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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 8, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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tonight, a new mass shooting in america. we're on the scene here in california. the video now emerging from inside the massacre in thousand oaks, california. chilling images of the gunman in the borderline bar and grill. college students gathered for country music night. the gunman firing at random. the suspect killing 12 people, including a sergeant bravely running in to help. a father overcome with grief today, learning his son is among the victims. >> my first-born son. >> the heroic people inside, smashing windows so people could jump through them to get out. and tonight, what we've now learned about the gunman, known to police. a 28-year-old marine veteran armed with a glock handgun and an extended magazine. this evening, my interview with the sheriff here on the scene,
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set to retire tomorrow, breaking down before the cameras today when he told the community here that police sergeant did not survive. also breaking here in california tonight, the state of emergency as we come on the air. the explosive wildfire. homes destroyed, schools and a hospital evacuated. families racing to get out. the flames all around them. the outrage in washington from democrats tonight and concern from some republicans. president trump's pick to serve as the new acting attorney general. and what he said about robert mueller before. saying, there was no collusion. now, he's in charge of the investigation. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg in the hospital. we do have news on her condition tonight. and the breaking development in the urgent search for that missing 13-year-old girl. the suv she was forced into, and where it's now been found. good evening from california
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tonight. and you probably woke up this morning like so many in this country, say ig, not again. we are here in thousand oaks, california, tonight, the scene of the nation's newest mass shooting. this time, at a popular country music bar, the borderline bar and grill on college student. for students as young as 18, hundreds of people inside, when the horror and the chaos began. the shots ringing out, people hiding wherever they could, under tables and bar stool s ay. carrying the injured as they ran. police rushing to the scene, heavily armed officers, including a police sergeant who was among the first to go in, that sheriff's sergeant did not survive. outside, the stunned survivors looking for their missing friends. and overnight and this morning here, families, parenting rushing to the bar, some waiting for hours, waiting for news. tonight, we have now learned 12 people did not survive. and the heartbreaking moment a father here, holding a picture of his son, then learning he'd lost him.
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abc's kayna whitworth on the scene, she's been here all night long, and she has the video now emerging from inside that bar tonight. >> reporter: breaking glass. an empty dance floor. as the camera shakes, that piercing sound. gun fire. silence. for six endless seconds. then listen as people run for their lives. >> guys, run. he's coming out this door. >> reporter: it's 11:20 p.m. wednesday night. police say a gunman dressed in black started shooting before he went inside. >> he shot the doorman, the bouncer. just a young man. and then he shot the cashier.
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just a young girl. >> the subject was at the front shooting at everybody. think he's still inside the bar. >> reporter: witnesses say the bar quickly filled with smoke. >> the gunman but throwing smoke grenades. >> we got multiple people down. we need a lot of ambulances. >> reporter: amid the chaos, the voice of a young man calling home. erbe shooting at is max. bordline. please wake up. >> repfiter: the gunm kring o t. i looked back. and plit second later, everybody yelled, "get down." >> reporter: sheriff's sergeant ron helus is the first on scene within minutes. they rush inside, taking on the suspect. sergeant helus is shot several times and does not survive. 11 others also killed. several more wounded. >> it's a horrific scene in there. there is blood everywhere. >> reporter: the gunman identified by authorities as
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28-year-old ian david long, a farmer marine. authorities say it appears he took his own life inside the bar. matt wennerstrom hid under a pool table until it was safe to run. >> so, i grabbed a bar stool, went through the helping the guys and girls out. >> and kayna whitworth is with us live tonight. as you report there, it was college night. so many young people inside. and the sheriff today saying that those active shooter drills that so many of our young people are growing up with might have saved lives last night? >> reporter: yeah, david, it's a sad reality. but the sheriff said, this could have been so much worse, if not for the heroes inside. this is an area surrounded by three major colleges, and students i spoke with called this their safe place. and now, david, it is a place marred with violence and death.
