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tv   DW News  PBS  May 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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♪ brent: this is "dw news" live from berlin. the deadliest day for palestinians in four years, at least 52 killed in gaza. they were among the thousands protesting against the opening of the u.s. embassy in jerusalem. the white house is blaming hamas for intentionally provoking the israeli response. the dedication of the u.s. embassy went ahead despite protests. a ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner led the delegation. israel's prime minister called it a glorious day.
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also, a wave of deadly bombings leaves indonesia relaying as entire families including children carry out suicide attacks. the latest target, police headquarters. it comes a day after another family attacked churches there. i am brent goff. for some, it has been a day of joy. for others, a day of death. the u.s. officially opened its embassy in jerusalem, and move celebrated by israelis, condemned by palestinians. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital broke with decades of u.s. policy and put the country at odds with most of the international committee. at the border with gaza,
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palestinian protests against the move turned deadly with at least 52 people killed by israeli troops. the white house has blamed hamas, which governs gaza, for what it is calling intentionally and cynically provoking the israeli response. >> the sky blackened with smoke on the deadliest day on the israel-gaza border in 40 years. gaza's health ministry said children were among the dozens killed. the actions of the army are brutal towards the palestinians, towards children, women, and men. young protesters have come here on protected. they wanted to deliver a message to the outside world that they want to come back to our lands, the lands of 1948. the bloodshed followed six weeks of protests and comes a day before the catastrophe when
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palestinians commemorate those who fled or were expelled from their homes in the 1948 war surrounding israel's creation. israeli forces say they were trying to quell violence from protesters and stopping them from breaching the border. the protesters' anger was fueled by what was happening on the other side of the border. the u.s. opened its embassy in jerusalem although palestinians want their capital to be in the city's east. president trump insisted the controversial move doesn't mean the u.s. wants to abandon the peace process. israel's prime minister also addressed the issue of peace in his remarks at the ceremony. >> movie opening of this embassy in this city spread the truth far and wide, and maybe truth advance a lasting peace between israel and all our neighbors. god bless the united states of
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america, and god bless jerusalem, the eternal, undivided capital of israel. >> outside the newly inaugurated embassy, scuffles broke out between demonstrators and police. with many palestinians furious at what they see as a move blatantly favoring israel, peace seems a distant prospect. brent: as israel celebrates, palestinian protests grow. i'm joined by a political analyst in gaza. we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight. i want to ask you, how did this day unfold from where you are in gaza? what did you see? >> thank you very much for having me on this program. what i can tell you is that there have been plans for this big day of protests against the israeli occupation and against
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the u.s. move to relocate its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. since the early hours this morning, thousands of palestinians approached the border area between gaza and israel, and thousands were protesting, and that is when a nonviolent protest started against the israeli soldiers. unfortunately, the israeli army responded with live ammunition against palestinian protesters, which led to the deaths of about 55 people so far and the injury of more than 2000 people. today, it has been a general strike all over the gaza strip to protest the relocation of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, and also to commemorate the 17th anniversary
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of the palestinian mock bow in which two thirds of the palestinian people were expelled from their own homeland and villages. it is expected also tomorrow, which will be a mourning day. it will be a very violent day tomorrow. brent: what do you say about all of this violence. you mentioned hamas. hamas was also responsible for telling people to move towards that border fence, knowing what the israeli military's reaction was going to be. >> there has been no secret that hamas has been ruling the gaza strip for 11 years, and hamas is
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one of the organizers of this march, protesting israel, and it's no secret hamas has been recruiting the palestinian people to go to the area between gaza and israel to protest against palestinian suffering in gaza and also to send a very crystal clear message to the americans that the relocation of their embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem is not acceptable to the palestinians, but hamas has been asking palestinians to have a nonviolent protest against israel. hamas has not asked palestinians to use any kinds of weapons or any force against israeli soldiers, but unfortunately, some protesters tried to breach the fence between gaza and israel, which led to israeli snipers retaliating by using
