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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 13, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it's friday. thank you so much for joining us at 5:00, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. hot cup of coffee in store for you this morning it is chilly out there what does the weekend hold for us, mike? >> right now, the weather outside could be frightful up in the north bay. thank you for the pity laugh. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ >> i knew you would start singing. >> goes so well. >> everybody happy now? good. navado, all seriousness, there is some possibly dangerous
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weather. less than quarter-mile visibility. santa rosa two and a quarter. we have fog and we have temperatures at or below freezing. watch out for those fringes and overpasses. leyla and i are watching that for you. let's talk about those temperatures, 32 in navado, 29, santa rosa, freezing temperatures in the east bay. everybody else in the mid-30s down south, upper 30s, around the bayshore. how about mid-50s to upper 50s, sunshine with a few clouds this morning, brighter as the day unfolds. talk to leyla about that morning commute. good morning. >> good morning to you. the pretiff light in terms of accidents, i have to say. we don't have any reports of anything blocking the roads on the freeze ways. as you can yee behind me, lots of green out there take you into the north bay, mike was fwilgt freezing fog, this area indicated by orange that does mean there is going to be fog in your way there looking at top speeds, may not want to drive quite as fast it could be rather slick. continue in the southbound direction, through the waldo
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tunnels and golden gate bridge, you can yee how clear it is out there it does clear up, looking a at much safer commute. 580, clear, tracy to duplin 26 minutes. 14 from antioch to concord. 101, san francisco to san raffaele, 17 minutes. breaking news right now in east oakland, a family was able to escape aft their house caught fire early this morning. firefighters are still on the scene right now, mopping up the fire that raced through a prefab home on 90th avenue near 8th street before three. the sound of the fire and smell of heavy smoke woke up a couple and their children. the fire destroyed that home and damaged two others before crews could get it under control. the cause was under investigation. the firefighters say it does not appear to be suspicious. developing news from the north bay, students a at san raffaele elementary school are getting an unplanned three-day weekend.
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classes are canceled today while crews work to fin fiction a gas line fin damaged in the crash. katie mar glue is slow live in san raffaele with more on the story. katie? >> reporter: eric, this is -- we are on woodland avenue, laurel dell high school. i can tell dish elementary school. i can tell you right now there is a faint smell of gas in the air and i can show you why. this is the damage that has been left behind. you can yee the busted pipes and wires. both the gas line and the pg&e electrical connection to the school that have been severed. and you can yee up on the sidewalk and some of the landscaping here where the car jumped the curb and crashed into the walls. so no gas, no electric that mean he is no school. classes cancelled for today. if you take a look at this video, sky 7 hd over the scene when it happened yesterday, around 5:45, a minivan slammed into the school. at this point, we still don't know why, but the driver and passenger inside the minivan to the hospital, minor injuries. no classes at the elementary school last night, there was a
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planned holiday concert, that was a real bummer. we understand firefighters did help move the props for the show to a nearby church so that the show could go on. staff at laurel dell elementary school not off the hook today, they are to report to short school for their duty but there will be no classes no students here at laurel dell. also, the superintendent of schools says they will be working, fixing this problem all weekend and fully expects that school will be back in session monday morning. live, katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> thank you so much, katie. happening today, b.a.r.t. and its unions will be back at the table with a federal mediator over a disputed clause in the new labor contract that ended the strike. they are hoping to resolve the conflict over a clause that gives the transit workers six weeks of paid family leave. b.a.r.t. insists both sides agreed to take it off the table and says it is a mystery how it got back in there. union leaders say a deal is deal. matt keller will have a live report with more in the next
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half hour. contract talks resume today between ac transit and union drivers much the union and the district are nearing the end of a 60-day cooling off period that averted a strike back in october. today's contra costa times reports the situation approaching a boiling point again. starting sunday, ac transit plans to launch new routes and restore hours the giant agency was forced to cut when it ran short on cash several years back but it's not clear whether drivers who don't have a contract will actually show up for those routes. starting monday, those popular san francisco express buses that run along the busy muni line are being replaced with greener vehicle is the. the san francisco examiner reports the new hybrid buses will be taking over for nx judah express. the buses were introduced in the city this past summer to help alleviate the passengers that travel on the n judah route between the sunset district and downtown during the morning and evening commute.
