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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 31, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. >> this is for you, boston. this is our city. >> boston strong. the red sox make history, claiming their first world series title at fenway in almost a century. bouncing back after one of the most controversial calls in baseball history. their win coming just six months after the marathon attacks. jubilant fans swarm the street to celebrate all night long. halloween supersoaker. dramatic rescues from flash floods overnight. now, over 53 million in the path of severe storms today. from texas to ohio, damaging winds, hail and tornadoes possible ahead. as the country gets ready to trick or treat tonight. stunning turn around for a
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member of the kennedy clan. michael skakel's conviction overturned for the killing of his neighbor. how he could be released from prison today, after already serving more than ten years behind bars. and ghoul morning america. times square packed with trick-or-treaters. we have a spectacular halloween party ahead this morning. our supersecret costumes under wraps right now. so, what will we be? it's our biggest reveal ever, only on "gma." ♪ i will survive good morning, america. happy halloween. and take a look at what is going on right there, right now, in times scare. lots of people all dressed up. a little chilly in new york today. that's not stopping them at all. everyone here to have a very fun halloween. >> they have not been to bed all night.
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they were there when we got here this morning. it is our biggest halloween extravaganza ever. you're never in a million years going to guess what we're dressing up as. the hair and makeup people, they outcount us. by 3-1. >> it's a big one. >> they are putting in a lot of overtime getting into all that. right now, let's get to the big win in boston. the red sox beat the cardinals. take the world series in six. talk of a dynasty. three titles in ten years. and abc's rob nelson is at fenway park right now. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, to you, george. this is the headline in "the boston globe" today, tested and triumphant. this may be the happiest boston has seen. the red sox giving fans something they have not experienced in 95 years. >> it hasn't happened at fenway park for 95 years. the red sox are world champions.
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>> reporter: boston strong, indeed. with the championship on the line, history within reach, and a recovering city's pride surging, the boston red sox put on a show wednesday night. >> one run scored. here come gomes. he is safe. and it's 3-0, boston. >> reporter: blowing out the st. louis cardinals by a score of 6-1. the first time since 1918, that boston won the championship at their cherished, iconic home, fenway park. a moment of beantown hometown exhilaration, nearly a century in the making. there was no shortage of great plays. >> caught by drew. it continues. and he's safe, back to the bag. >> wacha brings it home. pitch number 59. right into right center. back at the wall. and it is gone. >> reporter: it comes after an absolutely crazy world series. the controversial obstruction call to end game three. and the pickoff at first base
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that ended game four. >> this is our bleep city. >> reporter: and the celebration began in force across boston. >> let's go, red sox. >> greatest place on earth. >> reporter: all this revelry in the midst of a city still healing from the tragedy here at the boston marathon six months ago. after last night's win, crowds gathering at that finish line. victory where there had once been so much loss. >> this is for you, boston. you guys deserve it. >> reporter: the wounds are still fresh. but so is the euphoria in beantown this morning. a city whose spirit is as strong as its world champion red sox. now, as you can imagine, there was a massive police presence out here last night. so far, only hearing minor reports of overturned cars and trash cans. we did see one guy hanging from a traffic light in his underwear. no word on him just yet.
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but so far police tweeting overnight only nine arrests for unruly behavior. >> at the very least. >> hope it wasn't one of our executive producers. he was at the game last night. that's tom. biggest red sox fan, ever. we haven't seen him this morning yet. >> now that i put the two stories together -- >> i was thinking about him last night. look, it was a great series. and cardinals fans have to be hurt this morning. but for the red sox to do it like that, to get it done early last night, that was a party at fenway last night. well had. >> great weather there. and here -- >> now, it goes downhill. i need to get everyone's attention. this situation of the halloween storm has gotten much worse. it kind of exploded overnight. it's about one-third of the country involved in this. we show you pictures out of austin, where there were at least 11 calls for water rescues, in the austin area. radar estimates about 5 to 16 inches of rain has fallen in that area.
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53 million people, according to the storm's prediction center, are under what could be strong to severe storms. that's from houston to new orleans, to little rock, to memphis, to st. louis, to nashville, to louisville, to indianapolis, to cincinnati, cleveland and detroit. i want to make sure we got all of them in. these are the areas, eight states with flood watches and warnings out, already for this line of storms. here's where the rain is falling over the next -- call it about 24 hours. and then, there's more after that. get the heaviest rain from houston, just outside of new orleans. we're talking two to four inches of rain at least. there will be places that come in with five inches. the worst winds will be in this area. there's an area of severe storms we have to cover in this as well. we had previously thought the northeast would be dry for most of the night tonight. we're amending that a little bit for parts of those areas. we're going to the entire forecast here. not surprising to make your halloween plans as we go throughout the morning and certainly within the next 10 to 15 minutes. >> it really is spreading. the next in the battle over obama care. after a rough day on capitol for hhs secretary, kathleen sebelius. she called the launch a debacle, apologized and took full
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responsibility. but the grilling never let up. and abc's jim avila has the fallout from washington. >> reporter: the president at the birthplace of romney care, defending obama care. and telling the boston crowd, it will get better. >> i'm not happy about it. there's no excuse for it. and i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> reporter: while back on capitol hill, before a much more hostile audience at a congressional hearing, the woman in charge of the affordable care act, fell on her sword, with her first full-throated apology. >> let me say directly to these americans. you deserve better. i apologize. hold me accountable. i'm responsible. >> reporter: secretary kathleen sebelius was reluctant to pass the buck, even when pressed. >> i think it's great you're a team player and taking responsibility. it is the president's ultimate responsibility, correct? >> you clearly -- whatever. yes, he is the president. he is responsible. >> reporter: but apologies did little to stop the 3 1/2-hour
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onslaught of republican criticism wednesday, after a memo surfaced showing the lead contractor, working on the site, warned of numerous problems. >> do you believe that two weeks was enough time to complete testing of the entire system? >> clearly not. >> reporter: a senior white house administration official tells abc news, that they understand that they gave the republicans this opportunity. but they believe, they're very confident, in fact, that once the website is fixed, that the american public will embrace obama care. george? >> and they know they have to meet that november deadline. jim, thanks very much. let's get the rest of the top stories from josh. >> we're going to begin with a big denial from the nsa this morning, dismissing reports that it spied on cardinals at the vatican. an italian magazine claims that the national security agency intercepted phone calls as cardinals gathered in march to elect the new pope. church leaders said they are not concerned about the reports. the nsa chief is denying allegations from edward snowden
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that the agency tapped into google and yahoo! data centers. and breaking news right now, from the middle east, u.n. inspectors have just reported that syria has now destroyed all of its chemical weapon production equipment. that's one day ahead of the deadline. but the country still has roughly 1,000 tons of chemical weapons, including mustard gas and sarin. it has until the middle of next year to destroy those weapons. and troubling statements about the economy. the federal reserve is keeping its economic stimulus program in place for now. that means, printing more money to keep interest rates low. because it says the housing recovery is now starting to slow down, jobs are still not being created quickly enough. however, the fed is not saying just how long the stimulus will last. that uncertainty could hurt stocks on wall street today. speaking of, a rollercoaster ride for facebook. its stocks soared after the company reported big profits. then, sank after the company revealed a drop in the number of
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teenagers using the site. and a police officer in milwaukee survived this chase. you're going to see, it came to a terrifying end. the suspect, he was pursuing, as you see here, lost control, struck a wall and then -- crashed into the officer's windshield. police say the suspect was drunk, driving more than 100 miles per hour. he had been driving own the wrong side of the road at one point. however, that officer will be okay. and finally, a really big oops. a delivery truck here in new york city, backing up. unfortunately, didn't see the ferrari behind it. rolled right over the hood. >> no, no, no, no. >> yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. not just any ferrari. a brand-new one. worth some $300,000. not all, though. the driver of said ferrari also got a ticket for double-parking. that, right there -- >> wow. that's a blood-thirsty crew.