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>> kayna whitworth leading us off tonight. kayna, thank you. all morning long, families and parents were arriving, waiting to hear, and one father, as i mentioned with that photo ny his son,opg l seoearn the are parents losing sons and daughters. for so many families tonight, an agonizing wait, as we're now hearing about the lives lost. so many of the victims young. including 18-year-old alaina housley, a freshman at pepperdine university there at the restaurant, line dancing with her friends. tonight, her family saying alaina was an incredible young woman with so much life ahead of her. and 23-year-old justin meek, who loved music and the outdoors. he was a recent graduate of cal lutheran university and worked as social worker helping to support families and children with special needs. tonight, he is credited with heroically saving lives during the tragedy.
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blake dingman was 21. tonight, his girlfriend writing, "my heart is hurting more than words can say. i cannot believe you're gone. i am so grateful for our little infinity." dan manrique was a marine corps veteran who served in the middle east in 2007. he was an avid dodgers fan. and tonight, heartbreak for this man, jason coffman, showing a picture of his son, cody, early this morning. at the time, he was still searching, still praying. then, just a few hours later, he learned he lost his son. >> we did just get the news that he was one of the 11 that were hit and killed last night. >> reporter: cody was his first-born son. >> only him and i know how much i love. >> reporter: a big brother, an umpire for youth baseball league, he was about to enlist in the army. >> my son was on his -- he was on his way to fulfilling his dream of -- of serving the country. >> reporter: in fact, he says he spoke to his son, cody, as he was heading out last night. >> first thing i said was, please don't drink and drive.
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last thing i said was, son, i love you. that was the last thing i said. >> reporter: today, he had one last message for his son. >> i just want him to know that he -- he is going to be missed. >> no shortage of heartache in this community tonight. and there was another moment here today, when the sheriff, who was set to retire tomorrow, was asked if the sheriff's sergeant, ron helus, if he survived. well, he broke down as he delivered the news. here's the moment, and i spoke with the sheriff just a short time ago. it was a powerful and heartbreaking moment here today, when the community first learned that 54-year-old sergeant ron helus did not survive. ventura county sheriff geoff dean was talking about his friend, on the force 29 years, that sergeant was among the first to enter the club. this morning, in front of the cameras, a reporter asking that sheriff, did your sergeant survive?
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>> how is your sergeant doing? >> sergeant helus died at the - hospital about an hour ago. >> reporter: late today, sheriff geoff dean with us. we watched you this morning talk about your friend, sergeant helus. an impossible day for you, as you try to protect a community, but also react to the loss of your friend. what can you tell us about sergeant helus? >> 29-year veteran of the sheriff's office, a father, a husband. really, really cared about his people. trained them really hard so they would always be safe. had a wonderful relationship with his wife. sadly, talked to her right before he went into that, ran into danger. >> reporter: he was on the phone with her when the first calls came in? >> he was on the phone talking with her, and said, i love you, hon, i got to go, i got a call.
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and jumped in with that patrol office and went through that front door. >> reporter: speaks volumes about his bravery and all the officers around the country responding to these mass shootings. >> these two officers, and all the officers that came out and went back into that building, are all heroes. >> reporter: did i read that you're supposed to retire tomorrow? >> tomorrow at midnight. >> reporter: and is it impossible just to wrap your head around what you've witnessed today on this last day? >> it's -- it's difficult, because i've been doing this for 41 years and you don't leave things unfinished. >> reporter: what do we do as a country? because a lot of people are watching the news tonight and saying, another one of these. >> i think we try to look at the core and try to understand what happened and see if there's a way that we can stop it. seesll try to make sense of the >>eporter:we, i know you lost a friend, so, i thank you for even talking with us
