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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 14, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, at 6:00, 24 hours after clearing an occupy camp from the hayes valley farm san francisco police are guarding and protesters are vowing to return. >> developing news from florida, divers are looking if a missing person after a crowded deck collapsed last night in the water while fans watched the nba finals. >> we await landmark supreme court rulings on same-sex marriage a poll reveals how the lgb community feels. >> good morning, first up, we have a check on the forecast with our meteorologist. >> good morning, to you. we are looking at clouds around the bay and over all we starting out warmer and that will lady to a warmer afternoon.
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at the coast this morning, more sun than clouds and temperatures are chilly, mid-and-upper 40's headed to 7:00 and 57 by noontime, and we are sunny and 60 degrees this afternoon. around the bay we are waking up to clear conditions and theys in the 50's by noon in the upper 60's and mid-70's by the afternoon in oakland and castro valley is warmer and notice we are clear in the evening and that will change tomorrow. inland upper 50's and mid-70's by noon, and by noon if it is in the 70's you are on the way to a remain warmer afternoon and upper 80's inland, and a nice comfortable night but we are talking about a cooler weekend that the last with the details ahead. >> this is along the maze westbound 80 on the bay bridge westbound direction at treasure island we had an early stalled car which made the pinch as you
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making the drive away from emeryville to san francisco so 39 miles per hour and we are down to 19 miles per hour closer to the toll plaza. at maze you can see caltran crews are picking up cones with quite the backup at 14 minutes from highway 4. the san francisco police are standing guard at the foam hayes valley farm a day after the police raided the occupy protests and senator everyone out and made arrests. amy hollyfield is at the site with a promise of protesters. >> police are making sure the proffers do not get back here in the garden and have shut down a block of the street. officers are protecting the perimeter of the garden. it is surrounded making it tough
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for anyone to sneak in. they said we cannot go inside the police tape. >> the protesters were kicked off yesterday but some say they are going to come back so that is what police want to avoid. this is scheduled to be developed into apartments and protesters do not want that to happen so they decided to occupy it. police moved in and arrested three people in trees refusing to come down. i spoke with the officers and they have been here since last night and it has been quiet but if the protesters decide to show up they will greet them. board's board has approved a new budget amid threats of a worker
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strike. the union workers urged them to recognize the dangers on the job. there is an order for 410 new rail cars to be scheduled to be in search in 2017 and bart will replace existing train seats and car poets and floors. matt keller will have more on the budget in a report next half hour. bart police are awaiting for a san francisco judge to okay an arrest warrant for the 24-year-old man accused of forrizing passengers while naked at the 16th street mission street in may. he was arrested on misdemeanor charges and released for lack of evidence. the union say this kind of threat is all too common to bart employees. >> it is not something that is an aha moment, i live and breath it as do my co-workers.
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train operators confronted with a variety of issues, as well. >> the berkeley based circus that employees him fired him yesterday. >> thousands of oakland city workers have authorized a strike is no progress is made in contract talks asking for raises that the city says they cannot afford. workers say the city leaders are underestimated tax revenues. they have protested outside city hall budget hearings. it is the first employee walkout since 1946. >> this morning, san jose is looking for a new fire chief. the current chief says he is leaving for a job if las vegas. the 55-year-old has been chief in san jose for three years. this is the second high level official to step down this year. san jose police chief moore retired in january. >> today is six months since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school and it will be a day of remembrance in the area starting with a moment silence
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at 6:30 our time in less than half an hour. 20 children and six adults were killed in the december 14 shooting. town voted to tear down sandy hook elementary school and build a new school on the same site. the families of the victims continue to push for new gun control laws. new video in the abc7 news room gives the first look at the deck that clapped -- collapsed last night in miami as fans cheered on the miami heat during the finalled. abc7 news reporter is following this developing story. cornell? >> we are learn one person is now missing this morning after a night of fun turned chaos for sports fan who were dumped into the water below. divers are now searching for one person reported missing after the deck collapse. we are told they have so were debris in the water it is tough. 100 basketball fans were an the
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parts bar to watch the nab finals and part of the patio deck collapsed crashing into the wars of the bay. the water was shallow but many were pounded into the bottom by the wave of people, tables, chairs, umbrellas and debris falling on top of them. crews from around miami dade rushed to the scene pulling people from the water and witnesses say it sounded like a freight train when the deck gave way. >> it was crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch. we could see bam, bam, bam, pillars going down, down, down. >> everything was going lower and lower and lower and i went underwater completely. two remain in serious condition and, again, one person is reported missing after the crash of the deck and divers still searching the waters in biscayne
