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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 12, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a massive response for a mysterious discovery. a woman found along the side of the road in livermore. the woman was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the gruesome scene on tesla road, which is still closed for investigation. amy hollyfield was there live with the latest. >> reporter: here is the road closed sign on tegs la road right at crossroad. we are watching as cars do continue down this road. there are a few driveways they can get to, but this is the way
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of letting people know they can't get all the way through. i spoke to the spokesperson for the sheriff's department. he wants to let their investigators do work, so they aren't releasing information just yet but they will. here is how the call came into dispatch. >> there's a female crawling on the road. she's missing an arm and she is mroody. another passing motorist is advising the x-ray appears to have been stabbed in the throat. >> reporter: here's the view from sky7 in this rural area. spokesperson told me she's an adult teenager. he doesn't think her arm was missing. that may have been the perception of the caller but she had been stabbed several times and air lifted out of here. this calm came in around 2:00 this morning. this is a very remote area. there's no cell service in that area.
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no word yet on how long she had been there or how she is doing, if she survived this. information is coming, he promises, but he wants to give his investigators space right now before going public with more details. reporting live in livermore, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new at 11:00, a person died after a fire broke out at a homeless encampment in oakland. it happened around 5:30 on north gate avenue under interstate 980. our media partners at bay area news report the victim is to be an adult male. the cause of the fire is under investigation. ruben foster is arrested again. this time he could face serious consequences after being accused of domestic violence. the 49ers issued a statement yesterday, saying they're taking the matter seriously and are gathering information before deciding whether to discipline him. police arrested foster at his
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home yesterday. 911 logs show his girlfriend called to say he beat her. she said there was an ar-16 and a knife in the house. foster made no comment when he bailed out of the santa clara jail. this is not the first time he's had a run-in with police. last month he was arrested for marijuana possession in alabama. last year at the nfl scouting combine, he submitted a diluted urine sample and was extent home after a run-in with a hospital worker. a shocking crime in san francisco. police have arrested a man suspected of tossing a dog to its death from a parking garage. you're looking at a picture of a 4-year-old chihuahua who died saturday after he was thrown from the seventh floor of the sutter stockton union square. the owner thought he escaped and jumped to his death, but the owner later discovered someone broke into his cars. a dashboard camera captured the crime. police identified the suspect
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and arrested him. students at st. matt's catholic school in san mateo are back in school for the first time today since a water main break last week. the massive flooding not only damaged parts of campus but also nearby homes. abc7 news reporter matt keller was there this morning with how students are coping and still being affected. >> reporter: back to class this morning for the 600 students at st. matthew's catholic school in san mateo. kindergarten through eighth grade school opened for the first time since a water main flooded the school and church. >> everybody was anxious to return today. we had our assembly. everybody is back in their classrooms. right now we are in repair mode. >> reporter: a classroom, pavilion, part of the church and a storage room were all damaged. the biggest victim is the 5-year-old gymnasium used by many basketball teams. st. matthew's basketball league has three weeks left in the season. in the meantime, nearby schools have offered up their facilities
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for remaining games. >> we're hoping the gym will be done in about eight weeks. hopefully maybe a little sooner. and then we'll really be back to normal. >> reporter: the church had some damage to carpeting and a storage area, but services were held over the weekend. in san mateo, matt keller, abc7 news. this morning a man is recovering from serious injuries after gusty winds blew a fence on top of him. winds topped 40 miles per hour in san francisco yesterday. this cell phone video shows the damage after the fence hit two people crossing the street at 23rd street and san jose avenue. a 68-year-old man is now in critical condition. the other victim, a 4 is-year-old woman is expected to be okay. developers of a nearby construction site are investigating how the fence broke loose on their property. developing news involving the trump family. the president's daughter-in-law has been taken to the hospital after opening an envelope containing white powder.
