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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  September 26, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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in the news this sunday morning, september 26, california is a step closer to carrying out the first execution in nearly five years. today the condemned inmate must decide the mechanism of his own death. >> and a firefighter is seriously injured battling this wildfire. good morning. sunday afternoon forecast will be coming up. >> i'm carolyn tyler. a firefighter remains in a san francisco hospital this morning after being severely burned battling a wildfire near bodega bay. they believed he touched a power line. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon near highway 1 and
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bodega highway. so far it's burned 89 acres but crews have it 80% contained. they are escorting drivers through a section of highway 1 near the scene. amy hollyfield tells us more. >> more than 300 firefighters from 14 different agencies pounced on the fire but it had a lot of fuel to keep it going. it wasn't until six and a half hours that firefighters got most of it contained. >> it was amazing i mean, it was so fast. from the time it happened within a minute, it was uncontrollable. >> tracy was watching television when the power went out. she was headed to the breaker box when she saw the fire. she barely got out in time. >> i got my -- i didn't even get my purse, i got my dogs and got out of there.
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>> it burned around highway 1. >> there is heavy fuels which is a grove of trees and scottish berms. >> they had to close the roads leading into bodega which made for a quiet saturday night. the owner the bar prepared for a large crowd but instead didn't have very many customers. >> they had to close the oysters up. >> few people who were here spent the night talking about the fire and the volunteer firefighter that was hurt trying to put it out. >> he has a wife and daughter we are all praying for him. >> a section of her home were burned in the fire. she will be staying a good friend but is grateful that
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tracy is okay. >> we have never seen anything like this out here. it looked like a bomb went off. >> officials say they are trying to figure out what started this fire, but tracy crane told us she knows what happened -- she says a power line came down on her property. three air tankers and a helicopter bring grass fire under control in napa county. it burned 25 acres yesterday afternoon. no homes damaged no one was hurt and cause is under investigation. >> this week and hot weather is being blamed for a power outage in alameda county. more than 33,000 customers lost power because of an equipment failure related to the heat. a rare, warm evening in san francisco last night, people were able to wear shorts while enjoying the view along the shoreline at aquatic park.
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along with the warm weather, another spare the air day. our meteorologist lisa argen is here with more on that. >> good morning. we are looking at another spare the air day but the onshore winds have returned. high pressure has weakened slightly and we have moderate air quality in the inland east bay. that is because of the heat yesterday, but we will be looking at a bit of a sea breeze today. in fact the relative humidity is up along our coast with the marine layer around 300 feet. temperatures coming down at the coast. sea breeze will be at the immediate coast. changes here, but little change around the bay and inland and 80s and 90s and hotter day tomorrow. today is a day off for the cleanup crews in san bruno. work was done in the disaster zone yesterday. 29 of the 35 residents who lost their homes have signed a liability waiver that includes a
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guarantee they won't have any out-of-pocket expenses. pg&e says it will ultimately pick up the estimated $60,000 cost per house. they hope to have the cleanup done before the rainy season begins. governor swarzenegger discussed the san bruno disaster in his weekly radio address. he is promising a full investigation. >> this case you have to have a panel. i can't rely on pg&e or puc. i want to have experts to go in there and examine and to improve the oversight and safety of our gas pipelines. >> pg&e officials have been called to testify under oath at a senate hearing in washington, d.c. this week. >> support continues to pour in for victims of the fire. an event called rally for san bruno drew about 700 people to
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the park yesterday. people brought items like t-shirts as they enjoyed three stages of live music. >> the devastation, it's the most horrible thing. there are a lot of people in the hospital and people still mourning the loss of people that have passed away. >> there was also a tournament at rec center to raise money. many organizations and restaurants donated money and services to make that event possible. a federal judge has extended the deadline until noon today for a death row inmate at san quentin to choose how he'll die. albert brown is scheduled to be executed this week wednesday morning. he must decide between the three drug combination used in the past or a single lethal injection. he was convicted of raping and
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murdering a 15-year-old girl 30 years ago. the victims brother had this to say. >> it should have been done years ago because of what he did and the justice system failed our family. >> a federal judge cleared the way for executions to resume yesterday after prison officials complied with a previous order. they built a bigger death chamber and revised how the team is selected and trained. >> political leaders hope to announce a budget deal by tomorrow. they could call lawmakers back to sacramento for a hearing and a vote beginning this week. last thursday, the big five state leaders emerged from a meeting in santa monica and announced they had reached an agreement but only on a budget framework. at that time details on how they plan to deal with the $19 billion deficit were yet to be worked out. >> this is a significant cut and they will work through the
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details. monday they'll reconvene and hopefully have a final agreement. >> state vendors are not getting paid. it's to the point where some state facilities are being told contract services are about to get cut off if they don't start paying bills. >> take this for example, visitors to state parks might be for an unexpected surprise. nannette miranda reports. >> it's almost unfathomable. you can't believe it's happening in california. >> whether enjoy the beaches or historical sites, you might have to hold it or bring your own toilet paper. the state budget is so late, a state credit card is being cancelled by the bank due to lack of payment. so that means the state park can't buy toilet paper for it's sites.
