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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MST

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>> >> first. we want to talk about what's on everyone's mine. tonight. the change in the weather. >> . today we have sunshine. and clear skies. far tkpraoeu what we're deal w-g this time last year. >> right there. check out the difference on the right side. today's weather. people enjoy sun at wash park. the left telling a different story. a snowstorm hit the high country. then rolled spao the metro.
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through the central mountains. that will last through the day.
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and then in the san juan mountains. right here. across the front range foothills and the divide. that is a winter weather advisory. they could see two to 6 inches of snow. now. the win was noticeable. it was in the south direction. tomorrow around the lunch hour. the wind speeds. that's the numbers here. wind turns to the north. here comes the colder air. and watch the temperatures when the win switches to the north. up and down the front range. crash. into the 30s and a lot of go below freezing. that's going to set the stage. for what will be the change from rain to snow. for the front range. our first. it won't be the blizzard of last year. here's what's going to happen. noon. 40. tkup -l rain showers. rain snow mix. to 3:00. by the start of the evening commute. 5 until about 8:00. the temperatures are cold enough. it is all snow. and that's where we can get accumulation. i'll let you know how much. we're expecting coming up. >> . this is all good news.
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it has been dry. and warm. for too long. and mat makens has more on that. >> it's been incredibly dry. and snowless. for a historic stretch now. the fifth longest. that's nearly two hundred days. since our last recorded snowfall. only a trace. on may 1. approaching that record there. we need not a snow. but rain. any moisture. the latest drought monitor not to be too picky. up the scale, of drought levels. look who's under there. fort collins. denver. colorado springs. this area here. not going to favor very much out of the next system. we'll take moisture where ever we can get it in the state. the fire that was by dia i checked. 36 days that site without moisture. the streak looks to be ending tomorrow. with a decent to very good
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>> today's warm dry conditions fueled the brush fire. 3 people injured. the fire destroyed a home and a garage. sky fox over the grass fire. near watt kins this afternoon. firefighters say the house is already in flames when they got there. >> . coming close to a number of mobile homes. fire started burning west of i 25. near 95. just before 4 p.m. couple homes had minor damage. but two out buildings were kphaoetly destroyed. residents praised firefighters for the quick work to prevent even more damage.
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devastating scene. in aurora. this morning. on east seventh near revere. a man and wife and two grown sons in one of their girlfriends. all inside when a fire broke out. inside this home. the wife, 58 year-old. was trapped inside. and died. one of the sons is now in neighbors on the scene say the husband ran back and forth trying to save his family. a good samaritan stopped to help. but the smoke and flames were too much.
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national political debate. colorado law law protects everyone. who lives here. and we will apply it fairly to protect everybody who is here. >> . that protection covers all sides of the presidential election. inkhraoutding trump supporters. who also maybe harassed. >> . a problem solvers investigation. into roadside and end caps. a horrific car crash this summer caught the attention of the problem solvers for one reason. >> the drivers grave injuries were caused by a piece of guardrail.
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discovers how a federal safety warning was not enough to enforce change. in colorado. >> i want you to follow the path of the guardrail. first it gets embedded in the front of the sufficient. and whipping around to the driver side and shoots through the door. like a knife. >> memory of her trip down i 25 comes in painful flashes. >> one moment she's near the johns town the next. she's dazed and confused. with 12 feet. of mangled guardrail on top of her. inside the suv. >> >> when the jaws of life finally freed her. surgeons told her the bad news. >> they had to consider amputating her lower leg.
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all the of bones. crushed. multiple ligaments and tendons they had to repair. >> we created a 3 d rendition of the accident. based on witness statements and crash scene photographs. the dodge veered to the right side of the interstate. and hit the end cap guardrail. nearly head on. the terminal was supposed to act as a cushion to slow the vehicle down. but instead. the guardrail doubled over. failed to roll into a ball. as designed. and torpedoed medal right through her drivers door. >> had is not buckled that way. i believe i would have kaoeupb of like rolled down the hill. that was there. and stopped. without even going over. >> police reports show the crash
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inattention. the kinds of accident guardrails are there to safeguard against. >> showed us how the slit in the rail is supposed to let the guard to feed through. because the suv front end jammed up the feeding mechanism. the end cap snapped off. >> it failed to do its >> it's un-reliable. it's a dangerous product. >> it's supposed to keep the car on the road. >> federal safety investigation tors tell the fox 31 problem solvers they recently studied what they call extruding guardrail terminal crashes. exactly the kind o that ripped into her suv. task force found performance
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including the fleet made by road systems incorporated. end cap terminal that rsi confirmed is the same one involved in the crash. there's another aspect to the investigation. one that her boyfriend played an >> he was immediately suspicious. at first he wondered if the guardrail had been installed correctly. because it didn't seem to perform too well. >> you see the grd that sit there not fixed for months. this one. as soon as i make contact the next day it was cleaned up. >> the colorado department of transportation told edwards he couldn't have the end cap. telling him it was destroyed. >> unfazed he went to the junk yard and bought the smashed suv. guardrail still inside it. as evidence. >> we're just grateful she's here. at the same time.
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>> >> surgeons were able to save her foot. but it will never be the same. >> i'm just. i'm so blown away the only thing hurt was my >> c-dot tells us the guardrail system at time it was installed was a federally approved road safety system. there are new questions. so c-dotinstalled a different model and make. to replace the destroyed one. that end cap also made by road systems is one of only two designs that have passed new federal safety guidelines. >> it's so shocking to see it.
