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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 11, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> have a great day. making news in america this morning, more than 1.5 million americans ordered to evacuate as hurricane florence barrels toward the carolina coast. the new images from inside the storm and we hear from a hurricane hunter flying above it. his warning and what's being done to make sure people get out in time. speaking out, as president trump slams the tell all book from veteran reporter bob woodward, donald trump jr. offers new insight into who he believes may have written that scathing op-ed in "the new york times." the incredible survival story after a boy falls from hi treehouse face first onto a meat skewer. >> he said i'm dying, mom. >> how he survived. plus, the nationwide tribute now planned for burt reynolds and his fans.
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we hear for the first time from the woman seen in this viral video giving birth in the car. >> can you wait like two minutes? >> as her husband keeps driving. hear what she told jimmy kimmel. the video is making me nervous. >> same here. >> a good tuesday morning to you all. we'll start things off with evacuation orders already in effect along the carolina coast and in parts of virginia. >> millions are bracing for hurricane florence which forecasters say could still be a category 4 storm when it makes landfall. states of emergency have been declared from the carolinas straight up to maryland. more than 20 inches of rain could fall unleashing catastrophic floods. >> presidents getting continuous updates. he's warning about the power of this storm and janai norman has the latest on the preparations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. mandator
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way in south carolina while others are also encouraged to evacuate parts of virginia and north carolina to get out of dodge ahead of the hurricane. already a category 4 storm. hurricane florence is prompting evacuations along the east coast. >> this one looks you go liriaso >> reporter: more than a million people are leaving low-lying areas. >> candles, flashlights, food, liquor, gas. beer. cat food. >> reporter: long lines lingered at gas stations as people waited to hit the road. highway 17 in north carolina already backed up for miles. >> we do know that we're in the bull's-eye. north carolina is taking hurricane florence seriously. and you should too. get ready now. >> reporter: south carolina is preparing to reverse directions on highways, all lanes of
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interstate 26 from charleston will be heading away from the coast to help accommodate the hundreds of thousands of people evacuating eight counties there. >> it's going to be inconvenient, but we do not want to risk one south carolina life in this hurricane. >> reporter: florence is expected to bring a devastating storm surge and stall after making landfall bringing potentially catastrophic rainfall and life-threatening winds. noaa flying flew the storm as it strengthens. >> obviously the storm that's out there off the coast right now is a dangerous one. one of the most dangerous storms we've seen in recent memory. >> reporter: hurricane hunters telling cnn -- >> we were watching it as the eye wall was forming yesterday. it just kind of hits you in the gut when you see it strengthening and know the forecast is calling for it to come in as such a strong storm. >> reporter: president trump says he's been in touch with the governors of both of the carolinas and virginia and told it's one of the worst storms to
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hit the east coast in many years. >> janai norman from d.c. for us, thanks. we'll have the storm's latest track from accuweather coming up. we turn now to the exclusive interview with donald trump jr. as the trump administration pushes back on both a scathing opponent in "the new york times" and that new book from the reporter bob woodward. the bob is called "fear: trump in the white house" and goes on sale today and details a white house in disarray. the president calls it fiction. the publisher says it's printing 1 million copies because of high demand. donald trump jr. is slamming the writer of that "the new york times" op-ed who claims to be part of the resistance inside the white house. >> it's pretty disgusting. perhaps it's a disgruntled person thrown out that didn't deliver. >> what is the crime? >> to try to control the presidency while not the president, you have millions and millions of americans who voted for this. >> that's abc's tara palmeri with trump jr. more of her interview airs on
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"good morning america" later today. the white house is waking up to a new poll finding the president's approval rating has dropped six points in the last month to 36%. a new low among independents. we're learning more about the moment a dallas police officer says she mistakenly shot and killed a man in his own apartment. the warrant for her arrest now reveals how authorities believe the shooting unfolded but the victim's family is telling a different story. overnight protesters demanding justice. [ chanting ] a large group rallied on the streets of dallas where amber guyger is facing a manslaughter charge. this video reportedly shows guyger moments after the shooting still in uniform. investigators say she was coming home from a 15-hour shift when she entered her neighbor botham jean's apartment thinking it was her own and mistook him for an intruder. he lived directly below jean and
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the officer ended up on his floor. the warrant says jean's door was partly opened when she arrived. >> independent witnesses have already come forward to say they heard this officer pounding on the door and demanding to be let in. we find those independent witnesses to be very credible and if the door is open there would have been no need for that. >> reporter: according to the warrant she saw his large silhouette in the dark apartment and believe she had encountered a burglar and drew her firearm and gave verbal commands that were ignored. jean's family believes there's more to the story. >> i'm not satisfied that we have all the answers and the number one answer that i want is, what happened? >> reporter: officer guyger is now out on bail. the district attorney says the manslaughter charge she's facing could be upgraded pending the investigation. >> let's return to our top story and the weather.
