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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 6, 2019 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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we will be right back here in just about 30 minutes. tonight, coast to coast, the winter storm wreaking havoc. the west hammered by snow, heavy rain, mudslides, and fierce winds. hundreds of thousands losing power. trouble on the roads. as the storm now heads east. two major systems right behind it. fatal mistake. an arrest in the drive-by shooting that took a 7-year-old's life. an anonymous tip leading to this man. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. tonight, the little girl's father, speaking out. trump's national emergency. the president upping the stakes to get his border wall. saying he may declare a national emergency in the next two days, as shutdown talks go nowhere. plus, long lines at some airports. are tsa workers now calling out because they're not getting paid? also tonight, spacey faces a judge. the actor set to appear in court
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to answer charges of indecent assault and battery involving a teenaged boy. and, the fiery rescue. the grandmother in this burning car with her two young granddaughters. grateful for the good samaritans who helped save their lives. and good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with that major storm rolling in off the pacific, pummeling the west. now moving east across the country. snow shutting down i-80 in the high sierra. fierce winds sparking this power line in seattle. hundreds of thousands without power at its peak. and rain triggering mudslides in the burn-scarred areas of southern california. part of the pacific coast highway closed until tomorrow. the wind and rain grounding flights and delaying others. when the storm moves on, there's another one right behind it. marci gonzalez starts us off in malibu. >> reporter: tonight, that powerful storm still creating havoc from california to
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washington. this video taken near seattle capturing this power line being blown by the strong winds, sparking and catching fire. in northern california, heavy snow and whiteout conditions closing down i-80 for hours. backing up traffic for miles. drivers like this one, forced to pull over and chain up. in san francisco, high tides and gusts up to 70 miles per hour, sending waves crashing over the sea wall into san francisco bay. flooding this popular pier. in southern california, multiple funnel clouds reported. this one spotted spinning off the coast of long beach. torrential rain triggering this mudslide on the pacific coast highway near malibu, shutting it down in both directions. car after car stuck. crews using bulldozers to clear the debris. tonight, more than 166,000 customers still without power. down from 246,000 at the height of the storm. with millions now bracing for
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round two slated to hit this week. >> marci, the devastation from the earlier wildfires helping make the destruction from these storms even worse? >> reporter: exactly. the trees behind me, left charred by one of the fires. the lack of vegetation makes it easy for mud to flow through. it happens anytime it rains. the pch here still closed in both directions as crews rush to clean it up ahead of the next storm. tom? >> marci, thank you. and rob marciano joins us now. you're tracking that storm, but as marci said, there are other storms right behind it? >> yes, the storm that hit the west coast this morning, hitting the east coast later this week. and two more storms behind it already. the next one coming to san francisco, strong winds and heavy snow falling along i-80. the next one coming late tuesday. with more in the way of wind. this will be widespread across
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the entire west coast. and some cold air across the northeast. for some, this is the coldest air since thanksgiving. windchills in the teens and single digits. and the storm will be getting into this area tuesday. for some, it will bring some snow. >> rob, thank you. we move on to major developments in the fatal drive-by shooting of a 7-year-old girl in houston. jazmine barnes died while riding in a car with her mother and sisters. an arrest made of this man. police say it was a case of mistaken identity. here's marcus moore. >> reporter: tonight, police making an arrest in the tragic death of 7-year-old jazmine barnes. a death her family initially feared was racially motivated. eric black, 20 years old, appearing before a texas judge, charged with capital murder in connection with the shooting death one week ago today. authorities now say this may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> mr. black has acknowledged
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his role in jazmine's murder. and we've received information that this involves a second individual as well. >> reporter: a law enforcement source allegedly telling police, black was driving the vehicle during the shooting, and that the suspect or suspects may have opened fire on the wrong car. the announcement marking a major twist in the case, that up until yesterday, was focused heavily on finding this red pick-up truck, captured on video speeding away from the scene of the shooting, and this sketch. >> it's very likely the last thing they saw was indeed the red truck and that driver. >> reporter: tonight, police believe that man may have simply been a bystander. jazmine's distraught family is grateful to police for the arrest. >> we were happy and it was a sigh of relief that police did their job and found who they feel is the right suspect. >> reporter: one step closer to closure for a grieving family and a country outraged over the death of an innocent little girl.
