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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 4, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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sleep number. comfort individualized. visit to find a sleep number store near you. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00 >> we are all in the chill this morning. more, now, from mike. >> the air is pretty dry. outside there was forecast on the car but not on the
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dublin/pleasanton area with both stations including walnut creek and concord at 31. 35 in lafayette. 34 in fremont low-to-mid 40's around oakland and san francisco. our highs today with total sunshine are barely breaking out of the 40's. some areas we will not, including concord and livermore and morgan hill and half moon bay in the upper 40's but the rest of us the low-to-mid 50's. sue? >> if you are standing there cold on bart at least bart is running on time. if you are headed out, that is a great way to go. no delays at all with 30 trains on schedule. we have a solo spinout in the center divide east 80 at high 12. the tow truck is not there yet. mobile home, northbound 680, you can see slow traffic out of the
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lanes but folks are slowing down to look and the tow truck is on the scene. coming from the central valley, 30 minutes into dublin/pleasanton and highway 4, westbound, this is the drive from san rafael to san francisco. it is flowing smoothly southbound 680 walnut creek to 24 junction. >> thank you, sue. in the north bay people are stocking up on supplies because of the cold. in novato it was slow at the firewood until yesterday. many bought enough to keep warm for the next few days. amy hollyfield has a report in the next half hour from the north bay with the lowest temperatures in the bay area this morning. >> all an the bay area people are trying to protect plants from frost. cover and water your plants to help them keep from getting frozen. other strategies include stringing christmas lights around them and putting a tarp
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to trap the heat. blood -- floodlights keep the warmth in. the 130-year-old tortoise is in a barn with heat latch -- lamps. >> we had extra hay so they cozy. >> the water temperature for the alligator is being kept at a cozy 75. >> a cold snap can damage a warm weather pleasure, your swimming pool. pool companies remind owners to shut off the pool heating system if it is heeded with solar panels, the water could freeze and split on the tube in the panels. >> now is a if time to download the weather app that gives you severe weather alert and radar and hourly temperature forecast. it is free at >> the certain resumes in idaho
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for silicon valley executive would small plane disappeared with four family members on sunday. katie? >> 40 search personnel are searching when the sun comes up in idaho. three more civil air patrol planes will assist today. yesterday, the effort ended at dark but a glimmer of hope when planes picked up an america location transmitter signal but too weak to lead to the plan but it narrowed the search area. the small plane took off from oregon on sunday headed for montana and the pilot, dale smith, reported engine problems. on board is his daughter and her any answer, students at byu and jonathan was meeting her family. the wedding is january 4. his son daniel and his wife are on the plane. if they survived crash surviving the weather is another major problem. >> right now we are in winter
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conditions with snow on the ground and temperatures you are in the single digits at night and this is hampering the search effort. >> dale smith is a software pioneer who founded serial tek and considered an experienced pilot. to that effect at 6:00, we will hear from a family member, one of those open board would said he has total faith if his ability. >> federal officials are on the heightened alert this morning after a truck carrying dangerous radioactive material was stolen south of the border. authorities say the truck was stolen at a gas station near mexico city. it was carrying a medical device to treat cancer patients and there is a radioactive material that can be dangerous if remove ed. it is not clear if the thieves
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know what they have. officials are concerned it could be used to make a dirty bomb which would not explode but could make people sick. >> in sonoma efforts are growing for the creation of a bark in memory of 13-year-old andy lopez there could be the purchase of a lot where lopez was shot by sheriff deputy in october. the board made a move to putting cameras on deputyies to restore trust in law enforcement and local government. professors are demanding the deputy who fired the fatal shot be indicted. >> there was a fatal accident involving a bicyclist last night. an s.u.v. ran into the bicyclist. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with officers. police say the victim was the 25th pedestrian or bicyclist killed in the traffic accident in san jose this year.