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the budget deal hammered thought week by a bipartisan group of lawmakers goes to the senate next week. the house easily passed the mesh sure by a 332-94 vote over the strong on jenks of tea party members much the spoons from speaker john boehner subjects that his patience with the tea party is at an end. >> this budget agreement takes giant steps in the right direction. it's not everything i wanted. but when groups come out and criticize an agreement that they've never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. >> minority leader, nancy pell lows so i have san francisco, agrees the deal suspect perfect but urged lawmakers to embrace it the deal prevents a government shut down for at least two years, it eliminates i 65 million in domestic spending cuts known as the sequester, it does not raise taxes and shaves 23 billion off the deficit the next ten years. 5:06. the fbi is launching a new initiative to find northern california's most wanted
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criminals. the list includes this man, daniel san diego, a domestic terrorism suspect wanted in two bay area bombings a decade ago. this is an image progression image of what the 35-year-old might look like now. the fbi gave abc 7 news the surveillance video, too which shows one of the 2003 blasts at the chyron corporation that emeryville and shackly cosmetics in pleasanton it is a story dan noise and the i team covered extensively at the time. the fbi believes the companies were targeted because because of their ties an animal testing lab. 5:07, time for a check on the forecast, the weekend arrives and the warmup hopefully. mike? >> yeah exbig warming trend coming, possibility of records as we head toward monday and tuesday. i think we got a bug walking across our camera there he is up early this morning. looking for the explore tore yum picture, was a beautiful picture until started covering the trans america period midthere look at
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that all right. never mind. let's move on. here is your air quality for today. going to have poor air quality possible the santa clara valley, our tenth spare the air of the winter season. let's talk about your day planner for today, let's break it down, we are going to have temperatures in the 20s, mainly around santa rosa, the rest of us, low 30s to low 40s by 7:00, frost out there, even with the clouds, we have managed to dip down to those levels we talked about yesterday. mid-50s at noon, mid to upper 50s at 4:00, quick sunshine by the lunch hour. not too bad in the evening hours. upper 40s, low 50s. here is a look at our next three days. saturday, low 60s. good morning, leyla. >> good morning, mike. the freezing fog we have been talking about, freezing meaning we do have possible black ice in this particular vicinity, this
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is in fairfax, right at sir francis drake boulevard, involving an overturned vehicle, this whole area shaded in orange, indicating where fog could be affecting your morning commute, blanketing 101, through san raffaele, farther down close to waldo tunnels, we look into san jose, a wide picture of it you can yee how much green is on this map, you can basically tell that it's all at top speeds, 69 miles per hour, by the san jose airport, along 280, 64 miles per hour. high advice billity there, you can yee that traffic is turning smooth flow, accidents on the mainline but we will certainly keep our eyes peeled. how mcdonald's is honing to lure millennials. the bloomberg business report is next. remembering mandela, one of the special guests to visit a
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former south african president lying in-state for the final day. plus, the tweet that was retweeted the most times this year. in today's tech life, instagram announces a new feature to the popular app.
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5:13 on this friday morning. say that again. friday morning. a live look from our rooftop hd cam. of course, the embarcaderembarc light for friday. check the weather coming up. right now, more news for you.