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>> well, obviously we were surprised by, that the suspect was not who was repeatedly described by so many independent witnesses. but for the family it didn't matter if he was black or if he was white. >> still so much pain for that family. marcus joins us live. police mentioning there could be a second suspect in this case, but that investigation is still ongoing? >> reporter: that's right. they're far from case closed. investigators have one person in custody on a drug charge. but they also say he's a person of interest in the murder. yet he has not been charged in that case. meantime, the sheriff saying that that little girl and her family were innocent victims. >> marcus, thank you. next, we turn to politics. and the shutdown standoff leaving more than 800,000 government workers without a paycheck. president trump saying he could declare a national emergency within days if there's no deal to build the wall. the vice president leading a
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second negotiation sesson with democrats today. but no breakthroughs reported so far. and with long lines, look at that, at some airports, are tsa workers calling out because they're not getting paid? here's tara palmeri. >> reporter: tonight, with talks hopelessly deadlocked, president trump delivering this message to federal employees on the verge of missing their first paycheck of the new year. >> i can relate, and i'm sure the people that are on the receiving end will make adjustments. they always do. and they'll make adjustments. people understand exactly what's going on. >> reporter: the president is seriously considering declaring a national emergency at the border to bypass congress and build the wall himself. >> i may declare a national emergency depending on what is going to happen over the next two days. >> reporter: it's a move that would face backlash. >> i think the president would be wide open to a court challenge saying, where is the emergency? you have to establish that in order to do this. >> reporter: the effects of the shutdown, growing. in new york's laguardia airport,
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this terminal, faced with long lines. a delta employee telling abc news that some of the tsa officers who have been working without pay did not show up because of the shutdown. >> please be patient with the officers who came to work. >> reporter: in a statement, the tsa says call-outs have increased, but not by an unusual amount. adding, the numbers are certainly not extraordinary. the president claiming the 800,000 federal employees affected are behind him in this fight. >> many of those people that won't be receiving a paycheck, many of those people agree 100% with what i'm doing. >> reporter: marilyn carrothers works for the usda and says the bills are piling up. >> we want to go back to work. we need to go back to work. because we have bills to pay. >> reporter: vice president mike pence, senior adviser jared kushner, and dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen, leaving another round of negotiations with democratic aides. president trump seeming to undermine those talks, saying only he and congressional leaders can solve the standoff. >> schumer and nancy pelosi and
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myself can solve this in 20 minutes, if they want to. if they don't want to, it's going to go on for a long time. >> reporter: speaker of the house nancy pelosi telling cbs -- >> the impression you get from the president is that he would like to not only close government, build a wall, but also abolish congress so the only voice that mattered was his own. >> tara, joining us from the white house. the president evolving when it comes to what the wall will be made of, saying the wall will actually be a barrier made of steel? >> reporter: that's right, it's to offer democrats political according to the president's chief of staff, there are legal restrictions over how border security money can be spent. tom? >> tara, thank you. also out of washington, president trump tweeting confirmation that an al qaeda operative involved in the bombing of the uss cole has been killed.
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he was indicted in the u.s., but never extradited for the attack. yemen did convict him, but he escaped from prison. two suicide attackers blew a hole in the uss cole's side in 2000. 17 american sailors were killed. now to the case of the american man held in moscow. paul whelan, whose family claims he was in moscow for a wedding, was arrested and charged with espionage. tonight, his brother is speaking out. here's julia macfarlane. >> reporter: tonight, moscow throwing cold water on speculation paul whelan may be exchanged for russians held by the u.s., an official saying it is too early to discuss a swap. the 48-year-old former marine has been detained in russia on charges of espionage since late december, but his family says they are still in the dark. >> the russian government hasn't released any details about the espionage charges, and we haven't heard anything from the american government either. >> reporter: whelan's brother saying he doesn't believe the spy allegations, defending revelations that paul held four
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passports by pointing out he wasn't born in the u.s. >> at what point does three or four become too many, or does two become too many? >> reporter: whelan was discharged from the marines after attempted larceny. he was working as a security consultant when his family claims he traveled to moscow for a friend's wedding just before christmas when he disappeared. president trump today acknowledging the case for the first time but giving no further details. >> we're looking into that. we're looking into that. yeah. >> reporter: the three other countries whelan holds citizenship with, also requesting access. the state department saying they're still waiting for clarification on the charges. >> julia, thank you. back here at home, to massachusetts, and nantucket island, where kevin spacey will be in court tomorrow. facing charges of indecent assault and battery involving an 18-year-old male.