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>> following sunday's deadly drillment, preparations are made for the hudson line service to resume in new york. people representing the engineer of the commuter train say he experienced i -- a daze and nodded before the wreck. the train was three times the speed limit when it came to a turn. >> universal pictures has officially delayed the release the next "fast and "fast and fu" movie after the death of the star who died on thursday in los angeles. he was to film in atlanta this week and to be released in july. universal will not say how the director is going to handle his death in the film. studio is also donating some of the money from seems of "fast and furious" dvd's to a charity founded by him. >> bart unions not routeing out another strike if they do not
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approve a contract with that clause, the yipes -- unions accuse them of unfair practices after a clause was removed from a contract before approving it last month. the board claims the inclusion was a "mistake," but the lawsuit calls it unprecedented and illegitimate. the union members have not scheduled or planned to strike but it is not east table. >> a chill in the air. mike? >> absolutely, that is good advise to take in the plants. north bay valley and delta will have the cold of the areas. i was down do 26 this morning. there is in freeze warning for that area the san ramon valley is colder than freezing temperatures. now, tonight, that is where we
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have been pointing to for the coolest weather and everywhere but san francisco starting at 9:00 tonight, it will cool rapidly when the sun sets through 9:00 tomorrow morning with sub-freezing temperatures increasing our risk for hyperthermia to plants and for the pets so bring them in or make sure they have heat overnight. from the east bay hills camera, look how clean the air is and how still the camera is, with a breeze out there in the east bay hill. 26 do 38 is our temperature swing through 7:00 and we will be nearly 50 at noon, and low 50 through 4:00 and by 9:00 some of us will be freezing. >> good morning, sue. >> if you traveling toward 80 eastbound at the junction highway 12 we has a solo skipout in the gore point and center
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divide area not blocking the lanes but when the tow truck is there to get it out of there, there could be delays, with slow traffic, and northbound 680 in pleasanton this is an r.v. out there, hit-and-run accident since 4:00 this morning and earlier actually and they still have tow truck on the scene to get that out. i thought i would slow you the drive from the central valley bunching up from 205 tracy up and over the altamont pass with speeds picking up to live more. this is the shot of the beautiful bay bridge with a curve to the beautiful tower and no delays behind the toll plaza. >> sue, thank you. imagine a bra that can keep women from overeating in the bloomberg business report the. >> presbyterian will shift the focus from health care to jobs in a pitch that could impact millions of workers.
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>> a major mistake leads do a major lawsuit and the problem with this stamp and the mixup that has come back to haunt the
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covering santa clara, east bay and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. it is 5:14. the white house says president obama is preparing to deliver a speech on the economy including renewing the call for increasing the minimum wage. the president plans to argue the case that income inequality and wages not moving up are threatening retirement security. the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 and higher in california. polls show the economy remains the single biggest concern for americans despite the recent focus on health care. unemployment is high at 7.3 percent. >> nothing unusual about seeing windows where you go but did you know that microsoft considered getting into the lingerie business? >> no. efforts are underway to avert another government shut down. now we have the bloomberg business report from jane king. >> good morning, never thought microsoft and bra would be in
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the same sentence but here it is. first, though, possible progress inives to avoid another government shut down. budget negotiators are close to a zeal where democrats will raise fees for airline passengers and republicans grow we do more federal spending. the deal is finalized and provide a framework for a broader agreement avoiding a january shut down. microsoft has tested a bra that can measure your emotional state using sensors and can tell when you are ready to overeat and sends a signal we with predictions correct 75 percent. but you had to recharge it every four hours. >> apple could be trying to get a read on your expression when you tap in your computer
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do make it more secure for useers. >> futures are town lower today. and this is a new special scotch which is a special reserve scotch with the release of the scotch designed to coincide with the we release of "anchorman 2," adding to the list of special products including a ben & jerry's special ice cream and a special jockey underwear. >> a lot of underwear stories this morning. >> what is up with that? >> we have breaking news in the bay area in san jose where firefighters were forced to let an out-of-control fire burn a mobile home to the ground. though had to find out, then, if anyone was inside. our fuzz reporter is on the
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scene. matt? >> hard to believe that good news came out of something like this especially when you take a look at this mobile home. it is destroyed this morning. firefighters just told me they have done a thorough inspection of the building and they don't believe anyone was inside when the fire started. firefighters are still trying to get if contact with the man who lived here and the car is not here. they last saw him yesterday. check out the pickets from the san jose first department. the mole home -- mobile home was fully involved. firefighters did not go into the home. they did a defensive attack from from the outside. >> the proximity was 15 feet of all sides and crews got here and protected the other structures and that was the main focus to keep it from spreading. they were able to do that. a great job doing that. and get it extinguished.