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happening now in south africa, tens of thousands of mourners are waiting in line in pretoria to pay their respects to nelson mandela. here is a live look. the body of the former south african president is lying in-state for the third and final day today. officials say some 50,000 people gathered in morning and lines are several miles long and they keep coming from all over the world. this morning, reverend jesse jackson stopped by to pay their respect to man who broke down barriers. he will be buried in his home village sunday. he passed away last week at the age of 95. twitter is out with the most retweeted tweet of the year. here to s "glee" star lea michele's first tweet after the death of her boyfriend and co-star, cory monteith. tweeted, in part, "corey will forever be in my heart" along with a pitch of the couple embrace. the message was retweeted more than 408,000 times in 133
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countries. last year, the president and the first lady hugging after the election victory was the most retweeted tweet. the obama administration is asking health insurance companies to make it easier for people to sign up and get coverage. >> for that and a look at tweeting, get to bloomberg's jane king at the new york stock exchange. good morning, jane. >> hi, good morning to you. all the problems related to implementing ate fordable care act, a little bit of good news. you may be able to get away with paying your health insurance premium late. the obama administration is asking insurers to allow late payments and signups for customers in the affordable care act. even cust make partial payments. this to help smooth as people start the health care system. eyeing the budget that the house passed yesterday. the meantime, amazon starting a new business called pan trip. "usa today" says it will launch next year with thousands of
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products usually found in the center of the grocery store, cleaning supplies, paper towels, pet food, cereal, beverage, it will let prime shoppers put the items into a box of a set size, up to a certain weight, for a small fee. the move does put amazon in competition with the warehouse retailers like cost co-and sam's club. get ready for the new mcapp. mcdonald's testing a new mobile app in 1,000 stores as it tries lure younger diners. the mick d app customers can dream at stores. country order or pay with the app, just the deals on it the fast food chain is facing growing competition from five guys and chipotle, both have mobile apps and generally attract a younger crowd. >> have a great weekend. 5:16 now. abc7 honored bay area cultural and community leaders last night as part of a profiles in excellence series.
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>> i have developed a career around the fact i have outlived all the people whose memories don't agree with mine. >> at able 92, betty reed salkin is the oldest park ranger and one of the circle seven award workers. they work it is he ro this is the 25th year that abc7 has produced the profiles in excellence series. a mystery in richmond, a letter mailed decades ago has finally arrived at its destination. the letter from former navy secretary james forestall dated february 5, 1946 and addressed to agnes r. smith, and thanked smith for her service in "the greatest navy in the world." the letter is now with the point mitch riche mond history association and trying to track down the intended recipient. >> the history association is excited because where has it been? where did something sit? it has a very old look to it,
5:18 am
never gone through the post office a second time, flake somebody found it in an old magazine and remailed it, but that isn't the case either. the post office says that it has no idea where the letter could have been for the past 27 years. anyone who may have known agnes r. smith or her family should contact the point richmond history association. >> forestall would be the first secretary of defense. he was a driven patriot, they called him. 5:18. time for a check on the accuweather forecast. >> cold out there this morning, some area, watching the dre zi fog, leyla and i, phone information black ice, navado now, visibility still an eighth of a mile and your temperature's running right now at 34 degrees. that is good news, was 32 earlier the point at which black ice develops. petaluma, sebastopol, gurnville, 28, 29, same thing with napa. american canyon at 25, we are good in san raffaele, 39, mill
5:19 am
valley, 35, sausalito 40, bodega bay. 35 in san jose. brentwood, 38. not bad. a look from mount tamil pie i can't you yee the clouds, keep the temperature up a bit. they will move out of here, sunshine, seasonal temperatures it is our tenth spare the air day. keep an eye on that for, northwest wind means cleaner air, hopefully won't be quite as haze zwli as yesterday. clear tonight, temperatures about the same as this morning, we will find some frost in our inland valleys again, but a warm and dry pattern is going to develop tomorrow and last all the way through next week. still don't yee any real rain in the forecast through the end of the year. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s today, 60, santa rosa,
5:20 am
cloverdale, 59, morgan hill, 62, warm spot. 58, san jose today, 59, oakland, 56, san francisco, look at the 57s around richmond, concord, livermore. low to upper 40s, inland, upper 40s to low -- upper 30s to low 40s for most of the area. cooler ex-sense, san francisco, 44. the warmer exception. while you were sleeping, hold on through, yee all the moisture stay aid way from us, high pressure is going to build in here the next couple of days, keeping the storm track to the north and then we will have high pressure build over the great basin once again, that will bring us you the offshore flow, warmer pattern, northeasterly wind, that is a polluting wind and why we play is more spare the airs. low 60s tomorrow, accuweather forecast, low to upper 60s, where we will see the possible record high temperatures monday and tuesday, slight cooling trend, back into the mid-50s at the coast, near 60 for the rest of us thursday.
