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tv   2020  ABC  November 30, 2018 10:01pm-11:00pm PST

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help somod nht.n a fortune in of 2020, we say goodbye to the 41st president. the video you'll only see here from the abc archives. >> i said who is this good looking girl over there. >> the beloved first couple of the country. >> stay fat, stay gray, stay wrinkled. we love you.
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>> he was with her the whole time. on the day she passed away, he was with her all night. >> the political dynasty they would build together. the national events that would shape them. >> my dog knows more than these bozzos. >> this son of ours is not going let you down. >> the historic events that broke them. >> read my lips. >> why should you be elected for four more years? >> the legacy he left behind. >> the last president of the greatest generation. here is amy
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>> i george, herbert walker buse do sol >> he believed in america and the ideals of america. >> it doesn't matter if you are a democrat or republican or liberal or conservative. he was decent to you. >> bush was a throw back to what the old republican party would be. >> also part of that legacy, his deep bond with his companion of 70 years, former first lady barbara
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>> would you describe barbara bush for me? >> inside or out? >> inside. >> a kind and strong, loving person whose priorities are family, her garden, her and will emerge no matter what we do after this happy. >> would you describe george bush for us. >> i'd like to say ditto. everything he just said. very funny. very warm. very wise. very caring.
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i would put faith as a very important part of george's life. family and friends. loyal and good. >> my grandfather was with grandmother when she was sick and when she passed away, he was there all day holding her hand. >> at her funeral in april, president bush was next to her casket greeting mourners who had come. >> it amazed me, there he sat for hours shaking hands because he knew that they wanted to see him.
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it was one last service of >> the day after my grandmother passed, he went into the hospital. >> i just remember talking to my mom and grandmother saying, you just need to get him to maine. >> that is where he went. >> when you look out at the sea, what do you see? >> i see the power of the sea, the wonders of the sea. my boat, i love going in the boat. i feel totally relaxed here in maine. >> it was his refuge. >> it is the place he and my grandmother would come every summer. it has always been a place our family has come tobl. >> family means everything to me. i don't know where i would be in
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my life if i wasn't blessed with my kids and family and of course barbara. >> he seemed to always have those grandkids around. >> it was understood if you are going to meet with george h.w. bush. >> with five surviving children, 17 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren, bush was surrounded by family until the very end. his funeral closes the last chapter of the couple's story book romance that began when they were teens in 1941, weeks after pearl harbor. >> it is a true love story and not something we see. they met at a christmas dance. my grandfather was wearing a red and green christmas dress. he spotted her. >> i said who is this good
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looking girl over there? >> they said, that's barbara pierce from new york. the rest is history. >> you can look at videos of the two of them just cracking each other up. >> is he still the handsomest man you've ever seen? >> yes. my eyesight is getting >> these are people who loved each other deeply. she was a great political partner. >> coming up next, during that rise, tragedy strikes. >> my grandparents suffered the worst thing a young couple can endure. chihuahua people.
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ourselves and future generations a new world order. a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of nations. >> he's the last president of the greatest generation. >> george herbert walke walke we was born into the bush family. >> you draw on the resources of this country and then you give back. >> i was lucky at birth and had
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some privilege and tried to put something back. i served my nation in war. >> his mother instilled the values he would carry through life. >> he learned less ones at his mother's knee. first, he learned humility. she would say george, don't brag. she would say, how did the team do? she encouraged him to think about the larger community and not just himself. >> on the day he graduated school in 1942, he joined the navy instead of going to college and became the youngest naval pilot. >> he is the last of the world war ii president.
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this rare film shows bush being rescued after his plane was shot down by the japanese in the pacific. you can see that look of concern even though he's being rescued. >> after leaving the navy, bush married his sweet heart barbara pierce at a chance meeting. their first child george was born while bush attended yale university. but he was determined not to follow too closely. >> he wanted to go west, traveled out to texas to midland with barbara and a couple of the kids. >> he told me once, i got in car and drove west and never
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looked back. >> their daughter died of leukemia at four years old. >> barbara's hair turned white after that experience. >> do you ever get over that? >> no. george end love every human more because of robin. >> my grandmother was as peace with dying. she new he was going to heaven to be with robin. and my grandfather too, he knew he'd be with her and robin. it is hard to lose them be reassuring knowing they would all be together. >> after making his fortunes in
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texas, he turned to politics. >> she had a great deal to do with his political assent. >> president richard nixon appointed him ambassador to the united nations. he was an ambassador to the cia. >> he saw china burgoning. he saw this power house at the time of its development. it was an incredibly important diplomatic experience. >> bush decided to make a run for president in the 1980 elections. he faced competition for the nomination. >> george bush and ronald reagan had a very vigous campaign where george bush famously dubbed
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reagan's economic plan a voodoo economic policy. after a hard fought battle, reagan tapped george bush to be his vice president. the reagan/bush ticket won by a landslide. just two months into the term, an attempt was made on president reagan's life. vice president bush is credited for his response as he raced to the white house as reagan went to surgery. >> we discussed bringing him directly into the white house lawn. bush vetoes that idea. when asked why, he said because only the president lands on south lawn.