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cheers wildly. that's great. >> thank you. now, to the flying regulations that mean you have to turn off electronic devices from your phone to your tablet. just before takeoff and landing. well, all indications this morning that the government is about to set new guidelines that could allow you to use them during landing and takeoff. abc's david kerley has the story. >> reporter: this morning, this message -- >> turn off and put away all electronic devices. >> reporter: -- could be changing dramatically. the faa appears poised to allow the expanded use of devices during takeoff and landing. something that passengers have been calling for. and the man who sells ereaders, the head of amazon, have been calling for. >> all the signs are good that you're going to be able to sit back in your seat, on your airplane, and use your electronic devices. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, an advisory panel suggested to the faa, risks and solutions for our devices. that will most likely allow the use of ereaders, dvd player, and game consoles. but you will not be able to make a phone call or text.
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no transmitting during landing and takeoff. why no calls? i brought five different devices here. >> okay. >> reporter: we went to boeing, which has learned in this lab and on a plane packed with potatoes, playing the role of you and me, that those cell signals -- >> you can see when it tries to get to the cell tower it really spikes. >> reporter: -- can interrupt radio oar even navigation systems. >> the device can contribute to an incident on an airplane. because you cause interference into a system doesn't necessarily mean that bad things can happen. but you increase the risk, the probability, that things could happen. >> reporter: the faa administrator just announced that he will allow airlines to expand the use of these devices. the government will provide guidelines. it's up to the airlines to meet those guidelines. nothing meet, george but down the road you will be able to use those devices on flights. george?
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>> david, thanks very much. there's new revelations of n the suspicious death of a high school student in january. officials said it was an accident. was found rolled up in a gym mat at his high school. but now, a judge has released surveillance footage that could change that judgment. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: this is the surveillance video from the high school gym, showing that moments before hendrick johnson died. >> it's just one step closer find out what happened to my son. >> reporter: you see the high school athlete for only a brief second in the white shirt, with other students in the gym. police say sometime after walking past this camera, he reached into a rolled-up gym mat trying to get a shoe. and suffocated trying to get out. his family never believed this for a second. >> we still have a long way to go. but it's a start. >> reporter: the school system, the sheriff and the coroner have determined that johnson's death was an accident. but a judge agreed with johnson's family, ordering the release of this video, as well as the school's entire case file on the incident. including, most importantly, the
7:14 am
names of these minors playing ball and others who were in or near the gym. >> we now have the means with which to identify specific students. and what it is they claim to have seen. >> reporter: we talked with school officials who insisted there was no foul play. and that johnson's death was saddening. on facebook, johnson's father posted this picture of himself, questioning how anyone could squeeze into a gym mat on their own. a u.s. attorney watching the case is expected to comment today. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> and we continue to think of that family. now, to a health warning about something that could be sitting in your kitchen cabinet. the fda reporting this morning, more than 10% of spices are contaminated with bug parts, salmonella. abc's chief medical editor, dr. richard besser is here with this. how serious is this, rich? >> the fda did a study.
7:15 am
they found that 12% of all of the imported spices are contaminated with insect parts or rodent hairs. 7% had salmonella. now, the bug parts aren't going to harm you but no one wants to eat those. the salmonella can cause disease. but probably less than we might think. because we tend to cook the spices and not use many of them. but there's probably disease we don't know about. because you usually think it's the chicken, not the perhaps rica. >> how do we keep these imports away from our table? >> the fda proposed new food safety rules to make sure that foreign suppliers are doing things properly. this is a wake-up call to them that they have to clean up the plants. when you see this in manufacturing, there's a problem. >> what can we do to protect yourselves? >> if you're someone, if you cook your food well, you're going to kill salmonella. if you're someone who is at high risk for salmonella, elderly, very young, or someone with an immune problem, you want to make sure the spices get cooked in well. that you're not adding them at the end.
7:16 am
right now, 90% of all of our spices are imported. and the labels don't have to say where they're coming from. >> a lot of us do it right at the end. >> that's right. and that won't protect you. >> okay. thanks a lot, rich. >> thank you, guys. we're going to turn, now, to a free speech battle that could go all the way to the supreme court. >> at issue, the bracelets worn by these girls to promote breast cancer awareness. the school says the language is not appropriate. and the girls are fighting back. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: high school students brianna hawk and kayla martinez are in a battle with their former middle school over these bracelets. they say, i heart boobies, and are designed to raise awareness about breast cancer. but the easton, pennsylvania, school board says they're sexual and disruptive. and overnight, voted to appeal a federal court's decision upholding the rights of students to wear them, meaning the kiss could go all of the way to the supreme court. this morning, the girls say bring it on. >> i'm very dedicated in
7:17 am
fighting this because it's what i believe in. and i do believe that it's my freedom of speech. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, the school district's attorney says it's simply trying to enforce the dress code, which prohibits attire or accessories that prohibits a double entendre. adding the school's principal, herself a breast cancer survivor, had several incidents reported to her, which boys had, quote, taken the bracelets as an invitation to make further unwanted inquiries about the breasts of the girls with the bracelets. we asked the girls if they had been harassed. >> usually, i ignore it. i would say that's not what the bracelet is for. >> just because a couple of boys don't know how to act maturely, the whole school shouldn't be punished. >> reporter: the teens have the aclu in their corner. >> this is definitely a first amendment freedom of speech issue. >> the bracelet is meant to target teens and the language that teens use now. it's meant for us to find our own way in supporting breast cancer. >> reporter: this battle over words started three years ago when the girls were attending the middle school and were suspended for wearing the bracelets.