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>> today it's toilet paper, tomorrow it's closures at state beaches. people don't know what to expect. >> urban state parks have the advantage of going to state warehouses but they can't say which sites are affected but estimates one-third of the nearly 300 state parks. >> it isn't just toilet paper. it's bulk fuel for cars and trucks. it's auto parts for go cars and trucks and lawn equipment. it's housekeeping supplies. >> budget negotiations on how to close the $19 billion deficit have been painstakingly slow. meetings have been taking place in los angeles because the governor has been too sick to travel to the capitol. credit card won't be good until there is a budget. some visitors thought was funny. >> i'll have to carry a larger handbag. >> others didn't realize what a late budget meant. >> how dire the situation is and
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how real it is. it's gotten to the point where they can't buy toilet paper, then this is real. >> supporters of proposition 21 see to push the ballot initiative that eliminates funding from the general fund and replaces with higher dmv funds to support the system. >> it takes it out of the budget process in sacramento. >> and they are letting water bills lapse but if the water does have to be shut off they might have to shut down some state parks due to safety reasons. in sacramento, nannette miranda, "abc 7 news." still ahead, there is a lot of excitement in the bay area. filipino community this weekend, up next, cheryl jennings has an exclusive one-on-one interview with the new president of the philippines during a bay area stopover.
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the president of the philippines stopped in the bay area last night after a meeting in new york with obama and other world leaders. cheryl jennings sat down with the president for an exclusive one-on-one interview. >> philippines is open for business. >> the newly elected president of the philippines is on mission to get hit country out of poverty and into peace and prosperity. >> how can the silicon valley and bay area help your cause? >> i had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the president at san jose fairmont at the first philippine development forum. it brought together leaders in education, science and technology to improve the lives of the poor in the philippines.
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>> there are no job opportunities for them there. the question is bringing them back. >> the president is turning on the legacy of his parents, his father, a beloved leader who was assassinated in 1983, his mother who became president and led a people's revolution that ousted the dictator ferdinand marcos in 1986. >> died for nothing less than democracy, peace and prosperity. i carry the torch forward. >> when we go home, we will bringing our people a lot of our investments are coming our way. >> the community is ecstatic about the fact that he is stopping here before he goes back. >> we see an outpouring of philippine americans that have
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become successful here but in the whole united states coming up and saying we're here to help. >> security is very tight around the president. he has been the target of a gunman just like his father. >> still have the bullet. >> and pieces of shrapnel, but we have fatal list particular. we want change for our people. it can be worth it. >> cheryl jennings, "abc 7 news." a new poll about the health care reform package finds many americans think the law should have done more. that group outnumbered those that think the government should stay out of health care by two to one. 30% say they favored the final health care bill. 40% opposed it another 30% were neutral.
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stanford university conducted the poll with a foundation. >> the race for the cure, thousands of breast cancer survivors will walk or run along san francisco's embarcadero this morning. lisa, what is the forecast? >> it's definitely cooler. a wall of fog on the golden gate bridge. that is about 300 feet. the marine layer is back and onshore flow is back with us. how long will it last? how about the inland valleys? i'll have all the answers coming up. >> also coming up, what medical experts are saying now about the effectiveness of mammograms in breast cancer treatment and prevention. @x@ú@úaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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how'd you do it? ting right...whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who eat more whole grain tend to have healthier body weights. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories. more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. welcome back. it is 5:19. this is a live look from look toward the embarcadero. thanks for spending some of your sunday morning with us. if are enjoying the warm temperatures, lisa will be along in just a bit to tell you how long they'll last. >> a little later this morning, thousands of people will run and walk along the embarcadero to fight breast cancer. they'll do just like these folks did in 2008 to take part in the susan g.coleman race for the cure.
