seen poses any threat to the israeli military. not a single israeli soldier has been injured, yet these killings continue. people are insistent this is peaceful. there are no military uniforms allowed. there are no weapons allowed. despite the fact they're heavily armed groups in gaza, this was the decision that was made they dashed by the committee's this movement. people throw rocks. they burn tires, large tires which send huge plumes of black smoke into the air. their trend of block the view of the snipers. they also send these kites and balloons which have either burning rag or an improvised molotov cocktail thing
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linked off the end and they guided over the border. what most people are doing is the very act of walking to the border. some people go and place the palestinian flag on the barbed wire. some people do go and cut the wire and try to cross, saying their implementing the right to return themselves. but it is also a way -- we have to remember people are trapped in gaza. there's really no way out. many people have never left the strip because all border crossings are closed to them and they're not allowed to leave. this is a way of pushing their bodies up against their confinement. this is also happening in a buffer zone. arael imposed a buffer zone couple of hundred meters from the border in gaza. over the years, farmers and people living on that side of the gaza strip have been regularly shot at by israeli troops from the other side.
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even reclaiming this space in gaza itself is in itself an achievement. but it is a very difficult situation. --you mentioned, there are well, they're using these high velocity sniper bullets, which cause a lot of damage. also, a couple of doctors, they're using fragmentation bullets, which break apart upon impact. they have seen injuries with fist-sized holes in the exit wounds. most of this -- people are being shot in the legs. nearly 10,000 people injured. many of them by live ammunition. --y being hidden in the legs hit in the legs. a kind of reminds me of the first intifada, israelis would break the arms of palestinians throwing stones. another palestinians walking toward the border, so they're taking out their legs. the hospital. if you just walk there, there
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was wailing of pain and the orthopedic words. young men and boys walking around on crutches. many of them lying in bed's. their legs bench -- bandaged ins stickingd p out. there have been more than 30 implications. of the tearfact gas. two guests is fired by jeeps, which fire in multiple rounds, five at a time at the crowd. there also fired by the normal kind of rifle that goes much further. today. new method twice teargas being fired from drones. israel a new method that experimented with just a couple of weeks before these protests started. it was first use in gaza in march. military officials reportedly
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said they were experiencing with this, but it looks like it is now operational. this also fits a trend of israel kind of experimenting its tools of occupation on the bodies of palestinians. and those tools are usually exported elsewhere. i would not be surprised if we start seeing to her guest drones in other places as well. -- teargas drones in other places as well. amy: you're talking about what is happening on the gaza-israel border. the embassy is opening in jerusalem. do you know about any protests there? thes happening just after broadcast of the show. the protest in gaza, while today is the most deadly day of the israeli military gunning down palestinian protesters -- we think around 30, as you said, were nearing 80 palestinians killed by israeli snipers and
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the israeli military since the ongoing protest of march 30 that are supposed to be culminating tomorrow, although, expected to go on from there. amy, being in gaza, it is hard to know what is happening in jerusalem. a lack of access to the internet. what i can tell you is jerusalem is a main factor in what is driving this. there is a number of reasons that this kind of new movement is happening in gaza. the accumulation of a number of things and the convergence of a number of events. you know, first of all, there is the siege with the situation in gaza -- i've been coming here since 2011 and every time i come, the situation is much worse. it is really now intolerable. this has been a siege for 11
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years. it has affected everything. the economic, humanitarian situations, the right to travel. on top of that, in summer, the houston authority -- the palestinian authority opposed sanctions on gaza, worsening the economic situation of things like electricity in a bid to force hamas' hand. everyone knew this was a sustainable. that is one of the reasons this has risen up. another one in a broader context and from speaking to a lot of people, there is a sense the very core of the palestinian cause is under threat. the essence of the palestinian cause is under threat. you have jerusalem, which is at the core of the palestinian cause, with trump moving the embassy to jerusalem, and recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel. tot is a huge insult palestinians. there's also the issue of the right to return. many people here spoke of what is called the deal of the
