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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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the driver of the truck that hit the deputy was not hurt. this all began at five this morning. when police were called to a home on 75 hundred block of east harvard. for the report of a sexual assault. an hour later. a deputy responding to call for additional units at that scene was involved in a crash a mile away. we have live team coverage of both angles. we begin with dave young for the latest on the homicide investigation. >> . >> a truly tragic situation. here at this apartment complex. it's been unfolding all day. police still on scene here: investigators continue to go inside that door. behind me. and out. it's unclear which apartment it is. we did get inside briefly. and saw one door covered in crime scene tape. if everything holds true. assault. and domestic violence. ended with a father.
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>> >> outside the apartment. that man's car has a baby seat. and booster seat. installed in the back. around 5 a.m. a woman described as hi his girlfriend called police from a neighbors apartment. saying the man sexually assaulted her at knife point. >> >> >> police are releasing few details on motive on how exactly the little boy died. wu out lined the couples relationship. >> the two year-old is believed to be their child together.
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his child. >> . >> awful. terrible. >> it's difficult. not only for the family. it's difficult the investigation for the investigators aez w-l. >> now dealing with a double dose of bad news. >> i can only imagine what the family is going through. >> the boyfriends car was later marked for evidence. by investigators. >> >> as you mention there's two very big parts of this tragedy. my colleague is live at the scene. of where that deputy was severely injured.
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the public. for 26 years. this morning. there was nothing that could protect him. from the two car crash. >> he was just doing his job. and responded to something. and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> . he was following an ambulance. to the apparent homicide of a year-old boy. 6 year-old boy. >> . this is the case of we need to pay attention. >> state patrol says the deputy was following an ambulance. westbound. which had lights and sirens on. when it red ford driving eastbound turned left on. in front of the deputy. hitting the deputies driver side door. and hurling it counter clock wise onto the sidewalk. >> this person should have seen him and yielded. the deputy and the ambulance both had a solid green light. during the time of the crash. >> firefighters had to remove the passenger side door. to get the badly injured officer out. he was rushed to the hospital. in critical condition. >> . and tonight.
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the sheriff says she couldn't confirm anymore. whether he is stable. the driver who was not hurt is 58 year-old. he faces probable charges of careless driving resulting in injury. and failure to yield the right-of-way. >> . used a taser. fire. hitting gear multiple times. arrested about an hour later. he has been charged with attempted second degree murder. >> . a greeley woman is under arrest on charges of attempted murder. assaulting an officer and child abuse. kelly barns may have been under the influence of drugs and ha lute nateing.
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with her kids. and started randomly firing two guns. >> . police found two weapons they think barns used. no one was injured in that gunfire. >> . passenger aboard this aligns flight. diverted to denver last night. shared this video of the most important decision made in our legal system. whether or not to sentence a convicted murder to death. be unanimous. which is why some mass killers but. could this system change. >> . live at the capitol. with the controversial fight to make executions easier.
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you know so much of what is discussed here is in response to major news stories. the aurora theater trial that last year. several jurors voted for the death penalty. some jurors voted tkpwepbs it. as a result. a life sentence. the big debate here today though, was whether or not juries need to be unanimous. when deciding the death penalty. >> . coloradoens are familiar with death penalty cases. we have the aurora theater shooting. we went through it again with the man who killed 5 people at a bar. in 2012. and each case jurors couldn't come to a unanimous death penalty decision. to both men received life sentences. >> consider these issues carefully. >> today the general assembly took up a bill that would make it easier for convicted murders to be executed. >> i believe the law.
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>> . senator's bill would allow for execution. if eleven jurors support it. right now. it must be 12. testifying in support. tom sullivan. who's son died at the aurora theater. >> that guy knew right from wrong. i don't think a defense should be able to prove their case to just one. >> . holding signs promoting life
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>> bottom line. changing the law is going to b difficult. with the current make up of state government. mainly because the governor is antideath penalty. any change would require his signature. >> . >> thank you. new tonight in the presidential election. clintons daughter is headed today the she will make stops in boulder and denver. thursday and friday. the events will be free and open to the public. clintons campaign says more details will be released. >> the first primary delivering a pair of antiestablishment winners. trump and sanders. sanders troupbsed clinton. getting 60 percent of the vote there. compared to her 38 percent. on the republican side. trump won 35 percent of the vote. john caseic surged to second place. >> . last nights results have led to two gop candidates. pulling out of the race for
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both new jersey governor. and carly. suspended their campaigns today. >> christy came in sixth in new hampshire.