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they were exposed to the powder this morning and officials say they are expected to be okay. the letter was addressed to her husband, donald trump jr. and sent to their apartment on west 54th street in manhattan. we sent out a push alert about the story about one hour ago. download our abc7 news app and get push alerts. the senate debates today on immigration and the fate of dreamers. republicans are expected to introduce legislation that mirror's president trump's previously announced plan. it will give 1.8 million dreamers a path to citizenship. senate minority leader chuck schumer says finding an agreement won't be easy. >> but we're all going to try because of the gravity of the issues at stake. and because we know that this week will be a test of whether the senate can steer the ship of
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state through the stormiest of waters. >> when we said build a border, we mean beef up security along with building the border wall mr. trump has always wanted. schumer praised mitch mcconnell for allowing an open process on both sides. mcconnell is allowing the senate to vote on proposals and amendments from every corner of the political spectrum. anything that can get 60 votes will pass. the white house continues to face questions about the abuse allegations against former staff secretary rob porter. one of his former wives is now criticizing president trump. that's after he tweeted on saturday, suggesting the lives of two former staffers may have been, quote, shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. porter's second ex-wife says the president is sendin a scary message to the nation. lawmakers are calling for more details. >> i think it's important for them to be transparent and explicit about who knew what
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when and why it took so long to act. new at 11:00, former president obama and first lady michelle obama took the stage today in washington. this time it was not about politics. the couple's official portraits were unveiled. and here's jessica castro with us from abc 7 mornings to take a look. >> here they are. there is actually a bay area connection. former president barack obama's portrait was painted by kahindwiley, who is known for large scale portraits of african-americans. meanwhile, former first lady michelle obama's portrait was done by baltimore artist amy sherald. the first lady has gray skin. it's part of her trademark. she uses color to render skin tone irrelevant. >> i'm humbled, i am honored,
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i'm proud. >> i tried to negotiate less gray hair. and his artistic integrity would not do what i asked. i tried to negotiate smaller ears. struck out on that as well. >> a little humor there. but both obamas were thrilled with their paintings. those will now hang in the national portrait gallery, part of the smithsonian group of museums along with the complete collection of presidential portraits. by the way, today's unveiling had some pretty famous guests in the audience including director steven spielberg, tom hanks and rita wilson. >> thank you. a disastrous end to a birthday vacation when a helicopter crashed in the grand canyon killing three people on board. this morning we're learning more about the victims. and a new hotel is coming to the vegas strip. how this development is a sign a
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happening right now. we are watching wall street again. remember last week was kind of crazy, ups and downs.
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the dow jones is surging. this morning you can see the big board right now, it's up 468 points. that's up nearly 2% right now at 24,656. this comes after last week's wild swings on two days last week the dow closed down more than 1,000 points. on two other days it was up 300 points. we're learning new details about the three people who died in a helicopter crash in the grand canyon. family and friends say 30-year-old stuart hill was celebrating his birthday with his girlfriend, becky dobson, and his brother jason hill, in las vegas. they were touring the grand canyon in a helicopter when it crashed. four others survived. now new questions as to what went wrong. that's where abc news picks up the story. >> emergency. grand canyon. >> reporter: a helicopter carrying seven british tourists goes down in a rugged area of the grand canyon. >> tail hit the bottom.
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biggest explosion. >> reporter: explosions and fire, and shockingly a survivor, walking away after the crash. >> the will to survive kicks in. >> reporter: four people survived. the rescue operation took around eight hours with first responders having to helicopter in and then hike more than 20 minutes in rough terrain to get to the crash site. >> some of the most rugged terrain in the world, which is why people go to see it. until you fly there, you can't appreciate just how tough the flying is. >> reporter: all of the survivors are in critical condition and the three others on board were killed. the company who operated the flight says they flied 600,000 passengers a year. the ntsb shows 19 reports for papillion over the last 25 years, including a deadly crash in 2001 which killed six. >> families think r we going to get on that helicopter? you need to have done your due diligence and understand it's not atd d disneyland ride and t
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are risks. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people take these grand canyon copter tours and the majority end safely. nw the company behind this deadly flight says they're fully cooperating with authorities to find out what went wrong this time. abc news, new york. two black boxes could hold the key to what happened. when a russian passenger plane crashed, killing everybody on board. flight 703 crashed yesterday morning minutes after taking off from moscow. the plane crimed to 6400 feet and started to descend quickly before the signal was lost. russian media reports say there was no distress call when the plane went down. all 65 passengers and 6 crew members died. for your money report, the company that makes oxycontin, will no longer promote the drug to doctors. state and local governments are suing purdue pharma. some claim they downplayed the risk of oxycontin and overstating the benefits as a
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painkiller. the cdc says opioids were involved in more than 40,000 deaths in the u.s. in 2016. a building that sat unfinished for years on the vegas strip may finally open in 2020. the blue building you see in slated to be a casino resort called the fountain blue. construction stopped in 2009 when the great recession hit. today marriott announced it's taking over the property and plans to open the drew las vegas. when complete, it will have about 4,000 rooms and sweets. takata reached a settlement agreement with those injured we exploding air bags. the deal paves the way for the japanese company to exit chapter 11 bankruptcy. lawsuits, multimillion dollar fines and the largest recall in automotive history forced takata into bankruptcy. the faulty air bags have been linked to at least 21 deaths and hundreds of injuries.