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live ammunition and making it one of the deadliest days since the trump administration recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel more than five months ago. brent: we appreciate your time tonight, joining us from gaza. we want to going now to our very own maya schwayder, and she was at the embassy's opening. i want to ask you about something that was said today. when the u.s. made the controversial decision to move the embassy, it never defined jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of israel, but that is what prime minister netanyahu said today at the embassy opening. what do you make of that? his words, do they mean this is a done deal and there can be no peace deal with the palestinians? maya: it's really that word
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"undivided" that is the keyword, brent. the whole division of jerusalem is part of this entire controversy here. if you are looking at it from the israeli perspective, this was a done deal years ago. there are a lot of mixed feelings, and there are many who say this is simply an acknowledgment of reality. jerusalem is functionally our capital. our prime minister lives here. our courts live here. this has always been our capital. jerusalem being recognized as israel's capital has been a pet project of netanyahu's for a while, but it is that would "undivided" that was supposed to be a final status negotiations item during whatever peace process is supposed to be going on, which at this point is more abound. brent: prime minister netanyahu, he showered president trump with praise for making what is widely perceived as a controversial
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move. let's put the rhetoric aside for a second. there is growing fear that israel and iran are inching towards war. how emboldened is the israeli leadership tonight by the trump administration's unequivocal support? maya: if you are netanyahu right now, there is no doubt in your mind that trump and the u.s. administration are 100% on your side. not only did the u.s. move its embassy to jerusalem today, but the u.s. has announced they are pulling out of the iran deal, and the iran deal is one of these things that netanyahu has been trying to, shall we say, poison, or get canceled, as trump would say. we also know israel has said they struck some iranian targets in syria. there is this fear of an escalation between iran and israel, and netanyahu feels like
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he has a free pass from trump at this point. brent: there was also some controversy surrounding the evangelical pastor robert jeffress who led a prayer at today's ceremony. earlier today, mitt romney, the former u.s. presidential candidate and a devout mormon, tweeted this. robert jeffress said you can't be saved if you are a jew, and the mormon heresy is a pit of hell. such a religious bigot should not be giving the prayer that opens the united states embassy in jerusalem. there's a strong word there. romney is not alone. the religious leaders trump associates with, they have been a lightning rod for criticism, especially when we talk about this belief that the end time is now approaching. maya: it's really important to remember that there are two demographics that trump was
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playing to win he made the announcement he was going to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital, and one of those was eventually go christians. a lot of them believe the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital was helping to bring about the end times. that is a demographic that jeffress is a part of the other demographic is very conservative zionist right-wing jews in america, one of them sheldon adelson who is very much pro-israel and donates to republicans. these are the demographics that are watching this, that are celebrating this move today. brent: definitely strange bedfellows to say the least. maya schwayder on the story for us in jerusalem, thank you very much.
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there are mixed messages from trump when it comes to jerusalem, but it is a different story when talking about trade. >> his latest move is something of a u-turn. after banning american suppliers from doing business with the chinese tech giant zte, trump wants to save the company. it relies heavily on tech made in the united states, and trump says he has instructed officials to come up with a rescue plan, saying too many jobs are at risk. he tweeted, president xi of china and i are working together to give massive chinese phone company zte a way to get back into business fast. the company employs 80,000 people and said last week its major operations had ceased after being banned for seven years from buying american tech. the u.s. accused it of misleading regulators by continuing to do business with sanctioned iran and north korea. let's bring in our financial correspondent on wall street.