7:18 am
they say teenagers are just more comfortable with the word boobies and makes it easier for them to talk about breast cancer. not sure how you feel about that one. >> they're trying to do something. they want to bring awareness. they thought it was a great way to do it. >> let's see what the court says about it. >> sam, you have more on the severe storms. >> i know. we have to talk about it. we doubled the size of the area we think are going to be involved in the storms in the rain for today. it's going to mean a lot of plans have to change. join me at the board, if you will. and we'll put this thing in motion. there's an area of low pressure, a powerful front. this means heavy rain in at least one-third of the country. let's go over this. from miami to raleigh, it's dry all day long, even into the night tonight. this rain does bend into northern areas. so, late tonight, if you're a late halloween person, then that's new york, you're going to get late showers, all the way to boston and beyond. but dry everywhere else. this is a large area. good news into the northwest that these are morning showers here. i think just about by trick or treat time, this drys out. you have a dry period of time.
7:19 am
this is gorgeous weather for the rest of the country. and from california all the way to oklahoma, particularly western oklahoma and all points. now, this wind right around the great lakes and that system, is probably exceeding 40 miles per hour today. so, there's some high wind watches and warnings out in that area. and rain, rain, rain, in all the areas shaded in red and blue. that's the weather around the nation. good thursday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike
7:20 am
nikko. clear tonight, almost as cool and it will be cooler and breezy sunday and monday. highs today will be in the mid to upper 60s, san francisco, out to the coast, san mateo, low to mid-70s elsewhere. we'll be in the upper 50s while you're trick-or-treating tonight. temperatures in the 30s inland but 40s for the rest-us. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmes america's trick or treat -- >> i'm a little concerned about northern maine up here. just saying. >> because of the witch that seems to be hanging up there. you're not worried about the bat in texas right now. >> there's a big bat warning for texas. >> all of that weather brought to you by tempur-pedic. >> disturbing. >> very, very. coming up on "gma," that stunning reversal of fortune for a kennedy relative. michael skakel's conviction for murder may be overturned. could be released from prison after more than a decade. also the latest in the high-stakes trial of the former doctor accused of his wife's death.
7:21 am
all of his daughters taking the stand with dramatic testimony. they're all dressed up outside and we're getting ready for our biggest halloween ever, coming up, ever. (phone ringtone) hey -- little m&m's! wow! great costumes. what are you guys -- like four or five? forty-six. alright, yeah ok. here you go. you don't understand, slick. we're here for the party.
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i love it. and it's really quick. that is very helpful, for me. [ barks ] ♪ [ barking ] [ male announcer ] now get free installation on all stainmaster carpet. nice. my husband's going to love this one. [ male announcer ] never stop improving. good morning. i'm kristen sze. in antioch, four people are recovering after being attacked by two dogs in their neighborhood. two other dogs charged a man walking two dogs. neighbors heard a scream and
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tried to help but were attacked by the dogs. officers showed up and say the dogs charged them. they fired, killing one of the dogs. the other dog was later captured. how is your morning commute, a trick or a treat, leyla? >> not a treat. burlingame northbound 101 we had this accident involving an overturned vehicle at broadway causing huge backups coming your way from highway 92, 11 miles your top speed. drive to the sfo is going to be a slow one. this sigalert in effect, highway 116 shut down due to pg&e repairing a downed pole. >> we'll check out your trick or treat fo
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good morning. your trick or treat forecast, 68 at 4:00 with sunshine, sun setting around 6:00, 62 in the upper 50s for the ghosts and goblins out there, however you have your kids dresseds. 30s in the north bay. the rest of us in the 40s except for oakland and san francisco, 50, 51. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmest today and tomorrow. coolest saturday, breezy sunday and monday.
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♪ there we are. jibjab, "gma," taking on "i will survive." halloween video. it's all part of our not countdown to halloween anymore. it is halloween. >> trick-or-treaters already here. what are we calling it, times scare? we have producers, makeup artists, specialists. >> our cast of celebrities. >> huge stars. >> ran out of green rooms up there. seriously. >> all for our very elaborate set. let's give one hint. one of us will be suspended in mid-air.
7:31 am
>> and it's not the one that you would expect. >> no. that's fair. >> midair, you say? >> that's the word. >> on cloud nine, i dare say. who will it be? will it be sam? will it be -- well, you'll find out. lots to get to. kennedy cousin, michael skakel, a stunning reversal. his conviction, overturned. could he now be released from prison today, after spending a decade behind bars? >> that's what we're going to get to right now. it was a stunning reversal last week. the prosecutors do not want him to be released, pending that retrial. abc's gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. as soon as today, the convicted killer may be released on bail, after last week's stunning announcement that a connecticut judge threw out his murder conviction. he has spent ten years behind bars. michael skakel's murder conviction may be overturned. but if prosecutors have their way, he'll stay in prison while
7:32 am
he waits for a new trial. skakel, nephew to bobby kennedy's widow, ethel, was accused of killing his neighbor and friend, 15-year-old martha moxley, in 1975, on halloween night. the murder remains a mystery, until skakel was convicted in 2002. 25 years after the murder. his sentence, 20 years to life. moxley's brother, john, says the upcoming trial is opening old wounds. this retrial, is it for you like jumping into a time machine that just keeps taking you back to this really painful time? >> oh, it's just a death a thousand times. every time you do something like this, it takes hours, days off your life. >> reporter: skakel has always maintained his innocence. >> what i do every day is pray to god and to martha, that whoever did this crime is brought to justice. >> reporter: but why the sudden retrial now? well, last week, a judge ruled skakel's former lawyer, mickey
7:33 am
sherman, did not provide a constitutionally adequately defense. and that the failures were significant. robert f. kennedy jr., who said his cousin didn't do it, agrees. >> he was preoccupied with glitter and the celebrity. you know, he said at one point to the bar association when he spoke to them, he said he intends to have a lot of fun on this case. you know, it was a man's life at stake. >> reporter: did that lawyer get caught up in the glitter and celebrity of it all? >> i think mickey clearly enjoyed it. but i think that's his personality type. does it make him a bad lawyer? i don't think so. >> reporter: when you hear the kennedys say that? what do you think? >> i think the kennedys will say whatever they want to say. >> reporter: robert f. kennedy jr. told abc news, the suggestion that skakel may get away with murder is an attractive narrative. but he says it's simply not true. he insists police got the wrong guy, george. >> so many different angles, gio. let's talk to our chief league affairs anchor, dan abrams. again, this is kind of
7:34 am
confusing. people hear the conviction is overturned. of course, he has to be free, right? >> no. this is not a not guilty finding, by the court. what the court is saying, there were so many mistakes made by skakel's attorney, that he ought to get a new trial. for now, prosecutors get the right to appeal. what they're saying, hold off as a legal matter. he's not eligible for bail because now this case is in a different court. not with the judge who made this ruling. as a result, you have to hold off on doing anything, hold off on releasing him until that's resolved. if he is going to end up getting a new trial. meaning, if he survives the appeals, in effect, the prosecutors are saying, let's talk about it. but not until then. >> that is really the question. this was a pretty surprising decision. >> i'm stunned by this. i covered the whole case. did mickey sherman make some choices that were questionable? absolutely. did this reach the level of ineffective assistance of counsel?
