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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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grab the jacket. upper 50s to near 80 by noon time. and a few 90s today. less of an onshore push, will warm us up slightly. a look at the seven-day outlook in a few minutes. >> we have been really quiet in the traffic department so far today. one new issue has popped up in the south bay. northbound 101 just past trimble road, five or six vehicles involved in a collision. most of them pushed off on the shoulder. we probably have one or two still sitting in the right center lane. so the emergency crews should be there shortly. we should have more information. i'll have that update for you in less than ten minutes. >> thank you, alexis. >> here's new video from mariposa where a 25,000 acre wildfire has the entire town under a mandatory evacuation order. the detwiler fire burning near yosemite national park just 5% contained. officials say conditions were dangerous yesterday with extreme and aggressive fire behavior. eight structures have been destroyed. another 1500 threatened. the fire sparked on sunday.
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the quickly grew, and the cause is under investigation. well, happening now, rescue crews are getting ready to look for maszing boater in marin county. crews recovered his boat yesterday. fire officials say the missing 70-year-old man works for the tumalls bay oyster company and was farming for oysters at the time. crews from four different agencies searched for the man by water and air yesterday. they say the missing man is a strong swimmer but he was not wearing a life jacket. rescue crews will start looking again at dawn. >> this morning, people in the south bay warned to check their bank accounts after thieves broke into four mail trucks. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live for us in san jose. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. mail theft has become a real problem here in the south bay, and all across the bay area. in fact, in the past month, four mail trucks have been broken into here in san jose. 350 people here in willow glen were notified that they may be victims. the postal inspector says
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thieves broke into the truck whz the carriers stepped away to make a delivery. some residents told us they do most of their important business online rather than through the mail, they're still concerned about the crime. >> you don't know what you don't know. we got stuff from our insurance company. we were waiting for an authorization. we're like, well, did it get taken. >> it's a federal felony to break into a postal vehicle and steal mail. if convicted, the thief could face up to five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. the postal service is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest of this thief or thieves. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> more than 100 of the surveillance cameras on b.a.r.t. trains reportedly feature technology from the 1970s. according to the chronicle, some cameras record video using vhs, and some of you young viewers won't know what i'm talking about when i say some are using
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betamax. board member tweeted this last night. vhs and bttamax should not be used to record crimes. this is unacceptable. this comes as b.a.r.t. phases criticism on its crime reporting. b.a.r.t.'s safety committee will consider new policies on releasing surveillance video and crime data at its meeting next month. >> it's happening again. mob of teens on athe attack. abc 7 news got the exclusive with the victim. it all happened yesterday mcalister. the mob stole her purse. she ran off the bus, and another passenger recovered the purse. abc 7 news crew happened to be there covering a muni attack that took place the previous day. a good samaritan gave our crew the purse and we caught up with the victim as she was speaking to police. >> hitting my head, like four of them. i said, don't do that to me. that's what you learn in school.
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i even told them. >> police say the suspects are all in their late teens or early 20s. investigators are looking through surveillance video in hopes of identifying the suspect. >> a petaluma marine has died after being hit by lightning. he was struck while working on an aircraft in cherry point, north carolina, last week. he was declared brain dead sunday. he graduated from pet ahouma high school 2012 and enlisted in 2013. skylar james was only 23 years old. >> police are looking for a shooter. reports of shots fired came in 7:30 last night. a 36-year-old man was hit. he is expected to survive. abc7 news was there and you can see the heavy police presence. police searched the area for the suspect and didn't find anyone. investigators believe the person shot the man and left with a driver in a red car. >> skeletal remains found in moraga have now been identified. they were found in march by a hiker near marine boulevard and
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south lucille lane. an taept report did not determine the cause of death, but it did determine there was no foul play. tloum dna testing, the skeletal remains were identified as a 37-year-old reported missing in august of 1998 after he left his home and never returned. >> we're learning president trump and russian president putin had a previously undisclosed conversation at the g-20 summit. the white house said they spoke briefly at a dinner, but one said they spoke for about an hour through a russian translator. the president tweeted out fake news story of secret dinner with putin is sick. all g-20 leaders and spouses were invited by the chancellor of germany. produce knew. >> the senate health care bill in turmoil. republican lawmakers are responding. >> plus, help for commuters. the warning going out to thousands of bay area businesses this morning. >> here's a live look outside at five minutes after (man) hmm. what do you think?