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at least your weather forecast for this tuesday morning. >> kendis, diane, we have a major hurricane here working towards the u.s. mainland and that means it's going to make landfall likely as a category 4 or category 5 hurricane as it cuts into the southern north carolina coast and from there we can inspect all the usual threats here with damaging winds, heavy rainfall as well as the rick for storm sur-- hrycyr surge. it cuts across the windward islands but still have impacts there as well. kendis, diane. well,oming up the return of "smokey and the bandit." also ahead, the woman accused of creating a
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nonexistent husband all just to run a fund-raising scam. later sign your kids up. the new list of the most valuable college majors and the fastest way to
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sorry, i don't want to get married. >> terrific. that makes two of us. >> "smokey and the bandit" is coming back less than a week after burt reynolds' death. amc is re-releasing the movie in more than 200 theaters. the one-week run starts tomorrow and get this, ticket prices will be rolled back to $5. >> ah, way back prices as well. former "cosby show" actor geoffrey owens has revealed why he took that job at trader joe's in the first place. he blames bill cosby's sex
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scandal and tells "people" magazine his royalty checks stopped when "cosby show" reruns were pulled from syndication. after the pictures of him went viral he accepted an acting job from tyler perry. the somber anniversary marking 17 years since the september 11th attacks. overnight the tribute in lights soared into the sky. today there's a new push to pay tribute to the growing number of first responders who have died since 9/11. nearly two decades later the attacks are taking a staggering toll on first responders who risked their lives to search for victims exposed to toxic dust and debris in what one retired agent called a cesspool of cancer. in the years since 9/11 more than 150 police officers have died from 9/11-related illnesses. that's nearly eight times more than those who died on the day of the attacks. and there's been a large increase in cases in recent months with 18 firefighters
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dying in the last year. one officer said it's like bin laden reaching out from the grave. they're not alone, federal agents at risk and the fbi director says not enough are seeking help. >> we're only now beginning to understand and witness the long-term effects of that work because nobody knows what tomorrow may bring. >> reporter: 17 years later there is new hope this year for the families who lost loved ones on that day. dna technology is helping identify more remains. >> all the profiles that we generate today, this year, these are remains that we had no hopes of in the past. >> reporter: the new york examiner's office is employing new techniques allowing them to extract material from bone fragments identifying hundreds of additional remains. >> that commitment to making these identifications is as great today in 2018 as it was in 2001. >> nearly 21,000 people have become eligible to receive money
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from the 9/11 victims' compensation fund. more than $4 billion has been distributed. coming up new controversy surrounding tv executive les moonves and his sexual misconduct scandal. we're now hearing he won't be leaving cbs right away after all. also, the incredible story and x-ray of a boy who fell face first into a meat skewer. how he survived. later the owner of a car destroyed by rowdy college football fans gets a big surprise. face first on a meat skewer.
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>> the network set aside $120 million in severance pay as it investigates new sexual misconduct allegations against him. meanwhile, moonves' wife is taking a break from her talk show. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest. >> reporter: les moonves, one of the most powerful men in media stepping do you after new ago signatures of sexual misconduct. six more women coming forward to the new yorker with allegations of harassment to sexual assault over three decades. >> leslie moonves was a goalen boy on wall street. he turned that company around. that's why so many people said that he was impossible to shake from his position. >> reporter: in all 12 women now speaking out including phyllis golden-gottlieb who accusing him of physically restraining her and forcing her to perform oral sex on him and says he was later physically violent. >> he picked me up and threw me against the wall. i mean, i just lay on the floor and cried.