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i think ronald reagan appreciated that. the two become very good friends. >> george bush traveled to 75 or so countries during the course of the presidency. reagan would call on the experiences of george bush to understand more of what is happening around the world. after eight years of being vice president, he decided to make a run for the presidency. when george bush was around reagan, he curved his body in deference. >> we need a hook. >> my opponent won't rule out raising taxes. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> read my lips, no new taxes.
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>> he did it to get elected. he defeated the democrat sworn in as the 43rd president of the united states. >> i swar i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> congratulations. >> we live in a peaceful prosperous time. we can make it better. a new breeze is blowing. a world refreshed by freedom seems reborn. >> a new president faces a world in turmoil and a campaign promise. >> what he meant to say is no,
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>> so many people's view has changed. it is as if clark became superman. >> when you are no longer number two, it is different. i've learned so much from this man. >> the presidency of george bush was shaping up to be very
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different. >> he admired reagan's decisiveness but he wanted to be a different kind of president, to be kinder and gentler. >> what is your vision? >> the same as the presidents who preceded me. a vision of peace. that vision would be tested early during the waning days of the cold war. >> poland has started along a path of democratic change. >> george bush was the right back to be in the presidency. >> bush new it wouldn't be easy to coax the former soviet union out. trying to bring in a ten- fish on a five-pound line. as the former order began to collapse, with it wept the
10:25 pm
berlin wall. >> it matters refused to by >> in this case, it was the german people. >> his instinct was to ensure the iron curtain went down with a whimper. >> change was in the air all around the world. the geo political plates were shifting. this was a time of remarkable change. you had nelson mandela being set free and ultimately becoming the president of south africa. these are remarkable times.
10:26 pm
>> experience and eight years as sprez had honed his skills. >> we said, hey, how are you doing? just checking in. how is the family and establishing the core. so when he needed them, he could go back to them. prudence is the hallmark of george bush's leadership. that humidity were the right qualities in that very sensitive time in history. mumt also described barbara bush. >> we've received so many letters who say i can let my hair go gray, gain a few pounds. >> i have gotten letters that
10:27 pm
say stay fat, stay gray, stay wrinkled. we love you. >> barbara bush promoted literacy. even ghost writing books. it was news when the puppies had puppies at the white house. >> it looked so warm. that couple would gather with children and grandchildren at their estate in maine. >> all of my cousins come together when my grandfather was president, there used to be a helicopter pad. we'd take a car down to greet him. >> there he is, the president, our dad.
10:28 pm
>> there is certainly from top to bottom a family full of affection for each other. >> i got up at 6:00 a.m. many morningings to watch him play golf. he loved it have reporterers there because it made it like the u.s. open. there were always competitions, tennis, horseshoes, boating and golfing. >> the bushes were all about love laidened with competition. >> how are you playing today? >> very well. i'm at the peek of my family. >> they were an enormo-- a compe family but enormous love. >> americans with disabilities
10:29 pm
act. clean air policy. these are big, big pieces of legislation. domestic affairs was marked by the philosophy of do no harm. looking back, you can look to a couple of things defined and accomplished. >> more controversial. the nomination of clarence thomas. anita hill accused of sexual harassment. >> i deny each and every single allegation against me today. when the economy began to crux bell, he had to face the crushing deficit. he decides that good of the
10:30 pm
country is to raise some taxes and establish budget reforms. >> i've been congress for a budget package. >> he knew he might be sacrificing his second term. >> why do you think your image has been tarnished in this way. >> a weak ago, the largest leader. >> when we return.
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>> good evening. there has been a dangerous, late-breaking development in the gulf. >> facing a new challenge. not the culmination of the gulf war but crisis in the middle east. >> there are reports that iraqi forces have invaded. >> he appeared on tell vision getting out of the helicopter and heading to the white house. he famously said -- >> this will not stand, this will not stand this aggression against kuwait. >> this will not stand. >> there is no no no no no no no indication whatsoever of this brutal act of violence. >> now that coalition didn't
10:36 pm
happen. it happened because george bush stayed on the phone night and day. we'd awaken at 6:00 in the morning and at night we'd go to other parts of the world. >> two h two h two h two h two h attack. it is the toughest decision a president can make. the toughest. you feel the responsibility for every life at stake. it is a quick divisive victory. for years afterwards, people criticized the president, why did you go baghdad.
10:37 pm
it was not our object any of to go to bagd. >> the war is considered a military >> we used force wisely. we did it in a way that held our casualties to a minimum. >> he has an approval rating of 89%. one of the highest approval rating of americans go back to worrying about their situations at home. >> americans increasingly worry that the white house has no clear program.