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hi, everyone. welcome back. i'm tracking big news right now at the live desk. starting this morning, you will face new security screening measures if you are flying into
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the u.s. from mexico. cnn is reporting passengers on all direct flights will have to go through an extra check for electronic devices larger than a cell phone like ipads and laptops. mexico made the announcement late last night after getting word from homeland security here in the u.s. no word on what is prompting the extra security, but if you are traveling to mexico anytime soon, on your way back, you will want to get to the airport at least three hours in advance before your flight. good wednesday morning to you weerb have patchy fog along the coast that has predspread a little into the east bay. 61, mt. diablo. if you're up for an early morning hike or bike ride, 53 in the city with upper 40s in the north bay. 58 in san jose. so the clouds will pull back right to the shoreline today. partly cloudy, half moon bay. temperatures coming up just slightly inland. the winds will be less breezy today, so as a result, just a
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minor warmup for you, and then tonight, the low clouds and fog return. how is that wednesday morning commute, alexis? >> we were just listening to crickets all morning in the traffic center until about 15 minutes ago. we have one new issue in the south bay. so there's 101 and 880. we're looking at a decent backup at this point. that's due to a crash just north of here, past trimble road. six vehicles involved total. the two right lanes are blocked now. a few other vehicles are off on the side. we haven't gotten word on inj y injuri injuries, but that will merge with the typical delays coming from the 280/680 merge. hearing about a new problem on state route 85. we'll check on that. >> thank you. thousands of bay area employers are being warned to comply with a rule requiring them to offer commuter benefits to their employees. a 2014 rule that became permanent last year requires employers with more than 50 full-time employees to offer a commuter benefit to workers who get to work by van, pool, bus, train, or bike. our media partner the east bay
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times reports the bay area air quality management district estimates only 4200 of about 8,000 employers have actually registered and demonstrated that they offer the benefit. it can save employees hundreds of dollars every year while reducing gridlock and air pollution. >> a warning before your next spin class. the mysterious condition knocking people off their bikes. >> also, ditched and destroyed. the warning going out to east bay contractors this morning after someone stole several utility trucks. >> our directors promised us a pretty sunrise. oh, scott has promised, and scott has delivered. we leave you now with abc 7 news now as we go to break. "got a minute? not for me, for you." new aveeno®... ...positively radiant® 60 second in shower facial. works with steam to reveal... ...glowing skin in just one minute. aveeno® "naturally beautiful results®" oreo thins. ♪
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developing news. we're hearing from republican senator rand paul about his colleagues' attempt to repeal and replace obamacare. the kentucky lawmaker is still somehow calling it a success despite the fact that it looks like it's not happenig. essentially dead on arrival in the senate after a group of republicans pulled out their support. paul says those colleagues who made the about face now have to answer to their constituents. one question many of the constituents have is why they can't have the same health care that lawmakers have. paul cleared up that misconception this morning on "gma." >> we are on obamacare. it's a misconception that we're not on obamacare. we have obamacare. it's terrible.
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my wife and i spend hours on the phone trying to get the insurance companies to pay for anything. we're just like every american, very, very frustrated with the insurance system. >> president trump will meet with republican senators for lunch today to discuss their next step, a vote to repeal obamacare could come as early as next week. >> police are warning contractors to be on the lookout after someone stole three utility trucks along with thousands of dollars worth of tools in sonoma county. in each case, they punched out the ignition. the department of public safety says the trucks were found within several miles of where they were taken. police say about $10,000 worth of tools was taken in just one of the incidents. >> turning now to a health alert involving a potential risk from spinning. "the new york times" citing a new report, i'm talking about spin classes, not standing and spinning around. they're highlighting a rare but extremely painful condition.
