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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 15, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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police officer. >> training kicked in, i pulled my vehicle over immediately. engaged the suspect. >> good evening. >> thank you for joining us. investigators say revealed 19-year-old nikolaus cruz took an uber car to the high school before the shooting. authorities say cruz methodically went from classroom to classroom shooting his victims. >> the gun he used, an automatic rifle he bought legally. cruz had done paramilitary drills. after the massacre, police say cruz went to a wall senator, and went to a mcdonald's. a sea of candles lit up the parkland amphitheater tonight. thousands gathered for a candle light vigil to honor the victim. this is just one of dozens that have been planned to honor the
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student student victims. >> 17 people were killed in the massacre, those who died include a football coach, the school's athletic director and students including new freshman and seniors who had been looking forward to starting college in the fall. the broward county sheriff paid tribute to them today christopher hickson. my very, very special friend who i'll miss, barron feis. >> the football coach aron feis, final act was throwing himself in front of the gunman's bullet shielding students from the automatic gun fire. school officials here assess what they can do to keep their campuses safe here.
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>> nobody wants to talk about this. >> reporter: napa college police chief watched what unfolded in florida. but for arnold, it hits close to home, as he considers it his mission to keep something similar from happening on his campus. >> if you don't tell people what you want them to do when they're confronted with it, then they're paralyzed. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: last month we received an exclusive invitation to an active shooter training at napa college. arnold believes it's better to be prepared than to pretend it's not going to happen. >> we have the intruder locks, we have a process that we use for evaluating, you know, potential students who might come to our attention. we start looking at publicly available social media, we look at what are the other relationships. >> reporter: the chief here at
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napa valley college says it's not enough to ask students and staff to see something and say something. that it's incumbent on his department to then do something. officer amber wade told us she's handled 15 to 20 threat assessment cases in her nine years at napa college. >> we keep an eye on them. there's a couple on campus that i like to hey, hi, how are you doing? what's going on today? form a relationship with them. >> reporter: anything and everything to make sure a troubled student doesn't book a violent one. >> we have put together pages resources about teenagers and mental health and bullying, which can all be big issues on school campuses. president trump addressed the nation about the school shooting. >> no child, no teacher should ever be in danger in an american school.
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no parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters when they kiss them goodbye in the morning. >> the president focused mainly on mental health he did not address the issue of gun control. bay area lawmakers say that should be a focal point. senator dianne feinstein says it's time to review an assault weapons ban. mike thompson got some push back when he said the country was in the midst of a crisis. >> mr. speaker, can you tell us when the house had the courage to take up the issue of gun violence? >> the gentleman is not presenting a proper parliamentary inquiry. >> why are we once again sitting around this table? why don't we pass some legislation? this isn't going to stop, members, it's going to continue. and we become culpable. when we do nothing to stop it.
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>> house speaker paul ryan is arguing that now is not the time to wage political battles. ryan says right now is when the country needs to step back and count our blessings. a gofundme account has been set up for the victims of the florida school shooting, funds will go directy to the of t families. david muir will anchor "world news tonight" from parkland at 5:00 p.m. let's move on to something else now, and talk about rain in california, the newest drought maps are n you can see it behind me, we're okay, but southern california is taking a hit. water use is up there, and state water concerns have expanded. you can see the darker color there indicating more of a problem in southern california. we'll move from drought to saving the planet.
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san jose said unveiled an ambitious plan to cut carbon emissions in keeping with the paris agreement. while it does have a high price tag, it could end up saving the city $5 billion and help make the city a heather place to live at the same time. >> reporter: his ambitious climate plan is going to need some help from a wide cross section of residents. >> if we want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it's not going to happen from city hall. >> reporter: the city wants to cut carbon emissions by 1 million tons a year by 2030, produce 1 gig watt of sold war energy. >> unless we can rely on water, and the less reliant on - >> reporter: the buy in for
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residents of san jose is to create a healthier and happier place, a place where more people will bike and walk and perhaps spend less time in traffic, spending that time instead with family and friends. san jose hopes to be a model for cities across the united states. the goals are in mind with the paris climate agreement which is not in keeping with the trump administration. san jose will not likely see a federal contribution. >> without support from the federal government, what are the financial incentives that they're going to put out there to help businesses and individuals take the types of steps that they're envisioning? >> reporter: the projected cost of climate smart is $264 billion over the next 30 years. in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. a top researcher found that
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our countries is -- the consequences are likely to be unprecedented extreme weather, that boils down to extreme heat, dryness and precipitation. these conditions will increase across all of north america, europe and asia if greenhouse gasses are not reduced. he addressed that in a summit in lake tahoe. zp >> we now have confidence in our technology, for instance if we look around the globe, at all the hottest events that have happened around the globe, we find that more than 80% of those have been influenced by global warming. >> so good news, california is on track to meet it's 2020 goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. well, new video just in to the abc7 newsroom, sky 7 was over this small fire in freemont off mowry, you can see the smoke
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still rising, the fire is out but firefighters are still mopping it up. it was a grass fire near a homeless camp that had spread to some trees. our video did show some tents not far from the smoke, no word on any injuries or what caused the fire. dramatic video shows the end of a rescue on a bay area freeway, chp posted this video of an officer using a fire extinguisher to put out the flame. the video only shows part of the story. the chp said that minutes earlier some good samaritans had come and pulled the driver out of that car. getting the lead out. and big bucks are also expected for what many consider the movie of the year. others simply call it a cultural milestone. >> i that everyone involved in this wanted this to be special.