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they were using a thousand gallons a minute of water to knock it down quickly. i spoke with the neighbor who was frightened and got his son and wife out his home quickly. firefighters estimate the flames could is reached 20' to 30' high. no word on the cause of the fire but firefighters say with the cold weather they expect more chilly and heater-related fires and the best tinge you can do for your safety and the state of your family in your home is to make sure you have working smoke detectors. pepsi is working to trick your we tastebuds to produce a taste modifier that tells your tastebuds they are getting more sugar than they are. if the government approves the ingredient it could be used to lower the sugar content in calories and sodas without changing the sweetness.
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pepsi hopes appealing to health may reverse decreasing soda sales. >> embarrassing mistake is haunting the post os, this "forever stamp" was released in 2011 but it was not based on the statue in new york harbor but the copy on the las vegas strip. now the sculpture of the replica is suing the government for copyright intriguement saying they never asked for permission to use his work. the stamp was never pulled from circulation because more than five billion kids were printed when the mistake was discovered. >> does the sculpture have the right to make a replica? >> no one owns the statue of liberty. well, everyone does. >> sorry. good try. >> trying to get the post office out-of-control. mike nicco, it is cold in new york and logs -- las vegas.
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>>the deep south is the only air not touched by this polar air. in the last three hours the clouds are staying off the coast. clouds would keep the temperatures up but they are not here. it is frosty in the san ramon valley and although not actually a freeze warning, danville is 28 and 30 in walnut creek. dublin is 31. livermore is 30. pleasanton is 32. 33 in pleasantonly. lafayette at 36. over the other side of the ridge in pittsburg and antioch all in the low-to-mid 50's. we have 20's around santa rosa and napa and novato at 29 degrees. 34 in fremont and 39 in san jose and mountain view dropped and still freeze at half moon bay at 32 and san francisco is 44 and
5:21 am
oakland is 42. there is a breeze in san francisco and although it is warmer here the best chance of report low is in napa at 24 and down to gilroy at 27 and 29 in gilroy right now. as far as san francisco we have to get to 34. san rafael maybe at 32 and live more is 33. san jose is 26. from mount tamalpais an area that will not see snow but there will be rain on friday around 3,100' on friday evening and coldest tonight can then chilly. temperatures will run in the upper 40's to low 50's in most neighborhoods. we will be in 9 mid-20's to low 30's inland and santa clara valley through fremont and palo alto and richmond and oakland and san mateo and san francisco,
5:22 am
all in the mid-to-upper 30's. on thursday, low coming down by friday morning and there could be a few sprinkles in the north bay increasing and sliding to the south for the commute and in the afternoon you can see scattered rain moving in and that is going to be cold showers with temperatures in the 40's and headed into the evening the snow helpful will drop to 3,100' and saturday afternoon it is gone but mid-to-upper 40's you throughout the weekend and 50's are back monday and tuesday but saturday and sunday, frosty again like this morning. >> good morning, everyone. we have slow traffic around fairfield junction area with early accident eastbound at highway 12. that is cleared. a new solo spinout at green valley. northbound 680, still have the
5:23 am
r.v. in the lanes on the shoulder in the clearing stages. traffic is getting by. westbound 580 new reports of a stall in the right lane before first street in livermore slow traffic from the central vietnam -- valley and at the toll plaza it is good with no metering lights or delays into san francisco. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start your day and santa is getting an escort from the military as he makes the rounds for christmas but some say for children that is
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what does that first spoonful taste likok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know: the weather. calm and clear. it is freezing cold inland valleys. but more cold coming to more neighborhoods tone. i will update you on the winter mix coming to our neighborhood this friday. that is in the seven-day forecast. >> cruise are on the scene in san jose after a fire ripped through a mobile home. the fire broke out at a park near monterey and blossom hill
5:27 am