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it's -- christina said she couldn't walk. her muscles were swollen. he started vomiting and then her kidneys started to fail. >> appropriate exercise causes good muscle break down and builds muscle. when you do something your body is not used to, when you go too far, that can cause massive muscle breakdown. >> as for christina, she's made a full recovery. she's working out again and encouraging others to listen to their bodies. >> all right. so let's talk about some exercises that is a little lighter in nature. mike nicco's little curls he did. he spent the whole night taking care of you, the viewer, scooping ice cream. >> you see spencer christian was also there at the oakland ca coliseum helping out in the a's 18th annual root beer float day. for $5, fans had all the floats they could handle. it has raised more tha $486,000
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since it started in 2003. >> look at him, he's such a celeb. >> that's all i want right now. a root beer float. >> the autograph? >> that too. >> i saw his wife, i think that was his son, too. >> his son was there, yeah. >> looked a lot like mike. a fun night there. we have a day game in oakland and also in san francisco. live doppler 7 right now showing the low clouds and fog here along the coastline but also in napa. visibility has improved in hayward, and oakland looking at patchy fog. this won't move much from the coastline. mt. tam, it's a shallow deck. 58 in mountain view and san jose with low 50s for you in gilroy. as we look out from our camera, you'll notice it's just patchy here in the city. so we'll see sunshine later on, but boy, look at the cool 40s. 48 in novato, 49 in santa rosa with about 10 degrees warmer as you head to concord, and upper elevations are mild as well. as we look at our hour-by-hour forecast, you'll notice that the
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fog sits along the coast throughout the afternoon. in the morning hours, it doesn't move too much. we'll get into party cloudy skies. it should be a nice day, but temperatures coming up, anywhere from 2 to 8 degrees. 5 or 6 degrees warmer in the south bay. 81, san jose. 2 or 3 degrees warmer from redwood city to san mateo. and in the city, about 67 today. and in the north bay, this should be your biggest jump, with the north winds, 79 yesterday. 87 today in santa rosa. this is what happens with the north winds this time of year. low to mid 70s. a beautiful day from san leandro to union city. inland, a few 90s. nothing too extreme. the seven-day forecast, a little dip tomorrow. a little warmer friday. very subtle changes until the heat returns for the weekend. >> thank you, lisa. i want to take you back to our problem, our biggest issue now, that is in san jose. northbound 101, we actually are confirming now with chp, we have two separate three-car crashes. so six vehicles total involved in a couple clizs. very close to each other.
6:19 am
just past trimble road. we have two right lanes blocked and that backup continues to grow, unfortunately. another problem, northbound 85, solo vehicle crash. sunds like someone overcorrected, slammed into the wall. i believe just the right shoulder is blocked, but they are sending fire and ambulance to the scene. that driver was complaining of some injuries. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on. some typical delays to get through that, and the maze until you can make your way into san francisco. we'll take a look at the central valley coming up in less than ten. >> thanks. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here. >> and amy is live with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> hey, good morning to you, natasha and reggie. coming up next, we're continuing your coverage on that out of control wildfire forcing mariposa residents to evacuate. now threatening the power supply to introsimty national park, during its most popular time of the year. we're right there on the fire line this morning. then, president trump making a
6:20 am
last-ditch effort on his fight to repeal obamacare, inviting all republican senators to the white house this afternoon to map out their next move, as he tries to make a deal. senator rand paul will join us live. >> and queen latifah and esa ray both here life. you don't want to miss that. >> i don't know about you, but i love that show, insecure. it's kind of like the show "girls" except the opposite of it and watchable. >> exactly. >> we'll see you at 7:00. >> we'll see you at 7:00. thank you, amy. >> we all buy items online. next, what do you do if your purchases never show up? >> new at 6 cloox, the audi ad causing controersy this morning, comparing women to used cars. >> yikes. 6:20. a live look at walnut creek. we appreciate your time, you being here this morning. we'll keep live traffic and weather on your screen throughout the commercial break. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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audi sparking outrage in china after it likened women to used cars. look at this ad depicting a wedding ceremony interrupted by the groom's mother. she examines the bride, checking her teeth, behind the ears. much to the bride's displeasure. the ceremony does continue after the mom gives the okay. and then the ad cuts away to an
6:24 am
image of an audi car with a voice over, quote, an important decision must be made carefully. the backlash has been swift, but audi's publicity department so far has not commenting on the controversy. >> i'm pretty sure they're going to be forced to eventually. >> nicolas has a question about buying items online. >> he spoke to us at our ask finney event in daly city. michael finney has his answer. >> i made a purchase through a social media site. and i am disputing the purchase due to the fact i did not receive the item. how will i go about doing that? >> hey, nicolas. this is hard if you didn't have someone sign for the package. so many packages are stolen from doorsteps. we have shown you that right here on abc7 so many times. and remember, that's not the online retailer's fault. so here's what i want you to do. i want you to start by getting a tracking number and see where the breakdown came in.