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>> reporter: when the initial allegations against moonves first surfaced in july his wife julie chen defended her husband calling him a decent and moral man. >> i will stand by that statement today, tomorrow, forever. >> reporter: she took a break from her cbs talk show. her co-hosts addressing the accusations against moonves. >> he's not been convicted of any crime, but obviously the man has a problem. >> reporter: then expressing support for chen and her husband's accusers. >> somebody that breaks somebody's life like that has to be accountable and -- [ applause ] >> reporter: moonves adamantly denying the new allegations and claiming consensual relationships with three of the women saying i have never used my position to hinder the advancement or careers of women. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> a california woman is accused of pretending she had a firefighter husband to scam donors out of thousands of dollars. police in san clemente say she
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posted that her husband was battling one of the wildfires in the area and his squad needed more supplies. she allegedly collected more than $11,000 in cash and supplies before police were finally tipped off that she doesn't have a husband. experts warn charitable groups are often vetted but not individuals. the survive ago of a young boy in missouri is being called a miracle. and these images are extremely hard to watch. you're about to see why. so the 10-year-old xavier cunningham fell out of a tree house when some bees attacked him and landed face first onto a meat skewer. his mother describes the desperate efforts to rush him to the hospital. >> he goes, i'm -- he goes, i'm dying, mom. he says, no, i can feel it. i said, you're going to be okay and he goes, i want to see jesus but i don't want to seeim right now. >> it took a team of 100 doctors
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and medical staff hours to remove the skewer. it missedo make a full physical recovery. >> he was playing video games already and everything. all right, to sports now where jets quarterback sam dh darndar darnold had his debut. his first pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. now to the good news, shall we? he ended up making a come back. he went on to throw two touchdowns in the game to his own players and the jets managed embarrass the lions, 48-17. we watched the return of jon gruden to the raiders sideline. it didn't go well, the raiders fell victim to the rams, 33-13. new coaches went 0 for 7 in week one. all right. from the motorcycle race in italy, watch as this driver grabs his opponent's brake at 140 miles per hour. that driverfrom the race and had
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you won't find relief here. congestion and pressure? go to the pharmacy counter for powerful claritin-d. while the leading allergy spray relieves 6 symptoms... claritin-d relieves 8, including sinus congestion and pressure. claritin-d relieves more. ♪ your tuesday "pulse" starts with a new mom explaining her baby's entrance into the world. alexis sweeney is seen giving birth in the family van. >> yeah, the video taken by her husband while he was driving them to the hospital and their sons were in the backseat. their daughter was born just before they got to the er and they spoke about the whole thing on "jimmy kimmel." >> the whole time i'm watching i'm thinking put the camera down
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and drive the car. >> that's what everyone says. >> yeah, right. >> y'all can blame me. i asked him -- i was like in case she's born in the car, like take a video. >> what about the kids? what's going -- i mean, you know, at some point you have to tell them where babies come from and they're going to say, well, the car, of course. >> so kimmel bought them a new minivan because that one was a little bit of a mess and dad says their new daughter will be their last child. >> he doesn't want to try to go for another. now to an ultrasound that was an ultra surprise for a texas couple. >> samantha berkens and her husband are texas a&m grams but a sonogram shows their unborn son showing the hook 'em horns symbol. if your kids are grown up in college here's a list that will interest you. the most valuable college
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. good morning. it's tuesday, september 11th. that tash that is off this morning. >> thanks for joining us. mike micco, how does it look today? >> a lot like yesterday. i hope you liked it yesterday because we're going to do it again today. hi, everybody. here's a look at our temperatures. we have the upper 40s, san rosa. half moon bay cool at 46. a few 60s out there, hayward 66. this afternoon, mid to upper 60s around san francisco. a lot of 80s inland. we'll take a look at the afternoon planner. >> we don't have any major issues on the roads. we're looking at golden gate
4:28 am
bridge. we have driving conditions. you should have a nice, dry windshield for the tuesday morning commute. a check of what was a problem area a short time ago. we have construction on 880 but eastbound 92 before the merge, we had a rollover crash blocking all lanes except one of the exit lanes until 20 minutes or so. all clear now. that did thin out quickly. we'll take a look at some drive times coming up next. breaking news in the north bay where a wildfire is burning at a state park. >> fire evacuations in marin county. this is happening at samuel p. taylor state park. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more on this wildfire. amy? >> hi, jessica. we're on our way there right now. marin county said overnight it did make -- starting to build momentum in containment on this fire. that's some good news. let's take a look at what the
4:29 am
fire looked like last night. here's some video from the scene. it's about 10% contained. it's burned about 100 acres. firefighters say it is a tough area to get to with steep terrain. there are evacuation orders in place. they have not ordered any new evacuation orders. those who live along mountain king road and evacuate. officials say around 20 or 30 structures are threatened right now. we will stop by the evacuation people who aren't in their homes. we'll also check in as a command post for the latest from firefighters. stay with us as we continue to cover this developing story. amy holyfield, abc7 news. interstate 5 in chasschass
4:30 am
county is reopened but they could close it again if flames from the tell thell thaell tha t direction. the fire has burned 50,000 acres of brush and timber. several neighborhoods north of redding are evacuated. good morning. here's a quick update on weather and traffic. >> i want to take a look at the wind in marin county. you see the winds are gusty at 27 miles an hour at mt. tamapais. now, at the lower levels we


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