road and it is not believed everyone was home the. >> the search resumes for a san jose family whose airplane disappeared in the idaho wilderness. the plane was trying from organize to montana -- from oregon to montana piloted by dale smith. more at the to which the hour. >> the suspect accused of killing a young man over a play station console will appear in court. he was shot in the car in the bayview district on sunday while making a deal to sell his play station four. a 21-year-old collins was arrested on monday. authorities are look out for dangerous cargo stolen near mexico city with a truck carrying a highly radioactive substance used to treat cancer. the substance is dangerous. >> new details in the death of
5:28 am
movie star paul walker with reports say the actor and his friend had 60 seconds to escape after escaping if the car before it exploded. it is not clear if the two could have gotten out or if they were killed on impact. >> seven, the commute this morning is looking good with a shot of the bay bridge toll plaza with no metering lights so far and no delays on the upper deck with small fire on the freeway in the vacaville area with an update in a couple of minutes. >> it is 5:28. morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including more on the freezing temperatures. also, san francisco police want you to take a close look at this just-released surveillance video a disturbing crime investigators say this man carried out
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thanks for joining us on this wrens with temperatures that santa will like. where are the lows, mike? >> good morning, hopefully you are ready to get out of bed on this cold morning with wind in san francisco. you can see a temperature of why it is only 38 for the cool spot in san francisco. oakland is 38. north bay is cold in petaluma at 26. the east bay shore, fremont to 29. in the santa clara valley i found a 33 in san jose and east bay valley, danville at 28 and the peninsula is 31 in palo alto. this afternoon, we will have chilled sunshine and temperatures at 48 to 53. that is it. even with the sunshine. talk about colder weather in a
5:32 am
minute and the winter mix in the forecast. sue? >> we have chain requirements in the sierra on 50 and highway 88, but nothing recorded on 80. if you are traveling take your chains and give yourself extra time. we have an accident westbound 80 at greenville partly blocking a lane of traffic and that is near the junction with reports from the c.h.p. that westbound 80 near cherry glenn in vacaville area small grass fires of visible but this is no slowing but use extra caution in the area. with the r.v. out there in pleasanton northbound 680, it is partly blocking a lane and the tow truck is there. >> some of the coldest temperatures this morning are in the north bay and our reporter is in san rafael with the look at how folks are coping. it is very cold. the they are more step shows us
5:33 am
43 but it is cold are than that and dropping and getting colder. quite a change from the warm weather we have had. people have been able to shift if their thinking. we are doled that sells of firewood and space heateders were ready as people were ready for the cold and homeless shelters prepared for a busy night, workers saying they do not have room for everyone. the toughest part of the job is turning people away. it is hard. when it is cold. and raping. it has to be dealing. you are dealing with numbers. it is tough. it is tough. it pulls at your heart. >> in santa clara there are a thousand beds available but they have estimates up to 7,600 people on the streets each night. in marin they have 900 homeless people according to the recent count and st. vincent depaul says they have beds for 60
5:34 am
people. >> now the people who have do deal most with the shivers are those who are work outside. in downtown san jose people working at christmas in the park have for choice but to bundle up. >> wear as many layers as possible. thermal. jackets. a second jacket inside. >> some families braved the chill in the air and ice skated. >> winter conditions brought a fresh blanket of show to the high sierra with snow falling in lake tahoe yesterday and 3" to 4" fell in the mountains with more scattered showers this week. the cold is great for snow making with chains required on highway 50 into the take he basin but no restrictions right now on interstate 80. the fresh snow is whetting the appetite of skiers bringing in their gear for tune-ups or
5:35 am
inquiring about rentals. heavenly and north star ski resorts are open and making snow. other resorts are deciding if they open this friday or the weekend a. now is a good time to download the weather apps with severe weather alerts, radar and hourly temperature forecasts which is free at >> developing news today 40 search and rescue personnel will continue efforts to locates a san jose family lost since sunday in the idaho wilderness. the small plane took off from oregon headed for montana and the pilot dale smith reported evening inproblems over -- engine problems. his daughter and her fiance and smith's son daniel on the left in the picture and his wife were all on board. smith is a software pioneer who founded serial tek and experienced pilot. >> he is a typical engineer, i
