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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 9, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the newest apple technology is making its official debut right now the highly anticipated apple watch allows user to get the e-mail and text and receive calls. good morning i am eric thomas. >> that new wearable technology the apple watch is expected to be super cool and super expensive. our reporter joins us from the yerba buena center with the story. cheryl a lot of excitement out here with a few thousand
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people inside and as you mentioned they are talking about that apple watch. fans are hang on to every detail at the spring forward event and it is being held at yerba buena center in san francisco. this will be apple's first major debut of a new product since the ipad. it is big for the company launched entirely under the leadership of c.e.o. cook after the death of steve jobs. this morning cook took the stage talking about the success of the apple stores and apple products like apple pay calling the "60 minutes" the best smartphone. >> and he talked about new apps around medical research and talked about the new book warying two pounds. the star is the apple watch. >> also, it expresses time in a way that has never been done before. a one that is just fun.
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>> the want was introduced about six months ago but consumers were only given a tease. we saw what it will look like and the functions. there are four models, with the cheapest around $350. can you expect a few thousand for the tonight line watches. blogers hope to learn about the product's battery life watch apps and design details and the big question: what will set the apple watch apart from its competitors? tech blogger say that apps will make-or-break the watch. >> thank you. our reporter jonathan bloom is inside the yerba buena center right now with more on the event follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea and you can see jonathan's full report later today on abc7 news at 5:00 and at 6:00. and now breaking news from san francisco right now: police are investigating a double
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homicide near the skate park at the crocker-amazon playground. our reporter joins us on the latest. sergio? >> we are still gathering some pretty bake information on this case but i can tell you that this is something that happened just after 9:30 this morning. let's go ahead to sky 7. i will show you a gray camaro the two victims may have been shot while they were sitting inside a vehicle. we have seen that police have been investigating for a good part of the morning the clothes that are strewn around that vehicle. i can assume that is potentially where the two victims remain sirteing. we also have seen police officers looking at a van that is parked near to that car. i can tell you that since we have been here for about the last 45 minutes or so we have seen a lot of police detectives arrive on the scene likely
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because the two victims were rushed to the hospital and did not survive their wounds this is a homicide investigation. we are still trying to gather more details in this conveys. -- this case. as we get it we will follow it through the day with full reports coming up today at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. right now coming out live reports i can tell you that is the gray vehicle and i saw a lost clothes strewn around that vehicle. this is a shooting that also happened with a bunch of park employees who were here, working. at the love people who were just within feet of the shooting. there are probably a a lot of weapons who saw what happened are heard the gunshots. they are being interviewed. the employees of the park say no one from parks and rec department were injured in the shooting.
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sergio, thank you. on the peninsula a 15-year-old high school student has been hit and killed by a caltrain and traffic in the area near the accident scene is a nightmare. the incident happened on churchill avenue near palo alto high school. our reporter, matt keller, is near the scene. matt, what happened? >> yes we are here at the palo alto station and we will get do what happened in a moment. we just heard an announcement that there is a two-hour delay for one train. many trains are facing severe delays. right now they expect service to get back to normal this afternoon and hopefully on time for the evening. now, what happened this morning, a tragic morning. caltrain spokesman said that about 6ton 25 a person stepped in front of an express baby bullet train .1 meeting south of churchill avenue near the campus of appeal high school. the train left san jose 15 minutes earlier and headed to san francisco. the tracks in both directions were shut down for an hour.