5:21 am
have a great weekend. here's leyla. >> a new report of an accident, right at the bay bridge toll plaza, blocking one lane involving two vehicles, we will keep our eye on that take you to the east bay though, looking nice and clear, make your drive along the anymore mitt or the 580, accident free out there, moving along top speeds, to the south, make it through fremont, also make it up to sunol along 680, yee lots of green out there, so far it is a friday light. drive time traffic across the bridges, the golden gate to start with we are look ac the a nine-minute commute out of sausalito, despite that accident, eight minutes will get you from the maze into the city along the san mateo bridge that is a quick 13-minute drive, back to the east bay we go here is walnut creek, 680, extra taillights out there, not slowing things down, nine minutes will get you from highway four to highway 24. kristen, eric? >> thank you. ahead, seven things to know
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good morning on this friday the 13th hope, hopefully our lucky day. the sutro camera looking down on san francisco. might be lucky did you like it warmer, that is the change coming-to-and over the weekend, although we do still have a spare the air day today. we will check in with meteorologist mike nicco in a moment. whether you are just joining us or heading out the door, here are seven things to know today. number one, breaking news, an oakland family escaped to safety after they were awakened by a fire burning in their home on 90th avenue. it happened before 3:00 this morning, the fire destroyed that home and damaged two others before crews could get it under control. number two, breaking overnight, the chp is looking for witnesses in a fatal crash on northbound 280 near highway 85 and cooper teen know the drover of a red mazda died when his car veered off the freeway and smashed into a tree. he has been identified as 26-year-old daly city man. the freeway is back open again this morning. number three, b.a.r.t. and its unions will be back at the
5:26 am
table today with a federal mediator over a disputed clause in a new labor contract that ended their last strike in october. they are hoping to resolve a clause that gives workers six weeks of paid family leave that b.a.r.t. officials say was included by mistake. number four, we're getting a firsthand look at the damage left behind by massive deadly rock slide in southern utah. police say two people were killed after huge boulders destroyed a home near zion national park last week. rock slides are common this time of the year because of this snow and freezing temperatures. number five, do you think could you find a use for $400 million? that's how much is up for grabs tonight's mega millions drawing you. the game's second largest jackpot ever. your odds of wing, 1 in 1 -- >> used to be 176, right? but then they purposely made it harder to win. thank you very much. >> so more than 1 in 176 million. here is leyla. i will take number six.
5:27 am
we are tracking this building, low fog in the north bay, know vad dough, zero right now, mean it is san eighth of a mile, temperatures near freezing. black ice a possibility, keeping an eye on it. so is number seven. >> that's right. we are tracking possible freezing fog and black ice in the north bay. we take a look behind me, may look a little bit quiet at the bay bridge poll tom plaza, have a report in the number five lane two vehicles blocking one of the cars sideways, might start to yee fog, you make it out of the maze into san francisco. leyla, thank you. beyonce has been keeping a big secret. overnight, she released a brand-new album to the surprise of fans every were the self-titled album debut on apple'sism tunes at 9:00 last night, midnight east coast and features 14 songs and 17 videos. the closing track titled "blue" and features her daughter, blue ivy. in a statement, beyonce says this new album is from her to her fans. social media is abuzz this
5:28 am
morning, #blue ivy has been trending. it is 5:27. the and 7 morning news continues at 5:30 with today's top stories. >> including new video of the asiana flight 214 crash from sfo, plus new comments its san francisco fire chief is making about the crash. >> plus, a holiday homecoming, meet the bay area baby who is
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[ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. good morning. it is 5:30 on this friday the 13th but it's our lucky. day. you know why? >> why? >> you are joining us. thanks so much, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. that was very smooth. i thought you were going to win the lottery, hey that is just me talking. mike with the forecast. >> a lot of us are going to trial. good morning, everybody. still following that fog up in the north bay, know vad dough, an eighth of a mile, everybody else, we do have clouds out there a little bit of haze,