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linsey davis is there. >> reporter: on the eve of kevin spacey's court appearance, a clearer indication of his defense strategy. >> my confidence grows each day that soon enough, you will know the full truth. >> reporter: in his first twitter post in more than a year, spacey posted this video on christmas eve. the very same day he was charged with felony indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping a then 18-year-old at a nantucket bar in 2016. former boston news anchor heather unruh said her son was assaulted. describing him as "a star-struck, straight 18-year-old young man, who admits telling spacey he was 23 even though he was just 18." >> whether he was over 21 or not, kevin spacey had no right to sexually assault him. there was no consent. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, unruh's son took snapchat video of the alleged assault, which investigators now have.
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in audio from a pretrial hearing, spacey's attorney alan jackson argues the video does not show anyone being groped. >> what the video shows is a person's hand make contact with a shirt, correct? >> yes. >> okay, not any body part. >> correct. you don't see any body parts. >> reporter: he also says the alleged victim told investigators spacey groped him for about three minutes. >> if we were to stand and count off three minutes, you would agree, trooper, that's an incredibly long time to have a strange man's hands in your pants, correct? >> i would agree with that, yes. >> reporter: spacey plans to enter a plea of not guilty, and if convicted, he could face as many as five years in prison. tom? >> linsey, thank you. next to the abc news exclusive. a tearful plea from the mother and grandmother of a young woman wanted for running over a woman with her car in las vegas. begging her to turn herself in. the incident caught on surveillance. showing the manicurist chasing after the driver.
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here's zachary kiesch. >> reporter: as the hunt for the hit and run driver stretches into a ninth day, even her family says they don't know where she is. >> she's just scared right now. i'm sure she's scared. >> reporter: speaking exclusively to abc news, they say they have not been able to reach her, and hope that when she sees this interview, that she will come forward. >> you can't run, baby. you cannot run. >> reporter: krystal whipple is being sought for striking and killing an employee while fleeing from a las vegas nail salon without paying for her $35 manicure. surveillance video shows her boyfriend and the manicurist chasing after her car. when she accelerates, and hits the woman, dragging her violently through the parking lot. the manicurist, ngoc ngyuen, a 51-year-old mother of three, died at the hospital. whipple's tearful grandmother is convinced it was all an accident. >> i know you didn't mean to kill the person. we know you didn't. we know you would never do anything like that, krystal. please come forth.
5:45 pm
we need you to come forth and stand up for what went on, and tell your side of the story. what happened. >> reporter: las vegas metro police say they continue to pour an extraordinary amount of resources into the search to bring whipple to justice. tom? >> zachary, thank you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. a police department mourning one of their own after a shootout. plus, the one tip that can lower your holiday credit card debt in a big way without costing you a dime. and the grandmother and her grandchildren, trapped in the burning car. what they hit that ignited the vehicle. and how they were rescued. stay with us. stay with us. -morning. -morning. -what do we got? -keep an eye on that branch. might get windy. have a good shift. fire pit. last use -- 0600. i'd stay close. morning. ♪
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over, but tonight, those credit card bills, now piling up. americans racking up an average of $1,230 of debt this season, 5% more than last year. and with credit card interest rates at a record high, here are some of the ways experts say you can start paying off that plastic. >> tap with your mastercard. >> reporter: first, know what you owe. and stop using cards with an outstanding balance until they're entirely paid off. >> you want to pay more than the minimum, so that you can start bringing that balance down. >> reporter: if your credit is good, experts say consider transferring the balance to a card that offers an introductory 0% interest period, and limited, or no balance transfer fees. and don't forget, you can negotiate with your credit card company. >> say something like, i've been a loyal customer in good standing for the past five years, can you offer me a lower interest rate? >> reporter: experts say people with debt across multiple credit cards should pay down the card with the highest interest rate first.