7:35 am
you got to remember, ineffective assistance of counsel, typically cleans a lawyer was drunk, on drugs, not showing up for the case. the standard is so high. >> not just a lawyer makes mistakes. >> no. and the judge kept trying to say this. this isn't just about mistakes, et cetera. it sounded from his ruling like he was saying he thought that mickey made a number of mistakes. i think there's an important point to make. the kennedy family is saying, michael is innocent, et cetera. this is crazy. he ought to be released. fair enough. but what the judge is saying is that mickey sherman should have pointed the finger at another kennedy relative, tommy skakel, michael's brother. for all the claims that this has been a travesty of justice against michael skakel, which i know they believe it has been, what the judge is saying is the defense team ought to have pointed the finger at michael's brother, tommy, in connection with this. this is a bizarre case, a bizarre ruling. but i think it's an uphill battle for michael skakel to be released on bail immediately.
7:36 am
>> thanks very much. and another legal matter we've been following. the utah doctor on trial for the death of his wife found dead in the bathtub. emotional and dramatic testimony. three of martin macneill's own daughters testifying for the prosecution. aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: one by one, martin macneill's daughters faced the man accused of murdering their mother. >> i knew something bad happened with my dad. and he said, well, girls, you know, i don't know how to tell you this, but your mom's dead. >> reporter: sister sabrina, vanessa and alexis, spoke to jurors on wednesday, about the day michele macneill died. prs cuters say the former doctor gave his wife a deadly dose of painkillers, then placed her in a tub while she was recovering from cosmetic surgery investigators say he compelled her to have. >> my mom was hesitant to get the surgery. she was talking to my dad, saying that maybe we should
7:37 am
delay the surgery. he got really angry at my mom and said, no, you cannot do that. if you don't have the surgery now, you're not getting it. >> reporter: macneill says he is innocent. his lawyers argue michele died of a heart condition. but prosecutors say macneill killed his wife so he could continue an affair with gypsy willis, the woman who became the live-in nanny shortly after michele's death. >> i was convinced that she wasn't somebody to worry about that my dad might be involved with. >> why is that? >> because she was nothing like my mom. >> reporter: today the defense will continue cross examination examininging alexis, trying to prove she changed her story over the years. >> you got the phone records that were inconsistent with your memory. and you changed your story to harmonize with the phone records. >> i think i was getting the times wrong.
7:38 am
i know for a fact, this is when i talked with my mom for the last time. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. time for another check of the weather with sam. sam? >> we're going to back up to the board. come this way. we'll talk about the temperatures. i know it's difficult. a lot of folks spent a lot of time and effort on their costumes. you hate to cover them up on a cold halloween. there's a lot of places where you don't have to. take a look at the numbers. miami, raleigh, washington, these are all in the 70s. atlanta, you're in the 70s. new orleans, 84. some of the area is going to have heavy rain to deal with. but the mild air is here. the mild air makes a big move with the front. and the massive halloween storm in the middle of the country, by the time we get into friday night, probably wipes the entire coastline. saturday looks pretty good and clear. but ahead of that, or right along it, will be a line of strong storms. this does not have a snow component. it's unusual for a big storm like this time of year, to not have the cold air with it that kicks in snow. strong winds in the north. rain all the way along the front
7:39 am
and probably strong to severe storms even along this front as you watch it go coast to coast. on the w good morning. i'm mike nicco. total sunshine and warmer weather today on this halloween. temperatures, though, during the evening hours for trick-or-treating probably falling back into the upper 50s. warmest tomorrow. >> all that weather was brought to you by bailey's coffee creamers. and you could probably use some in duluth this morning. it has the chill behind that front. >> thanks, sam. coming up on "gma," extreme makeover going viral right now. a model transformed. why you can't always believe what you see. and our makeup room bursting at the seams right now. all of the beautiful people -- well. backstage, our big halloween reveal is just ahead. having fun here in times scare!
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7:43 am
welcome back. it is 7:43. we continue, now, with the video going viral, showing one woman's dramatic transformation from seemingly a little lean to perfect, in 47 seconds, thanks to photoshop. just showing how unrealistic our views on body image can be. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: eat's a peek behind
7:44 am
the veil that's going viral. shared this time lapse video, showing the dramatic changes a model can undergo. it starts with an average-sidesed model. but within seconds, the real transformation begins. at first, a subtle tweak of the nose and lips. then, the eyes are dramatically enlarged. now, watch as her torso shrinks two sizes. her legs, given a stretch, after elongating her arms and neck, the model gets a sculpted backside. then, a final sheen of glowing, perfect skin. >> that's not real. >> reporter: she's using the short clip to remind her daughter that when it comes to body image in magazines, beauty is often in the eye of the photoshopper. >> even back when i was by society's standards, thin and healthy, it was never good enough for me. i want my daughter to see this
7:45 am
video because it makes it apparent how unrealistic it is. >> reporter: global democracy posted the video in 2012, petitioning for disclaimers on air-bushed ads. since willard reposted it, it's wracked up over 4 million views. it shows how unreal our standards of beauty can be. i underwent a virtual nip and tuck in 2011. retouched photos are a mixture on magazine covers but public pushback like this real beauty ad, and grass rouroots movemente leading to changes. >> a lot of the pictures are too perfect to be like anyone i know. >> reporter: this mom hopes this reminder will inspire more girls to put their expectations of beauty in perspective. she says what she really wants is for us to stop turning beautiful women into drawings and passing them off as real. interestingly enough, dozens of
7:46 am
men left comments online, saying they wanted women to know they like the curvy body of a woman better before the photoshop. some food for thought this morning. >> i love that. thank you so much. fascinating video. really, really good. we're moments away from our halloween reveal. so big, look who we have helping us out. none other than thomas bergeron. that's really him. that's not -- that is not sam champion. >> another great costume. >> best tom bergeron ever. on "the play of the day," is it a trick? or a treat? well, it's not a treat. so, go nowhere. >> it's not a treat? >> it's not. >> it's a trick.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
halloween fun, pranks. you're going to kind of figure it out. take a look. go, go, go, go. just looking. jack-o'-lanterns. oh, my. there was somebody -- >> oh, wow. then, there's gold pants. >> and then -- >> get to the other one, though. the other one's terrific. >> that's terrific. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> so good. coming up, you know what day it is. go nowhere. reserve a table for two. post photos of the shows. borrow a canoe. schedule a hike. send pics of the sights. email steve to play golf. video our most recent flight. we can do all that on the new big easy from tracfone. because we get great nationwide coverage without the cost of a contract. no contract plans start at just $7 a month. the new, big button, big easy flip.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. san mateo police are trying to figure out if there are more victims of inappropriate touching. mike is here with the halloween forecast. >> looks great. look at the sunshine and upper 60s at 4:00. once the sun starts setting around 6:00, 62 and dress for upper 50s as you're out trick-or-treating. highs today in the low to mid-70s away from san francisco, shat, half moon bay, mid to upper 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmest today and tomorrow.