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our warming trend will continue, but
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there asking for more agency in their lives, they're asking to be represented. i feel like this movie takes a brave step forward into that future that people are calling for. >> the cultural significance of marvel's superhero movie "black panther" is immense. centered on a black superhero centered in africa. stars, critics and fans alike have praised the film for it's mostly black cast and female actors. fans cannot wait for the first showing of "black panther."
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that's at 7:00, right eric? >> reporter: 7:00 for the general public, there's a special fan showing in the 3-d theater, but those are for special invite guests. what makes this guy special is he's a king of a technologically advanced country as well as being a superhero, so that makes him the ultimate role model. marvel's black panther movie is an update of marvel's superheroes. a country with futuristic technology with traditions that date back centuries. the producer wanted to show the tensions between the old and the new. >> we wanted the characters to be complex, we wanted the moral questions to be onces that aren't as easy as black and white. >> reporter: before he got into film school, he spent two years
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working as a counselor as san francisco's juvenile hall. he had a natural affinity for dealing with troubled youth. >> worked well with the kids, he was raised well, he had a good family and his heart was in the right place. >> reporter: and even after he got involved in film school he would keep in touch. >> sometimes he would bring his projects from school to me for my son to watch. >> reporter: it may be one of marvel's high eest earning ning >> you don't have to be in tech, you don't have to be in arts, you don't have to be into entertainment or sports, but you can excel at something. >> reporter: next week they will host a special screening for 200 youth at oakland's grand lake theater. well, we have a lot more coverage on the "black panther" movie, you can check out our
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videos on paint companies have lost a big case in california and it could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars, the state supreme court declined to hear a a -- in the november, the california court of appeal confirmed a child court's decision that sherwin williams industries were liable for public nuisance because those companies promoted lead paint for inside home use, knowing it would create serious risk of harm to children in homes built before 1950. the san francisco attorney, dennis herrera today called it a major history. he said these companies have dragged out this indication for 18 years, it's time they stopped shirking their responsibility and start paying to clean up the toxic mess they created. statistics show that this year's flu vaccine was only 25%
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effective. showed the vaccines were most effective in children ages 6 to 8. and a 59% reduction of risk. adults between the ages of 13 and 49 saw a 38% increase in the flu between the 2014 and 2015 flu season, the illnesses were less than 20%. when it's time for you to get a new car, should you buy one, lease one or subscribe? >> michael finney's here to tell us it depends on how you use your car. >> this is going to be a game changer. this is going to get pretty big. millennial's are going to love this. this is a new car purchasing option some automakers are really betting on. it can make car ownership as simple as owning a smart phone. here's a look at the growing car trend. swedish automaker volvo recently
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released information on a subscription of care by volvo, it includes insurance, vehicle -- and replacements needed for wear and fatear item such as brake pass and wiper blades. >> what's interesting about subscription plans is that it's one monthly fee that covers all the ownership such as gasoline or parking. it also allows to owner to get a new car every year, or maybe even every week depending on the program. >> reporter: bmw, hyundai, cadillac and porsche all have subscription programs with varying degrees of how often you can exchange your car for a new one. for those who balk at volvo's price, the purchase price for
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the vehicle is 32,0$32,000. if you rev up for the latest in car technologies, consumer reports says the subscription p>> one type of consumer that . would really like a based programs who like to stay on top of safety features and other items. >> reporter: subscription services won't be for everyone, and not for consumers who like the idea of paying off their vehicles and not having monthly car payments. besides the service care, volvo also plans to offer a subscription service for it's pole star electric vehicle. ford has also extended it's can van service beyond it's pilot market here in san francisco. and hyundai offers a subscription for its electric
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car but only here in california. >> that's a really interesting innovation. we haven't had that since leasing came out. >> millennial's love subscripti subscriptions. skies are clear across the bay area, one thing missing on live doppler 7 is the rain, obviously. we're not expecting any as a matter of fact, this sunny streak . the computer models that were trending wet, not so wet unfortunately. those temperatures aring go to be trending lower. we're not going to show you the temperatures, but if you can trust me on this one, it is going to get colder. here's a live look from our south beach camera, the sun is shining, it's a great day to be out on the bay, 58 degrees in san francisco, it's in the low 60s, oakland, mountain view, san jose, currently 54 degrees in