10:38 pm
sit with criticism on both sides. taking another beating largely because of the concern about economy is it just the economy? >> that broken promise. >> read my lives. >> that would haunt bush. it caused a credibility problem. >> what he meant to say was no new taxes for the rich his opponents would pounce on the flip flop. independent millionaire ross
10:39 pm
perot and in 1992, he ran into one of the great when clinton went on ar hall, it was a different generation. >> why should you be elected for more years. >> we've accomplished big things. i don't quit. >> he's the most decent, honest person. >> shouldn't say that in front of him,
10:40 pm
>> he's very funny. not just funny looking but opportunitiy. >> i know who you are going to vote for? >> you you are right. bush made a small, devastating mistake in one of the >> for the guy people thought of a so compassionate. >> november 1992, bill clinton won the election. bush wrote, it is hurt, hurt, hurt. >> i had a great dealing of letting down a lot of people a t pplt worked for me, our administration. >> it was
10:41 pm
grace, dignity and class. >> and humor he would comedian to the white house. dana carvey. >> the way to the remarkable reflection of his ability to poke one at himself. >> there are no laughs january
10:42 pm
20, 1993, the last day of bush presidency. this would be the last couple of hours. it was a sad day when they had to give the keys to the next family. time to say goodbye but not for long. little did they know they would be back eight years later with her son. >> stay with ug ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪
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>> back in houston, the former president has to quickly adjust to life outside the white house. >> this is the first minute of the beginning of our new life and now it is back to the real world for the bushes. >> the next morning when he woke up, barbara said, george, from now on, you got to get up and make your own coffee. >> the bush's were determined not to dwell on the loss. did he want to be president again? absolutely. but the times were against us. >> texas is ready for a new generation ofearsp. governor of florida.eb >> their father
10:48 pm
he hated the word die nasty. it sounds like monar monar monan >> would you have wished a political dynasty, if you could have chosen? >> not for me. in 2000, the bushes found themselves again >> he's going to go all the way. >> just eight years after his own presidency, a proud father witnessed his son. >> to see your son succeed you
10:49 pm
in the oval office, that is an a macing people. but unprecedented. >> we got a report that there has been some sort of explosion at the world trade center. >> a presidency that would be tested. the bond bean father and son would be on display. >> today, we express our nation's sore owe. >> he walked back and his father just reached over and grabbed his hand. you could see manifest love and loyalty. >> just how much sway did the former president have over the
10:50 pm
current way. >> we talk on issues and we talk a lot. mostly it is about family.y.y.y. that remain. >> i believe the father understood his son was headed in the wrong direction. but his son was president of the united states. >> they mismanaged the war and i think the father wanted to warn him but the zbriks. resebtly bush jeenor. >> he didn't like the axe ill oo evil talk.
10:51 pm
he held cheney and mums felled to some degree. he did tell me, ultimately, what he forged a surprising new friendship. >> in 2004, a sue nammic ripped through southeast george w. bush grabbed his opponent rand bill clinton. >> we come to you not as president but as friends. >> the bush family almost a vomted anytime the bush's post presidential life was focused on
10:52 pm
volunteerism and cancer research in monday was like, what i want to do that his main focus was on his family. >> my grandfather always liked to by the last thing you want to do is have your chiz jump the airplane. i want the american people to understand just because you are old didn't stitch go
10:53 pm
land or play shuffle board. i said i haven't seen a free fall like that since the election. >>. >> there were
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and get joy with kohl's cash! take 25% off select nike, adidas and converse gifts for them! and get kohl's cash to spend later! give joy, get joy... at kohl's. they were pulled right back in. in 2015, their son jeb announced his candidacy for president. >> he's steady and honest. i'm thrilled to be the mother of one of the greatest men i know jeb bush. >> and ran straight into the donald trump jaugernaut. >> there were reports he was throwing his shoe at the tv when
10:57 pm
trump came on. >> i don't think it any surprise that george bush, a life long republican voted for hillary clinton. the bush stability. >> and love. their love was always evident. >> this would be time to bring in your number one asset? >> millie? >> he should have said ranger. that's the love of his life. >> i'd kiss you but your make-up might smear. you know mrs. bush is your number one asset?
10:58 pm
>> i know that. >> i'm his number one fan. >> decades later, she remained his number one fan. he was still gushing about her. >> she's so kind and is an amazing spirit. she's wonderful. >> after her passing, george bush released this statement. i always new barbara was the most p beloved woman in the world. we have faith she is in heaven. >> my he dad is a phenomenal letter writer. he would write mom on their wedding an ves versery. >> will you ops we did that 45 years ago. >> last june in the hospital, he
10:59 pm
tweeted this picture read gs an american love story. the book was co-written by his grandfather. at certain points we'll stop and say, do you remember this. now that george h.w. bush has passed. he'll be laid to rest at his college station toechl library next to his wife. >> i would be worried about it. i was scared. not anymore. >> this is the president that made the world a much better place than he found it.
11:00 pm
breaking news, 41st president of the united states has passed away. >> next,


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