5:31 am
those clouds due to the fact that we have the cold front roll through and you the union shore flow has brought some of them in, but they willble out here this morning. let's focus in on the 30 in navado. worried about bridges and overpasses, 101, santa rosa, freezing fog for black ice. mid-40s around the bei bei shore. 45, san francisco. forecast for the afternoon hours, sunshine, mid-50s to 60, a lot like yesterday. i don't think it is going to be quite as hazy. good morning, leyla. >> good morning, mike. a little bit more clarification on that accident i've been tell bug in the north bay. mike has been telling bust that freezing fog. not only do we have fog to worry about, but the possibility of black ice in certain parts of the bay area, the north bay being one over them this is not an overturned vehicle, that is the good news, major front end damage, bay wood canyon road, francis drake boulevard, no injuries, minor injuries reported, not blocking any lanes. you are look ac at clear drive,
5:32 am
do need to make it out of those hills over toward 101 a look at our mass transit, 42 b.a.r.t. trains running on time, muni, ace train, everything on time and outside, we take a look at san jose, 101 head up to the san jose airport, highway 880, he having is quite there. extra headlights coming our way. kristen, eric? >> 5:32 now. more on the breaking news we are following in oakland. fire crews are still keeping an eye out for hotspots after a fire spread to three homes, one home was destroyed, two others damaged near 90th avenue and a street. the family inside the home where it started managed to get out just in time. virkts now trying to figure out how the fire started. breaking news overnight.
5:33 am
the chp is looking for witnesses in a fatal crash on northbound 280 near highway 85 and cooper teen know the drover of a red mazda died when his car veered off the freeway and smashed into a tree. he has been identified as 26-year-old daly city man. the freeway is back open again this morning. we now know the identity of the driver killed by a suspected drunk driver in this fiery crash in livermore yesterday. cell phone video shows the fire sparked when a hummer slammed into a jeep cherokee on westbound 580 around 10 yesterday morning. 29-year-old reed whitaker of livermore died inside the cherokee. we learned whitaker worked as an emt at highland hospital in oakland. the chp says the driver who hit him was drunk. 53-year-old man. b.a.r.t. and its two largest unions go back to the table this morning with a federal mediator, hoping to set their disputes over a costly benefit that
5:34 am
somehow got into the new contract. meantime, passengers are taking abc7 news reporter, matt keller, is live at the fremont b.a.r.t. station. matt? >> reporter: frustration the common emotion in the latest side of the b.a.r.t. contract dispute. that is true for b.a.r.t. riders, reflected in the latest field poll this morning. check it out. californians were asked should transit workers should be allowed to strike. state wide, it was split. 47% said yes and 44% said no. near the bay area, the margin grew significantly, only 41% said yes while majority of 52% said no. the contract is still unsettled between b.a.r.t. and its unions because of a disputed portion of the tentative deal, giving workers six weeks of paid family leave. b.a.r.t. says it was included by mistake. unions say this was part of the deal. both sides met for the mediation session yesterday. >> at this point, we don't know what they are going to say. clearly, the ball's in their court. they signed the agreement, they
5:35 am
know that. so until we hear what they have to say, we aren't going to speculate. >> b.a.r.t. can't afford to give employees an additional six weeks paid leave. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. unions filed a lawsuit after the board of directors removed the family medical leave section from the negotiated contract and then approved it. another mediation session is scheduled later today. a state senator in southern california has introduced legislation earlier this week that would ban transit workers from being able to strike. reporting live in fremont, matt keller, abc7 news. >> matt, thank you. there's dramatic video showing what air traffic rooms saw at sfo when asiana flight 214 crashed in july. the pictures were released by the ntsb into hearings this week. three people died in the wreck.