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registration starts at 7:00 and walk and race gets underway at 9:00. they invest more than $12 million in community programs to help save lives in the bay area. this marks the 20th anniversary of the race for the cure in san francisco. in terms of breast cancer you've heard doctors say mammograms save lives by detecting breast cancer early but a new study says they don't save as many lives as first thought. they are stirring up the debate again over routine mammograms. we get more from lyanne melendez. >> car minimum is getting her yearly mammogram. >> it's a good way to get started. >> they have 40,000 women in norway found that mammograms reduce the death rate by only
5:21 am
10%. the research shows a mammogram is not a magic bullet and doesn't deserve all the credit for reducing the risk of death. modern treatment plays a greater role. a doctor nationally known breast surgeon. >> early detection becomes not as critical in the face of good treatment. it's not that screening doesn't have any benefits. >> so it starts the debate again how often women should get routine screening. american cancer society women should get screened every year starting at 40. the director for center health care policy at u.c. davis. she says women in their 40s should discuss it with their doctors. >> depending on her risk factors make that decision together with her physician. that is starting at the age of
5:22 am
50, she get routine mammograms every one to two years. >> norway's study points out that the awareness campaign is another reason fewer women are dying. >> find something abnormal are something that is significantly different go and see a physician. be aware of your risk factors. if you have a strong family history, discuss it with your provider or physician. >> you should know that norway as a universal health care system means that all women have access to health care. that is not the case here in the united states. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." we normally warm up in september but this is a little unusual. >> oh, yeah, the summer has been unusual. we've got five months of below average is temperatures, why would you be surprised.
5:23 am
>> i'm not. >> today surprised many for people along the coast because the fog is back. i talked about cooling today. here it is. emeryville shot is clear but onshore winds have picked up. high pressure has weakened just a little bit and that has allowed for a marine layer at about 300 feet. that will indicate cooler temperatures at our coast today. we were in the 90s yesterday. numbers downtown coming down a little bit. it's still going to be pleasant but we won't see the 90s but we'll see them again on monday. santa rosa, 49 degrees. it's 50 in novato. 64 in antioch. holding on to some of the warmth from oakland to fremont. 73 in los gatos but at the coast it's comfortable. longer days -- longer nights allowing for radiational cooling.
5:24 am
two degrees cooler in fremont and north bay, cooler conditions in marin county and also santa rosa. here is the setup for today. the another spare the air day. we will have the sea breeze at our coast and more hot weather as the high pressure is reestablished and moves right over the bay area. we will be looking at third spare the air day and air quality taking another hit in the east bay valleys for your monday. today really no changes out there even though we had the onshore flow. air quality remains good at the coast. if you were hoping for a beach day, it will still be nice but you'll be able to see the fog clear and as a result, temperatures will be in the 70s today. maybe some upper 60s and hard pressed to make night the 80s in san francisco, maybe down by the airport you'll see 80 degrees but in and around san francisco, daly city a little bit cooler today. high pressure ridge still in
5:25 am
control but the trough to the north and west has begun to move a little bit to the south and east. that has allowed for the onshore flow in response to that trough. that is indicating a sea breeze is close to the coast. if you are headed down to golden gate park, you'll notice the difference today from yesterday. but a warm day in the south bay with temperatures in the low 90s upper 80s for redwood city. mid-80s at san mateo. cooling at the coast. downtown about 80, ten degrees cooler than yesterday. in the north bay, low to mid 90s see a little bit of a change, southern marin, sausalito, cooler by a few degrees but beautiful afternoon. hayward and berkeley in the mid-80s. changes in valleys. fog is with you in salinas, you're in the 90s so coastal communities, beaches feeling a
5:26 am
bit of cool down, sea breeze welcome for some folks if you like it. tomorrow, hot again and gradual cooling trend wednesday and thursday. we knew it was going to cool down a little bit but it might be a welcome relief. >> i was surprised to see the fog when i was driving in this morning. >> it burned back but will bring a nice sea breeze. >> let's check out sports. one of the bay area's college football teams has captured a big win. giants are hoping to regain their winning form against the rockies. mike shumann has this morning's sports. >> kick off with college football, stanford has not beat the fighting irish for a long time. it was all stanford. we go first quarter. third down, here comes the blitz. kobe makes a tremendous drive to
5:27 am
the end zone. stanford up 7-3. bringing the heat, forces a fumble, stanford row covers. in the fourth, stanford puts the game, owen marecic puts it out. he picks off chris and nothing but green in front of him and 20 yards and a touchdown. for owen marecic, they improve 4-0 with a victory. >> in the desert. cal taking on arizona. bears defense was humiliated last week in nevada. into the first, into the end zone, marc anthony tipped it and a pick. he misses a field goal that would have put cal up 9. here a 77-yard drive hitting him
