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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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granddaughter. there is no way i'm going to chance it. >> it happened at the corner around 7:15 this morning. based on evidence at the scene it appears the driver in a maroon sedan hit the woman on the sidewalk and sped off abandoning the car a few blocks away. >> this is a park. there is a school nearby. there were kids waiting for buses. it's quite a tragedy and very dangerous. >> reporter: a homeowner nearby may have captured the suspect with a surveillance camera. we have covered the man's face. in the video you can see him walking across the drive way. however, police have not commented on whether this is the man they are looking for. neighbors tell us speeding in the area has been a major problem with countless crashes and inconsiderate drives. >> it is worse every day. now that school started it seems like it is getting worse for the kids crossing the street.
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>> reporter: others agree sending a message to the person who may have been responsible. >> yit may take time but they will find you. don't run off and leave a person dying on the street. >> reporter: this is the 31st traffic fatality of the year and 14th involving a pedestrian in san jose. oakland police are defending the actions of one of their officers who killed a man after he hit her in the head with a bike chain. that officer was seriously hurt and taken to the hospital. it happened this morning. here is a look from sky 7 hd where a protest is about to get underway. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live at police headquarters with the story. >> reporter: well, police here held a press conference a short time ago. they say their officer who was alone really had no choice when this man started hitting her with a bike chain. already some in the community
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are questioning the use of lethal force. >> the officer stopped her car, got out of the car and was immediately assaulted by the suspect. >> reporter: oakland police say their officer had no choice but open fire on a man who struck her with a bike chain. >> suspect continued to advance. the officer drew her firearm and fired at the suspect striking him. >> reporter: some neighbors including those who recorded this video questioned the use of lethal force in a situation that left an officer in the hospital and the man dead on the street. >> it is a disgrace that you have to shoot someone eight times over swinging a bicycle chain or whatever the situation was. >> i think she should have used her skills a little bit more better to avoid the contact of the bike chain so where she wouldn't have to go so far to
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using her gun. >> reporter: the officer was taken to highland hospital where she is in stable condition with injuries to her head and face. >> oakland police are out of control. >> reporter: a protest organizer announced an emergency march within hours of the shooting. >> because they are on a rampage and it is clear that the oakland police are trying to act as judge, jury and executioner in each of these instances. >> reporter: police say the incident was recorded by the officer's body camera and are reviewing that as part of the investigation. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> this is oakland's sixth police shooting this year. over two weeks ago. august 3 oakland officer shot and killed antonio clement after he wounded a sergeant with an ak-47. officers shot and killed a man four blocks south after police
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said he went for a loaded handgun. sky 7 hd is over a protest happening in response to this morning's shooting. you can't see a lot of people gathering but there is a sign that sky 7 comes around might be able to read it. this march will go to oakland city hall. convicted killer and former follower of charles manson has been granted parole. 72-year-old bruce davis made his 30th appearance before the corrections board today. he has been serving a life sentence for murdering two men. it will be about five months before governor brown decides on the recommendation. the criminal case against former china town gangster will continue. a federal judge denied the request to have corruption charges dropped. the lawyers accuse mayor lee of soliciting bribes in the same investigation that got their client arrested. the judge said there is no
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evidence lee committed a crime. the 49ers are trying to figure out how to deal with ahmad brooks, the linebacker charged yesterday with misdemeanor sexual battery. brooks is still on the team but has been excused from team activities. he will not play in saturday's game against denver. brooks is expected to turn himself in to authorities. he is accused of groping a woman last year. mcdonald is accused of felony sexual assault involving the same woman on the same day. seven fires in almeida are considered suspicious. the biggest broke out this morning at a storage area for cardboard recycling. it spread to an adjacent building. that's the space for furniture makers, printers and metal workers. four other fires were reported at about the same time. additional smaller fires were reported hours later. someone is tagging colorful murals like this one with