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who after coming in just behind third place fin finisher cruise. is enlisting the help of his big brother. >> expected to hit the campaign trail. before next weeks primary. and after snatching up 60 percent of the democratic vote. >> the people want real change. >> . senator sanders celebrated his dominant win in new hampshire. by heading to harlem. to meet with the reverend al sharp ton. to talk about minority issues. an area many see a strength of his rival. who is not on the campaign trail today. clinton is polling ahead with minority voters. >> republican caucuses followed by the democratic primary in south carolina.
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and super tuesday is on march 1. that's when 14 states including colorado hold their primaries. and caucuses.
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you maybe feeling a little depressed. don't feel bad you're not alone. the post season broncos blues are a real thing. what you can do about it. >> . you woke up this morning. got your coffee. and headed for work. usual stuff. but something just doesn't feel right.
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that was yesterday. and yesterday is gone. what you might have is the post super bowl denver broncos blues. >> i'm sad. we don't have anymore football. >> you're not alone. post broncos depression can be very real. matter of fact. doctor says it's pretty common to feel low.
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>> being grateful that this guy isn't our quarter back. >> yesterday we showed you the tweets of coach. and ware. taking a call from president obama. now we have a clip of the what they talked about. kurg during the conversation. >> . and offered the team a trip to the white house. >> . that's pretty cool. all right. temperatures today, nothing out cool. look alt these readings. even in the mountains. 30s and 40s. well above where we should be.
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almost feeling like summer with mid and upper 70s. in southeast colorado. >> 66 for denver. way above where we should be. >> everybody enjoying mild temperatures. down tkpraoe lee 45. still 61 boulder. 24 hour temperature comparison. just like yesterday. were up another 8 to ten degrees. in most locations out there. there has been wind today. and we're feeling it. strongest wind is here.
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it is blowing down the foothills. it's blowing into denver. and reaching out to the airport. expect that wind to stay with us. through sunset. here are those wind speed numbers. again they'll back off one the sunsets. breezes tomorrow. ten to 15. 20 miles per hour. just not the strong wind that we saw today. the strongest gusts will be there. over the higher mountain peeks. our future cast when the sunsets most of the clouds will clear out. we'll have a bit of thin high clouds cover. early in the morning. same thing lunch hour. and a little thicker cloud cover. rolling in later tomorrow. evening. here's a wider view. across the stpaeut. and you'll see the same thing out there. pretty quiet tonight. not much going on. i want to point out just this thick cloud cover you see here. that line of cloud cover is the difference between our warm weather. and the cold air. that is entrenched over the midwest. the difference is right on the eastern border.
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>> a lot of warm. for their elevation. 40s and even a few 30s. up there. here's my forecast. we'll be 57 at the airport. a little cooler 50s here in the east side. we'll get to the 60s downtown. on the west side of town. just not the warm readings that we had today. forecast is 32. partly cloudy. still windy. you'll notice the breezes. at times tomorrow. we bring it down a bit. to 57. we'll keep it in the 50s. for friday. down to 55. saturday it comes up a bit. and then on sunday, just a slightly push of cool -r air.
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still above normal. i can't rule out a sprinkle. it's not a big deal. >> tuesday 57. had to take it right back to 60 degrees. >> just keeps getting better. >> get ready for another out break of frozen fever. >> the movie that made more than a billion dollars will make its broad way debut.
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recalling 680 thousand vehicles. of different models in the u.s. the recalling includes a facade. els: tkpwo f and made from 2006.
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and mercedes models from 2005. to 14. also included on the list. the problem goes back to what we have been seeing for a few years now. defective air bags. >> . ceiling lamps are at risk of falling. is it a parents dream or nightmare. frozen headed to broad way. >> . >> switch fly the travel technology company. says the most popular valentines day travel destination is the baja mas. orlando was second. in fact. most of the top destinations were in warm climates.
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hemisphere february is still brutally cold. >> . meanwhile data shows that facebook, snap chat and twitter will be more popular than ever. this valentines day. 37 percent of young people plan to wish happy valentines day by social media. and more girls than boys. will be sending those greetings. >> i didn't know destination valentines days were a thing. >> . step up your game.
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