5:28 am
in the end zone. 40 seconds left, kevin riley, his pass is tipped and picked off by joseph perkins. he would fumble but arizona recovers. drops a heartbreaker 10-9 falling to 2-2. >> elsewhere in pac-10, ucla, brown defense was the story. third quarter. bruno fence turning up the heat bruin offense and they pulled an upset 34-12 over texas. >> at utah this was a mismatch from the get go. utah scored early and often. reggie dun takes it to pay dirt. nothing worked for him. the quarterback trying to quick
5:29 am
kick, goes off his own man. reggie scores a touchdown. they are routed 56-3. we have quite a race in the national league and giants took a step back in colorado. rockies lose five straight looking to stay in the race. torres back from an appendectomy has other ideas. he stays red hot, fast ball deep to left, two-run shot. rockies are up 5-4. next inning, shifted back and more, three run jack. carries over the fence, giants up 8-6. we go to extras. he drills one in the gap off of brian wilson, he would come all the way from first for the winning run 10-9 your final. >> meanwhile, in san diego, he takes the ball, that is okay.
5:30 am
bottom of the ninth, he gets around on the fastball, down the line. chase scores the winning run, padres win and back in first place by half a game over the g-men. >> a's looking to keep the rangers from clinching the a.l. west. michael changes that with one big swing of the bat, solo shot. now bottom of the seventh, down 3-1, a two-run blast. we're tied at 3. in the eighth, cantu, breaks the tie, left center with two r.b.i.s and they clinch their first playoff winning the a.l. west with a 4-3 victory. today, niners in kansas city and raiders in arizona. we'll see you at 5:00 with all the highlights. i'm mike shumann, have a great
5:31 am
dare. >> up next, an east bay company decides to move jobs. a look at the decision to move from oakland to pleasanton. republican candidate for governor meg whitman makes her stand on the initiative to eliminate california's law reducing greenhouse gas emissions. how she m, up a so, get this -- kraft mac & cheese... but it's in a bag. and you bake it... in the oven. whatever happened to cheesasaurus rex?
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5:34 am
remember seeing so many activated assaults in one place. so far, no arrests have been made. >> a new l.a. times poll shows democrats jerry brown and barbara boxer slightly ahead their challengers. in the governor's race, brown gets 46% to republican meg whitman's 41%. in the senate race, boxer is favored by 48% while 40% support republican challenger carly fiorina. whitman has now taken a stand on proposition 23. she says she'll vote against the measure to repeal california's greenhouse gas legislation. political reporter mark matthews shows us how both candidates approaches environmental issues. >> meg whitman said she still
5:35 am
hadn't made up her mind proposition 23, that would suspend the global climate change laws. >> we'll come out with positions on all of the propositions probably in the next week to ten days. >> now she is saying she will vote against prop 23. proposition would roll back gone emission standards -- carbon emission standards. she says the standard is too stringent but she believes the state global warming laws is hurting rather than helping. >> today in california, 1 am of all jobs is green jobs. 99% of the jobs is in the rest of the economy. while we nurture the green economy we can't hurt the rest of the economy. >> so she faivgs suspending the greenhouse gas laws for a year until the economy gets better. >> we don't have the farmers and the manufacturers. >> speaking at a solar installation company, she says
5:36 am
whitman's position makes no step. >> to stop and start is exactly what people hate about government. they never can get their act together and keep going. >> brown told reporters that california has to send a clear message on alternative energy. >> you want to create a framework of confidence so people will invest. >> we have recognized ron reardon and steve wesley the former state controller is here. one of the hosts of the party and these fellows outside who are shooting video of everyone arriving, they tell me they are taping for the meg whitman campaign. there are mixed emotions over a major company's plan to move hundreds of jobs from oakland to pleasanton. there is worry in whereon area and celebration in one other. laura anthony explains the big
5:37 am
work force shift at clorox. >> president describes the plan by clorox to move hundreds of jobs from the downtown headquarters to pleasanton. >> we'll have 500 people walking around the plaza. it's difficult to determine what the financial impact will be. taxes are not based on the number of employees. it would be more what is it going to mean to the local retailers. >> it's about creating a new innovation center. we are moving our facility that is located about a mile to this site as well as 500 employees from oakland. >> 500 jobs represent about 40% of the company's oakland work force. 200 contract workers will also make the move. >> i love it. it's a great facility. it's closer to where i live. i love the environment out here. >> new campus will occupy five buildings in a complex that used
5:38 am
to house washington mutual. clorox will add a sixth building. >> it's great to occupy that space but it's bringing a fantastic company here and expand their operations. >> pleasanton's gain is oakland's loss especially for restaurant owners. >> we are concerned about that many people leaving, lunch crowd in this area. >> they are going to lease out the bottom 12 stories of the building here. >> for all we know we could end up with an increase. >> laura anthony, "abc 7 news." it's fall so, of course, we get cooler weather. >> 94 yesterday in oakland, we broke a record. in santa cruz but today the fog is back.