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bay. investigators are on the scene to find out when it happens and the first question is the deck's capacity and when the last time it was inspected. we are learning how the lbgt community feels about society and its acceptance. but 39 percent admit they have been rejected by a family member because of their sexual orientation. 58 percent say they have been the victim of slurs or jokes. this is the first time ever the research center has conducted this kind of poll. it comes as california and the nation await key supreme court decisions on proposition eight and the defense of marriage act which could come as early as monday. >> if you live on the peninsula
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you could notice a weird smell this morning like natural gas. it is natural gas. at 6:00, pg&e will venting natural gas to repair pipelines on foothill expressway in palo alto. pg&e says the crews should be done by 9:00 this morning but the smell is like skunk could linger for a while. >> lisa, how is the forecast? >> good morning, to you, we have clouds and we are starting out with warmer air mass with wind from the north and now always good. we have breezy winds from the north and east bay hills. be came. we are on the way to a beautiful afternoon with 69 in san francisco, and 76 in oakland, and upper 80's inland so we are warmer today and upper 70's in santa cruz and low clouds and
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fog and making a comeback for the weekend and it will be bringing cooler conditions not only tomorrow but father's day so starting out with clouds and the second half of the day, tomorrow and father's day we will have sunshine and notice the numbers are in the 70's around the bay and enjoy it and begin the work week next week. >> it is starting to quiet down with more congestion but the construction projects are wrapping up and over the altamont pass we have the worst of the traffic and we have a stall, westbound 580 blocking a lane and look at all the red behind it, this is 42-minute ride from tracy and the central valley to dublin and top speeds are under 30 miles per hour. we have clear conditions on the mass transit and everything is on time.
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the bridge is clear, hazy but clear. coming up on 6:11. president obama is ready to depart for an overseas trip. but it is the cost that has everyone talking. >> where in the world is snowden? the country making sure the man who located the n.s.a. secret surveillance program stays away. ♪ stop in the name of love >> what has nancy pelosi
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>> covering daly city, dublin/pleasanton, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:14, a beautiful view from our sutro camera to san francisco, will the weekend live up to the preview? we will have the weather forecast from meteorologist coming up. >> what could be the most expensive family vacateses in history is raising eyebrows. president obama and the first family are planning an eight day trip to africa which month and the estimated cost for taxpayers? $100 million! the "washington post" obtain add confidential document outlining
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the extent of the preparations including hundreds of acts to guard the family, military planes to airlift minimum scenes and other vehicles and bullet proof glass to cover windows at the hotels. >> through details this morning on the man who revealed the n.s.a.'s secret surveillance program, the british government is now warning airlines an the world not to allow snowden in the country. the associated press saw a photograph of the order at a thai airport today and airlines in thailand and singapore are confirming the alert is real. snowden is believed to be still hiding in hong kong. >> a capitol hill ceremony honoring the long the serving member of congress features a musical number and san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi in the thick of it. ♪ stop in the name of love ♪ before you break my heart >> that is original supreme member singing with pelosi and
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health and human services secretary sebelius and the tune is "stop in the name of love," yesterday with an actress joining in to honor michigan john dingell marking 257 years in the house of representatives. >> former alaska governor same sarah palin has a new gig like her old gig. again. the one time republican vice presidential presidential is rejoining fox news as a contributor began working for the network if january of 2010. fox and sarah palin parted ways after she wanted to do other things and her old contract paid $1 million a year. the california health commissioner says rate increases are unseasonable and the commissioner says because of that, he wants the company excluded from the small business health options program and claims that the 7.6 percent rate increase is unreasonable
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especially given how much the company makes but does not have the authority to reject the health insurance rate hikes and says it will go away with the planned increase. >> the latest "have -- "have man" hits the big scream. "man of steel" has shattered box office records in the philippines and taiwan and could do the same at home making from $75 to $115 million this weekend and the number could go even higher. >> are you going to see it? >> mandatory. mandatory. >> now lisa has owe super the weather will be. >> pretty nice. we are warming up before the weekend brings a cool down with the sun up.