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century that is supposedly being worked out by trump and other countries. there have been several leaked versions of it, but many of them do away with the right to return and treat palestinian refugees as a humanitarian situation. if you take away jerusalem and the right of return, what is left for the palestinian cause? that is really driving this as well. it comes in the context of a divided leadership, palestinian leadership nowhere near reconciliation that was supposed to happen a few months ago. it comes in the context of a region where arab countries like saudi arabia, the united arab emirates, and egypt are aligned with israel in many ways. and it is coming on the 70 that of nursery of the nakba, of 70 years of waiting for the right to return not being realized. and finally, gaza has seen itself historically as
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responsible for the national cause. gaza gave birth to the first intifada, gave birth fa twotah and hamas and islam and jihad. all of this came out of gaza. it sees itself as part of responsible for the housesitting cause. that is why the demands here are not just lifting the siege, they go to the very essence of it and calling for the right to return as well. about thet to ask you significance of the opening of the embassy in jerusalem. an anti-gay, pro-trump pastor from dallas pastor robert jeffress was chosen by the trump administration to lead a prayer at the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. pastor jeffress has a history of making hateful comments against muslims, jews, catholics, mormons lgbtq community. , these are a few of the
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statements he's made over the years. pres. trump: where is pastor jeffress? a good guy. come here. i love this guy. >> here's the deep, dark dirty secret of islam. it promotes pedophilia. mormonism is not christianity. it has always been considered a cult by the mainstream of christianity. cult?dus, buddhists, a >> yes. mohammed was nothing but a bloodthirsty warlord who beheaded 600 jews who would not follow him into battle. islam is wrong. it is a heresy from the kit of hell. mormonism is wrong. it is a heresy from the pit of hell. you cannot be saved being a jew. mormons believe in jesus christ. >> a lot of people say they're christians and they are not. >> homosexuality is degrading. it is a perversion. they are engaged in the most
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detestable, unclean, abominable acts you can imagine. marriage should be between a man and a woman. whenever you counterfeit something coming cheaper than the value of the real thing. around the world today, you have muslim men having sex with four-year-old girls, take them as their brides because they believe the prophet mohammed did it. amy: that is reverend jeffress, that put together by media matters. it is reported jeffress has referred to both islam and mormonism as a heresy from the pit of hell, believes catholicism represents the genius of saying them he believes jews are going tohell. he said islam promotes that a edophelia forwith pd sex with sharon. this is the man who will be doing opening prayer at the u.s.
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embassy in jerusalem. also, president trump's children, son-in-law and daughter, a ivanka trump angier trump, will be there along with the treasury secretary steven mnuchin, apparently, jeered kushner, who is under investigation in the u.s., his an-in-law will be unveiling middle east peace plan in the next few weeks. sharif? >> what can you say? jerusalem, because to the core of the palestinian issue and this is being done -- speaking of people here in gaza, you know, not just doswell, the fact the decision was made in this way, but also the arrogance in the way it is being done will passed easily here. it is not something holliston he is are going to just let slide. -- palestinians are going to just let slide. there's been a movement to displace palestinians from
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jerusalem. palestinians who live in jerusalem have a separate kind of identity card. they have to constantly prove what is called the center of life there. if they travel abroad for a length of time, they can lose that residency in that it will go to a jewish person, a settler . if they marry someone from the west bank, then they cannot live together in jerusalem. there's a whole raft of laws and rules and different ways that they have been slowly chipping away at take over jerusalem. you know, the move of the embassy is just another kind of slap in the face. it is one of the main three issues that palestinians have been calling for. it is also recognized under international law that it is not -- a shared capital. if we go by what the united
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nations resolutions have said. what can you say when you get this kind of pastor here? i've just been handed the dapl number here in gaza has now just gone the deathust today -- toll number here in gaza has gone up to 37 just today. i have to point out in the coverage, gaza is equated with the mass and that this is a hamass movement. gaza is much more than hamas. this is a mass movement of all sectors of palestinian society. hamas is involved, but so is fatah and islamic jihad stop all of those political parties. it more than that, there are women's committees, use committees, civil society committees, legal advocates. all of them are taking part in making these decisions on how to move forward and how to run this