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half moon bay. milder day today no doubt from our abc7 news exploratorium camera you can just see bright blue skies. in the lorewer 60s from sanfordo napa. a clear and chilly overnight tonight, warming trend through saturday, and then it is going to turn blustery and colder on sunday, it's going to be a big change in our weather that's going to happen suddenly. so i wanted to show you our temperatures, anywhere from the low to mid 30s in our coldest inland valleys to the 40s on the bay and along the coast. for the afternoon, a mild day, a little bit milder than today. in the south bay, low to mid 60s from redwood city to palo alto. 62 half moon bay. downtown san francisco, it's going to be sunny, 63 degrees, and as you take a look at the north bay, temperatures anywhere from the low to upper 60s, so
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milder than what you should be this time of year, 66 in napa, 68 in santa rosa, 64 oakland, 65 in newark. 68 in livermore, 70 degrees in brentwood. here's what's going to happen. so saturday we continue with this spring-like feel, if you will, temperatures low 60s to the low 70s, but as we head into sunday, it's sharply cooler, when you drop down into the middle 60s along the coast, you know it's going to start to feel like winter. the winter chill will be with us on monday, the wind will be whipping things up between sunday and monday. it's certainly a colder day, upper 40s to upper 50s, as you take a look at the temperature trend for the overnight. average for santa rosa, 30 degrees, yes, it's going to be chilly, you get milder weather on sunday, but then temperatures really drop. down to the upper 20s on tuesday, get ready for frost and
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widespread freezing conditions on monday. the warming continues for your friday, your saturday feeling like spring. then it's a reminder, a sharp reminder on sunday that's it's not spring, it's still winter, blustery, cooler, mid 50s to low 60s, presidents's day will be a chilly one during the day but freezing cold in the morning and that freezing cold weather will continue tuesday morning before those temperatures begin to moderate on thursday, you can download the accuweather app to check out those temperatures hour by hour, minute by minute. a hollywood power couple calls it quits and no one saw that coming. who's got the largest tree? two california colleges branch out. and protecting your right to
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oakland mayor libby shaft is
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weighing in on the ballpark location for the a's. shaft says the a's remain committed to oakland. a's management had prefred a acre at the college. college rivalries are usually about football, but in hum bolt county, the competition is all about trees, specifically who has the tallest trees on a college campus. humboldt state university says this tree deserves the rights for that. but -- the final determination may never be known. hollywood couple necessary s anniston
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we wanted to convey the truth directly. whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us is someone else's fictional narrative. above all we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another. a little chihuahua needs someone special and it could be you. that story's next. it's hard to believe, but this is a picture of san francisco. we want to thank matthew for this picture of mt. davidson. we want to see your
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coming up tonight on abc7 "news at 6:00," two silicon valley skrint giants are facin questions about the school shooting in florida. and exclusive new details about the horrific stabbing death of a 19-year-old woman in livermore. and tonight "7 on your side's" michael finney helps out a woman even after she moves thousands of miles away from the bay area. >> that's all combing up in a half hour on abc7 "news at 6:00." but this is ingrid. >> she's a 10-year-old long haired blond chihuahua who's
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completely blind and desperately needs a home. >> someone dropped her off at the shelter in january. but she's sweet and needs someone very special to take care of her. >> this is a dog that any time she goes outdoors, she's going to need a leash, she's going to need to be monitored, and just preparing the home because she's a senior and she's going to bump into a lot of things and she's going to need a little bit of assistance. >> the humane society will waive the adoption fees for anyone interested in taking her home. if you would like to take ingrid, contact can humane society. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we hope to see you again in half an hour.
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tonight, breaking developments in the deadly school rampage here in florida. we have new and searing images from inside the school. 17 people killed. the eruption of gunfire, firing into one classroom after another. the suspect armed with an ar-15, triggering the fire alarm. and then targeting victims as they tried to escape. >> everyone on the floor. on the floor. >> terrified students hiding, rescued by s.w.a.t. teams. the suspect stopping at a walmart, at subway, at mcdonald's after the rampage. and tonight, the officer who found him describing the moment. the suspect, nikolas cruz, in court today. what authorities now reveal. what he allegedly told them. as we also learn more about his past. adopted, he lost the father who adopted him. then his mother dying from the flu this november. and the warning signs from


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