5:39 am
how much will that sea breeze affect your afternoon temperatures. stay tuned, forecast is next. >> and san francisco examines an effort to help the homeless. why they say the housing for alcoholics a step in the wrong direction. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacion, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef, and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios.
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thousands of people will flock to treasure island to enjoy the final day of the dragon boat festival. as you can see in this video from a couple years ago, teams of 20 raced toward the finish line. a drummer and a person at the rudder also ride in the traditional kracht. today's race continues until 5:00 and admission is free. you could not ask for a better day to be out there on the
5:42 am
water. >> that's right. it was hot yesterday, in the 90s around the bay. today we're looking at cooling around the coast. that is because the fog is back. as we head outside, sun is coming up, starting at 7:00 but we will be looking at a cooler day at the coast. san francisco, oakland, parts of the peninsula and i'm talking about five to maybe 7 degrees cooler because yesterday the winds were off shore and we didn't have any sea breeze at all. right now we are looking at the temperatures dramatically cool they are morning. in santa rosa, 49. 55 in san francisco. 61 in oakland. fremont, 61 for you and 60 in mountain view and 54 at half moon bay. changes, 24 hours ago, yeah, we were definitely warmer. so we're nine degrees cooler with the low clouds and fog in san francisco. cooler in the north bay, a little cooler in fremont and
5:43 am
warmer in san jose and los gatos. if you wanted to head to the coast today, we will be looking at definitely temperatures coming down. still a spare the air day. around the bay and inland valleys quite hot but the coastside temperatures will be more like summertime with the sea breeze and more hot weather tomorrow for everyone where the coast will go back up. spare the air day, poor air quality in santa clara but good air quality, peninsula, san francisco and into southern marin county with moderate air quality in northern marin and sonoma county. here is what is going on. we have the fog right at the coast. it will burn back but the sea breeze will keep temperatures in a few selected beaches in the upper 60s, more like 70s downtown with a few 80s the further away you get. it is shallow and not going to reach very far and still going to be warm to hot for most of the day. reason being, high pressure is in control but a trough of low
5:44 am
pressure in the gulf of alaska that is beginning to nudge this high out of the way. for today, in response to that, we're looking at the sea breeze and then tomorrow the high reestablishes itself and still we're talking the warmest day of the week will be on monday but with the sea breeze, cooling locally along the coast and our beaches. south bay, not much of a change. we'll see 90 santa clara and san jose with 94 in los gatos. changes here on the peninsula with some lower to mid-80s in spots but still hot around palo alto. few patches of fog for pacifica and half moon bay with upper 60s. in daly city, sunset district, low to mid-70s. 80 downtown but that is significantly down from yesterday's 90. 94 in sonoma. a little cooler around san rafael, still on the warm side, you'll begin to warm up during the afternoon hours instead of early morning hours. 85 in oakland. temperatures coming down there.