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movement. there are no party flags alloweny hezbollah flags. only the palestinian flag. the protest,f further away from the border a couple of hundred yards, there is a festive atmosphere. there is cultural events, and art and music. this is more of a broad-based grassroots movement. even if hamas wanted us to stop, i don't think it could stop it. amy: we just have this report, you were describing the drones that are releasing tear gas and youthe butterfly bullets -- have the butterfly bullets that explode within a persons of body. just today alone in the deadliest day of the israeli's military attack on this nonviolent protest in gaza, 37 people dead. ap singh witnesses are saying is
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really drones have dropped incendiary materials, setting ablaze tires that have been collected for use in a planned gaza border protest. they say the drones set tires ablaze in two locations, releasing large clouds of black smoke. >> i would not be surprised this morning drones flew over and set fire early in the morning to intimate sites, try to set fire to the tents them selves. some sewage water was sprayed in the tent encampment. we talk about crossing borders, the military does regular incursions into gaza all the time. israel is a was coming up with these new weapons and the drones -- i someone for the first time today. it flew over and all of a sudden maybe six canisters, tear
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canisters, dropped out of the drone. they are spewing out the gas so they kind of spread over a large area. you have people, men, women, and children, fleeing everywhere. it is quite terrifying. of thishe resistance movement is really rocks and kite and balloons, molotov cocktails. but nowhere near can they reach the israeli soldiers sitting behind these round parts and picking people off with stuff arrivals. the burning of these tires? there have been changes of tactics. yet what they call the entire brigade. you'll see these young men and was run up with these tires and they put them in these holes they have dug in the ground so they can hide down and not be hit by the bullets. they will light when on fire in the young man will drag it, sprinting out to the front and
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hoping not to get shot, then run back will stop once the tire has burned through, there's a huge plume of black smoke and it really does bar the view of the snipers. there is this kind of camino, resistance that is trying to counter this violence, but again, as i said, the number is up to 37 so by far, the bloodiest day. tomorrow, there's supposed to be a massive mobilization. it is the 70th anniversary ofnakba. encourage us to be clear come the 70th anniversary of the downing of the state of israel for palestinians seeing this as 70 years starting with the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of palestinians. explain what nakba means. >> is how palestinians referred , thee founding of israel
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expulsion from palestine. this year marks the 70th anniversary of that. in gaza itself, over 80% of the residents of gaza are refugees or the descendents of refugees who fled from their homes and were forced into gaza back in 1948. you have these young men who keep trying to cross -- who say they want to go back home computer know they have never been there. they say, this is our land. i asked one of them, you're going to cut this wire and cross and you don't have anything with you. i said, you're going to get hurt and die. he said, i am not afraid and i'm going to go. there's a sense of despair involved as well. there are these young men going knowing they're going to be either crippled or be killed, but they kind of keep doing it. amy: we will continue to talk to
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you tomorrow as this massive mobilization continues. today honestly of the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem, opposed by many countries around the world, palestinians protesting by the thousands. sharif abdel kouddous, independent journalist, democracy now! correspondent, reporting to us from gaza. when we come back, we will be joined by reverend liz theoharis and reverend william barber on a new poor people's campaign in this country. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: "bread, freedom/if i can dream" by ramy essam and mighty sam mcclain. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. on mother's day 50 years ago, thousands converged on washington, d.c., to take up the cause that reverend dr. martin luther king, jr. had been fighting for when he was assassinated on april 4, 1968 -- the poor people's campaign. a little more than a week after her husband's memorial service, coretta scott king led a march to demand an economic bill of rights that included a
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guaranteed basic income, full employment, and more low-income housing. in the coming weeks, caravans traveled from around the country to take part in a six-week-long protest camp on the national mall called "resurrection city." today we look at the new poor people's campaign launched by reverend dr. william barber ii and reverend dr. liz theoharis. starting today and continuing for the next six weeks, low-wage workers, clergy, and community activists in 40 states are planning events that will culminate in a mass protest in washington june 23. this week's focus is on children, women, and people with disabilities who live in poverty. >> we are going to do something different here and because we deserve it, because we matter. i think that that is the spirit of the poor people's campaign is just saying it ends with me. we're going to have a different neighborhood. what is disgusting? >> unionbusting. >> what is discussing? >> unionbusting.