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tonight, and on the eve of your retirement, i just thank you for your service. >> i appreciate that. i appreciate your compassion and the way you talk. >> reporter: thank you, sheriff. sheriff geoff dean with us tonight. investigators identifying the gunman today, ian david long, who appears to have taken his life after taking so many others here. here's abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: the fbi descended today on the home of the suspect, 28-year-old ian long, a former marine machine gunner who saw combat in afghanistan. these images posted to his mother's facebook page show him in uniform. other images posted to facebook show him in happier times, smiling with friends. but tonight, evidence of a troubled man, and that critical question, were warning signs missed? neighbors describing fits of anger at the home he lived in with his mother. >> the walls are kicked in and, you know, he was just -- couldn't control him. >> reporter: police today confirming they responded to a
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disturbance at that home in april, just seven months ago. >> he was somewhat irate. acting a little irrationally. felt he might be suffering from ptsd, basing that on the fact that he was a veteran. >> reporter: they say mental health specialists cleared him after the incident. and because he was not involuntarily committed, he was not prohibited from buying firearms. authorities today saying he legally purchased that glock .45-caliber pistol allegedly used in the attack. >> pierre thomas with us live tonight. and as you reported there, the gun was purchased legally, but authorities say he allegedly used an extended magazine, which is illegal here in california? >> reporter: that's right, david. long did allegedly use an extended magazine in his gun, illegal in california, allowing him to fire more than ten bullets at a time. and we're now learning that gun was purchased in 2016. david? >> pierre thomas with us live tonight. pierre, thank you. in the meantime, we are going to move onto the other breaking news right here in california, the emergency under
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way, some 500 miles north of here, a wildfire exploding at dawn and throughout this day. within hours, burning across 18,000 acres. homes, schools, hospitals evacuated. flames burning along both sides of the roochlds as families were trying to get out. and abc's will carr is on the scene there in northern california. >> reporter: tonight, racing to escape the flames. high winds driving a massive, dangerous, out of control wildfire north of sacramento. >> we do have numerous structures destroyed and we have several civilian injuries. >> reporter: winds gusting above 50 miles per hour exploding the fire into an 18,000 acre out of control inferno in just a few hours. >> not only is the wind playing a role, but the fire is creating its own weather. right now, the fire, unfortunately, is moving through the town of paradise. >> reporter: krcr reporter meaghan mackey shooting this video as she made her way through the flames. >> definitely a lot of people very scared. people driving on both sides of the road, going up the wrong way. and at the same time, there are
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all these fire personnel trying to get through and get close to the flames. >> we grabbed our animals and some food and clothes and we're getting the heck out of here. >> we're asking everyone, please heed the warnings. get out now. >> reporter: some drivers trapped in their cars, others abandoning their vehicles and taking refuge wherever they can. >> southbound from feather river hospital on pence is all blocked by fire. >> reporter: dozens evacuated from this hospital, where at least one building was consumed by flames after reports that some were trapped in the hospital's basement. david, with that massive flume behind me, conditions aren't getting any easier for fire crews. there's a red flag warning through friday, that means high winds, low humidity and bone dry conditions. david? >> will carr from northern california tonight. will, thank you. we're going to turn next here to the uproar over the forced resignation of attorney general jeff sessions, and the appointment of sessions' chief of staff as a temporary replacement. his name is matthew whitaker, and he's been publicly critical of special counsel robert muell mueller's investigation in the past.
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here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight, amid a growing outcry over the president's appointment of a political loyalist to run the justice department, multiple sources tell abc news matt whitaker will not recuse himself from overseeing the russia investigation. and before joining the trump administration last fall, whitaker made his views on that investigation perfectly clear. on the question of whether the trump campaign clulded with the russians? >> the truth is, there was no collusion with the russians and the trump campaign. there is not a single piece of evidence that demonstrates that the trump campaign had any illegal or even improper relationships with russians. it's that simple. >> reporter: and here's whitaker on whether the president obstructed justice -- >> there is no criminal obstruction of justice to be had here. the evidence is weak. no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case on what we know right now. >> reporter: whitaker is now the acting attorney general, until a permanent replacement is confirmed.