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>> tpho* now hopes the state will take action. on the thousands of dangerous older tkard guardrail end caps. that still line nearly every colorado highway. >> i sat down with the chief engineer. and asked him that. why wait to replace the questionable end caps until someone get seriously hurt or killed. especially after the america tpheufpls have already already been flagged. as performing poorly. join us tomorrow night. at ten. for his answer. >> federal regulators told you they'll step up the safety procedures. and check all the roadside barriers. >> they'll change systems by 2018. that's really good news. there's a downside. some of the popular guardrail terminals that are lining all of our roads. are not going to pass the new test. >> they'll stay put anyway. >> . wow.
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on ongoing project. serving those who serve. >> >> fort logan we're in the business of honoring our nation. veterans. >> this is a quiet place. silence is a place where veterans are not forgotten. >> it's 95 thousand. 3 hundred or so. there's an organization wanting to decorate the sites of decorated soldiers around this time each year. >> reach across america. will serve in 2006.
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has on to place a wreath on each veterans headstone. on each in each cemetery across america. >> . says it's all about our nation. giving back. last year they had about 35 hundred. to 4 thousand wreaths at fort logan. this year they're aiming for five thousand. >> we're falling short. we need people to volunteer. to purchase a wreath. >> helping out is on the web site. you can look up fort logan. click the donate button. 15 dollars will purchase a wreath. >> december 17. this year. is when reach across america they'll be a number of volunteers out here. placing the wreaths. we'll help them. >> which brings up another request for volunteer assistance. over all. it's a way to say thank you.
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they'd like to be in the 30s. tomorrow. denver coming in at 80 degrees. as you heard. we have broken the record for the day of 77 from 1941. it's only the second time. in the month of november. that denver has recorded an 80
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from 2006. and it is the latest in the year that denver has had a temperature in the 80s. a warm we have today. 49 and 45. northeast wind though. a big factor. i'll talk about the wind in a second. so we're into the 40s in most locations. the cool air sliding into place. notice parker and highlands ranch. 50 and 53. switching the wind. hasn't reached you yet. warmer on the south side of town. but the north wind is to usher in cool readings.
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6:00. or 4 to maybe 8. not a lot of snow. is coming in our direction. but the mountains will do fairly well. highs tomorrow. there's your 30s in the high country. we will be in the 40s. early. most of the temperatures on i'm showing you. will be around 10:00 in the morning. the numbers when that wind switches. at the lunch hour. will quickly fall. into the 30s. giving us the rain snow chance. south and east.
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temperatures won't change until late in the afternoon. when they start to fall off. snow forecast model continues to show. i like the deeper blue bands. any where from 3 to 6. 6 to 12. some of the higher peeks. and then here in the north and east. i mention a couple spots out here. that could tkpwetd better than two inches. again a lot of this will be measured on the grass. roads have been too warm and too dry. for too longment for this to stick. >> you can see in defer. maybe getting close to an inch on south side of town. doesn't matter. we'll take the snow. 7-day forecast. 45. falling fast. rain changing over to snow. and we'll keep an eye out. whether or not this becomes denver's first snow of the season. i'llexplain.
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cool on saturday. at 50. 60s for tpwo days. sunday monday. rain and snow. wednesday looks good for traveling. thanksgiving next week. it looks quiet. >> doesn't feel like the holidays are here. because of the weather. >> first snow thing we talk about. the first snow in the 7-day forecast. we have to get more than a tenth of an inch. to be officially considered a measurable snow.
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>> break time for the broncos. players on the beach right now. soaking up the sun. on the buy week. a couple probably keeping close eyes today on the big award day. paging justin similarrens special teams player of the week no wonder when you consider he made a play like this. >> for the rookie. the broncos appear to be a shoe
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the week award. stewart did not tkpw-t get the nod. a real head scratcher. the first player this season on any team also the second bronco ever to record 3 turn overs in one game. the chiefs eric berry won instead. only one single pick 6. huh. >> . to the pepsi center. nuggets looking for the first home win of the young season. they came out on fire.
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nuggets get it done. 120 to 104. >> . meanwhile. a huge week in boulderment cu getting redid for one of the biggest games you could argue in 14 years. 12 ranked buffs king of the pack 12 south. the standings. they're going to take on the 20 ranked washington state. are you not entertained.
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?? i'm waaaiting... ?? ?? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites.
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>> there it is -fpl the shock reality coming tomorrow. from 80 today. to 40. with rain quickly changing over to snow. again accumulation doesn't look to be a huge problem. here tomorrow. for denver. maybe around an inch on the grass. if you're lucky. and you can see a steady warming back to the 60s. maybe rain and snow. the bigger thing is what i have heard you talk about. and others. where's my winter coat. where's my hat. i think the wind ask temperatures tomorrow is what will get most people talking.
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snow will be nice. that's a good thing.
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ion the doctor will be with you in a moment. elaine: "difficult"? elaine, you shouldn't be reading that. now tell me about this, uh, rash of yours. um, well, it's--it's... you know, i noticed that someone wrote in my chart that i was difficult in january of '92, and i have to tell you, i remember that appointment exactly. you see, this nurse had asked me to put a gown on, but there was a mole on my shoulder, and, actually, i'd specifically worn a tank top so that i wouldn't have to put a gown on. you know, they're made of paper, and... well, that was a long time ago.


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