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amy: the new poor people's campaign officially launched last year, and since then reverend dr. william barber ii and reverend dr. liz theoharis have been touring the country. today they are in washington, d.c. for a major day of nonviolent direct-action. and they join us now for more. reverend dr. embarrassed, you are president of repairers of the breach, and distinguished visiting professor of public theology at union theological seminary. former president of the north carolina naacp, and moral mondays leader. about what you're doing now. what is different today? what are you doing and washington, d.c.? >> thank you so much, amy. today, in more than 30 states and here in the district of clergy, andtivists, mostly impacted people, the poor, will be organizing a nonviolent moral fusion, direct action mondays. a direct confrontation with what we call policy violence and the immoral policies that we see are
12:38 pm
continuing to hurt the poor. particularly the focus today will be on women in poverty, children in poverty, and the disabled. we cannot continue to have a democracy that engages in the kind of policy violence that we see happening every day. i think about the low-wage worker i met in north carolina who could not get insurance because north carolina did not expand medicaid and was also sick with ovarian cancer and has .hildren or amy, the working poor woman, who watched her republican governor of west virginia cynically give ie little race to teachers, but cut medicaid and food stamps. or i think about the lady kamala in alabama who has raw sewage in the back of her yard, who was
12:39 pm
taking advantage of by predatory lenders and had to pay over $111,000 for single wide trailer that is now falling apart full of mold and holes. her son was 11 years old and now has to wear a cpap machine because of the infections in his lungs and she herself is disabled. all over this country, we continue to see what is not often seen or talked about in our politics, in our political debates, or even in the media except for places like here will stop 250,000 people are dying every year from poverty and the wealth. 64 million people work with less than a living wage. 54% of african-americans. and these realities her children -- hurt children and women and the disabled the most. thousands of people who are homeless of every different race, creed, color, and sexual orientation. what we're saying is it is time for a moral confrontation, a nonviolent moral confrontation because whether you look at the constitution,r
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the establishment of justice, or you look at the morality of the scripture that says, for instance, "woe to those who rob the poor of their right to make women and children." their prey it is immoral to have 37 million people without health care. it is immoral to not pay living wages will we know he can do it. it is immoral that people don't have single-payer health care for everybody as a matter of human rights and children have access to public education and college and that we stop the trend of resegregation. it is immoral the way we suppress the vote in a way that allows people to get elected. who was a get elected using racialized methods to do so, they then vote policies that hurt women and children and disabled. they are against living wages and against health care. they are against unemployment. and those things that hurt families, her children, her women and the disabled. -- hurt children, hurt women,
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and the disabled. people from across the country, nonviolent simultaneous action today. this will go one for 40 days every monday along with other things that will be happening across the country. amy: what is that direction action -- direct action? >> after the rally, we will link arms, clergy and impacted people, and today under the theme "somebody is hurting our people and it has gone on for too long and we can't be silent anymore," we will take a particular street on the east side of the capital and we will engage in that street. many people will sit down to pray and lay. we are saying the country is headed in the wrong direction. today is the street. later on it will be other places. we are saying the country is headed in the wrong direction. we have to break through the moral narrative to where we are
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talking -- we're not even talking about these issues in the country. we're also going to be people to engage in massive voter mobilization into power building among poor communities. this is a launch. the 40 days is that the end of the campaign, it is the launching of a multiyear campaign. if you canwondering comment, as you are there in washington, d.c., there are mass in gaza. it looks like the deadliest day of violence with israeli military gunning down, and looks like at this point, something overall sinceters march 30, thousands have been injured i think something like 84 people killed. openingperson who is the ceremony for the u.s. embassy to be moved to jerusalem , who has jeffress
12:43 pm
spoken out against islam, judaism, hinduism, buddhism, gay men and lesbians, mormonism. can you comment on what the southern baptist preacher represents from dallas, texas? >> well, yes. it is hurtful, but necessary. i am thinking about may 10 was the end of the birmingham ago, and 55 years remember, we saw the images of dogs attacking children and women in birmingham. today was to the images of drones attacking our palestinian brothers and sisters. we see our president playing every race card he can. he is an extremist and he is connected with netanyahu who is an extremist. they're connected together.