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why is a company which violated sanctions being supported by the very president who is talking tough when it comes to trade? >> it is certainly a very surprising move, especially as the u.s. president announced a ban a couple weeks ago for zte. it's crucial, not just because they depend on all those components made by u.s. companies, but also, zte is the fourth biggest seller of smartphones in the u.s. the u.s. is a crucial market for them. to some degree, it's good news for those manufacturers. now one of their clients might be safe. it's one of those typical examples of donald trump to play hardball to also get a better
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negotiation for other issues. >> good news for that company, but is this a -- can we say that this is a sign that trump is trying to avoid a trade war? >> let's wait and see, but at least it looks like donald trump is opening the door a tiny little bit. this week might be pretty crucial for trade between china and the united states, the two biggest economies on the planet. there is a chinese trade delegation on its way to washington, and then on tuesday, 83-day hearing begins in washington where u.s. companies can say how they might be affected if there's an escalation of trade tensions between china and the u.s. on one side, if you look at the retail industry, they depend on cheap imports from china, and on the other side, if you look at exporters, the u.s. agricultural
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industry, they might get hit hard if china answers with their own tariffs, for example, on agricultural products. those u.s. companies, they will have a chance to make their case in washington in the next couple days, so we will see if the tension can be smooth and in the next couple days. >> let's see what happens with that trade delegation. thank you. meanwhile, u.s. security adviser john bolton has labeled iran the central banker of international terrorism, this days after the u.s. announced it was pulling out of the nuclear deal and reinstating sanctions on iran and any countries doing business with the country. iran has given the eu 60 days to reaffirm their commitment to the nuclear deal. european governments are scrambling to form a response. >> european firms operating in iran are feeling anxious about their future.
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comments from u.s. national security adviser john bolton have so far struck an ominous tone. >> is the united states going to sanction european companies that do business with iran? >> i think the issue is what the europeans are going to do. if they are going to see that it is not in their interest to stay in the deal, we are going to have to watch what the iranians do. >> is the u.s. going to impose sanctions on european companies that do business with iran? >> i think i did give the answer. the answer is it's possible. it depends on the conduct of other governments. >> the u.s. exit from the iran deal and sanctions threaten relations suffering from a transatlantic trade dispute. european officials have said they will not allow the u.s. to dictate trade policy. >> i've said that i will do everything to protect a german companies with aid and advice that will discuss with american
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agencies. we are doing that, but we are talking about a one-sided decision that we consider wrong. peter altmaier has said the government can't provide financial assistance to companies suffering losses from the sanctions. iran's foreign minister is set to meet his counterparts from the u.k. and germany in brussels to discuss the future of the iran deal with that the u.s., but european companies on the ground may find themselves facing the fallout alone. >> here in germany, researchers say they have identified major flaws in the encryption methods used by enough applications like microsoft outlook and apple mail. experts say the vulnerabilities could pose an immediate risk. the finding is likely to be another worry for german lawmakers who are already grappling to deal with online threats. >> cybercrime has hit german institutions hard in recent years. from an attack on the government's i.t. system to
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hacking directed at telik indications companies, criminals abroad have managed to infiltrate systems thought to be secure. some lawmakers are calling for more action to be taken to tackle the problem head on. >> raising awareness is one thing, but we need to further develop our form of protection. here at the office for the protection of the constitution, we are placing a bigger focus on defense, but we also need to be able to go on the offensive, too. one measure some companies are calling for is the permission to hack back, to attack the computers attacking them. at present, the practice is not legal in germany. >> we need computer capabilities that enable us to retrieve stolen data. to delete the data of thieves
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have access to and to access their servers, or in the most serious cases, to shut off the servers. >> as the threat of online attacks grows, the debate about the possibility of hacking back is likely to intensify. >> back over to brent for an update on our key election in the middle east. brent: in iraq, with a majority of votes counted in iraq's parliamentary elections, nationalist sadr seems set to make a political comeback. supporters cheered the news in baghdad where he took the highest number of votes. the victory would put al-sadr and a strong position to choose the next prime minister, but he will have to overcome opposition from iran. the current prime minister abadi is lagging behind in third place. here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world. iran's foreign minister zarif
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hasn't met his russian counterpart sergey lavrov as part of a diplomatic tour aimed at saving the country's nuclear pact. lavrov said it russia will respect to detect. zarif is scheduled to meet with foreign ministers from germany, france, and u.k. in brussels. they had of the antiestablishment five-star movement said that they needed a few more things to clinch a coalition deal with the league, another populist party. residents near hawaii's volcano are being warned that more fishers could open near their homes as it continues to spew lava. a total of 19 fishers have appeared in the earth around the volcano. the summit of the volcano may be about to explode.