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we have partly cloudy skies along the bay and live doppler 7 hd picking up higher clouds and from the camera we can see how pleasant it is with lots of sunshine, upper 50's, san francisco is 53 and low-to-mid 50's around coast, or 40's, rather. lake tahoe, and 53 in napa, and upper 30's here is a cool start in the mountains but the northern sacramento valley we have a red-flag warning with the wins going up and the humidity is decreasing and locally we have warmer temperatures but nothing too extreme. mostly clear, and sunny, and a warmer day for everyone today, cooler weather tomorrow and stronger onshore push with low clouds and thinge fog. 24 hours we were cooler and the coast has the low-to-mid 40's
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and everywhere else we aren at way to a warmer start with concord at two degrees of warming and six degrees outside the tell step already in the lower 60's. the satellite picture shows our trough that brought the cooler weather and breezy conditions and with higher pressure building in closer to the cost today it brings more of a northern wind so that brings the warmer day but overnight with a system getting closer to the coast we are looking at low cloud, fog, and western winds ramping up and by saturday afternoon we are breezy and cooler with the sea breeze. livermore the warmest day will be 88 and 80 by tomorrow, and over the weekend, hovering there and cooler conditions in the upcoming work week. the next couple of days in the sierra, low 70's and lows in the 30's and back home we are talking 79 in palo alto and 84
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today and napa and a look ahead with temperatures cooling down each day if you like it warm, today is your day. now the commute. leyla gulen? >> to show you how long it will take you from point a to point b, it is slowing down as we see the typical slowing so along 101 this is one thing that is not too typical, petaluma to 580, 29 minutes with a few extra cars and we had an early accident in novato and that cleared to the shoulder and that traffic is disapaiding. highway four, westbound from antioch to conquer, 38 minutes gets you there and a new accident on antioch in the westbound direction and southbound 280 wood s side to san jose 30 minutes. and outside, a drive coming into central san rafael 101 all
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clear on southbound side. >> we are at 6:21. the eastern span of the bay bridge is getting the tax but there is new talk of the western span of the bay bridge and the new name the section could have. >> but, first, another embarrassment for a fast food giant and wendy's is ♪ when it comes to pizza crust, i like to do things... ♪ hand. so tonight,
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things might get a little messy. ♪ [ chuckles ] ♪ that's nice. so, i'm gonna take my time and do it right. oops. let's get zesty.
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>> good morning, everyone, a look from the mount tamalpais camera toward the beauty of the bay area. the forecast if father's day weekend is coming up and you will like it. and we have a new chart phone app to keep you on top of the latest breaking news, weather, and traffic and all the stories are divided into sessions and you can share them on facebook and twitter. the app is easy to download and free at apple app and google play. we have all the details on you will need to download the new app because the old one will go away. check out abc7 . >> if you like to go to wendys, you could be disturbed, after they respond to a viral photo showing a worker slurping from the nozzle of a frosty machine. you may have seen this photo
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online already, someone posted it on wednesday and it is not clear who the man is or exactly where it was taken but wendy moves is obviously not happy. last fight the company responded on twitter that this is totally inexcusable and involved one restaurant and the employee is no longer there. we are reinforcing proper procedures. a new sushi in virginia is making headlines, turning away young customers after implementing a no kids policy. that is creating plenty of business. some say they are offended customers have to be 18 or older and others think it is a great idea. the owner says he does not hate children but wants to offer grownups another option free of stress from being around kids. >> the bay area is ready for a vice presidential visit. the ascene ask for biden as he
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is ready to touch down in san francisco. >> in fremont, bart has a new budget this morning but trouble on the horizon. riders may have to find a new way to work in a few weeks. >> morning, waking up to clouds and a warmer day on top as we begin the weekend around the bay and mid-70's for afternoon highs and inland, warming to the upper 80's and sunny with the breeze in the afternoon and low 60's coast side. >> i am leyla gulen from the traffic center, a look at the toll plaza, you can barely see anything with the gorgeous sun rising, and you will need the sunglasses with the
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news, at 6:9, looking from our exploritorium, you can see blue skies, blue water and the bay bridge. lisa says it is shaping up to be a nice day. we can look forward to that. thanks for starting your day
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with us. i am katie marzullo. >> is that what you are saying? >> we are looking at temperatures on the cool side low-to-mid 50's and clouds around the bay and at the coast, you notice more sunshine than average with numbers by noontime in the 50's and near 60 by 4:00, and the breeze will pick up, so we will be cooler but mice and sunny there around the bay, and upper 50's around oakland and later on in the afternoon it will be in the mid-50's for oakland land today and berkeley will be if the low 70's and still clear at 7:00 and inland waking up to clear conditions and sunny afternoon and by noon in the mid 50's on way to the upper 80's for antioch and brentwood and concord and live more will be in the mid-80's so we enjoying the warmest day today and we are talking about cooler weather headed our way for the week.
