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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a san jose elementary school teacher booked and fingerprinted jie. he is accused in a disturbing case of child pour nothing imraw fee. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates in for carolyn johnson. >> police have apparently been watching this guy for months and today they made their move. leslie brinkley is live in san jose with the latest on this developing news. >> that's right, dan. a teacher from placed on leave last august as police launched an investigation into possible possession of child pornography. it came to a head when they made an arrest. they arrested johnny urias. a teacher in san jose.
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will rogers elementary school issued a statement saying there are no known incidents of sexual abuse by this teacher, but there is an investigation into the possibility of lewd acts with students. they have been working with san he say police, the alan rock district and internet crimes against children task force. the teacher has been booked sthoo the santa clara county jail, and they are doing an additional search of the home where he was arrested in san jose. they previously collected evidence from his home in mill mill -- mill miss ties including confiscating computers. reporting live in san jose, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> thank you. a possible case of vigilante justice tonight. police say a jewelry store owner killed a robbery suspect in this store. golden treasures jewelry is located at 2550 san ramon
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boulevard. alan wang is live from the san ramon police department tonight where detectives are still tracking the suspects. alan? >> three suspects are still at large tonight. it sounds like they were caught off guard and found themselves looking down the barrel of a gun. one thing they might not have known is that a lot of jewelry store owners have guns of their own. there were four suspects and witnesses saw at least three of them running across san ramon valley boulevard. one collapsed in the middle of the crosswalk apparently after being shot by the jewelry store owner. police say the suspect died at the hospital. >> they are strong people. they are not going to let themselves hurt themselves or anyone around them. >> reporter: they were in the shop with the jeweler when it was being robbed. they have owned the golden treasures jewelry store for 20 years. >> the people who came inside was with the gun.
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the jeweler was on the floor. >> reporter: the friend and fellow jewelry store owner says he spoke shortly after it happened around 4:30 p.m. he says he knew the parvins had a gun and they were prepared to use it. >> in this sort of business do you feel like you need a gun? >> it is almost impossible to protect yourself if you don't have a gun. suspicious people are coming here and making threats. >> reporter: just six months ago mr. parvin pulled out his gun and chased off another group of robbers. >> they told them that they could live. they get stressed out and left. >> reporter: apparently this time they felt the need to use their gun. again the suspect died at the hospital tonight and police are searching for three suspects who may haveogotten away in a white four-door 1990s model sedan. reporting live in san ramon,
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alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. ? los angeles, prosecutors played what they called a confession by one of the men accused of beating the giants fan into a nearly fatal coma. it was videotaped when police were interrogating the suspect. it was in connection with the assault at dodger stadium in the parking lot. at one point norwood was allowed to call his mother so a detective's phone. >> there was not much i could say on the phone. >> defense attorneys argue that norwood and the co-defendant might have been involved in an incident after the game, but not necessarily the attack on stow. he is still in rehab recovering from a traumatic brain injury that his family left him unable to understand the assault. mitt romney visited the bay area. it was his first day of
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fundraising since mathematically clinching the nomination. the fundraiser was held in hillsboro at the sprawling carolyn sat toe. it is owned by billionaire investor charles bartlett johnson and his wife. heather ishimaru is there with more. >> romney picked up an endorsement tonight here at this event. that is from former secretary of state condoleezza rice. as for the rest of the guest list, their endorsements came in the form of the hefty check. >> earlier at arrival they will be met by obama supporters before the valet parking attendants. it was a tame protest organized by the bay area democratic party officials. they criticize the supporters saying they care only about short-term profit without regard for consequences. singling out meg whitman who announced 27,000 layoffs at hp. >> one of the biggest hosts
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for this a week ago laid off 27,000 workers. i want to know who is advising romney to show up with someone who laid off 27,000 workers. it is almost like they are celebrating job loss. >> san francisco republican says fund raising will be different this time around. >> they were able to raise small contributions from donors who were interest contributing for the first time. $25, $50 contributions. those people still don't have jobs three and four years later. big money is the only game in town. >> tonight's guests pay $2500 just to stand in the garden with romney. it is $10,000 for a picture with him and it is 25,000 bought a round table discussion and dinner went for $50,000. earlier today obama called romney to congratulate him on winning the nomination saying he looked forward to a healthy debate about america's future. >> next stop on romney's
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fundraising trail, los angeles where the price of dinner is $50,000 a couple. live in hillsboro, heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> heather, thank you. a bay area homeless man arrested after sneaking on to a plane at the san diego airport is being questioned tonight. mark duncun was just released from jail on theft and tonight he is back behind bars. the mountain view resident skipped security and walked through you an emergency exit and on to the tarmac at lindbergh field. he then boarded a united express plane. within minutes the flight attendant noticed an extra person on board and the plane was evacuated. the emergency exit alarm did go off and he was spotted and arrested in 10 minutes. >> it is disturbing to us he got on the aircraft. that's not supposed to happen. that's why we have multiple layers of security built in. duncun will be arraigned on violation of parole, entering a restricted zone and violating the swreening