6:25 am
and then ask again for a refund. if it didn't happen on your front door, they should help you out. thanks a lot for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it and share it on social media social media with the #askfinney. you may see your question answered right here. >> cannabis edibles have become the focus of the state capital as california prepares for the legalization of recreational marijuana. food and drinks were on display for lawmaker yesterday. they want to make sure all aspects of the industry are accounted for before sales begin january 1st. one bill seeks to make marijuana products less appealing to children. >> 6:25 now. first, it was sexual harassment against employees. now uber is accused of discriminating against people with disabilities. next, how the company is responding. and developing news in the east bay. a fire tears through a walnut creek apartment complex.
6:26 am
the residents forced from their homes in the middle of the night. >> good morning to you. pretty picture from our sutro tower camera. page fog that won't last long, but it's in the north bay, set up along the peninsula and we'll see temperatures edging up slightly around the bay. >> and not such a pretty picture here, lisa. we're looking at 101 and 880 in san jose. traffic basically stopped moving. this is all due to a crash just north of here past trimble road. we also have a new problem in the east bay, southbound 880. i'll talk about both of these after the break. >> thank you. >> as you get your day into gear, keep on track of weather gear, keep on track of weather and traffic throughout
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let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. sun is up, you're up, and we're up. welcome to wednesday, july 19th. >> yes, i'm continuing a cool trend, says lisa. it should be a pretty day, huh? >> yeah, we're certainly going to see temperatures within the range you would expect for this time of year, but they're going to nudge up a little bit around the bay. here's live doppler 7. low clouds and fog keeping it gray along the coast. 3 to 5 mile visibility. it's improved and temperatures range from the mid 40s in novautee to the upper 50s in san jose. 55 in danville. if you're planning your day, cool to start and then by the afternoon, warming up to near 90 inland. that's about five degrees warmer, but around the bay and
6:30 am
coast, still comfortable. alexis. >> okay, starting to get busy in the traffic center. here's a look at about a 3 1/2-mile backup thrown san jose. this is all t separate crashes in the same area just north of trimble road. you can see that line of red. this is where our camera was positioned. a little beyond that at this point. we have two right lanes blocked right now for emergency crews. so definitely keeping a close eye on that one. our other new issue, southbound 880 before fruitvale, another crash reported. two vehicles involved. one possibly facing the wrong way and i believe we just have the left lane blocked here, but he backup is growing quickly. an update and check of drive times in less than ten. >> thanks. >> we start with developing news in walnut creek. people living in an apartment complex had to run out in the middle of the night as a fire gutted part of their building. >> amy hollyfield is live for us on ignacio valley road. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. there were some frantic moments
6:31 am
here inside these homes. they're not too damaged from the outside, but a lot of damage inside. you'll know why when you look at this video of the fire. it was pretty big. the red cross had to help eight people, a total of two familief, get settled overnight and find them a place to stay. they could not stay here. firefighters say they got the call just before 12:30 this morning to come here to this six-unit building here in walnut creek. they sent a crew of 30 to tackle this one. they say it was pretty big. >> fire on the second floor possible. looked like it was lapping out of the window onto the roof. we made a good fire tactic attack with two crews. knocked the fire out really quick. >> reporter: this is located on ignacio valley road, just down from john muir medical center near the sports basement shopping center. firefighters tell us that everyone did get out okay and no one was hurt. they don't know the cause yet of this fire.