5:36 am
the hearing also confirmed information uncovered by the abc7 news i team when one of the victims was killed by when she was run of fire in responding fire trucks. san francisco fire chief, joanne hayes white, made her first public comments since the ntsb hearings began at a fire commission hearing last night. she commended everyone who responded to the scene but she said if there are areas they can improve on, they will. developing news, classes are canceled today at a san raffaele elementary school after a car hit a gas line at the school last night. it crashed into the laurel dell school just before 6, sheering off a gas line and damaging pg&e electrical lines as well. this is video of the scene. two people suffered minor injuries. utility crews hope to get the lines repair over the weekend in time for classes on monday. abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo will have the latest live from the scene at the top of the hour. a large fire in santa rosa left three people looking for a new place to stay. at least four buildings caught fire off highway 101 near todd road. the powerlines came down. officials advise drivers to stay
5:37 am
away from the area until they got it under control around 8:00. fire officials kept one engine at the scene all night to keep an eye out for flare ups. so far, no issues reported. happening today, dozens of new san francisco firefighters will officially be sworn in this morning. it will take place at an annual ceremony, like this one. san francisco fire chief, joanne hayes white, will do the honors. she will be pinning badges on 43 entry level firefighters who have completed a rigorous 17-week academy. joining the ranks this year will be a diverse group of men and women, including a former school bus driver, a soldier and a sheriff's deputy. california higher education leaders meeting in san francisco this morning to discuss how to rebuild the state's public colleges and universities. uc president, janet napolitano, will join administrators from the cal state system and the community college system for a panel discussion before a national gathering of educators. they will look at key challenges
5:38 am
of the next decades, including keeping higher ed affordable, accessible and relevant. this morning, a holiday homecoming months in the making. a baby born four months early is defying the odds and not only thriving but could be home by christmas. bei bei jiden wasn't supposed to arrive until christmas day but instead, arrived on august 27th. jade unwas just 1 pound 2 ounces when he was born at a central coast hospital. #
5:39 am
his mother, blanca, was confronted by a gut-wrenching choice. >> i was told he only had a 30% chance of survival. and i was asked at the time if i wanted to let him go. because he was so critical, but i refused. >> the boy was transferred to lucile packard children's hospital in stanford, suffering from breathing trouble and bleeding in his brain, complications of premature birth. >> he was critically ill, but it wasn't that many ago that babies that the able wouldn't survive. >> today, jaden still needs some oxygen and a feeding tube but his doctor says the infant is thriving and could be home by christmas when he was supposed to make his grand entrance. and now a check on the weather. >> east of contra costa and alameda counties, those two areas, you drier than everybody else, everybody else under a severe drought. need the rain, snow, don't have either in the forecast, we have the opposite, warming temperatures and dry conditions. all right. here's your day planner, next 12 hours, partly cloudy, fog the north bay i watching that freezing fog, navado, 28 to 44. not bad at noon, sunshine, mid-50s, mid to upper 50s through the afternoon hours,
5:40 am
mild compared to what we have been. 46 to 50 degrees under a clear sky. moving forward, today, pretty close to average. tomorrow at average or above, low 60s, warmer average. low to middle 60s, tomorrow, could threat an few records. hi, leyla. >> hi there, mike. we were looking for that accident on the bay bridge, right at the toll plaza, couldn't find it. so possibly, it happened and then they moved it off to the shoulder or they just kept going. so looks like it's not slowing things down one bit. we take you right over, say, toward fairfield, traveling along i-80, making it away from town or heading into the bay area, you can yee traffic moving along, farther to the south, not a problem on the carquinez or venetia bridge. see the clear conditions abound. and as we take a peek at drive time traffic, still looking at a fairly decent commute alongside tracy to duplin 32 minutes, a little bit of slowing as you start heading out of tracy away
5:41 am
from 205. alls up after that. antioch to concord, 21 minutes. next, tomorrow marks one year since the tragedy of sandy hook elementary. why there are no new federal gun laws or any plans for change on the horizon. also, throw superstition out the window. why today's friday the 13th could be somebody's luckiest
5:42 am
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a tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the sandy hook school shootings in newtown, connecticut. but despite polls showing the majority of the american public supporting tougher gun control, there's been no action from washington. abc's karen travers looks at why. >> reporter: after the tragedy at sandy hook elementary, president obama seemed to channel the conscious of a stunned nation. >> these tragedies must end. and to end them, we must change. >> reporter: mass shootings in the past sparked outrage and sadness, not change. but the horror of 20 school children murdered in cold blood seemed to be a tipping point. yet one year later, there are no new federal gun laws and no plans for any on the horizon.