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the victim was a 15-year-old boy attended palo alto high school. the suicide among young people has been a major issue in the city over the past few years. for all of last year caltrain reported eight fatalities mostly suicides. we are only a quarter of the way through the year and eight have been killed with 15 believed suicides including this one. caltrain and palo alto have programs in place to stop the next suicide from happening. >> here in palo alto, the schools have a very robust student outreach program. they are providing mental health counseling and peer support at the schools today and through the year. >> a security guard provided by project safety net is at crossing to observe and report any possible suicide people and he have a hotline that goes directly to dispatch and in this case it is not clear if the security guard saw the 15-year-old get on the tracks. caltrain reports that the transit patrol has a program do deal with suicidal individuals and were able to prevent three
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suicides in january. caltrain does have a website with resources for suicide prevention and awareness. can you find that link on our website at so sad. we have more developing news. a man pushed in front of a muni train in san francisco survived and is hospitalized with a head injury. police are looking for the man who pushed him during a fight last night at the civic center station. amy hollyfield has more. amy? >> police still have not made an arrest but there is good news, they do have surveillance video from the platform. >> man was pushed so hard that he broke a window on the side of the muni train when he hit it. >> i come up the stairs and there is a window it looks like someone took a hammer to the driver's side window. the full train was cleared and they interviewed someone and there were a lot of cops. >> someone was pushed into the side of the stein where they suffered head injury and was
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transported to the hospital. >> two men were fighting on the platform at the civic center station at 9:00 and an agent call police. >> the station agent was able to see this happening on the cameras and contacted the police. the station agent was able to only see the verbal and physical altercation but it is not known the relationship. >> the man got away. muni officials say they do not know why they were fighting. but they do have surveillance video. >> i know that it was handed over to the police d and we know someone was pushed or shoved into the side of the train. >> passengers say it is upsetting to thing of this happening here. >> we are trying to stop it. me, i would try to stop it. or do something. make a citizen's arrest or something. that is terrible. terrible. >> police say that they do not know the relationship between the two men or if they knew each
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other at all. the victim was taken to the hospital with critical head injuries last night but overnight, they were able to get him into stable condition. thanks amy. san francisco police are putting together whether a four-year-old boy found alone in the valley is connected to the arrests of two burglary suspects. officers found the boy after responding to a burglary call on 27th at 2:00 this only. he was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital to be checked out. police found the suspects in a nearby building under construction and one tried to run along the rooftops to get away and got hurt and was arrested. the other suspect does not put up a fight and was taken into custody. right now, police are trying to determine how the child could be related. >> listen to this: the face of the 49ers could be changes. a lost rumors are flying about key personnel on the move. 49 general manager is shooting down rumors that they are
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shopping kaepernick. a houston reporter said several sources said the team was talking about camp pick's availability with philadelphia eagles and chicago. he said it is ridiculous, he is not going anywhere. we are excited to have him. three other key 49ers are head for the exit. espn confirms that linebacker patrick willis is planning to announce retirement tomorrow. multiple reports claim that justin smith will announce a retirement tomorrow and free agent running back frank gore the all-time leading rusher and a workhorse for several years has reportedly told people he will sign with the philadelphia eagles. >> a lot of changes going on. >> bill cosby breaks his silence after months of scandal. the emergency he is sending in the hope of getting his career back on track. >> and rallying against racism the consequences handed down against a college fraternity
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after an office againstive video went viral.
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>> shut down and kick out, the president of the university of oklahoma says the school is cutting all ties with the fraternity after a video
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surfaces of the latest doing a racist chant. [ inaudible ] >> whoa. in hours of that clip being posted the sigma alpha epsilon national headquarters announced they were closing the chapter and suspending the members. they have until midnight to vacate the house. the staff and students came together for a peaceful protest and the university president said he is deeply deeply troubled by the video. >> the people do not deserve people to do this. >> vandals took to the fraternity and it was shot on saturday and posted to youtube by an organization called "unheard," an alliance of african-american students. it is not clear how it was obtained. >> bill cosby is making a public
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plea to keep the career alive for the first time since the explosion of the sexual assault scandal he is addressing fans. >> yes, i'm going to be in west virginia capital music hall, 8:00 show. you know i will be hilarious. can't wait. >> abc exclusively obtained the video which is only ten seconds long and makes no mention of the more than two dozen women would have accused him of sexual assault. three women have filed a defamation suit coming with a message saying in part dear fans i am far from finished. >> a gofundme site to help a baby girl who survive add car crash that killed her mother is catching on this morning, so far, nearly $27,000 has been raised to help the 18-month-old baby who was riding with her mother on friday night in spanish fork utah and the car careened off a road and landed upside down in 9 icy river.