6:32 am
they're going to start looking into that later this morning. in walnut creek, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. new this morning, an arson investigation is under way in antioch after several small suspicious fires overnight, they popped up near the fairgrounds and firefighters say about five fires in all happened all within a one-mile radius. it was mainly grass and brush that went up in flames. investigators have already eliminated natural causes and now they're looking for whoever may be responsble. an entire california town is under evacuation order this morning. a wildfire near yosemite national park has now exploded in size. it'sforesing governor brown to declare a state of emergency. the detwiler fire is burning near mariposa. it's now spread to more than 25,000 acres. it's just 5% contained. eight structures have burned so far. another 1,500 are threatened. the national guard has been asked to help with calfire stretching thin, as they're battling eight major wildfires in the state. >> i don't think we can
6:33 am
emphasize enough how active and erratic this fire activity is, especially with this fire, it's done stuff we haven't seen before. >> pg&e officials say more than 10,000 people are without power. a health advisory is also in effect for the area because of all the smoke. we're expecting an update from calfire in 30 minutes. >> crews are expecting full containment by tonight of the eden fire in saratoga. two fire engines remained at the scene overnight to monitor hot spots. it was 75% contained and held at ten acres burned near the mt. eden winery. >> santa clara said they found a drone suspected of grounding a calfire helicopter monday. flying drones over fires can illegal and the operator could face charges. >> the family of a missing san mateo man has started leading another search in montara. richard moss disappears after leaving for work may 25th. it's believed his car left the road south of devil's slide tunnel and plunged into the ocean near montero state beach.
6:34 am
last thursday, divers found pieces of a car believed to be moss', including a wheel. moss's family plans to stage weekly protests to fight for a better guard rail. >> 16 xfl hours, that's how long it took to reopen a section of road in danville following a fatal crash at 10:35 yesterday morning. officials say a 69-year-old crashed into a utility pole. no other cars were involved. in addition to the police investigation, pg&e crews had to repair a pole there. that section of stone valley road just reopened this morning at 3:00. >> oakland police are releasing new information on three cold case murders they're hoping to finally solve. police say this silver dodge durango is the suspect's vehicle in the homicides of lee weathers'by, lamar broussard and derrick harris.weathersby was s and killed on new year's eve
6:35 am
2013. a month later, his brother broussard was riding in a car with harris when they were shot and killed. investigators want to talk to anyone who has information about the vehicle or may have witnessed the shootings. a $30,000 reward is being offered. >> two thieves landed in jail shortly after pulling off a brazen burglary at a cupertino verizon store. a 40-year-old of san jose and 38-year-old of cupertino cut a hole in the roof of the store on stevens creek boulevard on monday morning. you can see the yellow. investigators say the two men stole nearly $140,000 worth of phones, tablets, and apple products. >> they were able to disable the surveillance system. disable the alarm. so definitely some prior knowledge, some planning. and that will be part of the investigation to look at their history and see where they came from. >> didn't get very far, though. sheriff's deputies found them pulled off to the side of the road in san jose. the deputies spotted the stolen apple devices all over the back seat. nguyen is held in county jail
6:36 am
and tran was released after posting bail. >> a class action lawsuit claims uber discriminated against riders in with disabilities in new york. they say uber doesn't provide enough access to vehicles to accommodate wheelchairs. the lawsuit says wheelchair accessible vehicles aeblth for fewer than 100 of the 58,000 uber vehicles in new york. uber says it has nearly 200 wheelchair accessible vehicles there and its technology has expanded access to reliable transportation for those with disabilities. new this morning, san francisco based twitter says its crackdown to stop bullying and harassment is working. they say it's taking ten times more action on abusive accounts than last year. twitter says it's making significant progress in curbing bullying in the last six months. that's according to its gm for consumer products who wrote about the crackdown in a new blog post. that executive also says thousands of accounts have been
6:37 am