5:45 am
>> one of the more frustrating items that's come across the plate is how completely disconnected our legislative system seems to be from the opinion of the american people. >> reporter: in january, president obama proposed a game plan and urged congress to take quick action. an abc news/"washington post" poll at the time found a majority of americans supported those measures. the lobbying efforts began immediately. families of the newtown victims became a familiar sight on capitol hill. the gun industry, led by the powerful nra, countered with an equally intense effort, focusing on democrats from conservative states who were up for re-election in 2014. finally in april, a bipartisan deal on a scaled back measure to extend background checks, but in the democrat-controlled senate, the bill fell short of the 60 votes needed for passage. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> reporter: there's little appetite on capitol hill to refight this contentious issue, but victims' advocates say there
5:46 am
are still areas that could be addressed. >> mental health and community are critical causes that can prevent gun violence if they are addressed appropriately. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, washington. a vigil to mark the anniversary will be held today in san francisco. it's happening at city hall at 1:00. san francisco mayor ed lee, state senators leyland yooe and mark leno are expected to attend. friday the 13th is normally associated with bad luck, right? today could prove to be extremely lucky for the holder of the right mega millions lottery ticket. tonight's multistate jackpot is estimated at $400 million, paid over 30 years. the cash value estimated at more than $216 million. it will be the second largest mega millions prize ever. last year in march, there was a $256 million winner, but mega millions recently reduced the odds of winning to requite bigger jackpots. the current jackpot has rolled over 20 times. the odds of matching all six numbers are now 1 in 259 million.
5:47 am
new this morning, that is a cleb celebrity wedding and inviting kbrairt to join in. the couple is a tying the knot in san francisco. you may remember salahi and her husband from this twine video when they crashed a video. they are making the wedding a pay-per-view event. for $15, you can watch the wedding and performances by schon's band, journey them hope to raise money for typhoon relief. >> she hasn't stopped believing, huh? >> no. >> sorry, that joke was really bad.
5:48 am
good morning, everybody it is friday the 13th. i wanted to show you this picture. give you an idea where the wet weather s go the other side of the screen here, yee the clouds here, down near baja, california that's is a split flow in the jet stream. usually means the system is going around us. converge income the midwest and to the east coast, we have been so stormy. split flow of the jet stream is not good for us, usually means we are going to be very dry, yee it on live doppler 7 hd. cloudy, watching the possibility of freezing fog in the north bay, black ice will develop on bridges and overpasses. first, other areas where it is frosty, 31, pleasanton, duplin, danville. 29 in alamo. we are in the upper 30s, pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood, no frost. getting close to frost at 33, los gatos.
5:49 am
36, san carlos. mountain view. fremont. we dip on down from month tamalpais. you can't yee san francisco. keeping temperatures up a bit, we will have temperatures close to yesterday. seasonal. our tenth spare the air no wood burning through at least midnight. looking at their site, bay area air quality management district, they have santa clara valley in a spare the air for the next five days. clear the night. warm and dry into next week. how about warm today, mid to upper 50s again, 62 santa cruz, warm spot, 62, cloverdale, everybody else hanging around, about 56 to 59 degrees. your accuweather seven-day forecast, baby steps, definitely warmer, low to middle 60s tomorrow and sunday, best chance of records monday and tuesday, low 60s, upper 60s, areas around
5:50 am
70. light cooling trend wednesday and thursday. have a good weekend. here's leyla. >> accident-fry, a couple of fender benders here and there. the most part, a little bit of congestion starting to build on the road. mentioning this before, saw a bit of traffic, make it out of tracy. you can yee a bit of red, does spread out west, 30 milesance hour your top speed that the location. our drive time traffic, this is how long it will take you. #
5:51 am
marin county police and firefighters will make it easy for you to donate to needy families. 12th annual things for teens toys for kids gift drive a drive-thru charity, down the even have to get out of your car, drop off a new unwrapped gift or make a cash donation from 6 until 10 this morning, in the parking lot of the best little pork house restaurant on madeira boulevard at highway 101 in corte madeira. all donations will go to teens and kids in marin county. and ringing in the new year, where you will see miley cyrus beginning in 2014.