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14 hours later, a fisher man stumbled upon the crash finding the mother dead but little girl was clinging to life upside down in her car seat. she is recovering this morning and the family said that doors are hopeful. >> a miracle. >> just ahead, from ski season to summer fun we have a new plan to keep lake tahoe hopping all year round. >> and the forecast? >> we did not have much of a winter but i have some rain with chances of showers in the profit and real warmth headed into the weekend. >> and good idea or greedy? the new trend in kids' birthday parties that have par ends taking sides. >> and raising of the bar for prom invites with thousands
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>> live pictures from halifax north carolina near raleigh. you can see an injured person being carried off. this is the result of an amtrak train slamming into a truck in halifax, north carolina, and there are several injuries reported with no exact numbers. we know it was near the virginia border the train involved was the northbound 80 headed to new york when it slams into the truck. we have been told there are train cars strewn all over the area and we cannot show that to you now because this is not our helicopter but you can see some of the injured being carried off. >> we can see the engine car is derailed and is on its side.
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we will follow it on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> now something we have not talked about ski season. officials are thinking about summer already. the heavenly mountain resort hopes to turn this into a summer vacation destination. the goal is to boost summer visitors by 45 percent. the forest service has given a new okay to a mountain bicycle park, kayaking, paddle boarding and a new zip line. >> what happened to winter mike? >> it disappears. >> never made it. stayed east of the rockies most of the last three months. now a look at what will happen and we are not giving up yet the storm that will bring us rain thursday will bring a winter mix-up to lake tahoe and million then a report hide of 63 and friday saturday and sunday, low-to-mid 60 so while we have a little deficit a dip on
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wednesday we are going to run near record levels again this weekend. with the end of our winter december january and february, and so is the wood banning with 23 alerts issued six unhealthy delays and look how many complaints: 3,700 complaints and they only issued 155 tickets. the first time you get a class and the concluded time it is $100 and then $500 fine. now what is going on? we have humidity out there and haze. now, in the north bay valleys we have visible satellite picking up and the clouds that are stubborn and the high clouds we will be dealing with this afternoon and you can see all of those in three dimensions from mount tamalpais sunny and warm and clouds at the coast and scattered light showers on wednesday and a warming trend thursday through saturday and
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getting us above average. for san jose it is murky and that is the case for all of us with a lost palmen and grass and mold is showing up in the low category. as far as what is happening here the sun starting to breakthrough the haze and we will be three degrees warmer-than-average at 66 and five degrees warmer in redwood city and san rafael at 70 and 68 and six degrees warmer in oakland and 69 and 74? concord and san jose and nine togethers warmer-than-average, and the federal inland you go the warmer it will be so microclimates through the afternoon and 56 at bodega bay to 75 in antioch and tonight is another mild night with the clouds rolling over our neighborhoods and a few mid-40s and the rest of us low foam to 50s on tuesday afternoon high clouds increase and the low clouds keep us at 3-6 degrees cooler and scattered light showers during the morning into the afternoon hours and they will start to spread across
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the rest of our neighbors in the afternoon to early evening, and then, they are gone. whole get .1 do quarter of an inch of rain at the most. it will drop our temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s and check out friday and saturday: possibly 70 at the coast and the rest of us are in the mid-60s to nearly 80 degrees so a small system wednesday and so wait to watch the car. that could be a safe bet. >> thank you. well see how you feel about gift registries not just for weddings and baby showers. more is more parents are creating them for the children's birthday parties. some say it makes it easier to shop for a exist and others say it teaches kids to be greedy and entitleed. mega retailers including amazon and toys 'r us are using the programs. a special comment that turned a high school
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>> north carolina teen received a huge surprise when her boyfriend asked her to the prom in a unique way. high school sweethearts jesse and maddie were packed into the mobile arena for the syracuse and north carolina state
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basketball and the tickets were a gift from maddie. she does not know her boyfriend of a year had the surprise of his own planned. >> i was shocked. i does not expect anything. i wasn't even looking, he said look at that. >> this is what she saw formal invitation to go do her senior prom. >> he set it up with a trend's father and arranged for friends and mother to take pictures of the big prom pronal and she said yes, how could you say know with that on the jumbo-tron. >> so cute. >> wish i thought of that. >> thanks for joining us.
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