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inflammatory messages. the words white power have been scribbled over three murals including one that depicts mexico's patron saint. no one has claimed responsibility. the murals have been repaired. the main post office will be closed for repairs because mold has been found in the basement. officials have created an emergency action plan to relocate the post office from the safety of employees and customers. there is no retail service at the post office until further notice. >> new numbers released on california's water conservation and the state is doing so well it has gone beyond the mandate. the report chose water use dropped 31% in the month of july. governor brown mandated 25% for cities and towns across the state. officials say residents stepped
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up. officials may issue fines to under performing water agencies. the fines could start at $500 a day. it is hot across the bay area today. temperatures are expected to drop after heating up a bit. abc 7 news weather anchor sandhya patel is live with the forecast. >> and it feels really warm out here right now. as you will notice barely a breeze. the flag is barely swaying now. take a look at the highs so far. it has been a hot day inland. got into the triple digits. livermore, antioch, fairfield. 73 in half moon bay. a 29-degree difference between livermore. mid 90s. it is currently the high so far 92 in san jose. 100 in gilroy. 89 in oakland. san francisco 79. 96 in santa cruz. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. there is a system offshore that is going to bring us cloudier conditions, cooler weather and even the possibility of a few
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rain drops around here. i will be back with a detailed look at your weekend coming up. school lunches are undergoing a big change. one school might be making food history. it says it is the first to have all organic lunches. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> this is school lunch as a fine dining experience. fresh flowers on each table. the chef sitting down to explain the menu. >> we are having italian herb roasted chicken breast. >> everything is nongenetically modified. the school district is said to be the first in the nation to offer that. >> it is literally the best we can get. that's the starting point. that's how we can begin to start making bodies healthy and minds healthy. >> reporter: judy is the director of turning green, a nonprofit that launched the
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conscious kitchen at martin luther king academy and this year added a second site. some of the produce comes from the school's own garden. >> it gives you energy throughout the day. >> it's like more delicious. >> reporter: because many of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch the federal government picks up the tab but the conscious kitchen has an influential local partner. the acclaimed executive chef at cabollo lodge consults on menus and mentors some students. >> the way we can connect with the kids. >> reporter: for some it is a learning process. but most like the switch from prepackaged foods. >> it's fresh. it's not like [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: a healthy breakfast and snack are also served. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. still ahead here at 5:00 we are keeping an eye on the
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protest in oakland where people are demonstrating against another fatal police shooting. a san jose teenager who died at the hands of police. his father is suing over what he calls the murder of his son. instagram thinks outside the square and makes its biggest change ever. and so good it defies the laws of physics. tonight tesla's new car breaks
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the family of the 19-year-old san jose man shot and killed by pleasanton police is calling for investigation. they say it contradicts what police say happened.
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david louie live in san jose with the latest on the story. >> reporter: nearly two month s later the family is questioning why police used lethal force on their son. they are beginning to believe it may take pressure from the federal government to get answers. details are in dispute over what happened when police responded to a break in alarm at this car dealership. police told reporters that the 19 year old was acting like a mad man and failed to subdue him by using a taser. the shot that killed were fired at close range allegedly as an officer was being beaten. findings from an independent autopsy contradicts what police say happened. >> these shots were not at close range as alleged. there were no taser marks on the body and we want answers to these very simple questions. >> reporter: the suspect's
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father is a veteran reserve officer. no one has official results to help understand what happened between his son and officers. >> they refused to share any information they have with us. this is the only resort. it's two months later and they haven't reached out to say anything. they keep saying it is under investigation. >> we contacted police. a spokesman said the department and the district attorney's office are still working on the case, quote, because the investigations are still pending it would be inappropriate and unfair to all parties involved to comment. the denning family and their attorneys say there was no presence of drugs in the body. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. a state audit found a cal trans employee was paid for working when he was actually playing golf. the report says this happened on