7:57 am
leyla? >> all the cute graphics. we have a sigalert update on highway 116. we have this closure in place at lakeville highway but we know it will lift in one hour. so it will remain closed until about 9:00 this morning, 101 looking clear. >> leyla, thank you. the news continues with "go
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and are you ready for the biggest halloween ever? ♪ i will survive >> just moments away from our spectacular costume extravaganza. last time we party rocked it, nicki, gaga, lmfao. what do we do? we roll out the red carpet, for our jaw-dropper. don't move a muscle. as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> we say ghoul morning america. just moments away from our biggest halloween show ever. not going to give anything away just yet. and a hint. our friend, tom bergeron, on a very special red carpet. >> in just a few minutes, you will not reveal what we have in store for you. >> we have something in store. that's for sure. also ahead, lots of folks throwing halloween parties at home. this morning, we're going to help make your celebration an even bigger success. >> it's amazing how many major people are here today. that's all i can say. i mean, you name it, they're here. carla hall, one of them. from "the chew." showing us dishes for your halloween festivities. >> some of these costumes will require your forgiveness, ladies and gentlemen. we can't have halloween without music. cruella is here.
8:02 am
>> they drove from boston to be here. first, the news from josh. >> all right. we're going to begin with a nasty halloween storm sam has been talking about all morning long. more than half a foot of rain swamping parts of texas overnight. meanwhile, several people had to be rescued from the floodwaters. 50 million people from texas to ohio will be impacted by the storm. sam has a complete forecast in a few moments. the other big story this morning, the boston red sox, world series champs. the team's parade set for saturday. it will pass over there, the finish line of the boston marathon, where fans went last night, while remembering the victims of april's bombing. there are scattered reports of people getting out of hand. flipping a car and breaking some windows. only 12 arrests were reported. and abc news has learned negotiations are under way for the release of two american sailors kidnapped by pirates. they were singled out and abducted from their oil supply ship off nigeria last week.
8:03 am
the government does not comply with ransom demands. so, a third party is leading the negotiations. also this morning, the nsa is denying new claims by edward snowden that it tapped into servers at google and yahoo! the agencies denying a report that it spied on cardinals at the vatican. important health information for parents. a sweeping study finds that high school athletes are at far greater risk for concussion than college players. in football, the high school risk is nearly double. the good news, most concussion symptoms go away within two weeks. but the bad news, there is no evidence, even the latest helmet technology, can help to prevent them. the study was funded by the nfl. and finally, happens all the time, doesn't it, these days? homeowners decide they want hardwood floors. look at what one guy found under his carpet. a room-sized monopoly board.
8:04 am
apparently, the previous owners, big, big fans of park place and boardwalk. maybe even baltic avenue. what board games might be lurking under other carpets in the house? so -- i will say, just for sarina, i would put candyland in the bedroom. >> i would put mouse trap. >> operation. >> it's a very steady deal. i sure do. boy, do i have important news to share with you. it was all hands on deck. and a few food packaging plant in sweden, when a giant potato was discovered. >> oh. and there's a reason -- all mond hands on deck. >> it was supposed to be processed. it jammed the machine. it weighed over five pounds. it's been named the largest potato in sweden. they had a competition.
8:05 am
immediately workers took to social media because it had a resemblance to kate winslet and the couch scene in "titanic." doesn't it look like kate winslet? >> i mean -- >> could you please go back? do you not see that? >> well, in that one. >> it looks like a baby hippo. >> if you squint and turn this way. >> it looks like that. >> who thought that looked like kate winslet? >> picasso's verse. the workers at this plant in sweden. they named the potato leo depot day toe. no? thank you very much. experts say a good halloween scare is good for the brain. apparently scary scenes trigger a flight or fight reaction, which i'm having right now. it fires up the brain and trains you to beware of real threats, which i feel.
8:06 am
horror films like "the exorcist" or "paranormal activity" is a way to deal with your own fears. this is science, people. first, you had art with the potato. now, you have science. finally, proof positive. it's like "gma" csi. yesterday in "pop news," sam and josh did not believe me when i said that teddy bear the porcupine was talking. i contacted teddy's people. he is an ambassador that educates kids on wildlife. his handler -- he's not a pet. his handler, alex, sent me new proof. take a listen. just listen. this is real. >> eat the pumpkin? >> you do not hear what i'm hearing? >> it's still not -- >> i still want to be there for you, lara. i do.
8:07 am
>> i'm totally on your side. i got angry tweets yesterday. saying this is an animal ambassador for sick kids. and i'm totally, totally -- i bow. i beg forgiveness. >> wow. >> you, lara spencer, were absolutely right. >> lara -- >> well done. >> i'm a little teary. give us some weather while i collect. thanks. it was talking. >> barely. barely consider yourself safe. let's look at -- let's get to the boards. we're going to start with the southwest. and the temperatures over the next couple of days. go from the chillier side to the warmer side. there's a nice pocket as all that cold air and the rain squeezes east, all of this mild air is displaced to the west. that's going to make a big difference in your western temperatures over the next couple days. this is the storm that everyone will be talking about for halloween and probably the day after, as well. this is the next rain time period. all the way from new orleans, go all the way into the great lakes. if you're looking for halloween cities -- >> there's a ghost.
8:08 am
>> i saw a ghost. you're right, lara spencer. spook city, colorado. pumpkin, texas. tombstone, and screamer, tennessee, at 70 degrees. good thursday morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nikko. clear tonight, almost as cool and it will be cooler and breezy sunday and monday. highs today will be in the mid to upper 60s, san francisco, out to the coast, san mateo, low to mid-70s elsewhere. we'll be in the upper 50s while you're trick-or-treating tonight. temperatures in the 30s inland but 40s for the rest-us. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmest tomorr >> pack your bags, lara spencer, for a scary town. what's coming up next? >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." our biggest halloween party ever. we reveal our costumes in just a moment. plus, all of the secrets to
8:09 am
making your halloween party a delicious and spooky success. and red-hot electronic dance group krewella is performing. all that and more. promise you don't want to miss it, here on "gma," here in time scare. give me a few minutes, pete. give me a second, pete. go. man's second best friend. brew the love. keurig.
8:10 am
that hasn't been cleared yet. ♪ uh! i just want to celebrate [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less irritable. double your chances of quitting.