5:36 am
can fix that. i can dough that. he sold the other company and bought the airplane and has been flying sin. >> yesterday, a weak transmitter signal was picked up but that helped narrow the search area which is described as highly inaccessible rugged terrain. >> the suspect accused of killing a congressman in san francisco over a video game console will appear in court today. the young man was shot sitting if his car in bayview district sunday, a student at santa monica city college and home on thanksgiving day break. he sold his play station 4 online and went to get the money from the buyer but, instead, the buyer refused to pay, got in an argument with him and shot him. police arrested the 21-year-old ronnie collins on murder and. thatted robbery. >> san francisco police hope to find the man who threw two cats into san francisco bay from
5:37 am
newly released video. this man is suspected taking two cats from the owner and throwing them into the bay on monday. it happened near pier 4, and here is a freeze frame of the man taken on the embarcadero. we reported the story last week and police say a woman carried the to cats in a carrier and inwiths say the man suddenly grabbed the carrier and threw it in the water. the cats died. anyone with information is asked to contact san francisco animal control. >> south san francisco police are searching for a man who stole an iphone from a weather woman if a hospital over the weekend at kaiser permanente in south san francisco on sunday. the project william says she was sitting alone in a main lobby and a man grabbed the phone from her hands and ran. the suspect is described as 5' 89" with medium build, light colored blue jeans and black shoes. anyone with information is asked to call police.
5:38 am
authorities in the east bay are searching for a missing 13-year-old girl who was last seen sunday afternoon in pleasanton, in a car with three males we. police consider her at risk because she is so young. show waze about 130 pounds and wearing a blue green southwest sheriff deputies -- blue-green sweat shirt with "diamond," written point. >> the san jose union says low pay is a major reason that dozens of veteran officers in san jose have left for better-paying jobs with cities such as redwood city and los gatos and santa clara. >> waking up to below freezing conditions in parts of the bay area right now. mike if. >> inland, whether the north bay or east bay valley we have frost
5:39 am
forming. north bay cartinez straights and delta, this is where the national weather service issued the freeze warning although this weather is developing in the santa reason veal -- valley in the 20's. everyone except san francisco can expect freezing to subfreezing temperatures so the pets, the plants, the pitches are at risk and so are you. this starts at 9:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning so that gives you an idea how cool it will get and how quickly in the evening. the day planner is 28 to 38 is the spread at 7:00, up to 38 in the bay. upper 40's to most areas and maybe near 50 by noon so we will warm nicely but not much beyond 52 for a high. we back if the low-to-mid 40's by 7:00 and dropping to near
5:40 am
freezing by 9:00. tomorrow, mainly sunny and the same as today and a winter mix on friday and saturday. >> we have slow traffic from the central valley at this hour, and fairly typical from tracy up and over the altamont pass but awaiting you in livermore is a stalled big rig blocking a right lane of traffic and you can see it is slow making your way to livermore area. westbound 80 at green valley there was a truck in the left lane that is causing drivers to swerve and get out of the way so watch out you could have a has ad in that area. to the north in vacaville, multiple brushfires look the side of the freeway causing slowing and the fire department has been called and they will arrive there shortly, maybe blocking a lane of traffic. quickly, northbound 680, that r.v. is still blocking a lane of traffic. >> thank you very much, it is
5:41 am
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covering antioch, and petaluma and all the bay area, reportings of 9-1-1 calls made during the sandy school shootings will be released including seven calls made to police in connecticut on december 14. 26 were left dead including 20 children. the judge upheld the ruling to release the recordings. an attorney tried to block the release to shield victims' families but decided not to appeal. >> judge in san jose will issue a ruling in a $10 billion lawsuit filed against the paint industry. arguments in the showdown between ten california cities and the paint industry were held in september. local governments say lead paint manufacturers delivery told a hazardous product for california homes for generations.