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55 days over two years and directed other managers to approve time sheets despite questions over how much work he did. state lawmakers are calling for reform at the agency. san francisco based air b&b has hired washington insider and former clinton white house adviser as its new head of global policy. he is a bay area resident, former campaign aid to president clinton and served as vice president al gore's press secretary and will help educate policy makers and ensure the voices. air b&b has grown in popularity and faced regularatory hurdles. photographers are going to love this. starting today instagram users can upload photos in three formats square, landscape and
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portra portrait. users will have to update the app in order to take advantage of this. facebook says one billion people logged on to the social media site on monday setting a new milestone for the company. mark zuckerburg says usage peaked with one in seven people on earth using facebook that day. he says it is just the beginning of connecting the whole world. listen to this. shares in tesla sky rocketed after consumer reports put its used car through the paces. at the closing bell the company was up 18 points and held steady in after hours trading. this is all because tesla's latest car did better than any other car consumer reports -- >> michael finney is here with this report. >> reminds me of the billy joel. all it takes is looks and a whole lot of money. consumer reports given the latest tesla 103 out of 100
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rating. it's amazing. engineers say advances to the car will change the future of the automobile. >> reporter: consumer reports put the tesla model sp 85 d through complete testing including acceleration, braking and handling. the all electric tesla aced all the tests and outperformed the original tesla model s inficiency and speed. >> we recorded the time of 3.5 seconds, the quickest time we have tested here at consumer reports. despite being faster it is more efficient getting quivalent of 87 miles per hour. >> reporter: the down side? that shocking price tag. consumer reports said almost $128,000. >> it's about what the car represents. it gives a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry about technology that allows your car to be updated
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over the air overnight and extreme efficiency. >> the number of charging stations, there are now more than 200 and it easily goes more than 200 miles between charges, about three times farther than other electric cars. one of the 7,200 americans who bought a p 85 d. he owned it about six months and is thrilled. >> the horsepower and technology, touchscreen, everything is so easy to use and so driver friendly. >> reporter: the hope is that tesla's advances and impressive fuel efficiency will show up on lower priced cars before too long. consumer reports is looking at information for more than 1,300 tesla owners and will compare its reliability to more than a million other vehicles. they do this with other cars. we will find out how the tesla did at the end of october. that means they had the car for
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a year. >> 103 out of 100. >> for consumer reports, unbelievable. >> thank you. let's give a 103 out of 100 to our weather forecast. >> meteorologist sandhya patel. >> i'm glad you are giving me high marks. it is just absolutely gorgeous out here. the sea breeze is starting to come in now so it's not feeling quite as warm as it was when i first got up here. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. the sea breeze is going to set change into motion. tomorrow not as hot as today. we are still going to hang on to 90s. live doppler 7 hd will show you clouds, maybe tracking drops saturday morning. fire weather watch is in effect saturday morning to saturday afternoon for really the western part of nevada and eastern sierra. it is really critical fire conditions that we are facing due to gusty winds coming up. it's the same system that will
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bring us a chance of showers that will be kicking up the wind in that area. east bay hills showing you the inland areas have been baking in the heat. 72 degrees in san francisco. 80 right now in oakland. mountain view san jose mid 80s. 72 in half moon bay. sunshine from our exploreatorium camera and a good day for sailing. mid 90s in santa rosa. 97 in fairfield. it is hot. this is a good place to cool off. santa cruz camera although i have to tell you santa cruz reached 96 today. much cooler this weekend and we are looking at a slight chance of showers saturday morning. satellite radar showing you what is going on. the high pressure system bringing us the heat is starting to retreat which means cooler weather beginning tomorrow but you really feel it over the weekend. when the low pressure system comes in it will increase the cloud cover. it will drop our temperatures. you really start to feel it over
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the weekend. 11:00 a.m. tomorrow you see clouds. they increase on saturday. notice what happened saturday morning we start to see a few showers developing very light and the slight chance of showers continues even at 10:00 a.m. these could be just about anywhere. cooler pattern into next week. take a look at the latest from the climate prediction center. cooler than average for much of the western united states as the jet stream takes a big dip. woo ehave a trough over us and a ridge over the central and eastern portion of the u.s. will mean warmer than average conditions. temperatures first thing in the morning on the mild side. when you get going for your friday very limited fog near the coast. high clouds, most areas in the 60s. for the afternoon high clouds and sun. 97 gilroy. 95 morgan hill. upper 80s f. 87 in red wood city. 70 degrees in half moon bay.