12:44 pm
he is doing this for all of the wrong reasons, splitting people, splitting people historically our brothers and sisters. and now he is chosen not only jeffress, but hey, who wants described hitler as a god sent hunter who was designed, ordained by god to hunt the jewish people to force them to come out to israel in order to bring about the coming of christ. jeffress, as you remember them also set of president trump's inaugural sermon that god endorsed the building of walls. both of these men, they're not preaching christian theology. they're heretics in many ways. they claim to be christian and they claim a certain brand of christianity. but when you look at a theologically, it does not line up with the scriptures call to love. it does not line up with
12:45 pm
callscriptures -- scriptures anti-violence, anti-killings. --s is just the form of nothing more than a modern-day form of what my good friend calls slave religion, the religion that abuses the scriptures and uses it to support political opinions that are not the politics of god but the politics -- or the politics of christ. jeffress is spewing hate and the fullness. -- meanfulness. we see it happening in this country, the same group of pr withill go with and president trumpa and his other allies in the congress andy bless them while trump and his ying on the port
12:46 pm
and a broken and the hurting. it is sad. it is costing people their lives. it is in spirited and the world should stand up and speak out against it. and clergy and people of faith to speak out against it and we should stop in the media signing christian and evangelical to persons like this. if we say it, we should say it" or call it what it is. it is not christianity, it is not evangelical is in, it is not the religion of jesus who in his first sermon said to follow jesus, preach good news to the poor, to care for the brokenhearted, to provide liberty and healing to the bruised, and to declare the acceptable year of the lord. nothing in that says endorse killing, and doors hatred, endorsed meanness. and the two pastors going over there, they don't even like jewish people.
12:47 pm
they have some weird the allergy that by creating -- the allergy that by creating certain actions in israel, it can force the coming of christ. but they don't even believe anybody except people who believe like them are going to go to heaven. well, i say what my grandmother and with the slaves used to say about late master religion, everybody talking about heaven ain't going there. jeffers andhagge and others who are abusing, who are misusing the theology of christ to promote this attitudes and these actions of hate, they are wrong. it is heretical. it is theological malpractice. it is high time people of faith take it on. i'm deeply offended by what they are doing. amy: before we go, i want to bring in reverend dr. liz theoharis who cochairs the people's -- poor people's campaign. you visited mississippi.
12:48 pm
dr. king was brought to tears as he met with the poor there in 1967. one teacher dividing an apple and a four part so she could feed her four hungriest students. reverend liz theoharis, as we wrap up, talk about your action today and why you are organizing around the country right now. amy, as reverend barber said, in almost 40 states across this country, there are people, interactive folks, poor people, who are taking action together. we were in mississippi and alabama and el paso, texas. we have traveled around the country because this is a deep organizing drive amongst people who need to have their voices heard, need their stories to be told so we hear there are one of the 40 million people that are poor this country, that in this country there are 38 million poor children. almost half of this country's children are poor.
12:49 pm
and this is unacceptable. people are taking action together and not just today, but their deep dive organizing inept communities. they will return week after week for this 40 days and into the future as we build a deep among world movement to turn this country around. amy: i want to thank you both for being with us. we will follow what happens today in washington and what you are doing around the country. reverend dr. liz theoharis is co-chair of the poor people's campaign: a national call for moral revival. with our other guest, the dr. reverend william barber. both speaking to us today from washington, d.c. when we come back, the former finance minister of greece. we will be joined by yanis varoufakis. stay with us. ♪ [music break]
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amy: "everybody's got a right to live," sung by jimmy collier and reverend frederick douglass kirkpatrick, joined here by pete seeger.