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leyla gulen? >> in antioch, this is where we have quite a bit con impression and we still have a construction project but an accident occurred on surface streets at a construction zone and this is off of highway ur but commute in the westbound direction is down to ten miles per hour and it jumped up to 39 miles per hour and you will see a little bit better of a drive from pittsburg to concord. in san jose, we have clear conditions and top speeds at 280 and 85 to cupertino and 101 not too bad and the golden gate bridge it is a beautiful site and nice from sausalito and into san francisco with the blue skies lisa has been telling us about and clouds are gorgeous. have a good one. >> it is 6:31 and happening right new to newtown, connecticut, it is six months since the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary school. a moment silence is taking
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place. 20 children and six adults were killed in the december 14 shooting. town has voted to tear down sandy hook elementary school and rebuild a new school on same site. the families push for new gun control laws. >> new this morning, bart has a new budget and it means you will pay more to ride the train but a big issue is looming, a possible workers strike. abc7 news reporter is on the scene. >> the riders rely on bart to get here and they are concerned. they is long commutes from here to san francisco or vallejo approving a $1.5 million budget investing in new trains and stations. it combines operating and capital spends which are usual there i separate. the union sees this as a way for bart to limit raises and the two sides are negotiating a contract
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and are far apart on money issues, mediations will continue but unions are threatening a strike. riders say a strike is costly. >> it means more gas. more cost. and the wear and tear on the car. >> the traffic. >> the traffic. the traffic is a monster in the morning. you do what you have to do. >> beyond the labor issues, the new budget will bring in what directors call the fleet of future with three door design hitting the tracks in 2017. the directors say the initial order for 410 new cars is brighter, quieter and more user friendly. the other things bart officials promise with the new budget, more security bicycle parking and, also, pilot programs to help reduce train noise. >> san francisco police are investigating a crash between a car and a four lit -- fork lift
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with three people hurt at 4:00 a.m. when workers say a driver was speeding and he hit the fork lift. >> today, invite biden arrives for a democratic fundraiser a week after the president we was here for the same reason. it is biden's first visit since january and will attend in the sea cliff neighborhood. tickets range from $500 to $10,000. protesters are expected at the event from environmental groups opposing the keystone xl pipeline project that crosses the united states from canada to refineries in the gulf of mexico and they protested president obama's visit. >> oakland police and crimestoppers are offering $10,000ry ward for information leading to an arrest in the deadly shooting of a young emeryville man. the police are going over a video from traffic and surveillance cameras near the intersection in the hopes of
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finding aya nakano's killer after being shot and killed on wednesday. he was rear ended at market street and got in an art and was shot. yesterday would have been the university of oregon graduate's 23rd birthday. the other car is described as newer four-door silver sedan. >> new details on the eastern span of the bay bridge. $20 million is on the line for contractors. the "contra costa times" reports it is an incentive to be finished on time by september 3, agreed to in 2010. lawmakers are worried the incentive could compromise safety in light of recent problems with faulty bolts much the official opening date is announced next month. some want to name the western span after former mayor willie brown coming from the naacp with dough nays covering naming costs and the eastern span, though,
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would remain nameless. >> developing news from south florida, the coast guard is gathering ever as they try to figure what caused a waterfront deck to collapse sending people plunging into the biscayne bay. this is video from this storm, witnesses say 100 fans were cheering on game four of the nba finals in miami in the sports bar and the deck collapsed. 24 people were sent in the shallow wars and 15 were sent to the hospital. >> in colorado the black forest wildfire claimed the lines of two. they were trapped by the fire the deputies are going door-to-door to make sure people are, in fact, leaving, 41,000 people already have been forced to leave the area. the fire near colorado springs has destroyed 30 homes and
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devoured more than 15,000 acres. it is just 5 percent contained. >> happening now the polls are open in iran with the election for a successor to mahmoud ahmadinejad and the leader, ayatollah, was the first to volume. officials greeted the 73-year-old ayatollah who cast his ballots. many contend the field of six conservative candidates for the presidency has been intentionally vetted to ensure that whoever wins is firmly in the ayatollah's camp. 24 hours have past since the san francisco police moved in to remove protesters from the encampment. >> what is taking long for a beached boat to be removed and the connection to a convicted sex offender. >> look at a beautiful sunny morning and the president goldee