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takata now plans to sell most of its assets to a chinese rival for $6.1 billion. we sat down with ari what it's like to look for love in the public life. an inside look before the show heads to tuscany. a live look through our emeryville camera. gorgeous. still a little windy. nothing like yesterday. we're going to talk to meteorologist ♪ strummed guitar
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welcome back. let's dive right in by showing you a beautiful picture. today's temperatures will be like yesterday. just the sunshine out there will make it feel warmer if you're
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outstanding in it. if you're not, it's going to feel a lot like yesterday. 50s is our cool spot, livermore. we're up to -- where are we? 59. that's a large number in novato right now. take a look at east bay hills. the winds are starting to taper a little bit as they will do today. we'll have lighter breezes with the sunshine and temperatures. seeing signs of it being breezy up in the mountains. we'll take a look at the winds coming up in a second. in the extended, chance of rain, it stays away once again. highs today about 58 to 61 for the most part. concord at 62. where the winds will be faster during the day along the coast, 55 at half moon bay. you can see a beautiful shot from emeryville. you don't see any white caps on the bay but it's turning over a little due to 10-mile-an-hour wind. you can see you need the
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sunglasses out there. temperatures around 55 degrees at noon. look at the stars out there. temperatures will drop rapidly especially inland. low 40s to upper 40s by midnight when the breezes start to take off in the north bay mountains. let's take a look at the lows. we'll get sheltered areas in santa rosa at 33. clearlake, parts of san ramone valley, it's so dry out there, but the temperatures will be around 32 to 31. there may be a little frost out there. everybody in mid-30s to low 40s. heeshz a look at the winds. you can see they're around 10 to 15 throughout the day. 10:00 tonight, look at the widespread 30s across the north bay. they stay there through about 6:00 tomorrow morning. then the winds taper everywhere down to less than 10 miles per hour by tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast.
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these are seasonal temperatures monday, tuesday, valentine's day wednesday. then we'll see a little warmer trend begin thursday. that will push our temperatures back into the mid-60s to about the 70-degree mark as we head towards saturday, especially inland. sunday we'll watch another storm hit the sierra with snow dropping our tempting down monday. looks like it will be dry the next ten days. ten women are left looking for love on "the bachelor" and tonight the show heads to tuscany. what a place for a we caught up with ari and said a lot of things hit the cutting room floor and doesn't air the way he remembers them. he's tired of being called the kissing bandit. he says one thing remains constant, watching the episodes on monday night is not easy. >> watchth watching this back, is there anything that makes you cringe? >> yes, a lot of things, actually. the overuse of the word amazing. a lot of things i say, i'm like,
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why can't i use a different adjective? you pick yourself apart. now i feel like the viewers are seeing a little different side of myself and the shift of the show has headed more towards romance, which i'm enjoying. >> you can watch ari try to find love tonight on "the bachelor" as they head to tuscany at only on abc 7. "black panther" pounces into theaters this friday. the actor has a message for young man's before they see it in the theater. cannabis advocates want to cash in this valentine's day. forget the flower shop and candy store. bay area dispensaries hope you'll take advantage of legal weed. wh
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we're just days away from one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year "plaque p "black panther" starring rring chadwick bosman with the strongest advanced sales than any super hero. he spoke to "gma" and spoke about what he hopes it will do for fans. >> i just know what it's going
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to mean to you when you see it. it could give you a certain type of confidence. and it also makes people that look like you see you with a different light and not judge you a particular way. >> "black panther" hits theaters this friday and expected to make $150 million presidents' day weekend. my kids cannot wait to go see that movie. >> should i take them or are you going to? >> you take them? i love that. i'm going to the spa. what a pal you are.
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