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process. police are searching for the gunman who shot an oakland high school student. the 18-year-old victim was among a group of students hanging out at park and mcarthur boulevards. a man in dreadlock opened fire hitting the victim in the leg. authorities say he is in stable condition. an oakland spokesman says the victim was apparently specifically targeted by the shooter. so far nomo tiff. it is the third -- no motive ssments it is the third gun-related incident. >> a deputy district attorney accused of assaulting a colleague is fighting back. he was indicted on 13 criminal counts including rape during the 2008 incident. the case was dismissed in october. today he fired lawsuits against the state, the county and the city of martinez. according to the san francisco chronicle he claims the charges against him were politically motivated. he was then reinstated and now on paid leave. up next a veteran gets a
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big surprise. it is a gift that takes him to the goal. >> and he gets his police chopper back and it is already being called a crime scene. >> r-i-g-i-b-le. >> the talk of the bee takes a stab at spelling glory. >> so cute. and then on "nightline." >> coming up next on "nightline" a dangerous new street drug that can lead to violent outbursts called excited dilirium. why they are worried about so-called bath salts. and we are behind the scene of "dance moms" asking how far should a child be pushed to be the best. >> abc news at 11:00 continues after this.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. pg&e is handing out money for college. they have so far given awarding -- awards to a mom, a high school senior and a homeless woman, and now a veteran. leslie brinkley was there for today's surprise announcement. >> julian alvarez thought he
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was summoned to pg&e headquarters for a final scholarship interview. >> you are not here for the interview. you are here to be congratulated. >> the 26-year-old army veteran learned he had hit an educational jackpot. >> it was up to $30,000 a year for five years. many of these students like julian, they are going to need it. we are excited we can provide support. >> you earned it. >> he picked up a flier and like 8,000 other pg&e customers applied for the scholarship. he is taking classes at a community college in livermore after a tour of duty in iraq and afghanistan. he still has lingering problems from concussions and a back injury of the now some breathing room. >> i get to pick where i want to go to school. i won't have hardships that my friends are going through. i will actually have more time where i can try and volunteer at the veteran center to help out other people that have been in my shoes.
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>> it has been a life changer. >> he wants to transfer to chico state or university of georgia and eventually become an officer in the army with his degree. nine others will get a full ride scholarship julian did. in fact, pg&e says two more bay area residents will find out on thursday that they won. in san francisco, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. supply a big donation put the oakland police helicopter back in service today. the chopper flew over a tense standoff with a home invasion robbery suspect. they have not used the helicopter full time since twiep because of -- since 2009 because of budget cuts. they received a donation from a nonprofit consumer alliance called fueling california. there is the big check presentation. that will buy enough fuel for 80 hours of flight time. >> we are able to make our helicopter fly because of the fuel donation. >> the man today was eventually arrested. the chopper helped officers watch from above for any signs
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that he was trying to escape. facebook is responding to abc7 news over a photo controversy. the british breast cancer patient joanne jackson posted these photos showing her recovery from a mastectomy. they took the pictures down the same day they violated the company's policy on nudity. but face took said the mastectomy photo does not violate our content standards and are permitted on the site. facebook is looking into what happened. the number of homes being sold by their owners for less than they owe on their mortgages is apparently soaring. housing industry analyst reality track says short sales were up 25% in the first quarter compared to a year ago. 26% of all homes sold were either bank owned or in some state of foreclosure. but that is well below the 2009 high of 45% keep in mind. the competition was fierce in the national spelling bee. it was a smooth first round
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for lori anne madison. the second round was a bit tougher. >> enjluvies. >> that is incorrect. >> [applause] >> no, it can't be! check again. it knocked her out of the competition. one bay area student is going to tomorrow morning's semifinal round. an eighth grader from san jose correctly spelled terciary. nick lambert, an eighth grader at pleasant hill middle school did not make the cut based on today's words and scores from a test taken yesterday. they practiced really hard on those words. >> poor little lori. she did great though. let's talk about the
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weather forecast. it is warming up a bit. >> sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> hi, ama and dan. we are going with a warmer forecast. it is going to be the warmest day of the week. want to show you a picture from the uss nimitz. it is posted to my facebook. of course you probably remember the uss nimitz was here for the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. you can see as it was departing there was a little fog out there. the fog and the sea breeze combine to basically hold the temperature down in half moon bay at 58 degrees. most of the bay area saw a warming trend. it was near 90 degrees inland. 87 in livermore. 89 in antioch. 83 in santa rosa. these temperatures are going up tomorrow. we are holding on to real comfortable weather. we have a few 60s and 70s in antioch.