suspended or limited as a result. back to you, reggie. >> thanks, jess. >> we're learning more about the kidnapping of a baby in san francisco. police arrested a woman for kidnapping on sunday. we already knew that. but abc7 news has learned the baby's father picked that woman up nearby then left them, and we're talking about the woman and baby, alone in a car. when he got back, they were both gone. police found the woman and baby on a muni bus and reunited the baby with her mother. the dad is now facing child endangerment charges. >> it's 6:36 now. we have new details on san francisco's millennium tower. it's still sinking and tilting but there may be a fix. it comes at a cost. a couple of engineering firms suggesting drilling 50 to 100 new piles down to bedrock to the building's basement to stabilize it. the price tag, between $100 million and $150 million. residents apparently would be able to stay during those repairs. the luxury high rise has dropped 17 inches and tilted 14 inches
6:38 am
since construction began in 2005. >> the santa clara county valley water district is hoping to purchase ranch land to build a new reservoir in the south bay. reports that the water district wants to construct the reservoir along highway 152 between gilroy and the san luis reservoir. the property where it would be located is known as el toro ranch which is currently for sale. the reservoir would hold enough water to meet the needs of 650,000 people a year. >> good wednesday morning. waking up to patchy fog along the coast, over into the east bay, around hayward and oakland and down to 680 right now. for mt. tam, a lot of sunshine. that's what's on the way today. 53 in the city right now, but it is cool in the north bay, about 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. 58 in san jose, not too bad, and along the coast, it will take a while to see a little sun. from the east bay hills camera, you can see a few patches of fog here. 49, santa rosa, with 59 in concord. livermore at 55. so we're looking at numbers
6:39 am
today slightly warmer than onshore push is going to back off just enough to bring up san francisco about 3 degrees. 2 to 4 degrees warming along the peninsula. 81 in san jose. we should see about 90 today in concord. and overnight lows tonight with the fog dropping back into the 50s. there are some issues out there, and alexis has the details. >> there sure are. we all of a sudden are getting busy in the traffic center. want to take you to oakland first. this is a multi-car crash on 880 before fruitvale. one lane blocked initially, but just got a note from chp saying all lanes are temporarily blocked while they try to clear it from the far left-hand lane. the good news, no injuries involved but this is starting to stack up pretty quickly. 23, 6 miles per hour as you approach the incident. you'll notice eastbound 580 wide open. if you're not in a big rig this morning, you can use that for an alternate. heading back to the south bay, trouble spots down here, too, including northbound 101 looking at the standstill at 880 due to
6:40 am
the crash north of here past trimble road. two separate crashes, each involving three vehicles in the same location. no delays, this is the one with the crash there at trimble, northbound 101 between 280, 680, and highway 85, you're in the red. we also have a crash in the cupertino area. we'll check on that next. >> thank you. happening today, sfo launching a new food donation program. yeah, going to be called sfo united against hunger. they're partnering with waste no food. it will link restaurants with charities that need food. it also reduces waste. >> new this morning, possible trump for president trump's daughter ivanka. why two dozen congress members want a review of her security clearance. >> the post office targeted in the south bay. why residents are now warned to check their bank accounts. check their bank accounts. >> we keep you
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(i wanted him to eat healthy., so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. 6:43. new this morning, a fire add the black angus restaurant in pleasant hill happened around 2:30 on north main. it looks like it started in a small structure at the back of the restaurant. it doesn't appear to have spread to the restaurant itself. >> new this morning, nearly two dozen house democrats are asking the fbi to review ivanka trump's
6:44 am
security clearance as a presidential adviser. lawmakers are suggesting her sf-86 form like her husband jared's may not have properly listed his meeting with russian ambassador kislyak and their other foreign contacts. it just means they're calling for a review. ultimately, though, the authority to grant or revoke security clearance comes from the president. no response yet this morning from the white house. president trump says it's probably time to just let obamacare fail. after the latest humiliating health bill collapse in the senate, a group of republicans pulled their support, essentially making the bill to repeal and replace obamacare dead on arrival. still, president trump is making a last-ditch effort to find some way to revive his party's seemingly failed efforts on that bill. >> i am certainly disappointed. for seven years, i have been hearing repeal and replace from congress. i have been hearing it loud and strong. then when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace, they don't take advantage of it.