8:11 am
hey -- little m&m's! wow! great costumes. what are you guys -- like four or five? forty-six. alright, yeah ok. here you go. you don't understand, slick. we're here for the party. whoo! yeah, that's cute! [ laughi put your hand down. ♪ (phone ringtone) the girls and i need... a new activity. [ giggles ]
8:12 am
[ snaps finger ] [ wisest kid ] campbell's tomato soup with grilled cheese. perfect together. what should we do next? i'm liking braids. [ gong ] m'm! m'm! good! don't hide behind your lipstick. i'm liking braids. use it to show the world how you feel. and today, i feel daring. [announcer:] revlon super lustrous lipstick. mega moisturizing formula in 82 stay true colors.
8:13 am
awe know the value of ix your education is where it can take you. (now arriving city hospital.) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop financial center.) let's get to work. live from times square, the crossroads of pop culture, it's "gma's" 2013 buzzy awards. the hottest stars.
8:14 am
the scintillating outfits. the "gma" 2013 buzzy awards are just minutes away. our live red carpet coverage starts right now. welcome to the first and depending how this goes, annual "gma" buzzy awards. the celebration of all of the moments that got us buzzing during the year. the stars are out. in times square, you'll see them accepting awards and walking the red carpet. let's check in on all of the glamour with my good friend, ryan seacrest. take it away, ryan. >> i am ryan seacrest, up in the skybox at "gma's" incredible 2013 buzzy awards. the stars are coming out in full-on glamour mode. we're taking it all in. in fact, right now, here comes one of the buzziest of them all, oprah. in her role as gloria gayner,
8:15 am
from the hit movie "the butler." get over here. you look amazing. >> i feel it. i feel it. i just think it's one of many awards that oprah will be receiving. >> absolutely. i am envisioning lots of awards. i'm not double jointed in the hips as you are. let's talk as we dance. who are you wearing? >> i am wearing a little of this. a little of that. i'm going back to the '70s. are you the butler? you look like the butler. where's the butler? where's the butler? >> i don't know who the butler is. the butler is not in attendance. thank you very much. >> you look sharp. >> we had this specially designed. >> any "soul train" i can go to? >> let me get it down to giuliana rancic on the red carpet. >> thanks, ryan. that's right. on the red carpet at "gma's" 2013 buzzy awards. definitely the buzz.
8:16 am
the stars that are already making their way down this carpet. but it's brad pitt, and how about gwyneth paltrow. scarlett johansson looking gorgeous as ever. can you think of anyone else, guys? all right. why don't we jump right into things. right now, i cannot wait to chat with our first guest. she's got me roaring with delight. how about a little katy perry? oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> i love you all. >> oh, my gosh. looking great. how are you? >> i made these. >> isn't that the best song ever? >> it is. >> i hate to toot my own horn. but "roar" is the song of the year. and i happen to be at my favorite morning show. >> thanks for having me. let's talk about this spear, young lady. >> you know how hard this was to get this tsa-approved. but anything for "good morning america," the number one morning show, i'll do anything.
8:17 am
fly cross-country with a spear for you. >> awesome. the album, record-breaking sales. how do you do it, young lady? >> the skirt. it all comes from the skirt. >> it's all in the skirt. >> we collaborate. we sit together at night and write music. >> awesome. >> it's really for my fans. let's go inside ryan seacrest in the skybox. >> really heating up down there, clearly. look who is coming at me now. is that uncle si? >> hey, hey. i sting like a butterfly, punch like a flea. uncle si's in the house. you look real nice. >> as do you. this is a cammo tuxedo. i'm a little peckish. you got any snacks? >> i have jerky. you dig around in there. you look nice. you are wearing a lot in that outfit. you need something. yeah. i brought you something. if you want to truly be part of the family. >> let's do it.
8:18 am
>> one of the brothers. >> i do. >> and i got you one to match your tuxedo. >> that's brilliant. >> if you wouldn't mind, i feel your outfit is complete. >> gulianna, back down to you now. >> ryan, this duo is so buzzy. it is the baby bump. it's kim kardashian and kanye west. hello you two. >> very nice. >> it kind of looks like kim is capturing the moment, i guess. >> can you take a picture of us real quick? who are you again? >> gulianna. >> just really quick. thanks. >> yeah. >> for kimye. you're going to win an award. >> let me -- hold on. hold on. let me ask you that.
8:19 am
i am the steve jobs of pop culture. you know what i'm saying? i'm the steve jobs of -- i'm the george stephanopoulos of rap music. i'm enrico of splendor. where is the culture? >> talented. all right. let's go to ryan up in the skybox. they're heading towards you. wow. >> things just got real here. mcelmore is on the red carpet right now. in full-on thrift shop mode. he just flew in for the buzzys. i need help for my next guest. shockingly, i'm joined by somebody who has more than a century of buzz to his name. president abraham lincoln. what an honor. what do you hope to get out of the buzzys? >> well, ryan, tonight, i hope to ignite the world of pop culture, where a-listers and
8:20 am
breakout stars on youtube can all get together. not divided, but one. what was the question again? my curious beard seems to be getting in the way of my oral tract. >> thank you, mr. president. i'll let you go. back down to gulianna. >> amazing, ryan. feast your eyes on this duo on the red carpet. how about katniss everdeen. what a duo on this carpet. katniss everdeen. did you pick this out yourself? >> no, absolutely not. i would have come in tennis shoes if i could have. >> and chardonnay, you are one of the biggest, most viral videos. will you be taking on the buzzys? >> i don't think you'll want to
8:21 am
see the storm orn twitter, if you know what i mean. >> point well taken. let's go back up to ryan, one last time. give it a whirl. >> all of the biggest names of the year are here. the awards are coming up next. these are the buzzys. seacrest out. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, from the "good morning america" studios in the heart of new york city, it's "gma's" 2013 buzzy awards. a celebration of the year's most captivating, most scintillating, most outrageous moments in pop culture. who will be this morning's big winners? get ready because the buzz starts right now. please welcome your host, tom bergeron. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you.
8:22 am
it's a pleasure to be here. and we're getting off to a great start because right now, in the prompter, i'm looking at gulianna's lines. so, if you could scroll ahead. these are the kinds of moments that ensure there won't be a second annual buzzy awards. go back to the beginning, if you would. all of the excitement, the stinging and ringing endorsements of the things we couldn't stop talking about all year. we're going to celebrate the famous and the infamous, the naughty and the notorious. everyone we couldn't get enough of, we'll have their moments in the halloween song this morning. without any further ado, and while the script's there, let's get right to the first award. the category, best dressed pope. and the nominees are -- pope benedict xvi. rocking red and gold garb like no pope has before.
8:23 am
pope francis, for a simple yet stylish homage to monochrome. and d.c. power fixer, olivia pope. she wins in white any time of year. >> i know this situation is difficult. and i'm so, so sorry. >> clearly, all three dressed for success, wearing dresses well. the winner of the best-dressed pope is -- olivia pope. come on up here. oh. here you go. >> what did you do giving me this award? i know it wasn't just for my style. but can i keep the coat? can i keep the coat?