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white house officials say whitaker himself could be nominated. other names on the short list include other staunch political supporters of the president. his personal lawyer, rudy giuliani, and chris christie, now an abc news contributor, who ran the trump transition during the campaign. christie told david he would consider taking the job. >> you always take a call from your president, no matter which party. and you listen to what he has to say. >> jon karl with us tonight from the white house. how long can matthew whitaker remain in his position as acting attorney general? >> reporter: david, under a law known as the vacancy act, he can remain acting attorney general for up to seven months. but he is running the justice department at a critical time. abc news has learned that special counsel robert mueller is in the process of writing his final report. david? >> all right, jon karl with us live tonight, as well. jon, thank you. next tonight, a health care for supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, causing her to miss an important ceremony today. at 85, justice ginsburg is the
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oldest justice on the court. and mary bruce is live at the supreme court tonight. mary, justice ginsburg is in the hospital? >> reporter: she does remain in the hospital with three broken ribs after she fell here in her office. her absence was felt here today end as the president attended that ceremonial swearing in for brett kavanaugh. ginsburg's age and health has been a source of concern for liberals but she's made it clear she has no intension to retire. david? >> mary bruce, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the urgent search for that missing 13-year-old girl. there are new clues tonight. the mystery man seen on surveillance. why police want to talk to him. and the suv she was forced into. where they've discovered that vehicle tonight. and then, the other weather concern tonight. a cold blast sweeping across much of the country tonight and right into the weekend. snow and heavy rain from chicago straight into the northeast. we'll track it for you in a we'll track it for you in a moment. e doctor just for a shot. with neulasta onpro patients get their day back...
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carolina. investigators have recovered a stolen suv. they're now searching for a man seen on surveillance. here's abc's linsey davis tonight. >> reporter: tonight, police say hania n a vacant lot, 9 miles away from the rosewood mobile home park where she was abducted monday morning. >> this is one piece which is going to lead us to hopefully the rest of the puzzle. >> reporter: police are asking for the public's help identifying this man, spotted walking toward the girl's home shortly before she vanished from her front yard as she waited to go to school. >> this is actually the only individual who we saw out walking at that time of day, in this part of the neighborhood. >> reporter: police say a witness told them a man wearing all black, with a yellow bandana, forced the girl into her family's green suv and drove away. the fbi is not calling the man in the video a person of interest, but they do say they want to talk to him, david. >> linsey, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the new storm sweeping
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to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management. finally tonight here, the images seen far too often across america. from las vegas to parkland to
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the pittsburgh synagogue, less than two weeks ago. and now, here in thousand oaks. tonight, a community in mourning. another mass shooting in america. coming together to comfort one another. honoring loved ones lost. this long line, all volunteers, people who are showing up to donate blood. and there was this. sheriff's deputies lined up along the road, saluting sergeant helus. that powerful image here today. thank you for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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now from abc 7, live breaking news. [ gunshots ] [ siren ] >> so scary. the sounds of terror right there as a gunman opens fire in a southern california bar, killing 12 people, including a bay area woman. >> the homes. the homes are becoming involved. >> it's blackout conditions. >> it's not looking good for getting people out. >> we've got both sides of the rhoden gulfed. >> the town of paradise is no longer a paradise for residents today as a fast-moving fire tears through it, stranding residents and destroying homes. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. we have two big stories today. a wildfire in butte county forcing people to leave their homes in butte county. just to give you perspective, it's about a four-hour drive from san francisco. we're talking almost 200 miles away. you can see on the map what's being called the campfire is burning east of chico. >> flames have charred more than 18,000 acres since the fire
4:00 pm
broke out around 6:30 this morning. and that's triggered mandatory evacuations in place likes the town of paradise. people escaping the flames faced bumper-to-bumper traffic along highways in butte county. while they drove away from the flames, firefighters from across the state raced toward the danger. bay area crews have joined firefighters across california battling the flames. evacuation areas keep expanding because of this fast-moving fire. >> for the evacuees, it has been absolutely terrifying as the pictures would illustrate. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony live in butte county right now. it's four income the afternoon. it looks like it's dark where you are, laura. >> yeah, that's right, larry. and it is terrifying in here. we are just about two miles west of the town, the downtown part of paradise. and check this out. this neighborhood, we have been here for a couple of hours now, and unfortunately, we've been watching home after home go up in flames. there were some cal fire crews here.
4:01 pm
they were able to


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