6:45 am
>> i do not think that it is going to be constructive to repeal a law that at this point is so interwoven within our health care system. >> president trump will meet with republican senators for lunch today to discuss the next step, a vote to repeal obamacare could come as early as next week. >> o.j. simpson could be declared a free man as soon as tomorrow. he's going before the nevada parole board after serving nine years in prison for armed robbery. he's expected to address the board along with his lawyer and possibly his victim. if granted parole, simpson will not walk out until october. we're also learning new details about his life in prison. a former guard said there was initially so much concern that they would try to profit off his image, they blocked computer access to his file. we'll carry o.j. simpson's parole hearing live in a special report. we'll have special coverage
6:46 am
on-air and online, it starts tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. right here on abc7, on the abc7 news app and also >> people in the south bay are warned to check their bank accounts after thieves broke into four mail trucks. >> matt keller is live in san jose to explain. matt. >> reporter: reggie and natasha, breaking into a mail truck and stealing mail is a federal felony. if convicted, the thief or thieves could face five years in federal prison. of course, for the victims, this is all troubling. >> it was unsettling. and especially here. we feel super safe. even though it's a big city, we're in a small town where we all know each other. >> 350 people here, willow glen, have been notified they could be victims after four mail trucks were broken into in the past month. the postal inspector said the thieves broke into the trucks when the carrier stepped away to make a delivery. while some residents told us they do most of their important business online rather than through the mail, they're
6:47 am
obviously still concerned about the crime. the postal service is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the thieve or thieves. reporting live in san jose. >> thank you. 6:46. google is trying to protect you from getting phished. the tech giant is out with a new security protection for anyone who uses apps. google will have a warning screen pop up any time an unverified web app wants you to automatically enter your google log-in. they want to target apps abusing its authorization system. the new security applications will roll out to all google web apps. >> from michael finney, a popular fitness center in san francisco has shut its doors and the people who know there don't know how they're going to get their money back. cariobarre closed down friday. members we talked to said they received as little as one day warning and they say the warning came from an instructor, not from management. the fitness equipment is still inside, the gates are padlocked
6:48 am
and no explaining why this suddenly shut down. >> i loved these classes and i'm quite upset because they had great instructors, but i don't understand. i have never really had somebody just close up shop. >> seven on your side talked with the ceo of cardiobarre and he said this facility was neptly owned and operated as a franchise. he's encouraging anybody who lost money because of the closure to sue the facility in small claims court. efforts to reach the attorney for the franchise were unsuccessful. commuters in san jose have a new option to get around. 24 ford go bike stations are open in the city this morning. san jose trails tweeted these pictureoffs the new bikes outside city hall. stations are located in downtown around san jose state, at s.a.p. center, and geordawn station. ford plans to double the amount of stations by the end of september. bike share users can rent a bike for 30 minutes for as little as $3 and return it to any station. >> a renovation of geary
6:49 am
boulevard is a step closer to reality. they have approved a plan to establish bus only lanes between goff and 34th avenue. officials say the change will speed up service for the 52,000 daily bus riders on geary. this is an animation from the mta. business owners along the geary corridor are worried about the loss of parking and the impact of the construction. >> aisyesha curry can now add baseball pitcher to her list of skills. can't really see it, but trust me, that's her. she threw out the first pitch at last night's sonoma stompers game, an independent professional baseball game. looks like her husband not the only one with, you know, any kind of sports talent. >> convinces she can do anything she wants to, including our jobs. perhaps meteorology. >> come through. i'm sure you would be hired in a second. >> i could see that. it could happen. good morning, everybody.
6:50 am
we're looking at some fog around the bay. if you do have it in your neighborhood, the visibility is pretty good at five miles from the coast. over to the east bay, 580 a little foggy, but getting better in napa. as we look at the golden gate bridge, you can see how we're socked in and only partial clearing at the coast today. 53 in the city. 54, half moon bay. san jose, 58. and santa cruz in the mid 50s. a high of about 75 today with sunshine. 57 by the delta. 59 in concord. you think it's cool up in the north bay, you're right. it's about 3 to 5 degrees cooler, and by this afternoon, we'll be looking at a minor warmup. the winds are going to shift to more northerly component, and that's going to cut off part of the onshore push that brought us temperatures into the 80s inland. temperatures will be up and down right on through friday. patchy fog this morning, but it gets hot inland. your hour-by-hour forecast today shows the fog, the san mateo coast, you can see it pulls back momentarily, maybe an hour or two, and then it's back tonight.