8:24 am
okay. i have to give a shoutout to everyone in washington, d.c. you kept "scandal" and crisis in our lives. this is one of many buzzys to come. as i look out on this wonderful a-list crowd, i think of my pope associates. and i want you to know if your a a-listers get in trouble in the after-party, i'm talking to you, kanye, miley, give me a call. i'm here for you. thank you. >> time, now, for our second award of the show. this one, to the leading man you'd most like to be tethered to. nothing like togetherness to create a buzz. the nominees are -- >> george clooney for his out-of-this-world performance as matt kowalski in "gravity."
8:25 am
liam hemsworth, lighting a sexy flame that will never go out in "the hunger games: catching fire." >> people want to fight. stay here. >> and ashton kutcher, wired and wonderful as tech genius steve jobs. >> you're not seeing the big picture. >> you can't stop these three. you can only hope to contain them. the winner of the leading man you'd most like to be tethered to, is george clooney as matt kowalski in "gravity." come on in. george clooney. george clooney. >> how long can i stay up here? >> wow. he also wins best wedgy.
8:26 am
there you go. george clooney, as -- he was going to give a speech. but you know, he untethered himself. we go behind the scenes of the infamous boo ball. i said that right. george? george?
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. in antioch, four people are recovering from buys to their arms and legs after they were attacked by two dogs in their neighborhood. police say a man was walking his two dogs just before 10:00 last night when two other canines charged him. three neighbors heard screams and came to help and they were also attacked by the dogs. police officers showed up and say the dogs charged them. they opened fire, killing one of the dogs. the other was later captured. antioch animal control is testing the dogs for rabies. let's see how the thursday morning halloween sxhut xhoout is going with leyla. >> a brand-new accident involving a motorcycle northbound 101 in san jose making your drive past 87. that is causing quite a backup. i pull out and we have heavy delays from evergreen. it's going to be bumper to bumper drive heading to the san
8:28 am
jose airport. eric? >> leyla, thank you. when we come back,
8:29 am
mother nature treating us to nice weather this evening. 62 as the sun is setting around 6:10. upper 50s during the evening hours. dress appropriately. temperatures back today where they should be, mid to upper 60s along the coast, san francisco, san mateo, low to mid-70s inland. for tonight, temperatures will fall back to about the same
8:30 am
levels of this morning, 30s inland, most of us in the 40s. accuweather seven-day forecast, warmest temperatur [ cheers and applause ] good morning, america. we are back, with the "gma" buzzy awards. a halloween celebration of the moments we've all been talking about this year. the big winners so far, "scandal's" olivia pope won best-dressed pope. and george clooney as matt kowalski flew off as leading man you would most like to be tethered to. that was a very emotional moment. time, now, for our next award. this is a hotly-contested category. best "gma" to a buzzy role in tv or film. so many contenders. hard to narrow it down.
8:31 am
we have five challenges. the nominees are. >> josh elliott, defining liberty and equality for one and for all, nailing the title role in "lincoln." sam champion, seven kingdoms to his name and never far from his sword as king joffrey in "game of thrones." robin roberts, as elliot in steven spielberg's "e.t." >> not so high, man. >> lara spencer. she is sexy and knows it with her own smokin' spin on "magic mike." and george stephanopoulos, a handsomely convincing george clooney as matt king in "the descenda descendants." >> wow. as you can see, it was tough. but alas, there can be only one winner taking the buzzy. will be --
8:32 am
sam champion as king joffrey in "game of thrones." i'm being told sam has to come to us via satellite. sam? >> oh, hello. as the powerful and fair king of the ruler of the seven kingdoms, i say victory is mine, again. i faced many worthy rivals. and iv vanquished them all. abe, i would have doubted our honesty. and "magic mike," what i've seen, is hardly magical. so, i toast myself with this bottle of mead, as should you all, and proclaim king joffrey, and now, owner of a proud buzzy. >> thank you so much. sam clearly felt he needed to stay in character to accept the award. we're glad. puzzled, but glad that he did. now, let's go on to the next
8:33 am
award. a very buzzy one, indeed. sensational in every meaning of the world. it's the 50 shades of hairspray award. can't wait to find out who the nominees are. matt damon, michael douglas and rob lowe, a perfectly poofy trio in hbo's "behind the candelabra." >> and i personally support the entire austrian rhinestone business. >> oprah win free as gloria gaines in "the butler." >> you have everything you have because of that butler. >> and the legend continues, ron burgundy, quaffed and classier than ever in "anchorman 2." >> hey, america. did you miss my hot breath in your ear? >> so much jell. so little time. who will take the prize?
8:34 am
the winner of the 50 shades of hairspray award -- oh. ron burgundy. >> oh. >> come on. >> oh. >> there you go, buddy. >> thank you, young fella. you're all very kind. i simply had no idea that i would be so -- who are we kidding? of course, it was going to be me. it was always going to be me. i would, though, like to thank all of the classy folks out there, the people who helped me be here. obviously, i want to thank my dedicated news team, brian fontana is on a deep undercover assignment right now at a
8:35 am
woman's prison. champ couldn't make it. there is one person with whom i could not have won this. the rock of my life, my biggest cheerleader. and that, of course, not you, brick, no. not you. in related news, i was named brick's legal guardian. but that's a whole other thing. i do just want to thank, the love of my life, my co-anchor, miss veronica corningstone. [ applause ] >> good evening, america. i'm veronica corningstone. >> i love you too much. veronica, can i -- i need this more than you do. >> oh, my god.
8:36 am
it's real. >> there you go. don't worry, brick. everyone's a winner this morning. most everyone. next award, these great performances relied on a little something extra. that's really strong. i thought that was going to be apple juice. in the category for most creative use of a large-scale prop, the nominees are -- >> really tv star, kim kardashian and her once burgeoning baby bump. swinging and wrecking it like none other, miley cyrus. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ >> and it's a cat dressed like a shark chasing a duck on a roomba. >> oh, yes.
8:37 am
three very different kind of reality with those nominees. let's see who takes the buzzy. the winner is miley cyrus. watch out, here she comes. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. my favorite moment of the year. it's my love of construction equipment and my passion. my passion for adult teddy bears. and i just want y'all to remember, you're number one. >> yeah. there you go. take it. >> thank you. >> wow. >> just swinging over here. >> imagine those props. miley on a roomba. and a star-studded show, with so many winners. thanks to the lovely and talented model, heidi de la rosa.
8:38 am
stop roaming back and forth. see you all after the buzzy after-party. that's coming up. all across america, people are using lysol in hundreds of ways. what's christine's story? i started using lysol disinfectant spray, gosh, as long as i can remember. i use lysol on soft surfaces because you can't put your couch in the washing machine. i think that lysol disinfectant spray compares to other products in that it actually kills the germs. which helps keep my family healthy. it's tried and true.