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74 degrees right now. it is warm inland through friday. it cools off and turns breezy for the weekend. this warm pattern is only going to last for a couple more days. this is the area of high pressure that is providing us with the warmth. we will call it warm days especially thursday and friday. under an area of high pressure you get sinking air. as the air sinks you get warming. bayside in and land you really feel it, but the reason you don't feel it at the coast is you are still expecting some fog and the sea breeze will stick around. the temperatures first thing tomorrow morning, mostly clear and low 50s and a mild start to your morning. upper 40s in santa cruz and santa rosa. the patchy fog in the morning, it was pretty clear. just a patch or two at the half moon bay area. it will clear away and we will see breezy conditions. 60s coast and 90s inland. it will feel like summer around here. let's get to the specific temperatures. campbell 90 degrees.
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los gatos getting up to 91. 89 in san jose and 88 for santa clara. a warm day on the peninsula. redwood city, palo alto and 87 in loss altos. 64 along the coast in half moon bay. the breeze will still hold you in a comfort zone. 62 degrees degrees in daily city. in daly city. the temperatures are going up in the north bay. near 90 degrees santa rosa, sonoma, novato. 76 in oakland and 78 in hayward. inland areas, this is where it is summer like. 93 in livermore and for the monterey bay,76 degrees in santa cruz. 92 for morgan hill. enjoy the warm weather or very warm weather. inland the next two days it is cooling off as we head into the weekend. it is going to get breezy as well. the temperatures are going to come down to the mid70s range by monday. a 20-degree drop from tomorrow in the warmest locations. drastic cooling is coming. mike will be in tomorrow morning and will track any changes in our weather.
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>> thank you, sandhya. coming up next, can you smell a person's age? >> new research about what our odors are saying about us. keep it here.
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night baby chicks -- baby chicks are being linked to salmonella poisoning. there have been more than 300 cases in the past seven years. most of the victims were children. no one has died, but now health officials are warning of a bacterial threat on the bird's feet, feathers, beaks and eggs. >> that's not good. well, according to a new study, you are only as old as you smell. researchers at philadelphia's minel center say we use body odor to instinctively pick a partner, recognize relatives and avoid sick people. researchers say so-called old person smell, they said it not me, is actually less intense and less unpleasant than body odors of middle aged and young individuals. >> this is your insert your larry beil joke. >> totally. >> go ahead, take your shot.
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>> the sports department is aromatic. timlin saw -- tim lynn -- lynn succumb went seven sinings.
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wi every time tim lincecum takes the mound there is velocity and temperament. if there is one guy timmy is sick of seeing it is gold member. paul gold schmidt second inning come back or not. but timmy bear hands and guns him down. to the fourth and arizona is leading 1-0. high and deep off ian kennedy.
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blanco ends up with a triple setting up ryan terio. we are tied at one. but it is that man again coming up in the 6th. gold schmidt just four homers all year. but he kills timmy. the giants say they have no answer for him. lynn succumb -- lynn succumb with seven. it was a 4-1 lead and will end on a positive. cabrera with his 51st hit of the month. it is the most hits from a giant. timmy is now two and six. a's and twins in the oakland free fall continues. they are 0 and 5, but against the a's lights out and six score less and strikes out nine. the bottom of the fifth and josh welling ham is haunting his old team for the second straight game. this is a two-run bomb and he had a three-run jack. the a's are blanked and they fall into last place in the al west. the warriors stayed put in the
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nba draft. they were slotted seven after the ping-pong balls rattled around. the gm represented the club in new york. had the warriors sliped down to eight they would have lost that draft pick. the number one selection goes to the league owned new orleans hornets. the bobcats went seven and 59. they had to settle for the number two pick. the playoffs in the game 2 eastern playoffs. the record setting night and the second quarter on the attack. ray alan struggled in game one and much better. boston was up 15 early. the heat rally. paul pierce, get out. lebron with a huge block and starting a fast break. duane wade and 23 points. miami by three and alan strokes it, and we are tied. this is for the win and he takes a fade away jumper, really? lebron? on to over time.
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rondo plays all 53 minutes, 44 points, eight boards, 10 assists. but too much miami down the stretch. wade 115-111. the heat is taking a series lead. to the ice, the stanley cup finals. rex ryan is a devils fan. how about a snack. it is fired off the deflection. it is tied at one in over time. one on one, and he beats the legend. 2-1 kings and they take a 1-0 series lead in the final. >> i barely recognized him. "nightline" is up next. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. for larry and sandhya and everybody, thanks for joining us. be sure to watch
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