5:52 am
he loves me. he loves me not.
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he loves me. he loves me not. ♪ he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop!
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding. guaranteed. d-con. get out. 5:54, welcome back. abc7 news is helping the salvation army fill the red kettles with cash again this year. ♪ >> this morning at 11:00, our own leyla and abc7's arts and the entertainment reporter, don sanchez, will both be there at union square to help spread holiday cheer as celebrity bell ringers.
5:55 am
you may also see beatles impersonators, san francisco supervisors, acrobats and a variety of musician. lay law and don hope to give the salvation army a full bucket this year. >> leyla, with your ballet action, i hope to yee "nutcracker" action. >> if that encourages more giving, i will do that. i have to say the famous red buckets, those originated here in san francisco. i don't know if anyone knew that it was actually the salvation army captain in 1891 that wanted to provide free christmas meals to the poor and underserve sod he came one the red bucket and that tradition has stuck ever since. please come on by, say hello and bring a dollar or any spare change that you have. we are looking at pretty clear conditions it is a friday light out there, we take a look at highway 4, overnight construction is going to be blocking all lanes so detours will be in place for this. this is between lone tree way and summersville road.
5:56 am
right now, looking at conditions as you make the drive out of antioch into pittsburg. a threat of possible black ice. and mike nicco will tell us. >> that >> the possibility of black ice you can it is 30, visibility down to a quarter mile, watch out for the bridges and overpasses. alex smith is bringing the chiefs to the other side of the bay, take on the raiders, throw mid-60s sunday and you partly cloudy sky. heading down south, going to be breezy the better part of saturday into sunday, whether you're going to l.a. or san diego. through the central valley today, we are going to have temperatures near 60, 58, mon ter ray sunshine, 43, tahoe today. but it is going to be sunny all weekend and temperatures in the 40s to mid-50s. going to be warmer than average. >> thank you. it is official, we might yee a little twerking in times scare -- times square on new year's
5:57 am
eve. ryan seacrest first leaked her appearance on jimmy kimmel live on abc 7 on wednesday and now the 21-year-old pop star has tweeted about it. she says, new york, get ready. you can catch dick clark new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest, 2014, right here on abc7. what north bay school is closed today. next what leaves the campus too dangerous to open up for students. breaking news in oakland, a fire breaks out inside a home and spread to two other buildings. later, more on beyonce's overnight surprise for fans, an unexpected new
5:58 am
people use lysol disinfectant there are hunspray.of ways max's mom uses it on the couch. it freshens, but unlike febreze it's also approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria. with lysol disinfectant spray, go beyond freshening. start healthing.
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breaking news now at circumstance the oakland family forced at their home in an overnight fire. ahead, the impact on neighbors. a north bay school is shut
6:00 am
down after a car sheers off a gas line. the damage left behind and when students could be back in the classroom. happening today, b.a.r.t. and its unions will be back at the bargaining table to hammer out an agreement over family leave time. meantime, a new poll reveals how the bays area feels about transit strikes and whether they should be banned. 6:00 on this friday, not just any friday. >> friday the 13th. >> yeah. >> hopefully a lucky one for us. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. people might have triskaidekaphobia, but not because of the weather. >> you doesn't. >> i did. >> good job. triskaidekaphobia. all right. next time, tough spell t advice bill ate quarter mile in navado. that is my biggest concern now, any bridges or overpasses around san rafael, navado, 101 toward roanoke park and petaluma, temperature above freezing. freezing on bridges and overpasses.


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