5:45 am
attorneys for the payment industry say lead paint no longer poses a threat and clean up efforts would do more harm than good. >> a mystery diner is leashing leashing -- leaving giant tips across the country including in san francisco. someone sitting at a table at a steakhouse left $1,500 tip last month! it was signed "tips for jesus" and the bartender and bus boy and hostess were tipped out but the bulk went to the waiter. >> i was surprised and i just bought a wedding band for my girlfriend so i was really helped. >> server at another taco store got a $1,000 we tip from "tips for jesus" and the heading is "doing the lord's work a tip at
5:46 am
a time." >> santa has backup which is not sitting well, the military tracks santa and gives updates on the flight. children and parents can call or go online to find where santa is but this year santa will be joined by two fighter jets, a spokesman for the north american aerospace defense command says that adding jets gives the mission a more operational feel and some think the military already plays too big a role in the holiday. >> what does mom say, something bad could happen to santa? >> could the kid just thing it is two cool airplanes and doesn't associate it with fight we planes. >> all right if you are flying it is cheer. you do not have to worry about winds. >> but san francisco is keeping the temperatures up here.
5:47 am
morning. i got a tweet that says 55 in chicago for a traveler, and 55 in chicago, but i looked at forecast. their hires will be in the 20's starting tomorrow. enjoy it while you got it. our temperatures show if san francisco, presidio is 39 and inelse is in the mid-to-upper 40's like mission at 44 and 41 at ocean beach and across the golden gate bridge it will be 48. richmond is 40, and 39 in san leandro and belmont and freezing cold at 30 in palo alto and freezing cold in santa clara and 32, and 29 in walnut creek and
5:48 am
31 in pleasanton and 29 in american canyon, all frosty air and this is how it looks from mount tamalpais, gorgeous clean air. sunny and cool the next two days. coldest low is tonight and san francisco, though, is threatened by frost the rain and snow is possible here on friday but it will happen for sure in the sierra. upper 40's to low 50's is all we get today and tonight, mid-to-upper 30's and oakland and san mateo and richmond and san francisco, that is it and everyone else is in the mid-20's to low 30's. we have wide-spread frost tonight. the cold robert is pulling away from us and the polar plunge of cold air is bringing record lows and the next system is coming down and officially bringing us a chance of sprinkles on thursday night into friday morning and the air will be so
5:49 am
dry. at 7:00, it is in the south bay and the north bay and headed throughout the morning, the atmosphere will moisten and by noon we have light rain developing in most neighborhoods and on friday night, though, the snow level drops down to around 3,200' and we could have a dusting of snow on saturday at highest elevation. saturday is coolest day at mid-to-upper 40's with another treason sunday morning and swarmer and 50's for monday and tuesday. we have ice reported in san mateo near crystal springs near the bridge with caltran sending out the sand tracks. not on 280 but over 280. from the central valley we have the stalled big rig in livermore west 580 before 1st and slow up and over the amount pass and it picks uninto the dublin/pleasanton area. westbound 580 an early accident
5:50 am
is to the clearing phases and that was blocking a lane of traffic and all mass transit is running on time and bart and muni and caltrain a great way to go. san mateo bridge has reports of debris and cardboard on high-rise but traffic is flowing nicely foster city westbound. >> now to the case that could have major implication on when people can wear google glass. a san diego woman pleaded not guilty to distracted drying for wearing her google glass. the woman is thought the first driver in the nation to be charged for wearing the glass which was not on while driving. authorities are trying to apply old laws to the new technology according to her lawyer and says this could help with people using cell phones. the rile is -- trial is set for