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>> waking up to milder conditions with temperatures warmer from two to six degrees warmer but the coast, we have low-to-mid 40's and partly cloudy conditions and we are on way to a warmer afternoon for everyone. we will have breezy conditions
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at the beaches with low 60's at half moon bay and upper 60's in san francisco and across the bay in the mid-70's for oakland with 85 in morgan hill. if you planning the next several days to be as warm, hold on, we are looking at low clouds and fog and back in the bay tomorrow and sunday and that will bring down our afternoon highs and further cooling into the upcoming work week. leyla gulen is here with the update on friday. >> we will start you off in san francisco where we have clear conditions and top speed along 280 extension and 101 as we head into the east bay looking at heavier conditions and busy traffic over the altamont pass from the central valley beyond highway 4 as we continue into castro valley and 17 miles per hour is the top speed. outside right now this is the maze with early construction which now is cleared. you are looking at tiptop commute from highway four.
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>> thank you, leyla gulen. a boat belonging to a convicted sex offenders is beached and residents want it gone. it ran aground weeks ago but there is a hole in it. the sex offender donald olson was live on it. he was arrested for failing to register whereabouts. the boat remains illegal moored feet from a busy pathway and a popular family park. he has until june 24 to claim the boat or it will be removed. >> next, leyla gulen will reveal the second winner our abc7 news shell gas card give away. >> exciting. and microsoft releases something iphone users have been asking for, for a long-term. >> trading is underway on wall street. the dow is off by 25 points and ahead we will check with jane
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king and the new york stock exchange. >> day after a police raid what the san francisco police are doing to make sureaúes0p0p
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> welcome back on this friday morning. new this morning, for iphone users, the wait is over, microsoft's office suite is coming to the iphone and will offer the ability to read and edit text documents and slide presentations. it is free starting today but you have to have an office 365 subscription which costs $100 a year. >> microsoft is not making a version for the ipad or droid devices. microsoft says the app is meant for light h weight editing not heavy graphic work. >> if you have thought of getting a vacation home now could be the time to do it. >> the real answer to what dads will cherish on father's day. jane king is at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, the first data center outside the united states
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is in sweden by face spark. the director of operations says the location is perfect with the long dark winter temperatures keeping the surface cool and it generates twice as much power as the hoover dam. and sales of vacation homes are rebounding and here is good news, if you are in the market in lake tahoe or palm springs, prices for vacation homes arisming higher but at a slower pace. we are learning new things about car buyers with consumers shelling out an average of $30,000 on new ride shares and that is a new high with luxury shoppers considering buying less luxury vehicles. >> slow start this morning and lower with the dow but nasdaq and s&p are slightly higher. if you want did show your dad
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some love, tell him how much you love him. aa survey found you do not need to find a per if it guest, dads want to say "i love you" and throw in a hug. happy father's day to you, eric. thank you very much. very nice. >> i second that. right now in san francisco, activists will be back at the foam hayes valley farm after a police raid chased them off the site yesterday. >> abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is at fell street with what is bringing the protesters back. amy? >> they will have a hard time getting in if they return. look at police presence, several officers are here and they shut down this block between fell and oak street to keep control of who is in this area. they have police surrounding the park and they have private
6:49 am
security on the park, and when you pan over the park you can see this security van and there is a private security officer patrolling this land and they are trying to prevent the trespassers from taking over this land. police kicked off the protesters yesterday and they made seven arrests including three people who were up in the trees and refused to come down. protests are upset because this land is going to be developed into apartments and they want it to stay as public gardens. they say there was word they would come back out here today and make their presence known to take this back over but it is quiet. if they do show up, they will have several police officers here ready to greet them and deal with them. >> at 6:49, time for a forecast on friday with the weekend ahead. >> you are not good excited?