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it will be in the 70s around daly city, downtown san francisco mid 70s. considering you were up to 79 you are going a little bit lower than today. 88 in the north bay in santa rosa with filtered sun. east bay 80 in oakland. 87 degrees in free mont. 92 in walnut creek. accuweather seven day forecast if you do not like the summer sizzle don't worry. this weekend it will fizzle. mid 80s inland. mid 60s near the coast. we will take that slight possibility of a few showers saturday morning with temperatures remaining within a few degrees next week. dan and cheryl. >> 103 out of 100. and still ahead on the rise sea levels and what nasa now says is unavoidable. >> the new award system that allows mom and pops to act like
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sky 7 hd live over a small fire near the bay bridge by pass. no big deal but firefighters wanted to knock it down as quickly as they could in case it might spread. as you can see the flames are out and they have taken care of it but we'll stay on top of it. and you may have seen these pictures earlier today. a dead whale found lodged under a dock in almeida now sunk in the bay. a boat was spotted taking the whale away. the whale drifted away and sank. today authorities reveal the whale was dragged into the oakland eschuary by a container ship. it is unclear whether the whale was dead or alive when it was hit. nasa scientists say sea levels continue to rise. data shows sea levels are three inches higher than 1992.
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that's because of melting ice from mountain glaciers as well as warmer oceans. scientists say while levels rose nine inches in some areas they fell along the west coast because of ocean currents and weather cycles. scientists warn the west coast could see a huge jump in sea levels in the next 20 years. researchers have developed a new blood test that could detect the risk of relapse of early stage breast cancer. the institute of cancer research found the test may be able to find cancer dna in the blood before the cells grow into tumors. scientists say the blood test identifies the risk for relapse almost eight months before traditional biopsies would have shown tumors. a critical advantage. once upon a time. what every parent wants to know. >> the secrets of the perfect bed time story. that's next. >
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[female announcer] dsave up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.n, get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train. santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area. this is abc 7:00 news. >> a.m. ama daetz in the abc 7 news room. the testimony that brought a surprising end to today's pier 14 murder hearing. also -- >> the drought is semi apocalypt apocalyptic. >> a unique way to conserve. how a man is conserving water and his pool. and the remarkable device that is unlocking the secrets of the
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fruit fry. the information may one day cure diseases like parkinson's coming up at 6:00. >> see you then. a new study reveals formula for the ultimate bed time story. >> the ideal story should last 8:36. >> the cast of characters should include a dragon, princess, wizard and fairy. >> children want the story to be about friendship and have a happy ending. they want the hero to use a magic wand. >> research shows that one in ten parents worry their story telling abilities are not up to snuff. most kids want the story teller to adopt different voices for each character and perhaps act it out. >> demanding. goodness gracious. world news tonight is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley.
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we appreciate your time and will see you again in half an hour. tonight, inside the plan to kill, the deadly shooting of two journalists, the gunman's tools for a possible escape, a wig, the gun, ammo and the to-do list found in his car after the 200-mile police chase. >> is he coming to the station to kill us all? >> the fear inside the newsroom. bearing down, tropical storm erika turns deadly. buildings collapsing under land slides and flash floods. florida now bracing for its first possible hurricane in ten years. tough talk. hillary clinton on the attack as trump, the g.o.p. front-runner, explodes in the polls, and the moment in front of supporters that had him on defense. and close call. the fastest man on the planet, the dramatic collision that stopped him in his tracks.


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