6:51 am
highs today in the south bay, into the low 80s for you in san jose. mid 70s for menlo park. in san francisco, coming up about 3 degrees. 67 in the city. 84 in novato. east bay comfortable in oakland, 90s for you. the seven-day forecast, slightly cooler tomorrow. we'll see the warmup saturday and sunday inland. good morning, alexis. >> good morning. we have quite a few issues to get to here. i want to zoom in on our traffic map to a problem that's been around for the longest. northbound 101 past trimble road, going on 45 minutes. two separate crashes each involving three vehicles. now just the far right lane is blocked. we did have two right lanes blocked but the backup solid all the way back to the 280/680 split. northbound 85 before de anza boulevard, two-car crash on the shoulder, looks like that backup starting to improve the closer you get to it, but if you're coming up to the cupertino area from 87, you definitely have delays to sort through first.
6:52 am
taking you back to oakland, southbound 880 before fruitvale avenue, multi-car crash. was in the far left lane. they're trying to clear that, so we temporarily had all lanes blocked. i believe traffic is getting by now, but still, decent backup through the oakland area. looks like a little onlooker delay on the northbound side, too. and a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza, everything looking normal. metering lights on, but no issues into san francisco. >> hi, everyone. the royal family just arrived in germany moments ago. i want to show you this moment caught on camera, pretty cute. take a look at prince george as he arrives there, shaking hands. he was just a tiny bit grumpy from all the travels they have been doing lately. expressing that sentiment that really only a child can show in these types of visits. he perked up, though, and sister charlotte, i'm going to change the video, sister charlotte, look how cute she was as she steps down the plane. the family was just in poland. they're now in germany and will
6:53 am
be there a few days. back to you. >> we're back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> first, our instagram photo of the day. follow us, you can get a lot more great pictures like these. we want y (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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6:54. the slaev things you need to know. number one from the live desk. a state of emergency issued for mariposa county for an unpredictable wildfire burning
6:55 am
near yosemite. thousands of people evacuated. crews from at least four bay area age aenltss are helping the firefight. >> the red cross is helping two families find a place to stay after this rager fire tore through their condo units in walnut creek overnight. >> and number three, we definitely have a delay here, as you can see 101 and 880 through the san jose area. that's all due to a multi-car crash. two separate ones in the same spot just past trimble road. we have several miles of backup. you're jammed back to the 280/680 merge. >> number four, rescue crews looking for a 70-year-old missing boater in marin county. crews recovered his boat yesterday near the hog island oester came. he's a strong swimmer but not wearing a life jacket. >> number fooichb, a report says b.a.r.t. is using tech from the '70s inilities new train cameras. the conductor says vhs and betamax should not be the technology to report incidents
6:56 am
on any b.a.r.t. trains. this is not acceptable. >> number six, patchy fog and cool temperatures to start your wednesday. by the afternoon, we are warming up just a bit, anywhere from about 2 to 5 degrees. >> number seven, welcome back, birkenstocks, the company reviving the legendary footwear with this limited edition shoe. i have to warn you, the price is pretty high. $799. >> what? this better help me levitate or run like usain bolt. >> it's expensive. i'm not into those, but i do own some. >> very comfortable. >> have a good one.
6:57 am
♪ mom. ♪ ♪ where all the walls echo with laughter ♪ ♪ and every room has its own chapter ♪ you've carried on your family's tradition. let us help you prepare for your family's future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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good morning, america. wildfire emergency. a massive blaze exploding outside yosemite, right at the height of tourist season, forcing an entire town and summer vacationers to evacuate. images captured on this firefighter's helmet cam, showing the flames now threatening the park. more than 20,000 acres scorched. the race to get it under control. system failure. the gop effort to repeal obamacare dies in the senate, a blow to president trump. but he's inviting all republican senators to the white house today, one last stab to close the deal. >> i don't think it's dead, no. but i'm certainly disappointed. repeal. >> can trump save his signature campaign promise? what will it mean for your health care? air rage. a heated fight on board, forcing a jetblue flight to turn around.


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