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>> no. not at all. >> we head to a warmer afternoon and live doppler 7 hd shows clouds with fog and a few clouds this morning in the north bay and it is gorgeous, maybe you are headed to the bench, you get plenty of sunshine but the temperatures are chilly with low 40's at half moon bay and 49 in santa cruz and 56 in mountain view and san francisco is 57. from the beach to the mountains and sierra nevada, nice and clear and temperatures ranging from the upper 30's and back home we are mile at 59 by the delta, and 54 if livermore and union cities coming up at 54, and breezy and higher elevations and the north winds working to keep our conditions sunny and the fog at bay for the short-term and warming us up through the afternoon. that is the case today but the fog returns bringing cooler conditions tomorrow and father's day.
6:51 am
anywhere from two to six degrees warmer for most from the east bay to the north bay but the cooler on the coast, you are clear but for monterey. here is the setup, we will look for the clear conditions today and overall we will have the northern winds keeping thing for away from the coast and when that reverses later on tonight with a stronger onshore push that means we see a return to the low clouds, the fog, the stronger onshore winds bringing from two to four degrees of cooling tomorrow to start the weekend and then cooler next week. 86 today if los gatos and 80 in redwood city and san francisco is above average the 69 in the north bay and 71 in sausalito and 84 in santa rosa and 76 in oakland and inland east bay we are in the upper 80's in antioch and cooling for the next several days. leyla gulen? >> we have construction still in affect along highway one as you travel along through the tunnel
6:52 am
we have construction work until 7:00 a.m. we have one way traffic control in effect and diminished speed at 46 miles per hour but it is ought so fast along highway one. it is 50 minutes from hayward to foster city eastbound 50 commute is not too bad. this is my favorite time of the morning, time to announce the winner of the abc7 news big shoal gas cards give away. drum roll, everyone. jason ell from fremont has won $700 in free gas card. we still have five winners to go so you still have a chance to get in on the action, click "like" on facebook page and fill out entry form. if you are a fan you still need to figure out the form and we will announce another winner on
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monday morning on the abc7 morning news. we need to get you a real drummer. seven thins it know before you go is just
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>> you are looking from the sutro camera at the marin headlands with low fog but blue skies and lisa says it will be warmer today. it is shaping up to be a beautiful father's day week. >> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know, the board approved a new 1.5 billion budget amid threat of a strike that which yous initial order for $410 new rail cars and the first scheduled to be in service in 2017.
6:55 am
>> san francisco police are sending by right new to keep occupiers out of the former hayes valley farm site although they are vowing to run. >> team of investigators is using a coast guard boat to look at a waterfront deck that collapsed in miami sending people plunging into the bay. 100 fans were watching game four of the nba finals and the structure collapsed. two are in serious condition. >> vice president biden comes to the pay area and will attend a private democratic party fund-raiser in sea cliff neighborhood. protesters are expected to be there. >> five, california lawmakers will approve an on time state budget at $96 billion spending plan including more money for education, with more earmarked for poorer school districts. the budget restores social services cut during the recession. >> good morning, at six, the
6:56 am
golden gate bridge is sunny with upper 50's through the lower 40's at half moon bay and here is where it is cool but it will be sunny at the coast. temperatures around half moon bay in the lower 60's but mid-60's at point reyes and 69 in san francisco and remain wary everywhere and above average at 80 if fremont and 82 in san jose and mid-80's in morgan hill. >> the bay bridge toll plaza, you will need the sunglasses, southbound 101, in santa rosa, we have one accident in the center divider, and it is in the clearing stages, as well, and other than that, mostly congestion. for fathers out there, stay home. maybe take a three-day week. >> that is a fabulous idea. >> thanks for joining us with news weather and traffic during "good morning
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good morning, america. and breaking overnight, this massive deck at one of miami's most popular sports bars collapses into the bay, sending more than 100 into the water, right in the middle of the nba finals game. >> all of a sudden, whoosh, and a crash of the deck. and developing now, at least two dead in the biggest severe weather outbreak of the year. massive wind gusts up and down the east coast. possible tornadoes and waters like these rising so fast. dozens had to be pulled to safety. new details on the billion-dollar breakup of the world's biggest media titan. will rupert murdoch's divorce be the most expensive ever? after 14 years and 2 daughters, what's really behind their high-profile split? and the little boy with the star-spangled voice. why he w


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