5:51 am
january. >> and how often should women get mammograms? there is new advise. >> fit mom has her target in the bay area. they are fighting back. >> san francisco cannot get using lysol in hundreds of ways. what's christine's story? i started using lysol disinfectant spray, gosh, as long as i can remember. i use lysol on soft surfaces because you can't put your couch in the washing machine. i think that lysol disinfectant spray compares to other products in that it actually kills the germs. which helps keep my family healthy. it's tried and true. i mean all you have to do is just spray. it does the job for you. lysol - hundreds of ways to help protect your family.
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welcome back. new this morning all aboard the batkid express. the spirit of batkid continues to live in san francisco. this time it is on the holiday train at golden gate park. this photo shows a painted image of the super hero giving a big thumb's up. the recreation and parks selected batkid for the theme. it has been three weeks since five-year-old miles scott in remission from leukemia became a super hero for a day with the make-a-wish foundation making it possible. >> he walks like a hero with that uniform. >> and kids can feel the same inspiration and spirit. >> good stuff. >> if you going out bundle up. >> put on thermals, it is cold. you have to find your coldest --
5:55 am
the coats you have for the cold of the temperatures. any precipitation is mostly near san diego. 60's there. low-to-mid 60's around san diego and low-to-mid fists in the central valley and monterey and tahoe is coolest at 26 today. we still have the winter storm watch in effect for friday morning through saturday afternoon headed up here it will snow down to 1,000'. >> slow traffic from the central valley with a stalled big rig in livermore not helping things near 1st street trying to get a tow truck and slow traffic and it picks up into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. this were reports of brushfires on the highway and the vacaville area which now are out with no slow traffic there. we will look at 80 berkeley and bumper to bumper into the toll
5:56 am
plaza and the bay bridge and the maze look at 15 minutes foe your drive. >> women who are at risk for breast cancer increase their chances for early detection by getting yearly ma'am grandmothers. a federal task force created a controversy in 2009 when it recommended am grams -- mammograms every other year. now, it is found that annual mammograms are best way to go. frequent screenings improve the odds of finding the tumors early on and the report has not been published yes. >> a bay area company is taking on the woman known as fit mom after unflattering comments. the mother sparked accusations of fat shaming with this photo and posted comments bash an ad featuring photos of plus-sized william saying encouraging overweight brenham to be proud
5:57 am
of their bodies is a strange mentality. the owner wish she would be more accepting. >> i we she would do her thing and let us do our thing. let's all peacefully co-exist pause much she helps is beautiful and everyone we help is beautiful. >> hear from both women in the debate on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc7 news. >> mike has been telling us of the freezing temperatures all morning and straight ahead, protecting the bay area's treasured animals. stay tuned. >> later, farewell to a champion. we will show you part of the big send off to "good morning
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a blast of cold and a look outside from our camera looking to the new span of the bay bridge. whichever way you look, the temperatures are going to be close to freezing but if san francisco with mike telling us where the coldest numbers numbe. a mobile home erupts into flames. look at these pictures, the investigation is underway right now. >> developing now, the search will resume in the idaho wilderness for the bay area pilot would went missing with the family in their small plane. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:00 a.m. on wednesday, a cold


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