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a new suicide attack by a family has indonesia's second-largest city reeling once again. the bombers rode motorbikes to a police station and then blew themselves up. it comes a day after another family staged coordinated suicide attacks on the three churches, killing 12 people. so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. both attacks included young children. >> surveillance cameras captured the moment of the blast. an eight-year-old girl who was with the attackers at police headquarters reportedly survived. it's the fourth suicide bombing there since sunday. authorities say all attacks were carried out by families, including four children who were killed. >> this act of terrorism is really barbaric and beyond the limits of humanity. it has inflicted casualties on
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people, police officers, and innocent children, including the perpetrators and their children who acted as suicide bombers. >> sunday's coordinated bombings left several people dead and injured scores, places of worship violently attacked. >> the perpetrator was riding a motorcycle to try to get through the gate of the church. security stopped him because it is not a parking area, so security asked him to move, but suddenly, the bomb exploded. >> the rise of the so-called islamic state in the middle east has fueled local militant networks in the country. it is estimated that more than 1000 indonesians have returned from fighting with is in syria. police are investigating links between the families involved in the attacks. brent: a bangladesh refugee who fled persecution in myanmar are facing a new danger, the monsoon season.
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around 700,000 refugees are housed in temporary shelters in areas that are prone to flooding and violent storms. and agencies have been carrying out work in the camps ahead of the raids and are warning of an approaching catastrophe. >> for now, it is only a gentle wind that attacks these tents, but soon, the time of blue skies and light breezes will be over. bangladesh's monsoon season is soon approaching, and refugees fear the rain. >> rainy days are coming. there's a big hill behind our house. due to the rain, there could be a land slide. that's why we are rebuilding the house before the rain comes. >> where will i feed my children if there is heavy rain? i will not be able to light a fire. i won't be able to get water. what will happen to us then? i'm very much worried. >> most of the 700,000 royhinga
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who fled myanmar in 2017 arrived here, turning this area into the world's largest refugee settlement. the chopped down -- they chopped down trees for firewood, leaving the soil loose. authorities fear the drain could turn -- [no audio] >> if there is a cyclone, there really is not -- [no audio] that's the risk everybody in the cap is facing right now. >> with only a couple weeks left before the storm season begins, international aid organizations are rallying to prevent a catastrophe. slopes are being stabilized, and new drainage systems dug. >> there is also engineering
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work going on where we are preparing land for refugees who are currently located in high risk areas, which are at high risk of flooding, and will be relocated to those areas on the western side of the camp where land is more secure. >> the promise of safety is a small hope to cling to for these refugees, but they know when it comes to bangladesh's unpredictable monsoons, any guarantees are fleeting. brent: some sports news. after months of situation, thomas tuchel has signed for club paris saint-germain. he's been out of work for a year. he had to bring successful campaigns at the club, lifting the german cup at the end of his tenure. tuchel has signed a two-year contract with the french champions. here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you. the united states has opened its controversial embassy in jerusalem. donald trump's daughter and her
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husband jared kushner represented the u.s. president. the ceremony took place amid intense protests in gaza. at least 50 protesters were killed by israeli fire. after a short break, i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that.
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elaine: beef is a major part of argentina's vibrant culture and identity. after a long and steady decline, can it once again become one of the world's top exporters of beef? i'm elaine reyes in washington, d.c. and this is "americas now." first up... tango, bold malbec wines, and tender cuts of meat; 3 reasons why people travel from all over the world to experience argentina. but the beef industry has fallen on hard times as its production and exports have dropped. [man speaking spanish] translator: a while back, the market received over 20,000 animals per day. now it's between 8,000 and 10,000. man: but that looks set to change. elaine: correspondent joel richards went to the south american country's grasslands,


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