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>> and as you said, you can always negotiate. >> you can. >> erielle, thanks so much. when we come back, the new warning about rising flu activity across the country. which states are seeing the biggest increases? plus, the high school wrestler back on the mat. his first time in competition since a referee ordered his dreadlocks cut. stay with us. because my body can still make its own insulin. and i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release it, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it comes in a once-weekly, truly easy-to-use pen. and it works 24/7. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2.
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time now for our "index." and the close call for a grandmother and her young granddaughters. bonita noviello says her toyota burst into flames after she drove over a mattress on a new hampshire highway. good samaritans racing to that burning car to help that grandmother free her 2-year-old and 3-month-old grandchildren inside. luckily, no one was injured. overnight in utah, a police officer was killed in the line of duty. provo police surrounding a fugitive outside a bed bath and beyond store. 29-year-old officer joseph shinners, hit by deadly gunfire in that confrontation. the three-year veteran leaves a wife and a young son behind. that fugitive is in custody tonight. in medical news, flu cases are on the rise. the cdc reporting new york city, plus 19 states, now experiencing high flu activity. doctors warn the peak is still a ways off. they say you should still get a flu shot if you haven't. and the high school wrestler in new jersey we've been telling you about is back on the mat. andrew johnson, told by a white ref to cut his dreadlocks. that ref has been banned from the district. the 16-year-old back in
5:53 pm
competition this weekend. his hair in short dreadlocks. he didn't win the match, but was praised by his coach. his team winning the tournament. and journalist sylvia chase, a colleague of ours at abc news until 2001, has passed. for so many years, a top investigative correspondent on "20/20." one dubbed the most trusted woman on tv by "tv guide." dying after a short illness at the age of 80. when we come back, special deliveries. co-workers having babies every other week. the unusual baby boom happening in the most ironic of places. i didn't like something having control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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finally tonight, a baby boom inside one hospital. but it's not exactly what you would think. a baby boom of births at st. cloud hospital in minnesota. only this time, the record number of births weren't from patients, but from women who work there. 30 staff members gave birth to 31 babies. and get this. all those employees work inside the birthing center. >> say hi. >> reporter: one of them, nurse sam schwartz, holding adalee, baby number 25. >> we had a lot of comments all the time, asking, i just saw a pregnant person, now there's another one, and there's another one. >> reporter: with new babies nearly every week, it was hard to keep a tally. >> you'd walk down the hallways, and there's bellies everywhere, and people were like, holy cow, there's another one. >> reporter: in all, 15 boys and 16 girls. the first baby, a boy named mario. the first baby girl born in march, named josie. nine and ten belonging to nurse danielle strohmayer, who gave birth to girl twins evelyn and eleanor. number 19, kasen, born in
5:58 pm
august. and number 26, tyson, born in october. >> if we try to do a play date, it's going to be pure chaos. >> reporter: nurse dawn henderson was the last of the medical staff to give birth on christmas day. >> a while back, they had 15 or 17 in one year, and that was a lot for them. >> reporter: doctors, nurses, and staff, all connected by the miracle of life. >> it was awesome. it's awesome having so many people expanding their families all at the same time. having all these little peanuts together in one room. it's incredibly heartwarming. and it really is a second family. >> awesome is right. we'll see if they break the record in 2019. congrats to the new moms. we thank them for sharing their stories. and we thank you for watching. i'm tom llamas in new york. "gma" first thing in the morning. david will be right back here tomorrow night. have a great evening. good night. good night.
5:59 pm
take a look at this rite now we are getting the worst of the storm. heavy rain is falling sp winds are ramping up. this is what it looked like across the bay area in the past 30 minutes. more areas could be flooding and the winds maybe taking down trees. >> we have team coverage of the rain tonight.
6:00 pm
knew reporters are spread out across the bay area. we start in house with meteorologist. >> we are seeing issues. thanks to the heavy rain at times coming down for several hours in some areas. live doppler tracking the action. you can see we have a lot of wet weather. i want to show you this flood advisory issued minutes ago. ag. we have seen flooding. and with heavy rainfalling over the region with the past couple hours, more flooding is possible. that lasts until 8:45 p.m. rite now live doppler 7 light to moderate rain for the north bay. we'll zoom in. it's a similar set up from hayward to fremont at this hour. along the peninsula. polkt pockets of dry area. oakland still dealing wit


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