5:45 am
90 in union city. head inland, still warm numbers, dublin at 95. we have some fog quarter mile visibility, sunny skies, a bit cooler, santa cruz, 86. today sea breeze at the coast. tomorrow we look for more heat and eight degrees hotter and gradual cooling trend tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> just hanging out and watching my team lose football, notre dame. having a rough year. >> thanks, lisa. >> san francisco is exploring a controversial method to get homeless alcoholics off the streets and into housing. the plan would house them with taxpayer dollars and here is the controversy -- would it allow them to continue drinking. >> san francisco streets are homes to dozens of chronic
5:46 am
alcoholics who are clogging the emergency medical system and the city's jails. paul sanchez, a self-described drunk a few years ago had been arrested 128 times and hospitalized 50. a supervisor says there might be a better approach, so-called housing modeled after this project in seattle where homeless alcoholics are allowed to live and keep on drinking. >> providing a medical, safe environment in which people are chronic are not going to change in their lifetimes have the ability to live safely but also don't draw on the public resources. >> a three-year study by the health department found 225 of the worst offenders accounted for more than 1900 ems pick-ups and sent more than 2,000 days at san francisco general hospital. it cost taxpayers $13.5 million a year. >> it's not a good idea.
5:47 am
it's bizarre. >> a doctor has worked in the field of addiction medicine for more than 40 years. >> best solution would have them hospitalized, involuntarily if necessary and detoxified. >> he believes it allows them to keep killing themselves. >> the mayor supports seattle's concept. >> at least it gets people through the door. then you start saying we're here for you. right now we have people out on the street and sidewalks and hard to pull in. >> seattle says its program saved the city four million dollars the first year alone. don't go away.
5:48 am
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welcome back. time right now is 5:50, this is live look at the embarcadero from our roof cam. in a few hours, at 9:00 this morning, in fact, you should see a number of runners along the embarcadero. they are taking part in the 20th anniversary of san francisco's version of the susan g.coleman race for the cure to raise money for breast cancer survivors. wireless technology is wonderful, computer components connecting to each other but this morning, michael finney points out a potential security issue that goes along with wi-fi based scanners and printers.
5:51 am
>> so if i just go to google i can find this? >> right. >> eye done plenty of internet searches before but i've never seen anything like this. it all starts with your printer scanner, here is best buy. most are wi-fi enabled making it to scan and print. but it can leave your system open. >> you click on them and see if there is anything there. >> we are looking at a list of hewlett-packard wi-fi enabled printer scanners. we click again. if anything is on the scanner, we get to see what it is. here a photograph. we are blurring it out. here a document, again we can read it but we're blurring it so you can't. computer security firm figured all this out.
5:52 am
>> any scanner sitting out that is connected in their home could be wide open and any document they are putting out there could be scanned by others. >> he is ceo and president. he says companies like hp ship their printers with a adult setting that makes it access easy. we asked hp about that and we're told on a secured network the likelihood of a web scan being a security issue is extremely unlikely. properly secured home or business networks will keep documents safe. that is true but he says not everyone has a secured network. >> it's very hard to educate masses. you can try to put the burden on a layman but it doesn't work. >> you can imagine and go on the internet and click on something that is on that list, it's kind of scary. >> she works for best buy's geek
5:53 am
squad. it's her job to inform consumers the masses and protect them, too. >> i would definitely check before, but after looking at that i'll let consumerers know. >> so make sure it's security protected and read scanner and printer instructions and remove all documents after they have been scanned. >> still ahead, disney radio national search, including a rising bay area star. still ahead you're going to meet a san ramon teenager whose vocal talent is giving her a shot at the big time. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. i care about youfiber too. i have for while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. a san ramon teenager could be disney's next big thing. highway she was one of five singers in a national competition. don sanchez says you can make amber lilly a music star. ♪ >> 13-year-old high school freshman is already an experienced singing pro. her first performance was at age five and she knew what she wanted to do. >> here she is at age 9. she had lessons and lived in l.a. for a year, but her family
5:56 am
had to come back home, home for the high school experience. >> griochbd had and realistic, knowing the importance of an education. >> teachers are working with her and her family when she has to make trips down south but we are supporting her. >> she is not just a singer but a song writer too. ♪ ♪ >> that is one of hers. >> whatever happens to day to day life, i know that everybody else like me is experiencing the same kind of thing. >> she has had her big break. amber was chosen to be one of five contestants in disney big contest. she is on the website where you can vote. it is a big thing. >> people will notice. >> it's the results of years of
5:57 am
sacrifice and dedication. >> it's to getting her where she wanted. >> we also like to see her be successful in a career because so passionate about doing it. >> so her dream could back reality. >> in san ramon, don sanchez, "abc 7 news." >> radio disney is both owned by abc7 is bottom owned by the walt disney company. >> a firefighter is seriously injured. we'll have the latest. >> and california prepares for an execution this week, the first [ male announcer ] have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacion, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef,
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