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wait ' designers people are sc. t.j.maxx.
8:41 am
♪ welcome to our buzzy after-party. we just celebrated our unbelievable 2013 buzzy awards. there's the red carpet. abe lincoln's never looked finer. never. oh, and oprah. o., as we call her. oh, my. and here we are as the party keeps on going. celebrity-studded. i have to tell you, mr. clooney, that was commitment, kowalski. that was commitment.
8:42 am
we have invited the one and only carly hall from "the chew." for delicious halloween treats. i can't decide if we're committed to our characters or not. >> i'm the sweetish chef. >> the swedish chef from "the muppets." you have designed beautiful treats for the boo ball here. we're going to start with pumpkin pot pie. >> it is pumpkin pot pie. you have a big one. vegetarian pot pie, with pumpkin inside. and then, miniatures. so cute. so cute. you can eat right out of inside. you can prepare this ahead. it is delicious. help yourself. >> when you make the stew or the inside, the stuffing, are you roasting this pumpkin? >> you roast the pumpkin first. then, you're going to make the stew in a pot.
8:43 am
then, you put the stew in the pumpkin. >> king joffrey, can i interest you in some stew? >> thank you. off with his head. >> moving right along. >> moving right along. here i've got some chicken dumplings. it has ginger and scallions. it's so delicious. and a spicy soy sauce. it is absolutely delicious. some of the same spices in the dipping sauce. you put these together. you pan-sere them. >> the wrapping? >> it's a wonton wrapper. very easy. you can prepare these ahead. you can freeze them. but right now, they are delicious. >> and don't stuff them too full. >> there's a perfect amount of filling. you can put them in your mouth and talk to people. >> kanye is giving me the stink eye over here. >> keep it real, man. >> i will send it to you. not you. you're too busy, i know.
8:44 am
>> all right, swedish. we have min apples. >> these miniapples have crispy rice cereal and peanut butter inside. the crispy rice cereal on the outside, sprinkled. and very good. >> how hard to make? >> very easy. you have to core them out. and then, you make your peanut butter and rice crispy mixture and stuff it inside. and before you do that, boil the apple to get the wax off. >> boil the apple? >> just put the apple in boiling water. get all of the wax off so that the caramel sticks to your apple. >> and wash it all down with this mocktail. >> i see my whole career flash before my eyes. >> you and me both, baby. come on in here.
8:45 am
cranberry juice. a little bit of ginger and lime juice. delicious. >> some gummi worms inside. >> you can get all of the recipes for your halloween boo ball at the website, on yahoo! i hear good things about that program. and i do want to toast to one and all, have a happy and safe halloween. coming up, krewella performs live. ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ ♪ look at the crowd we have with us. these trick-or-treaters outside of times scare. and back inside, it is truly scandalous. we're keeping the boo ball after-party going with one of the hottest acts in electronic
8:48 am
dance music. krewella is here to perform the hit song, "live for the night." from the number one dance album, "get wet," it's time to get moving to krewella. ♪ i live for the night i live for the night ♪ ♪ i live for the high till i'm free falling ♪ ♪ i live for the night i live for the lights ♪ ♪ i live for the high till i'm free falling ♪ ♪ till i'm free falling, falling, falling, falling ♪ ♪ i live for the night
8:49 am
♪ i am trying to holla, to ink up on my come la, drinking till it's nada, isn't whiskey i don't bother ♪ ♪ my people ain't no dimes they be dollars we stack up our drinks up high ♪ ♪ sky scraping till we're taller ♪ ♪ ring, ring, hit that up ♪ show that universal love ♪ if you bleed that red blood dance until you get enough ♪ ♪ ring, ring, hit that up ♪ show all that universal love ♪ if you bleed that red blood, dance until you get enough ♪ ♪ i'm doing what i want whatever i'm gonna rage till the dawn, all nighter ♪ ♪ don't hold your breath you know how i sleep when i'm dead ♪ ♪ i live for the night i live for the lights ♪
8:50 am
♪ i live for the high till i'm free falling ♪ ♪ i love for the night i live for the lights ♪ ♪ i live for the high till i'm free falling ♪ ♪ i live for the night free falling ♪ ♪ i'm a grem reaper when i'm glaring out your speaker ♪ ♪ killing out the weaker welcome to the final feature ♪ ♪ my head's in the clouds you can say that i'm a dreamer ♪ ♪ i'll bang it super loud turn that into a screamer ♪ ♪ i'm do what i want whatever ♪ i'm gonna rage till the dawn, all nighter ♪ ♪ don't hold your breath you know i'll sleep when i am dead ♪ ♪ i live for the night i live for the lights ♪ ♪ i live for the high till i'm free falling ♪ ♪ i live for the night i live for the lights ♪ ♪ i live for the high till i'm free falling ♪
8:51 am
♪ i live for the night till i'm free falling ♪ >> good morning, america. we're about to go hard. here we go. ♪ i live for the night ♪ till i'm free falling, falling ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
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8:55 am
and we want to thank krewella. >> it made it so special. and special thank you to cree well la. they came in from boston last night. and it was amazing how you were able to do that. and you got your start or have your heavy metal fans. and then, you switched to dance. >> this guy. he's our metal guy. >> yes. why is that? >> i don't know. we were all listening to dance, pop music. and we got introduced to timb timberland. i went from metal to dance pop to here we are today. >> and it works. you have a gig tonight? >> yes. >> how many shows? >> four shows today. we took a little nap since our show last night. >> for the party. i told them to take a disco nap. >> it's still last night to us. >> thank you all for being here. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you for having us. >> amazing. happy halloween, everybody. >> thank you to tom bergeron. >> thank you.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. people of all ages will be out trick-or-treating or partying tonight. meteorologist mike nicco has our halloween forecast. >> we'll stick with the trick-or-treaters for the forecast. know it's going to fall into the upper 50s by 8:00. if you're out later than that, how about mid-50s. cool but almost perfect weather leading up to that. look at the sunshine we'll have today, mid to upper sixty the coast, san francisco, san mateo, low to mid-70s for the rest of us. tonight's temperatures in the 40s most places, 52 in san francisco. can accuweather seven-day forast, warmest today and tomorrow. leyla? chp out in full force looking for drunk drivers. have a designated driver. in san francisco, this accident is southbound along 101 as cesar
9:00 am
chavez and we have heavyback-ups out of the city. >> thank you. join us for our midday newscast at 11:00. announcer: america's biggest halloween show gets even bigger! and scarier -- michael: kelly, i'm telling you -- i'm pretty sure this dressing room is haunted. announcer: over 50 costumes so good they will haunt you! kelly: you ever get the feeling that we're being watched? announcer: watch out for mega stars and huge surprises! "live's" best halloween show ever begins in three,


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