12:51 pm
this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. theguest for the rest of hour is yanis varoufakis, the economist and author of the new daughterking to my about the economy: or how capitalism works-and how it fails." we going to talk about the announcementic that president trump would pull the united states out of the landmark nuclear agreement with iran. top white house officials making the rounds on sunday morning news programs said the trump administration is not only prepared to impose sanctions on iran, but on european companies that do business there. this is white house national security adviser john bolton on cnn's "state of the union." >> i think the issue here is what the europeans are going to do. if everyone is see it is not an interest to stay in the deal, we're going to have to watch what the iranians do. they would love to stay in the deal. why shouldn't a? they got everything they want to from the obama administration. willi think the europeans
12:52 pm
see it is in their interest ultimately to come along with us. amy: last week, european nations went scrambling to try to save the deal after trump announcement he would pull the u.s. out. trump's decision has upset the u.s.'s european allies, cast uncertainty over global oil supplies and raising the risk of conflict in the middle east. the 2015 agreement was worked out by the united states, five other world powers and iran. for more, we're joined by former greek finance minister yanis varoufakis. he was the chief negotiator of greece's bailout with the european union and international monetary fund. talk about the significance of this and what it means at the same time that the u.s. is saying they will sanction european countries, companies that work with iran, they are telling me chinese company that is also believed to work with iran at the u.s. said they were sanctioning zte, that they are going to save chinese jobs for that company. and as president trump
12:53 pm
tweeted, "be cool." >> there many dimensions, one is about the issue of peace in the middle east, the detrimental effects of this pulling out of the iran deal is going to have upon it. from trump's, what he is doing is he is luxuriating and rubbing the germans governments face in its own helplessness. let's face it, germany has a large trade surplus with the u.s. when you have a large trade surplus, you're exposed to the united states and whatever the u.s. administration wants to do. to be more specific, they're about 4800 german companies that are doing business in the united states. their balance -- sheet is about $600 billion. that is a lot of money. cutsombination of the tax that trump is giving those german companies and the threat of third-party sanctions if they
12:54 pm
do business in iran is a fantastic technique by which trump is effectively taking his revenge upon angela merkel and making her look extremely weak within her own cabinet. there is this dimension, which of course, in the grand scheme of things, is insignificant compared to the damage of what thes doing to america and west's credibility in the middle east. amy: talk about the dangers of a destabilizing the middle east through pulling out of this multilateral deal? and as trump is headed to a summit with north , is national security adviser who did not have to be a grooved by congress -- approved by congress become ambassador to the united nations because he knew he could not get approved by the senate has been threatening iran? and iran,
12:55 pm
right through to what is happening in gaza right now, with the u.s. opening this embassy in jerusalem, to say the least, highly provocative act? >> they me give you one example. take syria. to end the bloodbath in syria, we will need a multilateral agreement. an agreement that will take a long time to work out. we are nowhere near working it out, but there has to be an agreement. the rest of them multilateral bargaining that leads to a credible treaty. by pulling out of iran, it took 10 years to hammer out, effectively, trump is signaling united states is not a credible partner to peace, in syria, iran, north korea, anywhere. what trump wants to say is anything that has been done before me does not have any hold on me. whatever obama has agreed, i
12:56 pm
will just tear it up because it was a obama. and now you have to deal with me. use going to enter into some agreement with north korea saying, oh, this you can trust. but this is not the way to conduct world affairs. it is not the way to pave the ground for what we need internationally, which is both of the geopolitical level and also the economic level. a new bird in the woods. a new agreement between the three main economic blocs the china, the united states and europe. unfortunately, the only power, which is the u.s., secondly the way toward a new kind of deal, international new deal if you want, and the old-fashioned notuage of fdr, is credible. he is effectively forfeiting all credibility. amy: and gaza?
12:57 pm
what this means both from gaza to jerusalem, the significance of -- as you just heard, disabilities, bigoted pastors sent to attack everyone from jew s to muslims to gays and lesbians to lead the opening of the embassy with jared kushner on the son-in-law apparently going to unveil his middle east peace plan soon? >> day by day for progressive israels, progressive arabs and progressive americans. it is a tragedy. the scenes we have seen from gaza. the scene of the u.s. embassy. effectively, the death of the two state solution and any chance of a two state solution. this is what he is signaling to the world, trump, through the opening of the embassy jerusalem. what is the alternative? one possible alternative would
12:58 pm
be a single state where palestinians and jews and israel is can live together, but that is not on the table. so we're ending up with a striking case of the civil rights catastrophe, effectively, apartheid within one build a fine state. -- ill-defined state. diplomatically, it is as if donald trump is trying to [indiscernible] who is really happy today? the hardliners in tehran. racists iners -- the israel. the extremist islamists within hamas. these are the only people celebrating as we speak. willyanis varoufakis, we put part two online at web exclusives at --is varoufakis, the former the finance minister of greece. that does it for our show.
12:59 pm
i will be speaking university california i
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